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Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera 17/09/2008

Vaseline- Lips love it!

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera One of the worst things about living in England is that it is ALWAYS cold. This is a nightmare for lips, especially when they become so chapped you wake up bleeding! I had tried various other products which either didn't help the problem or made it much worse and i was feeling a bit fed up! I came across Vaseline Lip Therapy in the supermarket and decided to get it. I decided on this particular product because i was familar with the huge tub on vaseline which has been in my life since i was a baby. It was so nice to see something that is the same product but can fit nicely in my pocket! I would be embarrassed taking a huge tub of vaseline out of my bag in public! The little tub is more geered towards helping soothe lips but is also great for dealing with dry skin on any part of your body. So finally i tried my new lip therapy product with no expectations what so ever, so what happened? did it help? YES! i used it for ONE night and in the morning i woke up with lovely looking smooth lips! I have been using it for a while now and it is still working great. The one thing i have noticed which i cannot say will happen to you, but my lips have seemed to got a bit bigger. I thought it might be an optical illusion and im not entirely sure its not, but there is a little bit of difference in the size of them. Also i am prone to cold sores, since ive been using vaseline i havent had one, which is rare. This product is cheap, easy to use and small enough to carry. It ...

Block - New Kids on the Block 11/09/2008

New kids, New sound!

Block - New Kids on the Block NKOTB are back after 15 years and are still drawing in the crowds. I am one of the younger fans after discovering them through a video tape that my cousin forgot about, even since i have been a fan! As much as some people hate them they cannot say that they don't know all their songs, which are still gracing the likes of MTV 15 years on. Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan and Joey are the five that form this boy (man) band and are still as beautiful as ever! This album came together after a text from Donnie which simply said "It's time". Well it sure is time. The outside of the album features the five which keeps it simple. The booklet inside has a few pictures of the guys (they are still sexy!), also has the information about that tracks (Donnie actually wrote alot of the songs). The usual thank-you's are there, which are very sweet! However the booklet does not contain lyrics which can be a bit of a problem! This album contains 15 brand new songs and brings along with it, a brand new sound. There are ballads, such as the fantastic track 5, "2 in the morning", which demonstrates great harmonies that are missing in some of the earlier new kids material. There is also some saucy songs, particulary tracks 6 to 9. These show a more mature NKOTB and produce better songs, lyrically. They didn't do it all on there own though, these guys have come back and found the likes of Ne-yo, Akon and The Pussycat Dolls, not bad for their first album in a decade. There is a song for ... 11/09/2008 easy and reliable is one of the most fantastic sites that has ever graced the internet. The product range is brilliant, they range from dvd's to t-shirts. The prices are more that reasonable and usually are cheaper than elsewhere. I have had an account on there for 3 years now and i have never had any problem with them. They offer a voucher system too which allows for a fast way of making up for those whose birthday you have missed. I was given a voucher and there was only problem with it, i couldn't decide what to buy with it because there are so many choices! Although i don't use Play for games i have ordered them on behalf of friends, who are amazed by how much they save on these games! They often have special offers on (for example 2 new books for £10 etc) which help when you need to buy presents but are a bit strapped for cash. I recently ordered a book that was not in stock, after two weeks it was still not in stock. Play allow you to cancel an order that they have not got in stock. This to me was an advantage as you have a right to withdraw from a transaction providing they havent packed and shipped it. I have never used the return policy but i believe that is stress free! There is also a feature called "play trade" which allows users to trade with each other. I wanted one book that was rare and found that someone in play trade had it and it was so cheap! This feature is also hassle free! I have also found the search feature really helpful. When you click on one dvd it ...

Stand By Me (DVD) 10/09/2008

Stand by me- Best movie EVER

Stand By Me (DVD) This is my all time favourite film. It was released in 1987 and is based on a book by Stephen King, however it does slightly differ from the book. The movie is short and sweet (89 mins) but the short time frame does not compromise the movie in anyway. Its about 4 young boys who embark on a journey to find a dead body. Although this doesn't sound so great, it is. The story focuses on a young Gordie Lachance. It is actually narrated by an older Gordie Lachance, this might be off putting to some but having a narrator helps with the plot and provides some great background to some of the characters. The best thing about this movie is the actor River Phoenix, his performance is nothing short of amazing. His down to earth attitude and quirky personality in this makes Chris Chambers a character not to be forgotten. The other main actors are Wil Wheaton who plays his role well. Him and River Phoenix are convincing as best friends. Jerry O Connell- He plays Vern who is unaware that he's completely hilarious. Corey Feldman- This is his best role, he plays Teddy who is a very complex boy. It is well directed by Rob Reiner, who is a great director anyway. It has funny moments and also sad moments. This is a film that can be watched hundreds of times (yes i know all the words off by heart) I wouldn't recommend it for a young audience, the rating of R (or 15) is applied for a reason! This movie contains strong language and some sexual discussion. To summarise, this is ...

Novotel Atria Paris Porte de Bagnolet, Bagnolet 10/09/2008

Novotel Paris Est

Novotel Atria Paris Porte de Bagnolet, Bagnolet Bagnolet is about 30 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower but this hotel makes any travelling to Paris' attractions simple. It is located just a 5 minute walk away from the Metro Station, which also happens to be next to a shopping center. The shopping centre has a supermarket and various bakeries to get food from. For those who didnt book meals at the hotel its easy to get food. The hotel inside is beautiful, the lounge is modern, well lit and has lots of features (bar, restraunt, shop, cafe) The staff were fantastic, they can speak English very well and are extremely helpful. Infact one of the staff helped us plan out what we were going to do on the holiday, he showed us all the places that we should visit. The room was a little basic but it was very clean. There is a t.v in every room but they only have two english channels which happen to be the news. (There is an update package but it costs). The bathroom was small but modern and clean. The loo was in a seperate room. The only problem with the room is that the walls are thin, it is common to hear the person next door in the bathroom. This hotel also has a small but good gym, this was mostly empty so its great for keeping up fitness. The best thing about this hotel is that it was cheap. The hotel is now called Novotel Paris Est.

The Lake House (DVD) 10/09/2008

A complex love story...

The Lake House (DVD) This was a truly great film! Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are back together for this and they are still making us believe that dreams do come true. The plot is a little heavy because its unrealistic. One person is in 2004 and the other in 2006. If that wasnt enough to get your head around then wait till you watch it, it changes between the two years a bit and sometimes can be quite confusing. Having said that when you finally get this film its a film you can watch over and over. Its a love story that becomes quite deep and meaningful, its not the usual cheesy love story, its a complex love story of two people seperated by time. Keanu Reeves is gorgeous in this, so its great for the girls Sandra Bullock is for the boys. Its no speed but it comes in a close second and its worth getting on dvd!

Reservation Road (DVD) 10/09/2008

Reservation Road

Reservation Road (DVD) I found this film to be thrilling and enjoyable. This is a story about a man who commits a hit and run and tries to deal with it. I was surprised that we (the audience) know the culprit, but it suits this movie because this is what provides us with the thrill. I dont want to give too much away with this movie, but the plot is easy to follow, its thrilling and doesn't require alot of thinking. The acting in it is brilliant. Jennifer Connelly plays a grieving mother extremely well, and works well with Joaquin Phoenix. I am a huge Joaquin fan so i am biased and i would say his acting was great. Truth be known, this role wasn't his best film he's done, he seems a little distracted from the story at times. If you want to watch this it requires tissues, its quite sad at times. I would give it a 9 out of 10, its not a blockbuster but its a nice movie. Overall i loved this movie!

Apple iPod classic MB147ZO/A 80 GB 6th Generation 10/09/2008

Ipod Classic 80GB, Black

Apple iPod classic MB147ZO/A 80 GB 6th Generation My experience with an ipod has been great for one simple reason. It fits all the songs you can ever desire and no need to carry the cd's around with you. I have had everyone of the ipod family and find that the ipod classic is by far the most reliable. The screen is reasonably sized, and its not THAT heavy. It does however scratch easily and the headphones always seems to lose sound over time. Although on the whole its been very reliable it does freeze sometimes, which is said to be a problem of compatability with Windows Vista. This however can be resolved. The main objective of an ipod is to store all your songs, which it does! Overall a very good product with some minor issues.
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