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Indesit WIXE167 26/04/2009

My all singing all dancing machine (almost)

Indesit WIXE167 Indesit WIXE167 1600rpm washing machine A few months ago my kitchen flooded…at first I thought my freezer had somehow defrosted itself, and then looked at my kitchen sink and washing machine and was shocked at the mucky looking water that had filled them both. I emptied the sink with the help of a jug and a large bucket, and then pressed the empty button on my washing machine, only for the water to start gurgling up through the sink again…and it really was stinking…almost sewage smell! Not good. So I mopped up my floor and used about 4 old towels soaking up the water too. So the next step was to try source the blockage, I remembered about 6 months previously my washing machine hadn’t been working too well, and a neighbour popped in, pulled out the filter, cleaned it and replaced it….and the machine went like new again, so I thought I would try this. Big mistake! I turned the filter cover…and it basically shot across the room with the force of the water behind it…and yes, you guessed it, the floor was soaked again and yes I did a lot of swearing that morning (thank heavens the kids were staying over with their dad) I couldn’t replace the filter cover it just wouldn’t go back in, it slotted in but wasn’t catching on anything so was pretty useless. Anyway as with all things that go wrong, it just happened to be a Sunday morning, and there was me with a slight hangover, and I had to call an emergency plumber who eventually turned up at 4pm that afternoon. Said plumber ...

Reality TV Star Jade Goody's life to be turned into film. What are your thoughts on this? 07/04/2009

Not sure a film is what her family need!

Reality TV Star Jade Goody's life to be turned into film.  What are your thoughts on this? So, they are thinking of making a movie about the life of Jade Goody, from which all proceeds will go to giving her sons a better life. Let’s first of all go back a few years to when Jade first bounced onto our screens (and I really do mean bounced) It was 2002 when she appeared in Big Brother 3, and she made a big bang as the loud, proud Essex lass. She was a bit of a ditsy young lady, and as we’ve all heard wasn’t very good at geography thinking East Angular (Anglia) was abroad, and that Cambridge was a suburb in London! She was a target for the tabloids and they picked up on every little thing she said or did wrong, but that’s what sells newspapers. She didn’t win Big Brother 3, but she became a household name overnight because of it, and regularly appeared in celebrity magazines such as Heat. She met Jeff Brazier and they had two little boys together, Bobby and Freddy, but the relationship wasn’t meant to be and she had a 6mth relationship with footballer Ryan Amoo, before meeting Jack Tweedy to whom she eventually married in 2009. She went on to front her own reality programme, about opening a beauty salon (Ugli’s) and became quite the businesswoman although not one I could ever take seriously to be honest. She then went on to launch her autobiography in 2006, and also endorsed her first perfume called Shh…The perfume did well, although personally not to my tastes. In 2007 Jade was asked to go into the Big Brother house again, for Celebrity Big Brother 5. ...

Boots Faster Healing Burn Plaster Kit 12/03/2009

Blistered and Burned? Heal it quicker!

Dirty Bertie: My Joke Book - David Roberts 09/03/2009

Dirty Bertie the nose picking bottom burping cheeky chappy

Top Ten Films Of All Time 07/03/2009

My personal top ten movies...

Top Ten Films Of All Time My Top Ten Movies Having just read Clownfoot’s review about his top ten movies (although he cheated and wrote about 11 tsk tsk) has spurred me to compile a list of my own top ten. Not that this has been an easy task. There are so many movies that have entertained me, touched me in some way, or plain just made me sit up and think. Therefore my list is pretty eclectic, and there are some on there that even I didn’t think would make it to my favourites, but these are the ones which I can watch over and over and find something new each time. My list is by no means final, just as with music, my tastes change depending upon the mood I’m in and it’s the same with movies, what could be my favourite film today, could change tomorrow. But generally speaking the ten I have included here are the ones which usually remain in my thoughts long after I watch them. So in no particular order, here are my own top ten movies. The Shawshank Redemption - 1994 Right from the very first time I watched this movie I was hooked. I have probably seen it at least 10 times now, and every time I see it I notice something new. The first time you see it you will become so immersed in the storyline you miss things, like the music and cinematography. My favourite parts of the film for instance are when you see Andy Dufresne (who is serving a life sentence for murder) sitting on the roof with a smile on his face, just enjoying his fellow inmates pleasure at having a few beers at his can ...

Disney Hannah Montana - Best of both Worlds Wig Set 16/02/2009

The Best of Both Worlds

A Day In The Life Of.... 09/02/2009

A day in the life of.....ME!

A Day In The Life Of.... A day in the life of….Missy0303 I thought I would share with you all what it's like to be me on a normal working day. Monday 3rd February 6am The alarm shrieks into life… Ugh…I am loathe to open my eyes, so I reach out from under my warm duvet, feeling around and hit the snooze button…a whole 9 minutes later it shrieks again. Ok, time to get up, if I hit the button one more time I will continue to do so and therefore will oversleep. I push the duvet off of me slowly…brrr it is freezing, sit up in bed and reach over to the bedside table for my specs. Yep I'm blind as a bat without them! I look out the window to see it has it quite icy outside Brrrr! I put my slippers on and go into the bathroom, where I shiver and quickly splash my face. I then strip off my PJ's and fill the sink with nice warm water, proceed to get washed (I've still to get my new shower installed) and usually have a bath at night. A quick wash in the morning's the best I can manage at moment. I then dash back into my bedroom to apply a little moisturiser, and chuck my work clothes on. (Which I had ironed the previous night) Black trousers, white blouse (in the winter months I wear a vest top underneath and a black cardi or sweater over the top…it's freezing at work) and fasten my name badge to my cardigan. I then go downstairs, quickly checking my emails, whilst having a quick coffee, then make a start on my hair. I usually wash it the night before and therefore have to straighten it with my ...

Your Personal Review of 2008 17/01/2009

2008 all it was..and why I wasn't here as much!

Soap & Glory Hand food Hand cream 09/01/2009

Feed your hands with this wonderful lotion

Soap & Glory Wash your hands of it 09/01/2009

Wash your hands of it!

Soap & Glory Wash your hands of it ♫♪ Land of Soap and Glory…someone's taking a bath, who's that looking through the window….trying not to laugh ♫♪ Whilst out doing some last minute Christmas shopping at Boots, with the intention of buying a gift for a friend who I'd almost forgotten about, and an extra little thing for my mum…whom I always get a little something for her bathroom. And being the thrifty person I am, decided upon getting a few things from the 3 for 2 gifts range. Now one of my work colleagues has been using Soap & Glory products for some time and had been going on about them just the day before, so I spotted this hand wash and hand cream gift set for just £8 - having just purchased a No7 make up set for £10 and a lovely toiletry set for my mum for £8.50…this looked like the ideal freebie for me. Now you may think that £4 each is pretty expensive for a hand wash and hand cream, but it really looks very posh sitting on your bathroom shelf. Now Boots sell these items separately and I couldn't see it online at all…so am assuming it was only available as a gift set because of Christmas. You may still find it in some stores as a gift set but as it available separately I am going to review each one on its own. Wash your hands of it The hand wash aptly named "Wash your hands of it" can be purchased in a 250ml (8.4 fl oz) pump action bottle, made of recyclable plastic. The bottle itself is clear so you can see exactly how much is left and also the lovely transparent ...

Mini Sagas 10/11/2008

Targetted for speaking my mind!

Kshocolat Chilli Almonds 14/10/2008

Burn the roof of your mouth in 1 easy step!

Futura Int. Airways 01/10/2008

The Futura is bright...the Futura is cramped!

Proline ASP28 19/09/2008

Sleek, shiny red - could mistake for a porsche?

Q & A 18/09/2008

57 questions later...and still no wiser

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