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BBC iplayer 07/01/2009

Catch up on old News!

BBC iplayer Over the festive period I made great use of BBC iPlayer to catch up on the episodes of Eastenders that I had missed whilst I was busy out partying to early hours of the morning. In brief, BBC iPlayer allows you to catch up on TV and Radio over the last 7days. The website is very easy to navigate giving you options to view the highlights, yesterdays and today's programmes, most popular and a list of your last played viewings. I knew about iplayer but never really had a chance to give it a go. I went onto the website and typed in Eastenders in the search box. All the episodes came up showing the dates and times they were shown on TV. It is very easy to click on the link, and play. I only have a 15" screen on my laptop and with full screen, I found it comfortable to watch although it will never be as good as watching it on TV. The website allows you to browse through categories to select programmes. The categories include Children's, Comedy, Drama, Entertainment, Factual, Music, News, Religion & Ethics, Sport, Sign Zone, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If that doesn't help you find something to watch, there is an A-Z listing that will list all the programmes alphabetically or to narrow the search down even more by recently screened on TV. It wasn't until I went onto iPlayer that I realised how many channels BBC actually deal with. It just shows how out of touch I am. BBC includes BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, CBBC, CBeebies, BBC News ...

No Marks Cream 04/01/2009

NOMARKS with the glow

No Marks Cream I came across a product called 'Nomarks' years ago but only recently started to use it on a regular basis. Being Asian, I have seen many herbal remedies, ayurvedic treatments and alternative medicines for all sorts. I have been bought up seeing my gran and mum using everyday ingredients to solve everyday problems whether it is using henna powder mixed with water as a natural hair dye or mixing gram flour with a pinch of turmeric powder and water to form a paste and use it as a face mask. No matter how bizarre it sounds, it seems to always work. What is Nomarks? Nomarks is a brand that has been in constant growth since 2001 in Ayurvedic skin care product range. It hasn't been very popular here in the UK which is probably the reason why many of you have never heard of it until now. In 2006-07 they had a turnover of approximately $9.7million and the products are currently being exported to 15 countries. Nomarks is the youngest brand to achieve the dual honour of being amongst the 'most trusted' (the Brand Equity AC Nielsen ORG MARG Survey 2003) and 'most preferred brand' award 4 years continuously from 2003-2006 which was based on a survey carried out in India. 'Nomarks' is a skin care range which now caters for many skin problems. There is an anti-marks and fairness cream in the range which is a simple face cream that reduces marks, dark spots and blemishes to give you flawless glowing skin. The packaging states you will notice fading of marks in just 4weeks. Too good ...

Delonghi DEC 180 E 16/12/2008

De'Longhi in the house

Delonghi DEC 180 E We have been having ongoing problems at our flat for the last few months and have found mould growth to be a serious problem. We were advised to put in a dehumidifier to hopefully be a solution to the dampness in the flat and stop mould from growing any further so I researched into dehumidifiers (honestly, I had no idea what they were or what they did), and finally narrowed it down to a few models from the Argos catalogue. De'Longhi was our first choice with Ebac and Prem I Air to follow. I researched into all the models, prices, manufacturers' websites and read soooo many reviews. I was amazed at how much information there was to learn and understand about dehumidifiers and how they can benefit you. Why do we get mould? It simply starts with condensation. We can be adding approximately 20pints of moisture into the air by our daily routine. This could be from cooking, bathing, washing and even breathing. Condensation occurs when moisture cannot escape so it will eventually build up and find the cold spots in your house ie a window, it will condense and turn into water. (Information found on De'Longhi website). The first stage of damp is condensation...which will eventually turn into mould. What does a dehumidifier do? A dehumidifier simply draws in the excess moisture in the air, passes over a cold evaporator and forms it into droplets. The droplets get collected into a tank which requires to be emptied frequently. It also passes through a filter which removes ...

Maryland Choc Chip Cookies 30/04/2008

Maryland is in control

Maryland Choc Chip Cookies I bought a packet recently after many years (after my long attempt in cutting down on addictive snacky type of foods) when I saw them on special offer in my local Tescos so I couldn't resist in adding a packet into my basket. Not that they are expensive but seeing them at half price made it an opportunity not to be missed. The biscuits are in a packet made of a bright red foil type materials which are sealed at both ends. It has 'Maryland' written in a bubbly yellow font across the front with 'choc'chip cookies' written above in a small font. It is one of them packets that can be spotted easily amongst the rest of the biscuits down the aisle of the supermarket. Deep inside I knew that once I opened the packet, I would be more tempted to eat them, so I waited, hoping my husband would do the honours and I could blame him for being the culprit who opened them first then I wouldn't feel so bad. But there was a problem! Two days later and they still sat unopened next to the toaster screaming at me 'eat me, eat me' so I took the plunge and began to open the sealed ends. Now this is where all the fun and games began. No instructions needed, I mean its only a packet of biscuits…but then why couldn't I open them. I thought to myself that it had been sooo long since I opened a packet that I had lost my touch. This was like having a child safety lock on a packet of cookies. I read the packet hoping to find a small tab that you had to pull but nothing. I finally yanked the end ... 22/04/2008

'Feeling hut hut hut' My husband sent me a link of a game he wanted for his psp and having clicked on the link I was directed to Initially I had thought it had something to do with Pizza Hut hahaha.....honestly, I had never heard of the site before and was nervous about ordering from them as in the past I have used and never had any problems. I tried to find any reviews about the site and all I got was mixed views good and bad so I decided to take the risk and place my order with them. Firstly, I did some research into the game my husband wanted and realized it was cheapest at and it was in stock. The website is very easy to navigate with a bright blue background with orange used in certain sections as an accent colour. In the middle of the home page you have a section of DVD's of the week, Games of the week, CD's of the week and Books of the week. At the top you have your navbar with links to Home, DVD, CD, Games, Books and Memory. Down the left-hand side of the page, there is a detailed navbar with subheadings of the above links. Here you can easily navigate to the required section or you can do a simple search using the search found at the top of the page. On the right-hand side you have your shopping basket, clearance deals, offers of the week and other adverts that link you to other parts of the website. Ordering was very easy. You find what product you want and click on the 'Buy Now' tab underneath the item and it will be automatically added to ...

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 22/04/2008

'bye bye'

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) With the run up to the launch and all the ads on TV recently about Wii Mario Kart, we finally managed to buy our copy last week and my husband has been 'driving' me around the bend - literally in his kart. My nieces (aged 14 and 12) came over so we all surrounded the TV, fighting for the wheel and wanting to try it out first. Mario Kart comes with a wheel which the Wii remote clicks horizontally into place and you are ready to play. We also bought an extra wheel (as we only have two controls) but the additional wheel is of slight different design and feels lighter. You can also play using the control on its own or with the nunchuk. The Game: In total there are 25 unique characters including your Mii character. You start with 12 players and the rest are unlocked as you proceed further into the game. There are in total 32 tracks to play. 16 to begin with and the rest are to be unlocked. Each player starts off with 3 different karts and 3 different bikes. There are additional 3 more vehicles to unlock for each character. The best ones are the pushchairs for the baby and small characters. You can play in Automatic mode or Manual. I would advice Automatic for the beginners but Manual mode does allow you to have more control over the vehicles and allows you to 'drift' around corner and boost your speed. This is quite important in the harder levels when the roads are narrow . In the start of the game you set up you drivers license using your Mii player. There are ...

Homepride Pasta Bake 18/04/2008

Not so pepperoni

Homepride Pasta Bake Ok so having tried the Dolmio variety 'Taste of Italy', and now being a big fan of pepperoni in my pasta (and curries), I found the Homepride pasta bake on special offer at Tesco buy 2 for £2 so thought I would give them a go. You may recognize the Homepride range by the funny looking lego man with black clothes, black hat and a cheesy smile. They have a huge range of products including pasta stir-in sauces and a large variety of cook-in sauces and are very well known for their flour. History Homepride started milling for their bags of flour back in 1920's. In 1964 there was the creation of the 'legoman' and he had his first commercial talking about flour. The cook-in sauces were introduced to the Homepride range in 1974 and the pasta bake sauces in 1999. Again the range grew in 2001 when the pasta stir-in sauces were introduced and a further 'new' range of cook-in sauces in 2004 introducing a wider variety of tastes and flavours. The pasta bake range consists of 6 including Four Cheeses, Cheese and Bacon, Creamy Tomato and Bacon and the one I have tried, Spicy Tomato and Pepperoni. Now writing this review has been slightly difficult for me as I have previously tried the Dolmio 'Taste of Italy' containing pepperoni and love the aroma, taste and texture to the max. For this reason, all I have been doing is comparing the two sauces even though this Homepride version is a pasta bake sauce. The aroma…..well a very slight smell of pepperoni and nothing to tickle them ...

Dolmio Pasta Sauces 14/04/2008

Taste of Italy

Dolmio Pasta Sauces Recently I saw a special offer on a new range of Dolmio sauces and picked up a few jars from my local supermarket. Generally I never read the labels properly but normally pick up my usual range of the spicy version or the roasted vegetables versions. I tend to have a habit to always keep pasta sauces in the cupboard so very rarely never run out and they are always on my shopping list. My brother normally comes over and loves to cook a good ol' lamb curry however, I'm not a great big fan of lamb chops or off the shoulder especially as a curry so normally have to make a chicken curry for myself. On one occasion a few weeks back, my brother decided to make minced lamb curry (as a spaghetti bolognese style - he loves to experiment) and he added the Dolmio jar into the curry. It was then we realized it contained pepperoni and a strong aroma entered the room from the stove but we all got slightly worried that the taste of the meat would be ruined. Now personally if someone told me to mix minced lamb with pepperoni, I would've squinted my face in disgust and thought 'no way'. But funny that as it tasted amazing and bought a lovely aroma, colour and taste to our normal minced lamb curry. Since then we have tried it with penne pasta and again, it bought a different flavour to the meal and tasted wonderful. The sauce contains small chunks of pepperoni and I have found it can be overpowering at times but it depends on what other ingredients you cook it with. I added extra garlic ...

Gaggenau Kitchens 14/04/2008

Rolls Royce of Appliances

Gaggenau Kitchens I have worked with Gaggenau appliances for more than 4years and my confidence grows on the brand every day. Many of you may not have heard of the brand, maybe due to the fact it not being a common household appliance such as Neff and Bosch that are available in large stores like Comet and Curries but a brand above the norm and available through middle to high end kitchen retailers. The History: Gaggenau is a name of a small town in Germany. In 1880, whilst the Industrial Revolution helped people with ideas, a factory in the small town of Gaggenau was the place known for where products 'came to life'. It was a place that manufactured enameled signs, coal and gas stoves and bicycles. Gaggenau became a known brand internationally after 1961 when a passionate chef took over the reins of the factory and started to manufacturer top quality modern built-in kitchen appliances. Since then, Gaggenau has been well known for its flawless design, high grade materials, simplicity and perfection in there workmanship. The Range: Gaggenau have quite a vast range of built-in appliances for all your cooking needs. The range consists of Ovens, Steam Ovens, Warming Drawers, Microwaves, Hobs, Ventilation, Fridges, Freezers, wine coolers, dishwashers, coffee machines and laundry appliances. There is too many to write about so I will only mention a few of my favourites. Ovens - In total there are 9 ovens in the range, all in different sizes and various functions. With some of the ... 12/04/2008

Broccoli - weigh too much So I finally had my first experience of completing a transaction on shopping online with The idea of shopping online for my groceries has always appealed to me but I have only got as far as adding a few favorites, writing my shopping list and then once I realize my basket total comes to under £15, I decide to visit the store instead. The Website The home page is quite easy to follow with a user friendly white background and the Tesco logo in the top left hand corner. In the top right hand corner they have placed there slogan 'every little helps' in a squiggly font. There are quite a few headings on the home page which show up with more sub-headings if you scroll your cursor onto them. Tesco Direct - you can log into your account here and scroll through various departments like clothes, electrical, furniture, sound and vision and house and home. Groceries & Wine - Again another way to log into your account, browse a database of over 500 recipes, wine club and a section called 'shopping guide' which is perfect for first time users to navigate the site and watch a 3minute video on how easy it is to do your shopping online. Entertainment & Book - include sub-headings of books, cd's, dvd's, dvd rentals, games, and logging into your account again. Finance & Insurance - Here you can get quotes for all your financial needs like loans and credit cards and your various insurances. Tesco's have also recently introduced a price comparison for your car ...

The Body Shop Bath Gloves 28/03/2008

Gloves 'r' us

The Body Shop Bath Gloves How bizarre just the thought of wearing gloves whilst in the shower made my husband laugh. I read a few reviews about these gloves and finally decided to buy them from Duty Free Bodyshop whilst stranded at Gatwick airport for 5hours recently. Since they were slightly cheaper than the highstreet shops (I think......well they were cheap anyway at £3.40 each), I decided to buy 2pairs. I bought a lilac pair for myself and a cream pair hoping my husband would give them a go. Honestly, my husband could not stop laughing thinking of all the things you can buy at duty free, I bought funky looking gloves. Anyways, I didn't use them whilst on holiday and they were shoved to the bottom of my suitcase. I normally am very sensitive in the sun and easily burn and suffer very badly from prickly heat. I had decided not to use the gloves on my sore skin until I returned back home. NOw my skin is at the stage of peeling and quite flaky so I though now is the time to exfoliate away the dead skin. When I first picked these gloves up I was very worried about the harshness of them. They almost feel like a green scourer that we use to wash our dishes except a rougher version. Putting them on is very easy just like ordinary gloves but it honestly is a weird felling standing in the shower with only lilac gloves on your hands. I guess you have to see the funny side! Once I put water on the they seem to soften up and almost go like semi transparent. I put some shower gel into my hand and ...

Resorte Marinha Dourada, Arpora 28/03/2008

Lakeside View Please

Resorte Marinha Dourada, Arpora We have just returned from a 2week holiday in Goa staying at the surreal Marinha Dourada hotel in Arpora, Baga. This resort was highly recommended to us by a relative who travels to Goa every year and stays at this resort everytime. Having stayed there, I can see why they are regulars. When we were at the stage of booking our holiday we saw pictures of the resort and to be honest did not think too much of it. It showed some lakes, a few swimming pools and a very spanish looking building. We also read some reviews of holiday makers who had just returned from there and had complained about some building work taking place behind the resort. I emailed the resort and was reassured by the manager Edwin that it will not affect our holiday. Now this wasn't my first trip to India but was the first time to Goa and it is totally different. It is much cleaner, full of tourists, clean restaurants but slightly more expensive than the other major cities and towns of India I have experienced. We landed at Goa airport and travelled to the resort by coach (with First Choice). MD is about 45minutes away from the airport but it didn't seem that long as I was too busy sight seeing out of the window and trying to fight off the mosquitos. Once we got to the resort we were astonished at how clean it was. Overall the service was exceptional, everyone were very friendly and always made you feel welcomed. Whilst checking in at reception we were offered some refreshing juice as a welcome ...

Goa Restaurant, Berlin 28/03/2008

Tried and tested

Goa Restaurant, Berlin We tried and tested many restaurants in North Goa near Baga. Deli Darbar - Panjim An exclusive restaurant which was recommended by our First Choice rep and also our Taxi driver. It is located in the capital city of Goa in Panjim (aka Panaji). Once outside, you are greeted by a doorman dressed in a very authentic suit that reminded me of indian guards with a turban and long white moustache. The decor inside is very posh with rich golds and reds in the seating fabrics and red drapes on the walls. In the far back is the brightly lit bar where the drinks are served from. I clearly remember the large bottle of whiskey sitting on the counter, a blue light feature and wine glasses hanging from the ceiling. The choice of food and drinks in the menu is vast. We were spoilt for choice and not knowing when we were going to come again, we wanted to try everything. When we first went there, it was lunchtime and even then it was very busy. The service was exceptional. We ordered some starters which are then served into your plate by the waiter. Regarding the food, the starters were amazing. We had kebabs, chilli fry fish, paneer tikka (cottage cheese) and chicken tikka. Whilst we were eating away, the waiter came over and took our photo using a digital camera. It puzzled us at first but then he came back with our photo in a small paper frame and an envelope. A very nice touch. The ladies were given a rose each. The price is cheap compared to UK but slightly more expensive than ...

First Choice 25/03/2008

First Choice - not mine!

First Choice Having just returned back from a 2week holiday in Goa booked with First Choice, I thought I would tell you about my mixed feelings towards them. This has been the second holiday we have booked with First Choice but the first time we have used FC airlines. Our flight was scheduled Gatwick to Goa direct flight leaving on Saturday 4.30pm. We arrived very early hoping to check in our luggage and then enjoy some relaxed stress free hours roaming in duty free and having lunch. We arrived at Gatwick by 11am and once we found where we had to check in we were astonished at the mile long (slight over exageration) queue. Thinking we were going to be spending a few hours standing in the line luckily it was fast moving and we were at check -in within 40mins. Once at check-in we booked in our luggage and requested window seats. We hoped that as we had arrived early, we would be able to select our seats. At this point I was thinking about all the different ways First Choice were trying to make money out of us being a chartered flight. For an upgrade to premium class it was £89 per person. It doesn't seem that expensive but when there is 4of you travelling and you start converting all your extra's into Rupees, it does seem a lot so we decided against upgrading. We were then told we had to pay an extra £35 for an extra 3" of legroom. It certainly does add up but again we declined. At this point we were told there was an hour delay on the flight which didn't seem that bad. An ...

Mars Twix 05/03/2008

Xtra Long.....Just how I like them

Mars Twix It just so happens I'm eating a Twix whilst browsing on Ciao so I thought why not write a review about it. Having a craving for some chocolate and with all the huge choice out there in the shops, for some reason I fancied Twix. Probably because I bought a packet of 12 singles for the price of 9 (or something along them lines) from Morissons last week and everytime I fancy a sweet snack, I raid the packet. I told my colleague at work to buy it for me whilst he was popping out to buy the newspaper. He came back with Twix 'XTRA. Hmmmmm ......85g of chocolate covered biscuit with caramel. Twix comes in a familiar gold foil packet that can normally be spotted amongst all the others. In bold sharp letters it has Twix written in a vibrant red colour highlighted in white. There is a picture of the two chocolate sticks poking out from the lettering. On the far end (it is a long packet, nearly 20cm long) it says 'XTRA in a royal blue colour again hightlighted in white. The font is more a scribble. On the reverse are your usual facts like ingredients and nutrition information. My first bite into the first stick. My teeth bite through the soft layer of chocolate and caramel then comes the crunch of the biscuit. In my mouth for a few moments as I chew between the the 3 textures and flavours and then finally swallow. Now I know that most women will understand the desire of chocolate at certain times of the month and to satisfy the craving is a reward. I love most ...
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