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Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) 25/02/2006

Call Of Duty 2 Xbox 360

Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) This is one of the best war games I have ever played. The overall feel of the game is different from any other that I have played in the same genre. This game may help to save a falling genre. This is Call of Duty 2. In a way it is very similar to the original game. In other ways it is the most impressive game on the 360. The soldiers all feel and move like real people, and the AI is faultless. Shoot at someone, miss and they will hide, and will check if you are still aiming at you before coming into the open again. On the lower difficulties they can be a little stupid. Graphics wise, everything looks excellent and clear. The surroundings feel very realistic (blades of grass sway, the trees shed splinters when you shoot them). The buildings also look very smooth and detailed, but unfortunately do not get destroyed if you fire a rocket or grenade at them. All of the weapons on the game look and sound authentic, each country has its own unique weapons which all have their own advantages. Like the previous game on the Xbox the missions are set up into three campaigns, each unique. The first is the Russian campaign - an excellent introduction to the game that gently eases you in - with its claustrophobic settings, and snow white towns. Here there is a lot of sniping sections. The British campaign is next, and involves tanks. However, while tanks were the downside of the original, here they are easier to control. Very smooth driving, with ultra manic battlefields; ...

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth (PC) 02/02/2006

Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth (PC) Overview The Battle For Middle Earth is a strategy game based on the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy. As EA own the rights to the films, they have incorporated the films as much as possible - from the authentic character voices, the battle locations and clips from the movie. There are two main game types, story mode (where you follow the path of the films as either good or evil forces) or skirmish (where you play any map as any army in a one off battle). The main object of the game is to completely destroy all of your enemy's forces, by first building a base, and then an army to attack them with. You can play as the four main armies in the films: Gondor, Rohan, Isengard and Mordor. Each has their own unique units, heroes and buildings. In order to buy units and buildings, you have to collect resources (which certain buildings produce). The layout of the game play screen is very good. At the bottom left of the screen there is a circle, which contains the map of the entire level, this is called a Palantir. This shows where you enemy is, and where your troops are, and can be clicked on at any time to go to that location. Next to the Palantir is a smaller circle, which contains details about any object you select. For example when you select a barracks, you can click on the buttons in the circle to buy units, or upgrades. Similarly, when you select a hero you can tell them to perform a special power (e.g. Gandalf can get on or off of Shadowfax - his ...

Motorola RAZR 28/01/2006

Looks Ain't Everything

Motorola RAZR The reason I bought this phone was simply because it looks better than anything else in the store. The black colour gives it a sense of style, and the flip is a good feature on any phone. The good bits The phone looks a lot better than any other, especially in black. It fits you ear perfectly when calling someone, and the speakers are good - so you don't have to press it to your ear. The button layount and menu system are both good, the use of the central button on the pad means you can access all areas quickly. It takes very good photos, the picture quality is very good. It can also play movie clips, but not to a very high standard. It has Bluetooth capabilities. You can play good games on it, due to the buttons being quite big. The Bad Bits The battery seems to run out very quickly, unless you do not use it for photos or games. The phone does not do a lot of things that other phones can. For example it cannot record movies, and it cannot save MP3 files. It has a very small memory, which gets used up quickly if you haved a few photos and movies saved on you phone. Overall I would say it is probably best not to buy this phone. Mainly because it is a lot of money to spend on a phone which looks good, but cannot do a lot.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP) 28/01/2006

Great Game To Start Your PSP Collection

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP) This game was the main reason I purchased a PSP, and, at first, I was not disappointed. This is exactly like playing on the PS2 or Xbox versions, bit portable. Story GTA Liberty City Stories is set in Liberty City (same as GTA3), but about 5 years before GTA 3. You play the character of Toni Cipriani, who is also in GTA3. The missions are like most GTA games, where you start at the bottom, no being important to anyone and end at the top, where you run the town. There are also several side missions, and the usual hidden packages, rampages and unique stunts. GTA3 Differences As I keep refering to GTA 3 (as it is very similar) these are the differences between the two games. There are several new cars available. But more importantly, there are bikes, which is a good thing to see. There are more weapons avilable. Your character actually talks. The map has a few slight differences, but the road layout is the same. Map The main part of any GTA game is the design of the map. Although the map is the same as the map on GTA 3 (other than a few small differences - such as the Callahan Bridge not yet being built), it is my favourite map of the series - so no complaints about not making a completely new one. Graphics + Sound The graphics are very good for a handheld game, but some of the buildings are a bit plain. The sound is very good, including the sound affects. But mainly the radio stations do it for me. They are very funny and keep you entertained for a ...

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PSP) 28/01/2006

Great Game, Once It Has Loaded

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (PSP) Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is a very good football game, both single and multiplayer. The main reason is because the matches are quite fast-paced and the AI varies the ways that it plays. However, Pro Evo does no have the official kits and team names for most of the clubs (due to EA buying the rights to use on FIFA). This does not spoil the gameplay, but you will be disappointed if you were expecting the game to look more like a real match. The single player game is quite long, and repetative in places. You can play in any of the European Leagues, and you play through the season with your club (including being able to complete transfers). However, all of the seasons are very similar, so really they are just like playing a normal match. You can also play Training mode, which is very useful for practing set plays (especially free kicks, which are almost impossible to score). If you do want to use the official kits on this game, and the official club names youcan use Edit mode. In Edit Mode you can change all club details back to how they should be (eg Man Red back to Manchester United). You can also create your own players in this mode. The multiplayer game is very good. This is mainly because you cannot see what the other player is doing on set plays. Also it is a lot harder than playing the computer. However, it does require two copies of the game, no gamesharing unfortunately. The main problem with the game is that it takes a very long time to load, when doing ...

Mercury (PSP) 27/01/2006

A Good Game For PSP

Mercury (PSP) This game is a lot of fun if you are patient. Basically, you control a blob of Mercury liquid and have to reach certain locations by pouring it, changing colours and dividing it etc. The graphics are very good for the PSP, the Mercury flows and moves as a real liquid would, and the levels all look good. There is not much sound on the game other than a few sound effects and the music (which gets a little annoying, but can be turned off). There are 3 game modes, all involved in completeing the single player game. Time (where you have to get any amount of mercury to a certain place), Task (where you may have to change colour and get to checkpoints etc.), and Percent (where you have to reach the end with a certain percentage of your Mercury remaining). The game is easy to start, but gets harder quite quickly, and often gets frustrating. This is often due to it not being obvious what to do, and the camera angle is sometimes in an awkward position. On the whole, this is a solid game and works very well on the PSP. Although, there is not much depth to the game (the tasks just get harder, and take longer as the game goes on).

Jamiroquai - Live In Verona (DVD) 27/01/2006

Amazing Concert By An Amazing Band

Jamiroquai - Live In Verona (DVD) Having liked Jamiroquai for a few years now, but never being able to go to one of their concerts, I was keen to buy this DVD. First of all, the location of the concert is great. It is in a large Roman outdoor stadium/ampitheatre which is unusual, but works well with the songs. Also, through the whole concert it is pooring down with rain (really hard, a lot of other bands would have cancelled in this sort of weather), but Jay Kay still continues. The water in the stage seems to enhance his performance - as it kicks up when he dances. The songs performed give a wide variety of Jamrioquai's music. The songs include: Corner of the Earth Virtual Insanity Twenty Zero One (my favourite) Deeper Underground Cosmic Girl Canned Heat Bad Girls Love Foolosophy And a few more. The songs are especially good, as a lot of them last longer than the album versions (Corner of the Earth lasts about 10 mins). With a lot of musical solos and JK dancing in between verses etc. Overall, this is the best music DVD I have ever seen, and I would highly recoomend it to anyone - even if you don't like Jamiroquai. The only negative part is that the Documentary is a little short to be called a documentary (only about 10-15 mins).

Madden NFL 06 (Xbox 360) 27/01/2006

Good, But Not Great

Madden NFL 06 (Xbox 360) Having played previous Madden titles, I was a little disappointed when first playing Madden 06. One of the main problems is that the game feels generally as though you are being rushed through it. With not too much concentration on the tactical side of things. The commentry is very good for a Madden game, however the AI is a bit stupid and easy to beat in some cases. Generally the game helps you through, if you are new to American Football with advice on what plays to pick (you can ask the coach for advice, or as Madden himself for plays). The graphics are very good, but it does still lack realism. For example, when the QB throws the ball, the receiver always catches it - and only drops it if they are actually falling to the ground. Also, when rushing with the ball, the players seem to just run into each other, not knocking each other over or pushing. After a couple of seconds the game seems to realise this, then the players fall etc. The season mode is very good, with all the usual madden updates and features in the franchise. The multiplayer game is very good, however there is one major problem which annoyed me a lot. Unlike in previous Madden games, where your oppenent didn't know what play you were choosing (as you press the button next to which play you want), they can see exactly which play you are choosing. This is because you have to highlight the play to select it. Overall this is a good game, but it is a little repetative, and does not offer much ...

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) 26/01/2006

Excellent Release Game For Xbox 360

Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360) When I first played this game, I was instantly blown away by the graphics - they are amazing. Certainly showing off the Xbox 360's power. The sound is also very good, with realistic engine sounds, and skids etc. The cars all look incredible, with very high attention to detail. Also, the environment looks a lot more realistic than in other racing games. There are many single player game modes including standard street race and speed challenge. However, they are all a bit similar for me. Multiplayer is very good, the graphics are almost as good as they are in the singleplayer game. However, you can only have 2 people on one console, it would have been nice to play 4 player. Overall, the game is very realistic, and a must buy for your new Xbox 360.
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