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The Simpsons Movie (DVD) 04/12/2007

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie (DVD) I love `The Simpsons` and have done for many years. Matt Groening always said there would never be a Simpsons movie but here I am reviewing it. Oh well. To be honest, if you like `The Simpsons` then you will like ths movie. As in most other series to movie departures, the writers tend to get a little more risque than they do in the TV shows which makes for some very funny scenes, such as Bart losing his clothes and the hand gestures Homer makes as he is escaping from an angry mob. As with most of the episodes there is a plot and also a few sub plots running intertwined with each other and each character has their own story. All the Springfield favourites show themselves and it will make you laugh - out - loud on more than one occasion, but I couldn`t help feeling that I was watching a regular Simpsons episode. I don`t know if that`s a good thing or a bad thing though. As a first outing into the big screen for our favourite yellow family, I thought it was well put together and quite funny. The spider pig sequence is typical Homer. You`ll know what I mean if you watch it. I would definately recommend it, but don`t expect much more than an extended TV episode with a few rude bits thrown in.

Motorola V3 04/12/2007

Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola V3 The Motorola V3 is an average mobile. It looks nice which is pretty much why I bought one, but for general use it`s not brilliant. As a phone it`s ok but if you want to take photos with it it`s not very good at all. If it is a slightly bright day then I wouldn`t bother trying to take a photo. If it`s slightly dark then you get the same results. If, however, it`s an overcast day then you might be lucky to get a half decent photo. If it`s a bit dark you get a very grainy picture and if it`s bright you get pixel ditortion. Not very good at all. The speaker on the other hand is not bad at all - quite clear and easy to use as a speaker phone. It is quite easy to navigate the different features on it and entering names and numbers is straight forward. The build quality is ok, but I`ve owned other mobiles that seemed more solidly built than the RAZR. After a bit of general use the flip - up screen seems to get a bit loose and the screen takes a bit longer to initiate when you open it. I would probably go for something different.

Under Bloodred Skies - Dismember 04/12/2007

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

Under Bloodred Skies - Dismember It`s not very often that a debut album is this good. The production was crisp, the songs were well - written and above all it stood out in a stagnant genre. The first song by Linkin Park that I ever heard was `One step closer` A short, punchy loud anthem. The lead singer - Chester Bennington - has a unique voice, and I mean that in a good way. He can sing a melody as well as any boy band member, he can sing very loud and in tune and he can growl as well as any thrash metal front man. That`s what was different about him. The song writing on the whole album is awe - inspiring. Every song sounds like a single with no filler material just to pad out the album. I bought the album `Hybrid Theory` (which was going to be the band`s name before they settled on `Linkin Park`) on the strength of `One step closer` alone, and it`s one of the best albums I own. Another stand out track is `In the end`, it starts off with a piano being played and builds up into an anthem with a very catchy chorus indeed. If you like your rock/metal then this is the album for you. Buy it, stick it in your stereo and crank it as loud as it will go. Awesome.

Friday The 13th (DVD) 04/12/2007

Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th (DVD) When I was growing up, all my school friends were talking about this new horror movie. Friday the 13th. I was a wimp when it came to horror films I must admit - I just couldn`t watch them, so I missed out on all the playground chat. When I grew up, I just suddenly got an urge to watch a few horror flicks and grew into a a bit of an addict. I suppose I was making up for my former wimpiness! Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is because the first proper horror movie I watched was friday the 13th. And I wasn`t disappointed. It`s a standard horror movie plot - some teens go out to camp crystal lake and are being picked off one by one by a maniacal murderer. All the way through you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the killer, but you never do and wonder who it could be. In your mind you are picturing an axe-weilding madman, or a mentally unstable killer but you never quite see who it is. By the time most of the kids have all been killed and a few heroes are left, there`s a twist in the tail. You get to find out who`s been murdering them all and it`s not who you think. It leaves the ending open too, which is why there have been a further 9 sequels, some better than others it has to be said. It won`t leave you a helpless shivering wreck, but it will give you a jump or two. It`s pretty tame by todays standards but it`s good for a bit of retro horror viewing. Better still, buy the 10 film box-set and watch them all in sequence and see how Jason Vorhees becomes all ...

Ford Escort RS Turbo 04/12/2007

My Escort RS Turbo

Ford Escort RS Turbo I`ve owned a black 1988 series 2 for 9 years now and it just keeps getting better. Every year they bring out faceless, soulless plastic cars and the RST just looks better. It`s so tuneable and 200 bhp is easily achievable on the series 2 as they were de-tuned from the factory for road use. All you need is a new fuel management chip (Ahmed Bayjoo chips are by far the best), a -31 actuator to increase the boost (series 2`s can easily handle 1 bar( or 15psi) unlike the fragile series 1 engines) and a decent exhaust and a high lift cam will see you with at least 180 bhp. This amount of power in a car that doesn`t weigh that much equals a lot of fun and some embarrassed Subaru/Evo drivers! Obviously you can go with more power but then it starts getting expensive. Front mount intercoolers cost a bit and hybrid/uprated turbos are expensive, but add them to the RS and you`re looking at about 200+ bhp. As I`ve stated before, I`ve had this car for 9 years and the respectful looks you get from both old and young people are unmatched in anything else. This is an enthusiast`s car for serious drivers. Treat them with respect and use decent oil and regular services and if you can ever bring yourself to sell it (I know mine`s not getting sold anytime soon!) it will at least give you what you paid for it, or more than likely more than what you paid. There`s also one more thing that I`d like to add. It`s nice to go for a drive and not see another RS Turbo on the road. There are far too ...
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