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Life has kept me away but going to try and spend more time reading and reviewing.

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Prices Wax Lighting Tapers 24/02/2017

Too messy to be practical

Prices Wax Lighting Tapers Too messy to be practical My husband bought me these as a gift because he was sick of me always complaining about burning my fingers on matches and lighters lighting candles. Now a lighter is fine for lighting a candle if there is just the one but when I have to light a few I inevitably end up singing my finger especially when I am lighting my Yankee jar candles which are burnt down and near the end as the jars are quite deep and difficult to light when they are near the bottom. I had never even seen or heard of these before so I was really excited to receive them. These resemble really thin candles and are made of wax and measure about 30cm in length so an ideal length for lighting jar candles. They cost about £6 and you get about 50 of the tapers in a box. My box was brand new and when I opened it to get a taper out there were a few that were snapped because the tapers are so thin and very easy to break in half. They are very easy to use. You just light the taper and then use it to light whatever it is you want lit. You can also reuse each individual taper after each use if it doesn’t burn down when you use it. They burn down very quickly so I doubt that you would get the chance to reuse a taper because it burns so quickly. Now these work exactly as you would expect but they do have a big negative to them which is that they drip wax. I should have thought about this since they are made of wax but it didn’t really occur to me but in use they drop hot wax every ...

Absolute Aromas Lavender Himalayan Bath Salt 23/02/2017

Relaxing bath salts

Absolute Aromas Lavender Himalayan Bath Salt Relaxing bath salts Lavender is my number one fragrance for relaxing. There is something about it which just immediately relaxes and revives me and I love nothing more than lighting a candle and having a little bit of me time with a nice bath and some nice lavender products. I love soaking in the tub and am a big fan of bath salts and when I saw these bath salts that contained lavender I knew that I had to try them. The bath salts cost me £4.50 for a jar. The jar contains 290g of bath salts which isn’t a huge amount but you don’t need to use too much of the salts so the jar will last a few baths. The bath salts contain Himalayan salt and lavender oil. I love how pretty the salts look before you put them in the bath and they look nice on the bathroom shelf. The salts smell gorgeous even before they have been put in the bath. To use the salts you just pour a capful of the salts under hot running water but I like to use two capfuls of the salts because I just think one capful is just a bit stingy. The salts melt in the hot water and the smell intensifies in the steam and smells beautiful. The lavender smell is strong and a really nice natural lavender smell. I hate artificial lavender smells but this smells more natural and is perfect for that really relaxing feel. Once I get in the bath the I just relax and let the smell wash over me and it is just so relaxing and really helps me unwind and forget about everything else that might be going on. The salts themselves ...

Prices Scentinel Night Lights Box 23/02/2017

Quality tealights

Prices Scentinel Night Lights Box Quality tealights I usually buy loads of big bags of cheap tea lights for things like my wax burner or just to burn in the garden but sometimes the cheaper ones aren’t suitable for everything and I always keep a few better quality tea lights around for burning when I have people over for dinner. I really like Prices candles and whilst I wouldn’t buy them and use them for burning my wax melts because I think that they are too expensive and too good quality to waste doing that I really like them for burning at dinners because they are just better quality. You can buy a box of 10 of these candles for around about £5.00 which I personally think is pretty expensive for tealights but they last so much longer than cheaper ones that I think that they are worth having especially when you want to make a feature of the tealights. I really like using these when I have people over for dinner because once lit they stay lit without going out all the time and they don’t have give off that acrid smoke that some of the cheaper tealights give. The flame is nice and bright and you can tell the wick is better quality than the norm with tealights and it doesn’t disintegrate and the flame never just goes out like with what happens with cheap ones. The candles are white and come in their own little metal containers so that you can just use them immediately but I like to have them in little glass jars because I think that they look nicer this way. They are completely unscented which is ...

Snopake Polyfile Ring Binder Wallet Clear 28/11/2016

Making document storage a little bit easier

Snopake Polyfile Ring Binder Wallet Clear Making document storage a little bit easier I like to think that I am pretty good at organising all our important household documents from insurances to passports and bills and receipts but all these things need to be kept somewhere. I have boxes full of my husbands old accounts as we have to keep them just in case the tax man wants to see them but for things that I need to be able to get a hold of quickly I like to store them in see through wallets because I like to be able to go into the cupboard and find what I want quickly. I have always used see through wallets for important documents so that I can find them easily but these ones are a fairly new purchase and I have already bought several packs because they are so handy. Before I was buying clear document folders which I would put in a box but I saw these which came with punched holes for keeping in a ring binder and I just thought that it was such a good idea and would be so much better having them all in ring binders instead of just lying in a box. It has just made finding what it is that I am looking for so much quicker and more convenient because I can put them in a ring binder and have them coordinated so that I know exactly which folder is which as soon as I open the ring binder. The wallets come in a pack of five and cost £5. Each wallet is made of clear plastic and is designed to hold A4 sized paper. The plastic is strong and sturdy and the punched hole edge is really strong. I worried originally that ...

Staedtler Stick Pens 430F 26/11/2016

Well worth the money

Staedtler Stick Pens 430F Well worth the money I use Staedtler pencils and pens when colouring (yes I am an adult colouring fanatic you should try it it is incredibly relaxing) I have tried loads of pens and pencils for colouring and this brand wins hands down for quality. As well as doing colouring pens and pencils they also do a range of stationery which I started buying because of the colouring pens and pencils and I probably wouldn’t go back to using another brand now because I think that the quality of them are just so fantastic. You might think a pen is a pen when it comes to ballpoint pens but I absolutely hate when I go for a pen and it won’t work which happens all the time with cheap pens even though they should be full of ink. I am a list maker and I also like to jot down things in notebooks as well as doing a night course so I use a lot of ballpoint pens and these are so much better than other cheap biros. I bought 3 packs of of the these pens on Amazon for £4.64 each in black, blue and red and each pack contained 20 pens each. I thought it was worth buying a few at a time because I know what pens are like in our house they just end up disappearing with my husband and the kids borrowing them all the time. I like the fact that these pens write straight away and don’t seem to be dry and faded as soon as I use them. I always try and make sure that I keep the lid on them but there are a few without lids and these haven’t dried out yet. I find that with these pens I can write ...

Yankee Candle Blueberry Scone Wax Tart 22/11/2016

Sweet bakery smell

Yankee Candle Blueberry Scone Wax Tart Sweet bakery smell This was another Yankee fragrance which I had been dying to try after reading about it online but they didn’t have any in my local shop which sells them so I had to buy blind on the internet. Because the glass jar Yankee candles are expensive they are an indulgent treat I buy myself only if I am sure it is a fragrance which I am going to love. Luckily Yankee do wax tarts which are a much cheaper way of trying out a new fragrance so that you don’t have to waste money buying an expensive candle you might not like. I was so curious to try this out because I was dying to see how they would interpret a blueberry scone. I assumed it would be a sweet smelling tart with a strong blueberry smell which is what I got. I didn’t really expect it to smell like a scone but I was surprised to find that there was an actual scone scent to it. It’s almost like a creamy bakery smell with blueberry and it is lovely. Sometimes these sweet smelling Yankee fragrances can be too sickly sweet and they become a bit boring after a while but this one didn’t bore me or smell too overpowering and I enjoy burning it. As always with wax tarts I always break them in half to get more use out of them but if you were to burn a whole one then you would probably get at least 8 hours of fragrance from them which isn’t bad considering that I only pay about £1.40 for them online. The fragrance isn’t too strong but it does a good job of completely scenting the room and lingering in ...

Yankee Candle Candy Corn Wax Tart 22/11/2016

Good quality but I got bored with the scent quickly

Yankee Candle Candy Corn Wax Tart Good quality but I got bored with the scent quickly Yankee candles are an expensive indulgence and one that I don’t mind paying for as they are lovely and really good quality but I am nervous about trying new jars because I don’t want to be paying £20 for a candle which maybe smells nice in the shop but then I don’t like when it is burning so I will try out new fragrances with the wax tarts first to see if I like them because they are a much more economical way of trying the fragrance. I bought this one online around about Halloween because I had seen it before and the name appealed to me and I knew it was a special Halloween fragrance and I always like trying and using themed seasonal scents. The description stated that this was a familiar scent and would be a fond reminder of Halloween treats. Well to be honest I had no idea what candy corn is supposed to smell like and assume this was designed mainly for Americans but I was really excited to try it out. I bought the wax tart online for £1.40. I used the tart with my wax burner and you can expect up to 8 hours of fragrance with the tart. I very rarely put a whole wax tart in my burner because I find it to be a waste and you can easily break these in half so you can use them twice. I loved the orange colour of this as it was very evocative of Halloween. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this other than I expected it to be sweet smelling and it was very sweet. The main smell to me was a very sugared vanilla ...

DKNY 4048 16/11/2016

instant glamour

DKNY 4048 Instant glamour I absolutely love sunglasses. No matter how rough I might be feeling I always think they make me look better. And of course I lovely pair of oversized sunglasses makes every outfit look more glamorous no matter what you are wearing. Of course they also help protect my eyes from the sun and I have so many pairs because I absolutely hate the sun in my eyes as it actually makes me feel sick when the sun is too strong and shining in my eyes. I even tend to wear sunglasses more in the winter than the summer because I find that winter sun (when it actually shines) is so much more intense. I have tons of sunglasses most of which are just cheap ones from high street shops but I also have a few designer pairs which I take much better care of and don’t just leave them loose in my bag like I do with cheaper ones. These ones from DKNY were actually some of the cheapest designer sunglasses that I have as I bought them in TK Maxx where I paid £40 for them. They cost about £79 online. They are tortoiseshell coloured which is something that I love because I always find it to be a throwback to old fashioned glamour and even if I am just wearing jeans and a hoody with my hair scrapped back into a ponytail these make me feel better and dressier when wearing them. They have a slight cats eye shape to them which is one of my favourite shapes as I think that it is one of the best most classic shapes which suit most people. They are slightly oversized but not as ...

George Soft Touch Long Sleeve Hooded Dressing Gown 15/11/2016

Soft a good value

George Soft Touch Long Sleeve Hooded Dressing Gown Soft and good value I always get myself a new dressing gown every single year not including the ones that I always seem to receive at Christmas as there is nothing nicer than getting out of bed on a cold morning and slipping into your dressing gown and putting on a pair or slippers. This dressing gown is from Asda and was £14. I quite like Asda for clothes as they do some nice things for not a lot of money. Of course they quality isn’t as good as you would get from say M&S but they are a lot cheaper and even if the clothes only last a few months it isn’t so bad when you don’t pay much for them. This dressing gown immediately appealed to me as it was so soft to the touch. It is completely polyester but it has that lovely soft feel to it and just touching it on the hanger was enough to make me decide to buy it even though I didn’t particularly love the way it looked I just knew it was going to be super comfy to wear. The dressing gown comes with a hood on it and a tie fastening. I got it in a medium and it fit really nicely. You want a dressing gown to be fairly loose but not hanging off you and this one fit me well. It is so comfortable to wear and although I don’t use the hood I have put it over me whilst standing at the door trying to get the dog to come back in. There are also a couple of pockets it which are handy and they aren’t slanted so things don’t fall out of them when you stand up or walk to the kitchen. The best thing about this dressing gown is ...

Gibsons Winter Whoopsies Jigsaw Puzzle 27/10/2016

Lovely winter scene

Gibsons Winter Whoopsies Jigsaw Puzzle Lovely winter scene I collect the I love series of puzzles from Gibsons and after using them I store them in the attic to either do again or just for my kids to keep and hopefully do with their kids as I think that the I love puzzles have such a whimsical and very British sense to them that makes them timeless. This puzzle isn’t from the I love series but it has that same whimsical feel to it and there is something unmistakably quaint and British about it. I didn’t buy this one brand new but instead picked it up in a charity shop for a couple of pounds which was well worth it because these puzzles cost anything between £12.99 and £19.99. This one is smaller than the other Gibson puzzles which I have purchased before and only has 500 pieces as opposed to the usual 1000 but it is still challenging and worth completing. The picture is completely charming and as soon as I saw the box it appealed to me instantly. I have trouble refusing anything which is either Christmassy or with a winter scene and this jumped out at me as soon as I saw it in the shop. The puzzle is a picture by the artist John Francis who I don’t think I am familiar with but I absolutely love the picture. As I said earlier it has a whimsical quality to it which really appeals to me and there is so much going on in the picture. It is a winter scene with people skating and just generally enjoying the snow and ice and there is so much to see and appreciate about the picture with tons going on. I love ...

Yankee Candle Midsummers Night Scented Tealights 22/10/2016

A richer more masculine Yankee fragrance than I am used to

Yankee Candle Midsummers Night Scented Tealights A richer and more masculine Yankee fragrance than I am used to My husband gets a little bit annoyed by scented candle obsession especially when I go for floral fragrances which I love but he finds a bit cloying so occasionally I shall make a concession and buy something that I know he will enjoy smelling too. Midsummer Night by Yankee is one of the few fragrances that they do which he really enjoys the smell of. It is definitely one of Yankee’s more masculine smelling fragrances containing a mix of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne. Even the ingredients sound a little bit more masculine than normal and I can imagine those ingredients in a really nice male aftershave. Even the colour of the votives is more masculine than the normal Yankee offerings. They are jet black. I am surprised the name is so soft and wishy washy as to me the two don’t go together. Although I keep saying masculine I only mean in relation to most Yankee offerings which usually fall in the fruity or fresh category. It certainly isn’t overtly masculine and should appeal to anyone who is looking for a more robust and distinctive smell in their candles. The smells all work together really well and it smells really good. A lot of people say it smells like aftershave and I suppose it does slightly but it has a really earthy smell. I like the smell of patchouli and this is the dominant smell to me so might not be suitable for people who don’t like patchouli and I know there are a lot who ...

Superdry Scarf Men 18/10/2016

Good value scarf

Superdry Scarf Men Good value scarf I always tend to get a little bit excited when Autumn arrives as it is my favourite time of year and even though I love the summer I always love it when it is time to start wrapping up in warm clothing again. I bought my husband a Superdry scarf last year in a sale as even though he normally isn’t the sort of person who would normally wear Superdry as he thinks he is too old for the brand ever since our teenage nephew decided he could wear nothing but Superdry the scarf was a nice style and too good an offer for me to turn down. The scarf is made from a 60% cotton and 40% poly mix and it has such a supersoft feel to it. I had bought him a 100% wool scarf which was much more expensive which he loved the style of but he much prefers the feel of this one as he says it is not only softer but feels snugger on his neck. The scarf is just a plain grey though it has got white thread running through it. You can tell it is modern but it is certainly a scarf which is suitable for all age groups. It is a fairly long oversized scarf so it would look odd with a suit or anything but it looks great with a jumper and a pair of jeans. I always love a cotton/poly blend because it washes so well. It might not be as luxurious as some fabrics but at least with this there is no complicated washing instructions. This can just be thrown in the washing machine and washed normally and can be tumble dried too and it doesn’t lose its shape or smell funny after being washed. ...

Bronnley Citrus Lemon & Neroli Hand Wash 15/10/2016

Lovely hand wash

Bronnley Citrus Lemon & Neroli Hand Wash Lovely hand wash I really like nice hand wash in my downstairs toilet as this is the toilet guests use and I just think it is really nice to have something lovely for them to wash their hands with. Bronnley are an English company who do some gorgeous toiletries. They mainly do classic sort of English ranges but they also have some more modern smelling ranges such as this Mediterranean inspired Lemon and Neroli range which the hand wash comes from. The hand wash comes in a 250ml bottle and it straddles the middle ground between mass market prices and luxury prices and it costs me £7.50 to buy. I don’t mind paying this as it is much more luxurious feeling than a supermarket one and I think the quality is really good for this price. I love citrus smells and this smells fantastic. The lemon and Neroli both worth together fantastically and the scent is both really fresh and also uplifting. It is actually really highly fragranced for a hand wash and it really scents the skin after washing with it and it stays on the skin a long time. It leaves hands feeling and looking clean and is good as removing dirt but it isn’t so strong that it makes skin feel dry unlike some cheaper hand washes which can really dry my skin out and make them itchy. I always think that packaging is so important with hand wash especially if it is going to be used by guests you want it to look nice and this does. The hand wash comes in a transparent bottle with a pump action dispenser and the liquid ...

Gibsons Breaking Up for Christmas 2013 Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle 10/10/2016

Another winning puzzle from Gibson's

Gibsons Breaking Up for Christmas 2013 Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzle Another winning puzzle from Gibson's One of my favourite activities to do as a family is to get a big jigsaw puzzle and lay it out on the table and then spend an evening doing it together with the kids and my husband. I love doing this when the dark nights set in and think that it is a lovely way for us to spend some time as a family rather than all sitting around on various electronic equipment or watching TV. I have been collecting Gibson puzzles for years as I love the quality of them and because they are so well made I know that they are going to be able to be kept my whole life and can be handed down to my kids to do with their kids and so on. This particular puzzle was a limited edition one from 2013 which I actually missed at the time and ended up only getting because I found it in a charity shop. It was brand new and had never been done so I knew all the pieces would be there so I was pretty happy with my £2 purchase especially as the Gibson puzzles are fairly expensive and this would have cost me at least £25 to buy brand new based on the other ones that I have bought. One of the main reasons that I specifically enjoy buying the Gibson puzzles as opposed to any other brand it because the finished pictures are always so enchanting and this one is no different. I love anything Christmassy and Christmas puzzles are my favourite and this picture is beautiful. It depicts a school breaking up for the Christmas holidays and it utterly charming. It has a real ...

Motorola Nexus 6 64GB 21/09/2016

Amazing big screen phone

Motorola Nexus 6 64GB Amazing big screen phone I used to always be happy with just a plain phone for texting and phoning but after starting to get my husbands smartphone hand me downs I discovered the joys of them and now couldn’t live without a smartphone. Okay that is an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I have become more reliant on using my phone for all manner of things and use it on such a regular basis that I decided instead of getting my husbands old phone I was just going to get myself a new one that I picked instead of just making do with the one that he used to have. I spent ages deciding on a new phone and after looking in all the shops I finally decided to buy myself a Google Nexus 6p phone. The reason that I chose this phone over all the other phones that I saw was because the screen was huge and because I use my phone a lot I knew that I would appreciate the larger screen. The screen size is 5.7 inches which is bigger than any other phone that I have ever had or used. Because of the larger screen it means that it is quite a big phone to hold which did take some getting used to because I was so used to using a smaller phone. My hands aren’t big so it is mainly a two handed job when I am using the phone for apps and browsing the internet but it is easy enough to use it one handed when making a phone call on it. I love the screen and it is my favourite thing about the phone. It is so large and bright that it makes using it an absolute joy. Everything looks much better on ...
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