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Revival - Selena Gomez 25/04/2017

disney who?

Revival - Selena Gomez The Disney superstar has officially shed her "good girl" image with this new album titled "revival". From my point of view, this album has deeper meaning than her previous ones, it gives you a greater insight into her feelings about love and life as an artist. On multiple tracks we see selena highlighting the fact that she is all grown now as she talks about it in songs such as "good for you" (featuring A$AP ROCKY) and "same old love" in which she shows off her sexuality. That may sound corny and inappropriate however Gomez does it in such a classy way. My main concern when first purchasing this album was that it would be very Disney like or that the songs would sound so similar to every song that is brought out in the charts. However, that was not the case. These songs have meaning and can hit at home if you are going through heartbreak or struggling with something. Whilst these songs are to be rumoured about ex lover, Justin Bieber, I believe that they have deeper meaning. all in all I would defiantly recommend this album to any lover of good music with meaning.
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