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Hotel Chocolate 01/12/2004

Hotel Chocolat Paradise

The Yangtze Gorges 11/11/2004

Up A Foggy River

The Yangtze Gorges Fourteen weary Jules Verne tourists climbed off the coach that had taken them from the city of Shanghai to the River Port of Zhenjang on the Yangtze to board their cruise ship the MV Victoria Rose and their eight night journey upstream along the Yangtze River in China ending at the river city of Chongqing. We shouldn't have been that weary. Six intriguing days and nights spent in Beijing and finally Shanghai had been fascinating. Our minds were full of the exciting images we'd seen. Our bodies were weary with the walking and climbing we'd done – but our weariness was more to do with a coach journey that should have taken three hours from Shanghai to the River Port. The fact that China is under construction meant that the motorway from Shanghai to the River Port was still being built as we drove on it, resulting in the journey taking nine hours. The road was so rough that we spent the entire time either hitting the roof of the coach with our heads or jarring our spines on the seats. All of us were dreaming of a relaxing cruise with the highlights being our visit to the new Three Gorges Dam site and to see the magnificence of The Three Gorges before the completion of the Dam in 2009 submerges The Three Gorges leaving just the peaks as islets above water. But how relaxing was this cruise going to be? The Yangtze River in China is the third longest river in the world after the Amazon and the Nile. The River Yangtze is over three and a half thousand miles long with more than ...

General: Beijing 19/10/2004

The Temple of Extreme Moisture

General: Beijing In China the people say they will eat anything with four legs – except a chair and anything with two wings – except an airplane. Thus we were well prepared for our first evening in the capital of China, Beijing, as our local Chinese guide Jackie took fourteen exhausted UK Voyagers Jules Verne travellers through the open air street market in this remarkable city. Three hundred and sixty five days a year from 6.00 am until midnight and in all the extreme weathers these fast-food stalls line the street by the hundred preparing and cooking food for the hungry passers-by. But what food; Skewers crammed with plucked sparrows; skinned frogs; wriggling scorpions; silk worm cocoons and water rat; all ready to be stir fried and grilled, served and eaten on the go. Snake-burger anyone? Delicious steamed dumplings seemed to be normal fare on this bustling food street and we weren't really shocked at the skewers of scorpions – after all we eat prawns don't we? So what was our itinery for the sixteen night visit to China? Our holiday was booked with Voyagers Jules Verne and charmingly named 'The Original Yangtze Cruise' as eight nights of our sixteen were to be spent sailing up the vast Yangtze River to include the new Three Gorges Dam and the Three Gorges as they are now before the dam is completed in 2009 and drowns another eighty metres of the mountains that make this part of the Yangtze River so recognisable. The remaining eight nights were to be spent in five star hotels in the ...

General: Croatia 26/06/2004

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

General: Croatia The Croatians say that if you count the number of spots on a Dalmatian dog you will find that there are over two thousand of them – as many spots as there are islands along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Our ship, the M/S Dalmacija, was to take us from the Port of Venice, across the Adriatic and then we were to cruise through the islands, isles and reefs of Dalmatia docking and disembarking at several historic towns and cities such as Split and Dubrovnik, with a brief visit to Corfu and Montenegro and then returning to Venice for a last spectacular evening viewing Venice by night in a motorboat. Are you excited – because we certainly were? The M/S Dalmacija's main claim to fame was that it was used to film scenes for the film 'The Talented Mr Ripley' adapted from a novel by Patricia Highsmith and starring Matt Damon and Jude Law. It was clearly the oldest ship we had sailed on and had an air of faded grandeur about it, but it had a charming Croatian crew, a swimming pool, Lido bar, a Grand Salon and a very attractive restaurant and most importantly with just the one sitting as a two sitting restaurant is a nightmare to avoid on any cruise ship. Once shown to our cabin I instantly refused to sleep in a cabin with no windows or portholes (It felt like an underwater coffin) and we managed to organise an alternative cabin with two portholes then I was happy. I think Morty took me seriously when I told him there was no way there'd be any sex in this underwater tomb so we'd ...

Sisley Eau Du Soir Eau de Parfum 20/04/2004

Scent of a Woman

Grand Hotel Torquay Devon UK 12/04/2004

Grand by Name and Grand by Nature

Chanel Compact Creme Universel 17/03/2004

I Do Coco Chanel

Chanel Compact Creme Universel Within a period of three years two major cosmetic houses have stopped manufacturing my favourite skin foundations. One product was priced at the upper end of the range and the other was medium priced. Both products were worth every penny as they suited my colouring and skin texture; so much so that I would use every last drop of the foundation and replace them at once with the same product-until they became suddenly unavailable. Consequently, I have been searching for that special formula ever since and at a considerable financial and image conscious cost. Other products have promised me a wonder finish, a flawless finish, a hyper-smooth finish, an enhanced finish and a luminous finish. It seems that the reason I have around nine various foundations, all partly used, costing seven to ten pounds an item is that none of them proved satisfactory. Chanel Compact Crème Universel has fulfilled all the criteria a gal like me was searching for to replace the previous favourites. I do want an even, smooth, luminous and radiant complexion and the Chanel multi-vitamin fresh cream makeup with SPF 15 is simply magical. It's my own fault I didn't buy this product before because I had read a lot of praise about it on various online beauty forums but I balked at the twenty-six pounds it would cost me. How nonsensical is that when the nine disappointing foundations I have bought that are useless cost me at the very least sixty three pounds in total, that's what I call a false economy and ...

L'Oreal Double Extension Mascara 08/03/2004

Clumpy and Brittle or Lengthened and Silky

Aswan (Egypt) 05/03/2004

A Swan in Aswan

Abu Simbel (Egypt) 18/02/2004

Sailing Through The Desert

Bruges (Belgium) 04/01/2004

Venice of the North

Dangerous Lady - Martina Cole 24/12/2003

Thank Goodness it was the Free One

Dangerous Lady - Martina Cole I seem to favour women authors. Taking advantage of the WH Smith offer of 'Buy two paperbacks-get the third free' I had selected two novels by two excellent writers, Patricia Cornwell and Margaret Atwood leaving me to choose one more book. I had seen the name of Martina Cole in the No: 1 bestselling lists and noted there were several of her novels lining the shelves. Not having read her before I selected her first ever bestseller 'Dangerous Lady' written ten years ago and now re-printed to celebrate her phenomenal success over the last decade. I'm sure Martina Cole is a very nice lady and I applaud her success as a best selling author but I have never read such drivel in my life. Well I have-I have read Catherine Cookson just the once; I have read Jackie Collins just the once; I have read Barbara Bradford Taylor just the once; Martina Cole? A very poor imitation of the pre-mentioned who in themselves are the top writers of their genre, and they are lightweight and bad enough as it is. The author, if I may call her that, begins with the difficult birth of a baby born into squalor and poverty in South London in the 1950s. How often have we read this introduction in the first chapter of a book? The baby girl is the first female to be born into a home with an alcoholic father, a strong mother and several older brothers. Excuse me while I yawn. The family live on their wits around the bomb sites of post war South London by stealing and violence and it is obvious from the start ...

Cutex Nail Polish Remover 06/12/2003

Stripped Pine

You Inspire Me - Curtis Stigers 05/12/2003

Saxed Up

BT Voyager 1020 28/11/2003

A Voyage into the Unknown

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