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I am from Germany but come to the Uk frequently - my reviews might provide you with an interesting view on everything British ;) I always review back!

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Single Man - Christoph Isherwood 02/03/2017

And suddenly - you're alone

Single Man - Christoph Isherwood And suddenly - you're alone Today I would like to review the novel "A Single Man" by Christopher Isherwood. Reader's appeal I admit it - I ordered this book after seeing the amazing movie adaptation starring Colin Firth. Before, I wasn't aware of Isherwood despite loving LGBT-themed and "vintage-flavoured" books. Maybe I would've stumbled over this on my own at some point, too! After seeing the great film, i really wanted to dive into it deeper and decided to order the book online. The plot "A Single Man" tells the story of George Falconer, an aging university professor who moved to the US many years ago. The story is set in the California of the early 60s, and so it is to no surprise that George, being homosexual, sometimes is fed up with some of his more conservative sorroundings. This has also led to his boyfriend Jim never really getting approval for their relationship from his own family. When Jim has a car accident, George's content life with Jim comes to an abrupt change. Suddenly, George is alone in a life that had evolved around their happy relationship and he is left feeling depressed, alone and with nowhere to go. Following his every day routine has become an out-of-body-experience where George derives nearly no pleasure from anything anymore. He dwells in memories and only short moments can pull him out of his lonesome depression. One of those sparks in the dark is a curious young student named Kenny. My impression of the book ,,A Single man" is a ...

Original Source Skin Quench Moisturising Shower 01/09/2016

All in one!

Original Source Skin Quench Moisturising Shower All in one! Today I'd like to tell you all about the "Skin Quench Moisturising Shower" by Original Source. Shopper's appeal I've adored Original Source products for quite a while now. They smell good, feel great, cleanse exceptionally well and are vegan, so what's not to love! The quality has convinced me again and again over the years, so I am always excited to try any new varieties that come out. The one I am reviewing today is a bit basic scent-wise at first, but that doesn't make it any less impressive! I specifically bought this one because it seemed like it would be good to my skin as I sometimes get somewhat dry skin in summer. The bottle This body wash comes in the usual interesting bottle that Original Source products come in - it is wide and flat and becomes smaller towards the top. It stands on its flip-cap and is easy to open. The bottle is see-through and has a sticker on the front and the back, providing you with all the information you could need regarding the product. On the front of the bottle, the brand name as well as the name of the product line ("skin quench") is given. In a white drop-shaped area, the name of the variety is given and it is stated that the product is "packed with natural oils" and smells of watermelon and jojoba oil. A small black flower symbol at the bottom right side of the bottle tells you this product is vegan! The bottle contains 250ml. On the back of the bottle, there is some short but interesting info with fun icons! ...

Nothing Has Changed - David Bowie 29/06/2016

Great for newcomers, not so for long-time fans

Nothing Has Changed - David Bowie Great for newcomers, not so for long-time fans Today I'd like to give you a review on the "Nothing Has Changed" best-of CD by David Bowie. January 11th was a tough day for every Bowie fan and I felt it was quite an occasion to review one of my many Bowie CDs. Here my review finally comes! Shopper's appeal I became a Bowie-fan at age 12. Now I've been collecting Bowie CDs, LPs, tapes, videos, DVDs and merchandise for sixteen years. In that time span, I quite often thought to myself that I won't possibly be buying another "best of" album, and yet here I am. Once you start collecting, it's hard to stop. And of course, that David Bowie was a smart man and put one new song on there, among with some remastered and special versions that you might have heard elsewhere or found on singles, but not on one album altogether. Of course the excitement for that one new track seduced me into buying "Nothing Has Changed" and the pretty cover photograph sure helped my decision. The CD's look I do think "Nothing has changed" has a really cool cover. It's sporting a photograph of David Bowie in the 70s, "The man who fell to earth"-era, looking into a mirror and seemingly writing on it with a marker. You can See Bowie himself, as well as his reflection and his shadow, which defenitely makes it an interesting picture. The artist's name is not given on the cover; instead it can be seen on a sticker that has been stuck to the CD-case. The booklet that comes with the CD can be flipped open and ...

Alberto Balsam Herbal Conditioner Juicy Green Apple 25/06/2016

Fruity and caring

Alberto Balsam Herbal Conditioner Juicy Green Apple Fruity and caring Today I am reviewing the "Juicy green apple" conditioner by Alberto Balsam. Shopper's appeal I've been buying shampoos and conditioners by Alberto Balsam for a long time now. It all started with their lovely Strawberries & Cream shampoo that smells so heavenly good. I bought it on a holiday in the US for the first time and then to my relief discovered it is sold in the UK as wellI kept rebuying it for many years until I then finally started exploring their other varieties too. I started out with their raspberry products and now, for the first time, finally went for the apple variety, too! I test-smelled it at the shop and loved the fresh scent! I bought the matching shampoo as well and was excied to try these products out! The packaging This conditioner comes in a tall plastic bottle containing 400ml. On the front of the bottle, the brand name is given in a black square and there is a picture of a juicy geen apple. Some writing in a red circle says that the bottle is now recyclable. According to what's stated on the bottle, the conditioner contains apples and grape seed extracts and is most suitable for normal and greasy hair. On the back of the bottle it also says that the product detangles and protects the hair, improves manageability and provides strengthening pro-vitamin B5. Of course the ingredients of the product are listed on the bottle as well. My experiences I thoroughly enjoyed using this conditioner, just like I did with the shampo! The ...

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple 22/06/2016

Super cleansing apple

Alberto Balsam Shampoo - Green Apple Super cleansing apple Today I am going to review the Green apple shampoo by Alberto Balsam. Shopper's appeal I've been buying shampoos and conditioners by Alberto Balsam for many years now. It all started with their lovely Strawberries & Cream shampoo that smells so heavenly good. I kept rebuying it for many years until I then finally started exploring their other varieties too. I started out with their raspberry products and now, for the first time, finally went for the apple variety, too! I test-smelled it at the shop and loved the fresh scent! I have used apple shampoos as a young teen but haven't done so ever since, so I got curious. Since I so far loved the quality of Alberto Balsam products, I didn't hesitate any further to buy this. The bottle This shampoo comes in your usual Alberto Balsam bottle - tall, made from milky plastic and with a big black logo of the brand! Through the bottle, you can see the green coloured product. The black plastic cap is easily snapped open to reveal the contents, which you can easily squeeze into your palm. Now it is also stated on the bottle that its made from recyclable plastic, which I greatly approve of! The variety is named "juicy green apple" and it is also stated that it contaings apple and grape seed extracts. This shampoo is supposed to get your hair fresh and clean and suitable for normal and greasy hair. The bottle contains 400ml and promises "hair that smells as good as it feels" and is supposed to gentle cleanse your ...

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Wash 14/06/2016

Coal and soap

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Facial Wash Coal and soap Today I am reviewing the ''Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Wash'' by Boots. Shopper's appeal I bought this face wash a few months ago when I was browsing through the facial care section at Boots. I do have favourite brands and the own-brand products at Boots are products I trust as well, but mostly I enjoy trying out new products. So when I saw the new charcoal product line, I gor excited to try them out and bought a few. The fairly reasonable price was an appeal for making a shopping decision, too! In the past I have used the coal face soap by Lush and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to try out another product with coal! The packaging This face wash comes in an upside-down tub with a plastic lid you snap open! Then you squeeze out the face wash, which works fine - just be sure to not overdose it, but I'll get into that later! The tub itself is of a dark grey with turquoise highlights and mainly white and grey writing. The product is described as "tea tree witch hazel with active charcoal daily detox Facial Wash". It is also stated that it "removes impurities and excess oil" and will give you "immediate results". On the back of the tub, more information on the product is given. The product contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil while the ingredients Witch Hazel in conjunction with activated Charcoal is supposed to calm you skin and keep it clean and healthy. Charcoal cleanses the skin and supposedly "attracts dirt like a magnet" and thus draws out ...

The Body Shop Moringa Milk Body Lotion 17/05/2016

Flowery wellbeing!

The Body Shop Moringa Milk Body Lotion Flowery wellbeing! Today I am going to tell you all about the Moringa Milk body lotion by The Body Shop! Shopper's appeal I've been a fan of the The Body Shop for such a long time now! I've always loved how many different varieties of their products they offer while always maintaining their amazing product quality. I am also very concerned with animal rights, so I prefer brands that are against animal testing, which Body Shop has always been. I got this particular product at a discount Body Shop store at a designer outlet centre in the Netherlands. At the regular price, I can't afford Body Shop products too often, so the outlet shop presents a wonderful chance for me to actually try products out regularily. I've had the Moringa shower gel and the body butter before, so I was excited to try out the body milk and was quite confident about how I would like the scent. The packaging The Moringa Milk comes in one of the typical The Body Shop bottles, which contains 250ml. On top of the bottle, there is a pumping device made from clear plastic and with that you can just spritz the milk on your skin. That's what makes its consistency so interesting - you just squirt this on your skin like a body fragrance instead of lathering it on like a usual lotion. On the front of the bottle, below the brand logo, the product name is given in both English and French. Smaller writing below the product name gives away that this is a light, moisturising lotion made with moringa seed oil. It is ...

Pears Hand Wash 26/03/2016

I miss the herbal smell

Pears Hand Wash I miss the herbal smell Today I am reviewing the hand wash by Pears, the same brand that creates the traditional orange coloured soap with the unmistakeable smell! Shopper's appeal As you can maybe already tell from my introduction, I am a lover of the Pears soap bars. Their herbal smell really appeals to me and using it under the shower makes me feel very refreshed and squeaky clean! For the usual hand washing during the day, I prefer liquid soaps though! They are very sanitary. easy to spread, nicer for your guests and just a convenience altogether! So when I saw that there is a Pears hand wash available, I had to have it! The bottle The Pears hand wash comes in a classic-looking bottle made from clear plastic. The pump-bit is made of black plastic and is pretty large compared to the rest of the bottle. The clear bottle is filled with orange, clear liquid soap and together with the bottle's shape, it immediately reminds you of how the Pears soap bars look! On the front of the bottle. you get to see the brand name as well as the product name, with the note that it is "mild & gentle", "100% soap-free" and "dermatologist tested". It contains 237ml of hand wash. On the back of the bottle, more is listed about the product. There it is stated that this hand wash is "made to take care of your skin, cleansing thoroughly yet softly and rinsing clean" and contains mild cleansers. It is said to be "a gentle way to attaining healthy looking skin" and it does not contain synthetic ...

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter 09/03/2016

Juicy orange

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter Juicy orange Today I'd like to give you a review of the "Orangeasm" body butter by Soap&Glory. Shopper's appeal Although I love Soap&Glory (who doesn't?), I did not buy this product myself. When my parents were in London just after Christmas, they went on the after-Christmas sales hunt for me and brought me back a few drugstore giftboxes by various slightly upscale brands! These lovely gifts I received included Soap&Glory's "The Wheel Deal", a gorgeous gift package that included various pocket-sized body butters as well as a full-size body scrub. I absolutely loved this gift box straight away and decided to try out the "Orangeasm" body butter first as I had never seen it anywhere else before. I do love citrus smells, so it's not unlikely I would've bought this even at full price someday! The packaging "Orangeasm" comes in a cute bright pink tub that you can unscrew to get to the contents. On this small 50ml version I have here, the fun decorated label sticker is on the top of the lid, but on a full-size poduct it appears to be on the side of the tub in a square shape. The sticker shows a lady leaping over an orange - as usual vintage-y styled and cute against a colourful backdrop! The background has a striped pattern of pink and orange. The loogo of Soap&Glory can be seen beside the picture of the lady. The product itself is labelled a "super rich body butter" and is "scented with fresh green mandarin, sicilian lemon & sweet orange peel oils". Under the bottom of the ...

Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now, As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for It - Craig Taylor 17/02/2016


Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now, As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for It - Craig Taylor Today I am reviewing the book "Londoners - The Days and Nights of London Now - As Told by Those Who Love It, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for it" by Craigh Taylor! Reader's appeal Fittingly, I bought this book at a book store in London a bit over a year ago! On my holidays in London I love to check out the really big book shops and dig for interesting new reads. This particular book was presented on a special table or shelf and caught my attention straight away, since the cover has the colours of the London Underground tube map. I picked into the book quickly and already knew this would be a great read for me! The book was also quite affordable, so nothing spoke against buying it! What is it about? "Londoners" tells an exciting variety of many different stories of the inhabitants of Englan's capital! Author Craig Taylor has met up with many people and has carefully selected to write down the stories of those who love the city, are barely surviving in it, are getting used to it or want to leave it. What makes this book a unique and unusual composition is the choice of people and how the author has not simply interviewed them with prepared questions, but instead allows them to tell their stories. The people speak of whatever maters to them and what makes up life in London for them. They speak of how it is to come to London from elsewhere - may it be another part of Britain, another part of Europe, or a country far away. For some it is their job that they relate most ...

Factory Girl (DVD) 24/01/2016

The pop art it-girl

Factory Girl (DVD) The pop art it-girl Today I'd like to review the film ''Factory Girl'' on DVD! Shopper's appeal I bought this DVD without having seen the film anywhere else before! I've always been interested in art and fashion; as well as areas in which these two topics mix together. I am also guilty of liking the women who have been 'it-girls' - female, gorgeous celebrities who reflect the current ideal fashionable young woman and who often earn a living my simply existing. Edie Sedgwick, the woman ''Factory Girl'' is mainly about, was one of these girls and fittingly is portrayed by Sienna Miller, who at the time of filming was considered an it-girl by the tabloids as well! As you see, the whole set-up of the film was quite appealing to me and I was quite curious! The plot Edie Sedgwick, a gorgeous art student, is a free spirit and loves to party. Seeking more thrilling things, she leaves for the big city with a friend. At a party in Manhattan, she is introduced to Andy Warhol, who'd just exploded onto the art scene and was making his famous serial pop-art paintings as well as obscure artistic short films staring various friends and fellow party-goers of the scene. While Andy's role offerings were always unpaid or would merely offer a tiny pocket money to the actors, Edie took the offer of "being the star of [Andy's] movies" a bit too seriously. She moves into a gorgeous apartment, spends her money freely and is Andy Warhol's companion at every party, art show and interview. He often ...

Bomb Cosmetics Caiperina Soap 20/01/2016

The fruity scent of summer

Bomb Cosmetics Caiperina Soap The fruity scent of summer Today I am going to tell you all about the Caiperina Soap by Bomb Cosmetics. Shopper's appeal I generally love soaps! I rarely use soap bars to wash my hands - instead I wash my whole body with them! I love how pretty they look, how they make you feel incredibly clean and how intense they can smell! They are a far more fun and a more visual experience than shower gels! In addition, I do really like handmade, organic and/or vegan products and those pretty soap bars I adore are often by brands that represent these ideals and values too! I think my passion started with Lush products and at some point I got curious and tried out other soap brands, too! The packaging This soap bar came in a clear plastic wrapping, almost like a crazy-coloured piece of cake! The name of the soap was stated on the wrapping and on the back there was a little text telling you a bit about what the soap is supposed to smell like. The product's ingredients were also stated. The Caiperina soap comes as a 100g slice and has a beautiful colouring! It very much looks like a cocktail captured in a soap, being of a slightly transluscent red, yellow and purple colour! It reminds me of a holiday summer eve's sunset! On Bomb Cosmetics`official website, the products scent is described as an "exotic cocktail of Brazillian Lime and Grapefruit" and altogether is called a "fresh fragrance reminiscent of a white wine spritzer, with citrus top notes". Befitting my visual impression, it ...

Big Pit The National Mining Museum Of Wales, Blaenavon, Pontypool 16/01/2016

History made graspable - above and below!

Big Pit The National Mining Museum Of Wales, Blaenavon, Pontypool History made graspable - above and below! Today I am going to tell you all about Big Pit and it's museum in Blaenavon in Wales! Our reason for visiting I went to see Big Pit with my university as part of our excursion to South Wales to find out how it compares to the Ruhr area, our hometown, which also has a history in coal mining and heavy industry. To see a Welsh colliery and to see how Wales makes their coal history graspabale as industrial heritage siites was something we were very interesting in, so a visit to Big Pit was defenitely important to us! Getting there We arrived there by coach and there was enough on-site parking available for all vehicles sizes. Since I am not too familiar with the area, I can not tell you much about which roads to take, but I am pretty sure nowadays everybody uses navigation systems, right? However I did look out the window a lot on our trip, and quite early on, signs were up pointing visitors towards Big Pit, so I am certain it is easy to find if you just know the direction in which you're heading. The museum(s) The site of Big Pit has multiple buildings with multiple exhibitions and things to see! It is layed out on a hill, so while it's overall accessible for anyone regarding walking-abilities, there is still a bit of outside up-hill walking to do to get from exhibit to exhibit! Our tour started with going down into the pit, but it didn't end there. Our trip down into the pit was very exciting! I was pleasantly creeped out when ...

The Body Shop Duo Vanilla Body Butter 14/01/2016

A caring duo

The Body Shop Duo Vanilla Body Butter A caring duo Today I'd like to review the "Duo Body Butter" in the vanilla variety by The Body Shop. Shopper's appeal Like most of my The Body Shop products, I bought this at the designer outlet shopping mall in Roermond in the Netherlands! There, the products are quite affordable when compared to their usual retail prices. Now and then I buy products full price at regular Body Shops, but in general I can rarely afford them there and bulk-buy in Roermond! For many years I've been buying products from The Body Shop because I love all their scent varieties and I am particular happy about them being against animal testing and supporting Fair Trade-like projects! Despite them having been sold to L'Óreal some years ago, these positive aspects didn't change. The packaging This body butter is contained in the usual round plastic tub that makes it so recognizable as a The Body Shop product. It is cream coloured and has a brown lid that is opened by twisting it. On the lid there is a round sticker not only showing the brand's logo, but also the product's name and the variety. Behind that writing, you can see a flower and vanilla sticks. The special thing about this body butter tho is that the container is split in half tho! In the middle, there is a thin wall sepperating the tub into two compartments. One half is filled with body butter for "normal" skin that will equal the usual The Body Shop butter. The other half contains a more intense body butter for the most dry parts of ...

The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff 30/11/2015

The Trashy Sleep Hotel, Cardiff

The Big Sleep Hotel, Cardiff The Trashy Sleep Hotel, Cardiff Today I'm going to review the "The Big Sleep Hotel" in Cardiff in which I stayed for five nights a few days ago. The hotel's appeal for a booking I did not book this hotel by myself - our teacher did. Two weeks ago I went on an excursion to South Wales with my university. Since it was the aim to keep expenses at a minimum while still having a place to stay near to the city centre of Cardiff, our teacher was trying hard to make ends meet. She still looked at hotel reviews online before actually booking, and when I checked them myself, I could understand how she mistook this place as acceptable - a lot of the online reviews are outdated, and throughout my review you'll see that all the bad things I have to say about The Big Sleep are results of neglect and never refurbishing this hotel after building it. We were a bunch of students and some of us have done things such as going backpacking, sleeping at hostels at minimum expense, but even those tough travellers were shocked. The hotel's website, but the outdated reviews online as well, make this place look a billion times better than it actually is. The booking process I can't really say much about the booking since our teacher did it for us. I looked around in their website ( and have to admit it is well organized and easy to navigate. You can nicely enter your desired booking days and prices and available options are displayed nicely, giving you a good overview. ...
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