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Subway 21/12/2006

Popping into Subway for a roll

Subway When my daughter suggested we went to a Subway before one of our visits to the cinema, I looked at her with a searching look "Where? Have you gone mad? What do you want to go to a subway for? Especially at night with that many weirdoes walking under them?" Here's me thinking about those horrible little underpasses under main roads where people walk through. "No," she said "not an under the road subway, subway, but the Subway restaurant, a place to eat." I was still a little sceptical, little did I know she meant a sandwich restaurant. Christine has chosen the one nearest the cinema at the Cornerhouse, Nottingham which she usually goes to, not knowing what I was to expect when I got here I am immediately engulfed with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. The shop is brightly lit and decorated with the white, green and yellow colours of the franchise. The place is very clean and orderly and the staff are all young, polite, efficient and give service with a smile. Christine points up to the bright pictured menu of the various fillings and says me to, "Choose one. Don't worry," she says, "it's all healthy what filling would you like?" Good grief, what a choice I have. Prices range from between £2.30 and £3.00 for a standard 6 inch sandwich. A foot long you add £1.70 to the advertised price. For a meal you add a further £1.20 which means you get a regular sized drink and a choice of crisp or cookie. If you don't want a bread roll you can choose a wrap for ...

Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly 22/09/2006

The Hunt for Seven Ancient Pieces of Gold

Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilly I have just returned from an adventure of a lifetime... Well not exactly an adventure but that's how it felt after reading the last page of a remarkable 535 paged book, titled Seven Ancient Wonders written by Matthew Reilly. I left this story feeling excited and very exhausted, because you get the feeling that you are part of the story, it grabs you by the collar and pulls you along with it like a rush of adrenalin. The Story. In ancient times there was a magnificent 9 foot high, Capstone that stood at the peak of the great pyramid at Giza, The Egyptians called it Benben. Shaped like a pyramid it featured the eye of Horus and also had mysterious carvings in an unknown language. The stone was made up of seven pieces of gold, with a thin bore-hole that ran down the centre, embedded in each hole was a crystal, when placed in sequence these crystals acted like the lens of a magnifying glass that served to concentrate the sun's rays when it passed directly overhead. The Tartarus is a strong sunspot that last occurred 2570BC and the next one is due to occur on March 20th 2006. On the day that this happens it is said that when the sun hits the capstone, whoever is looking through the eye of Horus and reads out loud the message of the carvings on it will gain great power over the world. However shortly after the last Tartarus, the Capstone vanished never to be seen again. It seems that the seven pieces were taken, separated and each piece was hidden somewhere in each of the ...

Everything that starts with Z ... 30/08/2006

ZAP! Now it's your turn…sorry! Youve been TAGGED

Everything that starts with Z ... Now it's your turn…sorry! Assieme Mandy, My Dear Ciao niece had been tagged and before she went away on holiday she tagged me… Bless her little cotton socks. Pity we can't re-tag otherwise I would get you back Mandy. I'm not sure how this tagging works apart from I have to Tag three other members, however I have noticed that quite a few members have already been tagged, so I am hoping that the ones I have chosen haven't been done yet and I also hope they don't mind me Tagging them. How it goes I understand is you leave a message in the guestbook of each of your three choices telling them they have been tagged. My first choice is Richada. Poland, a country I had often wondered about in my very younger days when a Polish girl came to live next door to me and we became good friends. Her father was a polish pilot who flew for the Royal Air Force during WWII. They spoke often of their country and were very homesick, several years later they were able to return home, we lost touch as we both moved house around the same time I have often thought about her and what it is like in a place like Poland. Richada writes wonderful reviews about Poland and its people, bringing it to life the way a guidebook wouldn't. He has now given me some insight into this country. I have often wondered what it would be like to visit there. Who know one day I might get there. Dziekuje Richada, for showing me Poland. Tak prosze jeszcze Kultura polska (I cheated there I looked the ...

Everything that starts with M ... 23/08/2006

Mega Nosy Challenge more about me

Everything that starts with M ... A Challenge set by Playgirl27 1) What day, date and time is it? It's Wednesday 23rd August 2006. The time is 6.38pm 2) Date of birth and were born 25th May 1941 in Nottingham 3) Height and Weight I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall and weigh far too much… like close to 13 stone, yes I have got my fingers crossed. 4) Are you married, single, got boyfriend/girlfriend I'm married, and not long ago celebrated my Ruby wedding Anniversary. 5) Do you have any children, if so how many I have 3 children, 2 daughters and a son, ages 39,38,37. I also have a son and daughter-in-law who mean as much to me as my own do. 6) If you don't have children how many do you want if any This doesn't apply to me, but if it did I would say as many as possible, I love kids. 7) Do you have any pets if so what are they I have a Springer spaniel called Bonnie who has just turn 11 years old. 8) If you don't have any pets what one would you choose and why If I hadn't already got a pet then I would still choose a dog, they are great company and so loyal and loving. 9) What is your funniest childhood moment That was in 1947 when we had a really bad flood, the water was waist high on an adult, and we had to live up stairs in my Grans house. We ran out of candles and my Gran sent my uncle who was 7 years older then me, down stairs to get some from the kitchen shelf. I was 6 at the time and pestered my uncle to take me down on his shoulders, he did and when we reached ...

Everything that starts with I ... 21/05/2006

Its all Maggie's fault that my oven is overworked

Everything that starts with I ... It all began at about 8am, I popped into Ciao. After reading a few reviews, the dog was eager for a walk so I told her OK let me just read one more then we will go. That one more was a recipe for Maggie's mums Sultana loaf, written by maggieedwa. It sounded great and I knew I just had to make it. So, I took Bonnie for her walk, bit of a rushed one as it had started to rain and I was also eager to get back and start baking. I did a quick print out of the recipe, Hope you don't mind Maggie, I set off for the kitchen. I followed the recipe and popped the loaf into the oven to bake and at the same time cooked my Sunday roast. Before long my kitchen was filled with the wonderful aroma of mixed spice. When the loaf was ready to take out and leave to cool the smell still lingered and I was very tempted to cut a slice, but no I would wait and have it for tea. So why my title? I will tell you. That wonderful smell reacted like a wake up tonic, I wanted to do more baking, I had to make Yorkshire puddings to go with the dinner, but instead of just making the amount I needed I made 3 bunting tins worth, that 36 puddings, I took out what I needed for today and bagged the rest, then put them in the freezer, I had some minced beef in the fridge that I had meant to put into the freezer for burgers and shepherds pie, well, while the oven was still on why not make use of it now. I chopped some onions and formed burgers with some of the mince and onions put them into a sealed container ...

Everything that starts with C ... 18/04/2006

Childhood Challenge By Motherjoan

Everything that starts with C ... Maggieedwa said: "Now I know there are a lot of challenges going about at the moment but I thought, 'why not another?' This one is to re-discover your childhood and remember all the things you forgot. Or made yourself forget! " Later she said, "Hope this was fun!" So on to "Maggies Childhood Challenge" ≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡ ~~ Into what Era were you born ~~ I was born in 1941 during an air raid. So it would be the 40s ~~ Name 3 songs you can remember from that era ~~ We'll Meet Again, White Cliffs of Dover, When the Lights Go On Again All Over The World, Boogie Woogie bugle Boy, Little Brown Jug, In the Mood. Sorry I know that's more than 3 but I'm Greedy. ~~ What is your first Good memory as a child ~ The day my Dad came home from war, I was nearly 6 at the time, his skin was tanned almost mahogany from service in Burma and he sported a large bushy handlebar moustache and an Australian style hat that has the brim on one side pinned with his regiment badge. He was very tired looking but still had his ever-present big cheeky grin. I was only 3 when I last saw him at home on leave. ~~ What is your first Bad memory as a ...

Avon Bubble Bath 30/11/2005

If I cant eat it..... I might as well bathe in it

Avon Bubble Bath IF I CANT EAT IT........ I WILL BATHE IN IT. I do love my Avon and every order I make, I always include my favourite product............ Avon Bubble Bath! This comes in several fragrances all equally as nice. The fragrances are: Lavender, my current favourite, I love the smell of lavender and to relax in it I really feel refreshed afterwards. Lavender helps reduce stress and tension so ideal after a hard day. Sensitive, I buy this for my husband, his skin is irritated easily by some of the men's bath products and this suits him well. Soft Pink, I don't use this one very often as is has very delicate fragrance that's not overly noticeable. Pearly Peach, this has a lovely fruity real peachy smell and I like to use this on a hot summers night as it has a cooling and refreshing effect. Tangerine Twist, now this is also a new one and again has a very strong citrus smell and again very cooling and refreshing. The thing I like about this one is that the smell lingers throughout the house right through to the next day. Browsing through brochure 14 the other week, I noticed that there was a new fragranced bubble bath...Chocolate Fudge.. usual price of £4.00. Myself and a couple of other ladies who work with me commented that it might be nice to bathe in chocolate so we all ordered a bottle. (by the way, our Avon Lady also works with us ). When the orders arrived we couldn't wait to have a sniff of the new bubble bath and I was volunteered to open mine. ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 30/11/2005

Question Time. My answers on my opinions

Everything that starts with Q ... I'm not sure who set this challenge but I thought it was very interesting so I'm going to give it a try, I hope that member doesn't mind. Do you believe in life after death? I can't give a reason why I feel so positive about this answer but Yes I do, and the older I get, the stronger I feel about it. I believe in God, maybe thats the reason. Should smoking be banned in public places? This is a very debateable Topic For non smokers...yes it should be banned, after all they don't smoke from choice so why should they be forced to inhale the smoke from My cigarettes For smokers..... I think there should be a "Smokers room" in places like bars. I'm a smoker but I will never smoke in the presence of Children, and always ask non smokers if they mind if I have a cigarette, if they say Yes they do mind then I wait til I get home. Should cannabis be legalised? Another debateable topic. If used for pain relief and only prescribed by a GP so as it's use can be monitored then I could say yes it should be legalised, But then again, how can we be sure that the person who receives the prescription doesn't sell it to a drug user, or is actually a user themselves and has told the GP a cock and bull story to get it prescribed. Is beauty only skin deep? No I don't think it is, to me beauty means more than good looks. To find real beauty you need to look inside a person. A heart of gold, kindness, thoughtfulness, personality and much more. A beautiful looking person ...

Everything from 10-20 30/11/2005


Everything from 10-20 BEARING GIFTS Just a silly little story, but some lovely WORDS given to me by my freinds. Thank you my friends for your help. VOCIFEROUS.... white...dough-girl SLEIGH.... green...blackbeard PARIS.... blue ...clairearnold PRECIOUS.... purple...aussieme SPRINGER.... red...melodysparks CAT.... orange...elffriend STEATOPYGIC... bronze...bigbaz (word means fat behind says bigbaz) REVOLVING.... silver...thingywhatsit.( Thank you for the challenge it was fun) WILD CARDS. DISCERNING.... orange...jesi BLESSING.... purple...bluebuttons *************** *************** *************** *************** *************** *************** ****** Ok, Children, are you sitting comfortably, I am going to tell you the story of three Bears. No, My Dears, not that story, this is my version using the Gift of words, given to me by some of my Ciao friends. Early on Christmas Eve morning, Mr and Mrs Bear and Teddy, set off with baskets full of gifts for their friends. The snow was deep and crisp, poor little Teddy had a job keeping up with his parents, so Mrs Bear took his basket and Mr Bear lifted him up onto his broad shoulders. "There you go son, is that better?" he called up to Teddy. "It's great Dad, I can see for miles" Teddy replied. He reached up as they passed beneath a tree laden with snow and mischievously brushed the snow off with his paw. The soft snow fluttered down landing on his fathers nose. Their first call was at Bunny Rabbit's, as Bunny opened the door ...

Eden Camp (North Yorkshire) 13/06/2005

A step into the past, Spitfires and all

Eden Camp (North Yorkshire) The first time I heard of Eden Camp was when two years ago my husband came home to say we were going on a day trip and our destination was Eden Camp at Malton, North Yorkshire. This pleased me as I knew Malton was not too far away from one of my favorite places, Whitby, more so that if there was time we would be going on from the Camp to Whitby to end the day out. Having not heard of the camp I wanted to know more of what to expect when I got there so I asked questions of people who had already been and also looked up the history of the camp on the Internet. And I was surprised what I discovered. The History of The Camp A group of soldiers were sent to Malton in 1942 with orders to build a barbed wire stockade and set up tents within the site. These tents were to house 250 Italian prisoners of war who were to be put to work building a larger more permanent camp of 45 huts built from similar material to prefab housing. The Italians remained at the camp until 1944 and by this time all the huts were completed and the grounds set out with watch towers, barracks and mess huts after which the camp became home to 1200 German POWs until 1948. During the 4 years of captivity the German POWs were set to work at local farms helping with the ploughing, sowing and harvesting but once their daily farm duties were done boredom set in as there was nothing to do and so many of the prisoners would hand craft objects from pieces of brick-a-brak, wood, bone or material given to them ...

One Child - Torey Hayden 20/05/2005

One Child Unloved, One Child Now Loved

One Child - Torey Hayden I feel a little clumsy as to how I approach this review, the book is not an easy one to have chosen for a first time try at book reviews. In a normal book review you can tell more of the contents of the story and characters and give more insight into what was happening what the characters were doing etc etc. But with this book, there so much happening, too much activity in the book to describe it all. It would have been nice to have given more into what happened but you really have to read the book to understand why I wasn't able to do it. I will however give you a warning, there is a part in this book that is horriffic, sickening and very disturbing. This is not one of your everyday type of book you can pick up, read and put down, this book haunts you for days afterwards. I only hope I do justice to the Author. THE AUTHOR Torey Hayden, is by profession an American teacher,and educational psychologist, who's pupils have severe mental handicaps and emotional disorders. Children that have been "past on" as being beyond help. Though her books she tries to illistrate the speical needs of these children and how, she administrates these needs giving the child hope for a better future. I admire this women for what she does for these children and how she brings their plight to survive in this some what cruel society to light in her wonderfully written books. Some of her acclaimed books are, The Twilight Children:Three Voices No One Heard Until Someone Listened, the story of ...

Everything that starts with V ... 08/03/2005

My Very Own Challenge - Mop & Bucket at the Ready

Everything that starts with V ... This is a challenge was originally set by laura.mclean I wanted to do this challenge because it sounded a challenge 1. Where do you work? I work in a NHS run Health Centre which house GP's, Dentist and Dental Hygene, Chiropody, School Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Services, Speach Threpists, District Nurses, Midwives, Special Clinics, Practice Nurses and Family Planning. Basically this Health Centre is more like a mini hospital which covers a large area of people in the city of Nottingham and is about 10 minutes walk from home 2. What is your job title? I am a Supervisor over Domestics, General Assistants and Caretakers so my title is just Supervisor 3. What does you job entail? Are you ready to sit here all night as I recall everything? Right, I have to make sure the standard of cleaning is maintained throughout the Health Centre, I organise the work schedules of the cleaning staff and Caretakers, I organise the monthly supplies ordering for the domestic cleaning. I arrange cover for annual leave/sickness/vacancies/Bank Staff. On occasions I secure the building at night when the Caretakers are not available. I train staff in specialised cleaning which can cover a multitude of infections and diseases i.e. HIV and AIDS outpatients after they have visited treatment clinic or GP/Dental. I am pretty hot on Health and Safety and make sure all my members of staff are aware and follow the guideline set down. I liase between the Practioners, Management and ...

Everything that starts with T ... 02/03/2005


Everything that starts with T ... I had quite a few boyfriends before I married my Hubby, and 2 proposals plus of course the one from my hubby, but what you may wonder made me think about writing this review, well I will tell you. A man strolled into the Health centre tonight, very shabby, the worse for drink and smelling like a brewery, demanding in a very abusive manner, to see the doctor. The poor receptionist tried to explain that he needed an appointment, and would he like her to make one for him. This was when he got nasty and threatened her, we had to call the Police eventually to have him removed from the building. At our tea break, one of my ladies who normally is very voicy, seemed quiet. I asked her what was wrong, and she asked if that man had gone. I said "Yes, why, did he say something to you." "No," she replied, "he is my ex husband." One of the other ladies commented, "Well you were wise to get rid of him." From this we all started to talk about what our lives would have been like if we had married someone else instead of our husbands. Would we have been worse, or better off. I know for sure I would have been worse off. My first proposal...... I was 17, as nice a boy you could ever meet, good job, posh car, loads of money, his own house...and a mother who lived with him. I had been going out with him for about 2 months when he took me home to meet his Mum. I hadn't even got my coat off before she started asking questions. Was I involved with anyone else. did I have a good job, how ...

Everything that starts with W ... 09/02/2005

What & If Challenge - My version

Everything that starts with W ... WHATS (1.) What is the first interesting thing that you see when you look around the room? It has to be the new Avon Brochure that is just begging me to run my fingers through it's silky pages.I do like my Avon. (2.) What can you hear at the moment? The washing machine, but I don't know why I bothered doing any washing with the look of the sky. (3.) What is on your computer desk? Apart from my computer equipment there is the Avon Brochure, ash tray, ciggies, pen and paper, a glass of blackcurrant squash, CD and DVD rack, computer games,the dogs pills and (she says with a red face) a little bit of dust. Honest it is only a little bit. (4.) What was the last question someone asked you? My daughter Christine (melodysparks) she phoned to ask if I was any better. Bless her. she checks on me every day. (5.) What was the last question you asked someone? Bonnie my dog. I asked if she wanted to go for a walk. she just turned her back to me and walked away so the answer was No, but if it starts to rain she will be only too eager to go, little begger. (6.) What was the last dream you had? Last night, I was on the bus but it was not on a road, it was floating on the canal and when it reached the locks it flew over them landing with a bump, I felt a heavy weight drop onto my body and my face was soaking wet. Then I woke up to find Bonnie had jumped on me and was licking my face. (7.) What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done? Oh dear, I ...

Stories with a twist in the tail 18/11/2004

Henry, where are you?

Stories with a twist in the tail The light in the room had suddenly turned very dim, Sally looked across to the window the sky had gone dark and threatening "A storm on the way," she told herself, "better get the washing in, hope Henry isn't too long I don't want him caught up in the storm." As she gathered in the washing she felt the first drops of rain hit her and heard a distant roll of thunder. Sally quickly picked up the laundry basket dropping the pegs into the bag and made her way along the path to the back door. A shiver ran through her body, she knew, she knew so well, why this had happened. A flash of lightening lit up the garden and there it was. She saw it dash behind the bush near the open door, it had found her all alone again and she was so sure it was going to pounce just as it did all those years ago when she was four years old. It had been during another storm when she had gone down into the cellar to get straw that her father kept down there for the rabbit bedding. She loved the feel of it and had play in it for a while picking it up and tossing it up high so it cascaded over her head. When she began to feel tired she lay down on the fragrant straw and before long she was asleep. A clap of thunder had awakened her and a flash of lightening had lit up the cellar and there staring at her with evil glaring eyes was that thing. It was the most horrible creature she had ever seen with teeth that looked sharp and fearsome and claws that looked as sharp as knives. It had a musty smell, a ...
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