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Vanish Oxi Action Carpet Cleaner 24/02/2013

Trust pink, forget stains! :0)

Vanish Oxi Action Carpet Cleaner I bought this carpet spray for my Dads carpet as he was selling his house and where we had moved furniture around there was almost new carpet where the furniture had been and a dark line around where it had been. It was quite bad in places; the carpet was originally pink but was grey in places from years of use. I went to the supermarket looking for inspiration and came across the Vanish spray. It cost £4.60 for 500ml, which I considered to be quite costly, but looking at the prices of the other options it was about average. I took the spray to my Dad’s house and followed the instructions on the bottle. It said to spray the affected areas, to leave for 5 minutes then blot and rub with a cloth. I turned the nozzle to enable me to spray it, and began to spray the carpet. It came out in a kind of white foam, no smell that I noticed when it first came out of the bottle. I then went away and came back 5 minutes later, the foam has dissolved into the carpet, in places there was still some foam left, but it looked very fine. In places I could see that it had already started to clean the carpet. I got a cloth, as instructed, and rubbed over the area. I used a white cloth, but by the time I had finished the cloth was grey, it was definitely lifting the dirt. Also when I had finished I noticed the smell, where I had been holding the cloth my hand smelt amazing! It was a very fresh soapy smell that I had not noticed when I first sprayed it. I must admit that when I bought this I was ...

Lloyds TSB Online Banking 12/01/2013

Less time in the bank?? Yes please!!

Lloyds TSB Online Banking I have banked with Lloyds for about 5 years now and about a year ago I was in the bank and they suggested I sign up for online banking. I was a bit wary as whenever I am in the bank they are always trying to get me to see someone about something, but they assured me that this was a free service and would be of no disadvantage to me, I therefore decided to give it a go. I was taken into an office and asked to type some of my details into the computer. I was then asked to think of a memorable word, this would later be used as a password, this had to be of 6 charictors or more and had to contain at least 1 number. All of this only took a few minutes and was quite hassle free. I was then told that in the next 5 working days I would receive an ID number and this would give me instructions as to how to activate the account, the lady also said that if I did have any problems with it to come back and she would help me to do it. Sure enough about a week later I received this ID number and the instructions, and it was actually very easy to set up. You had to go the online banking site and click activate account. It then asked for the ID number and password that I had set up in the bank and then asked me to select some questions that they would ask me if for some reason they needed further security, this was things like mother’s maiden name, or first pets name. All quite simple stuff. Once I was logged on I could see all of my accounts, I could see balances and statements, and I ...

HSBC Mortgages 06/01/2013

Very good mortgage, very bad service

HSBC Mortgages I have never banked with HSBC, but was looking to remortgage to a lower rate a year ago and after having a bit of a look around I decided on HSBC. The reason for my decision was due to them having the lowest rate for my circumstances. When I applied for the mortgage it was done over the phone, this is where they took all of our details and did a credit score, all went very smoothly. They then sent me out a pack of things to fill in and send back, this was to be taken to our local branch to be certified and sent off, they just wanted all the normal stuff, ID, proof of income and the like. Went into the branch to have them certified, this was not a quick process, was waiting for ages for anyone to even acknowledge us, it seems that in my local HSBC everything is done via machines so there is not a lot of people there to help. After about a 15 minute wait someone came and saw to us – no apology for the waiting time – but everything was then done quite quickly and we were on our way within 10 minutes. After that everything was processed and the mortgage was in place within 4 weeks, which is about average from my experience. The mortgage itself is a very good deal, its 2.99% tracker rate (2.49% above base) upto 85% loan to value with no fees. HSBC do not even charge an admin fee to end your mortgage, this is the only company that I found that did not charge this fee, other companies normally charge around £50 - £100 for this. Also no set up fees are a bonus too, although they ...

Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff 26/08/2012

Sweet Scrub

Soap & Glory Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff This is my favourite Soap & Glory scrub. I first tried it when I got a Soap & Glory gift set one Christmas. The scrub comes in a screw cap tub, like most of the Soap & Glory scrubs. The tub is pink with a darker pick lid, it has a label on the top and the side with the soap and glory slogans on. It comes in 300ml and costs £7.50 from boots, and also in a travel size 50ml for £2.50, so is a very reasonable price when compared with the other scrubs from Soap & Glory, most of which are around £10.00 for 300ml. The product says: Scrub 'Em And Leave 'Em™ Body Buff is scented with Mist You Madly's™ beautiful notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk. Contains babassu oil, sea salt and moisturising jojoba and mandarin oils When you open the tub you are presented with a pale pink scrub, which looks a bit like jelly, it has dark pink beads in it and all in all looks a bit like pink frog spawn, but don’t let that put you off! It has a wonderful sweet fruity smell that fills the room while you use it. When you scoop it out again it appear to have the consistency of jelly, so not like regular scrubs that tend to feel quite rough to the touch, this feels very smooth with just the beads that exfoliate. When I first applied to my skin the first thing I noticed was that it felt quite cold, but that soon goes as you rub it in, the gel is easily applied and works up into a bit of a lather, with the beads almost bursting and these feel like they are made of hard ...

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 23/08/2012

This stuff is evil!

Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 I have always suffered with my skin, and someone recommended Murad products to me, I had never heard of it before but thought I would give it a go. I bought the oil control mattifer from marks and spencer, it was quite pricey at £37 for 50ml but I had some vouchers so went out and bought it. I had read some good reviews on the internet and was quite looking forward to having this amazing skin that they all promised. The tube looks like any other moisturiser, its clear with the Murad logo on the front, it’s a squeezey tube, so its easy to control the amount of product that you are dispensing. The cream itself is white in colour and is of the same consistency of most moisturisers, not too thick and not too runny. The directions said to use everyday after cleansing and toning, and to massage evenly over face and neck. I however did not use it on my neck, only on my face. The M&S website says ‘Reduce shine on contact and regulate oil production for up to 8 hours whilst preserving moisture in the skin and protecting against UVA/UVB rays.’ The first time I used it had no effect – which was pretty much what I expected for the first application. The second time I put it on my skin felt a bit tingly, not irritated or uncomfortable but almost like the feeling you get from teatree oil. After using the cream for a few days my skin began too feel a bit drier than usual and also looked a bit dried out. I took this to be normal, as it does say that it is for oily skin and will reduce ...

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub 14/08/2012

Great scrub - but i would not eat it!

Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub I am a big fan of soap & glory and I have used some of their other scrubs in the past, so decided to try the breakfast scrub, I loved the name, and I smelt it in the shop so I thought I would give it a try. It comes in a round tub with a screw-on top, the tub is clear and you can see the scrub through it, it is a light brown colour and looks very thick. The directions on the tub say “More soften than not: Scoop out a handful of The Breakfast Scrub, rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin until you feel smoother. Rinse well, and follow with a body butter or lotion”. Like most of the soap and glory products though, you do not need a handful as it spreads really well. When you open the tub you get a whiff of the lovely smell, the best way to describe it is maple and very sweet, although the ingredients say it contains oats but it does not smell at all oaty. When you touch the scrub you instantly notice how thick it is and that although it appear quite smooth to the eye, it actually had chucky clear partials in it. When you apply this to your skin you can feel the particles exfoliating, but it is not aggressive and the particles gradually melt away as you rub it in. There are also smaller particles that are almost sand like, these no do dissolve, and do leave what looks like sand in the bath after you have used it. Having used a lot of other scrubs I think that this one compares very well, even when comparing to the other soap and glory scrubs. It ...

Decleor Aroma Purete Matt Finish Skin Fluid 12/08/2012

Say bye to oily skin.

Decleor Aroma Purete Matt Finish Skin Fluid Decleor matt finish skin fluid is a moisturiser for oily skin. I have used Decleor for a while now, and my Mum bought me some of this as I was complaining about my skin being quite oily. It comes in a pump bottle or a tube, I personally prefer the tube, as with the bottle as it is a pump action you can never get the last bit of cream out as it will not pump up enough. Like most Decleor products its not cheap to buy, prices vary but on average 50ml is £22.50, but I would say it is worth it. Its unlike any other moisturiser I have every used, it moisturises your skin but dries it out at the same time. The cream is white in colour and you do not need to apply very much as a little goes a long way, it has no smell. I use this morning and evening and a 50ml bottle will last me a couple of months. When you first apply the cream it fells very much like any other moisturiser, but as you rub it in you fell that it is very quickly absorbed and disappears leaving almost a powdery look to your skin, but skin is left moisturised and smooth. The insert in the box says ‘This lotion purifies and balances skin to give an even, matt complexion, reducing excess sebum, dead skin cells, blemishes and open pores.’ It certainly does make my skin fell less oily. I do think though, that after using this for a while say 6 months, it can make your skin appear a bit dull. I normally use this for 6 months then use my old moisturiser for a month, the go back to using this. The insert also says that you ...

OPI Original Nail Envy 09/08/2012

What great nails? Get OPI Nail Envy!

OPI Original Nail Envy OPI Nail Envy is amazing! I have been using this now for about 3 years. I have always had very week nails, they were paper thin and would flake so much that I could never wear nail varnish as they would just flake and it would look awful. One Christmas my mum bought me some nail envy, having tried several nail strengthens in the past I was not holding out much help that this would work but thought I would give it a try as I had nothing to lose. The instructions say to apply nail envy everyday, then once a week take the whole lot off and start again. Having a busy life I never remembered to use it everyday, I probably applied it about 3 times a week on average. I continued to use it and did not really take much notice of what was happening with my nails, it just became a habbit of applying it. Then one day about 6 months later I suddenly that my nails were no longer flaking, and for the first time in my whole life I had to buy a nail file as they were getting a bit long. I was utterly amazed and the first thing I did was to call my mum to tell her that I thought it had made a difference. I am now constantly getting comments about how lovely my nails are, I can now wear nail varnish, and some people have even thought that I have been wearing false nails! It really is amazing stuff. It did however take quite a while to work, as I said I think it was about 6 months. I am no scientist but I would think its because the whole nail has to grow through after having the nail envy ...

Dyson DC24 BALL ALL Floors 07/08/2012

Hello clean carpets!!

Dyson DC24 BALL ALL Floors When I moved into my new house that has cream carpets all up stairs I decided that my old hoover was not up to the job, It was recommended to me that I should get a dyson, so after some research on the internet I did indeed by a Dyson. The Dyson DC24 over all is a good hoover, its light weight, which was fantastic for me as my house is over 3 floors and carrying my old heavy hoover up and down the stairs was a nightmare. The suction is really good, so it gets my cream carpets really clean, but it does mean that you have to be a bit careful with it, I will often hoover up the curtains without noticing as I walk up the stairs! But the main thing is that it does clean very well. The ball mechanism is great as well, makes it easy to hoover hard to reach places, I have a bathroom which is a bit like a corridor bathroom, I used to have to get all the attachments out from my old hoover to be able to hoover in between the toilet and the sink, but as the Dyson twists and turns it can easily get in there. The Dyson does have some draw backs though. I have very long hair, which gets everywhere and I am forever having to pull it out from the main roller otherwise it will not turn properly – this is something that never happened with my old hoover, but thinking about it I am not sure why, as they both have rollers! Also the dyson only has a small cylinder which means that you do have to empty it quite regularly, not too bad for me as I don’t have any pets, but I think for someone that ...

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 05/08/2012

Butterly amazing!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter I first got Soap & Glory Righteous Butter as part of a gift set as a Christmas present – and I have been addicted to it ever since! It comes in various sizes, I get the 300ml size which costs £10.50 in boots, and they also do a 1000ml which is £25.00 and a travel size 50ml which is £2.50. It comes in a pink tub with a black and white picture of a woman on the top and the tub has a screw-on top. Soap and Glory have there own slogan for all their products and for this one it is 'lost that rubbing feeling? Why not try The Righteous Butter' The first thing that you notice when you open the tub is the amazing smell! It really is just right, but very hard to describe, its fruity and light, not over powering in the slightest, and is a real modern smell, not like flowers or musk. The ‘butter’ is of the perfect consistency, which is very much like that of butter. Its thick and creamy and is silky smooth and is white in colour. The directions on the back say ‘After showering or bathing, smooth a generous handful of The Righteous Butter onto damp skin and massage lightly until it all sinks in’ I personally don’t feel that you need a ‘generous handful’ as a little of this does go a long way especially if you do apply it to damp skin, although most of the time I put it on dry and this works just as well. When you apply the butter it literally melts into your skin and leaves it feeling instantly soft, smooth, cool and refreshed and it leaves your skin with its amazing smell, which ...

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas 22/07/2012

Not what i had expected, could have been better.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas We stayed in the MGM in June this year, from the outside the hotel looked a little old compared to some of the others, the building is green so stands out. Inside when you walk in there is reception, which has a massive gold lion in the middle of it. There are lots of bell boys running around and they were friendly and happy to help. We checked in ans were directed to our room. We stayed in the west wing, which was quite a walk from the reception area, there was a maze of casino tables and machines along the way, but it was all clearly sign posted. Once we got out of the casino area and were walking down the corridor to the lift it was clear that the hotel could do with some updating, the carpets looked quite old and not especially clean. We got to the lifts of which there were 6, there were all working and we only had to wait a few seconds for one to arrive. We were on floor 13, the lift only took about 30 seconds to get us to our floor. When we entered the room, I must admit I was a little disappointed, I had this vision that because we were in America everything was going to be very luxurious, but the room was actually quite standard, there was nothing wrong with it but I had just expected more. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the room, a desk to the left of the bed with a chair and a swivel chair on the other size. It had mirrored built in wardrobes which were spacious and a safe in the bottom. The bathroom had a double shower, but no bath, a sink and a ...

Saudi Arabia: General 21/07/2012

Not the place for me!

Saudi Arabia: General My Husband is Pakistani and his family now live in Saudi, we have been married for almost 10 years and this was my first visit to this country in May 2012. The first thing to note is how difficult it is to get into this country, the reason that I have not been there before is because we have tried to get visas for 2 years in a row and failed, even though my Husband had family there. But we finally got a visit visa and off we went. I live in the UK, so the flight was about 6 hours. Firstly the weather – very hot, although it is the kind of bearable heat that you get in countries such as this, a dry heat not sticky and humid. The heat is not a problem though, as you only notice it when you go outside, everywhere is well air conditioned, and I was actually cold inside the buildings! Saudi in places is beautiful, I went to Jeddah which is quite built up, but went we went to the sea front it was lovely. The homes there are mostly flats, but big flats. My inlaws live in a 6 bedroom flat, which is quite common as they have big families out there. The rich however live in luxury villas. The first thing you notice when you go anywhere is Saudi is the lack of women on the street, this is a very male driven culture. The women all have to cover up from the neck down and many cover their heads and faces – although this is optional, but the Muslim women always cover their heads. Having spent time with a Muslim family there, it is quite clear that it is the women that want to cover up ...

Confessions Of A Conjuror - Derren Brown 21/07/2012

A day in the life of Derren Brown

Confessions Of A Conjuror - Derren Brown If you are a fan of Derren Brown you cant help but love this book. Its not a biography but you do get to learn a lot about the man himself an how he thinks, how he came to be doing what he is doing, and his views on a wide range of topics. The book starts with Derren as a young magician working in a restaurant doing tricks table to table; he describes very well his surroundings and everything that he notices around him. He will then see or do something that makes him think about his childhood, and he then takes you into his thoughts and experiences of his younger years. Along the way as he does magic tricks in the restaurant he talks through how he does the tricks. I found this particularly fascinating, not because I am a big magic fan but because its interesting how he says he blatantly does things right in front of people’s faces and they don’t realise – without wanting to give too much away, there is a part in the book where he describes a magic trick he did for a trio of people, and after they thought the trick was over Derren was just sitting there chatting to them, and as he was chatting he picked up each one of their wine glasses that were sat in front of them and put a playing card under each one – and none of them noticed! He then finished the trick by pointing out the cards and they were all amazed. There are a few bits that I did find a bit boring, where he would talk about the history of magic, which did not interest me much – but these were few and were not ...

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Creme Egg 08/05/2006

How Do You Eat Yours?

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Creme Egg THE PACKAGING The packaging for this bar is quite similar to other Cadbury bars, it is make of foil, for fresheness, and has Dairy Milk written right across the front in bold purple lettering on a white background. The colouring on the packaging is similar to that of the creame egg, it is red purple and yellow all kind of merging into eachother. There is also a picture of the inside of the chocolate bar on the front with a bit of the cream inside coming out, just to tempt us. THE LOOK SMELL AND TASTE When you unwrap one of these it looks quite like a cadburys caramel, the bar is made up of 6 chunks all of which are stuck to gether but are easily separated. each chunk measures about 1cm by 2cm and are about 1cm thick, on the top of each chunk is engraved the word Cadbury. When you bite into a chunk it looks quite like a mini creame egg, the fondent inside is yellow and white, the chocolate is not as thick as on a creame egg though. The smell of this chocolate bar is amazing, if you sniff the bar before unwraping it you can still smell the sweet sickly smell of milk chocolate, once opened the smell get stronger. The taste of the Creame Egg bar again is quite like the Creame Egg, but it seems to be sweeter. The chocolate is very smooth as is the fondent, more so than your regular creame egg. If you put a chunk in you mouth and let it melt the chocolate and the fondent melt together into a very smooth, sickly, sticky matter, which for someone with a sweet ...

Harvester Restaurants 10/04/2006


Harvester Restaurants When you first enter a Harvester You will notice that there are two separate areas, one is the bar and one is the restaurant, you can eat in both of these places but can only smoke in the bar, however if you eat in the restaurant they are happy to let you go to the bar for a cigarette then return to your table. THE SETTING Harvesters restaurants have a country feel to them they have wooden beams and farm like fixtures, for example if you look up in the beams there will often be boxes of hay and wooden boxes made to look like chicken houses. At the tables they have both seats and sofa depending on the size of the table, which are both comfortable, whoever they do try to fit a lot of tables into the area that they have so sometimes it can be a bit of a squeeze getting in and out of your seat if it is busy. The bar has the same theme, there are also tables outside so if it is a nice day you can enjoy a cold drink in the sunshine. There are also fruit machines and other amusments such as a who wants to be a millionaire game. BOOKING Unfortunatly you are not able to book a table at the Harvester, this is because it is a walk in restaurant so you have to just wait for a table even if you are a big party, i go on a regular basis and the longest i have ever had to wait is an hour, and if you sit in the bar and wait the time goes quickly. THE MENU The menu is great, there is something for everyone! They have a range of chicken and stake, salads, a few burgers, meals ...
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