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Superdrug Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes for Dry Skin 21/09/2017

Good wipes to remove make-up

Superdrug Essential Facial Cleansing Wipes for Dry Skin Superdug Essential Cleansing wipes for dry skin I bought this product the other day in Superdrug and it costs 99p. There are several different types of wipes available in this essential range. Product description Comes in soft packaging and contains 25 wipes. The wipes are quite thick in textures. they are very moist. These wipes are designed to gently cleanse and nourish dry skin. They are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin. They gently remove even waterproof mascara and they are dermatologist approved. They are infused with sweet almond oil and vitamin E. These wipes are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Directions of use These wipes are easy to use. To open the packaging you need to peel back the label take out the wipe and immediately reseal the packaging to prevent wipes from drying out and bacteria entering. You have to gently wipe over the face and neck avoiding direct contact with eyes. These wipes can be used daily as skin care routine. Using the wipes I like these wipes, as I said before they are quite thick and do not break during usage. They are quite moist and you can manage to remove the most of make up with one wipe. I normallly use one wipe for my eyes to remove mascara and the other one to remove make up from my face. It is very easy and practical. It says avoid direct contact with eyes, mening that you close your eyes when removeing mascara, it does not irritate my eyes. It does not dry the skin but I normally use toner afterwards and ...

Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths Conditioner 19/09/2017

Another bargain from Pantene

Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths Conditioner Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths Conditioner I really like Pantene products and I buy them quite often in my local one pound shop. As you may guess I paid just just £1 for this conditioner and I am very happy because I always find many different products at bairgain price. Normally this product costs over £3 in Boots, Asda and Tesco. There are more types available and different sizes too. Product description This conditioner is designed for dry and damaged hair to prevent it from premature breakage. It helps to grow hair. The Pantene Beautiful lengths campaign was created to encourage women to donate their hair in order to make wigs for cancer patients The product makes hair silky and smooth. It comes in 235 ml Pantene bottle and it smells really nice. I have tried many Pantene products and i have never been disappointed. It is suitable for long hair and it helps you to care of your beautiuful lenghts. Using this product This product is very easy to use. You need to wash your hair first and then rinse your hair properly. Then you need to apply the conditioner and keep it in your hair for as long as you like and then rinse it out. I normally keep it in my hair for longer like 10 minutes and it does a good job. It makes my hair super silky and shiny and smooth. After using it I style my hair as usual depending on my mood, sometimes curly and sometimes I straighten it. This product is a really good value for money and little goes a long way. It is recommended to ...

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean 17/09/2017

Helps to get rid of dandruff

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Head & Shoulders Classic Clean This product is quite popular and very effective when it comes to dandruff. There are several types and sizes available on the market. They also have different scents like mint, citrus etc. They have started doing conditioners as well. I normally buy the regular 230 ml size bottle. The price on boots is £2.99 but sometimes it is available on offer for less. Tesco has a promotion and they sell them at £1.50. Product description This product comes in a 250ml bottle in a classic clean scent which smells fresh and clean. It washes away flakes from the 1st wash. The research has been validated by British skin foundation. It is suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologist tested. The active ingredient that helps to fight dandruff is zinc carbonate. Using the product The product is very easy to use and just like any other shampoo you need to squeeze a handful of the product on to your palm and apply on wet hair. Then gently massage your scalpl and hair. After you need to rinse it out. It forms a very thick white lather. It smells fresh and clean. It leaves my hair soft, bouncy and clean. I normally apply conditioner after using this and then style my hair as usual. It does clear up my scalp after the first use but it really depends on how bad is the dandruff. If your scalp is really irritated and you have a lot of dandruff I would definitely recommend talking to a pharmacist and they would advise you what to do. It has happened to me ...

Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup 13/09/2017

Effective cough remedy

Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup Covonia Herbal Mucus Cough Syrup When it comes to coughs and colds Covonia is definitely one of the brands that can offer some good remedies. i have previously tried their products, including syrups and pastilles. They are really good. I got this syrup in my local one pound shop for £1 but it is widely available in most popular supermarkets and pharmacies, The average price for this product is £4. They have many different syrups available in the range depending on what cough you have, dry chesty, etc. Product description This product comes in 150ml glass bottle. It is brownish liquid and it has a nice herbal flavour. It has three active cough ingredients : ipecacuanha liquid extract, liquorice liquid extract and squil. This syrup also helps to treat irritated. thickly and soar throat. How to use Adults and children over 12 years of age should take 2 spoonfuls 4 times a day. Please do not exceed the stated dose. This product is non drowsy. You should consult doctor if you have any allergies, other illnesses or you are pregnant. Using the product The flavour of this product is very tradition, has a herbal flavour with a hint of anise. It is quite ok and it tastes fine for me. It is slightly warming too. My cough was really bad at the beginning it was really dry and thickly and then it turned into a very chesty cough, I guess I started coughing up all the trash from my lungs. This syrup helped me a lot and I do not cough that often anymore. The breathing has ...

dettol spray and wipe 07/09/2017

Good product

dettol spray and wipe Dettol Spray and Wipe I bought this product the other day as I needed a good floor cleaner. The prices differ from store to store but I was really lucky and got this for £1 in my local one pound shop. The average price in other stores is £2 something. Product Description This product comes in a big plastic 1L bottle.The bottle has a spray nozzle and you simply need to squeeze the bottle and spray it. It is anti- bacterial and kills 99.9% of bacteria. It also cuts through grease and leaves visible shine. I got one with citrus scent and it smells really nice. It leaves a very nice and fresh citrus fragrance. It is really good on removing kitchen grease. It is suitable for: * vinyl & sealed laminated floors * linoleum * glazed tiles * varnished wood How to use ? It is quite easy to use this product. You can use it on its own just spray the surface and wipe. It is quick drying and theoretically you don't need to dilute it. There is no need to rinse afterwards either. You can also pour this product into the hot water and use the traditional mopping method. My thoughts I like this product and it does what it says. I like thorough cleaning so I normally sweep the floor first then I mop it with hot water, rinse the mop spray the product on the wet surface and mop it twice. It leaves the floor very clean and smelling really nice. I like that it is anti-bacterial and it is suitable for many different surfaces. Final word This product is worth every penny. It ...

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion 03/09/2017

Good cheap moisturiser

Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion I picked this up in my local pound store the other day. The RRP of this is normally somewhere between £1.60- £2.00. It is available in almost every pharmacy and supermarket. I got it for £1 and I quite like my local one pound shop. Product Description This lotion comes in a 200 ml bottle.It is designed for a very dry skin and it is quite rich with Vaseline jelly. The bottle says it is clinically proven to keep dry skin healed for 3 weeks. The lotion is created with a non greasy and fast absorbent formula and it deeply moisturises the skin. The lotion is quite thick in texture and it smells really nice and clean. The main ingredients in this lotion are Vaseline or Petroleum jelly and Avena Sativa straw extract (wild oats). My thoughts I like this product. I normally used Vaseline lip balm and now I decided to try this lotion. The lotion is very easy to use and it it si quite gentle. It does not irritate my skin even after shaving. It is not greasy at all and it absorbs quickly. The scent is quite nice. It is a good value for money and little goes a long way. I normally use this lotion after the shower mainly on my legs and arms. I really like this product and it does what it says. I like that it does not irritate my skin and it is light and gentle. As far as I know there are few more different scents and types available in the range an I will definitely try those as well. Would I recommend I would ...

Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons 07/08/2017


Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons Tampax Compak Pearl Tampons I have been using Tampax Compak tampons for many years and for me personally this is the best tampon brand out there. I have previously posted some Tampax reviews on here. This time I am reviewing the Tampax Compak Pearl range. These are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets on the high street. They come in packs of 18 or 36 and the average price for a pack of 18 is £2.50 and a pack of 36 is around £5. They are very often available on offer for less. There are 3 types to choose from regular, super and super plus. Each of them is marked with drops which symbolize strength. regular has 2 drops, super has 3 and super plus is marked with 4 drops. About the product These tampons are individually packaged tampons and they come with an applicator. They all come with a smooth rounded tip and are easy to insert. Tampax Pearl edition is the latest from Tampax and all the tampons are fragrant. They are made with cotton and they are super gentle. They are gynecologist and dermatologist tested. My thoughts I love these tampons and I use them nearly every month. They are gentle, very comfortable and discreet. I like that they actually do what they promise and they are so kind and gentle to skin. The packaging is also very handy and you can easily take 2-3 in my handbag and they are small in size. I have been using these tampons for many years and I really like the quality. The applicator makes it really easy to use them and they are super ...

Malibu Sun Protection Lotion SPF 8 29/07/2017

Malibu Sun

Malibu Sun Protection Lotion SPF 8 Malibu Sun Protection Lotion Malibu is a very popular sun screen brand. They have a very wide range of products to choose from. The prices differ from product to product, but I got 3 different small size bottles for juts £3 in my local one pound shop. I paid only 1£ per bottle. This product is available in most popular high street beauty shops and supermarkets but the cheapest and the best value is of course available in Poundland. Product description This sunscreen comes in a 100 ml bottle with a spray nozzle and it is very easy to use it and apply it. It is clinically proven and very kind to skin. It is water resistant and it is vitamin E enriched. One of the main ingredients in this sunscreen is shea butter. To use it you need to shake the bottle well and then spray on your skin and then massage it gentle into your skin. The lotion is very light and it is white colour but once it soaks into your skin it is not visible anymore and it does not leave any marks. Using the product I am very happy with the product. Even though now the weather is not so nice any more I will be using it when I go on my holiday. The product is really gentle and very moisturising. It also has a very nice tropical scent with a hint of a coconut and pineapple to it. It absorbs easily and doesn't leave my skin greasy. I really like it. Little goes a long way and it is a really good value for money. I was very lucky to find these product in my local pound store - very cheap and ...

Boots Tradition Skin Care Glycerin and Rosewater 25/07/2017

Nice toner

Boots Tradition Skin Care Glycerin and Rosewater Boots Traditional SkinCare Glycerin and Rose Water I got this product in Boots few month ago and I was actually looking for some nice toner and decided to try this product. I really like its old school look and the fact that it contains rose water. Price: £2.39 = Product description This product is a clear liquid and comes in a plastic bottle and contains 200 ml. It smells like an old fashioned rose water. It is not sickly or overpowering at all but quite pleasant. The label and the bottle is very simple and vintage looking. Features: This product is toning and moisturising. It is dermatologically tested and Lanolin free. It is Boots own product and produced by Boots Skin Care Specialists using traditional ingredients. It is cooling and refreshing toner that softens and moisturises the skin. How to use: Apply to face and neck using cotton wool pads. It also contains alcohol so there for you should avoid contact with eyes. Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Isopropyl alcohol, Methylparaben, Sodium citrate, citric acid, parfum, Eugenaria leaf oil, Rosa Damascene flower oil. My thoughts I really love this product and it makes my skin look really fresh and it does the job nicely. I do not use it every day but when I use the results can be seen immediately. There are just two weird facts about this product. One fact is that it makes my skin feel a little bit sticky and the other fact is that it s very sweet to taste. I know I should not be eating it but sometimes I ...

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Scrub 22/07/2017

Clean and fresh

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Scrub Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Scrub I have tried quite a few Garnier products in the past and I quite like the brand. I came across this product in Asda the other day and it was on offer for only £2. Normally it costs little bit under £3 and it can be found in all the most popular pharmacies and stores. Product description This product comes in a 150 ml tube with Garnier logo. It is dermatologically tested and it is designed for spot prone skin. This product fights spots, fades marks, and cleans pores. It is very easy to use this product. Just wet your face with clean water and then apply the scrub and massage it over your face in circular motions and then rinse it off. The scrub is creamy in texture and it has plenty of exfoliating blue microbeads and it feels very refreshing on my face. It is both gentle and scrubby enough for me to feel and see the difference. Follow by a toner or moisturiser. My thoughts As a teenager I never had any problems with my face, but now in my 30's I have been experiencing some spots from time to time. It is not many of them, but still they are there. This is the reason why I purchased this product. I need something very intensive . I do like this product especially the amount of exfoliating beads in the cream, it makes you feel that you are actually using a proper scrub. It does the job really well but there is one downside. It might be drying and I do not recommend using it if you have a dry or combination skin. My skin has ...

Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray 18/07/2017

It's ok

Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray Body Fantasies Signature Fragrance Body Spray I came across this product in Superdrug the other day and there was a promotion. I cannot remember exactly how much I payed, I think it was 2 for £3 or something like that. The full price of this product is £3.99. I bought 2 of them : Cotton Candy and Sparkling Grapefruit. This spray is available in Superdrug. Product description It is a perfumed body spray and it comes in a 94 ml bottle with a spray nozzle. It easily fits into my handbag. Altogether there are 10 different scents to choose from including: Twilight Mist, Japanese Cherry Blossom,Kissing in the rain, Vanilla etc. The bottle is very handy to hold and it contains roughly 500 sprays. It is supposed to be long lasting but in my opinion Cotton Candy is not very long lasting. Sparkling Grapefruit is much better. If I spray it on my wrist I can still feel it after couple of hours. Using the product I really like both scents. Cotton candy is obviously much sweeter and it really smells like candies but it is not long lasting, it fades away quickly. The sparkling grapefruit is a very nice scent, and it smells very clean and fresh. It is not sickly sweet at all. It reminds me of San Pellegrino red orange lemonade. I use them after the gym, or after swimming pool just to freshen up a little bit and they come really handy. I would not pay the full price for them though, because 4 pounds for such a product is a bit too expensive. Final word It is a nice body ...

L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-up Remover 14/07/2017

Perfect make-up remover

L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-up Remover L'Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-up Remover I have previously rated quite a few product from L'Occitane and I must say I am a huge fan of the brand. I recently came across this make-up remover oil and I bought a small version of it, the travel size for only £4 just to try it out and I must admit I am truly impressed. The price and availability It normally comes in a 200 ml bottle and costs £22. The travel size is 30ml bottle and costs £4. You are more likely to find more travel size products online rather than on the high street, so I definitely recommend visiting their online store Product description This make-up remover oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump. It is an oil based product and it removes even water proof mascara instantly. The main ingredient is Immortelle Flower Oil It is organic and suitable for all skin types. It also contains sunflower seed oil and apricot kernel oil. How to use The best thing about this product is that no cotton pads are needed. Even if I apply few layers of mascara on my lashes it comes off easily with just gently rubbing the oil on my eyelids.. It has to be used on dry skin with eyes closed and gently massaged all over the face and eye area. Then wet your palms and gently massage little bit of water on top of the oil and it will turn into a nice lather. the final step is to rinse it off with clean water. It perfectly removes make-up, even the most difficult mascara and leaves skin super soft and ...

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist 29/06/2017

Refreshing and moisturising

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist I popped into a Body Shop store the other day looking for a bb cream. There was an offer 2 for 3 at that time and I ended up leaving store with this face mist. I bought cc cream instead of bb cream and I also got bronzer for free. This face mist is available in all Body Shop Stores for £10. It is very often available on offer. The product description This mist is suitable for all skin types. It comes in a 100 ml spray bottle and it is very easy to use it. This facial mist is infused with rosewater and it instantly refreshes and helps to boost hydration on skin, and set make-up. The product is formulated with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil. It can be used as part of your personalised skincare programme. The main features of this product are: Vitamin E Hydrating, refreshing rosewater Instant moisture boost Fast-drying formula Community Trade soya oil from Brazil Moisturising wheatgerm oil How to use the product: Hold the bottle upright and spray at a distance of 15cm. Use as and when required. This spray can be used on its own or over make-uo. My thoughts I really like this product. It instantly refreshes my skin and gives a healthy look. I like using it on its own and to set make up. Sometimes I use it during the day just to refresh my face and I spray i over my make up and it makes me look fresh. The mist has a very nice and light rose scent and it is very gentle and does not irritate my face. It ...

Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub 27/06/2017

Not a very scrubby scrub

Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub Olay Essentials Smoothing Face Scrub I bought this product in one pound hop the other day. I have tried few other products from Olay and I quite like the brand and when I saw this scrub for 1 £ I bought it straight away. This product normally costs around £4 on ebay and amazon. Product description This scrub comes in a 150 ml tube. The tube actually looks bigger than that and I think it will last ages. It is a smoothing face scrub and it is designed for dry/normal skin. It is gentle formula with exfoliating micro beads, smooths away surface skin cells, impurities and make up. Gentle enough to use on a daily basis. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. How to use the product You need to gently massage onto wet face and neck. Then just rinse it off thoroughly and gently pat dry your skin with a towel. You can follow by applying a toner and a moisturizer. Using the product I expected something more scrubby. This scrub is like a cream, white in colour and very smooth in texture. The exfoliating grains are not visible but you can feel some of them, but it does not have a very scrub-like texture and you basically are massaging cream into your face. After rinsing the product off you can feel that face looks slightly fresher and smoother. It does make my skin smooth but it doesn't scrub off dry skin and some dry areas on my face still are still quite dry after using this so it does not basically do anything much. I would not be buying ...

Tampax Compak Lites 12/06/2017

Quality Product from a Trusted Brand

Tampax Compak Lites Tampax Compak Lites I have been using Tampax tampons for many years and I am very loyal to the brand. These tampons are available in almost every store and pharmacy. The average price for a box of 20 tampons is £2.50, however these are very often found on offer on a discounted price. You can also find these in a one pound shop and that is the best value you can have just £1. Product description These tampons come in blue cardboard box with Tampax Compak logo on it and it contains 20 individually packaged tampons. These are designed for a light flow which is more typical towards the end of the period. On every Tampax box you can find 4 drops and they indicate the absorbency that is suitable for for the strength of the flow. Tampax Lites have just one highlighted drop and it indicates that it is designed for light days. Two drops is for a normal flow, 3 drops indicate super absorbency and strong flow and 4 drops normally are super plus and designed for a very strong flow. The tampons come with a plastic applicator and it is very easy to insert them. Every applicator has a rounded tip and it is designed for female body. These tampons are dermatologist and gynecologist approved. Tampons are made of cotton and rayon. My thoughts I do like this brand and I as I mentioned above it is my favourite tampon brand. There are many different types to choose from and they are designed to make you feel protected and carefree during the period. They are very easy to insert and ...
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