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Aladdin (Blu-ray) 16/01/2017

A brilliant Disney film about a Genie and a lamp

Aladdin (Blu-ray) I have watched numerous Disney films over the years, but the one Disney film which I have been eager to see is the 1992 animated film, Aladdin. This film is based on the Arab-style folktale of Aladdin and the magic lamp. Aladdin is set in the fictional sultanate of Agrabah, where a mysterious lamp lies hidden within the Cave of Wonders. Jafar, who is the Grand Vizier of the Sultan, is desperately seeking the lamp for his own evil gains. Following a plan to manipulate a street urchin, Aladdin, to steal the lamp for him, Jafar plans to use the magic of the lamp for his own power of glory. After rubbing the lamp, Aladdin discovers that a Genie is trapped inside the lamp and will grant Aladdin three wishes as the owner of the lamp. However Aladdin has fallen in love with the Sultan's daughter, Jasmine, which complicates matters for him, as he wants to win her hand, but is scared that his lowly status may affect any relationship. Can Aladdin use his wishes from the Genie to win over Jasmine and will they be able to stop the evil Jafar? In my opinion, this is a fantastic Disney film which boasts a brilliant story, which is both enjoyable and full of great laughs. The story is based on folktale and it is an engrossing story. It is a story which is magical and entertaining, which will entrance you from start to finish. The animation is brilliant and is matched by wonderful song and dance numbers. I thought that this was a hilarious film, with some great jokes and humour, which ...

The Big Short (DVD) 12/12/2016

The financial crisis told in an easy to follow story

The Big Short (DVD) The financial crisis of 2007-08 is not something that you would think would make for a good film. However in 2015, a comedy-drama film was made about this financial crisis. The Big Short begins in 2005, when an eccentric hedge fund manager, Michael Burry discovers that the housing market in the US is extremely unstable, due to the reliance on high-risk subprime loans. Burry anticipates a housing market collapse and sees an opportunity to capaitalise on the situatios, by creating a credit default swap market where he can bet against market-based mortgage-backed securities, which many investment and commercial banks are willing to accept. The long term plan could see him make a fortune, but at the expense of countless home owners losing their homes in the process. Burry's investors are shocked and annoyed with him for his seemingly reckless behaviour. Salesman, Jared Vennett learns of Burry's actions through one of the banks who have a deal with Burry and confirms his suspicions with his analysts. A misplaced phone call leads hedge fund manager, Mark Baum to learn of the deal and his hatred of banks leads him to embark on similar deals as Burry. On further investigation , Baum learns how delicate the subprime market is and that it could lead to a global collapse of the market. Although Burry, Vennett and Baum will make a vast profit, it will be at the expense of the general public who will conversely lose their life savings and homes. I thought that this was a fantastic film ...

Sicario (DVD) 30/11/2016

A mission to bring down a cartel

Sicario (DVD) The 2015 crime-thriller drama film, Sicario is about a principled FBI agent who joins a government task force to help bring down the leader of a powerful drug cartel in Mexico. In Sicario, FBI agents Kate Macer and Reggie Wayne lead a SWAT team, who raid a suspected Mexican cartel safe house. The raid discovers multiple corpses abut also triggers a booby trap, with the resulting explosion killing two agents. Kate is recommended for a new team, working for CIA officer Matt Grover, to apprehend Manuel Diaz, the Sonora cartel lieutenant. When she travels to Mexico with Matt, Kate meets his partner, Alejandro Gillick. However as the operation develops, Kate realises that Matt and Alejandro are using questionable methods to apprehend their target. Despite Kate's best efforts to enforce order and procedure to the operation, things escalate and Kate soon feels out of her depths. Kate must tread carefully as the CIA carry out their plan to target key figures in the Sonora cartel. This is a fascination film about a FBI agent drawn into a dangerous operation to bring down a Mexican cartel. It is a tense thriller, which features an intelligent script which is smart and compulsive viewing. The film does not rely on action scenes or special effects, but instead focuses on relationships and powerful performances, with some tense scenes thrown in for good measure. The characters are well written and some of them are quite scary and creepy, with hidden agendas. There are some disturbing ...

Brave (DVD) 23/11/2016

A brave Scottish princess

Brave (DVD) The 2012 film, Brave, is a computer-animated comedy drama produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney, which tells the story of a princess who defies customs, when she refuses to be betrothed. Brave is set in the Scottish Highlands, during medieval times and is about a young princess named Merida of the clan Dunbroch. She lives in a castle with her father, King Fergus and her mother, Queen Elinor. Merida is an expert with a bow and arrow and is a free spirit. However she is dismayed when her mother insists on Merida being betrothed to the son of one of her father's allies. Whilst out one day on her horse, Merida encounters a witch, who grants her an enchanted cake that will change her fate. After feeding the cake to her mother, Queen Elinor transforms into a black bear. Merida has a limited time to reverse the effects of the spell before it becomes permanent. Will she be able to save her mother and make the right choice with regards to her betrothing, for the sake of the clans? I enjoyed this film about a feisty and free-spirited princess who wants to make her own mark on the world. It is a fun adventure with an interesting story about the conflict between traditions and freedom to choose your own path. I would say that it not your usual Disney animated film, as it is not quite a hilarious film as other Pixar films and more of a film with morals and the relationship between mother and daughter. The animation is good, but not groundbreaking quality like you have seen ...

10 Cloverfield Lane (DVD) 15/11/2016

Is it the end of the world?

10 Cloverfield Lane (DVD) 10 Cloverfield Lane is a psychological film from 2016, which is considered a spiritual successor of the 2008 film Cloverfield. A young woman is held in a underground bunker and is told that a hostile attack has taken place in the outside world. In 10 Cloverfield Lane is a young woman, Michelle, packs her bags and leaves her fiance Ben. On her car journey, she is suddenly pushed off the road and awakes in a concrete room chained to a wall. A man named Howard Stambler confronts her and tells that her that a massive attack took place, by either the Russians or Martians and that no one else survived, with the air poisoned by a nuclear or chemical. Howard's story is confirmed by a work colleague, Emmett DeWitt, who managed to break into the bunker before the attack took place in the outside world. Despite Howard's erractic and unconventional behaviour, the three survivors manage to get along, but is Howard hiding a secret and what really happened in the outside world? I thought that this was a smart and engaging film which manages to play on our fears of terrorism. It features an interesting story which leaves the audience guessing as to what has really happened in the outside world, as well as who can be trusted in the bunker. The film manages to turn a story about three people in a confined bunker, into a tense and well crafted film. The special effects and action scenes are great and well directed. The characters are fascinating, as you learn more about them and discover ...

The Break-Up (DVD) 08/11/2016

A film that fails to break-up with style

The Break-Up (DVD) The 2006 romantic comedy film, The Break-Up is a story about the breakdown of a relationship and it affects each person as well as those around them. In The Break-Up, Gary Grobowski and Brooke Meyers are a loving couple who share a condominium together. Gary works as a tour guide in his family business, with his brothers, whilst Brooke manages an art gallery for eccentric artist, Marilyn Dean. However after a series of, "Why can't you do this one little thing for me?!" arguments, things come to ahead, with Gary frustrated by Brooke's controlling and perfectionist attitude and Brooke frustrated by Gary's unwillingness to help with trivial chores. Brooke decides to break up with Gary, despite the fact that she still loves him. They both refuse to move out of the flat and so remain as roommates, but they begin to provoke each other in more elaborate ways to make each other jealous, but it seems to push them further apart. Can Gary and Brooke resolve their differences or is their relationship heading for a complete breakdown? This film is somewhat entertaining and features an interesting twist to the usual romantic comedy film. It is effectively an anti-romantic comedy with the film starting with a loving couple, who then break-up and try to make each other jealous. The film has some good jokes and visual humour, but there is just not enough to make it a great comedy. Despite this film having a great cast of actors, they are not given the best script to work with and are not as ...

The Walking Dead Season 6 (DVD) 12/10/2016

The deadly Saviours join the world of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 6 (DVD) The sixth season of the horror-drama TV series continues the adventures of Rick Grimes and his group of fellow survivors as they struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies, also know as walkers. In season six, Rick and his group welcome Rick's old friend Morgan, who Rick first met during the start of the zombie apocalypse to Alexandria. However Morgan is questionable of Rick's methods and this introduces animosity in the group as they try to live together in harmony. Life in the walled city of Alexandria proves challenging when they attempt to divert a large herd of walkers away from Alexandria. They also encounter fellow survivors at the nearby Hilltop community, who are being extorted by a dangerous group of survivors called the Saviours, led by the mysterious Negan, who is both psychotic and manipulative. However the Saviours could well be the most dangerous group, who Rick and his group have ever encountered, as they soon realise just how evil and cruel the Saviours really are and finally meet the evil Negan, with deadly consequences. This season was very entertaining as Rick and his group work to make Alexandria their new home, but face a number of challenges which deter them from this task. The story in this season is dramatic and horrifying as the terrifying Negan and his followers cross paths with Rick and his group, with devastating consequences. There are a number of popular characters from the comic book, introduced in this season who help bring ...

Once Upon A Time Season 5 (DVD) 06/10/2016

A season with a twist, featuring Dark Emma and the underworld

Once Upon A Time Season 5 (DVD) The fifth season of the drama TV series, Once Upon a Time, continues the adventures of the characters from Storybrooke, as they encounter more fairytale adventures. In the fifth season of Once Upon a Time, Emma Swan must seek help from Merlin, if she is too overcome her dark urges, now that she is the Dark One, after the dramatic events at the end of the last series. Emma and her family and friends travel to the Kingdom of Camelot as they meet, King Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin. However all is not what is seems at Camelot, as Emma's loved ones unite to save her from being consumed by evil. Later in the series, the townsfolk of Storybrooke travel to the underworld and meet the god, Hades, as they encounter a number of heroes and villains, from their past. The underworld may prove the end for many of them, as they become trapped and discover that Hades has his own evil plans. This series also introduces a number of new fairytale characters who further expand the world of Storybrooke. This is an entertaining season which explores what happens when the power of the Dark One is transferred to someone else, in this case, Emma Swan. The story of Emma seeking to control her new dark nature and travelling to Camelot to find Merlin is enjoyable to watch. The Camelot featured in this series has an interesting twist, with many of the familiar characters from the story of Camelot, not exactly the same as you would expect them to be. The voyage down to the underworld is also interesting ...

Zoolander 2 (DVD) 28/09/2016

Derek and Hansel return to the fashion world

Zoolander 2 (DVD) The 2016 comedy film, Zoolander 2, sees the return of Derek Zoolander, as he is once again becomes involved in a fiendish plot in the world of fashion. Zoolander 2 is set about 15 years after the events of the previous film, Zoolander. Derek Zoolander is now living alone in extreme northern New Jersey, after his centre for kids who can't read good collapsed and killed his wife, Matilda and injured Hansel McDonald. Derek also lost his son, Derek Jr after he found incapable of looking after him. Billy Zane convinces Derek to return to his old life, so that he can regain custody of his son, using an invitation from the House of Atoz fashion show by Alezanya Atoz, as a way to convince Derek. Zane also convinces Hansel, who is also out of the fashion business and living with his orgy, who are now all pregnant, to return to and attend the same fashion show. Derek and Hansel struggle to match the skills of the new fashion models, but soon stumble upon a plot being investigated by Interpol agent Valentina Valencia, to to assassinate pop singers. Derek also discovers the whereabouts of his son Derek Jr, but that proves difficult as Derek Jr still blames his father for the death of his mother. Will Derek be reunited with his son and be able to stop the evil plot against pop singers, with the assistance of Hansel? I enjoyed this comedy film and thought that it was a good continuation of the adventures of Derek and Hansel. The story may be a bit repetitive to the first film and it may ...

Creed (DVD) 21/09/2016

Rocky returns to form

Creed (DVD) The 2015 sports drama film, Creed, is both a spin-off and sequel to the Ricky film series. It features the son of former heavyweight champion boxer, Apollo Creed, as he enters the world of boxing. Creed follows the life of Adonis "Donnie" Johnson, who is the son of an extramarital lover of former heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed (who appeared in Rocky I-IV). Adonis lives with Creed's widow, Mary Anne, who took him in from a Los Angeles youth facility, where he was serving time, back in 1998, as his biological mother had recently died. Seventeen later, Adonis quits his job and pursues his dream of becoming a professional boxer, despite objections from Mary Anne. Despite being a talented fighter, Adonis struggles to find a trainer, so heads to Philadelphia, in the hope that his father's old friend and rival, Rocky Balboa will train him. Rocky initially declines to train Adonis, but eventually agrees. Adonis also becomes romantically involved with Bianca, a local singer/songwriter. Adonis defeats a local fighter and when it becomes public knowledge that he is the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed, he is contacted by the handlers of world light heavyweight champion Ricky Conlan for a fight. Rocky also faces a health problem, which forces him to face his own mortality. Adonis and Rocky both must face their own battles, as they both support each other and try to win and prove to the world that they are champions. I thought that this was a really enjoyable film, which is one of ...

Ash vs Evil Dead (DVD) 12/09/2016

Ash returns for more Deadite killing

Ash vs Evil Dead (DVD) The trilogy of Evil Dead films by Sam Raimi, are cult classics and made a star of it's main star, Bruce Campbell. When they decided to continue the story in a TV series, called Ash vs Evil Dead, the news was well received by Evil Dead fans, but could they really recreate the charm, scares and humour that made the films so successful. Ash vs Evil Dead is set 30 years after the events of the three Evil Dead film. Ash Williams has a dead end job as a salesclerk at the ValueShop mart. He lives in a trailer, regularly drinks in bars and engages in occasional sex. It is fair to say his life has gone nowhere since defeating the Deadites all those years ago. However, after inadvertently reading the incarnation from the Book of Dead again, he unleashes the Deadites on to the world again. Despite his initial reluctance, he is drawn into the battle against the evil Deadites once again. This time, he has two companions to help, with Pablo Simon Bolivar, a co-worker at the ValueShop mart and Kelly Maxwell, a woman trying to outrun her past. The trio of Deadite slayers are pursued by State Trooper, Amanda Fisher and Ruby Knowby, who blames Ash for the death of her father, Professor Raymond Knowby and sister Annie Knowby (who died in the Evil Dead films). Will Ash be able to defeat the Deadites one more time or will it prove too much for the washed up hero? I thought that this was an excellent series, which stays true to the movies which spawned it. This series perfectly manages to ...

Captain America: Civil War (DVD) 06/09/2016

The Avengers at war with each other

Captain America: Civil War (DVD) One of the most anticipated films of 2016 was Captain America: Civil War, the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film concludes the Captain America trilogy and borrows many of the elements from the comic book storyline Civil War. Captain America: Civil War continues the story of Steve Rogers/Captain America, as he and his fellow Avengers colleagues attempt to stop Brock Rumlow from detonating a biological weapon in Lagos. However a tragic accident leaves a number of civilians dead and questions are raised over the Avengers ability to protect society. After the previous incidents in Sokovia, where the Avengers defeated Ultron and the events of in New York defeating the Chitauri, both leading to widespread devastation, the United Nations plan to pass the Sokovia Accords, which will oversee and control the team. Tony Stark/Iron Man is in support of the Accords, due to his role in creating Ultron, but Rogers has more faith in his own judgement. This ultimately leads to fracturing of the Avengers team in to opposing factions, each led by Rogers and Stark. A bombing during the conference to ratify the Accords, where US Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross is hosting, disrupts proceedings, with Rogers old friend, James "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier the main suspect, leads to further fractures in the Avengers team, as old colleagues Rogers and Stark, find themselves now enemies, but who will win? This is an entertaining action film which is fun to watch as it adds ...

House of Cards Season 4 (DVD) 31/08/2016

Can Frank win re-election?

House of Cards Season 4 (DVD) Season four of the TV drama series, House of Cards, Frank Underwood continues his campaign for re-election, without the support of his wife Claire, who has walked out on him. The fourth season of House of Cards features Frank Underwood campaigning for re-election as President of the United States, but this proves a challenge without wife, Claire's support. As the campaign trail heats up, Frank faces, a number of challenges, some of which could end his campaign dead. Old secrets surface and new opponents appear, including Will Conway, the Republican nominee for President. As Frank's enemies circle around ready to end his Presidency, he and Claire come up with a unique plan to get the US voters back on their side. This election campaign could be Frank's toughest challenge yet and possibly his last. I really enjoyed this season and found it to be interesting and enjoyable. It features great stories and new challenges for Frank. It is season which features top quality writing, with captivating stories, which some parallels to reality, including the current US election campaigns. The Underwood's must be at their most cunning and devious if they are to overcome their challengers. It is fascinating watching Frank and Claire work their skills and manipulate all around them. This season really brings Claire to the forefront and actually highlights the fact that she is just as ruthless and cunning as Frank and a the only one who can compete with him. The addition of new characters ...

House of Cards Season 3 (DVD) 25/08/2016

Corruption in the White House

House of Cards Season 3 (DVD) The fourth season of the drama TV series, House of Cards, continues the political corruption in the White House, as Frank Underwood manipulates those around him for his own agenda. In season four of House of Cards, Frank Underwood is now President of the United States and is determined to hold on to control, despite attempts to expose his secrets and past crimes. Frank plans to introduce a new plan called "America Works" which would see welfare spending cuts to pay for new job creation. However, there is opposition to "America Works" by the Democratic leadership in Congress, who are anxious over his radical plan. Claire manages to get Frank's support for a nomination for ambassador to the United Nations, but it proves more of a challenge as she must fight hard to win the role. Frank also faces problems with the revelation that his previous fixer, Doug Stamper survived his beaten by prostitute Rachel Posner, as Frank is unsure how much of a risk Doug will prove to his presidency. Will Frank be able to hold on to power and continue in his role as President of the United States? This is a great season of the TV series which has some engrossing and entertaining stories. As per the previous seasons, it is well directed and and is very stylishly crafted together to produce a brilliant series. It is great watching Frank manipulate everyone around him for his own agenda. This time around though, Frank must deal with personal issues as his marriage to Claire comes under intense ...

Fear the Walking Dead (Season 1) (DVD) 19/08/2016

The zombie apocalypse begins

Fear the Walking Dead (Season 1) (DVD) If you enjoy watching the TV series, The Walking Dead, then the companion and prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead, will definitely be of interest to you. Fear The Walking Dead is set at the onset of the zombie apocalypse. Fear The Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles, California, and follows a dysfunctional family including, a high school guidance counselor Madison Clark, her English teacher boyfriend Travis Manawa, as well as Madison's son and daughter, Chris and Alicia respectively. Travis also has a son, Chris, who lives with his mother and Travis' ex-wife, Liza Ortiz. The family already faces problems with Nick, who is a drug addict and Chris who is rebellious, but that is the least of their worries when civilisation begins to fall apart and people start changing into zombies. How will Madison and Travis cope with the zombie apocalypse and will they survive to tell the tale. I enjoyed this new story in the Walking Dead universe, as we learn more about the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. It is an interesting story, which features various themes, such as family loyalty, anarchy on the streets and fear. This series is very atmospheric and it has a dark mood, which adds to the tension. The cast are great and do well in their various roles. The make-up for the zombies is well done and adds to the scare factor, as they roam the streets of Los Angeles. The location of a busy city as the setting for this series is a great idea, as we see that even technology is not enough to ...
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