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Tesco (Shop) 26/01/2005

Watch out for the milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tesco (Shop) Let me tell you why i think this supermarket got the worst Customer service ever! The 23/12 (yes! just before Christmas!)I bought a 6 pint bottle of full fat milk at my local Tesco in Yate. Pay for it £1.51 at the till at 17.33 and came back home in Pucklechurch. Once in the kitchen I noticed the milk leaking and noticed that it didn't even had the security label on it. In these bottles is usually inside. I followed the trial, with a torch, and discovered my car's back sit drench in milk. So I contacted Tesco at 17.55 spoke with Lissie a checkout manager and she told me to have my car "valet" that they will refund it. The next day struggling to get one I phone back and I was told that I needed to way until "Dairy Crest" their provider knew about the situation, thing that was not going to be possible until the 29th. All this information given by the Customer Service Manager, extremely rude and even sarcastic (doing little laughs while talking to me, maybe cause my accent cause I speak Spanish, but anyway, pretty good English)wishing me a Merry Christmas. The 29th I rang the store first thing in the morning and I was told that until I drop the milk bottle nothing was going to be done, so after work I left the bottle in store (17.10) and this John Weed greet me in person this time and with a not very natural, even sarcastic smile told me that Dairy Crest was closed so there's was nothing to be done (after 6 days of milk drenching my car!). I explain this person (cause he's ...

Everything that starts with M ... 15/10/2004


Everything that starts with M ... I seen this questions in a review from jsrennie were he recommend fellow ciaoers to write one down, so here I am… 1. Where were you born? I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In a Private Hospital run by nuns so my mum hardly give me a glimpse before I was taken away from her, so she always knew me as this little clean girl! (With time, I noticed we look very similar, but I was quite worried when I heard this story for the first time!) 2. Where would you have liked to have been born? Wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world! 3. If you could be anyone famous, who would it be and why? I believe in the little pleasures from life, I don’t know if I want to be someone famous… maybe someone with lots of success not necessarily famous… 4. What are your main ambitions in life? Providing the best quality of life for my daughter (amazing how priorities change!) Before this I think was to visit all the countries in Europe. Every day more impossible, they keep reproducing themselves!!!! 5. What’s your all time favourite film? Before Sunset, so, so sweet and romantic, but now that I understand married life, my favourite is The Story of us, with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. I though someone wrote about me and made a movie!!! 6. Where’s the most beautiful place you have been? The Loire Valley is a strong contender but it’s probably Bariloche, it’s a small town in Argentina, next to the Andes, amazing… 7. Have you sat your driver/bike ...

All About Me 13/10/2004

Esta soy yo.

All About Me This is a little about me. I’ll be hardly “All about me” cause I’m still discovering things there! So at the moment here is some and I’ll come back to this!!! I was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as Martina Sanclemente, second child of the most handsome and brilliant man earth ever known (I know, I’ve got a little of the Electra* complex here, I know!) and my dearest mum the woman that deserves the price for patience for the 26th year on a row! And here it is, the questionnaire… 1. First Name: Martina 2. Were you named after anyone? Yes, my Nan was called Francisca Martina, thank God my parents opt for the second name! 3 Do you wish on stars? Not really, but I still wish if I go under a bridge and a train passes by. 4. Which finger is your favourite? Fish fingers? What is this about? Finger? Maybe the ring one, I’m very lucky I’m proud of my hands, and so of my fingers, but I don’t really favour one over the other! They are all special in their own way! 5. When did you last cry? Yesterday I took the train to work and my daughter started crying, “Mummy come back! I want more mummy!” Do I need to say more? 6. Do you like your handwriting? I love my handwriting! I think I was round 11 and this boy called Santiago shared his English lessons with me. I just feel in love with how tidy it all looked in his workbook so I decided to copy him! 7. What is your favourite lunch meat? Beef, sirloin cut. 8. Any bad habits? I don’t ...

10 Most Embarassing Moments 09/10/2004

Sexy underwear? Oh yeah!

10 Most Embarassing Moments I don't have ten, i just got one that is worth my other nine missing in the list! You don't believe me? Just read this: It’s been a couple of years now so I learn how to laugh about what happened to me (after moving to another town of course!). I worked during this whole Saturday doing some promotional work and by the time i came back home i was so tired that i was really dreaming about my bed and a good cup of coffee (yes caffeine to sleep too! complete addict i know!). Until my best friend and housemates told me that this boy I really fancied phoned and wanted to meet me later at certain pub and from there go clubbing. I couldn’t resist that offer so I had a quick shower, put fresh underwear. It took me round half an hour to choose the correct top, put it on to then change it a minute later and so on... While I was doing my make up, my mate boyfriend shouted from the car "hurry up" for the 20th time, so the next time he just told me I was going to be left behind so I put on the trousers I was wearing that day. Checked myself in the mirror and i was looking "good". Then I jumped into the car. Once in the pub I stood in my “sexiest” pose until “my” bloke came round (looking very handsome indeed) and told me “you are about to lose your underwear”. I was thrilled and answer all cocky: “are you felling lucky tonight?” until he pointed my ankle and I realized that the panties I was wearing that day where coming out of my trousers! They got stuck when I ...

Top 10 Foods 09/10/2004

My 10 loves

Top 10 Foods Ok, let’s get started. I was supposed to have done so 20 minutes ago but writing about food at lunchtime was not a great idea. Now, with few snacks surrounding me I can let you know my favourite 10.Unless you need to go for a snack, of course. So here we go: 1)Argentinean sirloin steak: I’m so very sorry if you happened to be a vegetarian but if you ever go to Argentina, you can go anywhere and order a sirloin steak, (medium for me!) try it and it can even change people believes or eating behaviours!!!!. So juicy, so tender I swear you don’t even need to use a sharp knife, it just goes trough the meat like butter. However, there’s a con, oh yes! Once you’ve tried what’s good you can never go back! Any other meat just will taste of rubber! I warned you… 2)Crispy Chilli Beef: Oh, yes! But to enjoy this meal you don’t only need a decent Chinese Takeaway near you but it’s a must not to question yourself about the ingredient of this dish. Cause if you don’t allow your senses drive you through this ultimate experience you won’t be able to enjoy it at all. Let’s be honest how come this meat got like that!? Looks like extra long and chunky worms dressed in jelly! 3)Lindor from Lindt: Can believe I used to live without them! They are the best luxury you can get after you baby daughter wet herself while she was sited on you and them manage to get her bike out of the porch and drive it all along the sitting room carpet.(Of course all this during an awful cold and rainy ...

La Plata 30/09/2004

La Plata means the Silver

La Plata Yes, La Plata means the silver but it can also means the money, and it was quite right during some time for this city to be called like that. La Plata is the capital of Buenos Aires Province, and after it was founded in the 1880's it was the heart of the whole country. Although now the heart and soul is in the Federal Capital, called Capital Federal, a very original name... La Plata kept it's interesting life. It's about 56 km southeast from the Fed. Cap. La Plata has amazing public buildings because it was supposed to reflect it's main roll in the Argentinean history. And the distribution of this tries to imitate Washington DC, USA, where all the major avenues are connecting the city's public buildings and parks. La Casa de Gobierno, that is the Government House, is were the Governor "works", head of the city, and is one of the most impressive buildings. Another one is the Natural History Museum. And although their fossil collection is not very organized is a massive one. In the middle of Moreno Park, the main one in the city is La Plata's Founding Stone. A monument that represents the city's origin. Every major city in Argentina got their Cathedral; here the Cathedral is in a neo-gothic style and shows lots about the cologne times that lived. The beautiful stained glass is a must in the city. It also has a museum but it doesn't say much. The Teatro Argentino is a new building that replaced the old theatre that was destroyed by a fire. The locals ...

Iguaçu Falls 20/07/2004

Cataratas del Iguazu

Iguaçu Falls Ok, some tips if you are planning to visit the waterfalls with seven jumps, even bigger than the American one. Don't forget to plan everything for their winter, if you plan to be there during December, January, February... think about this twice, you will need more than a huge bottle of water, it's summer there and specially there that is a tropical forest, everywhere you turn you'll find insects. So remember to carry, no matter when you go insects repellent all the time. The waterfalls present their best jumps in the Argentinean part that is why you will get the superb view in the Brazilian side. You have to options one is to stay in Brazil that is cheap although they raise prices for tourism or if not you can stay in Argentina. If you choose the second choice, you will be glad to know that their most luxury hotel in the area does not cost fortunes. it's a Sheraton situated in the middle of the Argentinean national park, so if you fancy a look to the waterfalls in the middle of night, specially when there is full moon, you won't need to get out the hotel. if you stay then in Argentina and someone offer to take you to the "Punto Trifinio"... save your money, there’s nothing there and it's called like that because there the 3 countries (Argentina, brazil, Paraguay) touch each other. However, it worth a day trip to the "Ruinas Jesuitas", where you can find the mission of the colony in the times where they were teaching to the indigenes. A visit to ...

Babyliss 2025 Hair Straighteners 20/07/2004

What for????

Babyliss 2025 Hair Straighteners Ok, a little description for the torture product: anyone can notice that this silly machine can straight to hairs at a time. No. I am not exaggerating, it is what we can call a travel styling product. That, of course, it is pointless to take to a holiday in the sea. Imagine! Wild hair will not surrender to this little joke! It would laugh at it! Is not the looks of it what bothers me, is the how useless it is. It cannot even straight! So do not expect any shine in there because it cannot even deal with its first reason to be! It cannot reach the appropriate temperature to do something, so although you use it once and again the curls will not go away. I am not going to waist time talking about it system to give that unique shine to the hair because it does not exists. Maybe their name wasn't a fantasy one, but a real one! Maybe its design for baby hair, people with already straight hair wanting to play that they are hairdressers! Everyone got that friend with amazing straigh hair that insists in using this products! I have a two-year-old daughter I might well give it to her to play with her dolls. I cannot give it back now because I lost the receipt. Therefore, if you are brave enough as to try it, or have nothing better to do that give me agree with me get it, but do not lose your receipt! You will need it! In my opinion do not even think spending money in this "thing” is going to be much quicker if you pull your curls and keep them like that for hours. ...

General: Aruba 20/07/2004

Bon Vini Aruba!

General: Aruba Bon vini Aruba (in their local language called "papiamento" means "welcome to Aruba") is what your passport will say if you come to this friendly island, or as they call it, and you'll also be able to read in that funny stamp with palms, "one happy island". Happy indeed. The island is a paradise for families or lovers. It is also a well-known resort from windsurfers, so the youth that enjoy this kind of water activities will find their place in here too. the nightlife is kind of poor, but it depends on the hotel where you're staying, some of them organize plays, games, bingos, dances, competition, and all the typical variety that beach resorts offers. if not a visit to the city will impress you in a nice way, full of lights, music everywhere, and all in a healthy and safe environment. All the main hotels are situated in the same beach, so you can walk to the next one to have a drink in their bar (any kind of drink, specially the ones with fruits, worth it), rent their water sports facilities, try their casino, or enjoy their meals. And talking about food... you won't believe your eyes when the time of breakfast arrives, being a Caribbean island explain the enormous variety of fruits. believe me, no matter what time you go to bed, you'll always be in time for the breakfast buffet! Then after a nice meal you can try one of the couple of swimming pools of the hotel, they all have more than one! Play some volley, basquetball, gym in the water, or practice some ...

Buenos Aires 20/07/2004

Restaurants and Nightclubs in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Restaurants in Buenos Aires. If you go to Argentina, you know that the word vegetarian is unknown in there. so lets face it, you must try meat, so taste, so mmmmm... so here are a few tips, if you are near Recoleta visiting Evita's (Eva Peron) grave you can walk along Junin Street where you can find a finest option of food, so instead of choosing the sports cafe, or the Henry j. beans ( yes! Argentina got them too!) You can give it a try in Cabaña Las Lilas restaurant. It is posh and not for a low budget (17 pounds per persons not wine incl.)However, you have to treat yourself in a place like this! The specialty is tenderloin that in spanish is lomo, but don't worry, the menu is in english too. But what happen if you are visiting the docks? Ah! Here you can can invite yourself to Hereford and try their taste ribs (asado) or if not try "achuras" a wide range of different meat and other cow stuff, only for braves! Why? They include more than we want to know! (kidneys, sweetbread, intestines, brains...) prices round 10 pounds per person. Don’t forget to book your table so you can enjoy a beautiful view to the docks. If you're planning something romantic, go at night! If you are hungry in the city centre make your way up to Corrientes Avenue to eat in el Palacio de la Papa Frita (the kingdom of the french fried) and try a juice steak. If you are really hungry, try the "bife a caballo" a steak with fried eggs on top, also with french fries! Here the prices are lower. ...

Mendoza 16/07/2004


Mendoza Valle de las Leñas means valley of the wood. But don't worry it doesn't mean that there are no good trails! It’s an important Argentinean ski resort that owns 60 km of trails that are for ski and it's about 2250 and 3430 mt over the sea level. Besides, it has a good portion of surface to practice ski away from the trails. from Europe it's easy to get there from a scheduled flight to Buenos Aires and from the same airport, Ezeiza, to Malargue (Las Leñas) or San Rafael(province of Mendoza), but this are not very often so the best thing is to change airport and go to the Jorge Newbery airport instead. It would take 45 minutes in a coach or bus, so I think that Buenos Aires worth a day there and then from Newbery airport to Malargue airport on a charter flight (no worries! they belong to the main airline!) it would take an hour and 40 minutes. Alternatively, if not to San Rafael airport and from there by land to the centre a little more than an hour. The most popular way to get there is by coach. it goes out from Retiro Station every day and it takes around 10 hours to arrive, but this trips are always exiting because are plenty of parties on them. Youngsters take control always on the buses, so you will probably learn few songs or smoke and drink another few. Las Leñas has 12.227 m of elevations. The capacity of the ski lifts is 9200 skiers per hour. And during winter they are open from nine to 17. They are few hotels and although Piscis is consider the best ...

General: Bonaire 16/07/2004

B for Bonaire

General: Bonaire Bonaire belongs to what is called the tropical "ABC". What is this ABC about? ABC means Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Bonaire is of the three the less prepared for tourists, and if we have to put them in order, the ABC would be more an acb. Bonaire IS worth a day trip that you can do either from Aruba or from Curacao. In addition, you will notice that Bonaire is the earth of the locals, maybe that is why their nightlife is much more relax than their neighbours. If you choose one this day trips you'll have a meal included either in the ship or in one of the tourist restaurants. Choose the second one, the meal worth it, rather than a silly sandwich you can enjoy a tasty fresh fish while the Caribbean music is played live. And is highly recommendable to choose the option that includes some snorkel or scuba diving, they stop in the middle of the journey in a crowdie fish area. Keep you camera ready because there are great pictures to be taken in your way back. And do not panic if you find yourself jumping in the ship, the return is always windy! However, to be honest I don’t know if it’s because in Aruba you have great windsurf and in Curacao, exceptionally views but Bonaire didn’t leave any great memories in me!

Colonia del Sacramento 16/07/2004

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento If you visit Argentina, I think that it worth crossing the Rio de la Plata (River Plate) to visit Uruguay. And colonia is a good option. It takes an hour or two, depending on the ferry you choose to cross the river. Buquebus is the name of the company that organizes this travels that can also include a lunch in a farm, or in a restaurant inside the old city, or even a night in a hotel. The price for a whole day including the meal and the tour is about 40 pounds, depending on the menu for the lunch (the farm option is more expensive). Colonia used to be the old capital of the country. The complete name is colonia Del Sacramento, a catholic name for one of the eldest spanish/portuguese colony in South America. How old are we talking about? The portuguese Manoel Lobo founded it in 1680 and then although Portugal and Spain agreed over the cession of Colonia round 1750, the Jesuit missionaries started education the locals in there and by 1777, it was one of the most important ports because of contraband to Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Some years ago was declared as one of the jewels of humanity. Why? Let me tell you... if you visit the town you will probably get in there trough the puerta de campo, this is the entrance to the old city. Once in there the Plaza Mayor 25 de Mayo makes their presence (main park 25 May), if you walk straight from the entrance you'll find a narrow alley called “Calle the los Suspiros” (the sights street) and there are two explanation ...

Punta del Este 16/07/2004

Summer of Great fun!

Punta del Este Punta del Este means “point east”. And this unknown place for europeans is a massive hit for all the famous and rich argentinian neighbours. It's not more than two hours from Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, and it's a well prepared resort for the thousands of visitors that receive every summer. Remember that summer in this side of the world is during December, January, February, March... but it doesn't means that it's dead during wintertime, every bank holiday, either in Uruguay or in Argentina, invites all their lovers for some more few days. The best thing about Punta del Este is that is that kind of place where you can go with family, friend, lover, grandparents, even pets, and they will all say that they are really enjoying themselves. So some tips about their beaches. They are separated in four main groups: "la Mansa" that means “the calm”, "la Brava" that means “the wild”; "Solanas" an important hotel gives their name and "la Barra" that means “the bar”. As you can imagine la Barra is the main area for youth, there the beach is separated in theme stops, and each of them belong to a sponsor such as guess, quilmes (argentinian beer), ford, mobile co., etc. it also matches their appropriate age, but they change every year so you'll probably will have to ask for that years sponsor as to know in what area you want to stay. La Mansa is definitely for families and grandparents. La Brava is for surfers, and there is the beach called “la Olla” that means ...

Tierra del Fuego 16/07/2004

The Land of Fire!

Tierra del Fuego Tierra del Fuego is the southern province in Argentina. It’s that little boot that we can see clearly in the map. Tierra del Fuego means “The Land of Fire” and it is believed to be named like that because of their amazing sunsets where the land and snow seems to catch fire and turn red. Its capital, Ushuaia, is the southern city in the world and it is not famous because of that but because of all its beauty. Moreover, although its sounds like a desert place there are many things to do in there! How to get there? Ushuaia is 3.171 km from Buenos Aires so a coach is not a very good option if you are only interested in visiting ushuaia. But if you are planning to visit the Patagonia go for it, a coach will let you know what’s all about! Although the best thing is to hire a car, the roads there are empty, and when I say empty is empty! If you go by coach it will arrived to Rio Gallegos and from there to Ushuaia via Chile and you’ll need to cross in a ferry the “estrecho de Magellan’s”. By plane from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. Alternatively, from a regional flight from Rio Gallegos, Lago Argentino (el Calafate) and Comodoro Rivadavia. It is more expensive but it worth it. Where to stay? You have a wide option, hotels, aparts, B&B, campings… the prices go from $200 at hotels (argentine pesos that are about 78 pounds per room per night, although there special promotions each season) or B&B are about $40 (25 pounds a night per room). Camping are about 5 or 7 ...
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