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Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette 17/09/2017

Great On the Go

Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette When it comes to buying make up I really value the opinion of beauty bloggers as they seem to test that many products that when they make a recommendation I'm open to listening. I don't always wear a lot of make up but when I'm going out I like to try out a few different looks and when it comes to buying single eye shadows it can be more expensive than just buying a palette where you get a good mix of colours. I follow quite a few beauty bloggers and one product that was recommended was this Laura Mercier Extreme Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette, I got mine last year and only John Lewis had it on sale but now it has become more widely available. PACKAGING Now, this palette has quite an interesting outside design it's almost a brown snakeskin type print which is very unique but it looks sophisticated and it opens up with a mirror on the underside of the lid which is perfect when you're taking this out and about. Also, it has a magnetic close so shuts really well which stops it from opening unless prised open. The palette isn't ridiculously big in size either so tends to be the eyeshadow palette I will take with me when I'm going away on holiday as it has a good variety of colours and fits in my make up bag nicely. It is light to carry and very easy to transport. LAURA MERCIER EXTREME NEUTRALS EYESHADOW PALETTE I like the colours in this palette as obviously from the title there are a good mix of neutrals so enough to create many different looks. There is a plastic cover that can ...

Rustoleum Metallic Brilliant Spray 11/06/2017

A Shiny Copper Finish

Rustoleum Metallic Brilliant Spray With me planning a wedding and doing a lot of decorations for it one thing I had purchased was a lot of wooden table numbers and signage, it looked nice but was quite plain just on its own so I had seen a few ideas online of spray painting wood to make it look more exciting. I did a lot of research though as there are a lot of metallic spray paints out there but I wanted the best possible finish even if that meant paying a bit more for it as I didn't want it to look tacky. After a lot of researching and reading I came across the brand Rust-Oleum which seemed to get a lot of positive comments. PACKAGING The Rust-Oleum spray is quite distinct it comes in a can with an aerosol top on it and it contains 400ml of spray paint. There are different colours you can go for but I wanted to go for the Brilliant Metallic Copper finish not the Elegant finish so it would shine more. It all depends on what you're looking for though, I had seen pictures of results and new this one matched my look, the front of the can has a picture of some metallic items and the Rust-Oleum logo and shade name, the lid is a bright metallic copper to show the exact colour so it's easy to pick up on the shelf. RUSTOLEUM BRILLIANT METALLIC COPPER SPRAY So, when I first got this I'd been looking around for the best deal and in the end I bought it off eBay, I read a lot of instructions before actually using this and then decided to spray it outside on a hot day as atleast it wouldn't leave a strong smell in the ...

Colgate Max White One Optic 02/04/2017

Feeling Blue

Colgate Max White One Optic For a while I have been trying to find the toothpaste that's right for me and although so many nowadays claim to be 'whitening' toothpastes that show results in weeks, I've used so many where I've noticed no difference whatsoever. After my last toothpaste disappointed I came across the advert for this Colgate Max White Optic, the advert on TV looked good but I waited maybe a month or so before finally purchasing it, as I then came face to face with it in the supermarket where it really caught my eye, it was also on offer so I thought this would probably be one of the best times to finally try it out. PACKAGING This toothpaste is quite bold on the shelf and looks a lot higher end than some of the other designs, it comes in a red metallic box with a picture on the front of the toothpaste tube and it also claims on the box to be 3 time more powerful instantly & visibly whiter teeth. The toothpaste comes in a 75ml tube which also matches the same design as the box, the lid is a flip up lid so it is easier to open and close. The toothpaste is not suitable for children under the age of 7, with the promise of visibly whiter teeth I was ready to give this toothpaste a go and see if the claims were actually true. COLGATE MAX WHITE OPTIC So, to begin with I wasn't expecting the colour of the toothpaste to be so blue!. It is a blue glittery toothpaste which is really different but it does seem to work really well, the blue foam seems to cover teeth and really seems to clean while ...

Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer 12/02/2017

Erasing The Dark Circles

Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer I like to have a couple of different concealers as I have my more expensive NARS one but then I wanted a cheaper day to day one too, so that I haven't got to use up my expensive one all of the time. It's not easy finding the right concealer but thankfully a friend of mine is a make up artists and a product they recommended for me was this Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer, it's not long been out and I'd never actually heard of it until it was recommended. I have always really liked Maybelline as a brand but haven't seen as much advertising for their products recently, so it's hard to keep up. PACKAGING The packaging for this concealer is really nice as it comes in a pen shaped package, tall and thin with a sponge head at the top and it contains 6.8ml of product. It also comes in a few different shades, these are Light and Nude, they don't have the biggest shade range which is the only downside but for me I went for the shade Light as it reflected perfectly under the eye without being too pale. The packaging is quite minimal, it's a clear tube and has a small pink label on the front where the name 'The Eraser Eye' is on the side and it states what's included in the product, it's a nice design, perfect for carrying in my handbag. MAYBELLINE AGE REWIND EYE CONCEALER This concealer isn't overly expensive, that's another brilliant thing about Maybelline products they are competitively priced so that if you run out, you're not thinking you need to spend a lot to get a ...

Testament of Youth (2014) (DVD) 29/01/2017

Testament Of Inspiration

Testament of Youth (2014) (DVD) I do love watching films but as well as catching up on all of the new releases, I like to make sure every now and then that I watch some of the older films that I might have missed or not have had a chance to watch. While looking on my Netflix account to see what was up for watching, I came across a film I had really wanted to see at the time of release but didn't get round to it. This film is Testament Of Youth, I love a war time drama and the cast of this was so strong, as well as all of the reviews I read and being based on a true story, this felt even more worthy of a watch so I decided to play it. PLOT SYNOPSIS What I like about this film, is it is a British based film, so it hasn't been over dramatised or hit with too many special effects it is a raw well portrayed film about the life of Vera Brittain set in 1914 to begin with where we learn that Vera wants to get into Oxford University which in those days was not easy for a woman. She has a close knit group of friends, her brother Edward Brittain (Taron Egerton), her close friend Victor (Colin Morgan) and their friend Roland Leighton (Kit Harrington) and it shows us the relationship the four of them have, care free and young all with dreams to aspire in the world, some with a love of music, some with a love of writing. The Brittain's are quite a well off family in those times, after much consideration and with the help of her brother, her father finally agrees to let her sit the exam to get into Oxford. Vera then ...

Babyliss Reflections Luxury Illuminated Mirror 08/01/2017

LED Flawless Finish

Babyliss Reflections Luxury Illuminated Mirror When I am getting ready to go out I am lucky that my wardrobe has full length mirrors which makes it easier to get ready but one thing I struggle with is lighting as sometimes it can be dark and not always easy when doing my hair and make-up. So, I was really touched when at Christmas a relative got me a lovely surprise and bought me this Babyliss Reflections Luxury Illuminated Mirror, I'd never seen these before anywhere so loved the look of it instantly. It was the perfect solution for me getting ready and I also think the design of it looks very stylish too which is great. APPEARANCE The mirror itself stands at a height of 38cm and a width of 25cm with a depth of 15cm. The diameter of the mirror itself is 20.5cm and the overall weight of the product is 1.098kg. The mirror has a really nice chrome finish on it which most mirrors tend to have but when I first got this I hoped it wasn't battery operated but thankfully it's a plug in mirror so at least you don't need to buy batteries constantly for this. It's the perfect height to sit on a dressing room table so it should sit at eye level and the light is bright enough to give a light glow to the face without being too bright. BABYLISS REFLECTIONS LUXURY ILLUMINATED MIRROR This product comes in a huge box but once you take the mirror out, it's nowhere near as big as you'd expect from the packaging. I don't have a dressing table in my room so only bring this out when I need to get ready and usually sit it on my bedside ...

Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki 30/12/2016

Beautifully Blended

Sigma F86 Tapered Kabuki I have been trying to add to my make-up brush collection recently as I have a few good brushes but some are a bit old now and don't work well and don't give the desired look I want. I follow a few really good beauty bloggers and a brand I kept hearing quite a lot about is the brand Sigma Beauty. They do a lot of different brushes and one brush in particular I've seen a lot about is their F86 Tapered Kabuki brush, I always hear good things about it and for Christmas I finally asked for someone to get me this as I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about and how good it really was. APPEARANCE The Sigma F87 Tapered Kabuki brush is a good quality brush which you can tell as soon as you hold it, it's a black gloss handle with the Sigma logo down the side and the brush name and number and the head of the brush is quite smooth. It's almost a dome like head to this brush and it is made from soft and dense fibres and because of this it doesn't tend to absorb liquid products and gives a really professional finish this is why it is so highly recommended. The brush hairs are very soft on this and they are dark at the bottom but then go lighter at the top so it's quite distinct looking. SIGMA F86 TAPERED KABUKI BRUSH So, I bought this brush for one reason and that was for applying my under eye concealer, I have reviewed the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer a few weeks back and this is the brush I will use to apply it. All Sigma brushes come with a two year warranty which is good to ...

GHD V Gold Copper Luxe Styler 04/12/2016

Straightening With Shimmer

GHD V Gold Copper Luxe Styler I have always been a big fan of GHD for as long as I've known the brand, they've always been superior on the hair styling market but of course they're definitely very expensive. I do think as the years have gone on, a lot of brands have been competing with the brand and have managed to achieve a lot of similar features to them but there's still something special about owning GHD's themselves. They always bring out limited edition versions of their straighteners and normally I'd take no notice as I always owned the classic straighteners but when I saw this Gold Copper Luxe set I knew I had to have this one. PACKAGING There's something stunning about the packaging of this set, it comes in a copper fronted box with the GHD logo on it and a picture of the V Styler, it says what is included in the set. What's nice about this and ideal as a gift is that it comes with the copper coloured V Styler, a Nails Inc nail varnish in the shade Copper Hue, it also comes with a heat resistant storage bag which I have always wanted as I've kept my old ones in the box the whole time as I've never had the storage bag. It also comes with a protective plate guard, it's got a lot in the set and is great value for money if you want to pay the extra for it. GHD V GOLD LUXE COPPER STYLER Now, the straighteners are beautiful to look at the copper gold hue with the logo on the side, the buttons are even a metallic copper and the ceramic plates are a dark copper too, it all ties in very well and looks ...

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer 27/11/2016

Long Lasting and Crease Free

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer I have always had a problem with having really bad under eye bags and over the years I have tried a number of concealers to try and minimise this problem but I still don't feel like I've found the right product. I've used everything from YSL Touche Eclat, to Benefit Erase Paste which is ok but can give my eyes an almost orange look at the end of the day which I don't tend to like. So, one day I decided to do my research and look for a worthwhile under eye concealer and checked out beauty bloggers on YouTube etc, and the product that seemed to come highly recommended was this NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. APPEARANCE NARS products are premium and only sold in select places but what I love about the packaging is that it's very sophisticated. It comes in a matt finish black cardboard box with the NARS logo in white writing, it's in a long rectangular box. The concealer itself is in a long tube with a black rubber top and a glass body so you can see the concealer through, it doesn't feel that heavy but it holds 6ml of product which I hope will last a good amount of time. It has a sponge applicator tip almost like you'd expect from a lip gloss but this does make it very easy to apply the product to the fact. NARS CREAMY CONCEALER Before using this product I wanted to ensure I was choosing the shade that was right for my skin tone, I had watched a few beauty videos to see a rough idea of the shades I thought would suit my skin tone but in the end I had narrowed it down to two I ...

Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) 23/10/2016

Hours Of Fights

Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) I have only recently had a PS4 in the house as my other half bought one to replace our PS3. I used to love playing computer games but for a while have not really been buying new games, however, since getting the PS4 there have been so many games I've wanted to buy that it's gotten me excited about computer games again. One of the most recent games that I bought for the PS4 was Mortal Kombat XL, I used to always play this game on older consoles and I like the fact it's multiplayer too so that we can both play the game together making it more fun. QUICK SUMMARY Mortal Kombat for me has always been well known for being a fighting game but that's all that it used to be but what has been great about the new XL version is that it has more of a storyline to it and it has been really enjoyable to play. I usually like to make sure I find out about all the possible options to play the game before really beginning it. The game is created with a range of characters some from ages ago that I still recognise but then there have also been newer characters introduced to add to the storyline and it is still a case of the Outer World characters vs the Earthrealm and this is the basis of the story. GAME MODES Now, with this computer game to begin with I went on the Training Mode, you cannot go any further and start the story until you complete this. I found this really useful although challenging at times as you complete training with a few different fighters and the idea is that you play ...

Drumond Park Articulate Your Life 16/10/2016

Fast Talking Points

Drumond Park Articulate Your Life I have had friends round recently and a game I have always enjoyed playing is Articulate, it is described as 'the fast talking description game' and that it is. It's not too difficult to pick up the rules and so far everyone I've introduced to it has loved it, so much so that my friends actually got me the other version they have released which is Articulate Your Life. It is still the same idea but with a few different rules and different categories introduced into the game. This game can apparently be played with up to 20 players but `I think the most I've had playing at one time is 6 and it's always been good fun then. PACKAGING The box is so compact and keeps everything in the one place, with it you get a set of instructions, 6 playing pieces, 500 cards, bonus dice, the game board, the electronic timer and that's everything you need to play. The box is brightly coloured and well laid out, there is a place in the middle where the timer sits and to get the timer working you just need to add 2 x AA batteries and it will be ready to use. The start and finish points are clearly stated on the board so that you know the way to go round, players pick their playing piece and then the game is pretty much ready to begin. DRUMOND PARK ARTICULATE YOUR LIFE Now, to begin with this game has to be player in pairs as a minimum, so if you have 6 players there will be 3 teams of 2, as one needs to describe and the other needs to answer. It is interesting as most of the times I've played ...

Charlotte's 3 Minute Bum Blitz (DVD) 09/10/2016

Pancake Or Peach?

Charlotte's 3 Minute Bum Blitz (DVD) At the minute I am currently trying to lose a bit of weight, not too much but just enough to feel confident in myself. With the weight loss I want to continue to keep fit and as much as I love to go running and go to the gym, they cost a lot of money and also the weather getting colder isn't the most encouraging time to go out and run. I had heard good things about Charlotte Crosby's Bum Blitz DVD, she has two fitness DVD's out now, the first was a success and this being her second has also done well, not bad for a girl who started out on Geordie Shore being known for drinking and partying excessively, this DVD has got her noticed for more than just going out. PACKAGING With this DVD it comes with a bright yellow cover with a picture of Charlotte with her back to us, no doubt showing off her toned bum. The DVD cover promises to 'blast off body fat and build a booty' the packaging is filled with reviews about how successfully this DVD is. Charlotte herself claims this has made her bum go from fat and flat to skinny and peachy, now Charlotte herself is a bit ditzy so it is reassuring to know that she is doing this DVD with her trainers Richard Callender and David Souter who have come up with this whole routine to really get rid of fat and help tone up, I was ready to give this a go! CHARLOTTE'S 3 MINUTE BUM BLITZ Now, when I first heard about this DVD I didn't really get excited, I'm not normally one of these people that buy's into the celebrity fitness DVD's as I feel they ...

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil 25/09/2016

On Trend Matte Lips

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil I like to read my beauty magazines and love to try out new products but they do seem to be so expensive so I tend to ask for them for my birthday or Christmas as then it makes it more exciting. A product I had recently heard a lot of good things about was this NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, I know NARS as a brand is very premium and I do own a few of their eye shadows but don't know much else about their product range so quite looked forward to receiving this lip pencil. It has been well talked about online etc so I chose the shade I wanted and decided the matte pencil was the one for me. APPEARANCE The design of this product is of course very much in the typical NARS brand styling, it comes in a black box with white NARS logo on the side, the pencil itself is a black matte finish and the end is a band of colour that matches the lip pencil shade. It looks very premium, and stylish and in a typical pencil you get 2.4g or 0.08oz so it is about the size of a normal pencil but thicket and it does look like it will last a long time. It is very lightweight and so easy to fit in your handbag if you want to take this on a night out for a top up. This matte lip pencil also comes in a wide range of shades approximately 20 to choose from. NARS VELVET MATTE LIP PENCIL I was happy with my NARS lip pencil when I got it for my birthday, it was really hard deciding on a shade as they have a great range from reds, pinks to browns and quite neutral shades but I chose Bettina which is a ...

Silvercrest Rice Cooker 13/09/2016

Rusting Slowly Every use

Silvercrest Rice Cooker A year or so ago I remember I couldn't believe it when I saw that Lidl would be selling rice cookers for just £9.99 for their Asian week. Its price was too good and I knew these wouldn't be around long, I was at work so thankfully I sent a family member out to get one and thankfully there were some in stock. I had never heard of the brand Silvercrest before but the rice cooker looked great in design and I was willing to test it out as having a rice cooker makes life so much more easier compared to having to do it in the pan and also tastes better than just buying microwaveable rice pouches. APPEARANCE The design of this rice cooker is quite stylish, it has a brushed steel looking body and the top of it is a black plastic colour, included in the box were the cooking bowl, the cables to power this up, a plastic steaming tray, a measuring cup for the rice and a plastic spoon too. There's also an instruction manual that comes with this but once you have a read over it, it's all pretty straightforward. The brand name is on the front and there is a switch to set the cooker which has a coloured light on the front. The capacity of this rice cooker is 1 litre and it also uses 700W of electricity when running. SILVERCREST RICE COOKER When I first got this rice cooker, I made sure that I had read the instruction manual to ensure I didn't miss a thing as I wanted to make sure that I was cooking the rice perfectly. It's quite easy to get this rice cooker working, the first thing I ...

Garnier Moisture Restore Night Care Cream 02/09/2016

Glowing Skin At A Great Price!

Garnier Moisture Restore Night Care Cream I have been looking recently into products to help my skin feel and look better. I'm not getting any younger and I feel at times my skin can look tired and lacking a healthy glow which is not what I want. I don't always have time in the mornings to have a lengthy skin routine so when I came across this Garnier Moisture+ Restore Night Care Cream, I firstly like the idea of it with it being a night cream which for me is easier as I have more time in the evenings. I have used Garnier products in the past and do like the brand, they have a very good reputation and are also very well known worldwide. PACKAGING This cream has quite subtle but distinct packaging, this comes in a purple plastic pot with the Garnier logo on the front and the Moisture Restore+ Night Care badge, I think being purple this really adds to the feel of it being a night cream and seems different from the packaging of most skincare brands which tend to use whites and blues, fresh colours. The size of this packaging is 50ml which seems to be good value for money, it isn't as pricey as some of the competitors. It comes in a box which also states everything this cream promises to do, it has clear information from the get go which is useful. GARNIER MOISTURE+ RESTORE NIGHT CREAM With this cream before going into my experience, it has a lot of promises and I'm always very apprehensive when any product claims to do so much. The idea of this cream is that it aims to support and repair the skins natural cycle ...
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