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8 11/06/2003

Excellent Web Site I have been a subscriber to free web-money opportunities for the past two years or more. I have tried them all - paid to read email, paid to surf, paid to take surveys, complete quizzes and even change my start page. However, I have to say that none of these gimmicks ever made me much money. That is, until the discovery of Porivo. All you have to do is download and install the Porivo PEER program on as many machines as you have access to (I run it on about 10 machines at work, but don't tell the boss :-) ). You then get paid $0.10 per day for accumulating 4 hours of connection time to the internet throughout the day, plus you get somewhere in the region of $0.005 per minute of processing time. It doesn't sound like much, but you can safely guarantee at least $5 per month before you get any referrals. You get $1 per person you get to sign up as well, so that can't be bad. Lets face it, though, you are never going to be able to retire on $5 per month, are you? So, what's the big attraction then? Quite simply, it is the challenge of accumulating more online time than anyone else. There are constantly updated leaderboards - for both monthly and overall stats - which provide the real challenge. I want to be number 1!! If you are interested in this kind of program then it is worth also checking out United Devices. Which, whilst it doesn't pay for your processing time, does invaluable work in trying to find a cure for cancer. So, put your machine's idle time to good ...

Jokes 15/02/2002

Blind Faith

Jokes Passengers on a small commuter plane are waiting for the flight to leave. They're getting a little impatient, but the airport staff has assured them that the pilots will be there soon, and the flight can take off immediately after that. The entrance opens, and two men walk up the aisle, dressed in pilots' uniforms - both are wearing dark glasses, one is using a seeing-eye dog, and the other is tapping his way up the aisle with a cane. Nervous laughter spreads through the cabin; but the men enter the cockpit, the door closes, and the engines start up. The passengers begin glancing nervously around, searching for some sign that this is just a little practical joke. None is forthcoming. The plane moves faster and faster down the runway, and people at the windows realize that they're headed straight for the water at the edge of the airport territory. As it begins to look as though the plane will never take off, that it will plow into the water, panicked screams fill the cabin - but at that moment, the plane lifts smoothly into the air. The passengers relax and laugh a little sheepishly, and soon they have all retreated into their magazines, secure in the knowledge that the plane is in good hands. Up in the cockpit, the copilot turns to the pilot and says, "You know, Bob, one of these days, they're going to scream too late, and we're all gonna die." ms :-)

Samsung SGH 600 01/02/2002

Sexy Talk

Samsung SGH 600 I was a bit of a late starter when it came to mobile phones. Everyone else seemed to have one so, in the summer of 1999, I decided I should probably get myself sorted with a mobile. My girlfriend had been a mobile phone user for years and she knew all the things to look for in a phone - battery life, sound quality, size, weight and so on. Although this probably didn't help much in the end because we both knew which phone we wanted as soon as we saw it in the shop - the Samsung SGH600. We didn't want it for any of the 'sensible' reasons either, but purely because of it's looks. To be honest, I'm not sure you can still buy this phone on the high street. Maybe you can find an Arthur Daley that'll let you take one off his hands for a tenner at your local market, but that's about the only way you'll get one. Unless you ask me nicely and pay me handsomely, of course :-). I shall be discussing the phone generally and voicing my opinions about it first - if it's facts you want, skip to the end of this op. Let's start off with a few bad points then. This is not a recent addition to the mobile phone community, I bought mine almost 3 years ago. As such it doesn't bring with it all the expected benefits of one of your new-fangled Nokia mobile entertainment center thingies. No games, no radio, not many ring tones, no MP3, no WAP, poor sound quality and, let's face it, a pretty poor screen for texting. Doesn't sound too good, does it? The main problem with this phone is that ...

Evesham Technology 24/01/2002

Repeat Offender

Evesham Technology Many good opinions have been given about Evesham as an PC retailer, but I wanted to be first to offer an opinion specifically on their web presence. My experiences with Evesham began when I bought my first PC back in 1994. My friend and next-door-neighbour already had a PC from Evesham and, at the time, they offered great value for money with their extensive range of PC's. If I remember correctly, I ordered my first PC over the telephone. Since I never once had a problem with the first PC I bought from Evesham I suppose it counted in their favour when I was looking for a replacement early last year. I did briefly consider other PC retailers, looking at Mesh, Dell, Gateway, HP and Tiny to name but most of them! I finally chose Evesham and am thoroughly delighted with my second PC from them. So, to the website. You will find the Evesham website quite easily, being that it's URL is Always a good start when you don't have to go hunting around for a company's home page, or it's called something like The site is very slickly designed. No flashy flash animations which seriously annoy me - mainly because they take so damn long to download but also because they usually detract from my surfing experience far more than adding to it. The graphics are designed in a nice range of blues which are easy on the eye - another important factor for me. Oh, and there's no flashing banners or buttons trying to sell you ... 21/01/2002

Toolman Heaven How do I start to extol the virtues of such a fantastic company? First, some background. Since joining the house owning community about 18 months ago, I seem to have spent every weekend (and some evenings) wandering up and down the aisles of every DIY store within a 30 mile radius of the house. Not only am I getting to know the products from every department but also typical prices and even some of the staff! So, although I am not in the trade, I feel I have a pretty good idea of what to look for in a DIY outlet. Apart from a number of telephone calls I have had no direct contact with the store itself. Although I am led to believe they have a small corner shop somewhere in Yeovil at which you can purchase the items in person, if you so wish. However, I would recommend either using the telephone or get onto the web site - which is the subject of this opinion. has everything from a diddle-eyed-Joe to a damned-if-I-know. Screws, fixings, bolts, drills, nails, storage, sealants and adhesives, paints, screwdriver bits, blades, building accessories, abrasives, door furniture, security, lighting, electrical, ventilation, plumbing, safety, hand tools, automotive, power tools, janitorial and big stuff. They simply have far too many products for me to provide a full list here but I reckon if they don't do it then nobody does. You can even buy vouchers for that DIY crazed husband or boyfriend (or wife or girlfriend, didn't want to leave you out ladies)! The web ...

Amstel Premium Lager 17/01/2002

Free Beer

Amstel Premium Lager Little did I know that when I invited my family around for Christmas would I end up with so much left over alcohol. Of course, I bought enough beer/rum/brandy/whisky/coke/lemonade to keep Curly (Corrie :-)) in drink for a year to start with. But it seemed to breed in my garage! The best find amongst all this free booze was a crate of Amstel which my father brought with him. We've both been to Greece enough times to know and love the taste of Amstel (it's either that or Heineken!). But I've never actually thought of buying the stuff at my local Tescos. However, I think I might in future. The Facts --------- On June 11, 1870, two-year-old Ernest de Pester, the son of Amstel founder Baron C.A. de Pester, laid the first stone for the Amstel brewery in Amsterdam. The new brewery was the brainchild of two Amsterdam businessmen, De Pester and J.H. van Marwijk Kooy, responding to the skyrocketing popularity of Bavarian beers in Holland. And although there were already 559 breweries in Holland at that time, only two of them brewed Bavarian style 'lager' beer. Amstel, named after the river on which Amsterdam is built, now produce 10 different kinds of beer. They are Light, 1870, Gold, Malt, Lente Bock, Oud Bruin, Bock, Herfst Bock and - the variety this op is about - Lager. Some of these varieties are brewed worldwide including in the United States, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary and the UK. Since 1969, the Amstel breweries have been a subsidiary of Heineken. The ... 14/01/2002

Choose it or Lose it OK, so you're tired of getting miniscule sums of money for clicking, surfing, reading and listening for hours on end. Well, so am I. So here's the good news. The whole point about the MyEcom network seems to have been missed. Alright, so directly you probably won't earn a whole bag full of money - I think I am owed about $15 which I have made over the past 6 months or so from running the Banner Bar (which, incidentally, pays you even when it is minimised :-) ). What you do get though is free referrals. The way it works is that you direct people to the MyEcom website using your unique link and, if they sign up, you get them as a referral. For every person you refer, you get another referral free. You will also receive referrals as spill-over from your upline as well as people who signed up with no referral id who are cycled through to spread them about evenly. A concrete example of this process in action is my referral list. I have directly referred 4 people to MyEcom. However, I have 28 people in my downline (including 9 direct referrals). So, I earn money from each of those people in my downline. Not only that, but I also get referrals to all the other referral programs of which I am a member. All you have to do is provide your id of each program to which you belong to MyEcom, which then takes care of signing up new people for you. MyEcom does all the advertising for you and you are safe in the knowledge that you are attracting other like-minded web-earners and ... 19/12/2001

Worst online company ever I've been using the internet for about 8 years now and I'm a heavy user (by which I don't mean I weigh a lot, but I am probably online for around 8 hours per day). However, I have only been a regular online shopper for the past 2 years or so. During this time, I have had no complaints at all and I have used a lot of different companies - amazon, bol, cd101, jungle, evesham, dabs and even Sainsburys and Tescos. Perhaps these companies are to blame for my current state of shock with WHSmith online. Maybe it's not actually Smith's fault that I expect next day delivery unless the item is not in stock when I expect a next-day email informing me of this. I expect to be able to log in to my account and instantly see the status of my orders (and the correct status I might add!). Perhaps I expect too much. I won't bore you with the full details of my ordering nightmare, but I will sum up what happened to back up my grievances. I placed an order for 2 DVD's with Smiths because, quite frankly, they were cheaper than anyone else at the time - offering a second DVD for half price after buying the first. The day after I had placed the order, I checked 'my orders' section of the website only to find, to my surprise, that they had no record of my order!! I kept checking daily over the next week or so, but my order never appeared. Of course, I assumed that my order had not been placed (how stupid of me!) and I re-ordered said DVD's. A day later, two identical orders now appeared on the ...
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