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Boots No.17 Concealer 20/08/2014

17 concealer

Boots No.17 Concealer Even though I take good care of my skin and I'm the wrong side of 30, I still get the odd spot from time to time which doesn't always look that nice so I use a cover stick to cover it up. As it's not a product I use a lot of the time I never want to spend a lot of money on it so this blemish stick from the 17 range at Boots is perfect and does just the job. Boots say this blemish stick helps to conceal blemishes and imperfections and offers all day shine free coverage. This is exactly what I need from a blemish/concealer stick so it works perfectly for me. The stick looks just like a lipstick in that it has the stick I side and is covered by a sheath cover to keep the concealer safe and not damaged in your make up bag. The packagaing is not amazingly sophisticated and seems a little bit cheap to me but then I just want the product inside and not some fancy packaging. What I like about the stick is that it has quite a point on it so when it comes to dabbing it over a spot this point comes in really handy and works really well. If the spot is a troublesome one I tend to use a brush and take a little bit of product from th stick and then paint it on but apart from that I just use the stick. The stick has a lovely matte consistency to it and is quite thick and so I find that it doesn't let the spot shine through after its been on for a few hours and nor does it make my face shine in any way which I really like. The stick comes in three colours to match most skin types, ...

Superdrug The little Green Tin 20/08/2014

Little green tin

Superdrug The little Green Tin Ok, so its not pink like the Superdrug little pink tin but it is just as good as the pink version except this one is green and hence called the Superdrug little soothing green tin and its my constant companion in my handbag as its so good and so handy and really works well on my lips.  Inside the tin you will find a Lip Therapy Lip Balm which Superdrug say, "softens and soothes dry and cracked lips." It's basically a solid small tin of petroleum jelly. I love it when you get a new tin because the formula is perfect and smooth and I love getting my finger and being the first to use this balm. The substance is much like a wax substance although it is not as sticky as wax. As soon as you rub your finger across the mixture it comes away on your finger and you can then apply it to your lips. I find that you really only need a bit of the lip balm and it smoothes onto my lips really well. It does keep them nice and smooth and I like how it keeps them that way throughout the day. What I like about this lip balm is that its just very simple and plain but works well. There is also added aloe vera in the formula too which always works well on my skin and I'm glad of the inclusipn in this lip balm as I feel it adds that extra touch of softness that other lip balms don't have. The great thing about this lip balm is that it has an apple flavour to it. It smells really delicious and when you apply it to your lips its quite subtle and not overpowering and fruity like some apple flavours ...

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara 19/08/2014

Lash Vegas

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara I love Las Vegas the place, I have had some of my best weekends there so when I saw this play on words mascara from Barry M I knew it was just the mascara for me! Plus, I use quite a bit of Barry M cosmetics and products and like their quality and affordable prices so I was really looking forward to trying this mascara. Barry M say, "For BIG Showgirl lashes! Pump up the volume with Barry M’s NEW LARGER THAN LIFE Lash Vegas mascara with spiral wand to catch every lash." The mascara is a very dark jet black colour which I like as its nice and bold and gives my eyelashes a really dramatic dark colour to them which is usually the look I am trying to achieve if I'm wearing mascara. The wand of the mascara is thin and quite a bit thinner than other mascaras I have tried but I actually really like this because its very easy to use and gets all of my lashes in one go without covering them too much and making them clumpy. Whilst the wand is thin its actually quite long and can cover my whole length of my eye which is great as then I only need to apply a few brush strokes and can do it all in one go making my eyes very even and flirty. According to Barry M this Lash Vegas Mascara actually features a, "new spiral shaped brush that has been specifically designed to separate, define and reach the smallest of lashes giving exceptional length and unrivalled definition.Featuring bristles that work close to the root for ultimate oooomph, this brush promises to give you show-stopping ...

Starbucks Colombia Roast Coffee 19/08/2014

Colombian coffee

Starbucks Colombia Roast Coffee I absolutely adore coffee, a proper cup for me is an absolute treat and there is nothing like posh coffee from a coffee house. My favourite coffee house by far is Starbucks and yes, I know, £2.70 for a cup of joe is a bit of a rip off but its sooooo good and dor a treat now and then I don't mind paying a bit more.  One of my favourite Starbucks blends is their Colombian blend. Coffee is Colombia is a serious business. According to an article I read, " Colombian coffee is among those considered as the best coffee in the world.It is exported to United States, Germany, France, Japan, and Italy.Most coffee is grown in the Colombian coffee growing axis region. In 2007, the European Union granted Colombian coffee a protected designation of origin status.In 2011 UNESCO declared the coffee growing region a World Heritage site." I love this Colombian coffee from Starbucks as it has a very distinctive flavour, a bit nutty, strong but not bitter and very full beaned with a lovely roasted after flavour. Its fsirly mild compared to some of their other coffees but thats what makes it so drinkable and the smell is absolutely gorgeous too. Starbucks say, "Colombia Nariño has a juicy mouth-feel and herbal flavor notes, a testament to the hearty riches of volcanic soils. It’s remarkable and distinctive flavour creates a loyal following of coffee lovers. We’re never reminded of that love more than when we are traveling to visit the coffee farms. Driving treacherous dirt roads with only a ...

Boots Ultra Balm Tissues 18/08/2014

Balmy boots

Boots Ultra Balm Tissues Ugh, with all the hayfever that I'm suffering from this year, I'm going through packs and packs of tissues at a time. Luckily, these tissues from Boots are quite cheap and thick and strong so they last well and make sure my nose doesn't get too red either. Boots describe these Ultra Balm Tissues as, "4 ply tissues which are soothing and enriched with a protective balm to protect skin from drying out. The pocket size packets are ideal for handbags, desk drawers or travelling." I indeed find these packs extremely handy for my handbag. They come in a little plastic pack which has a little tab at the top. All you need to do to get the tissues out is to pull this tab back and pull out the tissues. The nice thing is that this tab is sticky and so will seal the pack back up when you have finished using it. I find it stocks fairly well although when you have had the tissues for a while it doesn't stick as well because it has picked up lint or dirt from the bottom of my bag. The tab does its job though and keeps the tissues from getting dirty and keeps them nice in my bag when I want to come and use them. As I've mentioned above the tissues are 4 ply and are fairly thick and strong which is nice. The best bit about them however is that they are covered with a balm. You cannot see this balm but you can definitely feel it on the tissues. If you rub the tissues between your fingers you feel a sort of substance, it doesn't exactly stick on your fingers but you can feel that there is ...

Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss 18/08/2014

Hoola Lips!

Benefit Hoola Lip Gloss I rave about Benefit cosmetics to just about everyone I know but it really is one of my favourite make up brands, its cool, its quirky but more importantly, it helps me to look great.  According to an article I read, " Benefit is an America cosmetics company founded in 1976 by twin sisters in San Francisco. The girls are called Jean and Jane. Their visions was to create makeup with a whimsical candy store type theme. Nowadays the brand has over 1,000 makeup counters in more than 25 countries." They produce some great lip products, one of my favourites being the now discontinued California kissin (boo!), but my new found favourite are these amazing ultra plush lip glosses. They come in a few different colours, following along the lines of the cheek blushers of the same name such as dandelion, and Dallas but my favourite is by far the Hoola one.  Benefit say, " Our new plush glosses glide on extra smooth and feel ahhh-mazingly silky & luxurious. The six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application. Beauty bonus: They’re the perfect partners for our bestselling box o’ powders!" Hoola is described as a shimmering golden nude lip gloss and its got the most amazing colour to it. I like lip glosses that are quite plain and subtle and this one adds a lovely sheen and shimmer to the natural colour of my lips and really makes them look great without adding any specific colour to ...

Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks 17/08/2014

Soft coloured cheeks

Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks This is such a nice, effective little cheek blusher and one that definitely won't break the bank. I have been using products from The Boots natural collection for years now. When I was a teenager my friends and I loved the range as it was very affordable and we always bought something on our weekly Saturday trips in to town. As I got older I sort of forgot about it and moved on to more sophisticated make up brands but then in a bid to cut down expenses I rediscovered the range and have been excited about it.  This cheek blush powder is one product that could definitely cost more than it actually does but I like to think of it as a cheap and cheerful product, one I use daily but on just regular days and not days when I really want to make a big effort on my make up. That being said though, this is a really nice blusher and one I am pleased to use.  Boots say, "Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks are fine, soft powders that give a natural hint of colour to your cheeks." The powder comes in a little plastic disc which is see through so you can see the colour inside which I like because you can see what you are getting. Its just a small blusher but its big enough to swipe a big blusher brush across and get a good amount of powder transfer to put on your cheeks. I find the powder is really soft and subtle and it goes onto my face nicely and just looks like my cheeks have a bit of natural colour rather than a chalky, artifical sweep of colour. It blends onto my cheeks well and ...

Rimmel Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss 17/08/2014

Stay Glossy!

Rimmel Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss Stay glossy! I love lip gloss, if I had to choose between lipstick or lip gloss forever, I would definitely go for lip gloss every time. Lipgloss to me is a bit more glamorous, a bit more fashionable and can be subtle or eyecatching depending on how you wear it.  This lip gloss from Rimmel is great and one of my favourites. It is called Stay Glossy 3D lip gloss and Rimmel say it gives you, "Multi-dimensional Luscious Lips. Up to 6 hours of Hi-Def Colour and Shine. Bring your lips into a new dimension with a multi-coloured shine coming from every angle! Thanks to its new colour changing sparkles, your lips will look fuller, shinier and with a stunning colour change depending on the light. Your lips in a 3D dimension!" I think its an interesting theme for a lip gloss but one that really does give my lips a lot of sparkle and colour and its one I use for evenings out as it has that aspect of being a bit special. What I like about this gloss is that it comes in a tube with stick, or wand, inside it which has a spongey tip on the end. This is the portion you use to apply the lip gloss to your lips. Now, the nice thing about it is that whilst the spongey applicator sits inside the tube it soaks up all the lip gloss but does not get too runny or sticky so when you apply it to your lips you get a really nice transfer and covergae of colour with too much coming off and making it over the top. The sponge applicator also glides over the lips really nicely and the colour transfer ...

Elf Professional Travel Mirror 17/08/2014

ELF travel mirror

Elf Professional Travel Mirror Call me vain but I always like to carry around a travel mirror with me in my handbag for those last minute touch ups before you go somewhere. Often, if I am travelling somewhere by car or teain I will have a snack on board and then when I am finished I want to check my teeth to make sure I have no food in them or quickly apply another coat of lipstixk/gloss before I meet friends etc and so look my best. Having a travel mirror in my handbag is the best way to achieve that as there is not always a big mirror around to check yourself in and if you do you end up looking a bit vain, with a travel mirror you can do it quickly and discreetly! This travel mirror from the make up company ELF, eyes lips, face, is perfect and just the little accessory I like in my handbag. Its quite a simple product, its not the most good looking mirror, its just plain white plastic and in a circle shape but what I like about it is that it snaps shut and stays shut tight so the mirror inside is in no danger of cracking. The case can be a little hard to open at times but if you use both hands it does snap open fairly efficiently. Inside, you will find two mirrors, one on each side of the compact. One is just a regular mirror but the other is a magnified mirror so you get a super up close view when you use this side. I find this side is great for plucking any rogue eyebrows as you can really see up close when you look into the mirror. Obviously, as it fits in your bag, this mirror is fairly small and ...

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Coca Cola Cherry 16/08/2014

Cherry coke time

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Coca Cola Cherry Its like drinking a can of cherry coke! This lip balm from Lip Smackers is what I call a novelty lip balm, it has a very famous flavour and is a bit of a gimmick in my opinion but its actually a really nice lip balm and one that makes my lips feel really soft so it does actually work! So, what actually are lip smackers? Well, according to an article I read,  Bonne Bell is a cosmetics company which focuses on products targeted for young women. It was founded in 1927 in Lakewood, Ohio, by cosmetics salesman Jesse Bell, who named it after his daughter.In   1973 Bonne Bell introduced a flavored lip pomade called "Lip Smackers" aimed at the preteen market. The first flavor created was strawberry. Later flavors included watermelon and vanilla, among others. Lip Smackers are flavored and scented like fruits, candies, and soft drinks and are billed as "the Original Fun Lip Glosses." Some varieties are tinted, while others are frosted or sparkly." The balm comes in a small tube which is adorned with Coke related advertising, it looks just like a mini can of cherry coke. There is the famous Coca cola signature on the tube and then some cherries and cherry written on it. The tube has a cap at the top which protects the lip balm and then a little wheel at the bottom which turns, enabling you to turn up the stick of lip balm and wind it down when you are finished using it. The lip balm is solid and has quite a waxy consistency to it meaning that when you transfer it on to your ...

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Natural Beige 16/08/2014

25 hours!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Natural Beige I cannot speak highly enough of this foundation and the results I can achieve my using it. Its one of the best I have tried at that price point and the nice thing is that you can use it with other brands of make ip afterwards in terms of powder, blusher etc and they all work really well gether to give me a flawless look.t Rimmel say that, " this is the first transfer-resistant foundation that lasts up to 25 hours, Rimmel Lasting Finish. It gives a smooth lightweight coverage and the Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation leaves skin feeling hydrated all day.The transfer proof and fade proof formula means your foundation now lasts up to 25 hours, for a day that never stops." I'm not yoing engh any more to be able to stay up and party for 25 hours so I haven't exactly tested the 25 hoir claim but I have to say that when I wear it for the whole day, 8 hoirs plis, it definitely stands the test if time and still looks in place and not rubbed off or tired in any way. The foundation comes in a bottle and is easy to apply. I don't actually use very much at all so have never had a problem with it coming off or transfering onto my clothes anyway but its nice to know that this is part if the formula. I chose the natural beige colour as this is probably closest to my skin tone but there are 6 other shades to choose from in various shades of beige. The foundation goes on really smoothly and covers quite a fww of my imperfections inclduing some red lines on the base of my nose and really ...

Argos Chequered Camping Picnic Blanket 16/08/2014

Picnic time

Argos Chequered Camping Picnic Blanket We had been looking for a picnic blanket for a while until we bought this one. It is one of those things that we always intended to buy and whenever we sat down for a picnic we said, "oh, we should really have a blanket," but never got round to buying one. Then we found this one in Argos for less than £10 which is a great bargain as far as I'm concerned.  The picnic blanket is red and has a sort of tartan pattern to it although it is not a proper tartan if you know what I mean. Red is the dominant colour but there is also a mixture of white, and light blue and dark blue strips on the blanket making it look very "picnic blanket" like. I like that it has this look as it makes picnics a bit more fun and of course, gives us somewhere nice to sit. The front material is not very thick, this is not a thick warm blanket, it's just a blanket covering but for sitting on in the park or at the beach it is perfect. What I really like about the busy print too is that it doesn't show up food stains very easily so if you are away on holiday with this blanket you can use it all the time and not have to worry about stains on it until you get home. I've also found that the material is quite good with liquid spillages too. My kids are young and so inevitably they spill their drinks fairly often, especially when they are on the ground on this blanket but it seemed to hold the water/juice on the surface for a couple of seconds, giving us enough time to quickly wipe up the spill without the ...

Manicare 4 Foam Puffs 15/08/2014

Foam puffs

Manicare 4 Foam Puffs Its rather a silly name but a foam puff is quite a handy little make up tool and these ones are great value as well as being good quality and nice for my make up application.  According to an article I read, "Manicare has been developing nail treatments and beauty accessories for over 30 years. We produce the best beauty accessories, using only the finest quality materials for all of our products. We have everything you need for face, nails and feet. Our extensive range offers you the best in nail treatments, make-up application, beauty accessories, foot care and beauty implements such as tweezers, clippers and scissors." These little pads are round and made of a nice soft spongy foam so they are quite springy and bounce back into shape when you squish them up. They are quite thick but not too thick like a big sponge which is what I like about them. The main way in which I use these pads is to put my foundation on as I find it easier to smooth the foundation across my face with these than I do with my fingers.  Its perfect for smoothing across the face and what I like about it is that because its foam it soaks up the foundation that you apply to it and holds it in the puff. This way, you really only need to use a tiny bit of foundation and I find I use a lot less when using these little pads then when I do if I am just applying it with my finger. I like this aspect about them because it allows me to get a really nice evn colour on my face with no little patches left ...

Make Up Academy MUA Eyebrow Pen Blonde 15/08/2014

MUA eyebrow pencil

Make Up Academy MUA Eyebrow Pen Blonde After reading several reviews on various sites about MUA make up I decided to give it a try and made it down to my local Superdrug to browse the section and see about buying some makeup. I am quite funny when it comes to make up as I am not the type of person who needs to wear it all the time, I can leave the house and go to Tesco's with just a bit of lipgloss on and not feel naked but when I meet up with my friends or go out on a special night I wouldn't dream f going without make up. I am getting a bit older now and I definitely think subtle but nice makeup enhances my face and covers up any blemishes that I may have.  I sometimes spend quite a bit of money on a piece that I know is going to last a long time such as my primer (Benefit That Gal) and eyeshadows (MAC make up), but then I also am just as likely to pay a couple of quid for a foundation or a lipgloss as I think it does just about the same job or even better than spending quite a lot of money on a more expensive product. This is the case with this eyebrow pencil from MUA. Firstly I will tell you a little bit about the brand that stands for Make Up Academy.  According to their website, "Great makeup doesn’t need to cost the earth and it is MUA’s promise to bring surprising quality, colour, fun and innovation to each and every product it delivers. Bringing guilt free makeup to every ladies makeup bag!    The team at MUA towers are constantly thinking of ways of creating fantastic products that deliver great ...

Boots Basic Cotton Wool Balls 14/08/2014

Cotton balls

Boots Basic Cotton Wool Balls I actually bought this bag of cotton wool balls when my little boy was born, well in fact I bought several bags as I knew I would be changing a lot of nappies and in those early days its so much better for their sensitive skin to use cotton wool rather than wet wipes. After I stopped using them on my little boy I found a new use for them as they work really well on my face for either removing eye make up or applying toner to my face.  As I knew I would be using these in rather large volume I didn't want to spend too much money and so was pleased with the £0.95 price for 100 balls. The bag is part of their essentials range and it definitely is an essential product in my mind.  I like the fact that the balls come in ball form rather than just a big roll of cotton wool that you have to pull bits from which I have used before too. The balls are quite a good size and big enough for me to pinch on one side and hold on to. I would say I use two when I am either taking my eye make up off, one for each eye and two to apply my toner. I used quite a few more when I was doing nappies but that's because there was a lot of mess to clean up.  What I like about these balls is that not a lot of the fibre comes off when you use them. I have used other cotton wool balls that are not as compact and you end up with lots of stray bits of fluff on you but these seem to retain their fibres and are great when they are wet too.  All in all a cheap handy product to have around the house.
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