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Lego Duplo 10833 Preschool Set 16/10/2017

Lego Duplo Preschool Set

Lego Duplo 10833 Preschool Set Among the many Duplo sets my 2 year old has is Lego Duplo Preschool Set. Harry received this for his 2nd birthday in March and like most of his Duplo, it has been played with regularly. This set currently costs £12.78 on Amazon with an RRP of £15.99. This set comes in a cardboard box which is very brightly coloured and has pictures of the built up set. It is recommended for children age 2 to 5, although I imagine most 5 year olds would be very bored with this and want something more advanced. The set is one of the My Town range and the oieces will fit with any other set in that range. This set consists of 39 pieces so not one of the largest Duplo sets but we also have other sets a lot smaller. Some of the pieces are - a nursery teacher and 2 children, 2 chairs, cup, playmat made from fabric, a teddy bear, a toilet and sink, and blocks with pictures of nursery related items such as a book, milk, toilet roll, soap and a sandwich. There are also blocks numbered 1, 2 and 3 and a curved block with ABC on it. The building itself has a door and drawers. Harry does not go to nursery but he does go to a lot of toddler groups and so recognised everything that would relate to a nursery. All of the pieces are niceand chunky to hold and fit together very easily. When he first played with this his big brother helped Garry build the preschool building and they had a lot of imaginative fun putting everything together. When we started toilet training Harry we showed him the figures of ...

Lego Duplo 10815 My First Rocket 15/10/2017

Zooming into space

Lego Duplo 10815 My First Rocket My 2 year old loves playing with Duplo and has far too many sets. One of the first sets he got was the Lego Duplo My First Rocket. He got this as a gift and I don't know where it was bought. However, Amazon have this for £12.95. This set is recommended for children age 18 months and over so is on the younger end of the spectrum of Duplo toys. The set comes in a brightly coloured cardboard box with a picture of a rocket on the front. As well as all the building pieces the box also contains cards with different ideas of what to do with the set. There are 18 pieces in this. All are made of plastic and so very easily wiped clean. All of the pieces are also very bright colours. The pieces include 3 pieces in yellow, green and blue numbered 1 to 3. There is also a piece with the moon on it, one with stars, one with a planet and one with a boy on one side and a girl on the other. There is a cone shaped part for the top of the rocket and a block for the base of the rocket. All of the pieces are large and I did not have concerns about Harry putting them in his mouth and choking on them. Because they are large this makes them easier for children to hold and put together. Harry enjoys playing with this and we used it when he was younger as a learning tool for colours and numbers. It also helped develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. When Harry was younger it was a great set for building together followed by imaginative play with the rocket zooming into space. Now he ...

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 Shaped Puzzles 14/10/2017

Paw patrol to the rescue

Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 Shaped Puzzles My son absolutely loves Paw Patrol and has a LOT of Paw Patrol toys and clothes. One of the Paw Patrol products he has is the Ravensburger Paw Patrol 4 Shaped Puzzles. We bought this for Harry for his 2nd birthday and paid around £8 on Amazon. The puzzles come in a cardboard box which has a picture of the 4 completed puzzles on front. The puzzle is recommended for children age 3 and over. This is probably an accurate estimation. Harry is 2 and a half and although he manages some of the puzzle himself he does need help with it. The puzzles are different sizes being 10, 12, 14 and 16 pieces. When finished each puzzle measures around 35 x 25 cm. None of the puzzles are the traditional square shape but instead are shaped a bit like clouds, so looking for the edges won't help with this one. The 4 puzzles are of 4 different pups, Marshall, Chase, Rubble and Skye. Each puzzle has a different coloured background to make it easier to seperate them. Harry instantly recognises the characters and generally chooses to build the Chase puzzle first as Chase is his current favourite pup. The puzzle pieces are all made of good quality cardboard and are large enough that it is easy for Harry to pick them up and put them together. Our puzzles have been used a lot and remain in excellent condition with only a couple of pieces starting to look a bit worse for wear round the edges. However this is entirely our fault as Harry tried forcingthe pieces where they did not fit, and I have no ...

Ravensburger Twirlywoos My First Puzzles 12/10/2017

Twirlywoos puzzle

Ravensburger Twirlywoos My First Puzzles My 2 year old has started to enjoy jigsaw puzzles and has a few different ones. Although he is not particularly a fan of Twirlywoos, his Gran bought him the Ravensburger Twirlywoos My First Puzzles for him to keep and play with at her house. Although he does not really watch the show or know the characters Harry still enjoys the bright colours in this puzzle. My mother in law bought the puzzle brand new from a charity shop but it is available on Amazon for £5.99. It is intended for children age 18 months and over. There are 4 puzzles in the box and each one varies in difficulty. There are pictures of all 4 on the box. The puzzles begin with the very easy 2 piece puzzle, there are also a 3, 4 and 5 piece puzzle. Each puzzle is very brightly coloured and characters from the show. Harry does not know the Twirlywoos so this really meant nothing to him but if your child watched the show the characters would be very recognisable. Each puzzle piece is made of cardboard but is very thick and sturdy. Harry hasn't yet managed to tear or bend any. The pieces are all large making it easier for young children to hold. The puzzles are all brightly coloured and all have a different coloured background making it easier for children to seperate the 4 puzzles. Harry enjoyed playing with this when he first got it just before he turned 2. He played with it every time he was at his Grans. He did need some help to begin with but was soon able to put them together on his own, managing the 2 ...

Kitchen Craft Deluxe Steak Knife Set 08/10/2017

Cutting my steak with ease

Kitchen Craft Deluxe Steak Knife Set My husband loves a steak and we tend to have steaks once every couple of weeks. Steak was the first meal I cooked for him after we moved in together. During this meal I discovered we really needed a set of steak knives. I had a look on Amazon not wanting to spend too much as I was a bit low on cash at the time. I finally chose the Kitchen Craft Deluxe Steak Knife set and paid £14 for the 8 piece set. The set came simply packaged in cardboard with the front cut out so you can see the knives and forks. Of course as I got this from Amazon it was also well packaged in another box. The set comes with a 15 year guarantee. The set consusts of 4 steak knives and 4 forks. Each has a blavk plastic handle with 3 silver dots on them. The knives blade measures 11.5cm and the handle 10.5cm. The knives are obviously very sharp. The fork is 20.5cm in length. Each fork has 3 prongs. The knives and forks can go in tbe dishwasher, although Kitchen Craft recommend they are hand washed for the first 12 months. I always wash mine with hot soapy water. The cutlery is all comfortable to hold and the handles are shaped to fit nicely in your hand. They cut through any meat very easily with no effort at all. We have now used these knives regularly for almost 4 years and they remain as sharp as the day we bought them. The handles remain secure and they have not started to loosen. For the reasonable price this is a well made set of steak knives that I would definitely recommend. We tend not to ...

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray 06/10/2017

Ice anyone?

Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray I like my water to be really cold when I drink it and if it has not been in the fridge I alwats add ice to it. For some reason ice cube trays tend to go missing in my house so I have to replace them every few months. The last time was around 3 months ago and I bought the Kitchen Craft Colourworks Flexible Pop Out Ice Cube Tray. I paid a very cheap £2.49 on Amazon for my ice cube tray. I saw it in white, pink, blue, red or purple. For some reason the blue and white were more expensive so I ended up getting pink. It can be purchased as an add on item for £1.99. The tray will make 21 ice cubes. It is stain resistant which is handy if you are making ice with diluting juice which I do as my son likes them. The tray measures 11.9 x 29.9 x 2.5cm. It is made from food safe silicon. The tray has a handle at both ends which I like as it makes it easier to carry to your freezer without spilling the water. The handles are easy to grip and do not get slippery if they are wet. The tray itself is made from plastic which is white in colour. The handlesand each of the spaces for ice cubes are made of silicon. To remove ice cubes you can either pop the silicon from the bottom and one ice cube will easily come out or you can wiggle the handles which will loosen all of the ice cubes. The ice comes out extremely easily using either method. Gone are the days of having to bash your ice cube tray against the kitchen worktop to remove the ice. To wash this I just use hot soapy water and allow ...

What are your plans this Autumn? 05/10/2017

One of my favourite times of the year

What are your plans this Autumn? I love Autumn. I love all the changing colours in the trees, walking on crunchy leaves, big jumpers, the weather being cold enough to eat thick homemade soup, Halloween, to name just a few. I have always enjoyed this season and even more so since I had my 2 year old. Everything is so much fun with a toddler! I bought Harry and I new wellie boots in preparation for Autumn. My plan was on wet days we would go walks puddle jumping, which he loves, and on dry days we would go walks through crunchy leaves, gathering leaves to do art with. Unfortunately up till now it has just been the puddle jumping as in Scotland we have had a LOT of rain. It has also got really cold, which I actually don't mind, so the winter jumpers and coats have already been well used. Halloween is fast approaching. So far Harry has 3 parties to go to at his soft play and toddler groups. Plus a party at my Aunts neighbours who are putting it on especially for Harry as we are going there the weekend before Halloween. Plus we are going round family and friends trick or treating. So a lot of time has been spent looking for Halloween costumes for him. So far he has a little monster, a pirate, Chase from Paw Patrol and Marshall from Paw Patrol. More than enough but my Aunt will probably also get him one for when we are up there. I have bought decorations for the house and plan on decorating my Christmas tree with Halloween decorations for the occasion. This is the first year Harry is old enough to really enjoy ...

Pitch Perfect 2 (DVD) 04/10/2017

Girl power

Pitch Perfect 2 (DVD) I have a 15 year old stepdaughter and we often have movie nights when her Dad is working. The most recent film she chose to watch was Pitch Perfect 2. We have saw this previously at the cinema and this time watched when it was on one of the movie channels. This is therefore a film only review. ****ABOUT THE FILM **** Pitch Perfect 2 is the sequel to Pitch Perfect which I previously reviewed. It is an American musical comedy and was released by Universal Pictures in 2015. The film is directedby Elizabeth Banks, who also produced it along with Paul Brooks and Max Handelman. It is approximately 115 minutes long. Pitch Perfect 3 is due to be released later this year. ****CAST**** Anna Kendrick - Beca Mitchell Brittany Snow - Chloe Beale Rebel Wilson - Patricia aka Fat Amy Alexis Knapp - Stacie Conrad Hailee Steinfield - Emily Junk Skylar Astin - Jesse Swanson Adam DeVine - Bumper Allan Anna Camp - Aubrey Posen ****STORYLINE **** Beca and Chloe are now the leaders of a capella group, Barden Bellas. They have been champions for 3 years running. However things start to go wrong for the Barden Bellas when they perform in front of the President and Fat Amys trousers rip, revealing she is wearing no underwear! This results in the Barden Bellas being suspended and they can only be reinstated if they win the world a capella championship. They soon discover they have very stiff competition from German group, Das Sound Machine. Can the new Barden Bella, Emily, help the group to ...

Spotty Red Insulated Lunch Bag 03/10/2017

Lunch on the go

Spotty Red Insulated Lunch Bag When I was working I always took my lunch in with me. Fed up with using carrier bags I decided to treat myself to a lunch bag. A quick look on Amazon and I bought the Spotty Red Insulated Lunch Bag for a reasonable £4, although checking the price it is now £5.99. The bag is bright red with large white spots on it. When it arrived I actually wasnt too keen on the shade of red finding it a bit too much like a pinky red, but it's only to carry lunch so I wasn't too bothered. The bag is 14cm high, 21cm in lenth and 13cm in depth. It is made from plastic and both the outside and inside the bag is easily sponge cleaned. The bag opens with a zip and gives a very large opening to put your food in. It has 2 handles on top to make it easy to carry. Inside the bag it is lined with silver foil which should make it insulating. I have to say the whole bag does feel very thin and I don't find the insulation that good at keeping my food cool. I always popped it in my work fridge so this was never a problem for me, but if you do not have access to a fridge and want your yoghurt or juice etc to stay cold until lunch then you probably need to look for a bag which is better insulated. The bag is large enough for lunch and I always managed to fit in a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and a can, as well as the odd bar of chocolate! I would have had room for a bit more. Now I am not using the bag for lunch, I will often pack lunch for myself and my 2 year old and we will walk over to the park to ...

Jamie Oliver Super Mum Mug 02/10/2017

Super Mum

Jamie Oliver Super Mum Mug I received this mig as a gift from my stepdaughter for Mothers Day this year. As I am not her actual Mum I was very touched by this. The mug currently costs £9.99 on Amazon. I do think this is expensive for one mug. The mug is presented in a gift tin. The tin has apparently been designed by Jamie Oliver. It is purple in colour with a picture of Jamie Oliver on it and written on it is Jamie Oliver Cheeky Mug. One lump or two. The lid comes off the tin easily. I do not keep my mug in the tin, but I do use the tin to keep loose change in so the lid is on and off daily. The tin has kept its shape well and shows no sign of being overused. When I received the gift, the mug was just in the tin, not wrapped in anything to protect it. However I do not know if this is how it comes or if Kayleigh had opened it to have a look. The mug is mainly creamy white in colour and has Super Mum written in large letters in pink and purple. It is made of porcelain and quite large. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and holds 350ml of liquid. The mug is a sort of barrell shape rather than being straight up and down. The handle is quite large. Apparently Jamie Oliver did a lot of research into the best type of mug for shape, size etc and this is what he came up with. The mug is very comfortable to hold by the handle, or to wrap your hands around. Because the mug is quite thick, I feel like it keeps my tea hot for longer than other mugs do. I often do not get round to drinking my tea as ...

Red Spots & Dots Mugs 01/10/2017

Time for a cuppa

Red Spots & Dots Mugs I am constantly changing the colour scheme in my kitchen and have items such as mugs in a lot of different colours. When we got married last April everything was red and my neighbour very kindly gave us these mugs as a wedding present. The cups currently cost £25 on Amazon for 6 mugs. I personally would not pay this much for mugs as this is one item which never seems to last long in our house without getting broken or chipped. Indeed we are now down to 4 of these mugs. However I really can't blame the quality of the mugs for this. One got chipped when my nephew threw it into a sinkful of dishes and the other was accidentally dropped on the concrete in the garden over the summer. The mugs are red and white in colour. 3 are red with small white spots on them, and 3 are white with larger red dots. Each mug is 10cm high and holds 10 oz of liquid. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. I have not put them in either. I just wash them by hand with hot soapy water and they come up sparkling clean. My husband drinks black coffee and so the inside of all our mugs can get stained with this. To get rid of this staining I simply rub salt on the inside of the mugs when they are wet and when rinsed they are white again. These mugs come up very white when I do this with less effort than some of the other mugs we own. The mugs are made of fine bone china. When we have had fine bone china mugs in the past I usually feel they do not feel very strong but these are fine. The mugs have ...

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo 30/09/2017

Buzzing about this shampoo

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo I tend to buy whatever shampoo is on offer and have no particular loyalty or preference for any brands. I was shopping in Tesco when I saw Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo on offer for £1.50 instead of the usual £3 for a 400ml bottle. The shampoo is aimed at people with damaged hair. The bottle is made of clear recyclable plastic and the shampoo can easily be seen through it. The bottle tells me the shampoo has honey essences. The shampoo claims to repair damaged hair and replenish silkiness. The shampoo is not tested on animals. The bottle has a click lid which opens and closes very easily. The shampoo is a lovely deep golden yellow colour. I'm not a fan of yellow but I really like this shade. When you squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle it is a lot thicker than I expected. However, it was still very easy to get out. The shampoo has a really nice smell, slightly fruity. The scent is not too strong and overpowering but strong enough that I can still smell it on my hair after it has been washed and dried. Being thick shampoo, I thought I would need to use a bit more than usual to get a good hair wash. This wasn't the case and my usual amountthe size of a 10 pence was plenty to wash my chin length hair. The shampoo went into a good creamy lather and was pleasant to massage in. It rinsed off easily and left no residue in my hair like some thicker and heavier shampoos can sometimes do. After rinsing my hair felt soft enough that I did not feel the need to use ...

Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume 27/09/2017

To Infinity and Beyond

Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume My 2 year old son loves the Toy Story films. As he also loves dressing up I decided to combine the 2 for his Halloween costume and bought him a Buzz Lightyear costume. I ordered it off Amazon 2 months ago. When it arrived I tried it on him and he decided Halloween was too far away and has worn it regularly since. The costume cost me £14.99 on Amazon. It comes in age 3 to 4, 5 to 6 and 7 to 8. Harry is 2 and a half but tall so I hoped the 3 to 4 would fit. The costume carries a warning to keep away from fire and to be sponge cleaned. The costume is made of polyester and to be honest it feels cheap to touch it. It is very thin and will be far too cold to wear by itself on Halloween. It is big on Harry so we can put clothes under it. The costume is an all in one jump suit. It is white and green in colour and Harry knew immediately that it was Buzz. It has a purple coloured hood which Harry can put up and down himself with no problems. There are wings which attach to the back with little squares of velcro. Now that Harry has worn this quite a few times we have found some problems. The velcro which attaches the wings is very small so basically whenever Harry moves his arms too much the wings come off. I think larger pieces of velcro would be better. Also cleaning it is a problem. As everyone knows, toddlers do tend to get dirty and sticky. This usually isnt a problem as I can throw his clothes in the washing machine. But this needs to just be sponge cleaned. Being mainly ...

Tomy Octopals Bath Toy 26/09/2017

Splish splash skoosh

Tomy Octopals Bath Toy Harry received the Tomy Octopals bath toy as a gift from my friend for his 1st birthday. He is now 2 and a half and this still gets played with regularly at bath time so he has had his money's worth from it. This bath toy is currently on Amazon for £11.99. Argos sells it for £16.99 and The Range for £9.99 so if you are buying this it is worth shopping around. This toy is recommended for children aged 12 months and over. Harry has played with this since he was exactly that age as it was a birthday gift. The toy is a floating bath toy consisting of a Mummy octupus surrounded by her 8 babies. The toy is a floating island with 8 parts projecting from the main part of the island. These are numbered 1 to 8. The Mummy octupus sits in the middle with the baby octupus around her. The whole island floats very well. The Mummy is made of hard plastic and coloured orange. It is a cup so can be filled with water. She has a face painted on and holes in the top and side of the cup so when it has water in it the water comes out of tbe holes. The baby octupus are coloured in 2 orange, 2 blue, 2 yellow and 2 pink. Each baby has a face and are 2 different shapes of oval or more circular. They all have a face painted on with various expressions and they are all numbered 1 to 8 so they can be put on the corresponding number on tbe island. Each baby also has a suction cup so can be stuck to the side of the bath. The babies are softer plastic and can be squeezed to squirt out water. All of ...

Casdon Little Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner 25/09/2017

Henry definitely helps Harry to help Mummy

Casdon Little Henry Toy Vacuum Cleaner My 2 year old son, Harry, is a little obsessed with the hoover. I confess that this is probably my fault as most days I vacuum 3 or 4 times so it is a task that takes a lot of my time and one which he has watched me do regularly since he was born. As soon as he could walk he wanted to help. However my vacuum cleaner is too large and heavy so I bought him the Casdon Little Henry Vacuum Cleaner. I bought ours in a charity shop for £4. Amazon, Tesco Direct and Argos sell it for £19.99. As I bought mine second hand I do not know what the packaging is like on this toy. The vacuum cleaner is recommended for children age 3 and over. Harry is not 3 until March and has played with this since before he was 2. We are always with him as he only uses it when we are vacuuming. Inbetween times he likes to keep this toy in the cupboard with the big vacuum cleaner. The vacuum takes 4 C batteries. The vacuum cleaner is red and black with a huge smiling face on front. It looks exactly like the real version. The toy comes with a hose anda nozzle. It has a cord which can be wound in. The top comes off the vacuum all the parts can be stored inside. The great thing about this toy is it does actually vacuum up small things. We have used it for crumbs and little bits of paper and although obviously not as good as a high powered vacuum cleaner it does work. A little drawer collects what you have hoovered. Harry absolutely loves this toy. Almost every time I vacuum he gets this out and loves ...
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