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Beauty and the Beast (2017) (DVD) 26/11/2017

Beautiful film

Beauty and the Beast (2017) (DVD) I love all things Disney and one of my favourite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast. So I was looking forward to seeing the live action remake. I saw this in the cinema and also now own it on DVD. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ Beauty and the Beast is an Anerican musical romantic fantasy film released in 2017 by Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville films. It is 124 minutes long. The film is directed by Bill Condon and produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. It is the highest grossing film of 2017. The film is a live action version of the animated Beauty and the Beast. It is rated PG. ~~~~CAST~~~~ Emma Watson - Belle Dan Stevens - Prince Adam/The Beast Luke Evans - Gaston Kevin Kline - Maurice Josh Gad - LeFou Ewan McGregor - Lumiere Ian McKellan - Cogsworth Emma Thompson - Mrs Potts Nathan Mack - Chip ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ When a witch barges in on a party and asks the very self centred Prince for shelter, she exacts an act of revenge when she is refused. He is magically transformed into a Beast and the witch gives him a magic rose. The only way the spell can be reversed and the Prince returned to his human form, is if he finds someone to fall in love with him before the last petal falls from the rose. As well as transforming the Prince, the witch also transforms his staff into items such as a clock, candlestick, teapot, cup and wardrobe to name a few. In a nearby village is a young beautiful girl named Belle. Belle is forever reading books which makes her a bit of an ...

Nivea Stress Protect Anti Perspirant 26/11/2017

Stress protect

Nivea Stress Protect Anti Perspirant I have no loyalty as to which toiletries I buy and usually buy whatever is on offer when I go shopping. A couple of weeks ago I bought Nivea Stress Protect Anti Perspirant aerosol. I paid £1.50 in Tesco for a 250ml can. This is normal Tesco price but I thought it was a good price for the size of can. Boots currently charge £2.50 for the same product. The can is simple to look at being mainly white with the name of the product on front. It tells me the anti Perspirant is effective for 48 hours. Now I cannot comment on this as I have never went 48 hours without showering and reapplying it. The product contains zinc to help fight body odour. It is dermatologically approved. The can carries a warning that it is highly flammable and may burst if heated. The top of the can has a nozzle you press to release the spray. Before using it the first time you need to twiat the top to unlock it. It can be twisted back to lock but I never bother with this although it is a handy feature if you are carrying it in your bag. The anti perspirant sprays easily and feels comfortable on your finger when you are pressing the top. The spray comes out quite powerfully and you can get enough very quickly. When spraying you should hold 15cm away from your arm. I have sensitive skin, and under my arms is particularly bad. I have had big operations under my arms and have a lot of scarring some of which is still quite painful at times if I have shaved or been atretching a lot. I have never had any ...

Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Dawn Floor Puzzle 22/11/2017

Dinosaur floor puzzle

Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Dawn Floor Puzzle I got Harry the Melissa and Doug dinosaur dawn floor puzzle from a charity shop brand new for £4. The only place I can currently find this for sale is ebay for £30. Amazon says it is currently unavailable. The puzzle is in a cardboard box and is recommended for children age 3 and over. The box is very brightly coloured with a picture of the completed puzzle. The puzzle is a blue dinosaur, an orange dinosaur and a green dinosaur with a background of trees and a volcano and a bird flying between the dinosaurs. The whole puzzle is very brightly coloured and attractive to children. The puzzle consists of 24 pieces. All the pieces are large and made of thick cardboard. I have wipes the pieces clean with antibacterial wipes and it cleans well. The puzzle pieces are all easy to put together and as they are large they are easy for Harry to hold. The puzzle is a bit big for him to manage himself but he enjoys us doing it with him and helping him. We use this puzzle to help Harry recognise colours and he knows to look for the green pieces to make the part with the green dinosaur etc. It is also good for developing his fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. I am very happy with the money I paid for this but I definitely would not pay £30 from ebay. I think it is a shame that this is no longer available as it is a lovely puzzle for a child. Although not one of Harrys favourite puzzles he does like doing this and as he gets older he manages more and more of it himself. So ...

Do you consult online reviews before making a purchase? 19/11/2017

Depends on what I am buying

Do you consult online reviews before making a purchase? So for this current issue Ciao has asked if I consult online reviews before making a purchase? Which is quite a broad question really. Like many people, I do look at reviews before buying anything expensive but certainly not for every day items. Who would have time for that! ~~~~WHAT WOULD I CONSULT REVIEWS FOR ~~~~ When we moved house we moved from a furnished flat into unfinished. We had to buy absolutely everything - beds, bedroom furniture, washing machine, cooker, fridge, freezer, sofa and carpets to name just a few. I was also 5 months pregnant and obviously we needed things for the baby. Not having an infinite amount of money and with a lot to buy I did spend a lot of time researching everything on my very long list to make sure I was getting the best value for money but without buying rubbish. For instance there were a lot of washing machines available for my budget of around £300. But after I narrowed them down I read reviews before making my final decision. There did seem to be a big difference between a £300 decent washing machine and £300 of rubbish that would not last or not spin well for example. Now 3 years on with slightly more money I am looking to replace some of what we bought for various reasons. For example my fridge freezer. My stepchildren now live with us and if anyone knows what teenagers are like, they do tend to go through a lot of food. We bought a fridge freezer based on it just being myself and my husband and a baby most of the time so were ...

Golden Bear Sooty Show Soo Hand Puppet 17/11/2017

To finish the collection

Golden Bear Sooty Show Soo Hand Puppet My 2 year old loves hand puppets. He has Sooty and Sweep so of course you have to have Soo as well. We bought Soo from Amazon paying £9.99 for it. I think this is a reasonable price for a well made product. Soo is a Panda and therefore black and white in colour. She is wearing a red skirt that looks like a tutu. Soo feels very soft and fluffy and Harry likes to stroke her head. There is a label saying to sponge clean and air dry. We have done this several times and she washes well and still looks as good as new. The hand puppet is the perfect size for an adult hand. My husband and I can get our hands in easily and there are spaces for your thumb and finger to go to move Soo's arms. But it is a bit big for children's. Harry is unable to move the arms because his hands are just too small. The puppet feels well made and the stitching nice and strong. We have had no problems with it ripping or fraying or any loose threads. Harry does not know the show that Sooty, Sweep and Soo are from but we have showed him some on YouTube and he knows they go together. He likes to put them on his pillow when he gets up in the morning and if we tell him to choose a toy if we are going out he will often choose the puppets. Probably because that way he gets to take 3 toys rather than just 1! When he went through a phase of not sitting for his stories we started getting Soo and Sweep to "read" to him and that helped him become more interested in reading again. This is a lovely well made toy ...

The King And I (DVD) 15/11/2017

Whistle a happy tune

The King And I (DVD) In a wave of nostalgia I have been watching some of my late Dads musicals. I grew up watching these films so they always have happy memories for me. Todays one to watch was The King and I. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ The King and I is a Rogers and Hammerstein American musical which was released in 1956 by 20th Century Fox. It is a long film at 133 minutes. The film is directed by Walter Lang and produced by Charles Brackett. It is based on the book by the same name written by Oscar Hammerstein II. ~~~~CAST~~~~ Deborah Kerr - Anna Leonowens Marnie Nixon - singing voice of Anna Yul Brynner - King Mongkut of Siam Rex Thomson - Louis Leonowens Rita Moreno - Tuptim Terry Saunders - Lady Thiang Martin Benson - Kralahome Patrick Adiarte - Prince Chulalongkorn ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ Widow Anna Leonowens is a school teacher and gets a job in Bangkok teaching the many children of King Mongkut. She arrives in Bangkok with her son, Louis. Once there she meets the Kings many wives and 82 children, of which she is to teach 15 of them. Miss Anna, as the children and wives call her, gets on well with them, but her relationship with the King is rather up and down. The King disagrees with some if what Anna teaches and sees her as his servant. But he wants to be a modern King and is upset to learn that the British see him as barbaric. Can Anna help him be the King he wants to be before it is too late This is obviously a very condensed plot of what is a very long film but it is difficult to ...

Melissa&Doug Tow Truck Magnetic Puzzle Game 15/11/2017

Melissa and Doug Tow Truck magnetic puzzle

Melissa&Doug Tow Truck Magnetic Puzzle Game I was recently in hospital and although I was not well I still wanted to be able to do activities with my 2 year old, both when I was in hospital and after I was home and still unable to do the usual running around with him. So I ordered some items from Amazon that I thought would be suitable. One of these items was Melissa and Doug tow truck magnetic puzzle. I really like Melissa and Doug products and thought this would be some thing we could do together while I was in bed. Since it was magnetic I chose this over a normal puzzle so the pieces would not be everywhere. I paid £8.88 on Amazon for the puzzle and got free delivery as I spent more than £20 at the time. When the ouzzle arrived it was simply wrapped in cellophane in a large Amazon cardboard envelope. I have found lately that Amazon sometimes uses a ridiculous amount of packaging for small items so I was pleased to see that had not happened here. The puzzle is said to be suitable for ages 3 and over. Harry will not be 3 until March but managed this puzzle with no problems. The puzzle consists of a wooden board with a roundabout road on it, 10 cars and a tow truck. The wooden board is lovely and smooth and feels nicely finished. Each car is a different colour and has a number on it. The cars all look in various states of disrepair as though they have been in a crash. Each car has a small magnet in the centre. Along with this we have a tow truck which has a string with a magnet on the end which you use to catch ...

The Inbetweeners Movie (DVD) 14/11/2017

I'm inbetween liking this and hating it

The Inbetweeners Movie (DVD) I used to watch The Inbetweeners and found it quite funny at times. So when I saw The Inbetweeners movie on E4 on Sunday night I decided to watch it. As I watched this on TV it is a film only review. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ The Inbetweeners Movie is based on the E4 TV show The Inbetweeners. It was released by Film 4 in 2011 and is around 97 minutes long. The film is directed by Ben Palmer and produced by Christopher Young. ~~~~CAST~~~~ Simon Bird - Will McKenzie James Buckley - Jay Cartwright Joe Thomas - Simon Cooper Blake Harrison - Neil Sutherland Emily Head - Carly D'Amato Laura Haddock - Alison Tamla Kari - Lucy Jessica Knappett - Lisa Lydia Rose Bewley - Jane ~~~~STORYLINE~~~~ Best friends Will, Simon, Jay and Neil have finally finished school and book a holiday to Malia. From the beginning the holiday is not what you would call a success. The hotel is run down and filthy and they end up in an empty bar. Simon is also still pining for his ex girlfriend Carly, who also happens to be in Malia on holiday. In the bar the boys meet four girls, Alison, Lucy, Lisa and Jane. Throughout the film we see the boys run out of money and have to sell clothes to pay for tickets to a boat party, they have arguments and fights, skinny dipping, drunkenness and new relationships. Will the boys all be best friends when they go home? And will they all still be single? ~~~~OPINION~~~~ My favourite thing about the film is how all of the boys are so totally different in ...

Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigolo (DVD) 12/11/2017

Funnier than I expected

Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigolo (DVD) We have a lot of DVDs which I rarely watch, with my viewing time mainly taken up with films and shows for a 2 year old or for teenagers. I am just out of hospital after an operation and so am finding myself with too much time on my hands as I am unable to so much. This afternoon everyone was out and I just grabbed a DVD out of the cabinet. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigolo was released by Beuna Vista Pictures in 1999 and is approximately 88 minutes long. Am American sex comedy film it is directed by Mike Mitchell and produced by Sid Ganis and Barry Bernandi. The film was written by Harris Goldberg and Rob Schneider, who also plays the lead role in the film. ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ Deuce Bigalow makes his living cleaning fishtanks. The highlight of his days are going into a pet shop to buy snails and making the female shop assistant bend into the tank so her t-shirt gets wet. This seems to be the most luck he gets with women. While cleaning a customers fish tank, Deuce meets Antoine who aaks Deuce to look after his fancy house and a very expensive fish while he is on a business trip. However, when Deuce smashes the fish tank and needs to find a lot of money to replace the tank and fish, he takes over Antoibes role as male gigilow to try to earn the money. Working with pimp T.J, Deuce starts to meet clients. However they are not at all what he expected. Can Deuce earn the money to replace the fish? And has he found himself a new career as a male ...

Superman Costume 06/11/2017


Superman Costume My 2 year olds toddler group was having a Superhero day where the children were to dress up as they're favourite superheros. Harry was not really interested in superheros at that point so I showed him pictures on Amazon of various superhero costumes and the one he showed the most interest in was this Superman costume. I bought this on Amazon in age 3 to 4 for £16.49. I knew it would be too big but the church hall is chilly so I wanted to put clothes on under it. The costume also comes in age 5 to 7 for £16.21, age 8 to 10 for £16.49, 6 to 12 months for £11.59 and age 1 to 2 which for some reason is now a whopping £59.99! I knew I wanted to pay less than £20 and so I was happy with the price of this. The costume is made of polyester and quite thin. Harry does not like labels in his clothes and my husband cut it off before I could see it but I have just washed in a normal colour wash. It has been washed several times now and there has been no colour fading or shrinking. The costume dries very quickly which is great if Harry wants to wear it again the following day. The costume is a jumpsuit and predominately red and blue in colour. The body of the jumpsuit is a vibrant blue with red boots, red underpants, a red and yellow belt and the red and yellow superman logo on the chest. There is also a red cape which attaches to the jumpsuit with velcro. Although I expected the costume to be too big for Harry It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Harry is tall and almost ...

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) 30/10/2017

A bed and an amateur witch

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) As it is coming up for Halloween I wanted to watch some Haloween type films with my 2 year old son. Obviously he is too young to watch anything scary so I wanted films suitable for his age group. My stepdaughter suggested Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which I had not watched for years. This is a film only review. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ Released by - Walt Disney Productions Release date - 1971 Director - Robert Stevenson Producer - Bill Walsh Running time - 117 minutes Genre - American musical fantasy ~~~~STORYLINE~~~~ The film is set during The Blitz and brothers and sister, Charlie, Paul and Carrie, are evacuated from London to the country to stay with Miss Price, who really is not keen on having to look after 3 children. The children soon find out that Miss Price is in fact a student witch! In order to stop the children telling anyone she bribes them by putting a transportation spell on the boys bedknob which will make the bed transport them anywhere they want to go. The film focuses on Miss Price and tbe children looking for Miss Prices Professor, Professor Browne, then searching for a missing page from a book which Miss Price needs to complete a spell. This leads them into all sorts of adventures including a soccor game with a lion and all of them being imprisoned by German commandos! ~~~~CAST~~~~ Miss Price - Angela Lansbury David Tomlinson - Professor Browne Ian Weighill - Charlie Cindy O'Callaghan - Carrie Roy Smart - Paul Bruce Forsyth - Swinburne Lennie Weinrib ...

Do you still celebrate Halloween? 29/10/2017

Trick or Treat

Do you still celebrate Halloween? Halloween to me used to mean either doing nothing or dressing up for a night in the pub. Since having my son I have made much more effort for his sake. We started by decorating the house. We bought most of the decorations from pound shops and B and M so did not need to spend a fortune. Harry got vert excited when we were doing the decorating and does an excellent impression of pretending he is scared! We decorated our table, blew up balloons, put up window decorations and have a very strange looking witch beside the television. Even though the decorations will only be up a few days it is a bit of fun while they are up. Being 2 years old of course Harry has a better social life than Mummy! This year he has 3 Halloween parties with his different toddler groups as well as a Halloween party on Tuesday morning at the soft play we go to every week. We will also be going round family trick or treating on Tuesday evening and my Mother in law wants us to go to her bowling club after that so her friends can see Harry. The weekend was also Halloween based. On Saturday we attended a Halloween festival in our town. This was a brilliant day with plenty for children including funfair rides, a ghost train, storytelling, balloon sculpting, pumpkin carving, characters such as Peter Pan and Paw Patrol pups who the children could get pictures with, a huge ball pit, soft play and an animal man who gave the children the chance to hold animals such as snakes and spiders. In the evening there ...

The Puppet Company: Lion Hand Puppet 25/10/2017


The Puppet Company: Lion Hand Puppet My 2 year old loves animals and animal toys. He also likes puppets and has a few puppets and puppet books. I got him the Puppet Company Lion Hand Puppet last year in our local garden centre paying £9.99 for it. It is also £9.99 on Amazon. The puppet is 25 cm tall and has a decent sized hole for your hand. My husband has large hands and can easily fit into the puppet. Inside the puppet is a label saying it can be handwashed. I have handwashed it three times and allowed it to air dry and it looks as good as new after washing. The puppet looks like a lion with a large orange mane, a tail and two paws. When your hand is in the puppet you can put your thumb and a finger in the paws to make them move. Unfortunately there is not a bit to move the lions mouth which is a shame. We pretend that the lion is roaring but this would be more fun if the mouth could open. The lion is very soft to touch and Harry loves rubbing the mane when he is tired. It seems to act as a comfort for him. When he stays at his Grans he always asks to take the puppet with him. The puppet is well made and the stitching seems strong.we have no loose threads and it has been well used. This is a simple, fun toy. It is good for imaginative play and my husband and I have been known to put on puppet shows for Harry from behind the couch using other puppet toys along with the lion. I did think it was expensive when I bought it but for us it has been worth the money. £9.99 really isn't expensive for the amount ...

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle Disney's Beauty And The Beast 200 Pieces Xxl 24/10/2017

Beauty and the Beast

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle Disney's Beauty And The Beast 200 Pieces Xxl My friends 8 year daughter came to stay with me for a couple of days while her Mum was poorly. I have plenty of toys in my house but nothing really suitable for an 8 year old girl so I decided to buy her some things to make her stay more enjoyable. Knowing she loves Beauty and the Beast I found the Ravensburger Beauty and the Beast 200 piece jigsaw. I paid £9.95 on Amazon for the puzzle which I thought was a reasonable price. The puzzle is recommended for children age 8 and over and as it is quite large I think a lot of younger children would struggle with this. The puzzle is in a cardboard box which has a picture of the completed puzzle on front. The puzzle is Belle and the Beast dancing, and you also see Mrs Potts, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth. It is all very vibrant colours and instantly recognisable to anyone who is familiar with Beauty and the Beast. The puzzle consists of 200 pieces and once complete measures 49 x 36 cm. The pieces are made of cardboard. I am ised to puzzles for 2 year olds where the pieces are large and chunky so I found these pieces quite small in comparison, but of course an 8 year old does not need them to be as large as a 2 year old does. Building the jigsaw was easy enough and after finding the 4 corners she completed it in around an hour. She told me she enjoyed the puzzle and was excited to take it home and do it with her Mum. This is a lovely little present for a child, especially if they are a fan of jigsaws and Beauty and the Beast. ...

Apple: what do you think about the brand's products on the market? 23/10/2017

Is Apple worth the money

Apple: what do you think about the brand's products on the market? Everyone I know is either or for Apple or all against it. Obviously it comes down to personal preference and for a lot of people they just like sticking to what they are used to. I had an iphone years ago. I think it was iphone 3. Obviously now this would be very dated but it was the latest one when I got it. This was my first experience with any Apple product. I don't really know what I expected but using the phone for over a year I failed to see what all the fuss was about. Im not very technical and I remember sitting for hours on my desktop trying to set songs as my ringtones, a task which had been extremely easy on every other phone I had used but proved to be very difficult for my iPhone. Within my friends probably 40% of them are iphone users. But I have discovered there are some apps on my Samsung that I use regularly that they cannot get. One example is Shopprize UK where you take pictures of all your receipts and get coins which can be converted into Amazon vouchers. I get quite a fair bit of vouchers which I tend to save most of for Christmas so this alone would stop me changing to iphone if it meant losing that. In saying that I am sure there will be apps on iphone which I cannot get. My stepdaughter has iphone 7. I have had a play with it. Maybe it is because I am used to Samsung but I much prefer my phone. Her Mum pays her monthly contract and I just fail to see what it is that makes it worth the money it costs, as I do find them very overpriced. Yes its a ...
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