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Hand Spinner: what do you think of this new phenomenon? 25/06/2017

Fidget spinner for fidgets

Hand Spinner: what do you think of this new phenomenon? Where I come from these little toys that everyone appears to be obsessed with are called fidget spinners. I had never heard of them until my 7 year old nephew appeared with one. When I asked him about it he showed me how to spin it on his finger and when I asked him what the point was, I simply got a shoulder shrug and told it was fun. When I looked on Google I discovered that fidget spinners have been around since 1993. However I am sure I am not the only person who had never heard of them or saw them until recently. These little toys come in different sizes, materials and probably every colour you can think of. They are basically a circular pad with 3 circular bits coming out of it. The central pad sits on your finger and you spin. The fidget spinners have weights to aid the spinning. You can buy the fidget spinners as cheap as £2 or £3 although they can get expensive and the dearest I have seen was £15. They were apparently originally intended for stress relief particularly for people on the autistic spectrum. My stepson has autism and my 10 year old nephew has aspergers. I have to say that although they both have fidget spinners I have seen no difference in how they calm themselves and they still both use their usual methods (weighted blanket, music etc) rather than the fidget spinners. All of the children in my family own at least one, except for my 2 year old son. I have seen some pretty horrific pictures on Facebook of children of Harry's age getting they're ...

Lego Duplo 10803 Artic 23/06/2017

Baby it's cold outside

Lego Duplo 10803 Artic Harry has quite a few Lego Duplo sets and one he got for Easter we the Lego Duplo Artic set. This is recommended for children age 2 to 5 years. Harry was 2 in March and manages to put it together so i would imagine it will be a bit easy and therefore boring for most 5 year olds. This is an expensive Duplo with Amazon currently selling it for £28.96. Toys R Us have it for £24.99, Argos for £19.99 and John Lewis seems to be the cheapest at £15.99, so this is one toy it is definitely worth shopping around for. The Duplo is in a cardboard box which is very easy to open. On the box it tells you the age recommendation and has a picture of everything built up. The box is very brightly coloured. The set consists of 40 pieces which I think is fine for a 2 year old to stop it being too difficult. These pieces include: 2 Duplo people (Dad and child), a whale, polar bear, husky dog, dog sled, fishing rod, kayak, cooking pot, basket, igloo with door and stove and an ice block. The igloo is the biggest bit in this set to build and is very easy to put together. Harry mastered it only having help the first time. There is an instruction leaflet but this is not really necessary as it is very easy. Harry really enjoys playing with this set. He loves any animal toys so loves the polar bear and whale as they are different to his other animal toys. He also really enjoys going fishing with the Eskimo. This is a nice toy but probably a bit easy for children on the older end of the age ...

Early Learning Centre Shopping Basket 14/06/2017

Teaching Harry to shop

Early Learning Centre Shopping Basket Harry is not a fan of shopping. In fact he hates it and I tend to try to go my shopping when he is with his Dad or Gran. However, sometimes it is unavoidable so when I was in the Early Learning Centre I saw a shopping basket and decided to buy him it to see if he enjoyed shopping any more when he had his own little basket to put items in. The basket we bought is slightly different to the one pictured as ours is red with a blue handle. Ciao informs me this is the same product. The shopping basket is a very reasonable £4 so even if Harry did not use it or like it, I was not losing much and knew I could use it to store some of his food item toys in at home if he did not use it for shopping. The basket is said to be suitable for children age 3 and over but I see no reason not to give this to a younger child. The basket is 30x20x15cm approximately so big enough to hold a few small items. It is made from plastic and has square holes cut into it just like a normal wire shopping basket in the supermarket. The basket is very light and easy for Harry to lift. The handle lies flat against the basket when it is not being used and lifts easily to carry the basket. The handle has ruts in the top in the shape of fingers to make it more comfortable to hold. When Harry first got this basket we were playing shop in the house and he put in a large full bottle of milk and a bottle of diluting juice. He struggled to lift it as it was too heavy but I lifted it and the basket took the weight ...

Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume Set 14/06/2017

Cooking Mummy dinner

Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume Set My 2 year old enjoys helping when I am working in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, and I have bought him quite a few toys to keep him busy but still let him think he is helping me. Knowing how much he was enjoying the toys etc. he has for this, my friend decided to buy him a Chef costume to wear while he is "cooking". Knowing we are fans of Melissa and Doug products in this house she decided that it was the Melissa and Doug Chef Role Play Costume that she would buy him. This costume costs a whopping £17.82 on Amazon. To be honest, although I am a fan of Melissa and Doug I do not think I would have paid this much for the product. This costume is recommended for children age 3 and over. Harry was only 2 in March. He is tall for his age but it is still slightly too big for him. The costume should fit children age 3 to 6. The set consists of a white chef coat, chef hat, oven glove, 3 wooden cooking utensils, plastic measuring spoons and a name tag to write your child's name on. Hat and coat and oven glove - All are machine washable and I have washed them several times and they have came out looking perfect. Harry has spilled food on the coat before but I simply treat it with stain remover before washing and it still looks as good as new. The coat is white with red checked trim round it and red check buttons. The hat has a red checked trim and the oven glove is red checked. The coat has Velcro down the front as well as buttons so it is easy for children to fasten ...

LiteCup Sippy Cup & Nightlight 13/06/2017

Light up my water

LiteCup Sippy Cup & Nightlight My 2 year old usually sleeps through the night but when the weather is hot he will sometimes waken up in the night thirsty and come and waken me for a drink. I left a drink beside his bed but he always seemed to forget it was there when he was sleepy. While looking on Amazon for something else I came across the LiteCup Sippy Cup and Nightlight (on Amazon called Lite Cup Sippy Cup, but I was told by Ciao this is the same product). This product cost me £7.19 which is expensive for a sippy cup but as it was also a nightlight I did not really mind paying this much. Harry likes having a little nightlight in his room so I thought this product could fulfil his need for a light and his need for a drink. The cup is available in various colours such as blue, purple, pink, red and green. Our cup is Uber Blue simply because when I bought the cup this colour was £1 cheaper than the rest for some reason. The cup is BPA and latex free and you can remove the light unit to make it dishwasher safe. The cup measures 7x7x16 cm and is big enough to hold enough water to last Harry through the night. It takes 1 CR2 battery which is included when you buy the cup. The light unit is at the bottom of the cup and must be removed before washing the cup. The light is activated when the room is dark. There is a button on the bottom of the cup to activate the light. The main body of the cup is the part which lights up. It is made of cloudy plastic and when it lights up it is really quite bright. ...

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons 13/06/2017

My Munchkin learning to feed himself

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons I wrote this review when we were weaning Harry and have just found it in my drafts. I obviously forgot to publish it at the time. Harry no longer uses these spoons but he did use them for a long time at the beginning of the weaning process. Before we started to wean Harry I went shopping for everything I might need for him to learn to enjoy food and feed himself. Some of it is ridiculously overpriced. I like Munchkin products and when I saw a pack of 6 spoons in Morrison's I decided to buy them. The spoons were packaged on a cardboard sleeve with a clear front so you could see the colours and size of the spoons. It was very easy to open and get the spoons out. The spoons are all different bright colours - our pack contained purple, red, green, blue, pink and orange. The spoons are safe to put in the dishwasher or steriliser. I do not have a dishwasher but before I used these I did wash them with hot soapy water and pop them in my steriliser. I do not sterilise them every time they are used but I do pop them in once a week or so although this is probably unnecessary if they are well washed with hot soapy water. The spoons are BPA free. The spoons are very soft and bendy and the handle is easy to hold. I don't know what it is made from but the handle is not at all slippy which makes it easier for Harry not to drop it. The spoon part is also very soft so I am not worried about Harry hurting his teeth if he bites on it. The handles are long which makes it easier for Harry ...

Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Pool 12/06/2017

Now all we need is sunshine

Bestway Blue Rectangular Family Pool Last summer we decided to buy a paddling pool for the garden. We often have at least 6 children at weekends so wanted sometging big enough for all of them. I bought the paddling pool for £15 on Amazon. The cost has now increased slightly to £15.39. The pool has an RRP of £29.99. The pool arrived folded down and packaged in a cardboard box. When I saw the picture on the box I realised the pool was smaller than I originally thought but was not so small to make me send it back. When it is inflated the pool measures 2 metres x 1.5 metres x 51cm and holds 450 litres of water. Inside the box you get the pool and also a repair kit to repair and rips or tears that may happen. We have not had to use this yet so I cannot comment on how well it works. Inflating the pool did take my husband the best part of an hour using a basic hand pump which is not supplied. It's safe to say his hand was sore by the time he finished and he has told me he would not inflate this every time we use it so we tend to leave it inflated for the summer with a cover over it. The cover is not supplied and I bought this separately. The pool is blue in colour with a white top. It is nothing exciting to look at but not ugly either. To fill the pool we just attached our hose to the kitchen tap and left the end in the pool. The pool filled within around 30 minutes. Although as Harry is little we do not fill the pool right up. After the first use last year we simply topped it up which was much quicker. To ...

VTech Push & Play Spinning Top 11/06/2017

Simple but fun

VTech Push & Play Spinning Top Sorting through some of Harry's old baby toys I came across the vtech Push and Play Spinning Top. Harry received this as a gift from my Dad when he was around 3 months old. This toy currently costs £13.60 on Amazon. It has an RRP of £16.99. This toy is recommended for children age 9 months and over. I would say this is a good recommended as Harry was around 9 months before he was interested in this. The toy takes 2 AA batteries which were in the toy when we bought it. They are kept in a sealed compartment and you need a screwdriver to get in to change them to keep babies from getting them. The toy is very brightly coloured to attract the attention of very young children. It sits on a blue base and feels fairly sturdy and not like it would be knocked over at the tiniest touch. The base of the toy is bright blue then a red top on that. On the red part are 4 animals - green turtle, brown dog, blue elephant and an orange bear. In between each animal is a different shape and they are numbered 1 to 4. There is also an on off switch which also gives you 2 choices of volume. In the middle of the animals is a yellow, green and orange plunger. When you press this the toy will begin to spin. While it spins it plays a tune and the numbered shapes will light up. The animals are also buttons and when you press them the animal will make their animal sound and tell you the name of the animal. Pressing the numbered shapes will have various responses such as playing tunes or telling ...

Orchard Toys Farmyard Puzzle 08/06/2017

Fun on the farm

Orchard Toys Farmyard Puzzle My 2 year old loves animals and especially loves farmyard animals such as horses, cows and sheep. When I was looking for some little presents to give him for Christmas I came across the Orchard Toys Farmyard Puzzle. I bought the puzzle from Amazon paying around £6. It is currently on Amazon for £6.75. With the excitement Harry gets when he plays with this it was definitely £6 well spent. This puzzle is recommended for children age 18 months and over. Harry got this when he was 21 months and still enjoys it at 27 months. I think he would have managed this puzzle at 18 months and would judge this to be a good age recommendation. The puzzle comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a picture of a cow on the front. When you open the box you find 6 animals all of which split onto 2 pieces. The animals are a cow, horse, sheep, goat, pig and chicken. The animals are all true to life with regards to colour and shape. Each piece feels sturdy and can be wiped clean, which is perfect after sticky fingers have played with them. I have wiped them with antibacterial wipes several times and they remain in good condition. Each puzzle piece measures approximately 13x15 cm and this information is on the box. Harry likes us to play with this with him on the floor. We lay all the pieces out for him to put together. They all go together and come apart very easily and Harry manages himself with no problems. When he began to get a bit bored of the puzzle a couple of weeks ago I began putting all ...

VTech Captain Bear's Bathtime 07/06/2017

Bath time Ahoy

VTech Captain Bear's Bathtime My son was 2 in March and for his 2nd Christmas his big sister bought him some bath toys. One of the toys was the Vtech Captain Bears Bathtime. She bought this in Toys r Us for £12.99. Amazon are currently selling this for £11.99. This does seem too expensive to me for a bath toy and if I had known the price I probably would not have allowed her to buy this. The toy came packaged in a cardboard box with a cut out front allowing you to see the toy. It is recommended for children age 12 to 36 months. The toy takes 1AA battery which is in a sealed compartment. The boat is the perfect size for children's hands and feels well made. When put on the water it floats perfectly. The toy is a little bear driving a boat. It is all very brightly coloured with the boat being mainly blue, the part the bear sits in red, steering wheel green and the bear yellow. There is a flag at the back of the boat which moves and buttons on the front of the boat. The bear can be removed from the boat and when you put him back in he has several phrases he will say. The buttons cause the boat to light up and play tunes. They also make the steering wheel turn and the flag spins round. Harry enjoys playing with this in his bath and very quickly worked out that when he puts the bear back in the boat it will talk to him. Be also quickly worked out wgat the various buttons did. We used this boat to discuss colours but there is not a great deal of educational value to this toy. However this does not ...

VTech Winnie The Pooh Teach 'n Lights Phone 06/06/2017

Ring ring

VTech Winnie The Pooh Teach 'n Lights Phone When he was younger my 2 year old was obsessed with phones so he had quite a few toy phones. Of course none of them are as good as stealing our real phones. One toy phone he has is the vtech Winnie the Pooh Teach n Lights Phone. This toy no longer appears to be easily available and I have only seen used ones on Amazon and eBay. A used phone on Amazon is currently selling for £15.95. I actually found our phone in the local charity shop and bought it for less than £5. It was used but in perfect condition. The toy takes 2 AA batteries which are kept in a sealed compartment. We changed the batteries after buying this and in a year have only changed them once more and Harry did play with this a lot. The phone is quite large measuring 12.4x24.6x30.7cm and it sits flat on the floor or table. The toy is recommended for children age 2 and over. I bought this for Harry when he was around 8 months and he has been playing with it regularly since he was just over a year old. The phone is predominately purple in colour with what is meant to look like green grass/tree around the edges. The receiver lifts off and is on a short cord. The phone has a handle on the side making it easier to carry. At the top of the phone is Winnie the Pooh and a little slider bar to select your mode of play from 3 options - learn it/find it, call my friends and follow it. There are 12 buttons numbered as a normal phone would be. The bottom left button is for turning the phone on and off and the bottom ...

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant 04/06/2017

Lovely smelling deodorant

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Deodorant ****INTRODUCTION**** I always have several cans of deodorant which I keep in various places such as my bag, bathroom, bedroom and in my work locker. I usually buy them when they are on offer and do not have any loyalty to any particular brands. One I am currently using is Nivea Pearl and Beauty deodorant. ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY **** I bought mine in my local Poundshop where I obviously paid £1 for a 150ml can. It can be bought in Tesco for the same price and prices vary going up to £2.29 in Superdrug. The deodorant appears to be widely available in supermarkets and most shops which sell toiletries. ****PACKAGING**** I usually use aerosol deodorants. I just do not like roll ons or stick deodorant. The deodorant is a normal aerosol can. It is mainly white and pink in colour except for the blue Nivea logo. The can tells me this is an anti-persperant for smooth and beautiful underarm. It also tells me the product offers 48 hour protection and contains 0% alcohol. This product claims: Smooth and beautiful underarms due to pearl extract 48 hour effective anti-persperant protection and gentle Nivea care Skin tolerance dermatologically approved The can has instructions to shake and spray from a distance of 15cm. Allow to dry before putting clothes on. The can does not have a lid. The top twists into open and closes positions so when it is set to closed the can will not accidentally spray if you are carryingit in a bag. There are pictures on top of an open and a closed ...

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream 02/06/2017

Nivea light moisturiser

Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream I have dry skin and use a lot of moisturiser. I do not like anything too thick and heavy on my face and when I was shopping in Asda recently I saw Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream and decided that at £2.50 for a 50ml tube  it was worth trying. The moisturiser is in a tube in a cardboard box.  The box has the name of the product on front and tells me this is for normal and combination skin, it moisturises and protects for a fresh skin feeling and is SPF 15. The product claims to provide intensive moisture, help protect the skin from sunlight, refresh the skin and has vitamin E. It is dermatologically approved and claims to use ingredients inspired by nature. The tube of moisturiser carries the same information. The tube has a click top lid which opens and closes very easily. The tube can stand on the lid so when it is beginning to get empty the cream will go to the bottom making it easier to get the last of it out. The moisturiser squeezes out of the tube very easily.  It is not too thick and white in colour. The cream has a nice fresh smell and smells slightly like sun cream. To use this you apply on a clean face and massage in small circles avoiding your eyes. The moisturiser feels lovely and cool on my skin and massages in easily. It absorbs quickly and does not leave any greasy residue on my skin. After I use this my skin feels soft and moisturised and looks healthy. I tend to use this twice daily as well as a night cream.  I have used other ...

Which sport do you practice most and why? 01/06/2017

Not the most sporty person in the world

Which sport do you practice most and why? I like to pretend to myself that I get all the exercise I need running after a very active 2 year old. However my weight and general level of fitness tell me otherwise so I do try to fit in more exercise when I can without it eating into a busy life looking after a toddler and teenagers. The exercise i do the most is swimming. Now I certainly do not treat this as a sport in that I compete etc, I simply do it as i find it relaxing and feel better after it. My 2 year old loves going swimming but obviously when I am with him i do not get to swim properly. So when my health is up to it I am at the local pool at least 4 times a week. Twice with Harry and twice on my own. When I go on my own I swim for around 45 minutes to an hour and always enjoy the time on my own to think about life. I then of course completely defeat the purpose of exercise by treating myself to a hot chocolate when I come out. I usually manage to fit in a quick 15 minute swim when I take Harry as his Dad or Gran will stay with him to allow me to do this. There are a few reasons I enjoy swimming. For one you do not need expensive equipment. All you really need is a swimming costume and towel and you are good to go. My local pool cost me £4 every time I go which obviously is expensive if I go 4 times a week. So I took a membership for the gym which also includes swimming and all fitness classes for £28 a month saving me quite a lot of money. I keep telling myself I will go to the gym or some of the classes ...

Nivea Lip Butter 01/06/2017

Super kissable lips

Nivea Lip Butter ****PLEASE NOTE THIS REVIEW IS NIVEA LIP BUTTER RED AND THIS IS WHERE I WAS TOLD TO PUT IT**** I suffer from dry lips and always have products around to help keep them soft and more comfortable. One of the products I am currently using is Nivea lip butter Red. I paid £1 for this a couple of months ago in Asda for a 19ml tin. This currently costs £2.09 in Superdrug so it is worth looking for it cheaper. The lip butter is in a small tin with pictures of cherries on it and the name of the product. On the bottom of the tin are the ingredients, and it tells me the product has a 12 month life after it is opened. The tin is a perfect size to carry in a pocket or bag. The tin has a lid which you remove to get the lip butter. The tin I am currently using is easy to open but I have had some in the past which have been very stiff and difficult to open. When the lid is on it feels very secure and I have never had any The lip butter is red in colour and has a fruity smell. To use this I just put some on my little finger and smooth onto my lips. It smooths on easily and I only need to use a small amount. When I use this my lips get a slightly pink tinge to them but not enough that it looks like make up. They also feel lovely and soft. I have a bad habit of licking or biting my lips so whatever product I use I need to apply regularly but with this my lips feel soft for a couple of hours. The lip butter absorbs quickly and does not leave my lips feeling greasy and does not leave ...
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