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Poundland Argan Oil Shampoo 19/08/2017

Argan oil shampoo

Poundland Argan Oil Shampoo While shopping with my friend a few weeks ago we were in our local pound shop when I remembered I needed to buy shampoo. My friend uses this shampoo all the time and recommended it so I decided to try it. ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY **** I pais £1 for a 300 ml bottle. The bottle states this is 150mls free. A look online shows this as the same pricein B and M. It does not seem to be available in supermarkets or places like Boots or Superdrug. ****PACKAGING**** This shampoo is in a tube with a flip top lid. The bottle stands on the lid well. The shampoo simply squeezes out very easily. The bottle is not the most attractive beibg coloured in brown and green. It is also not see through so you cannot see when you are running low. The bottle tells me the shampoo has moroccan argan oil extract to nourish and moisturise your hair leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy. This is not my favourite packaging of shampoo simply because I dislike the colours and it annoys me every time I see it on my bathroom shelf. ****SCENT**** The shampoo does not really smell of very much. It does have a fresh clean scent, but does not smell of anything in particular. The smell is not very strong and straight after washing my hair I could not smell it at all on my hair. I prefer my hair to smell fresher than it does when I use this shampoo. ****USING THE SHAMPOO**** The shampoo is used just like any other. Wet your hair, massage in the shampoo, and rinse off. The shampoo is white in colour ...

Dumbo (Animated) (DVD) 18/08/2017

Dumbo the Great

Dumbo (Animated) (DVD) As anyone who reads my reviews will know, I love Disney. One of the first Disney films I remember seeing as a child was Dumbo. I loved it the first time I saw it, i cried the first time I saw it, and I still love it now. And yes, I still cry. This is a film only review. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM~~~~ Dumbo was Walt Disneys 4th animated film. It was released in 1941 and is a short film at 64 minutes long. Dumbo was directed by: Ben Sharpsteen, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson, Bill Roberts, Jack Kinney and Samuel Armstrong. Dumbo was made for Disney to try to make up money it lost from its last film, Fantasia, which did not do well. It therefore was a relatively cheap budget film with a budget of £950000. A live action movie of Dumbo is due to be released in 2019. Although I loved the Beauty and the Beast live action, I can't help but think this will be taken too far and it seems like all of Disneys classics will eventually be remade. ~~~~CAST (VOICEOVER)~~~~ Dumbo - although the main character he has no spoken lines John McLiesh - The narrator Edward Brophy - Timothy Q Mouse Sterling Holloway - Mr Stork Verna Felton - Mrs Jumbo and elephant matriach Cliff Edwards- Jim Crow Herman Bing - ringmaster ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ Thr circus animals are on a train when we see a flock of storks who deliver the various new baby animals. Elephant, Mrs Jumbo, eagerly awaits her new arrival and instantly loves him, naming him Jumbo Jr. However, poor Jumbo has exceptionally big ears, which ...

VTech Connect-A-Pillar 12/08/2017

Another fun baby toy

VTech Connect-A-Pillar My Dad was very excited when we found out I was pregnant with Harry, and every week he gave me presents for his first grandchild. So Harry has had the VTech Connect-A-Pillar since before he was born! He started playing with it when he was 6 months, and although he shows no interest in it now, he did like this toy until just before his 2nd birthday. This toy costs £10.41 on Amazon which I think is not a bad price. This is the cheapest I can see looking online. Toys r Us and Asda will set you back around £15 so it is worth shopping around. This toy is suitable from 6 months to 3 years. I think 6 months is a good recommendation and Harry did play with this sitting on the floor and pushed it along when he was crawling. However I can't really imagine the average 3 year old having fun with this for too long before getting a bit bored. This toy takes 1 AAA battery which is in a sealed compartment that needs a screwdriver to open. We played with this toy a lot and only had to change the battery once so it lasts a while. The whole caterpillar is made of plastic and is very brightly coloured.  Being plastic it is very easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth or a wipe. The caterpillar is in 6 pieces.  The lock easily together (Harry was unable to do this until he was older) to make one long caterpillar. There are wheels on the head piece and the tail so it can be pushed along once connected. The head is green in colour with a nice happy face. It has 2 antlers  (I have no idea what ...

Pinocchio (DVD) 11/08/2017

Iv got no strings

Pinocchio (DVD) As anyone who reads my reviews will know I am a massive fan of Disney and am currently working my way through watching as many of the films as possible with my 2 year old son and 7 year old nephew. Pinocchio has always been one of my least favourite Disney films, but my nephew asked for it for his birthday recently which is how we came to be watching it. This is a film only review as my nephew took the DVD home after we watched it so I did not get the chance to see the extras etc. ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM ~~~~ Pinnochio is an American animated musical fantasy film and was released in 1940 by Walt Disney Productions. It was Disneys 2nd animated film and is 88 minutes long. Pinnochio is based on the book "The Adventures of Pinnochio" by Carlo Collodi. The film has a lot of directors: Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske, Bill Roberts, Norman Ferguson, Jack Kinney, Wilfred Jackson and T.Hee. ~~~~CAST (VOICEOVERS)~~~~ Dickie Jones - Pinocchio Dickie Jones was also the voice of Alexander Cliff Edwards - Jiminy Cricket Christian Rub - Mister Geppetto Walter Catlett - "Honest" John Worthington Foulfellow Charles Judels - Stromboli Evelyn Venable - The Blue Fairy Frankie Darro - Lampwick ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ The film begins with Jiminy Cricket (a cricket who acts as Pinnochios conscience) telling the viewers they are about to see a story of a wish come true. Carpenter Geppetto finishes making a wooden doll whohe calls Pinnochio, and that night makes a wish on a falling star that he had a ...

Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Thomas Needs a Tune Up 09/08/2017

All aboard for Thomas

Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends Thomas Needs a Tune Up My 2 year old likes Thomas and Friends and we are build up.a collection of toys for him. My husband's Aunt works in a charity shop so when the Mega Blocks Thomas and Friends Thomas needs a Tune Up came into the shop brand new, she was quick to snap it up for him for £2.50. This is currently on Amazon for £12.69. It is recommended for children age 2 to 5. The set is in a cloth bag with handles which makes it very easy to keep it all together. There is a picture on the front of the bag of the set all built up. Inside the bag are all the pieces and an instruction leaflet and some stickers. The set consists of 65 pieces which is bigger than Harry is used to and having just turned 2 when he got this he needed some help to put it together. The pieces are various colours and sizes and made of plastic so easy to wipe clean. In the set, you build a train track which consists of 4 pieces, the Sodor engine works, and other little things such as controls and a fire. Of course you also have Thomas. Thomas has black marks on him to signify coal dust which makes it a bit more realistic looking than a shiny clean train. After the set is built there are a few stickers for the controls etc which you stick on. Very annoyingly mu husband let Harry stick them on so none of them are straight. Not good for my OCD but Harry was very pleased with himself. The set is quick and easy to build and all the pieces fit together with no problems. Thomas can be pushed around the track, although I would ...

VTech Baby Sleepy Bear Sweet Dreams 07/08/2017

Sweet dreams

VTech Baby Sleepy Bear Sweet Dreams Harry received his Vtech Baby Sleepy Bear Sweet Dreams as a gift from a family member when he was first born. I do not know where ours was bought but the cheapest I have found is Amazon who sell it for £24.65. It has an RRP of £32.99. Having used this for 2 years I like it, but do not think it is worth over £30. The Sweet Dreams is in the shape of a moon sitting on a flat base so it can stand on a surface. It can also be hung on a cot. Straps are provided for this. Ciaos picture shows this in pink but ours was blue and white. This product is suitable to use from birth and takes 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries. The batteries were my one bug bear about this as they never lasted very long and 6 batteries for one item does get expensive. There is a remote control for parents to pause or play the music without going near the cot and risking waking baby. In the centreof the moon there is a sleeping polar bear which projects soft lights onto the wall or ceiling. Harry seemed to find this quite soothing when he was a baby. Musically this has 3 modes - nature sounds, soothing lullabys and songs which are sung. It can be set to go off after 5, 10 or 15 minutes. We always had ours set to 15. There is also a volume cintrol so it is not too loud. For a first night light/soother, I really liked this. We did not use it all the time and used to swap it round with some others. We used this less than the others because I found that no matter what batteries I used they never lasted longer ...

Man Up (DVD) 06/08/2017

Man Up

Man Up (DVD) My stepdaughter and I were just flicking through channel's the other night for something to watch when we saw Man Up starting.  She wanted to watch it, and I don't mind a Rom-com so I agreed. This is a film only review. Release date - April 2015 Running time - 88 minutes Distributed by - StudioCanal Director - Ben Palmer Produced by - James Biddle,                            Nira Park                            Rachel Prior ****STORYLINE**** Nancy is 34 and on the look out for love.  On the train journey to London for her parents 40th wedding anniversary, she starts chatting to Jessica, who is on her way to a blind date. When Jessica leaves her book, Nancy chases after her at the train station to return it. Instead of finding Jessica, she meets Jessica's blind date, Jack, who mistakenly thinks Nancy is Jessica. On an impulsive whim, Nancy decides to pretend she is Jessica and go on the date. The pair have a great night and really like each other, but when they meet someone Nancy knows her cover is blown. Can Jack forgive Nancy for her deception or will she never see who could be the love of her life again? ****CAST**** Simon Pegg - Jack Lake Bell - Nancy Sharon Horgan - Elaine Rory Kinnear - Sean Ken Stott - Bert Harriet Walter - Fran Ophelia Lovibond - Jessica Olivia Williams - Hilary Stephen Campbell Moore - Ed ****RECOMMENDATION**** My stepdaughter really loved this film and laughed out loud quite a few times. I wouldnt say I hated it but there were a few ...

Lego Duplo 10581 Forest Ducks 02/08/2017

Quack quack

Lego Duplo 10581 Forest Ducks One of Harry's favourite things to do is go to feed the ducks. Everytime we ask him where he wants to go this will be his first choice. One of his favourite things to do in the house is play with his Duplo sets. So when I was browsing on Amazon and saw the Duplo Forest Ducks set I had to buy him it. This is not one of the cheapest Duplo toys and I paid £13.55 for it. Its also quite small so I could question whether it was good value for money but I knew how much Harry would love it so decided it would worth it. My husband, of course, was told that I got this brand new from a charity shop for 2 quid. Just to save him moaning how many toys Harry has and how much they cost. This duplo toy is suitable for children age 2 to 5 years old. Like all of the Duplo sets I imagine Harry will have outgrown this long before he is 5, although he is really enjoying it now. This set consists of 13 pieces. Each piece is made of plastic and therefore very easy to wash or wipe clean if they get dirty with sticky fingers. The 13 pieces include a bridge (which you build but this is very easy to do), 2 ducks - 1 male 1 female, a figure of a child, a nest, a green flower, a red flower, a brick with ducklings on it, and 4 green building bricks. All of the pieces are well made and go nicely together. Harry enjoys playing with this, although after the first couple of days he stopped playing with it on its own and we put it together with some of his other Duplo sets. He has quite a lot now and we ...

Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat 31/07/2017

The dreaded toilet training

Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat We are in the process of toilet training Harry (where did my wee baby go!). We have potties which he uses but he does sometimes decide he wants to sit on the toilet. Obviously the toilet seat is too big and we need to hold him on which he doesn't particularly like. So I went online to see what I could find. My bathroom is very small so I didn't want anything too big and bulky. I found the Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat on Amazon and paid £6.99 for it. At this price I wasn't too worried if it turned out to be no good. The seat comes in white, blue and pink as far as I can see. You also get green and orange but they are moulded seats and look slightly different. I ordered the white one to blend in with our normal white toilet seat. The seat was simply packagedin a cellophane bag with an instruction leaflet inside it. The seat is very simple to use. There is rubber around the base of the seat which just sits on your normal toilet seat. This makes the seat smaller and I think it helps Harry to feel more secure. It also og course makes it higher. It is too high for Harry to get on himself and even with a step we need to lift him and help him get comfortable. Harry is only 28 months so an older child wouldprobably manage better on they're own. I was a little concerned it would not be secure, and when Harry is not sitting on it it can feel a little shaky. However, his weight seems to work to anchor it down and it does not move when he is on it, even when he is wriggling ...

Fun Time Pop Up FarmYard Friends 30/07/2017

Fun in the farm

Fun Time Pop Up FarmYard Friends Harry received the Fun Time Pop Up Farmyard Friends toy from my friend for his 1st birthday. He is now 28 months and still plays with it. Pop up farmyard friends currently costs £7.99 on Amazon and has an RRP of £9.99. The toy was packaged in carboard which was cut out at the front so you could see the toy. As we have had this for a while I can't remember any of the information on the box. The toy is said to be suitable for children age 18 months and older. I see no reason why a younger child shouldnt play with this. Harry was playing with it at a year and picked up what to do very quickly. The toy is made entirely of plastic making it very easy to clean. I just use an antibacterial wipe to clean it and it looks like new. It measures 27x16x15.5cm and is the perfect size to play with on the floor or for Harry to sit it on his lap. The toy is very brightly coloured being predominately yellow. It is liie a long L shape and does not require any batteries. Along the very top there are 4 squares numbered 1 to 4 in different colours - green, orange, blue and red. Under these are stickers of a basket of eggs, sheep in a field, a saddle and horseshoe, and milk bottles, giving you an indication of which animal each square represents. Under the stickers are 4 different types of tasks. Number 1 is like a wheel which you turn and when you do a chicken pops out of the square at the top. Number 2 is a lever to pull which releases a sheep. Number 3 is another lever and up pops a ...

Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue 29/07/2017

Is it soft enough for sensitive bums?

Tesco Luxury Soft Toilet Tissue I usually always buy Andrex toilet roll and although I have occasionally tried different ones I always return to Andrex. However, with Santa due sooner than I would like and next years holiday to book, we have been trying to save the pennies wherever we can by cutting our shopping bills. So I decided again to try a cheaper toilet roll. ~~~~PRICE AND WHERE TO BUY~~~~ Being one of Tesco own brands, this is only available in Tesco, and can be bought instore or online. I bought mine in the shop paying £3.35 for 9 rolls. This is also available in a pack of 24 rolls for £8. The bigger pack is more economical and offers a slightly bigger saving but I did not want to spend £8 in case we did not like it. There is also a pack of 4 rolls for £1.75. At the time I bought this the 9 pack was on offer of 2 packs for £6. ~~~~PACKAGING~~~~ The toilet roll is stacked in rolls and columns of 3 and wrapped quite tightly in plastic. The plastic feels a lot thinner than the wrapping on more expensive toilet roll but that did not particularly bother me. The packaging is easy to open and take out the toilet rolls it is quite plain telling me the name of the product on front and a small amountof information on back. The packet carries a warning to keep the packaging away from babies and young children as the plastic could suffocate them. Each toilet roll has an inner cardboard tube and sat nicely on my toilet roll holder. ~~~~SIZE AND APPEARANCE OF TOILET ROLL~~~~ I always buy white toilet ...

Board games: which are the best for you? 26/07/2017

Too many to mention

Board games: which are the best for you? We are a fan of board and card games in our house. With two teenagers here most of the time I like to get them off of they're phones, tablets, PlayStation and x box. We limit electronics time to make sure they are outside every day and set aside 1 night a week where none of us are allowed gadgets. They really enjoy our family nights where we usually watch a film over a takeaway then have games night. Of course we also have 2 year old Harry so need to make sure our games are suitable for him until he goes to bed. Most of our games have been bought from charity shops and the children get 1 brand new one each every Christmas. They can get expensive but we have had some great finds in charity shops. The games we play the most are: MONOPOLY - my stepdaughter favourite but not one I am keen on simply because it can last for hours. Plus in my house if you leave the room for a second everyone else will steal money from the bank and sometimes from your pile. Basically in Monopoly you make your way around the board buying properties, building houses and hotels on them and if anyone lands on your property they pay you rent. The one thing this game has been good for is helping my stepson who has learning difficulties with learning to deal with money and with his counting. HUNGRY HIPPO - One of Harry's games which I got him for his birthday. Recommended for age 4 and up he does need help with it as he is only 2. Basically you have marbles in the centre of the board and 4 hippos ...

Flamingo Land Holiday Village, North Yorkshire 22/07/2017

Brilliant holiday for the kids

Flamingo Land Holiday Village, North Yorkshire We have just returned from 5 days in Flamingo Land. We stayed in a caravan with our 16 year old, 14 year old and 2 year old and all of us had a great time. Flamingo Land is part of Hoseasons. ****BOOKING THE HOLIDAY**** I booked the holiday in January through the website flamingo I paid in full at the time of booking although it did give me the option to pay a deposit then pay the holiday up. Booking was very easy and once I decided on my dates and what I wanted it was done in less than 10 minutes. I immediately received confirmation of the booking via email then a second email with booking details attached. 2 weeks before the holiday we received the same attachments again to remind us. ****GETTING THERE***** Flamingo Land is in Kirby, Misperton, in North Yorkshire. We drove from Glasgow and it took us around 6 hours in total although we did stop twice for lunch and to let Harry get a little run around. There were plenty of service stations on the road up. I think we travelled on the A64/A170 and A169. A look on the internet tells me the nearest train station is in nearby Malton and there are then regular buses to take you to Flamingo Land. There are also buses from cities such as Glasgow which will take you to Flamingo Land. While we were driving there we went through a lot of countryside although we did get a bit lost. We went to Scarborough for a day and it was a 45 minute drive. I could and should probably say more about getting there but I am ...

Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowls 12/07/2017

Sticky bowls?

Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowls When Harry was a bit younger and still in his high chair we went through a phase of him throwing his bowls and spoon, leaving me having to wash my floor after every meal or snack.  I bought a few products to help with this problem and one of them was the Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls. I got the bowls from Amazon and paid around  £9 for three bowls along with a fork and spoon. The bowls can be put in the dishwasher although as I do not have a dishwasher I have never tried this so I am unable to comment on how well they would wash.  I wash them with hot soapy water and they remained in excellent condition. The packaging told me they are not microwave safe which is a bit annoying but not too much of a nuisance. The bowls are different sizes, and colours. The largest bowl is green with orange mat for suction. The medium bowl is orange with green suction and the smallest is blue with yellow suction. All of the colours are very bright. Other colours are available.  I did not get the option on Amazon to choose what colours I wanted but was happy with what we got. The bowls are made of plastic and feel quite strong. The largest bowl came with a lid which fits on well but there were no lids with the smaller ones. These bowls are designed to stick to the high chair to stop your child being able to pick them up and throw them.  I found the bowls stuck well and Harry was unable to get them off the table. They dud however stick better when they were slightly damp.They are easy ...

Lego Duplo 10838 Family Pets 11/07/2017

More animal Duplo to keep Harry happy

Lego Duplo 10838 Family Pets My 2 year old loves all animals and also loves playing with Lego Duplo sets of which he now has quite a lot. His favourite Duplo are the ones which contain animals so this is what I always look for. This is quite a small Duplo set and therefore one of the cheaper ones. Some of them can be expensive but this is on Amazon for £6.99 meaning that I was more than happy to buy this for Harry. This is recommended for children age 2 to 5. I would say 2 is a good estimate but I can't imagine a 5 year old still being entertained by this. The set is packaged in a cardboard box which has pictures of the blocks and pets on the front. The animals in this are dog, cat, bird and a rabbit. As well as the 4 animals you have animal accessories - bird bath, brush, flower, bowl, plant, frisbee, and a block with carrots on it. As well as the carrot block there are 5 other blocks. The animals can be placed on the blocks. This is one of the smaller sets and probably would get boring quite quickly. However we have quite a few Duplo sets and we now tend to play with them all together. This was a good toy for startingto teach Harry about caring for pets. He has several real pets now already (We have a dog, a rabbit and 2 pet rats) but apart from the dog we got them after he got this toy. He plays with this by trying to brush the dog and tried to put water in the bowl. He has also tried giving it some of our real dogs biscuits. Harry loves this set and this and the other animal ones is the first ...
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