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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 19/03/2017

Cleansing and refreshing

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water I do not like spending too much money on very expensive skin care products, but as I am getting older I do need to start taking better care of my skin. Although I do not wear make up all the time, when I do wear it I find my skin often feels very tight and dry when I use make up wipes to remove it. So when I saw Garnier Micellar Cleansing water I decided to try it. ****PRICE AND AVAILABILITY **** I bought the Micellar water in Superdrug paying £3.29 for a 400ml bottle. Boots are currently selling this for £3.33 and Tesco have it for £1 so it is worth shopping around for offers. ****PACKAGING **** The bottle is made of clear recyclable plastic and has a shelf life of 6 months after it is opened. It has a pink click top lid. The label on the front of the bottle tells me that this is suitable for sensitive skin, removes make up, cleanses and soothes with no need to rinse. It has been dermatologically and opthalmologically tested and the bottle claims it will give 200 uses. The back label on the bottle tells me this is an easy way to remove make up, soothe and hydrate the face, eye area and lips in one step without rinsing. There are instructions to apply the water to a cotton pad and wipe. ****INGREDIENTS **** Aqua/water, hexylene, glycol, glycerin, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium EDTA, poloxamer 184, polyaminopropyl biguanide. ****IN USE**** The Micellar water is the same consistency as normal water. The click lid opens easily and feels very secure when closed. ...

Ambi Toys Lock-a-Block. 10/03/2017

Lock a block

Ambi Toys Lock-a-Block. Another toy I came across recently when clearing out Harry's older toys was the Ambi Toys Lock a Block. This toy is suitable for children aged 1 and over. However, Harry played with this from around 10 months. I bought ours in a charity shop for £2 in perfect condition. Amazon are currently selling this for £12.99 so I definitely got a bargain. The toy is 13 cm high and as the name suggests, shaped like a block. It is made from plastic and very easily wiped clean. The toy is very simple. Basically a box with a lid with slots in it for shaped blocks to go in. It is very brightly coloured, with white at the top and bottom and 3 of the sides are a bright red. One side is yellow and this has a little door on it which you can lock and unlock using a bright blue key. On top of the box are three slots shaped as a circle, a triangle and a square. You also get 6 blocks, so 2 of each shape, coloured red, yellow and blue. The shapes are large enough that I did not worry about Harry putting them in his mouth although I always supervised him playing with this. The shapes are chunky and easy to put into the slots. Harry enjoys shape sorting toys and did enjoy playing with this. However, most of his shape sorting toys have more slots and shapes and some had other activities as well. Because this is only the 3 shapes Harry did bore of it quite quickly. Now he is almost 2 he is not at all interested in this toy. As well as putting the shapes in the slots, Harry used to enjoy opening ...

Fisher-Price First Blocks 09/03/2017

Great toy to teach colour and shapes

Fisher-Price First Blocks Going through Harry's older toys, I came across his Fisher Price First Blocks. I did intend on donating this toy to a charity shop but after Harry saw it again he began playing with it so it looks like we have it for a while longer. I cannot remember how much I paid for this, but Amazon is currently selling it for £8.99. Harry has always loved shape sorting toys and that is exactly what this is. Shape sorting is really all this toy does, helping your child learn shapes and colours. Although nothing fancy, I like the simplicity of this type of toy. So many toys are all flashing lights and playing music so these simple toys make a refreshing change. This toy is suitable for children aged 6 months and over. The toys is rectangular in shape and made from plastic. It is basically a box with a lid. There is a handle on the toy which is useful to carry it around. The toys is very brightly coloured, mainly yellow and red, and has a Fisher Price sticker on it. The lid comes off very easily to get the blocks out. On top of the lid are 5 slots of different shapes. There are 10 blocks, so 2 of each shape. The blocks are a good size and large enough that, even when he was a baby, I did not worry about Harry putting them in his mouth. The blocks fit very easily in the slots. The toy wipes clean very easily with an antibacterial wipe. Harry really enjoyed playing with this when he was younger. Obviously when he was very young he could not put the blocks in the slots himself, but he ...

Beauty And The Beast (DVD) 08/03/2017

Tale as old as time

Beauty And The Beast (DVD) Regular readers of my reviews will know by now that I am a massive Disney fan. Although I love the majority of the films I think my favourite is Beauty and the Beast. As the live action version is due to be released and I have plans to go and see that, I decided to rewatch the animated Disney version first. I lost a lot of DVDS when I moved house and so had to find it on the Disney Movies Channel. This is therefore a film only review. ****ABOUT THE FILM**** Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991 by Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Feature Animations. It is quite a short film at 84 minutes which is perfect for a child's concentration span. The film was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise and produced by Don Hahn. It is based on the book Beauty and the Beast written by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. Beauty and the Beast is an animated musical romantic fantasy film and is Disney's 30th animated film. It was adapted into a Broadway musical and more recently a live action film which will be released in cinemas on 17 March 2017. ****STORYLINE**** A witch asks a Prince if she can shelter in his castle and is made angry when he refuses. As an act of revenge she magically changes him into a Beast and gives him a rose. The only way the spell can be reversed and the Prince returned to his human form, is if he finds someone to fall in love with him before the last petal falls from the rose on his 21st birthday. As well as transforming the Prince, the witch also ...

AquaV Family Creme Bath 07/03/2017

Wheres the bubbles???

AquaV Family Creme Bath Always on a bid to save some money I have been doing some of my shopping in Aldi. While doing my shopping I spotted AquaV Crème Bath and decided it was so cheap it was worth trying. I paid a very cheap 59 pence for a 1 litre bottle. The bottle is very plain looking and nothing at all attractive to look at. It is made of recyclable plastic and you can very easy see the white liquid through the bottle. The lid simply screws on and off and there are no issues with this. The label on the bottle carries the usual warnings such as not to get into your eyes, not to swallow etc. On opening the bottle the scent is not very strong and I had to put the bottle quite close to my nose before I could smell anything. The scent is certainly not unpleasant but it is also nothing amazing. To me it just smells like a very fresh clean soapy smell. When using the crème bath the smell is apparent but fades very quickly. By the time my bath was ran I could no longer smell it. I also could not detect it on my skin at all after my bath. To use the crème bath you simply pour it under running water. When I poured it, I found it was a lot more watery than I expected and I inadvertently used far more than I usually would. I was initially pleased to see that it did make a decent amount of bubbles in the bath. However my initial pleasure at seeing the bubbles soon disappeared along with the bubbles. They did not last very long at all and were all gone within a few minutes of me getting into the ...

VTech 1st Animal Puzzle 06/03/2017

Learning animal sounds

VTech 1st Animal Puzzle My son will be 2 next week so we have went through all his toys to see what can be donated to charity to make room for his new toys. When going through the toys we came across the Vtech Baby First Animal puzzle toy. Harry received this as a gift for his first birthday. It currently costs £8.49 on Amazon with a RRP of £12.99. This toy is aimed for children aged 1 to 3 years. Harry did enjoy this toy when ever was a bit younger but over the past couple of months has been bored and not at all interested in it so I would not recommend buying this for children in the older end of the age range. It requires 2 AAA batteries. The batteries appear to last well as we have not had to change them. The batteries are in a sealed compartment. The toys is made from hard plastic and to clean it zip just wipe with antibacterial wipes. You cannot wash this toy in water as it is electronic. The toys is very brightly coloured with the main board being yellow with a blue dial in the middle. Surrounding the dial are 5 animals – dog, bird, butterfly, cat and frog. Each animal is a separate piece which can be removed and put back in. The animals are quite chunky which makes them easier for toddlers to take in and out of the slots. The animals stay in the slots and do not fall out easily. When you put an animal in its slot the toys tells you the name of the animals and what colour they are. The dial in the middle of the board has an arrow pointer. When you put the correct animal into the space ...

Peppa Pig Bath Crayons 05/03/2017

Clean mess

Peppa Pig Bath Crayons My son loves drawing and has a lot of art materials. He used to always love his bath then went through a little phase where he hated it. Obviously not bathing him is not an option so I tried to think of ways to make bath time more fun for him. He was getting a bit bored of his bath toys so I had a look online to get him some new ones. I saw the Peppa Pig bath crayons, and although Harry is not really a fan of Peppa Pig I ordered them for him. I bought the bath crayons for £2.99 on Amazon. For this price you get 4 crayons. The crayons arrived packaged in a simple cardboard sleeve. The crayons are red, blue, purple and green and the colours all look very bright. My only complaint about the colours is the blue and purple look quite similar. Each crayon has a label on it with a picture of Peppa Pig. Harry was not interested at all in the picture but a child who was a fan of the character might like it. Each crayon is in a plastic holder which you can simply push up as the crayons wear down. Unfortunately the crayons do not have lids which is a bit annoying. The crayons can be used to draw on the bath, tiles or the child’s body. Being bath crayons obviously these work well in water. There is a warning on the packaging not to use these if they cause any skin irritation. The crayons draw well on the bath and body. Harry enjoys doing his drawing in the bath and it does not matter how much mess Harry makes as it is very easily cleaned. The crayons wash off his body when I am ...

Something Special Mr Tumble's Sensory Activity Centre 02/03/2017

More Mr Tumble

Something Special Mr Tumble's Sensory Activity Centre My son was in hospital for a short while last year and of course while he was in he was very spoiled. His Gran decided that as he was being so brave he deserved a new toy and she chose Mr Tumbles sensory activity centre. Harry is a huge fan of Mr Tumble so it was safe to say he would like this. The sensory activity centre cost £11 on Amazon although the RRP is £24.99. The toy is recommended for children age 3 and over but Harry got this when he was around 19 months and still enjoyed playing with it. The activity centre measures 33.8x31.2x15.4cm and as well as the activity centre you also get a Mr Tumble figure. The activity centre is made of plastic and very brightly coloured, mainly yellow, green and blue. It is shaped like a house. The Mr Tumble figure is also very brightly coloured and has movable arms and legs. The house is a bit like a fun house and you should walk the Mr Tumble figure through the house interacting with each different stages. The house has several activities for you to put Mr Tumble through. You start at the bottom of the house with stepping stones numbered 1 to 4 leading Mr Tumble into the lift. You then have little wheels which you turn to make the lift move. You then move Mr Tumble onto a little platform and push him along a wall of funny mirrors. He then climbs a ladder onto more steps which this time are ABC instead of numbers, put him through the circular hole and there is a big wavy slide to slide him down. The house has windows which can ...

Kitchen Craft Cake Tester 01/03/2017

Kitchen craft cake tester

Kitchen Craft Cake Tester I have recently began my quest to become a domestic goddess and started baking. I have been buying a lot of baking equipment, probably quite a bit I do not actually need. One of the items I have bought is my Kitchen craft cake tester. I bought my cake tester on Amazon and paid only 80 pence for it. I have saw this in my local independent homeware shop where it would have cost me £2. The cake tester is a very simple product. It only really has one use and that is to check your cakes are baked all the way through. The cake tester is 18cm in length making it easy to check larger cakes. It is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, although I have not tried it in a dishwasher. The product is very plain and simple to look at. It is simply a long thin probe. The cake tester has a tin disc at the top with the words cake tester written on it which you hold to insert the probe into your cake. The metal probe is very thin but I have never had any problems getting it into the cake and it has never bent. The fact it is very thin means that after I have iced my cake the little hole it has made is not at all apparent. Before I had this I always used a knife which ruined the look of my cakes. In use, basically if you remove the prong from your cake and it is clean, then your cake has baked all the way through. If the prong is sticky or has any cake mixture on it you know your cake needs to bake a bit longer. Cleaning the cake tester is very easy. I just give it a wipe ...

Disney Smiling Sulley Soft Toy 26/02/2017

Cuddly Sulley

Disney Smiling Sulley Soft Toy We have a lot of Disney products in our house and continue to add to our collection regularly. One of Harrys toys is Disney Sulley soft toy. I bought him this for Halloween instead of sweets and chocolate. For people who are not Disney fans, Sulley is one of the monsters in Monsters Inc and Monsters University. Our Sulley is slightly different to the one pictured on Ciao. However this is where I have to put the review instead of Ciao accepting the new product. The only real difference is the size and Sulleys mouth. I paid £10 for Sulley in The Disney Store. However he would usually cost £20.95 so I got myself a bargain! Sulley is 39cm tall and 28 cm wide. He is very fluffy and soft and lovely to cuddle. The toy is suitable for children of any age although I would worry slightly about babies putting the tuft of hair in their mouth. Sulley looks very like the character in Monsters Inc. and Monsters University. He is mainly bright blue in colour and has large purple spots over his body. His horns and claws are brown and he has a little tuft of hair at the top of his head. Sulley has large eyes and a closed smiling mouth. Although he is a monster he is really quite cute to look at. Sulley has a label saying he is suitable for hand wash only. I have put him in the washing machine on a hand wash cycle and let him air dry and he came out absolutely fine. But obviously I would not wash him on any other cycle. Like all Disney soft toys, this is well made with no loose ...

Master Class Square Cake Pan 22/02/2017

Who doesn't love a cake

Master Class Square Cake Pan I have been doing a fair bit of baking lately with my son. Although I started with simple fairy cakes, it is Harry's 2nd birthday in March and I decided to try to bake him his birthday cake. Looking at designs online I saw a square Mr Tumble cake which I decided to try to replicate and so needed to look for a square cake tin. A quick look on Amazon and I found the Master Class square cake pan. Being a novice I did get confused at it being called a cake pan instead of a cake tin and had to phone my Aunt who is a chef to ask her if this would do for my needs. Being assured that it would I paid £9.89 for it. I do not usually buy items like this so have no idea if this is a good price or not, but I was eager to get started and so orderes it instead of looking for cheaper ones. Although I have not yet made Harrys birthday cake I have practised a lot so the cake pan has been well used. The cake pan measures 20.3x20.3x8.9cm and when it arrived it was the size for the cake I hoped to make. The size of the tin is engraved on the side which might be useful if you were making a cake that needed to be a specific size and you had a few tins. The cake pan is made of carbon steel so will keep its shape and not melt in the hot oven. The pan is non stick although I do still tend to use grease proof paper. It is BPA free and dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. I have only used my pan in the oven and so have had it in any of the above. It is a dark grey in colour. The first couple of ...

Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox 19/02/2017

Just like Daddy

Fisher Price Smart Stages Toolbox My husband does a lot of DIY and has a couple of tool boxes which Harry was always very interested in when they were out. Obviously there is nothing suitable in a real tool box that is safe for a child to play with so Harrys Daddy got him the Fisher Price smart stages tool box for his 1st birthday. Harry is now approaching 2 in March so has been playing with this for almost a year. The toolbox costs £19.99 in Argos and Toys r Us. It is usually also £19.99 on Amazon but they are currently selling this for £15.99. The toolbox is suitable for children age 6 months and over and takes 2AA batteries which were included when we bought the toy. We have only had to replace these once. The toolbox measures 26.7x16x27.9cm so is a good size for little hands to play with. The toolbox does look like a real toolbox and Harry did know what it was when he opened it as he became very excited and tried to pull his Dad to the cupboard where he keeps his toolboxes. The outside of the toolbox is very brightly coloured in blue, red and yellow and has a handle on the kid for carrying it. The toolbox is very easy to open by pressing a little catch. Although easy for adults or older children Harry does struggle a bit with it and I have To open it for him. The front of the toolbox has a ruler with the numbers 1 to 5 written on it and a slider. The slider is very easy to move. This us a feature we have only used in the last few weeks. Harry recognises the numbers 1 and 2 and will move the slider ...

Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons 17/02/2017

No more rolling crayons

Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons My 23 month old son and 6 year old nephew are always drawing, scribbling and colouring in and I have a box of art products for them doing this. My nephew received Melissa and Doug triangular crayons for Christmas and as he already has these at home he decided to bring the new ones to my house as he is here every school day for a few hours. These crayons are currently selling on Amazon for £4.99 for a case containing 24 crayons. The crayons come in a red case and the lid flips open very easily. The lid is clear so you can see the crayons through it. The case is very handy to keep the crayons on and stop you losing them. This is the first Melissa and Doug product I have seen that is not made from wood. The case is made of plastic and feels quite sturdy. It is very easy to just wipe clean. The crayons are each 8cm long and a nice thickness making them easy to hold. They are triangular shaped rather than the usual circular shape. The crayons feel different to normal crayons, more like plastic than wax. This did make me wonder how well the colour would transfer onto paper but it draws, writes and colours in just as well as regular crayons. The crayons have a good variety of colours like greens, blues, red, oranges, purples and yellow. There are 12 very brightly coloured crayons and 12 darker ones such as gray and black and darker shades of greens and blues. All of the shades look the same on paper as you would expect. I like the triangular shape. It stops the crayons ...

Tobar Sweep Hand Puppet 16/02/2017

No Sooty without Sweep

Tobar Sweep Hand Puppet I recently reviewed Harrys Sooty hand puppet. But you can't have Sooty without Sweep. I bought the Sweep hand puppet on Amazon for £9.99. You can buy Sooty Sweep and Soo for £28.47 so you do get a tiny saving buying them together although it is not much. This puppet is suitable for children age 12 months and over. Sweep is quite small at 10x18x28cm. The hole for your hand is a decent size and feels a bit bigger than Sooty even though the actual puppets look the same size. The puppet is made from soft fabric and feels lovely and soft to touch. Even when we are not playing with this as a puppet Harry quite likes to stroke it. Inside feels soft as well with no rough or scratchy bits to annoy your hand. Sweep is mainly gray in colour with black ears and paws and a little red nose. His mouth is stitched in black and this is probably the only thing I do not like as he does have a very sad look to him. A happy Sweep would be a bit better to look at. Using this as a puppet is very simple with your thumb and pinky going into the arms and your fingers in the head. Sweep also has a little squeaker in his head which is very easy to press to make him squeak. Even after washing the squeak works perfectly. The puppet can be washed in a 40 degree wash and air dried. I have washed this and it still looks as good as new. Sweep appears to be very well made with good stitching and no loose threads or fraying This puppet is perfect for encouraging imaginative play especially when ...

Tobar Sooty Hand Puppet 15/02/2017

Lovely little puppet

Tobar Sooty Hand Puppet We were shopping in Aberdeen last year and my Aunt bought Harry the Tobar Sooty hand puppet. She paid £10 for the hand puppet in a little independent toy shop. I initially thought this was quite expensive but I have seen it selling for more so it seems we got it at a decent enough price. The puppet is suitable for children age 12 months and over. Harry has had this since he was 16 months. He likes playing with this as a soft toy but is too young to use it properly as a puppet. However he loves when we put our hand in and put on a puppet show or make Sooty tickle him. The puppet is quite small measuring 10x18x28cm. Although small the hand area is a decent size and I can fit my hand in with no problems. However my husband has larger hands and he finds it slightly uncomfortable although he does still manage. Sooty was very simply packaged being attached to a cardboard sheet. He was attached by a plastic wire around Sootys neck and it was simply a matter of cutting this off to release Sooty. Sooty is very basic to look at, and exactly how he is on television. He is a deep yellow/light orange colour with black ears and mouth and brown hands. Sooty is very soft to touch and the inside is also quite soft so does not feel rough on your hand. Using the puppet is simple. Your three fingers fit comfortably in his head while your thumb and pinky fit into his arms to move them. Sooty does not make any sounds but this is true to life as to how he is on television. Sooty ...
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