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L'Oreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo 28/04/2017

Lovely fruity shampoo

L'Oreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo I sent my husband shopping and on the shopping list was shampoo for our 2 year old son, Harry. Not knowing what I usually buy he returned with a couple of bottles of Loreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo. I am always very wary trying new products with Harry as I worry about his skin having a bad reaction to them, but in his bath that night this was all I had available so had to give it a try. My husband bought this in Morrison's where it was on offer of 2 bottles for £3. One bottle would usually cost £2. It is also £2 in Tesco. These prices are for a 250ml bottle. The bottle is made from recyclable plastic and pink in colour with the lid being a brighter pink than the rest. The brightness of the bottle really makes it stand out on the shelf so it would be very easy to find. The front of the bottle has a picture of a very happy strawberry and promises a super fruity fragrance. The product is a 2 in 1 so is also a conditioner. The bottle promises no tears, no knots and cotton candy soft hair. The back of the bottle has a little passport type thing for Sally Strawberry with instructions how to use the shampoo. I like the way this is laid out and it would be a bit of fun to older children. I think the whole bottle is designed to attract children, although Harry shows no interest in things like this. The bottle has a simple lid that clicks open very easily. Harry can open it so it would be ideal for older children who were washing their own hair. As soon as you open ...

Lego Duplo 10801 Baby Animals 27/04/2017

Harry's becoming like Dr Doolittle talking to the animals

Lego Duplo 10801 Baby Animals My son received this Duplo set for his Christmas from my friend. He was 21 months at the time, and although the age recommendation is 2 he managed to play with it straight away. This currently costs £8 on Amazon and £9.99 in Smyths Toy Shop. The recommended age for this is 2 years to 5 years. Harry Is 2 and really enjoys playing with this but like all of these Duplo sets I would say 5 would be too old to get any real enjoyment from it. The toy came packaged in a cardboard box with pictures on the front of a giraffe, tiger cub, polar bear and turtle and the picture gives a good idea of what to expect when you open the box. The toy has 13 pieces - there are the animals - giraffe, tiger cub, turtle and polar bear and as well as these you have 6 bricks for basic building, 2 blocks which make a flower when put together and a tree top. All of the animals have slots in their feet so that they fit and can sit on the building bricks. The flower is very easily put together. Although this is a building toy there really is very little building involved. We have build cages etc for the animals but obviously had to use bricks from other sets as there is not enough included in this one. The pieces are all a good size - not small enough to worry about choking and not too big that children struggle to hold and build with. Harry loves the animals and seems to like taking the turtle in the bath and often gives the others a drink of his water or milk. One thing I like about Duplo is ...

Hocus Pocus (DVD) 26/04/2017

Hocus pocus

Hocus Pocus (DVD) My stepdaughter first saw Hocus Pocus a couple of years ago at Halloween and she loved it so tends to choose this from time to time when we are watching a movie together. -~~~~ABOUT THE FILM ~~~~ Release date - July 1993 Production Company - Walt Disney Pictures Running time - 96 minutes Directed by - Kenny Ortega Produced by - Steven Haft, David Kirschner Genre - Halloween Fantasy Comedy Horror ~~~~CAST~~~~ Bette Midler - Winifred Sanderson (Winnie) Kathy Najimy - Mary Sanderson Sarah Jessica Parker - Sarah Sanderson Omri Katz - Max Dennison Thora Birch - Dani Dennison Vinessa Shaw - Allison Sean Murray - Thackery Binx ~~~~STORYLINE ~~~~ During the Salem Witch Trials in 1693 it is Halloween and Thackery Binx watches his little sister being taken to the home of the Sanderson witches. The witches, Winnie, Mary and Sarah kill the little girl while trying to regain their youth by stealing hers. When the witches know they were seen by Binx they do a spell on him turning him into a black cat who will live forever. The Sanderson witches are caught and handed but Winnies spellbook casts a spell that so that if a virgin lights the black candle during a full moon on Halloween they will be brought back to life. Binx then spends his eternal life as a cat making sure no-one enters their cottage to ensure this does not happen. Fastforward to Halloween 1993 where we meet Max and his younger sister Dani. Of course events lead to the witches being resurrected. Some funny scenes ...

Fairy Non Bio Pods 24/04/2017

Fairy in a pod

Fairy Non Bio Pods I am not brand loyal in most household items but one exception is my laundry products. I am allergic to a lot of products and so tend to stick to the same couple of brands, one of which is Fairy. Fairy is all I have used since having my son. I usually buy non bio powder but on the last shopping trip my husband went on he returned with Fairy non bio Pods. He paid £5 in Tesco for a box with 30 pods. This would usually cost £7 and he bought them on offer. £7 seems to be the average price except when offers are on. The pods come in a small plastic tub with a lid that easily lifts up. The lid lifts up very easily to give access to the pods. It also fastens properly and my 2 year old should be unable to open it if he got his hands on it. The box tells me this will do 30 washes and give best ever softness. Fairy is dermatologically tested and the picture of the baby on front tells me this is suitable for even a baby's delicate skin. The pods are blue in colour with a white swirl through them. They are quite pretty to look at, not that anyone would really care if they were aesthetically pleasing. The pods have a very soft and squishy and smelled like clean fresh laundry. Using the pods could not be more simple. You just put one in the drum along with your laundry. I like this as it saves your washing machine drawer from going all gungey. The laundry comes out looking and smelling very clean, just like it does with the powder. I really do not see any difference in the final ...

Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover 23/04/2017

Cilit bang that mould

Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover My brother in law recently moved into a new flat and we were helping him decorate and clean it before he moved in. When were doing this we discovered quite a lot of black mould in his bathroom which we could not get rid of with normal cleaning. So I headed to Tesco to see what I could find and picked up Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover. The product cost me £3 for a 750 ml bottle. The bottle is purple and black in colour with the name clearly written on the front. It has a trigger action nozzle. The bottle informs me this is turbo foam. The back of the bottle it claims to destroy mould, no need to scrub, visible results in seconds and ideal for many different surfaces. It tells me to use this in damp areas and where black mould is prevalent. The black mould remover is suitable for use on the following surfaces: sinks, stainless steel taps, draining boards, bath tubs, toilets, showers, tiled walls, ceramic floors, acrylic and glass. It should not be used on brass, copper, marble or granite, aluminium or zinc, linoleum, carpets, rubber or treated wood floors. The bottle also carries warnings to wear gloves as it can cause skin irritation, and avoid eyes and keep away from children. To use the black mould remover you spray the surface from a distance of 20 cm, and wipe with a cloth. The foam should not be left on a surface for more than 5 minutes before being wiped off. After wiping the surface should be rinsed with clean water. The bottle is very easy to use. There is a ...

The Birds (DVD) 22/04/2017

The reason birds terrify me

The Birds (DVD) Please note it is not allowing me to set all of the specific criteria so I will list it here. Did you enjoy it - 4/5 Story - 3/5 Characters/performances - 4/5 Special effects - 4/5 Soundtrack - 1/5 Value for money - 4/5 My Dad was a huge fan of movies and enjoyed Alfred Hitchcocks films. I saw this for the first time in my early teens and have been left with a bird phobia ever since! ~~~~ABOUT THE FILM ~~~~ Released - 1963 by Universal Pictures Running time - 119 minutes Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock Produced by - Alfred Hitchcock The Birds is a thriller/horror based on the book The Birds by Daphne du Maurier which was written in 1952. ~~~~CAST~~~~ Tippi Hedren - Melanie Daniels Rod Taylor - Mitch Brenner Jessica Tandy - Lydia Brenner Veronica Cartwright - Cathy Brenner Suzanne Pleshette - Annie Hayworth As with all of his films, Alfred Hitchcock makes a short appearance and in this film he is seen walking dogs out of a pet shop at the beginning of the film. ~~~~STORYLINE~~~~ Melanie Daniels is a rich young lady with a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a joker. She meets Mitch Brenner in a pet shop where he plans on buying a pair of love birds for his little sisters upcoming birthday. When he leaves without any, Melanie finds out where he lives and plans to surprise him with the love birds. She drives to his house in Bodega Bay, hires a boat to row there and leaves the cage with the birds in the house. While rowing back to shore we see the first bird ...

Mega Blocks First Builders Move-n-Groove Caterpillar 21/04/2017

Great first building toy

Mega Blocks First Builders Move-n-Groove Caterpillar Harry received this as a gift when he was born from his Uncle. It is recommended for children age 1 to 5 so we kept it in the box until Harry was around 10 months before we played with it. The move n groove caterpillar is available on Amazon for £9.99. Toys r Us are selling it for a whopping £24.99 and The Range for £19.99 so if you want this it is definitely worth shopping around. The toy was packaged in a cardboard box which was open at the front so you could see and touch the toy to decide if you want to buy it. The box tells you the toy is suitable for children age 1 to 5. Harry has just turned 2 and still plays with this occasionally but I cannot imagine it will still interest him when he is 4 or 5. The toy comes in 10 pieces for building and takes 2 AA batteries. The batteries are kept in a sealed compartment which needs to be opened with a screwdriver for child safety. Batteries were included in the caterpillar and we have only had to change these once in over a year. Harry played with this a lot when he was younger so they do last well. The toy has three functions - it is a pull along toy, you can use it to build and it plays tunes. All of the 10 parts are very brightly coloured. PULL ALONG - the caterpillar has a string attached to the front. It is the perfect length for children who are just starting to walk to pull. The caterpillar is on 4 wheels and moved along very nicely both on carpet and vinyl. BUILDING - the caterpillar is the main part of the toy. It ...

Gowi Toys 559-03 Hand Rake 20/04/2017

Gowi toys hand rake

Gowi Toys 559-03 Hand Rake Another item my husband bought our son for him to help in the garden was the Gowi toys hand rake. This cost £4.99 from Amazon for a pack containing 2 hand rakes which I think is a great price. As with the shovels, we keep one take for the garden and one for Harry's sand pit. This toy is suitable for children age 12 months and over. The rakes are both brightly coloured. Both have a yellow bit on the handle and one take is red and one green. The hand rakes look like a normal rake, with a handle and prongs at the end. The prongs are rounded at the end so they will not hurt your child. The rakes are made of plastic and measure 19x10x4 cm. They are the perfect size for Harry to play with. There is a little hole at the end of the handles which would be handy for storage. You could hang these on a nail in your garden shed, although we do not bother with this and ours are just kept in the garden. The rakes have a thick pole as the handle and do not actually have a proper handle to put your hand through and get a good grip of. Harry tends to drop these quite a lot which frustrated him and I think a proper handle would help him keep hold of it. In saying that the pole is ridged to help give a better grip. Harry's Dad always gives the garden a good rake before Harry has a shot. Because it has already been done the hand rake goes very easily through the soil. He also manages fine taking sand. But he does get a bit bored quite quickly probably because he cannot throw soil or sand ...

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray 19/04/2017

Fizz away the dirt

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray Another cleaning product I have tried lately is Cif Multi-purpose Actifizz Ocean Spray. I bought this in Tesco paying £1.50 for a 450ml bottle. The bottle is a nice shade of blue in colour with a white wave effect pattern on it. The bottle is made from recyclable plastic. The label on the bottle says the product removes daily dirt and gives you a sparkling clean home. The information on the back of the bottle warns not to use this on marble, natural stones and worn enamel. It also warns to keep away from eyes and out of reach of children. To use this spray you simply spray on your surface, leave a few seconds and wipe with a cloth. The bottle has a trigger handle top. Before first use you need to twist the nozzle to open the spray. The trigger is very easy to push to release the spray. I use this spray for a lot of my cleaning, mainly in the kitchen. I have also used in the bathroom, on Harry's toys and to clean Harry's table where he eats his meals which you can imagine gets very dirty at times. When using in my kitchen and bathroom this is a daily clean so nothing is extremely dirty. After I have cleaned the area looks very shiny and clean and not at all streaky. My sink especially looks very shiny. When I first spray this I can actually see this fizz slightly although not as much as I would like. But obviously there would be more fizz if you used more product. I find I only use a little as my surfaces are never very dirty. I do use more on Harry's table as he ...

ASDA Thick Bleach Lemon Fresh 18/04/2017

Can't smell the lemons but it cleans well

ASDA Thick Bleach Lemon Fresh I go through a lot of cleaning products in my house but have no particular loyalties to any particular brand. My husband recently did our shopping in Asda and came home with Asda Thick Bleach Lemon Fresh. I bought this because we are currently trying to save some money and the bleach only cost 60 pence for a 1 litre bottle. It was on offer at 2 bottles for £1 saving you 20 pence. My husband is a big believer that pennies make pounds and so bought 6 bottles as he knows how much I use. The bottle is bright yellow in colour with a red lid. The lid is childproof and you need to press the sides as you twist the lid to open it. Although child proof it is not at all difficult for an adult to open. The label promises 24 hour protection and claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria. There are warnings thatit can cause severe skin burns and eye damage and to keep away from children and aquatic life. As with all bleaches any spillage should be cleaned straight away. The bleach may be corrosive to metal. I use this mainly to clean the toilet. I have also put it down the sink to keep them smelling fresh. I clean my toilet several times a day so need a product that is quick and easy to use. The nozzle on the bottle is well shaped to get under the rim of the toilet. Using this product there is a distinct smell of bleach like you would expect. However, this is supposed to have a citrus burst and I cannot smell the lemon at all. This does not particularly worry me as I like the smell of bleach ...

Gowi Toys 559-18 Shovel 17/04/2017

Gowi shovel

Gowi Toys 559-18 Shovel Another toy which my husband bought for Harry to help him in the garden is the Gowi Toys Shovel. He paid £9 on Amazon for 2 shovels. The shovels were delivered packaged in a plastic bag in a standard Amazon box so nothing at at fancy and very easy to open. Each shovel measures 53.5x15x14.5 cm. This makes them the perfect size for a young child to hold and play with. The shovels are made entirely of plastic. Each has a yellow handle and pole and one has a blue spade part and the other red. The shovels are very brightly coloured and easy to find when they have been left lying around the garden. Because we have 2 shovels we use one in Harry's sand pit and one in the garden. This has came in handy as it stops his sand getting dirty if he uses one to play in sand that he has just been digging the garden with. The shovels feel quite sturdy and remain in good condition even after a lot of use. There ie one tiny scratch on the red one where Harry repeatedly hit it on the wall and the other does not have mark on it. My husband just rinses the shovels with the hose if they look too dirty. Harry really enjoys playing with these and after we showed him once what to do he manages to dig the garden and in his sand with no problems. They are the perfect size for him and will hopefully last him for a couple of summers. The only problem we have had is when I am out playing with him and he accidentally digs up bulbs that his Dad has just planted, but that is definitely a Mummy ...

Gowi Toys 559-31 Watering Can 17/04/2017

Watering the weeds

Gowi Toys 559-31 Watering Can My 2 year old enjoys 'helping ' his Daddy in the garden. My husband has made Harry his own little bit in the garden with different herbs and flowers etc. To help him look after this he bought Harry the Gowi toys 0.5 litre watering can. My husband uses a hose to safer his garden but obviously I don't want to let a 2 year old loose with a hose so this was the next best thing. We bought the watering can on Amazon for £4.99. It arrived with no packaging, simply wrapped in a plastic bag. The watering can is suitable for children aged one and over. It is made entirely of plastic and brightly coloured. The watering can measures 23x17.4x9.6 cm so is a decent size for children to carry. There are a few different designs and colours of this toy. I can obviously only describe mine.The main body of the toy is bright blue and it has a picture of a snail on the side. The handle at the side is also blue. The lid is yellow and the top handle and spout is red. The lid pulls off very easily to fill the can with water. Even when full the can is not too heavy for Harry to carry, although he does tend to spill some when it's full. The watering can has 2 handles. One at the top for carrying and one at the side which you use for pouring. The spout has lots of little holes for the water to be poured from. It pours well and gives you a nice fine spray when pouring. Ian fills the watering can for Harry with the hose or we take a couple of 2 litre bottles filled with water and use them to fill ...

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Transporter & 4 Car Toys 16/04/2017

Another hit from Melissa and Doug

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Transporter & 4 Car Toys My son loves any toys related to vehicles. And I love Melissa and Doug toys. I always find them to he high quality and long lasting making them good value for money. So when I was looking for Christmas gifts for Harry I looked for Melissa and Doug toys related to vehicles. Looking on Amazon I found the Melissa and Doug car transporter. I paid £16.99 in November for the toy on Amazon. I bought one last week as a gift for Harry’s friends birthday and it is currently reduced to £12. For this price you get the car transporter and 4 cars. This car transporter is recommended for children age 3 and over. Harry has just turned 2 and I have no concerns letting him play with this. There is nothing he could really hurt himself on and he is not guilty of putting toy cars etc. In his mouth. Like most Melissa and Doug toys the car transporter is made completely of wood. All of the wood is very smooth and well finished. The car transporter is shaped like a truck with the front part of the truck being painted a bright green with a painted window and painted headlights. At the back of the truck is a double ramp for the cars to go on. This can be made into a big ramp to drive the cars onto. The ramp can also be easily detached from the transporter with a peg although we have not done this and just leave it attached. The transporter holds 4 cars. The cars that come with the transporter are also made of wood and are painted lovely bright colours of red, blue, yellow and green. They ...

Cif Power & Shine Kitchen 15/04/2017

Cif Power and shine

Cif Power & Shine Kitchen My product is different from the one pictured. I have Cif Power and Shine kitchen orange and tangerine oil. However Ciao would not accept this and told me to put my review here as it is apparently the same product with just a different fragrance. This review is about Cif Power and Shine kitchen orange and tangerine oil. I paid £1.50 in Tesco where it was reduced from £2. This is for a 700ml bottle. The product is widely available in supermarkets and shops such as B and M for between £1 and £2. The bottle is made of plastic and has a plastic orange and yellow label round it. It is quite brightly coloured so easy to spot on the shelves. The bottle informs me the cleaner is an ultra degreaser, 100% tough grease removal and 100% streak free shine. As with all cleaning products this warns to keep away from eyes and it also warns to avoid prolonged contact with painted surfaces. The bottle hasa trigger lid which you push the trigger to spray the cleaner. Before using for the first time you twist the nozzle to open it. The nozzle can be opened and closed with each use, although I tend not to bother closing it again. The trigger is very easy to push down. It is a good size and not at all stiff and one push releases a good amount of cleaner. Using the cleaner is very simple. You spray on the surface, leave a few seconds then wipe with a damp cloth. If your surface has ingrained stains then leave a little while longer. When you use this cleaner the smell is very pleasant. It has ...

Easter Holidays 2017 15/04/2017

Chick chick chick chick chicken

Easter Holidays 2017 We don't really celebrate Easter as a religious event. For us, like every occasion it is about spending time together as a family and making memories for Harry. ~~~~ARE YOU ON VACATION OR AT WORK?~~~~ I only work part time and am currently off sick due to panic disorder. I am unable to go out of the house without my husband. However, he stopped work on Friday morning and is not back until Tuesday nightshift so we will have plenty of time to get out with the children for some fun. ~~~~WHAT ACTIVITIES DO YOU PLAN TO DO AND WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO DURING EASTER?~~~~ Harry has just turned 2 so this is the first Easter he will be able to fully enjoy. We have a full few days planned. It is now Saturday morning and Harry is away swimming with his Dad and brother so I can get the housework done so I do not need to worry about It the rest of the weekend. This afternoon we are going into the town beside where we live. There is an Easter fair with plenty of Easter activities planned for the children such as Easter egg hunt, face painting, and Easter bunnies to meet. There is also stalls to make Easter bonnets and paint your hard boiled eggs. Weather permitting that will take up the full afternoon and hopefully tire Harry out. Then we are going with my stepchildren to the local Chinese for dinner. On Sunday we plan to head to the nearest park that has a big hill and roll our eggs. We will then spend a couple of hours there feeding the ducks and letting Harry play before we go to ...
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