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Pams Sandwich Bar, Tring 29/06/2015

A sandwich or a panini and a cup of tea to take away.

Learning Resources Sand Moulds - Shapes 28/06/2015

The many uses of Learning resources shapes

Stanley Open End Spanner Wrench 26/06/2015

Twist and turn those nuts and bolts with Stanley

Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter 25/06/2015

You can't be serious can you Seriously how strong is this cheese

Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter I am a bit of a cheeseaholic and if I spot cheeses like this one on offer will buy, Asda are currently selling this Seriously strong lighter 300g pack of cheese for £2.50 (£8.33 per kg) at Tesco £4.00 (£11.43 per kg) This cheese is called Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter , no the cheese is not black this would not be appetising, I suspect the cheese is packaged and stored in black wax . no wax in this pack as the 300g is just a piece of a huge cheese. This cheese presented in a sealed plastic pack is a pale buttery yellow. This cheese needs to kept in the fridge. I have noticed a few white spots in this cheese and when looking on line I discover that because this cheese is matured for a long time it results in a few white spots and a few calcium lactate crystals this is a it's a hard cheese not crumbly. This seriously strong lighter mature cheese has a nice smooth texture, although a strong taste it tastes quite creamy. If you like a mild cheese then it is not for you as it's a strong tasting cheese not the strongest I have tasted extra mature cheeses are stronger. One of the reasons why I buy a mature cheddar is not only do I like the taste on cheese on toast or in a sandwich or with crackers , I find it good for making cheeses sauces nor needing as much mature cheese as I would a less strong cheeses I use this cheese for making macaroni or cauliflower cheese. Nutritionally cheese is good as it contains calcium this one has 311kcal per 100g 22.4g of fat which is ...

Pantene Pro V 2-in-1 Volume & Body Shampoo & Conditioner 24/06/2015

Is there a body in this Patene shampoo and conditioner

Beechwood Fine Foods, Tring 23/06/2015

Meet me here for afternoon tea or morning coffee

Vanity Fayre, Tring 22/06/2015

Yes it was Vanity, VanityFayre where I got my hair cut

Davidstow Mature Cornish Classic Cheddar 21/06/2015

Cheesaholic eats Cheese from cornwall

WeightWatchers Chicken Tikka Masala 21/06/2015

Less calories less grams chicken Tikka weight watchers meal

Stanley Chrome Adjustable Wrench 19/06/2015

Wrench that nut Stanley

Home Hardware Plant Twists 17/06/2015

Bondage in the garden with these green ties and my runner beans

Minecraft Foam Iron Pickaxe Large Axe 16/06/2015

Minecrafting with a toy pickaxe

Morphy Richards Equip Sauce Pan 15/06/2015

Straining and draining easily with my Morphy Richards pan.

Tesco Value Digestive Biscuits 14/06/2015

Digesting Everyday biscuits, value from Tesco

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