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Swizzels Matlow Rainbow Drops 02/03/2015

Drops of puffed maize every colour of the Rainbow

Morrisons M Savers Plum Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 01/03/2015

Plum tomatoes from the Morrison's savers range

KTC Red Lentils 28/02/2015

Red Lentils packaged by KTC

Sylvanian Families Ingrid's Camping Set 23/02/2015

Go camping with Ingrid

Morrisons White Split Tin Un Sliced 21/02/2015

My daily bread

Tesco Spotty Cupcake Cases 19/02/2015

Tesco cupcake cases are spotty

Queen Of Cakes Silicon Star Shape Cake Pan 19/02/2015

Its a star of a mould

Learning Resources Tactile Letters Classroom Set 18/02/2015

Feel these letters

Plan Toys 60870 Construction Vehicles 16/02/2015

Plan to construct with these toys

Russell Hobbs Toaster 22400 15/02/2015

Its a wide mouthed ............ toaster

Russell Hobbs Toaster 22400 Recently my old toaster failed me so I spent a lot of thinking energy on what is the best toaster for us , We have had many toasters most of which do not seem to last more than a few years, so should I go for a dirt cheap one or buy a really expensive one? I wanted a 4 slice toaster. It's possible to buy a 4 slice toaster for as little as £9 at Argos up to £249 at John Lewis. No I have not got £249 to spend on a toaster and although I bought my daughter a dirt cheap toaster for uni, I wanted one that would last and give good results. When looking at toasters details I thought a wide slot one would be useful to fit crumpets and buns into the toaster. I saw a Russell hobs Hobbs 22400 4 Slice Wide Slot Toaster at a price I was prepared to pay this was £24.99 this was a sale price the RRP is £59.99 currently £34.49 at Amazon. This toaster is quite a large bulky toaster. It has brushed steel ends but the front and back is a shiny silver chrome or steel/ there are 4 black plastic feet and the levers which you press down and their slot surrounds are black too. There are buttons on the front of the toaster 3 for each set of two toasting slots these are for pressing when you want to eject the bread/toast or one for frozen bread, one for, reheating toast which has gone cold. These light up when activated. This toaster has 4 toasting slots, but you need only use 2 at a time so ideal for when you only need 2 slices of toast, also there are 2 variable browning controls, 1 for each ...

Toastabag 13/02/2015

Enclose your sandwich in a toastabag

Learning Resources Pet Counters 09/02/2015

Count the pets are they all there?

Tesco Deep Pan Spicy Meat Feast Pizza 08/02/2015

A feast with spicy meat

Morrisons Syrup Sponge Pudding 07/02/2015

I wanted a cheap and easy sweet filling comforting dessert, but

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