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Sylvanian Families Let's Play Playpen 29/07/2016

A play pen for the baby Sylvanian's

Sylvanian Families Let's Play Playpen My 10 year old granddaughter has this playpen in her Sylvanian house for several years now. There is often a baby rabbit or monkey in it. This toy is suitable for a child over 3 years old it has some very small pieces. ~ This toy can now be bought at: for £ 5.99. Price at is £9.73... ~The playpen This Sylvanian play pen comes tightly wrapped in a box which has the information sheet in it too. There are a few accessories for baby Sylvanian a bottle, a rattle and a trumpet, There are 5 sides to this playpen which clip are hinged together The playpen is flat packed so once you take it out of the box you have to unfold it and spread it out to make the playpen clip two sides together this is easy fit. ~ Colour, The walls of the playpen are white with beige knobs on the corners, The play pieces are coloured blue, pink or green. ~Suitability Now before we put baby Sylvanian into this playpen lets look and see how suitable it is for baby Sylvanian and your tot. ~Made of a smooth plastic no sharp pieces. : One of the playpen sides has a piano keyboard on it with a couple of removable sticks. (mummy Sylvanian must be please the piano does not really play) The sticks will fit neatly into baby Sylvanian hand. Another play wall has 3 blocks/bricks which turn they can be flipped round and round by baby Sylvanian these have pictures of fruit on ...

Little Tikes Ride-On Cozy Trailer 29/07/2016

An attachment for that cozy coupe

Little Tikes Ride-On Cozy Trailer I have worked in a school for many years and often on playground duty. I have experienced children riding the Little Tikes Cosy coupe. This is a very popular ride on/in car at schools and childcare places. I have in fact written reviews on the Little Tikes cosy coupe. Now I shall review the Little Tikes Ride-On Cozy Trailer We have this at school and children love to attach it to the Cozy coupe. . ~Age appropriate From about 18 months to about 5 years ~Price The RRP is £22.99 at It's on sale at the moment at 19.99 At Its £15.40 at Assembly. When you buy this trailer it comes in a box and will need assembling. The main body of the trailer comes without the wheels and the trailer hook up link attached, All the pieces the wheels axle screws washers come with the trailer but separate . The instructions for fitting come with the trailer but they are also visible at Our caretaker put ours together so sorry do not know how easy it is. ~Size This trailer measures 49.53 CM long 38cm wide x 24.13cm High. ~Wheels. This trailer has 2 wheels they are fitted to steel axles. They roll freely. ~Materials This trailer is made out of a thick strong plastic. ~Colour This ... 27/07/2016

Food recipes from all the BBC chefs is an internet site which I often look at if I want an inspiration for a meal, or just to be sure of a recipe. There are many food sites and recipe sites on the internet some by celebrity chefs some by magazines. I do visit and use some of these other sites too but often find I look at this BBC site first . The website is a different website it is connected to the BBC GOOD FOOD magazine, I sometimes look here too. Sometimes I type into my server and get the home page of the website another time if I just want to explore tomato recipes for example I type in tomato recipe and The bbc food website often comes up in the first half dozen results of my search So it's easy to find. Opening the home page you have the option to go to pages with recipes, about the chefs, programmes, ingredients, techniques or FAQ'S On the home page when I open it today it has quick and easy recipes, tomato recipes Healthy barbecue recipes, picnic recipes Looking in the programmes section I was amazes how many foodie programmes there are. In this section there are links to iplayer and links to lots of the recipes. Maybe the only cooking programme which annoys me is the "Eat well for less?". I am glad it has a? at the end as I am sure I do eat as well as these recipes and for less, For example not using frozen pastry. If you want to be nosy about all the Chefs at the BBC then their names and pictures are displayed, ...

Bristol Cathedral, Bristol 25/07/2016

Bristol cathedral is rather grand.

Bristol Cathedral, Bristol Bristol Cathedral, Bristol This Church of England cathedral is very near where I was staying in Bristol for a few nights. It is on Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5LL, near college green. GPS co-ordinates: Lat: 51.45175 Lon: -2.600058 There are car parks nearby and a bus runs fairly near This cathedral is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 5.00pm, it is free to enter Choral Evensong or Evening Prayer is at 5.15pm. On Saturdays and Sundays open from 8.00am until 3.15pm, Choral Evensong is at 3.30pm. The original religious building here was an Abbey founded in the 12century. In 1542 it became t became a cathedral. Lots of work rebuilding and adding new towers added to the old building over time. The architecture is very gothic, wonderful carvings majestic arches and vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows I am not religious, brought up as C of E but now have no belief in any god at all. Walking into the Bristol Cathedral did make me feel that sense of awe and reverence the atmosphere is certainly a religious one of awe and wonder, it certainly feels like a place of peace and sanctuary. It always amazes me how grand a church or cathedral is how much money and hours of toil and labour has gone into its building and upkeep. Did you see the ward-winning Wolf Hall Bristol Cathedral was one of the main filming locations for this series? I think the cathedral has been used as a location in other films too. Events This cathedral hosts a few events Each Tuesday ...

St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol 25/07/2016

St Mary's church overlooks the Avon on the Redcliffe

St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol About 10 minutes walking from Bristol Temple meads train station on my way to my hotel in the centre of Bristol I passed St. Mary Redcliffe church I was very impressed by the architecture and decided I would visit on my way back from the hotel on my last morning on my way back to the station. St Mary's Church is an Anglican church. It's a Grade I listed church, a national landmark From information I gleaned from the church and the internet, there has been a church on this site for many years. I believe the first church on this site a Saxon church. The present church building has evidence of some bricks from the 12 century and most from the 13th and 14C. ~ The Church in a position on the red Cliff which looks over the river Avon. The Church is in the south-east quadrant of the junction of Redcliffe Hill -- the A 38 -- and Redcliffe Way The church building is amazing to look at towering spires gothic brick work, flying buttresses, finials, stone carvings , the vaulted ceiling and ceiling bosses, its Finings, 18th century ironwork and stained glass windows. This building is truly a masterpiece. The position of this church meant it's easily seen from the port and sailors would pray there for a safe journey and give thanks for their safe arrival. This church has suffered as a result of bombing in the war and lightening strikes but the stained glass windows mostly replaced and the tower built up to its former glory In the church yard remains a ... 24/07/2016

Coopers Stock lots of things for the house and garden and for , Several years ago I ordered something for my parents from Coopers of Stortford on line at I can not remember what it was now. There was, still is a Request a catalogue button, so I did. Since then I have received many catalogues from Coopers both on and off line. Once or twice a monthly I get emails from them offering offers and trying to persuade me to buy new items. ~ Coopers shop is at 11 Bridge Street, Bishop's Stortford, and Hertfordshire, CM23 2JU. I have never been to this shop but it seems to be 3 shops linked together. Including a florists, coopers cook shop if you look on line you will see pictures of the shop frontage. The original shop is a 16th century timber framed building. three linked premises including a 19th century malt house. Coopers of Stortford is a traditional home and garden store with its linked catalogue and home delivery service. I am not sure how long the Cooper family have owned the original shop and business but I think it is many years. ~ I recently had a catalogue pop through my door so I decided it was time to write a review about this company. So first let me tell you about the catalogue. I receive several of these Coopers catalogues each year. The catalogue is a fairly glossy, not newspaper paper. It has coloured pictures and black print. The 15.5cmx 23 .5 magazine comes delivered to me via the postman it is sealed in a see through heat sealed cellophane/plastic bag. There are 96 pages to the ...

Tesco All Purpose Cleaner 23/07/2016

Makes your water yellow,

Tesco All Purpose Cleaner Tesco all purpose cleaner. I have a multiple of surfaces to clean. I have floors, walls, tiles, doors, bathroom surfaces, sink bath toilet shower, kitchen work surfaces cooker tops, cupboard tops, fridge doors. Not for carpet or wooden surfaces. I use and have used many specialist specific area cleaners and nonspecific area cleaners, One of the non specific "surface cleaners which I use is the "Tesco lemon multi surface cleaner" ~Why? ; Made and packaged in the UK. :: Convenient to buy. I just pick it up from the cleaning aisle in Tesco when I visit. This cleaner can also be bought on line at :: Price £1.00 for a litre bottle There are many multi purpose cleaners, some on sale at Tesco and other supermarkets on the Tesco site few come cheaper. (I do not like the everyday value multi purpose cleaner) :: Smell I prefer lemon to pine especially in the kitchen. I am not keen on lavender smell, cotton or linen is ok. This Lemon Tesco all purpose cleaner smells ok not very strong. :: Density This liquid is quite thin. : Contents Amongst other things, Less than 5% Non-ionic Surfactants Also contains: Methylisothiazolinone (and) Benzisothiazolinone, Perfume, Limonene, Geraniol :: Caution Keep out of the reach of children .Causes eye irritation () rinse eyes with water if it gets splashed into eye. BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE. and LIMONENE. May produce an allergic reaction. :: Storage Upright and out of the reach ...

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set 22/07/2016

Stamp these letters out with Melissa and Doug

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Stamp Set In one of the classrooms where I worked there was this Melissa and Doug wooden alphabet stamp printing set. ~Age suitability Over 3 but I think maybe a bit older and these letters still suitable for a 10 year old who likes to make cards etc. The letters come in a sturdy wooden rectangular box unfortunately there is no lid the initial packaging was just a film of cellophane plastic. This set has to be stored flat as although all the pieces fit tight into the box they might fall out. Alternately just store all the letters in a plastic tub. After using these letters it can be quite a challenge for the children to replace them all into the wooden crate/box. . ~~Included This set contains one of each the lower case letters and one of each the upper case letters. Also includes some punctuation a full stop a comma, a question mark and an exclamation mark. There is a 4 colour stamp pad with a red, blue, orange and green, I would have preferred yellow to orange Melissa and Doug. ~The letter stamps These are wooden squares each wooden stamp handle measures about 1cm sq the sides have a groove which does make it slightly easier to hold. Melissa and Doug also make a "Happy handle "printing set which is easier to hold. The top has the letter written in black. The base of the square has a rubber letter stamp. This letter is fairly easy to wash and clean to keep the colours from going brown. I use a damp sponge next to the set so the stamp can be cleaned after each use, These ...

Silvo Liquid 20/07/2016

Hi /ho yo silvo................ polish.

Silvo Liquid Hi ho/yo silvo polish. No I am not reviewing the Lone ranger who said Hi yo Silver as the first lines for each episode radio fron 1938.Telivision from 1949 (American series) 49 Neither am I reviewing Ho Silver Lining the 1967 rock song by Jeff Beck. However I am reviewing Silvo a liquid polish for cleaning silver. Silvo is a silver polish for use on silver, gold, aluminium, chrome and electroplate. This polish has been around since about 1905. I can not find specific info on Silvo. Brasso for cleaning Brass made by the same company Reckitt Benckiser, Was introduced then. I have used Silvo since I was young late 50's early 60's . I would clean my silver girl guide promise badge with Silvo. .I would help my mum and gran clean thier silver . When I was a girl guide doing "Shilling for the willing " "Bob a job" I was often given Silver to clean.This guide/ scout helping week to raise cash has been stopped since the 90's due to health and safety. Recently when some elder family members died I inherited a few silver items which were dirty so bought some Silvo polish to clean them with. I seem to remember the tin of Sylvo was very similar in the 1960's to that which it is now Silvo polish has a blue silver name plate Brasso a red one Now to get on with Cleaning with Silvo polish. I remember how messy this was so cover your table or working surface with news paper, Get two soft non fluffy cloths yes that's right two. Now put an apron on open the blue twist lid, careful ...

Summer 2016: where will you be going and which products will you take with you? 20/07/2016

Oh it's a jolly 'oliday with Mary

Summer 2016: where will you be going and which products will you take with you? Oh it's a jolly 'oliday with Mary So where will I be going and which products will I take with me? The world is my Oyster since I retired last year, everyday is a holiday. I can go on holiday when I want not be restricted to school holiday times, In fact this year we are not going away abroad in the summer . The official summer season dates are from 21 June to 22 September. So I shall restrict my review to holidays in this time. ~Peak district First we are going to accompany my daughter and for a few days on her holiday in the peak district they have booked a cottage for a week with enough beds for hubby and me too we are only going for about 3 days. My daughter suffers with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) she can find holidays difficult as she over does things and gets ill. So we will go for a couple of days so we can take the children out so she can rest. Also so that I can do some of the cooking for her. The things I shall take with me are my swimming costume in case we fancy going swimming. My walking shoes for walking in the peaks. Plenty of money for spoiling the grandchildren :-) The peak district is between 2 and 3 hours from us so I shall take a ready made lasagne (kids love it and its easy) and a lots of little baked cakes /muffins.(mine are better and cheaper than shops :-)) For most of the holiday food daughter is making a Tesco order to get delivered to the holiday cottage. ~ Newquay No not the town of Newquay but Boardmasters music festival. Since I was in my ...

Learning Resources Wild About Animals Jungle Counters 19/07/2016

These learning resource animals are wild,

Learning Resources Wild About Animals Jungle Counters Learning Resources Wild About Animals Jungle Counters Wild About Animals Jungle Counters™ (Set of 72) I retired last summer from working in a special needs school. I had worked there many years. I still clearly remember a lot of the toys and learning aids and the fun children had learning with them. Today I am writing about the Learning resources Wild About Animals Jungle Counters. ~Price These counters are available in plastic bag packs of 24. This pack costing £7 from Amazon, Also available in a plastic storage tub containing 72 animals this set costs £17. There is also an activity guide sheet with the set. ~Age appropriate These are suitable for over 3 year olds. Because of the animal design, not very realistic. I think they are a bit babyish for older (over 6 yrs) special needs children. They are small enough to be put in a mouth and chewed, swallowed ~Animals There are multiples of the 6 animals: Giraffe, Crocodile, Hippo, Monkey, Lion and Elephant in these sets ~Colours These animals are bright Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, and Green and purple the colours are random, not all the elephants blue not all the monkeys green. ~Fabric These animals are made of a soft rubber. ~Size these jungle animals about 6cm tall ~Looks/ design These animals are a realistic enough shape to tell what they are. They are smooth and rounded, although they have legs ears, Tails. They have not got markings on the bodies also the colours not correct for the animal species. The ...

Explore at Bristol, Bristol 18/07/2016

Get interactive with science At - Bristol

Explore at Bristol, Bristol One of the" museums" that I visited while in Bristol recently was "at Bristol". At-Bristol is one of the UK's largest science centres and home to the UK's only 3D Planetarium! At-Bristol was very close only 3 minutes from my hotel (the Ibis) it's on the Millennium square. Address At-Bristol, Anchor road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5DB Sat Nav postcode BS1 5LL ~Opening times: At- Bristol opens from 10am - 5pm weekdays, 10am - 6pm weekends and Bristol school holidays ~Price . There are a range of prices an adult is £13.25 I took advantage of my over 60 age (61)and paid £11.15 the same applies to , students, unemployed and people who are registered disabled) a child is £8.50 Family tickets 2 adults 2 children £37.70 grandparent and 2 children £36.60. To se other prices go to are I visited mid afternoon it was quite busy (school trips) The planetarium was an extra £2. or £3. during the day. Throughout the year there are several evening events in the planetarium these are about £7 When I visited At- Bristol the planetarium busy with children I did not fancy that and there were no eve only events going on those few days.. The planetarium is that large spacelike silverball in the millenium square acess from the museum. There is also some Adult only evening where adults behave like big kids and can access the interactive displays without children. Anyway I paid my older persons £11.15 (a bit upset I gave no identification ...

Tesco Thick Bleach Citrus 17/07/2016

Lemon smell to this Tesco bleach

Tesco Thick Bleach Citrus Tesco Thick Bleach Citrus My reviews seem to be about cleaning recently. Having trouble getting other more interesting products added to ciao A bleach which although I am not using at the present time is Tesco, citrus Thick Bleach. I would use it again if I needed bleach and was in Tesco shopping, I might not choose this over preference to other bleaches but equally would not buy other bleaches in preference to this. ~Price This bleach costs 40p for a 750ml bottle that's 53p per litre. A 2 litre bottle costs £1 that's 50p a litre. I note Domestos 750ml bottles cost £1.10. 2 litre bottle cost £2.50 at Tesco's I also note Morrison's Citrus Thick Bleach 750ml is 60p (80p a litre) ~ Packaging Tesco Thick Bleach Citrus comes in a bright yellow bottle with a red safety lid ~Storage I do not have ankle biter's, rugrat's, sprogg's, brat's, urchin's or cherubs or even just ordinary young children to get into my cupboards so I keep my bleach in the cupboard under the sink. I keep it upright it's fairly cool under my sink and dry unless I get a leak. ~Opening Yes before I use this bleach I have to open the red cap. I put it on my flat work surface and squeeze the grips on the red cap then twist /turn the cap anticlockwise. ~Smell I can smell this bleach almost immediately it has a fairly pleasant lemon smell with a hint of standard chlorine bleach it is a clean smell. The smell lingers quite a long time after use. I prefer the lemon smell to the plain bleach or the pine ...

Tesco Value Thin Bleach 16/07/2016

Thin and runs well while whitening and cleaning

Tesco Value Thin Bleach I have used Tesco thin bleach on many occasions over the past years. I have also used many other types of bleach too. I shop in several different supermarkets and have no preference where I buy my bleach, When shopping in Tesco looking at the bleach varieties on sale I often choose the Tesco thin bleach, ~~Why? +Price. This thin bleach is only 29p for 2 litres, Tesco thick bleach £1 for 2 litres, Domestos original bleach is £2.50 for 2 litres. Asda thin bleach is only 28p for 2 litres Sainsbury's thin bleach 40p for 2 litres. + Open the white plastic bottle Remove cap Place bottle on a firm t surface. Push on cap and turn anti-clockwise. +Use I find that if I use thick bleach I may actually use more than I really need as I just pour an amount out. With thin bleach I do the same, ok I do use more but not nearly 4 times as much enough to make up the comparable price. I use bleach to get the stains out of tea mugs, to clean stains from the sink. I use bleach to clean between the grout in the bathroom. I put some down the toilet overnight sometimes or if we are going away +Ingredients: Thin Bleach contains Chlorine based bleaching agent, Disinfectant: Sodium Hypochlorite +Cautions ..Keep out of children's reach. .. Use rubber gloves when using bleach. ..Use in a well ventilated area, open a window. +Consistency Yes this bleach is very thin and runny, just like water. It does not really cling/coat to the sides like thick bleach. So if I want for example bleach to ...

Tesco Dishwasher Salt Granules 15/07/2016

Softening the water for my dishwasher

Tesco Dishwasher Salt Granules When you buy a dishwasher it advises you to use dishwasher salt. There is dispenser area where you put the salt and when the dishwasher runs it will dispense when it get to the correct part of the cycle. In my Bosch machine I fill up the dispenser and the salt last for about 6 weeks before I get a red warning light on my machine telling me more salt needed. I have bought and used dishwasher salt from many different suppliers. I frequently shop in Tesco so have bought Tesco dishwasher salt on several occasions. :} Cost. This is one of the first things I consider when buying anything. Looking on line today I note it is £1.70 for the 3kg bag = 57p kg Wow stunned at the Price is £4.78 } For comparison 3kg ASDA Chosen by You Dishwasher Salt Granules cost £1.50=50p per kg' 2kg Morrison's Dishwasher Salt (2Kg) cost £1.28=64p per kg 2kg Finish Dishwasher Salt costs £1.60 =80p per kg :} Packaging This Tesco dishwashing salt comes in a Tesco blue coloured thick plastic bag. :} Quantity Tesco dishwasher salt comes in a 3 kg bag. This bag of salt lasts me a long time. :} Opening The best way is to cut a corner off the bag with a pair of scissors, if you can not find scissors a sharp knife will do. It's too strong a plastic to tear open (I tried). :} What' the salt look like? White granular, more granular than table salt. :} Use. As ...
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