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Hey I tried to get a book The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain accepted into the library but no .... Unfortunately, we were unable to accept this suggestion because: Rough Guide to the Cotswolds request got the same response

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Tulip Restaurant, Canterbury 24/02/2017

Tulip serves food from Turkey

Tulip Restaurant, Canterbury The Tulip is a restaurant in Canterbury, its possible with a name like Tulip you might think it's a restaurant from Amsterdam, but no it's a Turkish restaurant. ~~Tulips! In fact Tulips are native to Turkey and were introduced to Holland from Turkey in the 1700's when Tulip mania was at its height. Tulips are still considered to be perfection and Beauty in Turkey, Turkish airlines have a painting of a Tulip on its aircraft fuselage and Emblems of Tulips can be found in many other Turkish product. ~~Location The Tulip Restaurant is on 24 St. Peters Street, Canterbury which is near Westgate tower and the high street, See map,1.0768745,18z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x229d6f054d87aa76!4b1!8m2!3d51.2810953!4d1.076809. The reason why we choose this restaurant was partly location we were staying at hotel about 10 minutes walk away, on a cold dark winters night (January) we die not want to go far hubby wanted to drink so we did not want to take car.. I do not think there is car parking nearer than our hotel anyway and not sure how on street parking is, see for car park details / location. ~Opening times Monday - Thursday: 12.00 Noon - 11.00 pm Friday - Saturday: 12.00 Noon - 11.30 pm Sunday: 12.00 Noon - 10.00 p ~Our visit During the day we had walked past this and other restaurants and this one ...

The Lady in the Van - Alan Bennett 22/02/2017

She lived in a van on Alan Bennett's driveway

The Lady in the Van - Alan Bennett Alan Bennett was born in 1934 he is a British playwright screenwriter, actor and author. He published this book "The Lady in the van" in 1989. In 1999 it was adapted and performed on the stage. The film released in 2015, shown on TV in 2016. Somehow I have missed reading or seeing this till this month when I borrowed the book from, local library. ~This is a very small paperback 92 pages long 9.5cm x 15cm x 3/4 cm. ~This story is a true story not fiction. Quiet unbelievable that someone would invite an old lady with no permanent address who lived in a van parked on the streets to park her van in his driveway and use his address. Respects to you Alan. ~The Lady in the van is about Miss Shepherd who Alan Bennett was aware of since the late 60; s as he had seen her and her van in his neighbourhood. Her van had eventually come to a permanent stop in front of his house. Eventually in the 70's Alan Bennett allowed her to temporarily to park and live in her van in the driveway of his home. This van did over the years get replaced by newer old vans as the state of the previous ones deteriorated. She did in fact after time live in a "lean to" at the side of his house This is not to say that any of the vans were in pristine condition. The vans would be painted yellow; Miss Shepherd painting them in a variety of yellow paints not necessarily car paints, the interior smelly and unkempt. Allowing Miss Shepherd to live in his driveway gave her the address she would need for social ...

La Trappiste, Canterbury 20/02/2017

Traipsing around Canterbury we snacked at La Trappiste

La Trappiste, Canterbury La Trappiste is a Belgian cafe/bar on Sun Street near the corner with Guildhall Street in Canterbury. See map of location at,1.0806456,18.75z. In January this year we visited Canterbury. After we had a look round Canterbury cathedral we began to look around the streets nearby and decided we wanted a drink and a snack. There are several cafes/ restaurants/bars nearby. When we saw La Trappiste we thought it looked as if it would suit us. La Trappiste is situated in a listed Property (A listed Property is one on a list of Special Architectural or Historic Interest buildings.) Tappets seemed a suitable name for us as Trappist means. A monk of the order of Cistercians also we were traipsing (walking about without apparent plan) round Canterbury. Also Trappist beers are beers brewed in monasteries by monks. There are 6 Trappist Breweries: Achel, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, and Westmalle & WestVleteren. In Belgium This venue serves a wide Variety of Beers including ones from Trappiste breweries Anyway we had not visited for a beer; however I might be tempted next time we visit Canterbury. We sat at a table for 2 by a window and ordered a cream tea with 1 scone each. On the web site it says this costs £3.85 each a cream tea with 2 scones is £4.95 That's the sort of price I would expect at many establishments. When we were there it cost £3,50 for the single cream tea I jotted ...

Brio Magnetic Stacking Boat 19/02/2017

Set sail in this Brio boat

Brio Magnetic Stacking Boat Brio Magnetic Stacking Boat This Brio magnetic boat is one we had at work. (Special needs school) Brio toys are usually very reliable, well made, durable, Educational and playable. +This magnetic stacking boat is made out of wood it has an FSC certificate which means it is produced from well managed and/or recycled materials ~~Size This boat when fitted togeter measures about width 127mm Depth about 40m height 60mm. ~~Pieces There are 5 pieces to this boat a large base and 4 pieces to make the bow, stern, funnel and cabin Ok these are not easily identifiable but if you know its a boat you can work it out. These pieces all have magnets fitted in them so that the pieces fit together as there are no other methods of conjoining these pieces. ~~Colours The base of the boat is black the other pieces are a red piece , yellow, green or blue. ~~Age This is suitable for a child of 1 and over. ~~Play This toy is suitable for play on the floor or on the table. Most of the children that I know simply just loaded the smaller pieces on the larger base. They were not too worried about where they positioned each piece. Sometimes we would use this toy when exploring a transport or a seaside topic. It was used for the topic about magnets too. Otherwise it was available for free play ~~Educational. The colours of this boat help visual development. Good for those early motor skills, eye hand control, grasp also for imaginary skills. ~~Durable This is a very durable toy will last ...

Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds 17/02/2017

A Broad bean Exhibition by Unwins in my garden

Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds. February here, time to start making an Exhibition in the garden. I have just sown some Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds. *~~Packaging*~~ number of seeds These seeds come in a large paper packet/envelope with a picture of the beans and instructions for growing on it. There are 50 seeds in this packet of Unwins Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Seeds. This is a good quantity. I sowed half in October and sowed half yesterday. *~~Time to sow Either October, November for an early crop in May. Sadly although most of mine germinated the mice and pigeons destroyed them. Late February through to May they can be sown and will group June onwards. I sowed some of mine yesterday but in the greenhouse to give them a good start and to allow me to get their bed ready. (I have sown my seeds into egg boxes (card not plastic) They will be easy to plant on into the garden when they get roots and a couple of leaves. *~~Planting out I shall plant these out in a row about 20-25cms apart. If sowing seeds they need to be about 5cm deep best if in a sunny position. Sadly my veg pot is mostly in shade ~Pests Like al broad beans black fly and slug/snails like them. inching the top off the plant does help stop blackly, I have just found out summer savoury as a companion plant helps deter black fly so this year I have some seeds to sow. Slugs snails are a real pain in my chalky garden so I shall be purchasing some nematodes soon *~~Growing ...

Hape International E1806 Countdown 15/02/2017

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ........blast off,

Hape International E1806 Countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ........blast off, well not really but you can pretend. Put 4 beads together on this wire maze and pretend, they are designed to look like a rocket. Push them from the blast off area on the wooden base around the looped wire frame to the other side of the wooden base. >>>>>Age>>>>>>Suitability>>>>> This is suitable for a chid of 2 years old. Suitable for both home and school, suitable for the dentists and DR's surgery or any other waiting room where small children might wait for an appointment. >>>>>DESCRIPTION>>>>> This toy has a wooden base about 17cm width. This has gas a coloured patch on the number 1 to represent blast off. The rest of the numbers 1-10 are painted at intervals on the base in different colours. >There are 3 plastic covered, coloured steel wires fitted into the wooden base. 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow. These arch and loop over to their opposite side of the base. Each of these wires has red, blue or yellow coloured beads of different shapes threaded on them. 4 of these beads are shaped to represent a rocket with a pointed nose. The others could e said to represent stars, planets asteroids, satellites. .There are bobbley beads, disks and circular beads. This looks a bright attractive toy. >>>>PLAY>>>>EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS>>>> Let's play, you know you can't resist it there's just something compulsive about these bead runs, This toy is one we had at work (Special needs school) I would put this toy on the table in front ...

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury 13/02/2017

There is Art and Knowledge in this house of Beaney

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury I recently visited Canterbury for the first time. One of the places I visited was the Beaney House of Art & Knowledge. Before we went I researched places to go on the web. This is the Beanie web site *~ *~ The Beaney The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge is called after Dr James George Beaney, its benefactor, who died in 1891. *~*~Open times Monday to Wednesday 9am to 5pm. Thursday 9am to 7pm, Friday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 10pm to 5pm *~*~Location This museum is on the high street for map see,1.0779258, The Canterbury tourist office which I reviewed earlier is also in this building also the Library. *~*~ Parking There are parking spaces for 18 disabled only on Orange Street, very near the museum .Otherwise see *~*~Cost FREE. There may be a cost for special exhibitions. *~*~Access There is step free access for disabled people on Best Lane. There is also a platform lift. It looks good for wheelchair access. *~*~Toilets This building has accessible toilets on all levels and baby changing facilities. I went into one and it seemed fine, clean *~*~Cafe We stopped on after our visit and had a cup of tea and a slice of delicious cake, prices were ...

Valentine's Day: Do you love it or hate it? 12/02/2017

Love is in the air

Valentine's Day: Do you love it or hate it? Q...Valentine's Day: Do you love it or hate it? A....My answer to this is that :-My feeling's about this are quite ambivalent a bit laissez faire. I won't bore you with info about St Valentine or why we celebrate this day by giving cards or gifts. Something I just found out for the first time is that epilepsy can be known as Saint Valentine's Malady. In Padua Italy a small golden key is given to children on Valentines Day to ward of epilepsy. My understanding of Valentines Day is that love tokens, a card or a gift is given anonymously to one you love. These are given in the hope that your love recognised and your love requited. In modern days I believe the anonymity is mostly redundant as Valentines gifts and cards given to girl/boyfriends wives, husbands, grandparent's grandchildren, the list grows I have now experienced over 60 Valentines days, ok so the first few I was not aware of. When I was about 9 or 10 (1960's)and I was desperately in love with " David " I made him a card out of a cake doily and a red coloured paper heart , the words roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you ? instead of my signature. I think I bottled out of giving the card to him. I never received a valentine's card that year in fact I knew only a few people who did. As I got older in my early teens I made a few more valentines for boys that I was in love with /fancied and left them maybe tucked into a school satchel or on their desk, I wonder if Mark ever found it?. I do ...

The Rough Guide to Wales - The Rough Guide 11/02/2017

This guide book is one of the Rough guides

The Rough Guide to Wales - The Rough Guide The Rough Guide series of books was founded in 1982 by penguin. These books cover more than 200 destinations both in the UK and abroad. The Edition pictured here on the ciao product page is Rough Guides; 4th Revised edition (May 2003) 2000's I think Edition 8 is the latest edition.. The edition of the rough guide to Wales that I shall be reviewing is the 7th edition published in 2012. There is an updated 8th edition published in 2015. I borrowed this book from my local library. When I borrowed it the librarian wrote a note on it saying delete when returned. So I will be the last person borrowing in my local library. ~~Size This book at 130 cm x 200 cm x 2 cm is a little to big to carry around with you to Wales it would fit in a rucksack but not easily in a pocket. ~~Price, Availability Looking on line I note this edition available from for £13.99. ~~Authors Catherine Le Nevez, Paul Whitfield ~Contents This book has 486 pages. There are colour pictures of places and wildlife, there are coloured maps some full page some smaller. ~~Journey planning this book is quite good as a journey planning aid. It covers transport, buses and trains this is quite handy as I may be going without hubby and I do not drive. Of course I would not totally rely on this book for times and prices these will have changed since the book written, but it gives me ...

Lonely Planet Scotland - Lonely Planet 11/02/2017

Guided around Scotland by the lonely planet

Lonely Planet Scotland - Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Scotland (Travel Guide 8th Revised edition) Recently I took out a few travel guides about Scotland from the library .Included in my stash was the 8th edition of the Lonely Planet Scotland. I am thinking of visiting Scotland and prefer to do so independatly.I like to find out good cheap deals insead of expensive ones whih are often no better so research my options before taking an trip. This book was published in Feb 2015. Written by Neil Wilson and Andy Symington When deciding to visit an area I often get a copy of the lonely planet relevant to that area as I find this series of book good. ~~The book This book is a paperback. It measures 12.8 x 2 x 19.7 cm. It's a little too big for a pocket in my jacket but fine to go into my rucksack. I do not think I would necessarily take this book with me on holiday, I like to travel light but would glean information from it and take notes on things I needed to have details of while away. I usually take maps with me if anthting. There are 496 pages. The contents are: Plan your trip. On the Road with sections on the major recognised areas of Scotland. Understand, and a Survival guide. This book is well laid out, the text broken up into sections which makes it easier to read. There are a few coloured photos on some of the pages and a few maps. This book is easy to read. I would not read it from cover to cover but dip into sections about the areas of Scotland that I am interested in. The information in this book ...

Glasgow Insight Compact Guide 11/02/2017

Now I have an insight into Glasgow

Glasgow Insight Compact Guide Today I shall be reviewing the Insight Guide Great Breaks, Glasgow. ~# Insight Guides~#~ Insight guides are now since 2015 owned by Apa Publications UK Ltd. The first guide book was in 1970 by founder Hans Johannes who ran a travel company. There are now over 400 guide books by this company. ~#Insight Guide Great Breaks, Glasgow~# This book is the 3rd edition published in 2O16 This book measures 1cm x 12cm x 14cm. It's small enough to take in my handbag or it will squeeze into my large pocket on my jacket. This is a paper back book it is also available in Kindle. These have 28 pages with quite a lot of coloured photographs on them also some maps. There are 12 walks and tours described and some travel tips. Some of these are walks of 2 or 3 km in the city. These take in architecturally interesting points or art galleries or other tourist attractions. Some of these tours involve taking the subway or bus. There are some ideas for tours outside of the city too, I liked reading about these tours as it gives an idea of how easy it is (or hard) to join visits to places together. I think this book good to help plan a visit to Glasgow. The book was certainly readable, interesting good to browse through to get ideas, The instructions for walks sounded easy to follow There is also information about hotels and restaurants lots of essential info. Tips about where to go boating , fishing, cycling, golf, horse riding. Ideas for themed holidays , cookin , learning to play the bagpipes ...

The Rough Guide to Scotland, Edition 7 - The Rough Guide 11/02/2017

The 10th Rough guide to Scotland

The Rough Guide to Scotland, Edition 7 - The Rough Guide I am thinking of visiting Scotland later this year. Even though I have been a few times and have an idea of what is available and what areas are like when I was in the library I picked up a few books on Scotland. I know I can get and have got as much and more information on the internet as I would in most books I still like to sit down and peruse a book. One of the books that I got was the Rough guide to Scotland. <<<~~Rough Guides~~>>> I have read Rough guides travel guides to other places before and found them helpful The first Rough Guide was published in 1982. Now there are Rough guides to over 120 places worldwide. Rough guides are available as an E book as well as a physical book. <<<~~The Rough Guide to Scotland~~>>> The Edition that I shall be reviewing is the 10th Edition published in 2014; I believe this is the newest edition. The 7th guide , the one that this category was made for has now been updated several times. The cover of this edition of The Rough Guide to Scotland is a picture of dancing feet in red plaid socks you can see the hem of plaid kilts. The Authors of this rough guide are Rob Humphreys, Steve Vickers, James Stewart, Helena Smith, Brendon Griffin, Darren (Norm) Longley, and Keith Munro. This is a paperback book measuring 130mm x 198mm x 28mm. It's a bit big to put in a pocket. There are 622 pages divided into 18 sections/chapters. These are Introduction. Basics. The Guide (with mini-listings contained within each section) Edinburgh & the ...

Gowi Toys 558-68 Big Bricklayer Set 08/02/2017

Lets pretend to be a bricklayer and build a wall

Gowi Toys 558-68 Big Bricklayer Set This plastic big Bricklayer set from Gowi toys is another toy that we had at work. ~Suitability It is suitable for children over 3 years old. This toy is suitable for playing with in the sand pit/tray. ~Included Included in this set is a toy safety helmet, a brick shaper, a builder's trowel, a plastering trowel and a spirit level. ~Play/Education The children at work did enjoy this set, but no more than other sand tools/toys which we had. This set did have the advantage of having a spirit level which we did not have otherwise. The children enjoyed wearing the helmet dressing up they would pretend to be Bob the Builder. (Bob the builder is a British television show that has spawned many books and toys it was first shown in 1998 the characters altered a little in 2015 and is I believe still shown I think the latest series is 21) Here children would be using their imagination .This helmet was fine for 3, 4, 5 year old heads. When I was encouraged to put it on it would only just rest on the top of my head. The Builders Trowel is a flat trowel with no bowl /cup so not so easy for some children to just dig and make sandcastles with or to put sand into the brick shaper. However they seemed to enjoy using it to dig in the sand or pretend to build. This tool and the plastering trowel good for practicing those motor skills, grasp eye hand control visual acuity and those imaginary skills. The Plastering Trowel flat with a handle centre did not get used so much. But when it did get ...

Early Learning Centre Stacking Cups 08/02/2017

Stack these cups up if you can

Early Learning Centre Stacking Cups ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having worked with young children for 40 years +. I have played alongside them with many stacking toys. One of these sets the 10 ELC Stacking Cups although having been available for several years now is still available to buy. This toy is suitable for a baby over the age of 6 months and older. This set costs £6.00 at and at It costs £6. 99 at Stacking cups from other suppliers can cost from about £4. to £8. There are 10 of these cups 2 red, 2 green 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 black, 1white 1 see through green and 1 see through blue one. They are made of plastic. This plastic is not very thick it would be better thicker. Saying that they are durable and should last several years. The outer base of each cup has a number on it. These cups are graded in size from about 5 cm to 10 cm. As well as stacking on top of each other to make a tall tower they will nest inside each other. ~Play/ education. Play with these toys has many benefits. They help develop motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, problem solving. Some of the children that I worked with had development issues so that we would give them toys and opportunities to practice and develop to the best of ...

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury 07/02/2017

Thomas was murdered here

Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury Recently we visited Canterbury. As a tourist one of the obvious places to go is the Cathedral. Although I was brought up C of E went to Sunday school, was confirmed I have no religious belief at all. However I think Cathedrals amazing places both architecturally and historically. ^^ Location.^^ We walked from our hotel through the town. Because of the height of the steeple you can see the cathedral from quite a distance, it is fairly easy to find. The Cathedral is on the Precincts a road just off Burrgate. There is little car parking on the cathedral site and that is by booking in advance by cathedral guests, there are a couple of disability parking spaces these nee to be booked too. The nearest public car park is Queningate car park on Lower Bridge St, Canterbury CT12HJ There is a park and ride scheme from the outside of Canterbury to the centre needing 5 minutes walk to the cathedral. These links show Maps showing the location,1.0806111,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xd5cea13e62d94916!8m2!3d51.2797971!4d1.0827998 ^^^Access^^ Having worked with children with disabilities, out of habit I now look to see how accessible buildings are. It is possible for people with disabilities to access the cathedral the surrounds are cobbled streets so the ride for wheelchairs and buggies a bit bumpy. There are a few wheelchairs available to borrow at the cathedral. ...
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