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Discovering Corn Dollies - M. Lambeth 05/10/2015

A little book Discovering Corn dollies

Gardman Heavy Duty Seed Tray 02/10/2015

These seed trays are for heavy duty

Gardman Grow It Standard Seed Tray 02/10/2015

A strong seed tray is better than the standard

Country Garden Cakes Dutch Fruit Rounds 30/09/2015

Circular fruit tart

Roger & Gallet Almond Blossom Soap 28/09/2015

A lingering scent of almond blossom

Kingfisher wooden-clothes-coat-hangers-10-pack. 24/09/2015

Traditional but too rough for my silk clothes

Apollo Garden Net Crop Protection 21/09/2015

Protecting my crops with Apollo netting

Boots Royal Jelly Nourishing Body Souffle 17/09/2015

Royal jelly Souffle for my skin from Boots

Boots Royal Jelly Nourishing Body Souffle I received this Boots Royal Jelly body soufflé as a gift a while ago and have many other creams and lotions but when I discovered how many I have in my bathroom cabinet I decided to use some to make space. I looked on line and found this 200ml pot of soufflé costs £2.89 at Boots. So what is a body souffle? A soufflé is a food that I sometimes eat made with whipped eggs sometimes with cheese or sometimes a sweet soufflé with fruit, so is a body soufflé made with eggs? Well I can not see eggs on the ingredient list. A body soufflé is so called because it is a thick possibly whipped cream for the body ~~Price I looked on line and found this 200ml pot of soufflé costs £2.89 at Boots. ~~Packaging This Boots royal jelly body soufflé is in a short cylinder tub measuring 6.5 cm tall 8 cm in diameter. It is a clear plastic tub with a gold coloured twist lid ~~Smell I opened the lid and the smell was very obvious a very sweet honey smell. I looked on the Boots website for the price and I noted the many review comments said that people did not like this smell. Although I did not dislike the smell, I could see why some might not it really is a very strong sweet honey smell. Once applied to the body this smell is lighter it lingers for a few hours then disappears ~~ Consistency This white soufflé cream is not very thick but it is not a runny liquid when I put some on my finger to apply it did not drip off. ~~ Absorbency I find that this is absorbed into my skin well and does ...

King Crimson - Aylesbury Friars Waterside 2015 17/09/2015

King Crimson played at the Waterside Aylesbury

Nivea Stress Protect Anti Perspirant 14/09/2015

Does Ninea protect me from stress.

Apac Natural Raffia 12/09/2015

Raffia Packed by Apac crafted by me.

Marks & Spencer Sugar Free Clear Mints 10/09/2015

Mint's that stopped my ears hurting

Impulse Hint of Musk Body Spray 03/09/2015

Hint of musk romantic or smells like fly killer

Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit & Lemongrass Roll On 02/09/2015

I roll on Dove go fresh Grapefruit and lemongrass.

Apac Satin Ribbon 01/09/2015

I tie my dollies and favours up with Apac ribbon

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