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Thanks fo the many E's on my India themed reviews. Sorry can not keep up with thanking you all individually. Just in case we wake up tomorrow and find Ciao no longer here may I say So long and thanks for all the fish

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Iris 06/05/2016

Blooming beautiful

Iris Iris I have a few Iris in my garden and this year I have planted a few more. They are quite a popular common flower in the garden. ~Colour Iris are available in most colours of the rainbow, blue, purple, yellow, pink, orange, red, white, brown, and I have even seen black Iris. My favourite colour for Iris is blue So let's start at the beginning Growing from scratch The Iris comes as a rhizome or a bulb to plant. A Rhizome is a thick underground stem which grows shoots and roots. It is a pererenial; a perennial is a plant that will grow for many years not just one season. It's a bit late now in May to start to grow an Iris but you can buy many in pots. They are pretty both as a garden plant and in the house. I planted my Iris in September last year not very deep will they not flower if too deep. My Iris is now in leaf they will flower sometime June to August. The Iris I recently bought will grow maybe 40 cm tall , Also have some miniature iris in the front garden they only grow 15cm tall.. They will flower for a couple of weeks. Each stem will hold only one flower head. This is a very pretty flower with 3 lower petals called falls which as the name imply look as if they are falling from the flower , then inside the falls are upper standard upright petals and the bearded variety has hairs growing in the throat of the flower. The iris outer petal is often a darker colour to the inner and looks pretty. The Iris works well as a cut flower for the house. After the ...

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner 05/05/2016

Will I save money , time and energy using this savers cream clean

Morrisons Value Cream Cleaner I have just finished a Morrison's savers Cream Cleaner., used to be called value years ago now the Tesco cheap range is called value, ~Size, price I had the 500ml size cost 30p it's also available in a 1 litre size cost 50p. The price is the same as tescos value and similar price to other shops cheap own brands cream cleaner. Ciff cream cleaner costs around £2.50 for same size ~packaging. White plastic bottle with name and info written on, no pretty pictures ~Lid A small cap which covers a small hole. ~Application Give it a shake, position damp cloth by hole, or use straight onto surface to be cleaned squeeze bottle and out comes a thick -ish white cream cleaner. ~Smell Quite a mild cleaning product smell vaguely lemon. ~Use I use this cream cleaner when I have a stubborn mark in the kitchen on a pan or utensil or surface; I used it in the bathroom to clean the sink and taps I wiped this cleaner onto the surfaces and depending how grimy they were would rub hard, this cleaner is not abrasive. I use it to clean of scuff marks on painted surfaces. This is a good cream cleaner gets rid of most but the very burnt on marks , shines up well if object buffed with cloth I would say it's as good as and better than most other cream cleaners that I have used. ~Safety Keep out of children's reach. Do not eat, ingest if you do seek medical advice. Do not get in eyes if you do rinse eyes with water. Rinse your hands thoroughly after using, maybe wear rubber gloves. ...

Wham Rectangle Washing Up Bowl 03/05/2016

Wash up before you go -go with a Wham bowl

Wham Rectangle Washing Up Bowl When shopping in QD I bought myself a silver coloured Wham washing up bowl mot a very exciting but necersarry purchase. Why do I need a washing up bowl when I have a dishwasher and metal sink with a plug? Not all my things go in dishwasher. When I have no plastic bowl I have used the kitchen sink. I prefer you use a plastic bowl why / ..I use less water this way, I do not make so much noise, Less likely to chip my wine glasses, Alows me to pour fluids down side of bowl and down the plug hole instead of into tyhe washing up water , eg half drunk cups of tea.. One of my first considerations when buying items like this is price I do not see the point in spending a lot of money on items like this. ~Price The Wham washing up bowl cost £1.99, Robert Dyas £1.99 too Amazon price is £3.99 staples £2.99. Prices of other brands of washing up bowl Wilko 99p a stronger one at wilko £2. Adiss bowl at Argos £1.89 John Lewis £8 Ocado £3.09 Tesco £2 or a better Tesco one £3.00 ~Size Size is always important now would it fit my sink? The Wham bowl which I bought is a rectangular one Height: 16.00 cm Length: 39.00 cm Width: 32.00 cm. 12 litre capacity. I have had square bowls and round ones before and they did not satisfy my needs. ~Colour I wanted a colour which would not be a mismatch for my kitchen. Blue would not look so good so the Wham bowl which I bought was silver, it matched my Wham bucket bought previously (see earlier review). Wham rectangular bowls are available in a range ...

Neyyar Dam, Thiruvananthapuram 03/05/2016

A dam,a lake/resevior, wildlife parks, fantastic scenery in India

Neyyar Dam, Thiruvananthapuram Neyyar Dam India After our stay in the City of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India we stayed at a resort by the Neyyar Dam. Strictly speaking the Neyyar dam is the dam wall. It is on the Neyyar river in Kerala. >Location The Neyyar Dam is about 30k from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala. It is on the Neyyar River in Kerala. See,77.1922184,11.75z The dam has made a lovely lake and is in the countryside, it is hard to imagine the busy town of Thiruvananthapuram only an hour or so away. >Accommodation. When looking for ourselves I could find only a few places close to stay. The following places we researched on the internet + The Bio Veda resort where we stayed which I would recommend. See +Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram this really is a centre for Yoga, meditation and other treatments I believe it is quite rigid and do not think its for me when I looked at reviews on Their own website + Agasthya House is the only other accommodation I can find in very close location to the dam. See >If you do not wish to stay but just have a day visit then I would recommend. >Getting there it's possible to do it under your own steam in a car or hire a taxi. Alternatively this company do a ...

Wham Graduate Bucket 29/04/2016

Wham, I have your bucket

Wham Graduate Bucket Wham, I recently bought a new bucket, Wow what an exciting product to write about. Now how can I make a boring bucket review interesting? One day recently I was aware I needed to do some cleaning which needed a vessel for carrying water. Sadly there was a hole in my bucket dear...... So I went to town (I was going anyway) I could have ordered a Wham bucket on line at ttps://*Version*=1&*entries*=0 they are selling these for £13.98 but at that price I expect deliver with a flourish, not just the parcel jammed behind or in my dustbin thanks Mr Delivery man/woman There are many sizes of buckets available I wanted a 10 litre bucket. I could have bought a plastic bucket from Tesco their own for £2.00 or an Addis bucket for £10.63! Or £2.67 from home base, .staples has these Wham buckets for £4.41 but I went into my local QD stores and bought a Wham Graduate Bucket in Silver for £2.39. ~Colours Not sure which other colours available at QD but this bucket is also available in red , yellow, green, blue, teal , calico, ice white. So enough colours there to coordinate with any kitchen. Or to have different coloured buckets for different tasks. ~Made from This bucket is made of a good thick -plastic it seems very thick and durable, much more than some other buckets which I have owned. ..Measurements. Internal Height 27.5cm external height 28cm. Internal diameter base 21cm external 21.5. Internal diameter at the ...

Learning Resources Pupil Clock Dials 27/04/2016

Small clock faces to help children learn

Learning Resources Pupil Clock Dials What time is it? Can't you tell the time? A lot of the children that I worked with could not so these Pupil clock dials were used to help them. ..These bright yellow clock dials are from Learning resources. ..Age suitability These clock faces suitable for children 5 yrs old and over. Not suitable for under 3 year olds ..Looks This is a 12 hour analogue clock face. These have a very bright yellow surround to the clock face; the clock face is white with black lines. The minutes are marked of around the perimeter circle of the clock face with small numerals every 5 in black. The hour numbers are marked on in red. The numbers are nice and clear. In the centre of the clock face the two hands one larger than the other are fixed by a metal stud. One hand red (hour) one hand blue (minute) these hands move fairly easily they hold their place are not too loose These pupil clock dials do not have any way they can stand up. ; Made of Plastic. Quite durable. ..Size These clock dials are about 10cm sq. This is a good size for the children to manage. These clock dials are quite thin ..Use We use these as an aid to telling time .. Learning resources are a company which was established in 1994 in Norfolk, the parent company is in Chicago. My school has many pieces of their equipment ..Price Pupil Clock Dials, Set of 10 from cost £7.00 has ...

Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kottur 25/04/2016

A place for Elephant rehab. in India

Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Kottur Moving on from Thrithandrupuram we stayed for 3 nights at the Bio Veda hill resort by the Neyyar dam and explored this area a little. We decided to visit the Kottur Elephant rehabilitation sanctuary Although I do not have enough detail I believe that this Elephant sanctuary is for old, sick, injured or elephants. I can not find any info on if will they be released in the wild or maintained in captivity when rehabilitated. I think this may have been partly due to a language barrier. Also I can not find their own website, if they have one. I also think this Elephant sanctuary only established in 2008 or 2009. There are about 20 or 30 elephants here. There is a small refreshment area selling drinks and a few snacks, but best take your own if you want anything ~Opening times are 9.30am-5pm ~Location This reserve is in the Kerala district of India about 40km from Thrithandrupuram near Kappukadu . These reserves about 6.k away from our accommodation, for a map look at ~Getting there There are some busses from Trivandrum. Also from the Dam, I believe Also there are trips which include this reserve. We decided that we would get a taxi to take us there from our resort in the hill's about 9 miles away. I can not clearly remember the price but it was not expensive for us On Google it says it will take 1 hr 20 to walk. The route along the road ...

Learning Resources Measuring Jugs 23/04/2016

What can I measure with these jugs

Learning Resources Measuring Jugs This set of 3 learning resources measuring jugs is one I used at the special needs school where I worked (I now retired) : Made from, These jugs are made from a durable cloudy translucent plastic. Very durable. :Jug style These jugs have a wide mouth with a pouring spout, this spout pours well enough. The handles are open not closed. They are easy for me and the children to grasp and hold. The base is flat and will stand on any flat surface well : Sizes Three jugs different sizes 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre : Measurements The measurements are marked on the side with a little red line. The measuring lines are in litres/ml, cups/quarts and oz These measurements handy if I have only American measurements in a book but for my children there are too many measurements and just a ml. litre line would be better . Mind you the measurement lines on our very old set at school are nearly worn off. : Use Although the can be and do occasionally by us at school get used for accurate measuring they are more likely to be used in the water/sand/oats, sensory play pit. We learn pouring how to grasp and tip the jug full, empty, more, less how to fill other containers stopping when the container full. Learning about the scale markings on the side. I have also used these jugs to put water in for drinks for the children. They can be used for many tasks. For some worksheets see ...

Organic sector: evidence of retailers awareness or simply a marketing concept? 22/04/2016

My views on Organic sector: evidence of retailer's awareness or s

Organic sector: evidence of retailers awareness or simply a marketing concept? Organic sector: evidence of retailer's awareness or simply a marketing concept? Way back in the 70's it certainly was not as easy to buy organic items as it is now (I was a teenager then) It was then that I was beginning to get an awareness of how damaging chemicals can be to our environment. The effect non organic farming was having on our wildlife. No I did not become a truly committed idealist but since then I have striven to buy organic and garden organically when I can. Now it is possible to buy not just organic foods but organic seeds, organic cosmetics, organic furniture. There are many environment labels attached to foodstuffs, Free range, Outdoor reared, barn laid, Natural, , eco friendly, fair trade, non GMO, FSC,organic and more. This can be confusing to the consumer To label a product organic then a product needs a government approved certification. To be labelled organic there are many rules which have to be followed. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, fungicides, bioengineering, and ionizing radiation. Now I think there is awareness by some retailers that organically produced products are better for the environment and for the health of some people. I do not think Organophosphate an insecticide is used as much as it used to be. At one stage I was very concerned that it might be that my daughters ME/CFS was caused by I was very concerned a Organophosphate poisoning . Anyway this is not a discussion on ...

Thakkaaram, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

Is it a train carriage ? no its the Thakkaaram in Thrivadrapuram

Thakkaaram, Thiruvananthapuram When we stayed at The Capital hotel in Thrivadrapuram we only booked bed and breakfast. When on holiday I like to explore the area we are staying in and eat out at other establishments, also staying in an unknown hotel I like to feel that if the food is no good we have the option of eating elsewhere and do not feel we have paid for a meal at the hotel which we have not eaten. Most nights we ate at the hotel and were very satisfied. One night we felt like eating out somewhere else and went to the Thakkaaram, “’Thakkaram’ means a hearty welcome. ~Location This restaurant was only 5 -10 minutes walk away from our hotel. It is on the Press road just off the Pulimood Junction, near the near secretariat see map This restaurant is one of a small group of Thakkaaram restaurants. There is another at Kochin , one at Kannur and there are some at other locations. ~Parking We walked so did not need car parking. I did not see a large car parking area but understand from the website that there is valet car parking. ~Waiting Entering the restaurant we were greeted and told we would have to wait for a table there is a small waiting seating area. We waited for what must have been 10 minutes the restaurant very full and busy. I have read on line that there is often a long wait. So going on advice that a restaurant that is busy is a "safe" place to eat then this had succeeded there when abroad I usually choose a restaurant where I ...

Bio Veda Ayurvedic Hill Resort, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

Unwind at the Bio Veda hill resort and hear the lions roar.

Bio Veda Ayurvedic Hill Resort, Thiruvananthapuram Bio Veda Ayurvedic Hill resort After 3 nights in Thiruvananthapuram the capital city of Kerala. We headed to the Bio Veda Ayurvedic Hill resort near the Neyyar Dam. The Neyyar Dam is on the Neyyar River, only about 31 km from Thiruvananthapuram. This is a beautiful quiet green hilly area. See map We found out about this resort via Google we did a lot of researching wanting to split our India holiday up into 3 quite different areas so we felt we had a sample of different Indian experiences. ~Booking We booked through This was simple, uncomplicated. We booked 4 nights here. ~Price A room (wooden chalet) for 2 cost us 9000 rupees about £24 per night (in Feb. this year) this included breakfast. ~Getting there. Thiruvananthapuram airport about 30k from the Bio Veda about 1 and a half hours car/taxi. Website says 1 hour but I think longer We could have booked transfer from our hotel in Thiruvananthapuram to the Bio Veda in advance. Or the staff at the Bio Veda resort would have arranged it for us. We arranged a Taxi when we were in Thiruvananthapuram we got a better price this way. Although when we booked the taxi through our hotel in Thiruvananthapuram were told he knew where the Bio Veda Neyyar Dam was, he didn't really! (No sat nav) Yes he did know where the Neyyar dam was but not our resort. There were not many people around to ask, and very little in the way of road signs. However we ...

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

Glittering grand Temple

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram Recently visiting Thiruvananthapuram in India we visited the Sree Padmanaba swamy temple I was awed by its architecture (Kerala and Dravidian styles of architecture) and dominance over the area so I thought I would review it .This temple is a shrine of Lord Vishnu, Vishnu sometimes called Padmanaba which apparently means "whose navel is the size of a lotus flower." ~Location This Hindu temple of worship is in the East fort area of Thiruvananthapuram where there are several museums and palaces also lots of shopping. The temple pond which I recently reviewed is on the eastern side of the SREE PADMANABHA SWAMY TEMPLE ~Accessibility This temple is easy to find and get to when you are in Thiruvananthapuram. Nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central, 1 km away Nearest airport: is Trivandrum International Airport, 6 km away Location It is a tall building visible from afar. Since it is in a large shopping area Busses are frequent to near here. By UK prices taxis and tut tuts are very cheap too. It is easy to look at the outside of the temple, we stood leaning on the fence by the temple pond (see my previous review :-) This is a Hindu Temple and sadly for me non Hindu's are not allowed in. so I could not go inside. For a Hindu to enter they must wear appropriate clothing. For men this means wearing a Dhoti or mundu this is like a fabric worn around the waist and going down to the heels they and should not wear shirts of any kind.. A woman must wear a sari, ...

Padmatheertha Pond, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

A temple pond to cleanse yourself in.

Padmatheertha Pond, Thiruvananthapuram The Padmatheertham (means lotus spring) pond /Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple pond Thiruvananthapuram Kerala India is somewhere we visited on our Holiday in India this February this year. ~Location This pond is in the east fort area of Thiruvananthapuram only just inside the gate it's on the east side of the Padmanabha Swamy Temple. The temple is so large a glorious building you can see it from a long way. Also nearby is the Methan Mani clock tower. This pond is fed from the Karamana river. ~Size This pond /tank is large not sure how many sqm but I read it holds about 25000 cubic meters. ~Pond. We looked at the pond from behind the iron railings, which were I suppose put up to prevent access to the pond by people and animals from any part of the pond rather than the allocated entry positions. There are roads close to the pond edge on 3 sides the fourth side has some buildings. Looking over the railing the pond looked to me quite clean I believe it was cleared out about a year or so ago and that other work on this pond area will be ongoing. I could not see any fish in the water, no birds on the water at that time but a few flying overhead. I could see the bathing area with steps and a pavement next to the pond. Around the pond are several pavilions ( 'mandapams'). To enter a Hindu temple one must take a bath and clean clothes. . This pond has bathing Ghats around it to enable this immediately before temple entry. I did not see anyone bathing; I suspect most will ...

Natural History Museum, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

Thiruvanthapuram museum for natural history.

Natural History Museum, Thiruvananthapuram I have recently got back from a two week stay in Kerala India for 3 of those days I stayed in Thiruvananthapuram the capital city of this area. Sometimes called Trivandrum (I discovered that although the Indians originally gave the town its name Thiruvananthapuram, when the English decided they could not spell or pronounce it easily it was called Trivandrum until 1991, when the government made it Thiruvananthapuram again)) The name Thiruvananthapuram means the city of Anantha or, the abode of the sacred Serpent Anantha on which Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the Hindu trinity, reclines. Note I have reverted to this spelling of Thiruvananthapuram in the rest of this review it's easier for me Usually we are not town, city people preferring the countryside however visiting a country new to us we wanted to experience a town in India. ~Location The natural history museum is in the same area and complex as the Napier museum (which I reviewed earlier) and the zoo. This area and the other touristy attractions are on the map at This is an excellent location with the other attractions nearby and a green garden /park area connecting them all. ~Access. Although there are steps up to this museum from one direction I believe that you can approach from the side on a path that is suitable for wheelchairs. Inside you could manage with a wheelchair ~Museum building This museum is housed in a modern building, It ...

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Thiruvananthapuram 21/04/2016

Did I lika Kuthiramalika palace museum

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, Thiruvananthapuram Today I take you to the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum sometimes called the Puthenmalika Palace Museum in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) India. ~Location This museum is in the Fort area. This is very near the noticeable Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. A different area to the one with the Napier museum. The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple can be seen through many windows. ~Opening times Like the other museums in Thiruvananthapuram this museum is closed Mondays. It is open other days from 08.30 am to 1.00 pm & 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm. ~Building This is a low 2 storey building built by the Travancore King Shri Maharaja the architectural style is traditional Travancore style. . This has many Wood carvings a including 200 horses. These horses are carved onto the brackets which hold up the roof. This palace has 80 rooms, 20 are open for visitors ~Cost The cost to us was for us Foreigners 20 Rupees (20p) for native's 10 rupees children 3 rupees. I had noted several museums charging us Foreigners more than natives I approved of this as its obvious we have more money and 20p wasn't a large amount to us anyway ~ Entry Before entry we had to take our shoes off, this is common practice inmost of the museums that we went into, It is possible to aces a lot of this museum with a wheelchair. Guide. After we paid our money and entered the museum a guide was there to show us round, we declined this preferring to walk round by ourselves. ~Exhibits. The exhibits are mainly items belonging to the ...
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