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Sylvanian Families Café Waitress Set 18/04/2014

Grey rabbit is serving cakes , tea coffee or squash

Sylvanian Families - High Chair 18/04/2014

Sylvanian high chair for the new baby this Christmas

Are the Sylvanian families having a new baby this Christmas? If so then you might have to think about getting some baby equipment. We all know having a new baby means extra expense. Luckily my granddaughters Sylvanian already have a high chair for the new arrival. This high chair is about 12 cm tall 7 cm wide and 4cm deep it is a perfect size for any of the Sylvanian babies. This is a white plastic chair an old fashioned design it has a footrest for baby Sylvanian to rest its little feet on this foot rest is not removable. There is a tray attached to the chair for baby’s food, this can be moved. A small plate mug and spoon comes with this set so you do not need to buy extra utensils for the new baby When baby Sylvanian has made this chair dirty it can be washed in warm water. My granddaughter’s Sylvanian high chair does not get very dirty she plays with her Sylvanian families in a very delicate sweet way. This high chair is suitable for a 4 year old and over, my granddaughter 6 nearly 7 now often plays with hers. This high chair provides more play opportunities for the Sylvanian family house. The adult Sylvanian’s helped to cook food for their babies then give it to them. Children love to copy and play their experiences I think if you have a “real” new baby expected soon then this high chair and a Sylvanian baby would be a good toy for the older child. My granddaughter is rather sweet playing with her Sylvanian families I hear her talking for them. She encourages baby in ...

Sylvanian Families Triple Bunk Beds 18/04/2014

Triple bunk Sylvanian beds for the children to sleep in

Sylvanian Families - Nightlight Nursery Set 18/04/2014

Shhhh come quietly into the Sylvanian nursery

Sylvanian Families - The Caravan 18/04/2014

Go on holiday in a Silvanian families caravan

Sylvanian Families - The Caravan I am surprised I have not yet reviewed the Sylvanian caravan as my granddaughter now 8 has had one for a couple of years and we regularly play with it. This caravan is suitable for a 4 year old . There are many small pieces (over 30 accessories inside the van ) that could easily be swallowed by a child who still puts everything in their mouth. This caravan has a RRP of £58.03 Amazon price £37,83 It is also available with a red, green or blue car to pull it the RRP of it £70.38 Amazon price £54 .99 , The car can also be bought on its own. The caravan measures about 30 cm by 20cm x20cm it is a cream colour . to get inside the caravan the roof and one side fully opens .Inside you will find everything you might (and more )in a real caravan. The roof has 2 skylight windows and on the roof is suspended 2 beds When the van is opened these beds are the right way up for the Sylvanian animals, but close the van with the Sylvanian's in these beds and they will fall out of bed The side of the caravan which opens has the kitchen units fitted to it . there is a cooker which opens , there is a washbasin with cupboard underneath a couple of draws and a tall larder unit .inside these kitchen units are lots of little accessories kettle pans , an ironing board neatly folds down from one unit and there is the iron to iron the clothes. One end of the caravan has a neat little shower room withy a tiny toilet The little sitting room has sofas which turn into a bed. Its tiny inside as caravans ...

Sylvanian Families - Chocolate Rabbit Family 18/04/2014

These chocolate rabbits are not for eating

Sylvanian Families - Chocolate Rabbit Family . ……………………………………… ………………… …………………………… For my granddaughters birthday along with the Silvanian caravan and car we bought our granddaughter the Silvanian Chocolate Rabbit family. I must admit it was quite hard to choose which Silvanian animals to buy as they all are so adorable to look at. These rabbits are suitable for children aged 4 years old, our granddaughter a month away from her 4th birthday . When my granddaughter opened her Sylvanian chocolate rabbit family as well as the toys she had information about this family telling her about this family of rabbits who make chocolates They all have names and characters that the company has made up. I prefer it that she makes up her own stories and characters for these toys. The Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit family includes Father Frasier rabbit, Mother Teri, Brother Coco and Brother Coco. In a separate purchase we also bought the Chocolate Rabbit family twin babies. These Rabbits are small creatures made with a flocked furry fabric. You might have expected a chocolate brown rabbit family, but no they are a creamy white with brown tips to their ears. They are detailed with pink inner ears and brown dot eyes and a little pink nose and they have little furry tails. The tallest rabbit measures about 9 cm the smallest about 5 cms. The arms and legs of these toys are moveable This family are all clothed Daddy wearing red trousers a yellow check shirt, mummy a long red dress with an apron on. The girl rabbit a red and white spotted ...

Tesco Value Coco Snaps 17/04/2014

Coco snaps to make easter creation

Button Through Printed Chambray Blouse 08/04/2014

A new shirt for my back

Bonds Giant Milk Chocolate Buttons 07/04/2014

Big buttons made of chocolate by Bonds

Barratt Black Jack Chew Bars 06/04/2014

Sweet Black jack in a bar

Tesco Thick and Creamy Custard Powder 05/04/2014

Tesco powder for thick and creamy custard

Euro Shopper Euro Chocolate Plain 04/04/2014

Dark plain shiny Euro shopper chocolate

Coopers of Stortford Deluxe Jacquard Kitchen Rug 01/04/2014

This rug lies just inside my backdoor

Swizzels Matlow Chew Crew 29/03/2014

The crew of children chewed these sweets

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