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Brio 33571 Classic Train Pack 16/01/2017

Chuff chuff chuffed with this Brio train pack

Brio 33571 Classic Train Pack I have played alongside many children with an assortment of Brio trains and tracks. This is because I worked in schools and nurseries for about 40 years and most of the groups I was with had a Brio set of one sort or another. My grandson also has a large amount of Brio, now he is 14 it is store away in the attic saved for the next generation. This Classic train pack is one I played (alongside children) with at work. ~~Age This Brio train is suitable for children over the age of 2 years old. My grandson got his first Brio when he was nearly 3 years old. I think it finally got stored away for the next generation and to be brought out when young children visit when he was 13. ~~Pieces There are 3 pieces in this Classic train set. 1 engine and 2 carriages/wagons. ~~The engine The engine is a classic steam engine looks a like. The tank is black with the word BRIO in white on the side. It has a funnel and stove pipe and a cab. This is a solid block no driver can be put into the cab. The tank sits on a red chassis. The chassis and tank are firmly fitted together. There are yellow 4 wheels with silver coloured hubs fitted to the chassis. These wheels turn freely and easily. At each end of the chassis are magnets. These are firmly fitted. ~~The wagons. The chassis of these wagons are red .They have the word BRIO in white on the side of the wagon's with yellow wheels and silver studs. There are magnets at both ends of the chassis. Fitted to the chassis are rounded wagons like the ...

Babyliss 5282BAU/BDU/AU/DU NANO 1200W 15/01/2017

Nano hairdryer for a Nana

Babyliss 5282BAU/BDU/AU/DU NANO 1200W I needed a new hairdryer. My grandson acquired my old one. Although I have long thick hair I rarely use a hairdryer. I prefer to let my hair dry naturally without heat. However sometimes especially in the winter if going out I dry my hair as do not like going out with wet hair and have taken hair drier with me sometimes if staying away. So I looked for a new hairdryer. I decided I wanted a small one looked on one and in the shops. Can not remember exactly where and for how much, it's about a year since I purchased it. >>Colour Not the most important thing when looking for a hairdryer maybe but mine is what is called pink it's a dark pink also available in Purple I think. >>Weight This hair drier is quite light at about 340 kg good for packaging in suitcase or in hand baggage to go abroad on holiday. The weight of a hairdryer might also be an issue for someone with weak arms or like my daughter with Chronic fatigue/ M E daughter finds it hard to hold a heavy hairdryer for long. >>Size Shaped like a gun the hair drier is about 19 cm tall 18cm long .The handle about 3Com wide the nozzle about 5cm wide >>Use This hairdryer is comfortable to hold the handle slightly curved. >Switches There is a sliding black switch on the inside of the handle a good position and easy to control when holding the hairdryer and drying hair. There are 3 positions to the switch off, 1 speed 2 speed. I usually use the 2 speed to dry my hair. To change the voltage settings simply turn the screw ...

Playmobil 1.2.3 6794 Tractor 13/01/2017

123 Playmobil tractor off we go.

Playmobil 1.2.3 6794 Tractor This Playmobil 1 2 3 Tractor is a toy I have played with alongside children at work.. The Playmobil 1 2 3 range of toys is designed for young children of 18 months and over. Playmobil 1 2 3 is chunky and has less movable parts than the playmobil designed for older children... ~Materials Made out of plastic ~Included Included in this set are 2 pieces a figure and the tractor. ~Playmobil person. The figure will turn his/her head from side to side and will twist and turn legs enabling a sitting position so will happily sit on the tractor. The figure looks a bit unisex so could be a girl or a boy. The features those standard playmobil eye dots and slightly smiling curved mouth. The hair blond and length just below the ear. The figure wearing green dungarees and a blue beret. ~Tractor The tractor is with grey backrest and side engine grill The vehicle is rounded and chunky it does look like a tractor. The 4 wheels the two at the back bigger than the front wheels have yellow hubs and black tyres. They are chunky looking like a tractor tyre would be for off road driving. The main body of the tractor red and has 2 yellow lights. There is no tow bar for any farming tools to be fitted to the tractor. ~Education/Use/Play This Play Mobil tractor is good for little hands to grasp and play with easy to hold and to push along the floor or table top. The figure easy to bend and fit in the driving seat. Of course this will all depend on your child's development When your child is ...

Tesco Resealable Food Storage Bags 11/01/2017

Zip and seal to store food in these bags

Tesco Resealable Food Storage Bags I Today I shall be reviewing Tesco zip seal bags under the product "Tesco Resealable Food Storage Bags". I could have reviewed the Tesco press and seal bags as they are also reusable however there is a separate product category here on ciao for the press and seal bags Tesco Resealable Food Storage Bag's. I did request a separate product place for these bags however ciao in there wisdom said " Unfortunately, we were unable to accept this suggestion because: Sorry but our editorial and strategic line may lead us to refuse products for which no merchant sends us offers in its catalog (please remember that Ciao is a shopping guide but also a price comparison site)." I recently bought some PE/Polythyne Zip seal bags to store Christmas left over's and other things in my freezer. I have got freezer tubs but often find if I want to save a small amount that there is a lot of wasted space in a tub. I bought Tesco Zip Seal Food and Freezer Bags rather than any others simply because I was shopping in Tesco when I decided I wanted some. Packaging =>= These bags come in a white thick plastic bag with greeny blue coloured section and a picture of broccoli stalks on the medium size pack and a picture of raspberries on the small sized pack. >= SIZE and COST These bags are available in small and medium. The small bags measuring about 18cm x18 cm come in a plastic sleeve/ bag of 25 these cost £1.65. (7p, each) The medium bags measuring about 26cmx26cm come in a sleeve/bag of 20 are £2.00 ...

Pyrex Dish With Lid 09/01/2017

Plastic lid's close over these rectangular Pyrex

Pyrex Dish With Lid Pyrex Dish with Lid I have owned and used many Pyrex glass dishes I even have some that were my mothers. Most of my Pyrex dishes are very old 40 years and older. Pyrex dishes and plates are made from Borosilicate Glass which has high thermal shock resistance Pyrex is Stain Resistant does not retain flavours. It is Ovenproof, Freezer, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe. Most of my Pyrex dishes which I have owned for many years are round casserole dishes with glass lids. Recently I treated myself to a couple of rectangular Pyrex dishes with plastic lids! These are clear lids not the ones which are coloured or have green edges. Now since the family have left home if I am cooking for just hubby and myself I find a casserole cooked in one of my older dishes too large for just 1 or even 2 days meals and its not so economic just to cook a casserole for one meal for 2 people. As I get bored with eating the same meal 2 or 3 days on the trot I usually freeze the left over portions. I find my new dishes ideal for freezing casseroles and lasagnes in and many other recipes too. Read on to find out why ll Shapes, Sizes These dishes are rectangular. There are no grips or lips along the edges. They come in various sizes 19cm x 14cm x 4cm deep. 0.8litre - 22cm x 17cm x 5cm deep 1.5litre - 25cm x 20cm x 7.5cm deep 2.6 litre 27cm x 23cm x 9cm deep 33 x 27 x 9.5cm 4 litre and probably more. At the moment I have only 2 of these, this situation might change soon. ll Use First I will warn about ...

Hape Taj Mahal Mould 06/01/2017

See the Taj Mahal with out travelling to India

Hape Taj Mahal Mould This Taj Mahal Mould is made by Hape toys. Hape founded in Germany by Peter Handstein in 1986 is now an international company. I have supervised children playing with many Hape sand moulds at work and at home, my grandchildren have several. The one I am reviewing today is the Taj Mahal Mould. ^<>^ Age, Suitability. This sand mould suitable for children over 18 months old I read on line. However I think a child of only 18 months would benefit more from a bucket and spade. This mould more suitable to those 4 and upwards. I thought this mould great for my older grandson who has Aspersers high functioning Autism. Stand is a therapeutic a great stress buster. This mould and other moulds of Greek buildings were bought for him to be more age appropriate than the traditional sand bucket and spade. ^<>^ Educational Use This sand mould is good for those basic skills. Sensory, motor control, hand eye coordination, spatial awareness. Playing with sand can be soothing and calming. Good for creative play. Also good for learning about construction and building's, learning about other countries and history. The real Taj Mahal is in India. It is in the city of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We made our Taj Mahal from this Hape mould with Kinetic sand. I watched my grandson making his model and his face showed pleasure when the intricate building was eased out of the mould and I could see his pleasure of achievement that he was successful in making the model with out an of the domes ...

Carex Complete Wipes 04/01/2017

Carex wiping and caring for my hands before I eat.

Carex Complete Wipes Last summer while on holiday I discovered I had no wipes for hands or body. We tend to walk in the countryside and eat picnics not near washing facilities I like to take some kind of wipe or cleaning gel with us to make sure hands clean before we eat. So before we went on a walk I saw a pack of 15 Carex hand wipes and bought them. ~~~~Price This 15 pack of wipes cost 95p in Wilko's 99p in Superdrug £1 at Tesco Sainsbury's Morrison's and pound land. This makes each wipe about 7p each I have looked on line and these wipes do not appear to be available in packs of different sizes. ~~~~~Packaging These wipes are in a heat sealed blue thick plastic package. This is 7cm x 14cm x 1 cm. Slim and small enough to skip into a coat pocket or my rucksack pocket. ~~~opening the packet is easy .There is a reseal label centre front of the pack. ~~~~~Smell Opening the pack I could smell a clinical clean smell. These Carex wipes also available in strawberry-laces variety. ~~~Size Each wipe is 19.5cmx12.5cm. Big enough to wipe hands and face with but not much more. single use size only really.They are smaller than some other wipes that I have used. ~~~~~Use These wipes like many other wipes are ideal for wiping hands clean when out and about. They are not suitable for first aid use on an open cut or for cleaning babies' bottoms. .~~Caution do not wipe or get in eye as they will make eye sting the info says if you get in eye the wash out with clean water so do not put one completely ...

Playmobil 1-2-3 Summer Meadow 02/01/2017

Summer in the Playmobil meadow.

Playmobil 1-2-3 Summer Meadow Summer in the Playmobil meadow. Looking out of my window at the frosty scene this morning I yearn for the summer. Going for a walk in the sun in a summer meadow scene. However I sit here with lap top on y knee and remember the Playmobil 1, 2, 3 Summer Meadow I have played with along side my special needs pupils. So let me dream of the summer while I review this toy. ~~~Playmobil 1 2 3 This Playmobil 1 2 3 is the style of Playmobil designed for children over 18 months old. It is chunkier has fewer moving parts and much more suitable for younger children than the standard Playmobil. There are many 123 sets available to see more go to ~~~Playmobil 1, 2, 3 Summer Meadow. The Playmobil Summer Meadow includes a pear tree, a brown horse with a saddle, a blue cart which attaches to the horses halter. There is also 1 cow; The cow possibly a Guernsey is brown with white spots. It has 2 horns and udders. Then there is 1 pink pig with a curly tail, 1 white sheep and 2 figures. One of the figures a girl one a boy. I can only tell the difference because the girl has blonde hair slightly longer than the boys and in more of a girl style. Their faces are both the standard playmobil dots for eyes and the slightly smiling mouth. There is also what looks like it could be a block of hay. It's a green with a couple of clover leaves and flower pictured on it. This block fits nicely onto the back of the trailer ~~~Play/Education Play and education go ...

Tesco Food & Freezer Bags Tie Handle 01/01/2017

Tie the handle on a Tesco food and freezer bag

Tesco Food & Freezer Bags Tie Handle Tesco Tie Handle Freezer Bags. Finding a couple of these Tesco Polyethylene Tie Handle Freezer Bags when tidying up one of my kitchen draws I was inspired to write this review. -><- Size These Freezer bags come in box's of 50 small bags of (18cm by 20 cm) 40 medium (26cm x 47.5) and 25 large ( size unknown by me) I have bought and used the medium sized tie handle bags. -><-Price Small. £1.50(£0.05/each) mediium, £1.50(£0.04/each Large £1.50(£0.05/each >>>For comparison I quicly researched the price of similar bags at Morrison's and discovered The current price of 60 Small Morrison's Tie Handle Bags, £1.67 2.8p each 50 Medium Morrisons Medium Tie Handle Food & Freezer Bags £1.67 3.3p each 35 Morrison's Large Tie Handle Food & Freezer Bags £1.67 4.8p each -><-Material's These bags are made in Thailand of Polyethylene Resins/ the plastic bags are quite thin. .They is thick enough for putting sandwiches in or for freezing food items. Single use only really as they will probably tear when you try to reuse them. --><--Colour These are a transparent blue colour with white areas on for writting date and contents -><-Use These are suitable for use in the freezer or for food items such as sandwiches for lunch. . Can be used to pop a few raisins a few carrot sticks or piece of cake in. Nothing sharp so I can not use them for storing nails in. These bags have 2 handles which you tie together for closing the bag. I find when opening these bags I tend to rip the whole bag, its ...

Hape Parthenon Mould 30/12/2016

Make the Parthenon in your own back garden sitting or classroom

Hape Parthenon Mould Hape Parthenon Mould I did not have to go to Athens Greece to see the Parthenon. My grandson built one for me with his kinetic sand. The Parthenon is the main temple of the Greek goddess Athena My grandson does not now play with sand very often but sand can be therapeutic and good play for those like him with Aspersers high functioning Autism. This Parthenon mould and other moulds of Greek buildings were bought for him to be more age appropriate than the traditional sand bucket and spade. This Hape sand mould shaped like e that more suitable for those over 3 yrs old. I think an 18 month old happier with a standard bucket and spade. .........Materials Made out of PE or strong polythene strong and lightweight ........Durability Very good my grandsons is several years old .......Size about 15x13x9cm ........Colour Green ......... Use/play This mould is ideal for sand play on the beach in the sand tray or with kinetic sand. Just fill the mould up with damp sand turn it upside down and pat it out. It makes a very attractive shape with the gently curving columns and base. It does look quite like a picture of the Parthenon. If used when doing a Greek history project you can use this to help illustrate the buildings helps with the understanding. Can be used with the other Hape moulds to make a complete scene. Also sand play is a therapeutic tactile play so has the added benefit of this. Playing with this Parthenon sand mould has lots of educational benefits as well as ...

Tullie House Museum And Art Gallery, Carlisle 27/12/2016

Find out about history in Carlisle.

Tullie House Museum And Art Gallery, Carlisle Tullie house is a museum and art gallery in Carlisle, The building's are Grade 1 listed buildings. The building dates from the late 14th century. I visited here in October 2016. Tullie house is on Castle Street Carlisle,-2.939808,908m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x7ed11f0633934488?hl=en ~~Opening times are Museum & Galleries 1st November to 31 march Monday– Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday 12noon - 4pm 1 April to October 31st We enter the museum and pay at the reception desk ~~Price The adult price for the museum accompanied children fewer than 18 are free without an adult 50p see By the side of the reception desk there is a small shop with relevant things for sale similar to those you might find in other museums ~~We then went up the stairs to the galleries. Some of these galleries have exhibits that change as they do the rounds of museums all over the country. There are interactive Audio-visual features in the galleries to make the exhibits come to life... There are permanent displays of the Border Reivers for 300 years or more the Scottish and the English were at war all along the Scottish English border. Carlisle was an important town just on the English side of the border. There are costumes here for children to try on One of the galleries was given over to Life in the Carlisle. The Art ...

Playmobil 4884 Nativity Manger with Stable 24/12/2016

Playmobil Nativity scene, seen here.

Playmobil 4884 Nativity Manger with Stable This will be my last review before Christmas. I thought I would make it a seasonal one. I am sure most if not all of you reading this review will have heard or even played with Play Mobil toys. Play Mobil first produced in 1972 in Germany by Hans Beck. These toys are plastic small world toys. The play Mobil figure a 7.5 cm tall. There are many many different Playmobil sets and people. The playmobil nativity manger with stable is a set which I have seen and used in several school classrooms also my grandchildren have they have had it now for several years. My grandchildren now 11 and 14 are a little over the top end for play with this toy. My daughter however at nearly 40 like to have it out to decorate her windowsill for Christmas. I imagine it will come out and delight my great grandchildren in at least 10 years time. I found this set even the card background durable. ~Age suitability Suitable for a 4 year old. Some of the pieces very small and could be easily swallowed.. ~This set is a traditional Nativity scene with a stable, stable, lantern, lamb, palm tree, shooting star, haystack, bonfire, and Mary and Joseph and a baby Jesus, an angel., the innkeeper who could double up as a shepherd, a cow and the donkey There are other accessories too basket , room , fire and pot's oh and a palm tree .. No Kings or shepherds. The 3 Kings are available in another add on set. The figures are all clothed as you might expect Mary in blue. With her head covered. There is a card ...

Early Learning Centre Pink Spotty Basket 22/12/2016

Carry your shopping in a pink basket baby.

Early Learning Centre Pink Spotty Basket Sorry to do this to you chums, but I am reviewing an ELC pink spotty basket. This basket is no longer available new. I did notice that ciao still has a category for it here and no one else has reviewed it. Just recently Ciao are not accepting many of my product requests even though I have found them available at several shops on line. I have found it annoying to find several categories for products like this ELC spotty basket which are no longer available. How ever moan over. This ELC pink spotty basket was I believe first available in 2012. You might find one second hand somewhere even now There was a matching ELC pink spotty tea set also available, but no longer. I am familiar with this basket as there was one in the pretend play house at the school where I worked. ~Age~ I think this asket suitable for a 3 year old possibly a bit younger ~The basket~ This basket is a pale pink. It is made out of a soft pink wicker. The wicker is plaited with 5 or 6 strands. It has 2 handles of the same fabric. This basket has a cotton fabric inner lining this is not stuck to the basket but loose and has ribbon ties which are tied around the handles. The lining is removable and washable. The lining is pink and has pictures of strawberries printed on it. There are lots of little spots on the strawberries look like strawberry seeds; I think a better name would have been strawberry basket not spotty basket. This liner is washable ours has been in the washing machine several times. This ...

Playmobil Country 6147 Horse Paddock 19/12/2016

Play with Playmobil horses

Playmobil Country 6147 Horse Paddock Playmobil 5227 Country Pony Farm Paddock with Horses and Pony **Playmobil are I am sure familiar to most of you they are small plastic toys people and animals buildings and accessories **Playmobil has its roots in a lock fitting company founded in 1876 in Germany. These plastic toys were designed by Hans Beck first available in 1974. Now along with Lego they are a staple of many schools and homes. Playmobil make several with horses including a stable. **Playmobil 5227 Country Pony Farm Paddock with Horses and Pony This toy is one my 11 year old granddaughters which my daughter recently persuaded her to pass on to her younger cousin my niece. **Age suitability. This toy is suitable for a child aged over 5. Some of the pieces are very small and a swallowing risk for those who still pit everything in their mouth. Playmobil 1 2 3 is more suitable for younger children. **Pieces This Playmobil Country Pony Farm Paddock with Horses and Pony comes with 3 x Horses x3 Figures x 3 Fence pieces, 1 x Tree, a hay bale 2 squirrels, a mole and mole hill saddles for the horse, a horse blanket some grass and flowers a bucket and, a basket with vegetables. The horse's heads will move up and down. The girls head from side to side her arms move up and down her legs twist from side to side. **building Emptying the card box which these pieces come in there are lots of little pieces. Although the horse, the pony, the foal, and the girl do not need any building. The tree needs its leaves putting ...

Melissa&Doug Construction Puzzles in a Box 18/12/2016

Construction vehicles puzzle in box

Melissa&Doug Construction Puzzles in a Box Today I am reviewing a box of Melissa and Doug's construction vehicles puzzles. These are in the same series as the Melissa and Doug farm animal puzzle set that I reviewed recently, so sorry if I seem to repeat myself a bit. These are puzzles which I am familiar with at work in a special needs school. I have supervised children making many Melissa and Doug puzzles these are usually well designed and durable suitable for home or school situations. The only negative to this puzzle is that when new and after it had been knocked about a bit there were a few small splinters on the edge of the box, this was sorted with a piece of sand paper, I have found this problem with other wooden puzzles too. S do check the edges you don't want splinters in fingers. I must admit I am surprised that Melissa and Doug have not addressed this problem ~~ Age suitability. This box of farm animals is suitable for children over 3 years old. The pictures are not babyish so for the older special needs child with a love of vehicles they are age appropriate. ~~The box The wooden box is ideal for storing the puzzles in. box is divided into 4 one section for each puzzle. The box measures about 19 x 14 x6 cm. It is quite strong ours gets thrown about and dropped and is fine. . The lid is a slide on lid. The lid is ideal as a puzzle board it has raised edge so the puzzle does not fall off, the puzzle at 11.8cm by 17.4cm and 3mm thick just a tiny bit smaller than the lid. ~~Puzzles There are 4 thin wooden ...
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