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~★ NO. ciao I am not going to do extra cleaning just so I can write reviews on more products :-) OOps maybe I am as I have found myself writing cleaning product reviews

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Arla Lactofree Cheese 27/11/2015

Cheese for the Lactose intolerant by a farmer owned dairy company

Arla Lactofree Cheese My grandson is lactose intolerant and I have met several other people who are lactose intolerant too. Lactose intolerance has become more common or maybe just more recognised than when I was a child (50's and 60's). Lactose intolerance can begin at birth or develop at any age. My grandson often comes to tea at my house. So as the family eat cheese either as sandwiches or lasagne, on top of pizza's etc I look for alternatives to cheese which contain lactose Lactose free does not mean dairy free Lactose is the sugars found in milk. The lactose sugars can be removed by being filtered then an enzyme used which breaks down milk sugar. Some people have other dairy allergies or Galactosaemia.Arla lactofree cheese is not really suitable for them. ~Arla Arla is a large farmer-owned dairy company. See ~Types of lactose free cheese Arla make many products which are lactose free. There are 3 varieties of lactofree cheese: - mature cheddar cheese, semi-hard cheese and soft white cheese have a pack of the mature cheddar cheese. This and the other cheeses are available in 200g packs. ~Price At the moment Tesco are selling the Arla mature cheddar lactofree cheese for £1.80 (£9.00 per kg) This is cheaper per kg than non dairy free Davidstow and Cathedral city brand cheddar as they are about £10.00 or £11.00 per kg, supermarkets own non dairy cheddars free at around £5.00 per kg, as are Sainsbury's and Waitrose. I note own brand dairy free cheese ...

Norton Expert Angled Sanding Sponge 26/11/2015

Getting in the crevasses with Norton

Bounce Dryer Sheets Summer Breeze 25/11/2015

No more summer breeze Bouncing in my tumble dryer, its Lenor

Lenor Fabric Conditioner Concentrate Summer Breeze 24/11/2015

A summer breeze conditions my towels

Bilash Plain Poppadoms 21/11/2015

Pop ,pop pop a Bilash poppadom from Aldi

Vanish Power Foam Carpet 20/11/2015

Make those dirty spots vanish with vanish spray

Wilko Storage Boxes 16/11/2015

Little boxes all the same. There's a green lid and a pink lid

Cif Cream White 15/11/2015

I sometimes clean with Cif cream cleaner.

Power Force Strong & Absorbent Multi Purpose Cloths 14/11/2015

I have power to force dirt from my dishes with these clothes

How to do Christmas presents while preserving the environment ? 12/11/2015

Protecting the environment from injury, peril, or harm.

B&M St Tropez Pleat Eyelet Curtains 12/11/2015

St Tropez curtains from BM hang on my pole

B&M St Tropez Pleat Eyelet Curtains Just recently we decorated one of the bedrooms and bought new curtains, We looked in many places John Lewis and a local curtain store we did not see any that we really loved and the prices were expensive, I was amazed when we went to buy something else into B M's and looked at their curtains we, yes both of us liked these St Tropez Pleat Eyelet Curtains. They may not be quite the quality of the John Lewis ones but certainly felt good enough. (There was an open pack and I always feel before I buy (that's why I do not like buying on line)) These are a creamy coloured curtain with a border band of stripes of differing widths at the top. The colours available are Wine, Cerise, Silver and, Natural. We choose wine as it would suit our magnolia ... yes magnolia painted walls. We thought the stripes would give interest to the otherwise plain decorated room. These St Tropez pleat curtains come in 4 sizes 46"x54" cost £14.99, size 46" x 72" £19.99, 66"x72" £24.99, and 66"x90" for £ 29.99 Note these are inch measurements not cm. Why BM gives curtain measurements in inches amazes me. We bought the 66" x 90". Unpacked from the clear plastic wrapping .I tightened the header tape by pulling the strings. We have a wooden curtain pole in our bedroom; these curtains have eyelets so we took the curtain pole down then threaded it through the eyelets. I like the large pleated affect this gives the curtains. The curtain material is all polyester both curtain and lining. The curtains still ...

Morrisons All Purpose Cloths 08/11/2015

I use these cloths for many purposes

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box 06/11/2015

Bring on the band in a box and play.

Duracell Battery Rechargeable Accu NiMH 9V 05/11/2015

Checking and recharge my 9v battery

Tesco All Purpose Cloths 04/11/2015

These cloths are used for many tasks in my house

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