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Stanley Open End Spanner Wrench 28/07/2015

Twist and turn those nuts and bolts with Stanley

Pantene Volume and Body Shampoo 27/07/2015

Has Pantene put a body in my hair ?

Stanley Open End Spanner Set Metric 4 87 052 24/07/2015

16 jaw sizes

Summer is starting, barbecues are reemerging from the sheds… But which is your favourite? A regular charcoal one or modern, gas/electric one? 23/07/2015

Gas , electric or charcoal ? I choose...............

Morrisons M Signature Lamb Quarter Pounders 23/07/2015

A burger made from lamb and mint with Morrison's signature.

Tesco Anti-dandruff Shampoo 22/07/2015

Tesco's shampoo for Auntie Dandruff

Draper DIY 09417 PZ Screwdriver 18/07/2015

Screwing around with Draper's Posidriv.

Record 120 General Purpose Clamp 14/07/2015

Recording my Clamping

C.K T4343M 13/07/2015

Its good to have a spanner with a combination of ends

Morrisons M Savers Smoked Salmon Trimmings 12/07/2015

Itsy bitsy ickle bits of salmon

Tesco Frequent Use Conditioner - Apple & Aloe Vera 04/07/2015

Conditioning my hair with Tesco's apple and Aloe Vera.

Pams Sandwich Bar, Tring 29/06/2015

A sandwich or a panini and a cup of tea to take away.

Learning Resources Sand Moulds - Shapes 28/06/2015

The many uses of Learning resources shapes

Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter 25/06/2015

You can't be serious can you Seriously how strong is this cheese

Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter I am a bit of a cheeseaholic and if I spot cheeses like this one on offer will buy, Asda are currently selling this Seriously strong lighter 300g pack of cheese for £2.50 (£8.33 per kg) at Tesco £4.00 (£11.43 per kg) This cheese is called Seriously Strong Black Cheddar Lighter , no the cheese is not black this would not be appetising, I suspect the cheese is packaged and stored in black wax . no wax in this pack as the 300g is just a piece of a huge cheese. This cheese presented in a sealed plastic pack is a pale buttery yellow. This cheese needs to kept in the fridge. I have noticed a few white spots in this cheese and when looking on line I discover that because this cheese is matured for a long time it results in a few white spots and a few calcium lactate crystals this is a it's a hard cheese not crumbly. This seriously strong lighter mature cheese has a nice smooth texture, although a strong taste it tastes quite creamy. If you like a mild cheese then it is not for you as it's a strong tasting cheese not the strongest I have tasted extra mature cheeses are stronger. One of the reasons why I buy a mature cheddar is not only do I like the taste on cheese on toast or in a sandwich or with crackers , I find it good for making cheeses sauces nor needing as much mature cheese as I would a less strong cheeses I use this cheese for making macaroni or cauliflower cheese. Nutritionally cheese is good as it contains calcium this one has 311kcal per 100g 22.4g of fat which is ...
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