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Learning Resources Backyard Bugs 27/01/2015

We have lots of bugs to count in my classroom

Melissa & Doug Beginner Pattern Blocks 26/01/2015

Make a picture pattern with these geometrical blocks

Learning Resources Mini Motors Counters 25/01/2015

Counting with mini motors

Learning Resources Mini Motors Counters Sorry if I am boring my regular readers by writing a review on another type of counter from the Learning resources. Today I shall be reviewing the Learning Resources Mini Motors Counters. These are available in a plastic storage tub this tub contains 72 vehicles at delivery free at are £12.95 (ex VAT) £15.54 (Inc VAT) There are 6 types of motors, aeroplane, boat car, train bus and fire engine and 6, 6 colours red, orange, green, blue, yellow and purple. So that's 12 of each shape and 2 of each shape a different colour. These motors are about 5 or 6 cm's long depending on the type. Because of their size they are suitable for over 3 year olds who do not mouth things, I have know children who still put everything in their mouths put a whole one of these in their mouth and I have to encourage them to spit them out. These motors are made of rubber, its soft to the touch. I think softer than the bears which I reviewed a different day. To be honest I do not find these as attractive as the bear counters which I reviewed, but the children do like them. > We count using these motors, .We uses them for sorting either by motor shape or colour. . We make repeating patterns again either by colour or shape. .We use these cars for many counting activities, . We also use then to help develop language saying the vehicles name and encouraging children to use them. We practice high low next to up ...

Character Options Peppa Pig Camper Van 25/01/2015

This toy is driving me mad.

Learning Resources Three Bear Family Counter Set Rainbow Set 23/01/2015

Lots of colourful bear families

Ty Beanie Baby Scooby Doo - Plush Toy 22/01/2015

Scooby Doo soft and cuddly sits on his bean bottom

Learning Resources Measuring Worms 20/01/2015

These colourful worms measure up.

Thomas & Friends - Whiff 18/01/2015

Whiff does not smell

Learning Resources Mini Dino Counters 17/01/2015

Lots of little dinosaurs

Minecraft Ocelet Plush Soft Toy 15/01/2015

Ocelot appeals to an 8 year old

Sylvanian Families Master Bedroom Set 15/01/2015

A bedroom set for the sylvanian master bedroom

Schleich Rooster Colourful 13/01/2015

Cockadoodle do, I crow about a Schliech Rooster

Tesco Christmas Tree Crumpets 10/01/2015

Crumpet for Cristmas shaped like a tree

Lego Duplo 10552 Creative Cars 09/01/2015

Create a car sensible or Zany

Playmobil 5204 Girls Foil Figures 08/01/2015

Pink princess in one of these bags

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