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Poundland Flexi Straws 18/11/2017

If you really need to use a straw

Poundland Flexi Straws Poundland drinking straws Recently I attended a children's party where the children were given drinks with a straw. These straws were a 250 packet of Poundland flexible straws. =Availability /Price Pound land straws are available at, yes you've guessed it Poundland either in the high street shop or at These cost, yes you've guessed right a packet of 250 for £1. Now this is a good price I note other supermarkets are selling packs of 100 similar straws for £1 or more Description. These straws are packaged in a thin plastic type bag, once opened the straws will spill out. The straws were decanted into a tall glass for easy dispensing and to stop them rolling on the floor. These straws are made out of plastic they have a small bendy flexible section part of the way down the straw. The straws bend easily at this point. The plastic is very thin, does not withstand much biting or chewing, (no straw does really) The straw itself is quite thin. The length, (sorry did not think to measure ) is about the standard length for a drinking straw tall enough to stand in a glass and allow you to bend the top and drink out of it. Colours The straw in this packet are a variety of colours red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange. Good so you can identify your drink easily. Use. Children and adults too like to use a straw to drink from at a party they are fun. These drinking straws make the glasses ...

Tesco Seasonal Washing Up Liquid 17/11/2017

Not seasonal but Tesco Lemon washing up liquid

Tesco Seasonal Washing Up Liquid Tesco Lemon Washing Up Liquid I tried to get a new ciao category for Tesco Lemon Washing up Liquid but sadly Ciao says the product which you have proposed already exists in the Ciao catalogue, perhaps under another flavour. We unfortunately do not distinguish between cosmetic differences. Please add your review to an existing product even if the flavour is different: I have decided that I would write my review and put it in tyhe category for Tesco Seasonal Washing Up Liquid, The reason why is that I believe that these washing up liquids are from the same range at Tesco along with the Tesco Apple Washing Up Liquid and the Tesco Red Cherry & Orchid Washing Up Liquid There may also be another "flavour" (If you can taste the washing up liquid from your cup/plates after washing then you have used tooooooo much washing up liquid) scent or fragrance. I prefer to call it scent or fragrance. ~~I do have a dishwasher but sometimes things have to be hand washed so when in Tesco's ages ago I bought this Lemon washing up liquid. ~~This is available in a bottle containing 450ml or 740 ml's. I have the 450ml bottle. This is a clear plastic bottle. A rounded flattened bottle with indents on the side for gripping, the lid a red flip up lid in a screw top. The other fragrances/ flavours in this range have the same clear bottle but different coloured lids. The colour of this lemon washing up liquid a bright yellow shines through the ...

Orchard Toys Little Diplodocus 15/11/2017

Two Diplodocus puzzles for the price of one

Orchard Toys Little Diplodocus Dinosaurs are popular with children. We had this Orchard Toys Little Diplodocus 12 piece puzzle at work (special needs school). I was looking on line to see if I could buy it for a neices 3 year old son. Sadly I could not find it new anywhere. ~~Suitability. This puzzle is suitable for children of 3 and over. This is not maybe a first jigsaw but one for when your child a bit more able. ~~Pieces and design There are 12 pieces to make up this puzzle; it is not a tray or peg puzzle. The edges are slightly rounded it's not a rectangular or square straight edges puzzle. When completed this puzzle, measures about 29cm x 21cm This puzzle is unusual in that it has a picture either side. Picture 1 blue diplodocus with darker blue stripes picture 2 green diplodocus with light green blotches, The background the same but some items slightly different colours. As well as the main diplodocus both sides have a flying dino one side its red the other side green. There are a couple of tree's and a mountain range behind the diplodocus. ~~Playing, learning. The pictures on this puzzle are both bright and attractive. While making this puzzle children will be learning. Helping perfect thier motor skills, their hand eye coordination. Learning about colour and shape. Puzzles help with visual spatial and observational skills. Some of my pupils found that sometimes the pieces with pictures both sides were a bit confusing but since they learnt the puzzle had made it a few times were turning ...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Dominoes 13/11/2017

Match the pictures when playing Hungry Caterpillar dominoes

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Dominoes Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-Dominoes- The very hungry caterpillar is a very successful children's book by Eric Carle written in 1969. I started my career working with children in the early 70's and I must have read this book 10000's of times to children. This book still vey popular today. Many children's games have spawned from this book. One of those games. The Very Hungry Caterpillar wooden dominoes are one we had at work. I have just retired from a special needs school. ~~} Age appropriate {~~ This toy suitable for children over 3 depending on ability and maturity. ~~} Packaging {~~ These dominoes come in a wooden box measuring about 17. X 5. X 10. cm. The wooden lid slides fairly easily onto the base which has a couple of grooves cut into it. The wood is thin also I note has a tendency to splinter. There is a picture of the caterpillar on the top. On the bottom of the box are the instructions. ~~} Dominoes ~~ The dominoes are made of wood. There are 28 dominoes. I did find that some of the dominoes splintered a little and needed a little sanding with some fine sandpaper. The pictures on only 1 side, the other just plain wood. Around the pictures is a thin wood frame. These dominoes do not have numbers in them, just picture from the story the Hungry Caterpillar. Like other picture dominoes each domino has two pictures on the upper face. The pictures on these dominoes are - The caterpillar, a strawberry, a pear, a plum, an apple, the sun, As in a standard domino set there ...

Nivea for Men Energy Shower Gel 10/11/2017

Was I energised after using this shower gel ?

Nivea for Men Energy Shower Gel Today I shall be reviewing Nivea Energy shower gel, now this is a shower gel really marketed for men. I did but this and the Sport version for hubby on a 2 for offer a while back. I recently ran out of my usual shower gel so used the sports on, on another occasion I used this Nivea Emery shower gel. . ~~~~>> Packaging. This shower gel available in 250ml or 500ml bottle's The packaging the same blue plastic not curvy like the women's body washes but the base is like a rectangle with curved ends bottler recyclable bottle This also has a silver grey collar to the hinged snap on lid. Be warned this lid does not always close very securely and the nozzle just a hole so unless bottle upright it will leak. The logo and word energy on this bottle are in a pale green, There's no hook to hang this bottle up but the base slim so will fit on my shower shelf. ~~~~>> Smell On opening the bottle I get a sharp smell, clean fresh, male, I am not very fond of this smell for me. The smell lingers around the body for a couple of hours after use. ~~>>looks The gel a blue clear colour very similar to the Nivea sport 3 in 1 shower gel which I reviewed earlier. ~~~>> Use This is a 3 in one gel for hair body and face. My husband takes this shower gel with him for showering after he plays football, its handy so you do not have to take separate products with you. He also uses this at home. I tried this Nivea energy shower gel to see what I thought of it because as it's easier when we go away ...

Melissa&Doug African Plains Jigsaw Puzzle 09/11/2017

The African plains puzzle by Melissa and Doug

Melissa&Doug African Plains Jigsaw Puzzle Edit your review Melissa & Doug African Plains Safari Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with Storage Tray (24 pcs) Looking through the toy section I recognised this Melissa & Doug African Plains Safari puzzle as one we had at the Special needs school where I worked till recently. We had many Melissa and Doug puzzles as they are usually good quality. ~~#Age suitability, This puzzle is suitable for a child aged 3 and upwards depending on their ability I had it in a class of 7 year old special needs pupils. This puzzle would be suitable for both home or school ~~#Made of This is a wooden puzzle with a paper picture stuck on. Sadly a little of the wood splintered but I rubbed it down with sandpaper. If tyhe pieces sucked and chewed got wet then I think the paper would come apart from the wood. ~~#Size This puzzle is about 39. X 30 x 1 cm ~~#Style This is a tray puzzle, and wooden tray which the pieces fit snugly into it and make up the African animals puzzle. This is not an inset puzzle but one with 24 pieces (6x4). These pieces all conjoin with those male, female cojoining parts. ~~#Picture This is paper stuck onto the wood, the picture has a background scene of a muddy pool at the bottom and then grassland, with a single tree at one side, and then there is a glorious sunset and setting sun. The animals are a giraffe, a hippo, a lion, a zebra and a flamingo. The picture is attractive and bright. The animals realistic in both colour and form but not real, I would not say suitable for ...

Nivea Sport 2 in 1 Body and Hair Shower Gel for Men 08/11/2017

Getting sporty in the shower with Nivea

Nivea Sport 2 in 1 Body and Hair Shower Gel for Men There are lots and lots of shower and body washes, Nivea make at least 7. I in the shower and the only shower gel on hand was the Nivea Sport , now I know this is aimed at sweaty men, (in fact I think I bought them for hubby when they were on a 2 for offer) but I am not fussy about using a male product so I use this. >>>Packaging<<< This shower gel is in a blue plastic (when this bottle empty I shall recycle it in our recycling bin) bottle the neck silver grey with a blue hinged snap on lid. The shape is not curvy like the women's body washes but the base is like a rectangle with curved ends. This makes it easy to put on a narrow shelf in the shower. There is no hook which must be nuisance if using in a shower with no shelf. There are some ridges on the sides of the bottle to grip. The colour and design is the same as other Nivea Men products except where it says sport and the logo beneath this word. The colour here is amber orange. There are 250mls in this bottle. Nivea sport seems to come in either 250 or 500 ml bottles, >>>Smell<<< Snapping open the lid I get a fairly strong aroma. The smell quite similar to other sports products it's a musky sharp citrusy smell, fresh very male. The smell on my body after showering was fresh but not overpowering and did disappear mostly after a couple of hours. >>>Use<<< This Nivea Men sport is a shower gel suitable for body and face and hair too. Now in the shower body wet I squeeze the bottle some thick blue gel comes out, this ...

Do you still celebrate Halloween? 07/11/2017

Now do I celebrate Halloween ?

Do you still celebrate Halloween? Do you still celebrate Halloween? Is the question, my answer is:- As a child I never celebrated Halloween didn't really know it existed. Why I was born in 1954 lived in a very small village, never had TV in my early years. I did know about ghosts there was a rumour in the village that if you walked around \certain gravestone 3 times anticlockwise you might hear a knocking even see a spirit. Sometimes when the brave did with friends watching yes there were 3 knocks (and a smile on one of my freinds faces). Anyway I digress So No I did not celebrate Halloween as a chid No dressing up, no trick and treating no parties. As a teen in the 70's I can not remember anything much about Halloween. Halloween was a bit of a non event not really on my radar. When my daughter was young in the 80's we still did not get involved in Halloween parties of trick and treating, I think she wore a witches dress and hat once or twice. We have lived in our current house for nearly 30 years as grown ups we do not move in a circle of people who celebrate and party on Halloween. As a teen my daughter too unwell to join in any trick and treating shenanigans. . Over these 30 years living now in a small town we have had more trick and treaters at the door dressed in costumes. Now this is where I have my fun. One year I provided a bowl of water and some apples from my tree for apple bobbing, The following year I thought it unfair as some young ghouls got a bit wet from bobbing so I got a bowl full of ... 06/11/2017

Nigella Lawson's website. I am sure most of you will have heard of Nigella Lawson, She is a Nigella Lawson a journalist, broadcaster, television personality, and food writer. As well as many cookbooks. I sometimes look on line for inspiration for what to cook especially if I am hosting a meal or if I am bored. While sifting through the cookery websites I come across Now I am not a great Nigella fan, not especially fond of her TV cookery shows, but I looked at her website thought it OK. ##~Home page? ~# On entry after I type in I am taken to a page with a picture which does cover my screen completely of a coloured advert for her latest book ""At my table"" click on it and it will take you too a utube advert for this book. Scroll down and there's a search bar for you to type in and find a recipe. I typed my recipe in for ginger cake and was taken to a page where I could tick a few boxes to help me get the recipe that I wanted , e.g. gluten free, dairy free, baking, and some other categories including a box to tick if you want community recipes. These are recipes that are posted by readers if they wish. ##~moving on~## Now looking for my ginger cake recipe I was a bit disappointed there were not many recipes for ginger cake by Nigella so I typed in ginger bread there were few more. I fancied looking at the stem gingerbread recipe so I clicked only to find out it was not available on line but told me it was in the book by ...

Mason Cash Mother Hen Nest Egg Storage 04/11/2017

Put your eggs in this hen,

Mason Cash Mother Hen Nest Egg Storage Mason Cash Mother Hen Nest Egg Storage. My daughter has had this Mason Cash Mother Hen Nest Egg Storage for a long time now. Since I am in her kitchen frequently and sometimes put eggs in it or remove them if we are going to use an egg either for baking (with the grandchildren) or if I am there for lunch or something. My daughter has little space in her fridge with it stocked up with milk, butter/marge food for meals food for the kids lunch sandwiches so she purchased this Mason Cash Mother Hen Nest Egg Storage. So she could store her eggs inside it out of the fridge on a counter. This Mason Cash Mother Hen Egg Nest is rather lovely. O> Made of The motherhen nest is made of thick earthenware which is chip resistant. 0> Size L 210 mm x W 165 mm x H 180 mm 12 standard eggs will just fit inside or 10 large eggs 0>Design This egg storage has 2 parts/ the lower part a golden brown colour with markings in it representing a nest. The inside glaze is white. The upper part is shaped like the head and body of the hen fitted to the nest bottom half it looks like the hen is sitting on the nest, This hen is coloured black and white she has a red comb and wattles and two eyes. She has yellow an orange beak, these is also a little yellow chick nestling into her wing. The hen is slightly textured her feathers and features etched in. Her head turned just a little so she is looking to the side. This mother hen on a nest is really quite adorable. 0>Use 10-12 Eggs will fit into this hen ...

Lego Duplo 5548 Building Fun 02/11/2017

Fun building with Duplo 5548

Lego Duplo 5548 Building Fun Let's have some fun with Lego Duplo box 5548, its called building fun. ~~+Lego Duplo+~~ Lego Duplo, if you do not know what a Lego Duplo brick is then you must be very unusual Lego itself the smaller bricks was created in Denmark in 1932 Duplo bricks in 1969 or thereabouts. These bricks are brightly coloured plastic conjoining bricks; Duplo bricks twice the size of Lego bricks were developed for younger children. The two styles of brick can be but not often are joined together. Duplo bricks are usually found in many play facilities and schools they are very durable. ~~+Age suitability+~~ Duplo bricks suitable for children from about 18 months till 5 or 6 years old, depending on child's ability and maturity. ~~+ Availability, Price+~~ This box of fun was first available in 2010. Sadly it now seems to be discontinued. I just looked on line to see how much it would be new, but I can not easily find it. I note its available second hand for anything between £10 and £80. See I do notice Lego Duplo have now a new deluxe box of fun 10580 this costs £29.99 at Argos ~~+Packaging+~~ This set came in a thick card box with a plastic lid that looks like Duplo base plate. It's a shame the box is not all plastic as the card one did not last long at school we decanted the pieces into a large plastic tub, I think the new set comes in a more durable plastic container. ~~+ Pieces+~~ The LEGO DUPLO Building Fun 5548 has 81 pieces, the new ... 31/10/2017

Lots and lots of recipes for the cook, is a website that I came across when seeking culinary inspiration. This website was founded in 1999 by Hope Pryor, from Oregon. There are over 23,000 recipes on this site. @@Home Page So let's start at the home page. The Home page laid out like a page from a book greets you with seasonal/topical recipes, when II opened the site today there are autumn and Halloween recipe ideas. If I were having a Halloween party I would investigate these further. I like the idea of the tombstone sandwiches. At the side of this page there is a list/index of recipe collections. @@Recipes The menus are categorised into Appetizer & Snack Recipes Bar & Brownie Recipes Beef Recipes Beverage Recipes Bread Recipes Breakfast Recipes Cake & Frosting Recipes Candy Recipes Chicken Recipes Cookie Recipes Dessert Recipes Diabetic-Friendly Recipes Family-Favourite Recipes Ground Meat & Sausage Recipes Holiday Recipes Lamb Recipes Pet Food Recipes Pie & Pie Crust Recipes Pizza Recipes Pork Recipes Salad & Dressing Recipes Sandwich Recipes Sauce Recipes Seafood Recipes Side Dish Recipes Soup, Stew & Chili Recipes Turkey Recipes Veal Recipes Vegetarian Recipes Wild Game Recipes Just click on one of these categories and you are taken to a page where there are a few recipes at the top then the section is categorised even further, I opened the Holidays recipes category and this gives a few Halloween recipes on entry then these a index list of other holidays such as Christmas, Easter, ...

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Rotary Grater 31/10/2017

Mary grates with one drum, one drum, one drum Mary grates with on

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Rotary Grater Mary grates with one drum, one drum, one drum Mary grates with one drum But Katie' grates with 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have had this Kitchen craft rotary grater for several years now; hubby came home with it one day after he broke my different style cheese grater. Drums This Kitchen craft grater is available with one drum, the one I have or with 3 interchangeable drums. **The single drum that came with my Kitchen craft grater is a standard cheese grater. **The 3 drum version has this grating drum and a slicing drum also a shredding drum. I would rarely use if ever the slicing or shredding drum so I was happy to have the one drum version. Other ciao members reviewing this item have 3 drums. **This Kitchen craft grater is made of stainless steel. Kitchen craft make a similar version in plastic. The stainless steel metal feels a bit flimsy and would bend if crushed. **The kitchen craft stainless steel grater is 19 x 8 x 5.5 cm **This grater has a hinged gripping handle. Where you would hold the handle is smooth stainless steel comfortable to grip. .Fingers well away from the grating blades are at no risk of accidental grating. The base of this gripping handle is a support for the grating drum, also a small open box like container about 5cmx4.5cm. The box like container will fit over the grating drum, The top of the gripping handle has a curved piece which fits into the open box. The grating drum is a short ...

Astroplast General Purpose First Aid Kit 28/10/2017

For aid in an emergency

Astroplast General Purpose First Aid Kit Astroplast Piccolo General Purpose First Aid Kit I bought this first aid kit a while ago now and yesterday took it with me on a conservation work party. I have not had need to use any of its contents yet , rarely need to but always take a first aid kit with us to work parties, and holidays we have it in the car usually . . ++~The Piccolo ~++ The piccolo is a small first aid kit Astroplast make a variety of first aid kits suitable for different sized groups of people. ~Container~ The container which holds the first aid equipment is made of green translucent plastic. It has a self moulded carry handle. The container measures 20cmx20.5x4.5cm (my measurements) This is a very lightweight kit only weighs about 0.38 kilo which is good as we take it with us when hiking This container easy to open there's a clip to press to open it at the top and the first aid kit container then opens fully so you can see what's inside easily. On the front of the first aid kit is a label stating FIRST AID KIT and a picture of a small family group on the back there is a label with the contents written on it, ~Contents ~ The contents are a contains 12 x wash proof plasters, 4 x alcohol free wipes, 2 x lint pads, 2 x non adherent dressings, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 x medium dressing, 1 x large dressing, 1 pair of scissors, 1 roll of tape, 1 pair of gloves and 12 x safety pins. Enough for any emergency. These contents are laid out well in the container, they almost fully fill the box not much ...

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester 25/10/2017

I was in the Old Harkers arms when I stayed in Chester

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester I visited Chester for the first time in June this year and was staying near the Shropshire Union Canal .one evening I had a stroll along the canal and stopped at The Old Harkers arms. ++Open++ Open from 10.30am till 11 pm everyday except Sunday when its open 11am till 10.30 pm. Food served from 12 till 9, 30, and 9 on Sundays ++Location ++ This restaurant pub is by the side of the canal next to the bridge on City road only a few minutes walk from the train station. The steps down to the canal and the pub from the bridge are very steep. If you are walking from town you access it from the other side of the bridge under the bridge no steps or can be accessed from Russell Street at the side of the Hackers arms. ++Access++ Yes the access is fine for a wheelchair with a ramp at the front door and the toilets include a toilet for the disabled. This is a child free pub, children and babies are not welcome ... a child free pub also they do not book or encorage Stag or Hen parties, it's a civilized atmosphere.... no music ++The building++ The building is an interesting red brick building the basement of an old warehouse the upper building the Siam Thai and Teppanyaki restaurant with access from City Rd I do not know what a proper old city of London boozer looks and feels like but the website ( days the old Harkers arms is proper old city of London boozer. The front of the pub is almost on the towpath with hanging baskets of ...
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