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Lucky me I got to choose the category for the library book this month (Gardening) .... But sadly so far only one out of about 20 of my suggestions has been accepted. !!! grrrrr

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Castle View Guest House, Edinburgh 26/05/2017

A glimpse of the castle from Castle view Edinburgh

Castle View Guest House, Edinburgh Just recently I went to Edinburgh for a few days by train and stayed at the Castle view guest house. I researched many hotels on the internet before I went and decided Castle view met my requirements. ++ll++ Booking and Price I booked through Booking was easy just filled in the form, then got confirmation email. The price at the time was £267 for the 3 nights that I stayed. I did think that quite expensive for a single room but it did include breakfast. I booked through booking. Com where the price was £71 a night always gets me as it says VAT included but it‘s just the way its worded as added on was £15 a night VAT. Now when going away with hubby I rarely pay £85 for a double room for us .However looking at other places to stay the prices in Edinburgh are expensive unless I wanted to sleep in a hostel or dormitory or in a hotel on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Still I wasn’t paying the asking price of over £1000 pounds a night for the room in the Balmoral hotel where JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ++ll++Location The address is 30 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH2 3HT, walking from the Waverly train station takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Castle Street comes of Princess Street easy to find .The hotel is about 5 minutes walking up Castle Street. I found the following website map useful Standing at the bottom ... 24/05/2017

Lots of Fabulous food HTTP://WWW.FABULOUSFOODS.COM is a website owed by, this is an American concern. The Home page opens there is brown headlines writing. There are coloured pictures of the foods and recipes. The top heading bar has links for Entertaining, How too, Gadgets, Home and Fab faves. In the Entertaining/recipe section are recipes Appetizers, beverages, breads, Breakfasts, Deserts, healthy eating vegetarian and many more. There's an ingredient list, with pictures which takes you to recipes using that ingredient There are many recipes some familiar to me some not. I have used a couple of recipes from here. The Cannellini (White Bean) Bruschetta Recipe was successful for lunch with some vegetarian friends .The recipes are easy to follow. The ingredients are measured in cups and ounces. The how to section gives instructions on how to fillet fish, debone chicken, how to roast garlic, how to grow garlic, and many more how to tips and instructions The gadget section has information about gadgets to buy. Things to make barbequing easier, whisks, pumpkin carving kits and more The Fab faves has a recipe of the week and information/adverts for cooking utensils, dinnerware This website has many adverts to click on and has links to other foodie websites too. It was easy to navigate and find the recipes I wanted to look at. My opinion I think this website good to go to if wanting to explore many recipes and ideas. I liked the holiday's section with ideas for food ...

Cottage Garden Flowers - Sue Philips 21/05/2017

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow In an English country garden

Cottage Garden Flowers - Sue Philips When I was in my local library I looked in the gardening section there were very few books there, one that caught my eye to borrow was Cottage Garden flowers, a Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley handbook by Sue Phillips. This book first published in 2003 the edition I am reviewing published in 2008. I chose this book as I grew up in the 50's and 60's in a cottage.My childhood garden very much a cottage garden style *><*Sue Phillips I know very little about Sue Phillips there is very little about her on the web except that she was the president of the Cottage garden Society a qualified horticulturist who has written a few books. *><* The book Cottage Garden Flowers This book is in a very accessible way. It's for a beginner really not enough info for an enthusiast who wants more info. This book only mentions a few, the more traditional well known cottage garden plants. This book is a paperback with only 96 pages. It has 5 chapters, 1* ><*introduction, Only 2 written pages and 2 full page pictures, A little about cottage garden flowers that there is no formal definition of a cottage garden flower. How most are easy to grow plants the pictures are of a cottage garden crammed full of flowers. 2*><*what are cottage garden flowers So what are Cottage garden flowers Sue? Sue tells us Cottage garden flowers were grown not just because they were pretty but because they were useful too. They were grown for nectar for the honey making bees, for medicinal properties, for dyes ...

The Kitchen Gardener - Alan Titchmarsh 19/05/2017

Grdening for the kitchen with Alan Titchmarsh

The Kitchen Gardener - Alan Titchmarsh Today I shall be reviewing the book, Alan Titchmarsh, The Kitchen Gardener: Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg. This is a BBC book, a hardcover first published in 2008. Alan Titchmarsh is a well known professional gardener and gardening journalist, as well as a TV gardening presenter. I am quite a keen gardner. Having been brought up in a family who enjoyed gardening and grandparents who were professional gardeners I was helping to grow veg from an early age, I like to garden organically; a lot of my garden grows plants to attract Butterflies. My Vegetable /kitchen garden is small, occasionally at the beginning of the gardening year I take out gardening books from the library- I like to peruse gardening books planning and dreaming my garden will be amazing this year. This book, the kitchen gardener is one I took out fairly recently. .lllllllll The book This book has 132 pages, 10 chapters. l. The ground rules ll. The Directory lll. Introduction llll.Vegetables. lllll. Fruit llllll.Herbs lllllll Where to see great fruit and veg gardens llllllll. Suppliers and Specialists lllllllll Index llllllllll. Acknowledgements/Picture Credits I found this book fairly easy to read the print was quite large. The ideas and instructions well written. I liked the working calendar it reminds me of gardening jobs or seed planting I need to do each month. The range of fruit and vegetables and herbs with instructions for growing covered all of the ones that I need. Each vegetable /fruit has a ... 13/05/2017

Kraft recipies on line Today I shall be telling you about I have perused and used recipes from this website occasionally. This website is a recipe website which gives many recipes. Open the home page and you get straight into the recipes there's a recipe of the day A top toolbar has drop down lists of recipes for appetisers , dinner. Deserts, breakfasts, healthy living. Mothers day, birthday and many more meal types There are also some videos like Utube video's showing how to make some of the recipes Each recipe that I have looked at includes a Kraft Heinz product. it might have Philadelphia cheese or a Salad dressing , Jell-O,, Barbeque sauce Of course there are many recipes using Heinz baked beans from chilli beans to a potato and bean pizza.. The recipes are clearly written easy to understand. Some might include Graham crackers but I would substitute those with Digestive biscuits. I did make one of the cheese cake recipies using Philadelphia cheese once it was easy and successful. I have since made a cheese cake substituting the Philly for a supermarkets own brand, I have also made the PHILADELPHIA Quick Pasta Carbonara this was also successful and the grandchildren enjoyed it. I like looking at recipe sites and books to give me new ideas. I rarely follow the recipes exactly changing or, adding other ingredients. I thought this Kraft site fairly good. Some ideas for easy quick meals and puddings. The Kraft Heinz Company is the 5th largest ...

Everything that starts with M ... 13/05/2017

My daughter is one of the millions missing

Everything that starts with M ... This review posted 11/05/2017 replaces a previous Everything that starts with M review. My daughter is one of the millions missing, One of the people with the debilitating illness Magic Encephalomyelitis. The Millions missing will try and make there presence seen and heard about today on Friday, May 12th, to raise awareness if their plight and to ask for increased government funding for research, clinical trials, medical education and public awareness. There is to be a rally in London (I do not know details) Some of those millions and friends and relatives will be seen, Those who are not fit enough will make their presence known by their empty shoes to represent the life your are missing due to ME So of you see a pair of empty shoes think of a person who might be in those shoes but is unable to go out in them. The life they are missing but would love to have. My daughter is often missing, As a teenager she was missing from Disco's and many parties, she is missing from restaurants just sitting up for the time it takes to eat a meal out hurts, the noise is too much, and she can't concentrate. , She is missing on the school run we take and collected the children for her from school, she is too exhausted, she aches . She is missing from work,My daughter has to pace herself manages the bare essentials and does well. But doing all those things that make life good, going for walks in the countryside, meeting groups of friends, going out shopping , or out for an evening in ...

Oasis Florist Foam Brick 11/05/2017

The Oasis in my house

Oasis Florist Foam Brick Recently I purchased a brick of Oasis. For those of you who do not know what Oasis is (no not the rock band formed in the 1990's, no not a green spot with a pool in the desert or a tranquil spot in my garden) The Oasis that I am talking about is a foam brick for floral arrangement. Oasis is a trade name. Oasis is available in a "wet" or "dry" form the wet form is not wet but one suitable for making wet and holding fresh flowers. The dry oasis is for dried flower arrangements. Today I am talking about the "wet" Oasis When bought the Oasis is dry it' a very dense foam. Oasis will soak up water and hold it. Oasis is ideal for flower arrangements. Moving the water upwards by capillary action to and up the stem keeping the flowers alive. Oasis holds the flowers in the position they are arranged in. Standard Oasis is sold in a brick 23 x 10.5 x 8 cm . Usually a green colour. Other colours are available. Also it is sometimes sold in shapes. I was amazed when looking on line at how many different cut oasis shapes for flower arranging there were, hearts, Angels, trains, balls, stars and many more mostly sold with the title Foam Floral Funeral Memorial Tribute. I can see these would make a good flower arrangement at a funeral or any other celebration. Back to the wet oasis brick. When holding the foam do not be too firm with it or you ... 10/05/2017

I visited When planning a holiday unless I know the area I tend to research on line. I shall be going to Edinburgh later this year and one of the sites I looked at recently is You can read a lot of the info about Scotland here without logging in. If you want to book any of the events or a hotel through this site or get updates and newsletters sent to you, you have to sign in. Joining is easy just your email and a password. This site is the official consumer website of Scotland’s national tourist board. Information you would find at the Scottish tourist office. There's a top tool bar with drop down lists on that tool bar is destinations, see and do, travel, holidays, about Scotland, accommodation and events. Here there are many destinations to Explore, cities, towns, and regions, A map where you click on a flag and a little info about that town is given. I clicked on Edinburgh. Wanting more info than the amount shown I click on the read more flash. At the top of the page that opened there are a few video shots, fireworks and a city scene. Now this is what I was looking for, things to see and do. Gosh there are loads of things what shall I do, only going for 3 days. The info given here is good a lot of details given as well as the essential opening closing times and cost. The map shows where attractions are, this is valuable to me as I am on foot and I need to work out a plan. (Which I can vary according to the Scottish weather) Now accommodation, ...

Learning Resources Number Bean Bags 08/05/2017

There's a number on these learning resourse's bean bags

Learning Resources Number Bean Bags Today I shall be telling you about the numbered bean bags which we had at the special need's school I worked at till recently. These bean bags are from learning resources. We had many learning resources toys at work as they are well made durable and well thought out. Learning resources are a company from in Vernon Hills US with its euro peon offices in Kings Lyn Norfolk England. ###*, Age suitability Suitable for those over 3 years old ###*, Material These bags are made with a thick cotton. ###*Durable? Yes ours got used a lot and lasted well. They are washable I would hand wash them with warm soapy water and peg them up to dry. ###* How Many The numbered bean bags come in a set of 10 numbered 1-10 I notice another company make bean bags numbered 1-20. , In each set printed on one side of the bean bags is one each of the numerals 1-10 on them corresponding dots underneath ###*Size We all know size isn't everything but these bags about 10cm square are a good size for a Childs hand to pick up hold and throw. ###*Colour The Learning Resources numbered bean bags come in a pack of mixed colours red .orange, blue, green and yellow. ###*Educational These Bean bags are great for those developing motor skills, those movements made when the Brain works with the nervous system and muscles. A lot of my students motor skill development was poor and slow. So we would present activities that would encorage these skills. These bean bags were good as they would inspire grasping, ...

Edushape Sensory Balls 05/05/2017

Sensory balls with knobbly bits

Edushape Sensory Balls Today I shall be reviewing the knobbly sensory balls we had in the special needs school I recently retired from. It is possible to get many sensory balls but the ones that I shall be reviewing today are the 10 cm balls from Edushape. These balls usually come in a pack of 4. Colours There's a red ball, blue green and, yellow, There are opaque see me balls and I believe that Edushape now make a scented ball. Materials These balls are made from a rubbery plastic. Age Suitable for children of over 6 months old what these balls are. These sensory balls are balls with many little knobbles all over them. The plastic is just soft enough to squeeze a little. I must admit that when I tried to squeeze them hard in my hand it was not comfortable. Play There are many games to play with these knobbly sensory balls I have rolled this ball to some of my students and encorage them to roll the ball back, We played catch where I would throw the ball to the child and they would throw the ball back. Good for any ball game really, my students liked throwing them into a bucket I have seen many children biting and chewing these balls using them like a tether. If you massage your baby these balls are good to roll lightly up and down their arms. Education These edushape sensory balls are great for those gross motor skills, encouraging, grasping. Helping eye hand coordination. Encouraging reaching , crawling or walking to pick them up. Can be used for colour recognition I ...

VTech Play & Learn Activity Table 03/05/2017

Play and Learn at this Vtech activity table

VTech Play & Learn Activity Table VTech Play and Learn Activity Table This is a very old v tech toy which is still available. I bought one from a local charity shop years ago for my grandchildren the youngest 11! It has long been passed on back to the local charity shop to sell again. ~#0~0#~AGE SUITABILITY 6 months to about 3 years old depending on child's maturity. ~#0~0#~SIZE H38.1, W50, D17.8cm This toy can be used as a flat table top or have the 4 legs added and used in a standing position. The legs are strong and sturdy they are easy to fit and remove from the table top, the legs have moulded textured notes on them. ~#0~0#~COLOUR White table top blue or pink legs. We had the version with blue legs, not seen the pink leg version ~#0~0#~Activities On the white table top there are 6 activities. 1# In the centre of the table is a round piece with numbers around it and a red dialling hand. When turned this will play a giggling sound, or a tune this also has a 4 colour light section these colours flash. 2# Piano Keys There are 4 brightly coloured piano type keys a red one , with the blue letters D and O , a blue key with RE, yellow MI and a green one, FA These say the colour names when pressed and the centre lights up lights up. 3#Roller This is a yellow and green cylinder which rolls easily. This makes a rattle sound. 4#Bead bar There is a green bar attached to the table top with three textured beads a red one, a yellow bead and a blue one. These slide easily from side to side and turn on the ...

NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream 03/05/2017

Nivea caring for you in the shower

NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream Today I am changing away from my toy reviews and am reviewing Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream. The Nivea name is well known for its Nivea cream snow white cream in a blue pot which my mum (92) to use to use. It was in 1911 a chemist in Hamburger invented an emulsifier this came Nivea. The company is now called Beiersdorf. Nivea now make several other beauty items. Today I shall be reviewing the Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream. This shower cream is one I do sometimes but not always use. ~~Packaging This shower cream comes in a curved blue bottle with white writing on it. This bottle has a flat bottom for standing tall in the shower but no convenient hook for hanging. ~~Size This shower cream comes in two sizes 500ml or 250ml ~~Use This is a shower cream only not a hair and body wash. Hubby prefers a dual product as it's easier for him to take for showering after football and easier for holidays too. Anyway I have used this product in the shower I shower my body with water then put some Nivea creme onto my shower puff and Notice it's a white creamy liquid not runny. ~Smell...... I notice the smell it's that traditional Nivea smell a sort of coconut smell not unpleasant but fresh and clean. This is I think a unisex smell. This shower cream lathers up fairly well and I wash my body. This shower cream cleans my body well enough leaves it feeling clean and soft Drying myself I do notice a slight lingering Nivea smell not too much it does not outdo the perfume I put on in a while. ...

Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks 03/05/2017

Count the spots on these rubber duckies

Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks Its nearly summer warm enough to get that paddling pool or water play bath /bowl/tray out into the garden The toy I am going to suggest can be used outside in one or inside in the water tray We had some of these number ducks from learning resources at work (special needs school (I now retired so have more time to write reviews :-)). ~~~

VTech Push & Play Spinning Top 29/04/2017

Spin those animals round and round.

VTech Push & Play Spinning Top I trained as a nursery nurse in 1972 and for most of the years since then have worked with nursery and special school children until I retire a year ago. So as you can imagine I have had a lot of experience playing with children's toys. Looking through the ciao catalogue I notice the VTECH push and play spinning top. This is a toy we had at school; a friend's grandchild also had one. This push and play spinning top has been available for several years now and there are several different themed ones. There's the colours and animals with a parasol top, the ocean fun one with 4 sea animals, one Safari Animals. One Winnie the pooh, one called spin and learn. I imagine some if these may not be available new now. The Vtech, Push and Play spinning top is available at for......... £16.99. for......... £19.99 for..;............ ..... £16, 99 for............... ........£13.60 ~~~Age suitability Suitable for 9 months upwards. 9 months old and they will just bat and watch when you press the buttons slowly learning how to operate the top. ~~~Description This is a plastic spinning top not like the old metal spinning tops I had in my childhood (50's /60's) This toy has a ...

Poisonous Plants 28/04/2017

Poison in the garden

Poisonous Plants Poisonous Plants, Wow that's a very wide topic for reviewing. There are many poisonous plants both wild plants and cultivated plants in our gardens. Some plants have only the leaves or fruit poisonous some the complete plant. There are some poisonous plants which can be fatal some just cause a rash. The degree on toxicity dependant on type of plant and how much or if a child adult or animal consumes or touches it. Monkshood (Aconitum napellus) also called Wolfs bane can be fatal if it gets into your bloodstream absorbed through the skin. Some plants are especially toxic to animals. I have spent many hours pulling up Ragwort from nature reserves where we want animals to graze I am thinking now it's the summer season children will be playing in the garden and parks going for walks with you. Although I doubt that an adult will consume a poisonous plant there is always that worry that a child will. If out with children I do not want to spoil their fun in picking and eating wild fruits (like blackberries or wild strawberries) .Until I am confident they can recognise them the rule is show me /or another adult first before you put it in your mouth. Same in the garden, peas straight from the pod are lovely, but it's not only peas that grow in pods. For this review I shall focus on plants we grow in our garden. So looking around my garden how toxic are the plants there? *~Foxgloves very pretty country garden flower all parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten, Foxglove, ...