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Nivea Powder Touch Deodorant 30/08/2015

Pssssst, I spray my Nivea powder touch anti-perspirant

Imperial Leather SkinKind Hydrate 29/08/2015

This body wash is kind

Lock & Lock Twist Food Container Round 28/08/2015

Lock my lentils up in this container

Palmolive Revitalising Sport 2 in 1 26/08/2015

I used this Pamlolive MEN revitalising body and hair shampoo !

Martha's Tearoom, Newquay 24/08/2015

Cream tea at Martha's tea room Newquay

Impulse Be Surprised Body Spray 22/08/2015

Are you Surprised by Impulse

Boardmasters Festival, Newquay 20/08/2015

Surf, Skate,B.M.X and music at Boardmasters Newquay

Boardmasters Festival, Newquay In the summer I need a break, there's not much I enjoy more than music in the open air (provided it's not raining) I have been going to music festivals since 1972 my first one Reading. This year I booked tickets for Board masters , which is on the edge of Newquay in Cornwall, This was the 5th - 9th August 2015 , I booked 2,4 day weekend tickets for £147 each including camping and booking fees , car parking was £17.00 and transaction fees of £2..50 so cost for the two of us £313.50 so £155.75p considering Reading festival now £205 for the weekend, Glastonbury £220 plus £5 booking fee V festival with camping £199 I think it was a good price. Day ticket are available but day ticket holders cannot exit and re-enter the arena so do not go to the Watergate bay arena unless you intend to stay there all day and not dip in and out to the Fistral beach area.. ~Boardmaster's festival is at two sites Fistral beach and Watergate bay. This festival not purely a music festival but a surf and BMX festival too. With camping at the Watergate bay site if you purely wanted a music festival then you need not go to Fistral beach at all. Equally if you did not want the music you could just watch the surf, BMX and skate competitions, these events are free also some music day sessions are available free at the beach bar. There are also a few evening music sessions available at the beach bar these you have to pay for. I booked our tickets with See tickets, they arrived in good time. With then ...

Morrisons Bake at Home Petit Pains 15/08/2015

These rolls are half baked

Sanex Dermo Protector Extra Control Deodorant Roll-on 14/08/2015

Does the smell from your pits need extra control from Sanex?

Morrison's White Finger Rolls 06/08/2015

Morrisons rolls shaped like a finger

Impulse Tease Body Spray 05/08/2015

Will my review Tease you

Morrisons Tiger Bread 04/08/2015

Morrison's I really love your Tiger feet, sorry I mean bread.

Radox Eastern Spirit shower gel 02/08/2015

I had an eastern spirit in my shower gel

Gedore 2306794 4R 30/07/2015

I found this German tool in my tool box

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