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Addis Emsa Draining Rack 20/09/2017

Draining Dishes

Addis Emsa Draining Rack I was washing up my coffee mug after a drink at a friends house, she not well so thought I would not make her extra work. I noticed the drying rack was an Addis one like one I had many years ago. I got rid of mine because it was too big and clunky for my smaller draining board. My friends drainer was a linen colour mine had been a roasted red one I believe this drainer is available in black and a few other colours too. Addis make a few different drainers some metal some plastic coloured metal. There is an alternative plastic drainer to this plate rack Addis call it a dish drainer. The Addis Plate rack my friend has and that I had has now been available for several years. It is a very durable item and if it had not been that it was too big for my slim drainer then mine would still be used, """"""Size This drainer measures 38.5 X 5.5 X 40cm This drainer is made of a very thick plastic """"""Material This drainer is made of a very thick hard plastic """"""""Colour My friends drainer was a linen colour mine had been a roasted red one I believe this drainer is available in black and a few other colours too. """""Design There's a row of 18 slots for draining plates, this was fine for plates and slim bowls and by the side of the slotted section a flat area for draining cups , glasses etch, At the end are 3 holes , quite deep for draining cutlery these hoes quite deep so my rolling pin fitted in standing up . """"""Cautions Not suitable for dishwasher, microwave! Or ...

Fun Time Pop Up Farmyard Friends 19/09/2017

Up pop the animals, clunk

Fun Time Pop Up Farmyard Friends This Fun Time Pop up Farmyard Friends toy is one we had at the special needs school where I worked till recently. ~l~$~%~l~Age suitability This toy is suitable for a child aged around 18 months and over ~l~$~%~l~ Description This farmyard friend's toy is made of plastic. The base colour bright yellow and a blue base. This toy is shaped like a bench, a 3 dimension L shape. The size 27x16x15.5cm. Along the L shape base there are 4 switches one a green plastic wheel disk, the next a fat red lever, next a blue different styled lever , ten an orange push button. On the front upright L section above the levers are stick on pictures above the wheel a basket of eggs, above the green lever 3 sheep in a field jumping a fence, above the blue lever a saddle and horseshoes, then above the orange button some milk bottles. 0N the flat top of the L shape there are 4 flaps corresponding colours to the levers and button s underneath. Under the green flap up pops a hens head, under the red one a sheep's head, under the blue flap a horses head, then under the orange flap a cows head. Yes that's right just heads no bodies There are no batteries to this toy it makes no sounds, has no lights. ~l~$~%~l~ Play education I have put this toy out for the children to play with, it's a solo toy. Sometimes I will sit with the children observe their play and add some conversation finding out if they know the colours, names of shapes or ...

Regina Blitz All Purpose Kitchen Towels 17/09/2017

Queen of messes in the kitchen and bathroom

Regina Blitz All Purpose Kitchen Towels I do not often buy kitchen roll but when I do I usually buy a supermarkets own, when I was shopping recently I bought a pack of 2 Regina blitz kitchen rolls. OO~~Packaging Strong plastic clear with blue design. OO~~Price These rolls cosy me £2 from Tesco I notice they are on offer were £3 .Looking on line I find the other major supermarkets are all selling them for £3. I also not that if you should have a need for a lot of these roll then Amazon sell 24 of these rolls in packs of 3 for £27.49. OO~~Description/size These are rolls with 70 sheets of paper per roll. They have a cardboard inner tube. These rolls are triple layer. They are white with pale blue quilting lines. The Blitz name is quilted in blue on the paper at intervals through out the roll. Each sheet about : 33 x 26.5cm is perforated to the next one If laid out you would find the roll of paper about 23.1 m. Regina Blitz also make an Extra Large Kitchen Towel Roll of 100 sheet's usually sold as a single OO~~Storage These rolls fit on most kitchen roll holders that I have seen free standing ones and ones attached to units although at one friend's house I noted it was too fat to fit on her holder that was attached close to her kitchen unit OO~~Use I use kitchen roll for many different tasks. Mostly I prefer to use a reusable washable cloth. I did use one of these Regina sheets for wiping up a watery mess the other day and found it very absorbent, much better than some cheaper thinner rolls. I also have used ...

Addis Cutlery Drainer 13/09/2017

Draining and dividing

Addis Cutlery Drainer I do not actually own one of these Addis Cutlery drainers at the moment, (I have in the past) but I do know someone who does, in fact I know several households who have one. In fact my late mother used to have one and several other Addis sink accessories. #### Made of Plastic, thick strong and durable. Addis do make a different cutlery drainer out of metal. ####Colours cutlery drainer comes in Black, red .linen, white and metallic so you should find one to match your kitchen colour scheme. I have had a white one and a red one. I preferred the red one as it did not mark so easily. ####Design This cutlery drainer is an obloid basket shape Length (cm): 14cm Height (cm): 13cm, Width (cm): 18.5cm The top is a rounded turned over smooth ridge. The base is slightly raised by self moulded feet. The base itself has many holes in it so that the water drains out. This cutlery drainer has a divider insert this insert has a middle section with a raised base , handy for teaspoons and short implements from this just come 4 equally spaced wings to divide the drainer into compartments. #### Use This drainer is ideal for standing on the draining board to drain all your cutlery and bits and pieces. The insert has to be fitted it's fairly easy just to push it into position. The sections are ideal for those people who like to organise and dry all spoons in one section forks in another and knives in another , its easier when the cutlery is drained to sort then into the compartments in your ...

Bigjigs Toys BB513 Bruno Activity Cube Soft Plush Toy 12/09/2017

Bruno the dog features on this plush cube

Bigjigs Toys BB513 Bruno Activity Cube Soft Plush Toy I have played with many Bigjigs toys in my work with children. Bigjigs started in Kent 1985. The Bigjigs toys that I have seen are well made and well designed. Big Jigs designed Bella Rabbit and Bruno dog and use them as, on many of their toys. One of these toys is an activity cube, This Bruno activity cube is soft made of plush fabrics. There is also an activity cube featuring Bella. ~~##~~ Age suitability. This toy is suitable from birth. ~~##~~Colours The colours of the fabrics are predominantly blues and green with some reds and lilacs. ~~##~~size This toy is a 110mm cube. ~~##~~Design This toy is not purely a 6 equal sided fabric cube, it has attachments. All these are good for a sensory experience for your child, introducing them to the way things feel and sound. There is a plastic ring teether attached to one side. Then a soft little handles to grip on another edge. There are also 2 soft but crinkly rabbit ears sticking out, another edge has some smaller tags .All these age firmly stitched in The fabric that the side walls are slightly different textured some plush, some cotton some knitted ribbed. These fabrics are mostly pattered, spotty, striped. One side has a flower motif sewn onto it, another a moon stitching, another has swirly stitching, one side a couple of stitched buttons , then there's the side with Bruno the dog embellishing it, Bruno his round face stitched on has ears of different colours and his features embroidered ~~##~~ Play This Bruno, dog ...

What is your Summer Drink? 11/09/2017

Yes please , mine is a...................................

What is your Summer Drink? Now summer is over let me reflect and answer the question" What is your Summer Drink?" Well summer begins; I do not completely greet it with joy, why well as soon as June begins the hay fever starts. The explosive sneezing, the runny nose, the sore itchy eyes, Well it's not so bad it just means I have to take a tablet every morning. On the information sheet of my medication it says packet do not drink alcohol to excess. I know from experience drinking just a glass of wine while on this medication makes me very sleepy, so I prefer not to drink alcohol very often in the summer. On a normal everyday day I like to drink tea, I have gone right off coffee these past few years. So ordinary white tea at breakfast time and usually a cup to revive me at 1/2 10 or 11 o'clock. If it's a hot day and I am in the garden, I prefer H 2 O just plain water no bubbles, I just put a glass underneath my kitchen tap and turn the tap on. Sometimes if it's very hot I will add some frozen water in a cube shape. Lunch time and it's usually a cup of white tea. Now it gets to afternoon tea time sometimes I will drink a cup of earl grey tea, to me black earl grey is more refreshing on a summer's afternoon. After my evening meal it's another cup of tea, council pop (water) again if it's hot. Tea again later in the evening on a normal weeknight. I do like a drop of home made lemonade and will make some occasionally if the grandchildren are visiting. If we are out at the pub or the music club we go to, ...

City Spice, Chester 09/09/2017

Was the City Spice in Chester nice?

City Spice, Chester While I staying in Chester a couple of months ago now I ate out at the City Spice one night. ~~#Why did I choose this restaurant? The City Spice on City road near the Train station and near the hotel where I was staying. There are a few other eating establishments nearby too. I fancied a curry; there is also another restaurant selling curry opposite. I had looked in the window earlier at the menu and decided it looked ok. ~~# Opening times. Monday to Thursday 17.30- 1am. Fri and Sat 17.30-2am Sunday 17.00 - 12am. ~~#The Restaurant This is a fairly small restaurant seating about 40 downstairs long and thin with some seating upstairs which is often where bookings for a large group or party is seated. The decor is quite neutral and plain, has no real character. The resaurant was clean and tidy. ~~#My Visit I went into the City Spice at about 19.30 it was quiet except a group of 6 people arriving after myself. I choose my table .(it was just me on my own ,I do not really like eating out on my own feel a bit out of place ) The waiter came quite quickly and gave me a menu. ~~#Drink City Spice is licensed but I did not want alcohol due to medication I was on. So I just had water ~~# Menu I looked at the menu it was a pretty standard menu. The prices not cheap if comparing it to Bradford curry prices but not expensive if comparing it to prices in the small Chiltern town where I live. A few examples Starters Onion Bhargi £2,20 Chicken Tikka £2.50 King Prawn tikka ...

Playmobil Horse Trailer 4189 07/09/2017

2 horses will fit in the trailer

Playmobil Horse Trailer 4189 We had many Playmobil toys at th e 4 x 4 vehicle and Horse Trailer .I think that like me this toy is now retired as I looked on the Playmobil site and could not find it. However I do note Playmobil now offer a Playmobil Country blue SUV with Horse Trailer instead. >>~~ Price, availability I note that this toy is available second hand eBay and Amazon and stunned Amazon still has a new one on sale. I shall not be buying it from Amazon some greedy person wants £159! The UV and horse trailer is only £29.99. >>~~What's included With this red 4x4 jeep with its blue canopy comes a green and white horsebox. This horse box will fit 2 horses. As we;; as the jeep and the horsebox there is a Playmobil person, a horse rider suitably clad. There are also several accessories, including. A blue horse blanket reigns, water trough, hay and a brush. >>~~Play /learning The horse box can be fitted to the jeep by pushing the connectors together, not all my students could do this so I was needed to fit it together. The Playmobil rider moves like all other Playmobil people. My students help this person feed the horse, encorage it to drink and ride the horse. It is possible but not easy for this rider to sit on the horse's saddle. My students enjoy brushing the horse even though it's plastic. They then load this horse into the tailor sometimes with another horse from a different set. I often eavesdrop on children while they are ...

Mega Bloks First Builders Steer-Me Steve 05/09/2017

Mega truck called Steve

Mega Bloks First Builders Steer-Me Steve Mega Bloks Steer Me Steve Vehicle We have many bricks and construction sets at the special needs school where I worked till recently. One of these was the Mega Bloks Steer me Steve vehicle. Mega Bloks also make some other truck vehicles. ~~~Age suitability This toy suitable for a 1 yr old, I think a normal child by the age of 4 would have outgrown it. ~~~Description~~ This vehicle measures about 34. x 20. x 28. cm, it really is a good size and nice and chunky Steer me Steve is basically a plastic toy dumper truck. This truck and the bricks are brightly coloured. Steve's cab is a bright blue and has a cheerful face. A smiley mouth with white teeth and pink tongue. His yellow headlights where cheeks would be. His eyes where the window screen would be, a white background with 2 black circular eyes with a white dot in the middle. Out the top of his head comes a turntable steering wheel. This wheel has a good gripping surface for tiny hands. The cab sits on a grey base with 2 black wheels this is fixed to a grey trailer base which also has black wheels. A red lever with an arrow on it is fixed to the top of this base. On this base there is a yellow open-box bed. On the top of the front end of this yellow open box there are two studs which will fix mega blocks, so you (or your child :-)) can fit maxi mega bloks to it. With this truck comes 7 maxi mega blocks of various sizes. One stud 2 studs, 3 studs, 4 studs. These come in a variety of bright primary colours. ~~~~Play ...

Jackie ChesterBoat 04/09/2017

Cruising on the Dee

Jackie ChesterBoat Now let me tell you of another of the things I did in Chester this summer. I went on a cruise on the Jackie one of the Chester boats. Chester boats also have a boat called the Mark Twain, and also a boat called Lady Dianna which also offers cruises on the river Dee. The Jackie was refitted in the winter of 2016 so its furbishments were fairly new when I sailed on her. ~~~~Location~~~~ The Jackie Diana sets sail from Quayside, the Groves Chester. ~~~~Suitable~~~~ Suitable for both Adults and children. Although some of the other boats have wheelchair ramps and interiors which can be accessed by wheelchair which makes access for wheelchairs possible. The Jackie has stairs leading in onto both the upper deck and the lower desk So not wheelchair accessible. ~~~~ Length of cruise~~~~ Half an hour city cruise or 2 Hour Iron Bridge Cruise ~~~~Other cruises~~~~ The Diana is also available for Vintage Afternoon Tea cruises; you could also hire the Jackie or one of the other boats for a wedding reception or other party, also available for school groups. ~~~~Ticket price~~~~ The 1/2 hour cruise that I bought at the quayside cost £6.50 (senior) on line it cost £5.85 a standard adult £6.50 at the quay side is £ 7.50, a family ticket £17.50 quayside or £19.00. See ~~~~ Sailing Times~~~~ The sailing times are for the months between March and November. There is at least 1 sailing an hour between 11am and 5 pm April to ...

St John the Baptist's Church, Chester 01/09/2017

St Johns used to be Chesters cathedral

St John the Baptist's Church, Chester St John the Baptist's Church, Chester Not too long ago I visited Chester for the first time. Just behind the Chester ampitheatre which I recently review's is the St Johns the Baptists Church. Now Although I was brought up C of E christened then confirmed I now have no belief in any religion or God. I am interested in the History and in the architecture of churches. So I will sometimes visit religious buildings not in service times. ## Location ## St Johns church is on Vicar's Lane/ Little St Johns street Chester,near the river Dee just outside the city walls Map at It's only a 15 minute walk from the train station and there is a bus stop at Chester visitor's centre 2 minutes walk away. ##History## I read that a church was founded in this position in 963 and it's possible that this was a place of worship before then. In 1075 a Cathedral was started to be built on this site. This cathedral built in the Norman style. The building of this cathedral took many years. After several hundreds of years in the 13C this cathedral lost its status became a collegiate church that's a church h where the daily worship is done by a college of canons; t he Norman Benedictine Abbey of St.Werburgh would become Chester's Cathedral instead/. In the Reformation the east end of the church was destroyed, a lot has remained unrestored. The church certainly has an ...

Deva Roman Experience, Chester 31/08/2017

Experience Roman Chester

Deva Roman Experience, Chester Before I visited Chester I researched a little to find out places I might like to visit. One place the Deva roman experience caught my eye. ~~~Websites I found useful ~~~Location The Deva roman experience is just off Bridge Street. On Pierre point lane. This is on a pedestrian only area. The map at very useful to give the location and the location of other attractions so I could plan my route through Chester visiting places which had caught my attention. To get to this museum is about 20 to 25 minutes walk from Chester railway station about the same from the bus station. There is a hop on hop off buss tickets for 24 hrs price adult £11. child £4.50 This bus stops at about 15 places in Chester and you can use it as many times as you like in the 24 hours runs between 09:56-16:43 each day. I walked from my hotel which was near the train station. ~~Opening time This museum is open Feb to Nov from 9am - 5pm 10 am -5pm on Sundays December to January open 10am till 4 pm closed Christmas day boxing day new years eve and day. ~~Price Adult £5.50 child £3.95 family £17.50 seniors and students £4.95 If you want to do an hour's soldier patrol its £3, 50 per person in groups of 30 The museum. Entry is through the room designed as a Roman Galley (ship) that's logical as its how the Romans came to Chester. The Roman's called ...

Simmons (Bakers) , Berkhamsted, 30/08/2017

They sell good buns here,

Simmons (Bakers) , Berkhamsted, Berkhamsted I live about 20 minutes away from Berkhampstead . Berkhampstead is a small market town in Hertfordshire in the Chiltern Hills about 25 miles away from London. I had taken my 11 year old granddaughter into Berkhampstead shopping and we fancied a bun and a drink. We decided to stop at Simmons's; Simmons is at 234 the high street. Simmons bakery has a traditional frontage there are a few tables and chairs out on the pavement and an awning. I think that it would be possible to go into the cafe area if you were in a wheelchair. My granddaughter looked at the bun and cake's displayed in the window and licked her lips, satisfied that there were some she fancied we went in. Inside there is the counter where you can buy and take away bread and buns or order buns and a drink. On the opposite side to the counter there are a few tables and chairs, it's not a very big seating area, about 4 tables. We order our drinks gdaughter had a hot chocolate, I a cup of tea. Gdaughter had some rocky road, I a blueberry and yoghurt covered flapjack! +++ Service+++ Service was not immediate we had to wait a while. Our drinks and cakes were served in and on white crockery the plate a rectangular one. +++The drinks+++ My tea was fine. My granddaughter really enjoyed her hot chocolate. +++Cakes+++ When I asked my gdaughter about her Rocky road she said it was good very chocolaty and firm did not fall to pieces. My flapjack was equally tasty. +++ Other food+++ As you might expect ...

chester meadows, Chester 30/08/2017

Meandering in Chester Meadows

chester  meadows, Chester Chester Meadows While in Chester on a sunny morning I had a stroll in the Meadows. ~~Location, access. The Meadows These are. Water meadows which can flood at times are on the south side of the river Dee in Chester. I accessed the meadows from Chester town over the Old Dee Bridge a bit nearer the meadows is the Suspension Bridge but I thought I would prefer walking over the Old Dee Bridge. I suspect you can enter the meadows from the houses on the opposite side of the meadows to the river. I walked along the riverside past the few buildings along a good path under the suspension bridge out the other side and walk on a little till I come to a gate information boards by the side of the gate giving the alternate name of the meadows as Earl’s Eye Meadows . From here I walk along the river Dee on the edge of the Meadows. There is a footpath along the river past the meadows for a couple of miles to the next bridge. (I did not walk all this way) There are a couple of paths across the meadows. To some degree these paths seem suitable for baby buggy or disabled scooter. The meadows are open grassland with a small woodland area some trees around the edges. While I was there I noticed a few people dog walking and just generally enjoying the open space. This area appears to be an area for wildlife, suitable for bird's butterflies and other insects. I was only there for an hour or so do not know what is present but looked fair territory. After beginning my walk in the Meadows I ...

Amazing child Montessori Simple Shape and Colour Sorting Board 28/08/2017

Sort those shapes and colour's with Montessori

Amazing child Montessori Simple Shape and Colour Sorting Board Having worked with children both with "normal" development and those with "special needs for well over 40 years. I have played with /supervised children using many different sorting trays/boards. This Amazing child Montessori Simple Shape and Colour Sorting Board is one that was in a classroom in a special school. +~~Description ~~+ This is a square tray with raised edges .It has 9 shaped insert holes. There are 9 wooden shapes to insert 3 cuboid's, 3 cylinder's, 3 triangular cuboid's. Each of these sets of 3 shapes is graded in size. +~~Made from ~~+ Beech wood. +~~Age suitability ~~+ This toy suitable for a 3 year old. I think slightly younger if you supervise. If you have a child that mouths things then do supervise some of the pieces are a bit small. +~~Size ~~+ The base/box is about 16cmx16cm. The pieces as small as 3cmx3cmx6.5cm. Some bigger smallest 6.5 in height, next 7.5 then largest 8.5 +~~colour ~~+ The base a natural wood colour the cylinders red, the cuboids blue, the 3 triangular cuboids yellow. +~~learning play~~+ I have used this toy with children who need practice with gross and fine motor skills. Grasping, picking things up and positioning. The pieces are a good size for their hands. With encouragement, practice and some hand over hand from me this helps develop these skills. While I am playing with this toy and children I am also helping develop speech by introducing /reinforcing words and concepts such as in out , up, down, in out and the ...
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