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Photo's added to my 5 favourite towns review Please if you hear of someone going to hospital for major surgery like my husband is do not tell them about the friend that went into surgery and died , or bad things that went wrong for you its not helpfull

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Duplo Lego World People Set 29/08/2014

People of the world unite in Duplo form

Lego Educational 9215 Dolls Family Set 29/08/2014

This Lego Duplo Doll family is extra large!

Schleich Duck 28/08/2014

Here Ducky, ducky, ducky

Schleich Duck I was surprised that I had not reviewed this duck previously. We had one of these with the toy farm at our house for the grandchildren to play with. The grandchildren have not played with this for quite a while so I donated it to the school where I work. Schleich make several species of toy ducks The Schleich duck that I am talking about to day is number 70408 it's the white classical farm yard duck it's a bit like an Aylesbury duck. ~~~This duck is made from polyvinyl chloride, PVC a hard plastic which is very durable ~~~Size . This is small 7.8 cm x 1cm x 1 cm. This is on the same scale as other Schleich farm animals. So will not look wrong in a Schleich toy farm setting. ~~Availability and price £11.99 at I suspect that this duck is a retired duck as I can not find it for sale anywhere else on the internet. It's a shame if that is correct as this is a great classical looking duck. I personally think the £11 mark is a lot for this duck I not a different duck and other Schleich farm animals costing from £2.50 to £4 in a lot of shops. ~~~ Description This duck is white with a yellow orange beak and yellow feet. It has a black eye with a white outer; the black is only a large dot... This duck has been hand painted so the info says. This duck stands in a green grass looking like plastic and the base is flat so it can stand up easily. ~~This duck is very realistic the plastic has been marked to look like feathers. You can see the line of the wings ...

Lego Creator 5770 Lighthouse Island 26/08/2014

A lighthouse which can change to a restaurant or boathouse

Lego Creator 5770 Lighthouse Island Today I shall be telling you about the Lego lighthouse island 5770. This was a Christmas present received by my grandson a couple of years ago. I believe that this lighthouse island was first available in 20011. When I looked on line for the current price I note this is now a retired product. This set of bricks is suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years old. That's not to say this nearly 60 year old Nana does not enjoy making this lighthouse with her grandchildren. Certainly keep the small bricks away from under three's or those who still mouth things as they might choke them. ~~~ Availability and price.... At Amazon there are a couple available for £115. At it is £19. 99 reduced from £41.99, just checked the toy shop however it seems they are sold out. I seem to remember we paid around the £40 mark for ours. I think Amazon are being greedy as the Lego bike shop costs £64.99 and has at 1034 pieces more pieces and the lighthouse has 518 pieces which is just more than half the pieces, but even Tesco direct were selling this for £145.63. were selling it for £39.95. Looking at other Lego sets I think the £40 or £50 mark is fairer. Still grump over. ~~~Packaging. This set of bricks comes in a cardboard box a lit like a big cereal box, the card is quite strong. The box has a picture of the erect lighthouse on a sea with a lifeboat heading towards it. There are instructions and information on a sheet of paper in the ...

Tesco Finest Seville Dark Orange Marmalade 26/08/2014

On my toast this morning I spread.......

John Lewis Vintage Ivory Table Knife 26/08/2014

Ivory looking yet not ivory knife

My Little Pony Bowtie 24/08/2014

This My Little Pony is old and cherished

Border Biscuits Viennese Whirls 24/08/2014

Woud you like me to show you a Viennese whirl from the Border

Joe Browns Vintage Tea Dress 24/08/2014

A dress for an old fashioned afternoon tea?

Marks and Spencer Blue Striped Men's Dressing Gown 19/08/2014

Blue striped dressing gown for my man

Askeys Ice Cream Wafers 18/08/2014

Sandwich your ice cream with these

The Co-operative Wholemeal/White Farmhouse Loaf 17/08/2014

Did I love My white loaf from the co-op

Falcon Taxi's Aylesbury 15/08/2014

Falcon Taxi's drove carefully

Falcon Taxi's Aylesbury A couple of days ago we chose Falcon Taxi's of Aylesbury to take us to Stoke Mandeville A&E from Tring. We did not use a Tring firm as they always seem more expensive than an Aylesbury one. (Stoke Mandeville is on the outskirts of Aylesbury) This taxi was not prebooked and we expected a wait as Tring is about 7 miles from Aylesbury. Within 5 minutes I received a call on my mobile telling us our taxi was on its way and 5 minutes later we received a call saying it was here, apparently he had someone to bring locally. The taxi driver got out to greet us. We explained that my husband who was just recovering from an operation would find it difficult to travel comfortably and the taxi driver reclined the front seat as requested, he helped my husband into the front seat. We were driven with great care the driver made the journey as smooth as possible slowing down gradually at junctions/traffic lights so as not to cause jolts. We found the driver very pleasant and considerate. The fare from our house to Stoke Mandeville was £11 a fair price I have paid 12 and 14 pounds for this journey before to this area( I work near stoke hospital and a couple of times needed a taxi) The car was a Vauxhall Astra and was clean and tidy looked fairly new a comfortable ride. For our return journey I called the same taxi firm. The driver courteous but not quite as sympathetic and careful as the first driver It was a fair ride but not as smooth as the journey to the hospital. So my overall opinion ...

The Rye, High Wycombe 14/08/2014

A town park with Merit

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze 13/08/2014

Move those beads

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