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Morrisons Large White Baps 02/10/2014

Baps, large white ones from Morrisons

Tesco Finest Chorizo Style Pork Burger 02/10/2014

Burgers Chorizo style

Tesco Long Grain Rice 2Kg 29/09/2014

Average , satisfactory rice

Tesco Long Grain Rice 2Kg Not too long ago I bought a 2 kg packet of Tesco long grain rice. For convenience I usually have rice of some sort or another in my store cupboard. This Tesco long grain rice in its red coloured plastic bag is available in a 2 kg bag which I bought and a 4 kg bag. The 2 kg bag of rice costs £2.39(£1.20/kg) The 4 kg bag £4.50(£1.13/kg) as a price comparison to other Tesco rice's the everyday value rice is 40 p per kg. The easy cook Tesco rice which I often buy is £2.49(£1.25/kg. (The easy cook has been part cooked to reduce stickiness; it still needs 15 minutes to cook in boiling water) ~Storage, I often just fold the top of the rice bag over and seal it with a freezer clip, or put it in a storage jar ~Cooking Tesco long grain rice. The recommended amount of rice per person is 75 g or 1/2 cup / 120 ml, I usually guestimate mine as I have cooked rice for many years so have a good idea of quantity. The Tesco long grain rice is easy to cook, I just boil a pan of water while I rinse the rice in cold water by the time I have strained the cold water through the rice the water in the pan is boiling. I put the rice in the pan making sure it's well covered in water, Salt can be added to the water but I do not use it. Once the pan of rice is boiling I turn the heat down till its just boiling and put a lid on pan (stops heat loss so reduces heat needed to boil water) I do check the rice a couple of times to make sure there is enough water, give it a little stir then replace the ...

Mega Bloks Lil Vehicles 8282: Lil Tractor 28/09/2014

Lil tractor from Mega Bloks

Anemone Hupehensis 'Splendens' 27/09/2014

Pink and pretty in my garden

Tesco Turkey Mince 25/09/2014

This Turkey is mince

Tesco Turkey Mince Tesco Fresh Turkey Mince 500G. Last week I bought 500g of Tesco Fresh Turkey Mince. I do not often buy or use this mince, not sure why. This 500g mince cost £2.45 (£4.90/kg) . ~packaging This mince is packaged in a similar way to other minces in Tesco it is in a white translucent plastic tray and wrapped in a plastic film the label is white with reddish info and outline picture of a turkey ~Price I notice 500g of breast turkey meat is also available at £4 (£8 a kg (also 250g of thigh turkey mince at £1.75 (7 a kg) . The breast has less fat Comparing it in price to beef mince 750g Tesco Everyday Value Beef Mince costs £2.69 (£3.85/kg). Tesco Finest Aberdeen Angus Beef Mince 500G is £5.00(£12.50/kg) mid price Tesco Beef Steak Mince 500G is £4.00(£8.00/kg) ~Calories . A good reason for choosing turkey mince is its low in fat and does not have as many kcalories as most beef minces. cooked 100G has 177kcalories 6.6 g fat thats before sauces are added. ~Recipes This turkey mince can be used in many recipes ,there are 207 at Not sure if my recipe was there but mine was one of my own I combined the turkey mince with some onions and a few other veg and precooked it then put it in a dish and added a puff pastry top I then cooked it in the oven and it made a very tasty pie which everyone except little miss fussy pants granddaughter liked. I think I shall buy and use this turkey mince in other recipes for just hubby and myself ...

Little Tikes Turtle Sandpit 23/09/2014

Sand in a littleTikes Turtle

The Pantry Cornflour 22/09/2014

Cornflour found in the pantry

Soreen Sliced Fruity Malt Loaf 20/09/2014

Stuck togetherSorren is fruity and sliced

Farmhouse Biscuits - Honey and Oat 20/09/2014

Get your oats in these honey and oat biscuits

Burgon and Ball Seed Packet Organiser - Petrol Blue 16/09/2014

My seeds are organised

Frank Cooper's Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade 15/09/2014

Fine Marmalade had it beginnings in Oxford

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Chorizo Iberico Bellota Ring 13/09/2014

The taste of spain

F&F 2 Pack of Jersey Lounge Joggers 11/09/2014

Comfy lounge joggers

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