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Clover 23/04/2017

Will I be in clover?

Clover Today I shall be reviewing clover, Trifolium I have (as I expect many of you do) clover in my garden it's in the grass lawn. You might classify clover as a weed. Clover is a member of the leguminous/ Fabaceae pea family There are several varieties of clover most commonly known the red and white clover these are the perennial clovers we usually get in the garden. There are some clovers which are annuals. Clover does get grown by the farmer for fodder for cattle. Today I shall be talking about clover in the garden. If you have read any of my previous garden reviews you will be aware that I have an organic garden where I grow plants that will attract insects, butterflies and bees. A lot of farmers use herbicides and pesticides to make it easier to manage crops and make more money. So I think it's important that we grow plants in our garden that insects like and that we do not use herbicides and pesticide. OO0.The red and white clover plants. . Size These plants grow to 20cm.- 50cm/ 8 in. - 20 in. spreading 20cm-40cm/ 4 in. - 8 in. The plant is quite hardy. It grows on many soils sandy to clay likes some dampness I find it does not do too well on my chalk dry soil... OOOLeaves I expect most of you will e able to identify clover the green leaves are a trefoil. 3 leaves growing together to make an attractive shape occasionally a four leaved clover and this are considered lucky. The white clover (Trifolium repens) is the one which occasionally has 4 leaves I believe this white ...

Learning Resources Jumbo Safari Counters 20/04/2017

Lets go on safari with Learning resources jumbo counters

Learning Resources Jumbo Safari Counters Today I shall be reviewing the learning resources pack of 3o jumbo safari animals. At work (Special needs school) we had many different learning resource counters including these counters ~~Packaging These safari animals come in a clear plastic tub/bucket with a red lid. This tub is ideal storage it's quite durable and you can see the contents easily. ~~Contents 30 animals 5 each of giraffe, monkey, lion, elephant, rhino, bear. Plus an activity sheet. ~~Size These safari animals are bigger than the other learning resource animal which comes in a pack of 72 but they are not as large as the learning resource jumbo animals which come in a pack of 6. These Jumbo Safar animals are 5.5cm tall ~~Colour One of each animal in red, green, blue yellow orange, purple, ~~Age suitability Over 2 years old. I have know older children mouth these and stuff them almost completely in their mouths so do supervise your child if they are know for putting things in mouths. ~~Looks Although these safari counters are not absolutely realistic they do loo like the animal. Each one is a moulded plastic and as well as facial markings has markings on to represent fur, hide or skin. , wrinkles and creases. In the base of the Safari animal there is a hole, big enough for poking a finger in and making the animal into a finger puppet ~~Play/education The children that I work with enjoy using these for free play alongside a toy truck to carry the animals in They sometimes use these animals with the ...

Gowi Toys 558-47 Sand Set Pirate 20/04/2017

Yo ho ho, time for the scallywags /rapscallions to play

Gowi Toys 558-47 Sand Set Pirate Yo Ho Ho, Ahoy my hearties, avast ye (stop and check this out) its time to get those scallywags playing outside. You landlubbers can have a jolly time either on the beach or in the garden with this pirate sand set. This set includes a bucket, a spade, a rake, a sieve, a watering can, a mould shape like a pirate. Blow me down the bucket and watering can has an image of a Buccaneer (pirate) mouse waving a cutlass, Ay ye might know another Gowi sand set identical except the image a crocodile snail or pony. ~~~~~ Age appropriate~~~~~> This pirate sand set is suitable for lads and lassies alike over the age of 1 year old. I recall when I was a privateer (government-sponsored pirate) going about my daily toil with the 5, 6 and 7 year old lads and lassies. I would put sand in the sand tray and find the pirate tools. ~~~~~Size~~~~~ These tools were a good size The bucket 16cm diameter the spade/shovel and rake about 22cm long. Watering can about 16cm high, The pirate about 12 cm The sieve about 18 cm in diameter. ~~~~~~~Play/education~~~~~ I would watch my crew doing the work sometimes joining in if it looked like they were about to have too much fun. The buccaneers (pirates) would dig for pieces of eight (treasure coins) .To do this they were using motor control with movements to grow their muscles, perfecting eye hand control. They would fill the bucket with doubloons (coins found in pirate hoards and stashes) (we had some old play money I would hide) I would remonstrate ...

Early Learning Centre Jungle Wonder Cubes 18/04/2017

Stack these jungle animal cubes

Early Learning Centre Jungle Wonder Cubes We had many Early Learning Centre toys at the special needs school where I worked including these Jungle Wonder Cubes. #### Age suitability 6 months upwards pictures a little bit babyish so not really for our senor special needs pupils. #### Made of. Plastic rigid but quite thin #### How many? 9 cubes in the pack ####Colours 2 cubes are red, 2 blue, 2 green, 1 yellow, 1 black, 1 white ####Description These are nesting bricks the base hollow the top has a raised edge so it will easily fit the base of the next brick onto it. 1 side of each cube has a picture of a friendly smiling jungle animal face. Each animal is framed by a black and white edge. There's a monkey, a tiger, a lion, elephant, crocodile, bear, giraffe and a zebra. On some of the opposite side to the animal picture there's a black and white design of stripes, spots, chequered on some it's just a blank coloured side. The side panels are blank coloured. The top is a thin window of clear plastic looks like it has been fitted onto the coloured plastic block this window has a variety of things to look into. One window has confetti like pieces anther a mirror one has a heart design inside, one a clear window, one red window one clear blue. ####Play education These cubes are good for early visual skills .looking at the animals or looking through the window's Good for eye hand control and all those motor skills, picking up grasping and moving. Good for learning how to stack. Good for learning animal names and ...

Imperial Leather Rose Garden Hand Wash 17/04/2017

Rose garden in a bottle.

Imperial Leather Rose Garden Hand Wash Imperial leather is an old and trusted brand I can remember using the original perfumes soap way back in my 1950's childhood. The original Imperial Leather was developed by Bayleys of Bond Street in 1786 the smell reminiscent of the bitch oil tanning of leather. In 1921 Cussons acquired Bayleys in 1975 Cussons acquired by Paterson Zochonos now called PZ Cussons. Since those old days of the original Imperial leather smelling soap PZ Cussons have introduces other perfumed soaps, hand and shower products and perfumes. One of these is the Imperial Leather Rose Garden Hand Wash, a bottle of hand wash which I quite recently finished. The bottle being recyclable I put in our recycling bin. The bottle is a flat rectangular shaped one easy to stand up on the edge of the wash basin. It has a white cap and nozzle to depress to dispense the hand wash. This lever dispenses a good amount of hand wash. There is labelling on the bottle so I know it is Imperial Leather rose garden with rose petals and elderflower, There's images of red roses and white elderflowers in swirls on the bottle. This bottle contains 300mls of hand wash I am not sensitive to any hand washes but I know some people are so if you want to check the ingredients before you buy and use they are : - ingredients Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Parfum, Polyquaternium-7, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium Glutamate ...

Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks 16/04/2017

Count the spots on these rubber duckies

Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks Its nearly summer warm enough to get that paddling pool or water play bath /bowl/tray out into the garden The toy I am going to suggest can be used outside in one or inside in the water tray We had some of these number ducks from learning resources at work (special needs school (I now retired so have more time to write reviews :-)). ~~~

Early Learning Centre Foam Letters and Numbers 16/04/2017

Learn your letters and numbers

Early Learning Centre Foam Letters and Numbers I have recently retired from working with special needs children in a school and have supervised many children playing with foam numbers and letters, some from the Early Learning Centre brand some not. I do recognise the foam letters pictured on this category heading but they are no longer available. **~~** These Foam letters /numbers suitable for children over 3 years old The early learning letters and number which I am describing are the more recent ones. They are a good size for little fingers, sorry not at school so can not measure them but they are neither huge nor tiny. The foam is quite dense, it is not skinny it's quite thick. The back surfaces have raised bumpy lines on them. These letters/numbers come in a useful net bag, helps keep then together and good for drainage if the letters wet. These are small case cursive letters and numbers on foam. These are individual letter blocks not square or rectangular. They are cut out around the letter or number shape and on a coloured background. The recent edition of these sets has a white background not the coloured one which I preferred. The letters and numbers are red, blue or orange. There are 2 or 3 of most of the letters (again can not remember exactly how many as its a work toy which I have not got at home) **~~**use These letters are designed for use in the bath. ELC says that they "stick to the side of the bath or tiles when they're wet." although this is not completely untrue they do not stick very well. The ...

Sage 14/04/2017

A sage review for you.

Sage Sage I have had a sage plant in my garden for many years. There are several varieties of sage Sage is an evergreen perennial shrubby plant. It is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. I am in the process of reorganising my herb patch I am replacing the sage as it had got a bit woody and unruly. I took some cuttings from it which seems to be doing ok. ~~*~~Description Salvia officinalis, is the common sage there are several other varieties of this sage <>>leaves The leaves grow from a square hairy stem. Salvia officinal is, has grey downy leaves other varieties have a gold edge to their leaves some a purple one. The Variegated Foliage on some is very attractive. The leaf shape is oval and can be as long as 3-4 cm <>> flowers The flowers of the common sage are a bluish purple other varieties have a blue white or red flowers. They flower between may and June <>> Height Sage can grow up to 100 cm tall Native of the Mediterranean region, ~~*~~Growing Sage Sage is a native of the Mediterranean region fortunately it likes a dry soil as my chalky Chiltern garden is very dry. Sage can be grown from seed but it's easier and quicker to buy a plant. It's easy to buy a sage plant available at a lot of garden centres on and off line. They cost between £5 and £10. Like me Sage likes the sun but will put up with a little shade. <>> watering Needs watering when it is dry but does not like to have a very wet soil. Sage works well in a pot on your patio as long as you remember to ...

EQD Shapes Bean Bags 11/04/2017

Toss those shapes

EQD Shapes Bean Bags Unfortunately Learning resources have stopped making these shape bean bags which we had in the nursery department at work. However if you are inspired (I doubt it) to buy some after reading this review then go to:- ++Availability, Price where you can still purchase some but they are what I think very expensive at £34.97. I notice that when I type in Shaped bean bags the same one come up as an Educational insights category I think Educational insights part of learning resources. ++Age These shape bean bags suitable for children over 3 years old; they are not babyfied so suitable for older students too. ++Size Theses bean bags are not large bean bag's to sit on, they are small bean bags. Each one is about 10-12 cm across. ++Storage bag These bean bags come inside a red fabric drawstring bag with the words Shapes Bean Bags embroidered on it in white. This bag is an ideal storage idea it will hang up easily on a peg or on the chair. ++Bean bags Inside the bag are 8 shaped bean bags. These shapes are circle(red, rectangle (purple), pentagon (green), oval (pink, ) square(yellow), triangle (blue), hexagon (dark yellow), Star ( brown). These bean bags are made of fabric and each has their shape names embroidered in white on them. . Use/ play/ education. There is a downloadable sheet at ...

NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream 10/04/2017

Nivea caring for you in the shower

NIVEA Creme Care Shower Cream Today I am changing away from my toy reviews and am reviewing Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream. The Nivea name is well known for its Nivea cream snow white cream in a blue pot which my mum (92) to use to use. It was in 1911 a chemist in Hamburger invented an emulsifier this came Nivea. The company is now called Beiersdorf. Nivea now make several other beauty items. Today I shall be reviewing the Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream. This shower cream is one I do sometimes but not always use. ~~Packaging This shower cream comes in a curved blue bottle with white writing on it. This bottle has a flat bottom for standing tall in the shower but no convenient hook for hanging. ~~Size This shower cream comes in two sizes 500ml or 250ml ~~Use This is a shower cream only not a hair and body wash. Hubby prefers a dual product as it's easier for him to take for showering after football and easier for holidays too. Anyway I have used this product in the shower I shower my body with water then put some Nivea creme onto my shower puff and Notice it's a white creamy liquid not runny. ~Smell...... I notice the smell it's that traditional Nivea smell a sort of coconut smell not unpleasant but fresh and clean. This is I think a unisex smell. This shower cream lathers up fairly well and I wash my body. This shower cream cleans my body well enough leaves it feeling clean and soft Drying myself I do notice a slight lingering Nivea smell not too much it does not outdo the perfume I put on in a while. ...

Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle 06/04/2017

Dress this bear family then change their clothes

Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle I have recently retired and this Melissa and Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-up Puzzle is one which we had at work (Special needs school). We had many Melissa and Doug toys. ~~~{{Melissa and Doug Melissa and Doug make good reliable durable well thought out toys, ideal for school or home situations. Melissa and Doug is an American company founded in 1988. Website ~~~{{Age suitability This puzzle is suitable for those over 3 years old. Some of my older special needs students were happy with the teddy bear design for others they considered it too babyish. ~~~{{Packaging/box This set of 3 puzzles comes in a wooden box which is divided into 3 compartments one for each puzzle. The box has a sliding lid. This lid having the bear figure shapes cut into it can be used to make the puzzles on. This box made out of thin wood is fairly strong, better than a card box. ~~~{{Puzzle pieces There are 45 puzzle pieces in this set Making 5 complete puzzles of each bear. There's a mummy bear, a daddy bear and a boy bear. (I believe Big Jigs make a similar puzzle which includes a mummy daddy boy and girl bear.) Each bear is made from 3 puzzle pieces although each bears pieces can be mixed and matched, so for example mummy bear can be wearing her purple spotty skirt with either her red or yellow T shirt and she could have either her sad or happy face on. Daddy or baby bear can not wear her clothes, or her theirs, they will not fit. The puzzle pieces are heads, ...

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Race Car Carrier 03/04/2017

Melissa and Doug help you transport those cars to the race

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Race Car Carrier A couple of days ago I reviewed the Melissa and Doug car transporter today I shall be reviewing this Melissa and Doug Wooden Mega Race (jumbo) Car Carrier. As well as the other car transporter I was very fortunate to be able to play with this at work (special needs school) alongside the children. >>>>: Age, Suitability :<<<< This toy is suitable for children aged over 3 years old. I think if you are supervising/playing with a child a bit younger than 3 they would be fine. >>>>: What is it? :<<<< This toy has no batteries! no lights! It does not sing or talk to you! This toy is child hand powered, all it needs is pushing. I did not unpack this toy so no idea about the packaging. This is a huge wooden mega sized toy car carrier. It measures 45 cm long, 16 cm wide 7.5 cm wide. When the carrier is extended it measures 76 cm long. This toy has 8 black plastic wheels (4 on the cab, 4 on the trailer) and plastic axels. The wheels go round easily. The cab is a lovely bright blue colour it has a "go fast" two toned green colour shape on the door and wheel hub area. The cab has a similar wooden peg attaching fixture which the trailer easily fits too. This fitting is the same size as the other smaller car transporter that I reviewed recently so either trailer can be attached to it. The cab can be played with separately if required. The 2 storey trailer a natural wood colour has a hole at the front so it can be attached to the cab. It has 2 wheels. It folds easily on its hinges to ...

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Transporter & 4 Car Toys 03/04/2017

Transport those cars with this carrier.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Car Transporter & 4 Car Toys This Melissa and Doug wooden toy car transporter/carrier is one we had at work (special needs school). We had (I have recently retired) many Melissa and Doug products. ~~About Melissa and Doug Melissa and Doug is an American company founded in 1988 they make good toys durable and well designed. ~~ Wooden toy car transporter description. Melissa and Doug make a couple of transporters this one and one for sports car. This wooden car transporter has a green cab this has blue windows; the cab has 4 black wheels. The cab has a wooden peg at the back which enables the car carrier to be attached or detached easily from it, The car carrier is natural wood coloured has a hole at the front so it can be attached to the cab. It has 2 wheels. The story carrier long ramp folds easily on its hinges to lower to put on or drive off the cars. There is room for e 4 cars , 2 in the lower story 2 on the upper. 4 cars come with this toy they are different colours yet the same style. ~~Size 35.1 x 17 x 8 cm. This is a good size for little hands ~~Made from 60% solid wood, 20% plastic, 5% MDF, 10% paint, 5% metal ~~Age suitability Suitable for a child aged over 3 years old ~~Play/education This toy is good for encouraging those motor skills. The children I supervise use their fist grip and pincer grip to put the little cars onto the ramp and large arm movements to push it along doing this helps develop their muscles. The children are also developing their eye hand coordination and ...

Ravensburger My First Puzzles On Safari 30/03/2017

Lets go on Safari with Ravensburger

Ravensburger My First Puzzles On Safari Come on lets go on a safari, I've just got the right box of puzzles for you. Made by Ravensburger, yes Ravensburger that German company that make lots of puzzles. Don't worry the puzzles are not too difficult for you they are suitable for someone over 18 months old. What's that? You do not know what a safari is! That's ok these puzzles might bring up lots of words you don't know a safari is, no not the web browser safari developed by Apple. A safari is an expedition for seeing wildlife, yes for hunting too. There are 4 puzzles in this brightly coloured box. Yes the card box is quite strong, but mind you do not break the corners I do not want to mend it with sellotape like the farm box of puzzles. These puzzles are a 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces. Lets do the Hippo first that's easy only 2 pieces, The Hippo is a jolly purple colour standing in blue water yes there's some green grass a few green trees and a blue sky, see what I've done ? I told you the words to help you learn colours. Now you have mastered 2 pieces lets try 3 , the 3 piece puzzle makes Trunk (Ravensburger call him/her Trunk on the box) Now personally I prefer to say Elephant that's the proper name I do not want to confuse my special needs students by giving the Elephant the name Trunk. No I have never seen a blue Elephant for real, this is just a picture. The blue elephant, yes the blue elephant looks cute big eyes, looks friendly , he /she is standing in a green field a few trees and mountains in the background ...

Ghost Deep Night Soothing & Moisturising Body Lotion 28/03/2017

Ghost Deep night creamy lotion

Ghost Deep Night Soothing & Moisturising Body Lotion I was tidying my cupboard and found the 390ml tube of Deep Night body lotion not finished yet the Eau de toilet used ages ago. I was given a gift set of Deep night eau de toilet and the` moisturising body lotion a couple of years ago. Ghost fragrances made in France are owned by P&G Prestige Beaute. . ~~>About Ghost Beute make several different fragrances in the Ghost range. These are Ghost girl, White light, Sweetheart, Eclipse, Luminous and Deep night. I like many of these Ghost fragrances. . I have just tried to find this product on line and I found that there were only a few sites selling this product. This body lotion is/was available in a 250 ml bottle or the 50ml tube that I have, I believe that the 50ml tube is/was usually sold as a duo product with a perfume I believe this duo gift set now contains the eau de perfume and a candle not the body lotion. ~~> Price For 250ml body lotion bottle 250 mls for £18.00 For a duo set containing a 5oml tube and a crescent shaped bottle of deep night eau de cologne see:- £14.95 I notice several cheaper 50 ml tubes available on eBay ~~> Packaging The 250 quantity comes in a chunky clear plastic bottle with a black cap. It does not look anything special. The 50ml tube looks better. It is a black tube with silvery white writing; this has a ...