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Blooming server , my connections keep fluctuating on one minute of the next, Apparently they are updating working on local lines ! I am find int difficult to read and rate fluidly , grrrrrrrrrrr

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since 23/09/2002


Impulse Very Very Pink Body Spray 25/10/2014

Why did they call this body spray Very pink ?

Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion 23/10/2014

This Dove has flown away

Schleich Hen pecking 22/10/2014

No you can not eat this chicken.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Roll On Deodorant 21/10/2014

Roll on Nivea pearl and beauty to stop that pong

Askeys Ice Cream Wafers 21/10/2014

Sandwich your ice cream with these

Morrisons White Orchid Crème Handwash 18/10/2014

Washing my hands with Morrisons orchid creme

Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream 15/10/2014

Can I see the Effects of this cream on my hands

Lego Educational 9215 Dolls Family Set 15/10/2014

This Lego Duplo Doll family is extra large!

Karrimor Ladies Antibes Sandals 13/10/2014

Karrimor sandles on my feet most of the summer

Farmhouse Biscuits - Honey and Oat 13/10/2014

Get your oats in these honey and oat biscuits

Marks & Spencer Ingredients Mango Body Butter 12/10/2014

Mango butter all over my body

Artis Large Folding Storage Ottoman Pouffe Seat Stool Box Black 11/10/2014

Strong Ottoman holds my logs

Pilot V5 Grip Rollerball Pen BXGPN-V5 06/10/2014

Makes a fine fluid mark

Keter Plastic Garden Storage Box 05/10/2014

Great for outdoor toys and clutter

Morrisons Large White Baps 05/10/2014

Baps, large white ones from Morrisons

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