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Avent Isis Breast Pump 22/06/2005


Avent Isis Breast Pump As my son was born 7 weeks premature he spent the first few weeks of his life being tube fed therefore when the time came for me to breast feed - he refused. I had been expressing my milk, every 2-3 hours and storing it in the fridge so he could be given my milk as and when needed. I had been given the use of a hospital electric pump during his time in the Neo Natal unit but it soon came time for him to go home and I was pump less. First, I tried a Medela Electric Pump, which the hospital district nurse brought over on a home visit. This is the type they use in the hospitals. I thought, "This thing is great, I have to have one." I pictured my freezer filled with bags upon bags of frozen milk and imagined how great it would be for him. That was until the price and practicality came into it. Over £90 and how much would I really use it? Besides, it was a fair size and noisy. I then tried the Medela hand pump, which did not work at all on me. Not even one drop of milk came. I am not saying the Medela hand pump is poor; it just wasn't right for me. Feeling discouraged, I then went on the hunt to find a good electric hand pump. On a visit to my local Mothercare, I explained my situation to a Sales Assistant and was told not to waste my money on an electric pump but to go for a hand pump instead. She suggested the "Avent Isis Breast Pump". My pump hunting days were over. I was about to purchase the pump on its own, along with an extra bottle when another customer in the ...

Asda Baby Wipes 27/09/2004


Asda Baby Wipes A baby wipe is a baby wipe, right? Correct! I have always preferred Pampers Baby Wipes to all the other brands I’ve tried that was until I discovered GEORGE BABY WIPES. These are remarkable! They are of great quality and best of all, wonderfully convenient. ~~ Directions for use ~~ Take the lilac coloured package, open lid breaking the security tabs, completely remove the inner seal and hey presto you are ready to use them – easy! Just remember to close the lid after use to help keep the wipes moist and to stop little hands pulling them out lol! ~~ Selection & Cost ~~ The George Baby Wipes offer a selection of different wipes to accommodate every baby's needs. You can choose from Baby Wipes fragranced, baby wipes fragrance free, cottonsoft sensitive baby wipes fragrance free, cotton soft travel wipes. Each package of wipes contains around 80 wipes for around £1.34. You can also purchase a pack of cotton soft travel wipes which contains 24 wipes for 57p, which is ideal to have in your little ones changing bag, your car or your handbag. I purchase the big value saver pack which contains 4 x 80 wipe pack for the cost of approx £4. ~~ What I like ~~ The wipes come in scented, and fragrance free. The smell is very pleasant and light. It doesn’t slap you in the face every time you open up the pack, unlike products I have tried in the past. These wipes are made to be easy on Christopher’s skin. Not only are they hypoallergenic, dermatologically & ...

Sleeping Beauty (DVD) 13/09/2004


Sleeping Beauty (DVD) I re-watched Sleeping Beauty this weekend for the first time in years doing some research for our annual Christmas pantomime. As I sat with my mug of coffee in my hands, not taking my eyes off the screen, I was whisked away to the Land of Make Believe ... ** INTRODUCTION ** This is a film that marks the end of the Disney classic era. Released in 1959, it was the culmination of Disney's animation art during its classic phase. Taking seven years and costing nearly seven million dollars to make, this film represents the pinnacle of Disney filmmaking. Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" was billed as the ultimate animated film. This is a heavy claim to make, but I am sure you will all agree, it is well deserved. ** THE PLOT ** We all know the plot by heart, so I won't go too far into it. Sleeping Beauty, based on the classic fairytale, follows the basic outlines of the story. We open with the opening storybook device. A child named Aurora has been born to the king and queen, and a holiday proclaimed. Young Prince Phillip is betrothed to the newborn. The three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, bestow upon the child gifts of beauty and song. As Merryweather starts to give the child her gift, Maleficent appears. Looking demonic, complete with red eyes and horns, she curses the child to die on her 16th birthday. After her exit, Merryweather gives as her gift a modification of the curse: rather than death, Aurora will sleep until awakened by true love’s first ...

Fisher-price Crawl'n Cruise Playground 06/09/2004


Fisher-price Crawl'n Cruise Playground Christopher has been rolling around, army crawling and attempting to get more and more mobile every day. His interest in his Entertainer has been dwindling, as he didn't want to be contained in it for more than a few minutes at a time. Christopher’s Granny saw the Fisher Price Crawl 'n Cruise Playground in Toys r Us and after seeing Christopher pull himself up on her sofa and bop around to some music whilst holding their remote control and changing channels, she thought it would make a good gift for him. ** ASSEMBLY ** This gym comes in no fewer than 16 parts, which must be connected, mostly with screws. My husband put it together in no time at all. No sighing, frustrated sounds or crumpled paper, either. Directions were clear and parts were easily identifiable. It took him almost 30 mins to do so using an electric screwdriver. This toy also requires 3 AA size batteries, which are not included. The battery cover is sealed with a Phillips head screw. WE have found we need to change batteries frequently. ** SIZE ** This toy once assembled is about the same size as a stationary entertainer, it takes up about the same room as our Entertainer did both in height and diameter. In a nutshell, that’s pretty big. Expect to give up a nice portion of your living area because the toy itself is about 2 feet wide, by 2 feet high and needs room around it on all sides for cruising purposes. Because of its size it is somewhat heavy. The bulk is an advantage in that the ...

National Geographic 11/08/2004


National Geographic I don't think there is a person alive who hasn’t read at least one issue of National Geographic. The magazine has entertained young and old minds for years. When I was a child my parents and Grandparents subscribed to National Geographic, and now 20 years later my husband has a subscription. This magazine has an uncanny knack of capturing the souls of our people, culture, plants (yes, plants), and animals as they live and exist on this blue planet, then animate them into just one photograph. In fact, the pictures National Geo captures often leave us, the reader, in awe, amazement and wonder. Just recall that picture of the poverty stricken Afghanistan girl's dazzling grey eyes about fifteen years back. That image has been engrained in many of our minds still many years after its publication. Simply amazing. No other magazine offers you this opportunity to see our world and all its wonders in a different, magnificent light. This respected magazine has been publishing since 1888. It has a worldwide circulation of 20 million & is printed in 20 languages. Subscriptions include five bonus full-colour wall map supplements in selected issues. Content has changed over the years - for the better. ~*~ LAYOUT ~*~ The distinctive yellow-bordered cover is unmistakable. National Geographic's physical appearance has remained largely unchanged since it was first published decades ago. The magazine pages are smaller than most current-day publications, which I believe adds to ...

Huggies Little Swimmers Nappies 09/08/2004


Huggies Little Swimmers Nappies I purchased Huggies Little Swimmers to take on holiday so Christopher could join his mummy & daddy in the pool on holiday. I do have swimming trunks for him but needed a nappy for underneath. I had two choices: take it or leave it. Due to Christopher’s weight & product availability the only range of swim nappy on hand at the time was Huggies Little Swimmers. ~*~ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ~*~ Huggies Little Swimmers are a disposable swim pant which comes with 12, 11 or 10 (depending on child’s weight), swimmers per package. The packaging is about the size of a refill package of baby wipes, and can fit easily into a beach bag, suitcase, etc. ~*~ DESIGN & COLOUR ~*~ You can choose from a variety of colours & designs including pink, blue, green, and purple. Huggies Little Swimmers are unisex disposable swim pants. The design of these nappies really is cute... bright colours with a subtle pattern make them almost look like little swimsuits. On the outside of the Swimmers are designs of shovels, footprints, suns, buckets and stars. Christopher’s current swimmers have a Disney theme with Winnie the Pooh (no pun intended) and Tigger. In fact, I have seen parents just use the swim-pant without a bathing suit, and it doesn't look out of place at all. These nappies look a lot like a Pull Up or training pant. However, they are a lot slimmer and not nearly as bulky as a training pant. They have stretchy sides. The stretchy sides have different colours, depending on which ...

Graco Easy Chair High Chair 28/07/2004


Graco Easy Chair High Chair Because Granny has Christopher to stay overnight at least once every week, she decided to purchase a highchair for him. Safety, durability, and practicality were her primary focus. She also needed a chair which wouldn’t take up too much room & was lightweight so she opted for the Graco Easy Chair Highchair. ** ASSEMBLY ** Grandpa tells me the highchair is very easy to assemble, and no tools are required. The seat is already put together; you just have to put the seat cover on. There are 8 metal bars for the legs, you put two of them together and attach them to the plastic part that extends from the bottom sides of the seat – are you following me? Good, then we will continue. When the legs are in position you will hear a clicking sound once the push button screws are in place. There are four plastic pieces which attach to the bottom of the legs giving a smooth surface so it won’t scratch your floors. Then simply add the footrest and you are all set to feed your little one. “It took me all of 5 minutes to put the highchair together" was the boast, "It is so easy to do, I think an 8 year-old could do it”, or so Grandpa said! One bit of advice, follow the directions on this one for those of you who refuse to on most things, otherwise it could get quite frustrating. It’s also very easy to dismantle. ** BASIC FEATURES ** From top to bottom the chair is 4 1/2 feet high. Placed along side Granny’s dinning room table it fits well, but it doesn’t fit underneath for later ...

Little Tikes Rocking Horse 15/07/2004


Little Tikes Rocking Horse I hate to say this but Granny picked up this Little Tikes Rocking Horse in a local charity shop for the bargain price of £1.50. Even though it was a pre-owned toy, our Little Tikes Rocking Horse is in premium condition and ready to be used for several more years. ~~ FEATURES ~~ This Little Tikes rocking horse is ready for children to play with straight out of the box, so Daddy/Grandpa doesn't have to go mad putting it together. It is a simple toy, made out the same lightweight moulded plastic seen in many toys from Little Tikes; so there are no screws or parts, which could come lose. It isn’t mechanical either so we don't need to purchase any batteries - very economical. The horse, teal in colour, is approximately three feet long, with the head of a horse and mane, two easy-grip plastic covered handles in a golden yellow colour, on either side of the head for Christopher to hold on to and stay secure. It features a built-in saddle with a high back backrest so Christopher can lean back and it supports his weight and prevents him from falling off backwards, making him feel secure whilst riding. This snug seat is approximately 9 inches across and with it being only 7 inches from the floor; even the smallest of young toddlers should be comfortable on this horse. It stands about 2 feet high (from the base to the body) and is an easy on, easy off, toy for your toddler. There is a "rocking base" area for my “little tike’s” feet. The rocking base measures ...

Fisher Price Sounds 'n' Light baby monitor 12/07/2004


Fisher Price Sounds 'n' Light baby monitor A monitor is a must have for anyone with an infant. You need to be able to hear the ear piercing screams of a desperate child from whatever room you may be in. When Christopher was first born we kept him in our bedroom so we didn’t need one: he was right there. Then at five months he grew too big for his Moses Basket so he finally got to have his own room. Being heavy sleepers, hubby and I were anxious we might not hear him when he cried at night. We were so used to having him there in the room with us at night. It was time to go out and buy a baby monitor. So this began our long search for a baby monitor. ~~ WHAT IS A BABY MONITOR ~~ … I hear you cry. The Fisher Price Sounds ‘n' Light baby monitor is a durable, reliable baby monitor which allows careful monitoring of your baby activities in his/her room while, you, the parent can safely be away in another, doing chores or engaged in other activities - lol. ~~ WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ~~ This monitor consists of two units, one is left near Christopher and transmits sound (via a microphone), and the other is kept near you and receives sound (via a speaker or the amplifier), both of which weigh next to nothing. They are made of plastic and are light blue & white in colour. Both units have a flat bottom so they will easily sit on any surface. The transmitter is approximately six inches wide by four inches tall, with a carrying handle on the top. The receiver is approximately five inches tall by three inches wide, and ...

LeapFrog Learning Drum 09/07/2004

Fun AND educational!

LeapFrog Learning Drum "Play the drum everyone - have some fun!" You will hear this song over and over in your sleep when you bring this toy home but it's cute, so you won't really mind. I was absolutely delighted about the Leap Frog Learning Drum when Christopher received it as a gift!! It is small and easy for him to use. He immediately began beating it, and when it played music, he would sway along and squeal in delight. Parents love learning toys, babies love to bang. This combines the two. This interactive drum teaches while Christopher taps on it and the drum responds to the tap. He either hears the alphabet, numerals or great classical music. The numerals are from 1-10 and it's the full alphabet. You can set the mode to either visual or verbal, with the toy reciting the alphabet or the alphabet appearing to music (there are three different choices, a catchy Mexican tune, a marching band tune, or a classical tune). The same goes for the numerals 1-10. This toy encourages & teaches independent play, linguistic play, musical play, and visual play as well as developing motor skills. ~~ WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ~~ This little drum is about 5 1\2" high and is red, white and blue in colour. The design on the front has a frog with a drum and yellow star with a musical note on it. The part intended for drumming is made of durable plastic, and appears to be very unlikely to break. There is a little slider switch on the front, which changes between the 4 settings. There is a high\low volume ...

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing 05/07/2004


Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing We were given the Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing as a gift when Christopher was born and immediately fell in love with it. Christopher enjoyed it too. So, what is the Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing? Read on to find out more… ~~ ASSEMBLY AND DESIGN ~~ Assembly is quite straightforward with only the need of a Philips screwdriver. 4 C-cell batteries (not included), which fit into a plastic module before being placed into the swing's control arm, are required to run the swing. You will always need a screwdriver to remove the hatch door to the battery compartment. It should have been designed with a snap lever instead especially since these batteries seem to require frequent changing. ~~ DESCRIPTION ~~ This swing offers multiple features: - Eight Speeds/Settings - Mum or Baby-activated Lights that Twinkle to Music - Five Songs (classical and/or lullaby) - Volume Settings - Hanging Toys - Pocket on seat and included Toy - Easy carry handle - Compact folding - Machine washable seat ~~ THE SEAT ~~ The cheerful printed fabric on this Deluxe Take-Along Swing seat is decorated with cute animals in vibrant colours of yellow, royal blue, green, and red. The pattern is gender friendly and should adapt to most décor themes. The animals are fun to look at and provide an adorable compliment to the unit. This seat is machine washable, and can be tumble dried but I recommend air-drying. It is my feeling the colours assist with preventing minor ...

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 30/06/2004


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion I think this Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is probably the bread and butter of Clinique's skin care line. The pretty bottles of moisturiser fly off the shelves every day, and the public can't seem to live without them. I received this cute miniature bottle of moisturising lotion as a free sample, and enthusiastically gave it a try, well several tries, and I admit I started off as a huge fan. There's something about the square bottle of yellow lotion of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion that looks really retro and funky. Though I'd never purchased it, it's a familiar bottle that probably everyone has seen at a Clinique counter or in a magazine ad. In fact Clinique boasts in the booklet included that a bottle of this yellow moisturiser is sold every 3 seconds worldwide. Pretty amazing. ~ Packaging & the product ~ My tiny bottle is .5fl.oz/15ml and is clear plastic. The regular sizes are sold in clear glass bottles with a silver screw off lid. It can also be purchased with a pump top or in a squeeze tube (only available in the USA I think). The sizes are 1.7fl.oz/50ml and 4.2fl.oz/125ml and can be purchased at Clinique counters worldwide. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is a soft yellow shade. It's a cream, which is rather light, nothing heavy about this stuff! According to Clinique, nearly anyone can use this product. Those with dry to normal to combination skin can use it all over the face and neck, and ...

Samsung ML 1210 26/06/2004


Samsung ML 1210 How can you fall in love with a printer? Well, I guess you can't but when something exceeds your expectations as much as this printer did for me, you can't help but try and find an emotion to summarise it. Love comes close. As Secretary of a small am-dram club, I am responsible for designing and printing the poster and fliers for our forthcoming pantomime. This year, instead of using my HP printer, one of the members allowed me use of her Samsung ML 1210 Laser print and I was suitably impressed with both the quality of print and the printer itself. ** INSTALLATION ** I am told the printer is very easy to install. Physically the printer comes almost intact - the only piece you need to install is a translucent blue plastic holder for output paper to rest against. It doesn't come with any cables other than the power cables so you'll need to buy your own USB or Parallel cable. The software installation is straightforward - essentially pop the disk in and follow the instructions. ** PHYSICAL ASPECTS ** so, now to the general description of this printer: It is fairly small for a laser printer, because it uses both an upright paper feed and an upright output tray. This allows the drum to go underneath and between the two without needing a lot of extra space. It's also relatively light since there isn't much beyond the drum/cartridge mechanism and a plastic shell. The unit is quite sturdy in design and thus rarely if ever breaks down. The main input tray is ...

Graco Baby Walker 23/06/2004

Look mum, I can walk!

Graco Baby Walker On our recent holiday to Florida, Christopher decided it was time to stand on his own two feet, and started holding himself up using the couch as support. We figured if we put him into a walker, it would help him build leg strength but most importantly stop him from falling. So mummy got her purse out, daddy picked up the keys for the hired car and off we went to Wal-Mart. Two hours later, after much research, we returned to the villa with a Graco Tot Wheels Entertainer. ASSEMBLY The Graco Tot Wheels Entertainer comes in a flat box, so we knew when we purchased it; it would have to be assembled (it also meant we could take it apart & box it for our return flight home). Daddy opened up the box and made sure all of the necessary parts were there. The owner’s manual was very clear, and had step-by-step illustrated instructions. There was minimal wording to the instructions, but the pictures made the assembly process perfectly clear. Much to Christopher’s delight, it took daddy (mummy isn’t technically minded), less than 15 minutes to assemble the Tot Wheels Entertainer. THE PRODUCT The base of the walker is made of plastic and is blue in colour. It isn’t a cheap, flimsy plastic but a very strong, tough one. It is approximately two and a half feet long by two feet wide. The width makes it difficult to go through many doorways, a very important feature. The base is great for ‘bumping’ because it is soft enough so it does not scratch the furniture, another ...

Kodak EASYSHARE DX4530 10/04/2004


Kodak EASYSHARE DX4530 I'll admit I've never been a big fan of Kodak cameras. When I was younger my parents bought me my first camera, an Olympus, even my last digital camera was a 3-year-old Olympus D490, which took unbelievable photos, but the time had come to purchase a new camera. As I have a 9-month-old son, the most important features for me are automatic point & shoot operation and size. Also, as with all small cameras, red eye can be a problem, so the red eye reduction must be good and quick (small FAST children). My In Laws had purchased the Olympus stylus and found it be of no use. Red eye reduction flash was too slow and the camera was actually too small, so small that my mother in law had problems using the camera because of her long nails lol. So it was back to the drawing board. I was lost: I did not know what other camera to buy, until I saw an ad for the Kodak DX4530. I was convinced this was the camera for me, so I went down to my local camera shop and purchased it. I took the camera home and opened the box. Nothing much inside except for a lens cap, wrist strap, Audio/Video cable, non-rechargeable battery, USB cable, Kodak EasyShare software CD with interactive software tutorial, as well as step-by-step instructions. This camera is very easy to use; I simply dropped the included pair of AA batteries into the bottom of the camera and started clicking. The picture quality is the best I've seen in any digital camera. It takes better pictures than my mum’s expensive Minolta ...
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