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Swatch Color The Sky Watch GS124 18/05/2015

I love this watch, affordable and awesome!!

Swatch Color The Sky Watch GS124 First of all, I am a Swatch user for as long as I can remember. I got my first Swatch when I was 5, my aunt gave it to me as a birthday present. I remembered how it came with the transparent kinda pencil case looking container that was hard for me (a kid) to open..:D I bought this swatch about 4 years ago for around £30.00 at a Swatch store, I just love the way it looks and it doesn't matter what color shirt I'm wearing - I still use it. The thing I love most about it is its really fun color combination, fun but not flashy - it's simple..:) I have 2 swatch watches right now and what I do is I swap the straps, yes you can change the straps yourself!! :D I just use a needle or small pin to push the little hole on the side of the straps and the silver little stick comes out then I'd replace the strap. Right now I'm using my blue swatch watch and the strap of this watch!! :D Take note that I have bought these swatch watches just 3 months apart from each other and I've had them since 2010, never have I had to replace any of their batteries yet... I love swatch, and I love this watch so much!! it's affordable and awesome!! This is like my everyday watch and yes, I use it in the gym and even when swimming and a lot of times I forget to take it off while playing volleyball and not to mention a couple of times while I was in the sauna, lol.. The picture below shows you the swatch that I have swapped the strap, the one I am using right now as I am writing this review!! :)

Tefal FV3770 17/05/2015

I've had better irons..

Tefal FV3770 First all, Tefal is a brand many of us trust and they earned it through the many years of good products they have been making but this iron does not seem to be one of them. I only used this iron for about 1 month, at first it was pretty nice. The steam works perfectly and the grip on the handle doesn't hurt your hand even if you have been ironing for over an hour. The iron can contain around 300ml of water, and it says it's anti-calc and anti drip but it's not true. The iron has to be on the highest setting for the steam to work well and the water runs out quickly because of it. It also needs to be on the highest setting while using because if you turn it on the lower settings, it drips everywhere!! You have to use filtered water because if you use tap, the so called anti-calc doesn't seem to do its job. You can't also see how much water is left in the iron because of it's design. Just to let you know, I only iron my clothes one to two times a week... This iron stopped working after about 4 times of use!! I would plug it in and put it on the highest setting and it does not heat up at all, and when I say it does not heat up - I mean I could lay my hand flat on the ironing board, iron it and not feel anything!! I did pretty much what anybody would do when buying a cheap thing - I binned it... It's complete rubbish, it's cheap and it acted cheap - big mistake!!

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB 14/05/2015

iPhone 5C, Quality doesn't have to be too expensive!!

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB My phone!! This has been my phone for two years now. At first I was hesitant to buy it since it was cheaper than the rest of the iPhones that came out that time, but I did not regret it, I am still using it and loving it until now. It has about 4 inches screen and the iOS is 7 which is upgradable to iOS 8.3... The main camera has 8 megapixel with autofocus and flash, the secondary camera has 1.2 megapixel with face detection. The standby time for this phone without using wifi or 3G is quite long and impressive. I was on vacation and turned off my 3G, I only use wifi when I am at the hotel and turn it off when I sleep, I only charged my phone once for 3 days!! :D I love that these phones come in different colors, mine is white because I cover it anyway... I personally like this phone better than any other iPhone with aluminum casing because this doesn't get scratched easily. I have a lot off applications on my phone, usually for travel and a lot of photos and videos too. I always try to transfer my videos and photos on my computer, but most of the time it stays there for so long until I have no memory left, lol... One thing I love is it never froze on me unlike my past iPhones, whenever I get the message where my memory is full and I can't take anymore photos, that's when I transfer to my computer, haha! Personally, I love this phone and I am still using it up to this day... I have dropped this too many times and it has never gave me a problem yet, it was really worth my ... 14/05/2015

Decathlon, good sports products and affordable!! One of the many good things about our generation today is online shopping, you know those days when you're sitting in front of your computer or staring at your phone wearing your pajamas while searching for something to buy so you can wear it next weekend. is one of those online shops that caters everything you need when it comes to sports, for adults, kids and babies. They have shoes, bags, goggles, skis, shirts, warmers and to even camping materials - and everything can be purchased and delivered to your house or be picked up at any decathlon shop in your area without shipping charges. Also, they can personalize jerseys or shirts for an extra price, they can print your name and number at the back of a shirt if you want them to. One of the things I love to shop here are their running shirts with the brand name Kalenji, it is very affordable and the quality is superb. It's one of those things where you would think to yourself, why buy a Nike shirt that costs €45 when you can buy a Kalenji running shirt for €7.99... Yes, it's that cheap - and the quality is great!! They have a range of great sports wear and best of all, you have lots of options... From the cheap ones to affordable ones to the slightly pricey up to the really expensive brands, they have it all. And, the best part, they also go on sale... So if you like an Adidas or Nike running shoes today and it will be time for sale next week, just wait and it will be less the price. I love the site and the ...

Banaue Rice Terraces, Banaue, Luzon 12/05/2015

A Glimpse Of Heaven!!

Banaue Rice Terraces, Banaue, Luzon This was once one of the seven wonders of the world. This man made stairs of rice is beyond extraordinary. This place is truly worth every single hiking muscle. :D How to get to the terraces... It's approximately 350km from Manila, and take note that there is no other way to reach Banaue but by land, so it will take you around 8 to 10 hours of travel. But believe me, it's worth the drive! After a long drive, the smell of fresh water and plants are so rewarding, the place is very unique in so many ways. You will be able to see locals smiling and waving. They have their own language which they call Batad, they also dress simply but different and they also have their own religion which they are really passionate about. The best way to enjoy the view of the terraces is by hiking, and the best time to visit the place is during the summer months when there are no concerns for heavy rains and fogs to cover the view. If you ever plan to visit the place, which I recommend that you should, it is actually very affordable and there are a lot of tours available online and even tours with hotel packages that only costs around $80 to $100. I had a great time visiting this place and when the time comes when I get to visit the Philippines again, I will surely put this on my list of places to visit one more time! :)

Sara Hotel, Milan 10/05/2015

Hotel Sara, cheap and cozy!!

Sara Hotel, Milan I took my mom to Milan as a Mother's Day gift this weekend and just got back from our trip today, we stayed at this hotel for two days. I got a double room for me and my mom and it only costed €71 including tax, so the room only costs €65 plus €6 tax which equals to €71. I paid in cash at the hotel, it's one of those hotels where you only pay after your stay. It was easy to find this two star hotel. From our arrival at Malpensa Milan Airport, we took the airport bus which charged us €10 each, the bus goes directly to the city center. We reached the city center from Malpensa Milan Airport for about one hour, the airport bus stopped at the Biglietteria train station. From the station, all you have to do is cross the road and take the Number 81 bus, go down at Piazza Aspromonte bus stop and then just look for the street named Via Sacchini and you can find the hotel right away, it's only around two minutes walk away from the bus stop. So basically, it only takes around 15 minutes to get to the hotel from the central station by bus number 81. My mom and I arrived at the hotel around 11am with our bags, the guy at the reception said that check in starts at 2pm. My mom and I decided to go out and explore the city since it's both our first time in Milan, I asked the receptionist if it was okay to leave our bags and he gladly said yes and even let my mom use the bathroom near the lobby which was clean. I told the receptionist that we wanted to go to the cathedral but we have no ...

BlackBerry Bold 9900 08/05/2015

Bold 9900, worth the money!!

BlackBerry Bold 9900 I got my Blackberry Bold 9900 around October 2011, and I am still using it until now. It has an 8GB internal memory and up to 32GB card slot. It looks really stylish and sophisticated. You can both use the QWERTY keypads and the touch screen. I love how it's so easy to use and configure, like if you have an existing email you don't have to create one to download apps like in other smartphones. In my opinion, its classy look with a bit of shine never goes out of style. It has one camera that has 5 megapixel and it has flash and also features face detection. It is wifi ready, it has bluetooth that is very easy to pair with other devices, it also has GPS with the blackberry maps. The battery life is really good too, I usually charge it at night and two days later, I still have about 15% of my battery, but make sure you turned off the wifi if you're not at home or wherever you don't plan on using your phone with wifi because that's what's draining the battery as it constantly searches for available wifi service in the area. I took this phone to a concert and captured a video, the audio was impressive. Make sure to cover the microphone area with your finger while recording a video at a concert to get the best sound as it tries to detect the main sound instead of the noise of screaming people around. :D Also, this phone is so smart that it can easily download videos online, like on facebook or other websites, it will ask you if you want to view or download, I love it - my iPhone ...

Toledo (Spain) 07/05/2015

A really calm and vintage place, Toledo!

Toledo (Spain) I went here on a day trip from Madrid which only takes about an hour, I got my tickets from a bus company named ALSA online. Make sure you have your ticket printed as the driver will be checking it, and be early so you can choose the best seat for you because they don't give you a seat number. The bus stops really near the area where we can go up the hill. The road was really steep and there are a lot of people going up to the cathedral which is a really beautiful sight to see, you can just continue walking along the little streets and almost everything you see are swords, shields, armors and all things you need if you are a fan of the 300 movie or just a collector old fashioned battle gears. They make really good knives and some Spanish people living in other parts of Spain actually purchase their knives there. The best part is when you reach the top of the hill, the view is breathtaking! You can see the entire city while having a beer or a cup of coffee since there is a restaurant and cocktail bar there. I don't think there is such thing as a night life in Toledo but the place is just awesome and this is the best place to go if you want to get away from the chaotic city life of Madrid. You won't get hungry while walking around too as there are a lot of kiosks selling churros, hotdogs, fries and many more. The place is definitely worth a visit, especially if you are passionate about ancient spanish cultures, art and taking lots of pictures! :D

Barcelona (Spain) 07/05/2015

Barcelona!! One of the best places in Europe!!

Barcelona (Spain) I came to this city 3 years ago and I just fell in love with it, the mode of transportation is easy to follow, cab drivers speak basic English, people are friendly (and when I say friendly, I mean they say hello to everybody and they help you with directions the best way they can), there are a lot of historical buildings that are older than my great grandfather, they have the best football team in the world which almost everybody is passionate about. The best part is you can walk all day and not feel dirty because the weather during spring or summer is so sunny but refreshing at the same time. They have a shopping area within the city called Paseo de Gracia that are filled with designer shops, they also have a shopping area just outside the city center called La Roca, it is an outlet area where they sell designer clothes but almost half the price - it's worth a visit. There is a bus everyday that travels to La Roca and you can buy tickets at any tourist ticketing office or you can pay when you board, but you need to ask the driver first. Plaza España is one of the places that you have to visit because it has nice views, great historical structures and there is no entrance fee. La Sagrada Familia is also beautiful from outside to inside, but you have to pay to have a look inside and I suggest you buy your ticket early and get there early so you don't suffer a long wait in line. There are a lot more places that I could write, but these are just my opinion, you really just have ...

Plants Vs Zombies (PC) 06/05/2015

Plants VS Zombies! Scary Fun!

Plants Vs Zombies (PC) I love this game, it's fun and scary too! Basically, you try to stop the zombies from entering your house by using really cute plants that can shoot peas, corn with butter, cabbages and a lot more. You can plant flowers to get sun which generates money so you can buy more plants during the fight between you and the zombies. Some zombies are really slow and some are really fast, some can dig underground, some dance like Michael Jackson with backup dancers! :D I have this on my computer, my phone and my ipod, it's such a fun game and when you finish the game, you get to watch music video made by zombies, haha! But the game does not end when you finish it, you can continue playing the game and it gets harder, you also get to unlock special mini games and plant more seeds at your very own zen garden and a lot more! I can only say so much, you have to try it for yourself! :D ...

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona 06/05/2015

Camp Nou! Home of the best team in the world!

Nou Camp - Barcelona F.C., Barcelona What can I say? The first time I stepped into that place, the feeling of pure energy and excitement just consumed my entire body! The place is clean, full of energy, lots of colors, people are saying HOLA to everybody, it's an amazing experience to just be there, and when the players came out to play the cheers and love from the crowd gets even louder and louder. If you ever visit Barcelona, in my opinion, you should really go watch a Barça game, it's worth the time! They also have Barcelona shirts, caps, scarves, mugs, balls and everything else for sale there so you could have as souvenirs! The best time to go if you are going to watch a game is 30 minutes to an hour before, because people in Barcelona are so passionate about their football team and therefore there are heavy traffics on the way to the match if you go later.

Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) 06/05/2015

Addicting and Fun!! Fruit Ninja!!

Fruit Ninja (iPhone Application) I really love this app. I have it on my phone and iPod. I personally think that playing this game is a great way to relax and have fun while waiting for your bus to arrive or while on your way to work and you're on the train, just be careful not to miss your station as this game is so addictive - but in a good way!! This is the only action game on my phone and iPod, the rest are puzzles, quizzes and some other boring stuff that I wouldn't even bother showing my friends. And one more thing, I really feel like a weird karate kid when I play this game! ;) All in all, I love this game and I will continue to play with it whenever I can! :D
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