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Feast of Irish Folk [Polygram] - Various Artists 15/06/2007

A Feast Of Irish Folk - Various Artists

Feast of Irish Folk [Polygram] - Various Artists OK album, with a nice mix of different artist most of which i have never hear of before. As you can probably tell I'm not usually into this kind of music but being someone always looking to expand my musical horizons, I thought i would give it a go but was not too impressed. Most of the songs featured were not too impressive, many of which sounded very boring and generic for the genre. Track 15, Green Fields of France - Furey & Davey Arthur was probably one of the most impressive tracks on the album; this song featured delicately sung lyrics and an impressive story which i think is based on world war 2. Some of the other tracks were almost up to this standard but were too boring and didn't catch my attention. ...

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500EB-K 17/05/2007

Cool cam

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500EB-K This camera is a joy to easy to use! The photos come out clear, sharp and full of colour. The shape of the camera is also nice when it comes to holding the camera. (very important i think). The zoom is fast and accurate to use. Battery live is also very impressive. the only problems are that the battery door seems quite fragile and i had a slight rattling sound coming from inside the camera but this has now ceased. The camera does not seem to cope very well with high iso settings but this is not too much of a problem when used in standard conditions. There is a slightly high level of purple pixel fringing but this is only noticeable when zooming in on photos digitally. ...
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