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Product looks good and does job. Disappointing customer service. Just ordered some blinds from web blinds. The company didn't provide screws or plugs to install them into ordinary plasterboard and wasn't even able to advise as to what I needed. Their advice: take the blinds to a DIY store and ask them for advice as to what I need. I find it extremely disappointing that the company doesn't provide the proper materials to fit the blinds in a very standard construction material; the notion that having spent several hundred pounds I now need to go to a DIY store is somewhat bewildering to me. The attitude of the company's helpline when I raised this issue was also quite unhelpful. We went with this company because they were associated with Hillary's but I really wouldn't recommend this company at all now for all the hassle this is causing. Update 2 weeks later: have now been to Robert Dyas and purchased the right screws and hollow wall fixings for plasterboard. Also got a roll of string which proved extremely useful as I had several blinds to install side-to-side and needed to ensure the holes were aligned. With these supplies in hand, installation was actually quite easy, the blinds look good (pleated ones). Am upgrading my review from 2 to 3 stars. Will try to come back to this site this summer to comment on the effectiveness of the blinds in reducing heat. Update mid-summer: have been using the blinds extensively all summer (cobweb pleated with the reflective backing for the sun). They work quite well. Before we had them our living room ...
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