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Brazilian Ju Jitsu 28/11/2002

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BJJ

Brazilian Ju Jitsu ** What is it? ** BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also known as the gentle art because it works around technique and leverage to use effectively. Like most martial arts this does require fitness and strength but with good technique you will always come out on top. BJJ is a grappling art and since the introduction of Ultimate Fighting style events it has gained more notoriety through many people seeing some of the worlds greatest all round fighters use it to great effect. Loads of all real fights end up on the ground at some point and this is where BBJ is implemented most of the time. Unlike many fighting techniques this has proven itself in real fight situations and actually works. Anyone that has seen a mixed martial arts fight will probably know all about the Gracie name and this type of fighting. If you think that things like karate and kung-fu work well I suggest you check the downloads section of and find some clips of people trying to use these striking styles against a grappler. ** Do I need to be tough? ** This is a full contact sport much like Olympic wrestling but it does not require any kind of striking techniques. Where I train many of the people there do fight professionally not only in BJJ but in cage fighting as well so it gets very rough, it's also a good idea to mix this with a stand up fighting technique like Muay Thai. My usual class consists of a warm-up or exercise period of 45 minutes or just over. Like a lot of modern ...

Inside the Lion's Den - Ken Shamrock 20/11/2002

Heart of a Lion

Inside the Lion's Den - Ken Shamrock ** Introduction ** Many of you will have no idea of who this man is and probably wont care about reading about his life. Just to let you know he was one of the first accomplished mixed martial arts fighters. Anyway this book is not only a great read but it also comes in very handy for fight fans. The reason for this is because it's half biography and half instruction manual. Well not exactly half and half but it gives you two things for the price of one. ** About ken and his life ** I will start by letting you know about Ken Shamrock and some of the things that have happened in his life pointing out what stories you will find in his book. At the present time Ken is preparing for one of the biggest grudge matches of all time with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz. Tito is a young and powerful wrestler where as Ken is an older wrestler with great submission skills. This is going to be a great fight and to find out more checkout Ken started as a troubled streetwise kid, he spent a lot of time on the wrong side of the law. This could be put down to bad parenting. The only thing that he did well in at school was sport. He had a natural talent for anything physical and was a tremendous athlete. I don't want to spoil anything too much so all I will say is he almost ends his hopes with injuries and has to resort to other ways of making money. The sort of things big strong guys that like to fight are good at, street fighting for money. Inside the ...

Extreme Fighting Vol.1-4 (DVD) 16/11/2002

Extreme Fighting

Extreme Fighting Vol.1-4 (DVD) ***What is it?*** The sport of mixed martial arts is one of the most misunderstood sports of all time. People get the impression of street brawls and bar fights when they think of no holds barred fighting. Boxing promoters say that people who compete in this sport are unskilled and don't have the dedication to do well in something like boxing. I'd like to say that most of the martial artists in these events devote their lives to martial arts and are highly skilled. There are always referees close to the action and the fighters know when to give up and submit. There have actually been less serious injuries than sports like basketball, hockey and skiing. The amount of respect and sportsmanship showed in this sport is of a higher regard than any other. Fighters will rage war on one another for anything up to half an hour then hug and congratulate each other afterwards. But enough about that as I have devoted a whole opinion to the cause in another write up. ***About the DVD*** These DVD's are hard to get hold of. Most videos will set you back around £16-£20 each as they are not readily available in this country and are imported by companies from Japan and America. Or you can buy directly but incur shipping costs. The beauty of this DVD is you get 4 events on one disk at a very discounted price. The fights are in a fight card type rather than tournament meaning fighters only fight once against the opponent they are scheduled to fight. Tournaments are normally held ...

How to write opinions 14/11/2002

Advice On Writing Game Opinions

How to write opinions It seems I have had to leave comments giving advice on writing game opinions a lot lately so I thought it would be easier to write down all my tips and point people in the direction of this opinion from now on. * Where to start * I always write my opinions on a game I have played enough to really speak about. It's not worth writing about a game if you haven't played it to death. For starters the game may pick up towards the end and how can you really comment on the longevity otherwise. Normally I separate my game opinions into various sections splitting them clearly. If you read some of my gaming opinions you will see I normally have an introduction explaining something about the games main idea and storyline. Obviously any other information concerning history of the developers or anything that wont fit anywhere else could easily be put in here. * Gameplay * Next up it's best to write about the games mechanics and how it plays. Try to comment on the control set up and how it feels. The difficulty of actually playing it and controlling it, something people will find useful. Also comment on anything about the games structure and explain any standout bits or set pieces that make it unique or add to the overall feel of the game. Remember to try and explain the different game modes and how they work. One of the things that can vary largely amongst games even of the same type is the camera movement and control so let us know if it's any good. This is the ... 11/11/2002

Content over style ** What's it all mean ** So to start SFUK stands for submission fighting united-kingdom. This is the best and only site dedicated to mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK. Everything from news, interviews and reviews can be found, as it's easily the best source of information for MMA fans in the UK, it also covers most of Europe. I will cover each section as I go along but I will start with the layout. ** Layout and design ** If you look at the site it's obvious it's designed purely for function and speed rather than being stylish or over complicated. Seeing as this is an English website the use of a dial-up modem has probably influenced this decision. Each page has a simply white background with black text and blue links. It's a simple colour scheme that works well and makes everything easy to read and cuts down on the page size so it loads faster. There is a frame along the bottom that you can resize to suit your taste and each section is also listed on the left side of the news page as well. The logo is just a simple blue drawing as is the title of the site. When you first log onto the site you are presented with the news page finding all the latest information although this isn't the only source as the forum is always very busy. So busy in fact that at times it has been down due to masses of people using it and has been upgraded several times. ** Sections on the site ** As with most websites you get the main news page but on here there ...

Lucozade Sport 06/11/2002

No real energy but OK taste

Lucozade Sport ** What is it ** Lucozade sport is an isotonic drink of the still variety and comes in two main flavours orange and lemon. The idea is that this energy drink gives your body a boost by providing carbohydrate fluid quickly to the working muscles and to replace the fluid lost through sweat. ** Reason I purchased ** The reason I first purchased this drink was that knowing it was still I wouldn't get a stitch during training and the fact that you can drink this before, during and after exercise and it helps your body in many ways. Also the fact that they claim to be able to improve your sporting performance by 33% was also an added bonus. Especially for my friend as the last third of our time training he always gets tired. ** Did it perform ** So when put to the test how did it perform? Well I can never be quite sure, as I never feel extremely overwhelmed with extra energy or the so-called boost. Rather more like very refreshed and for a cheaper price I can quite as easily gain the same effect from bottled water. I'm no scientist or anything and haven't carried out extensive tests other than just using it and to be honest I haven't noticed anything extra. Of course I get fitter each time I train and depending on whom I fight etcetera I can never have a fair testing ground. ** Why still drink it ** Now you ask why do I still drink the things then? Well even though I have never really experienced myself getting all this added energy I have grown to like the ...

UFC: Throwdown (PS2) 28/10/2002

Not The Ultimate Fighter

UFC: Throwdown (PS2) *Introduction* The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC for short is a relatively unknown and often misunderstood sport. Basically it's a martial arts event held in a cage that hopes to prove that one style is more effective than another. Over the years it has spurned the birth of cross training and the art of mixed martial arts that takes the best parts of different styles to create a more effective way of competing. A lot of people think that it's hyper violent and without many rules but they would be wrong. UFC is now recognised as a sport and has many rules enforced and has a proven track record without any serious injuries since it started back in 1993. Previously Cravegames released the UFC game on Dreamast which was a very good start and a great game for such an unknown sport. Since then two years have passed and the next generation of console has been developed. Crave have released their latest incarnation of the sport onto PS2, but it hasn't changed a great deal. *Game Play and Modes* UFC Throwdown has training, exhibition, arcade, UFC mode and Career. Most are self-explanatory so I will let you know about the career mode first. This allows you to create a character from an extremely limited amount of options. If you want to create your favourite fighters that aren't in the game then forget it. Afterwards you pick a style and complete challenges to earn moves then win tournaments to move up a level allowing you to choose another style. The amount of ...

Martial Arts 25/10/2002

MMA - Mixed Martial Arts

Martial Arts *Intro* Martial arts aren’t all flying kicks and roundhouses as you are led to believe from the many films of Bruce Lee and the like. In fact statistics prove that most real fights end up on the floor at some point. In fact I can remember many fights I have seen or had end up on the floor. Although the fights I had that ended on the floor were the result of some great punches. Many of you will never have heard of martial arts cross training or mixed martial arts, as it’s now known. Read on and you will hopefully get a useful insight into what this modern type of fighting is. *Myths* There are plenty of martial artist, you may know some yourself, that claim to be deadly and that they have been taught to kill people with one simple blow. Some people talk about the 1 inch punch and that certain techniques can kill you with a simple touch of a pressure point. Never have I seen this type of thing proven, most people that claim to have the ability will shy away from demonstrations because they claim they would kill each other and it’s too dangerous. Now though there is a proving ground for all martial artists to fight and prove what style is best. This is known as the ultimate fighting championship or UFC and is one of the main factors in the creation of mixed martial arts. *UFC* Way back in 1993 two men had an idea, this was to hold a one night martial arts extravaganza that would find the style that would work best in a real combat situation. ... 23/10/2002

All this and it's FREE Firstly the reason I chose to checkout netfirms after previously using geocities was the fact that someone told me you could use remote linking otherwise known as leaching to show pictures on internet message boards. So I decided to take a look at what the site could offer me for the princely sum of nothing, zip, zilch. My first impressions were favourable as the site is very well presented without any errors or confusing design. It all seemed simplistic and easy to navigate and I knew from the start this would be an ideal host for some pictures and a website I had been working on for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club. Now lets have a little look at what you get for just turning up and signing your name to the free web-hosting package. FREE 25 MB Web space FREE Domain Hosting FREE CGI-BIN Support FREE 24/7 FTP Access FREE Online Support FREE Catch-All Email FREE Promotion FREE Instant Activation So everything looked good and I bit the bullet and went for it. On signing up I was given a very simple and easy to remember URL or website address to the less computer literate. If you look on my profile you will find the link to my site. As this is just the free service I was very pleased with the name I managed to get hold of. Next step was to get my site uploaded onto my space. This is when I encountered a slight problem that is going to put many beginners off of using this particular host. For me to be able to upload I need to get an FTP program as there is no ...

10 Things that Make Me Happy 21/10/2002

I'm a Happy Chappy

10 Things that Make Me Happy So what ten things make me happy? Well I am sure most will agree happiness is gained through love and friendship but also feeling secure in your life. This has to mean money comes into everything, as you'd expect. Feeling clean and fresh. Getting out of the shower or bath after cleaning yourself of all the days or nights dirt and grime makes me very happy. That feeing of being clean and looking good and ready to go always makes me smile and everything seems that little easier to face. Of course it doesn't last all day but it's a good start. Eating well and keeping fit. If I know I haven't over indulged and have eaten a good healthy amount I feel as though I am doing my body some good. Also keeping fit and doing some exercise is like servicing my whole body and gets the blood pumping and helps everything work, as it should. Being with friends and making new ones. Without friendship I can imagine life being very hard as you wont have someone to turn to in times of need or somebody to have fun with when you feel good. Friends that enjoy doing things you enjoy are always nice to have, as it's easier to do certain things with someone than on your own. Visiting my family. I always look forward to seeing people in my family especially ones I don't often see. Just to see their faces is enough but I enjoy making my family happy and knowing they are well. Going to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I love doing this and know every week it's something to look forward to and enjoy. ...
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