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Dell Dimension 4600 (DELLUK-43455) 14/05/2004

One Dell of a computer

Dell Dimension 4600 (DELLUK-43455) I thought I'd write a reveiw about my lovely computer which I simply couldn't live without. I bought it from my son last year for £300 but I was told my whole set up actually retails for around £900. My machine is a Dell Dimension 4600 which runs at 4.8GH power and has SD Ram memory. My son tells me that the amount of memory installed will last me personally for as long as I need it to, so you can almost say I have a lifetimes supply of computer memory, I only wish my real memory was as certain he he. It came equipped with a 56k modem and has a 120 GB hard drive. A 3D AGP graphics card,cd and dvd re writer, HP colour printer, a flatbed scanner and a cheap looking digital camera. The machine came complete with windows XP which is a lot more professional than my old windows 98. Also windows XP has a built in 3D pinball machine which I can't seem to keep off of he he. It is a very attractive computer, black and grey in design and completed with a flat screen monitor. I also have a matching keyboard, speakers and mouse. It is quite small and compact and is almost half the size of my old model. Compared to my old computer this one is a land apart in every aspect, the machine runs faster for starters and it doesn't make a noise like a truck rolling by when you switch it on. Apparently the cooling system is a lot more efficient as well which is a good thing for me as I had a lot of problems with my old machine in this department. The graphics on my Dell machine are ...

Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi 11/05/2004

A battery hungry monster.

Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi My next door neighbour recently bought a new digital camera for his computer and so he didn't need his old one anymore. His old one was a Minolta Dimage 7Hi camera retailing at nearly £500. When he offered me this camera for £150 I naturally snapped it up. The camera is black and quite chunky to look at and it does look very expensive. It is well built and fairly heavy for a digital camera but what does it work like? Well after taking plenty of photo's in different light variations of most of my family, I found the photo and light quality to be of the highest quality. The built in flash makes short work of any dark shadowy places and the camera takes care of unusually light photo's as well. It has a picture quality of 2560 x 1900 and a 7 x zoom of 200mm. The camera has automatic and manual focus options and the automatic is extremely quick and intelligent. The camera works well with Adobe Photoshop and has a fine, superfine and raw file compressor built in to make short work of all of your picture resolutions, making it easier to download your photo's and put them into smaller files. The camera comes with a 16MB memory card which holds up to 75 pictures on high resolution (photo quality) and over 1000 pictures on low resolution which are still good quality to look at. It comes with two large rechargeable batteries which don't really last all that long (about 60 working mins each) but then that is the same with most camera batteries so I'm told. The camera ...

Panasonic SC-AK 210 11/05/2004

A hifi system with voomph

Panasonic SC-AK 210 Last year my son bought me a nice new music centre for my birthday. Because my old one was old enough to be an antique he said he he. The Panasonic SC 210 cost him £179.99 from Curry's which he said was excellent value. I am more into the old record players myself but with records not being popular anymore and cd's taking over the trade, I suppose I had no choice but to move on with the times. At first glance I thought this hifi was something out of an old space movie, its gleaming silver appearance and countless flashing lights were a long shot from my old wooden record player, very futuristic looking. The speakers are huge and have an almost glow in the dark blue mettalic setting. It has two surround sound speakers which are simple in design and black but perfectly shaped to fit into the corner of a room. The hifi has a cd player, twin tape deck, radio tuner with a digital upgrade port. And it has an auxiliary port so you can plug the sterio into a tv, amplifier or minidisk player. It has a volume setting which is loud enough for me at number 25 but it still goes up to 50 which I dare not use he he. There is a base boost system and 12 different sound settings for whatever type of music you are playing at the time. The overall sound this system produces is very clear and loud and a world apart from what I am used to. There is a neat little function which allows you to set the sterio to switch on and play the radio whenever the traffic announcements or the ...

Hoover Junior U1650 14/04/2004

My lovely little junior

Hoover Junior U1650 Like with most things in my life, I like simplicity. I am not a fan of anything too comlicated, especially with electrical items. My daughter bought one of those fangelly new Dyson hoovers not too long ago which cost her near on £400. My Hoover Junior only cost me £59.99 in a Littlewoods catalogue sale and is in my eyes at least, just as good. It is simple in design, quite large, square looking and plain old grey in colour, although you can get them in various colours. They are made out of plastic with the exception of the dustbag which is thick material. They don't come with lots of tools and a suarve flexible pipe like the Dyson does and they don't shampoo the carpet either. But I buy a hoover to hoover with and for that, the junior is perfect. The suction is very strong and will pick up almost anything on your floor and the changeable dust bag is quite large and holds plenty of dust and fluff. The bag is very simple to change over, you simply twist the attatchment and remove and vice versa to re attatch. The whole thing is very easy to maintain and keep clean and they are very reliable too. As with all Hoover Juniors the one big downside is that they tend to be a little on the noisy side when using. They almost sound like they are about to explode into pieces and my animals are absolutely terrified of it he he but apart from that they are wonderful machines. I would highly reccomend my little hoover junior to anyone, they are cheap, easy to use and look ...

BenQ CL50 10/04/2004

A great little mobile

BenQ CL50 I am not really one for all this new technology that seems to pop up everywhere these days, but I do value my mobile phone. These little gems are one piece of technology that has improved my way of life. I recently bought a Siemens cl50 mobile phone from The Link shop in the town centre. I could have bought it for as little as £15 on contract but decided to opt for the freedom of pay as you go. The phone then cost me £199 but I can top up my phone at my leisure. My calls are currently 3p per minute off peak and 10p on peak and my picture and text messaging stands at 12p per send. The phone is very small and discreet and has an array of strange but fun functions. It is very easy to use once you have had a little fiddle around to get yourself used to it. It comes with predictive text to save you time when sending a text message. You can send music and pictures to your friends or with the wap technology, you can connect to the internet. The phone vibrates to let you know when you have an incoming call or a message and there is a huge choice of ringtones. The phone has a flip open door on the front with a built in screen to let you know who is calling you before you open it. There are also a few games installed on the phone to play about with and you can download more from the internet if you so wish. The ringtones are also downloadable and they are all polophonic so they sound a little more realistic than just normal tones. The reception I have had from this ...

Minolta DiMAGE Z1 09/04/2004

A simple camera for beginers

Minolta DiMAGE Z1 Well this is my first technical type of review, I usually write about food and food related products but I thought a change was in order. My grandson recently bought a big shiny new camera which I borrowed to use on a family day out. The Minolta Dimage Z1, first thing I noticed was that is it a little on the large size which is not very good if you are walking around all day at a theme park or somewhere similar. It is made of shiny silver plastic and is quite heavy for what it is. As I tried to get to grips with this new peice of technology, I realised that the buttons are quite big and chunky, they are laid out so that even techology phobics such as myself can understand what each button is for. It is very easy to use and a long way in front of some of the other types of camera on todays market, which are just too complex to use. The camera takes fantastic quality pictures and adjusts itself to various forms of light and darkness so you get the best possible pice no matter where you are. On the downside though, there is an lcd display near the veiwfinder which in certain light conditions is almost impossible to read. The camera is also very noisy and almost takes me back to my younger days when I worked in a yarn spinning factory. It just sounds like a spinnig machine hehe hehe. Apparently the camera can be plugged into any computer or tv so you can play around with the images you have taken, though that sort of thing is just a little too complex for me at the ...

Terry's Chocolate Orange 14/03/2004

A zesty treat

Terry's Chocolate Orange As it is mothers day at the weekend I will no doubt be recieving my usual Terry's Chocolate Orange in my mothers day stocking. Terry's Chocolate Orange has always been one of my most treasured possesions in the choclate world. They cost around £1.99 and are available from most supermarkets and shops. They come inside a small square box that is highly decorated in blue and orange and the chocolate itself is wrapped inside an orange foil wrapping. Inside the wrapping you are greeted to a wonderful zesty orangy smell which instantly gets your tastebuds watering. The confection itself looks like an average sized orange with the exception that it is brown instead of orange. The confection breaks up into segment shaped pieces for easy consumtion. Each piece tastes absolutely delicious, creamy chunky chocolate with a strong zesty orange aftertaste. They are extremely satisfying as far as choclate goes and will last you for quite a while. The only bad point is that they are very fattening and so must be eaten in moderation. You can also buy a Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball which is the same as a normal one except in white chocolate and they also come in individually wrapped segments with five different varieties inside a gift box. I would reccomend these to any chocolate lover with a passion for oranges. Thank you for rerading. Nancy.

Nescafe Alta Rica Instant Coffee 05/03/2004

Alto Delicious

Nescafe Alta Rica Instant Coffee I was becoming quite bored of my usual cup of coffee so I decided to try something a little different for a change. As I strolled through my local Co-op I spied an unusual looking jar of coffee. The jar was wide and fat and extremely black in colour. The label was white, black and purple. This was Nescafe's Alta Rica intense. The price was almost a put off at £3.69 for the 100g jar but I thought what the hey and treat myself to a jar. When I got home I immediately opened the coffee and made myself a cup. The smell was very aromatic and rich and it made my taste buds water. After I had poured in the hot water the dark almost treacle like coffee was ready to drink. The taste was indeed very intense, it is definately the strongest instant coffee I have ever tired and it has a distinctive nutty aftertaste, very luxurious indeed. Absolutely delicious. I would wholeheartedly reccomend this coffee to anyone who likes rich strong coffee. It beats normal Nescafe anyday. Thank you for reading. Nancy.

Posh Noodle - sweet and sour flavour 27/10/2003

Posh? Plain is more accurate.

Posh Noodle - sweet and sour flavour Although I'm not a huge lover of noodles in general, I do like a nice chinese meal now and then. I was told to try the new range of pot noodles called posh noodles as they are supposed to be rather nice and available in three chinese style flavours. I purchased two from my supermarket, one chinese chicken and the other sweet and sour flavour, so the first one I tried was the sweet and sour. It comes in a plastic pot the same as a normal pot noodle but this one is black with red writing on the foil lid. The pot consists of noodles, dried vegetables and chilli oil. The preparation method is quite simple, you half remove the lid and remove the sachet of chilli oil from inside. Then you pour on boiling water, stir the noodles and cover with the lid and leave to stand for two minutes before adding the chilli oil. Then it is ready to eat. My first mouthful was a little confusing, the thin noodles (much thinner than normal pot noodles) were very soft and springy on the tongue and tastes quite nice. The flavour of the sauce was quite bland though, it tasted like a mixture of curry powder, sugar and water, it also contained some little green, what looked like chives in there and they simply tasted like little pieces of cardboard. The posh noodles did smell nice though, they did have a sweet and sour smell to them but sadly the flavour was non existant. They cost me 99p each from my local supermarket but I fear I won't be getting around to trying the chinese chicken ...

Cadbury Crunchie 25/10/2003

Thank crunchie its friday.

Cadbury Crunchie Cadbury crunchies have always been a firm favourite of mine in the chocolate department and so why not write an opinion about them? A cadburys crunchie comes in a gold foil wrapper and kind of resmbles a small bar of gold bullion. Once inside you are greeted with a strong sweet chocolate smell with a hint of honey. The bar itself is a simple designed bar, long and thick and simply looks like a big lump of solid chocolate. This is totally untrue though, as you bite into the bar the chocolate on the outside is quite thin and the entire middle is solid deliciously sweet honeycomb. The crunch as your teeth sink into the bar can be heard from accross the room. It is very crunchy indeed and it tastes of heaven. Sweet and grainy and as good as melts in your mouth, the strong honey flavour of the centre comes out in all its glory. The thin layer of chocolate on the outside simply adds to the flavour. It does remind me of an old sweet we used to get when I was a young girl called cinder toffee. If you suck on the middle for a few seconds the experience is hightened as the delicious honeycomb melts onto your warm tongue, delicious. Cadburys crunchies are available from any sweet shop or supermarket and they cost around 34p per bar. You can now buy them in mini size or king size as well. I can not reccomend these enough. Thank you for reading. Nancy.

Mars Maltesers White Chocolate 24/10/2003

Snow drops in a packet

Mars Maltesers White Chocolate I went into my local supermarket today and picked up a bag of Maltesers, one of my many favourite treats. These weren't just any old maltesers though, they were the new winter edition. How my heart jumped at the very thought of a malteser but with white chocolate. They come in a foil packet that is creamy white and red and it has a picture of some of the maltesers on the front. They cost me around 35p if I can remember correctly and housed 15 maltesers. When you open the packet the smell you get is one of a creamy nature, a little similar to that of a caramac. The taste is something else though, deliciously creamy white chocolate and a crunchy honeycomb centre. The chocolate is thick and sweet and the honeycomb centre simply melts into your mouth leaving a yummy malty, almost ovaltine like taste in the back of your throat. They are an improvement over normal milk chocolate maltesers in my book but only because I prefer white chocolate to any other kind. They are quite fattening but as always, it doesn't put me off when I am looking for that strange pleasure only chocolate can bring. I would like to see these stick around for ever and not just for a limited time so go out and buy some at once mmmm. Thank you for reading. Nancy.

Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit Fruit Crush 24/10/2003

The lilt ladies know best.

Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit Fruit Crush My addiction for chocolates and snacks almost totally rules my way of life. I crave my little treats almost all the time, but I do have another addiction too. Fizzy drinks, well I do need something to wash down all the ruffage now don't I? My favourite one has always been lilt, lilt comes in a brightly coloured green and yellow bottle or can and costs 40p for a can and £1.19 for a large bottle, you can also get small bottles now which cost 69p. They are available from most shops and supermarkets so they are easily bought. Once you open the bottle the fizz instantly and noisily bursts forth letting you know how fizzy this stuff really is. There is a small amount of mist which arises from the bottle top as well. The smell is quite fruity and tropical and gets you ready for your drink. Lilt glides down your throat like no other fizzy pop and it tastes heavily of pineapple and grapefruit. It is very sweet and will wash down a bag of salty crisps nicely. I would reccomend lilt to any fizzy pop lover. It does leave a sticky feeling in the back of your throat though but I can suffer that for the refreshing tropical and thirst quenching taste. I also like the big Jamaican lilt ladies that they use to advertise lilt. They are really funny. Thank you for reading. Nancy

Walkers Sensations - Four Cheese & Red Onion 23/10/2003

They smell like sweaty feet but taste delicious

Walkers Sensations - Four Cheese & Red Onion Yesterday I wrote an opinion on Walkers Sensations Lamb and mint flavour and was so impressed that I have since been out to purchase another packet in the Sensations range. This time I returned home from the local newsagents with a packet of four cheese and red onion flavour. The packet was 39p and is available from almost anywhere that sells crisps or savoury snacks. The packet is nearly the same as the lamb and mint flavour, white and grey and quite adult looking. The only difference is that instead of a leg of lamb and a sprig of mint on the front these have a combination of cheeses and a slice of red onion. On opening the packet I was quite taken aback by the strong smell which did remind me of sweaty feet heh heh. The cheese aroma was very strong. The crisps again looked very thick and golden in colour but they have a very reddish sunburned look to them as well. They tasted totally delicious, I couldn't tell if there was four cheeses in there but there was definately one. The red onion flavour was quite mild and not as overwhelming as I would've liked it to be. The crisps were very crunchy and left a pleasant potato aftertaste in my mouth, although i didn't think these were quite as nice as the lamb and mint flavour they were still lovely. They are very fattening as are all crisps but worth it in my opinion. Thank you for reading. Nancy.

Walkers Sensations - Lamb and Mint flavour 23/10/2003

Sunday dinner in a packet

Walkers Sensations - Lamb and Mint flavour I was browsing through the local newsagents the other day when I came upon a selection of Walkers crisps that I was previously unaware of. The Sensations variety. So I had a browse at the varuious flavours on offer and decided on a packet of Lamb and mint flavour. They cost me nearly 40p which is more expensive than normal crisps but I thought I'd treat myself anyway. They are available from almost anywhere thatsells savoury snacks. When I got back home I opened my white and grey adult looking packet with a newly roasted lamb shank on the front to reveal a foil lined packet of delicious looking crisps. They looked like most other crisps but thicker and more golden in colour. They were also flecked with little green bits of mint. They smelt absolutely gorgeous, almost home cooked and my mouth was instantaneously watering. The aroma was strong and meaty and had a strange sweetness to it. As I began to eat them I could taste a lovely strong meaty flavour with an odd mint sauce kick. I nearly thought I was tucking into a nice rost sunday dinner heh heh. The crisps were very crunchy and left a strong and pleasant potato aftertaste. I can't wait to try out the other flavours in the range as these were totally scrumptious. I have never tasted such wonderful crisps and will be making these a regularity on my shopping list. They are very fattening though so beware. Highly reccomended. Thank you for reading. Nancy.

Kinder Bueno 22/10/2003

Who needs Kinder Eggs when you have these?

Kinder Bueno Anyone who knows of me and my opinions will know of my big passion for chocolate. I absolutely love the stuff, in all shapes and guises. It should come as no surprise then that when I tried out a Kinder Bueno for the first time today, I fell in love almost at once. They come in a white and orange wrapper (almost mistakable for a Ciao bar of chocolate) he he. They cost 39p each and you can buy one from almost any shop or highstreet supermarket. Once opened there are two seperate fingers a little like you'd get in a Twix but these ones are individually wrapped in clear plastic. The fingers themselves are a combination of a deliciously sweet and nutty hazelnut creme centre inside a wafer shell and then covered in Kinder chocolate. These are then segmented into four different peices but still remain joined. They don't really smell of much when you open them which is a little strange for chocolate but the taste is something else. Crispy, airy and cremey at the same time and very sweet with a lovely nutty aftertaste leaves you gasping for another piece. They remind me of a Ferrero Rocher but a little lighter and sweeter. They are very fattening and so should be avoided if you are on a diet. I love Kinder Bueno's and would reccomend them to anyone. A special thank you goes to Drchazan for giving me a little advice on how to make my opinions a little more presentable. I hope this is an improvement on my previous efforts. Thank you for reading. Nancy.
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