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Flash Vintage Edition Bathroom Cleaner 26/03/2013

Vintage edition flash is a different picture but same great clean

Flash Vintage Edition Bathroom Cleaner When shopping at the weekend I needed some bathroom cleaner and usually opt for Flash (unless something else is on special offer). The Flash option there was a new image bottle of Vintage Edition, with a black and white tiled floor on the front of the standard bottle. It was this I purchased. This bottle cost me £1.50 for a bottle of 500ml of cleaning fluid for my bathroom. This is the same amount as the standard design, so I didn't have to pay any extra for the vintage design. I believe this is good value for money, as I clean my bathroom religiously every weekend, and do some spot cleaning during the week too, and a bottle usually lasts me a couple of months, so it works out quite cheap per week. This bottle is white plastic, and if you remove the squirty type top, it can be recycled which is good for the planet. The label on the front makes it clear it is a Flash product and the back contains all the information on the standard bottle, usage instructions, ingredients and the address and contact numbers for Procter and Gamble who create the Flash products. It has a flat base, making the bottle easy to leave stood in the cupboard or somewhere. It is very easy to use as it has a pull trigger which then causes the liquid to squirt out. Although the hole looks tiny, the spray does seem to spread around a bit rather than just jet into one place which helps when cleaning. The smell of the product isn't nice, but it isn't any worse than most cleaners in my opinion, so I just ...

Briers Gardening Gloves 12/03/2013

Briers latex covered ladies gloves

Briers Gardening Gloves These ladies gloves are yellow knitted material, then the front has been covered in green latex to make them water resistant, thorn proof and great for general mucky work in the garden, I got them for £4.99 at my local garden centre as now there is a small amount of sunshine, the weeds have been coming up everywhere! I decided on these as there are also the rugger type gloves, which seem better as they are much thicker material, but I know from experience when they get wet they are not nice to be wearing, and they are quite baggy and flappy, which makes them a little uncomfortable to work in. I got them home and have been using them for a few weeks. I have mot yet had any holes or damage, so they are quite hard-wearing gloves. I have been weeding in the garden, but have also been pulling out brambles, moving hardcore and rock lumps and using manual tools. They have been fine for doing all these things. The latex covering has been great as my fingers and gloves do not get wet and soggy with the dew on the grass and weeds. I bought the small size, and they fit my little hands nicely. They are not too tight to be uncomfortable, but they are tight enough that they do not flap about like the material types, they do seem to cling at the right time, making working easier as you really can feel exactly what you are trying to grip. They are rather muddy at the moment, but when they get really grubby, the latex covered part can be wiped/washed using a wet cloth or cleaning wipe ...

Imperial Leather Limited Editions Enchanting 25/02/2013

Enchanting shower creme to start a magical day

Imperial Leather Limited Editions Enchanting Now I need to begin this review by explaining the reason for my purchase. I love spending time in the bath and spend a fortune on having huge varieties of gels, foams and creams to choose from. This one was first seen by me in Boots (costing £1.85) and I loved the packaging so decided to try it. It's shallow I know, but it just looked so pretty. As I said, it cost me £1.85 but I see on the website they now have it on offer for half price, so worth buying to try if you fancy it. It costs about the same in my local supermarket too, so it is one of the middle of the range products as far as price goes (excluding designer). It contains 250ml and stands up with an easy to use flip top cap, so is fine to have stood on the side of the bath. The packaging is what attracted me so let me tell you all about it. I think it really is aimed at women! It is a see-through plastic bottle (which can be recycled, so brownie points there) allowing you to see the irridescent liquid inside. It sparkles in a way similar to how I imagine the vampires would in Twilight (but haven't seen the films so can't say it does for sure), but it has green, pink and purple irredescent swirls in the white liquid. Along with the red Imperial Leather logo, the front has a purple butterfly on the front (very ornate, girly looking butterfly) from a side view, and I believe the bewitching cream is a purple bottle with white butterfly to reflect and mirror this one. It tells you that the cream is an 'enchanting' ...

Radox Coconut Kiss shower cream 15/02/2013

A coconut kiss in the shower

Radox Coconut Kiss shower cream This 250ml bottle of shower cream came as part of my Christmas pampering gift. I have looked about to find it and it usually retails at £1.99 but is now currently half price in Boots so if you fancy grabbing a bargain. It has the standard logo, the plastic bottle is white with an image of coconuts and the name on it. Being white with a black lid, it is quite a striking bottle. The snap/click lid is easy to use and the rubber inside the hole make squeezing out the right amount easy with no leaks or mess. It also stands easily on the side of the bath so you don't have to worry about it flying around the bathroom. I personally love Radox products, so was excited when my shower gel ran out, giving me the chance to select a new one to try and start. I will start with the smell. I assume anyone buying this is doing so because they like coconut. You need to. This smells like heaven to me, it is as if you have just cut up coconut to use, it is very real, and a nice, paradise type smell. It reminds me slightly of being on holiday. I was so pleased with the smell after my disappointment with the berry burst one. This is much better and does smell real, no synthetic, false smell in this product. The cream itself is white, not a pearly white, just plain white which is fine. It isn't the most exciting to look at, but given the scent, it is perfectly appropriate. It is also quite thick. Now while I did expect this (it is a cream, not a gel), it really is a tad thicker than I would like. ...

Ella & Rose Everything She Wants 13/02/2013

Handy Ella and Rose set if you need moisturising

Ella & Rose Everything She Wants This is a set of 5 products by Ella and Rose that all come together in a lovely presentation box. All 5 share the same scent of patchouli and vanilla and are all in plastic 100ml bottles with black twist caps that they can stand on. They are easy to open and use as the instructions specify. This was a gift but upon research, have found it usually costs between £5-£7 to purchase this set. All the bottles have lovely images on the wrap-around labels of a woman (black and white) which give a very classy, but modern feel when combined with the bright labels and black wording. I think they look great in my black and white bathroom. Product 1-Luxury bubble bath I tend to be generous with my bubble baths and so squeezed a 50p coin sized dollop into the running hot water. The liquid was fairly thick but ran well enough and was a pale pink colour which I love. The smell didn't hit me as soon as some bubble baths do but there was a decent amount of bubbles forming in my bath. Once in the bath the water wasn't really any richer or different looking, but I could smell the delicate fragrance which is quite fresh and gentle, I found it a nice relaxing scent while in the bath. When I got out, the bubbles sat for a while as with other bubble baths, but I found they did pop/go away fairly quickly compared to some other rich bubble baths, which is a nice bonus. Product 2- Light body Butter I tried this a few days ago (as there are 3 creams/butters in this set so knew I would need a few days ...

Surcare Big Wipes Industrial 11/02/2013

Big Wipes Industrial are great to keep around the house

Surcare Big Wipes Industrial Product: Big Wipes Industrial wipes designed to clean pint, oil, grime and adhesive from surfaces and hands. They are large double sided squares (wet feel ,much like other home cleaning wipes) that have antibacterial qualities and smell like other cleaning wipes, so not overly pleasant but also not particularly offensive. Price: It cost me £4.50 for a pot of 40 large wipes, so great value for money in my opinion. Packaging: An easy to see plastic tub that is bright yellow with a bright red lid. The lid easily flips open to allow one wipe to be pulled out at a time (like a tissue dispenser). It can be snapped back down to seal the pot so the wipes inside do not dry out. On the front it shows people using the wipes in a variety of situations. There is information on the back in several languages to tell you the product now has a scrub face to enable quicker cleaning, a smooth face to soak up muck, and they are anti-bacterial. The pot stands easily in my cleaning cupboard. Purpose: The idea for these is great, but while ultimately designed for trades people, they serve a really useful function in my house too. Ability: These wipes are great, I have used them on my worktops and hands after painting to try to clear paint drips and splashes, they had no problems clearing this. I also spotted some dried paint after a few days and again, it was no problem for a Big Wipe. I took the wipes in the car when going to check the type pressure as my hands always end up covered in black ...

Heathcote & Ivory Country Blossom Hand and Nail Cream 01/02/2013

Hand cream that doesn't look great but does a good job

Heathcote & Ivory Country Blossom Hand and Nail Cream Well this 100ml plastic tube of hand and nail cream was actually a gift for Christmas that I have been using since then as I do suffer from dry skin, especially on my hands. After some research I have discovered you can buy this for about £3.50, but there are only limited places that sell it (I found it in Debenhams). It is plastic that can be recycled which I like. A fairly standard shape with a screw cap that the bottle stands on. It does come in a box but I never put it back int he box as it then takes longer to keep getting it out. It contains the list of ingredients which include shea butter, vitamin e, kiwi (something to watch if you are allergic), jasmin and melon. It is pale lemon yellow in colour with small pink flowers on as the design, which if I'm honest, looks a little old fashioned and something I would give to my grandma. It doesn't look at all modern but as it was a gift, I decided to try it anyway. It doesn't say on the guidance how much to use, so I went on my knowledge of other hand creams and squeezed out pea sized drop onto my palm. The cream looks like most others, it is an ivory colour and fairly thick in consistency. It has a floral scent but it is quite light and not too overpowering. It still retains the classic hand cream smell underneath the floral tones. But this doesn't smell overly sweet which some florals can do. I quite like the smell, it isn't offensive. It smears on easily and begins absorbing straight away. It took about 4 minutes for it ...

Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant 25/01/2013

double effect deodorant wasn't quite enough for me

Nivea Double Effect Anti-Perspirant As with many of my reviews, it came to be that I bought this product, Nivea double effect deodorant roll on, as it was on offer in Lloyds pharmacy for £1. It looks much like any other roll on, it is a glass bottle with a slight twist shape to make it easier to hold and a screw on purple cap which matches the labels and stickers. You can see the white liquid through the clear glass and it has all he relevant warnings on the back, along with ingredients fairly similar to many other brands of roll on deodorant. I have a sports deodorant I use before heading to the gym, but for the sake of being able to comment on it's abilities, I tried this one all last week. I wouldn't say it is best suited to strenuous activity, but then it isn't designed to be. I did about 15 minutes before noticing that it had given up on me. But then I expect to get sweaty at the gym so it really wasn't a huge problem. As for day to day use, it has been good in its lasting ability during work/home routines. It doesn't smell much, but I am happy with this as I can wear perfume/body spray without the two scents clashing and forming an odd smell. By the end of the day, in my opinion, I am still fairly fresh feeling which is it's purpose. It doesn't irritate my skin under my arms, neither does it have any particular positive benefits, so it's fairly neutral in that sense. However, where I feel it lets itself down is the actual liquid and it's application. It is rather runny and thin compared to some other ...

Radox Herbal Bath Moisture Soak 23/01/2013

moisture soak is relaxing and moisturising

Radox Herbal Bath Moisture Soak If you saw my previous Radox bubble bath review, you will have the seen the reason for trying this version was that my husband found the standard size 500ml bottle for £1 at the local chemist, and given my love of baths, he bought them for me. Well this morning I got to try this baby pink moisture soak version. It is the standard, easy to stand up and use, clear, plastic bottle, enabling you to see the pink liquid inside. Now if you are like me and have your products on display, bare in mind it really is baby pink, so looks rather girly. The bottle is recyclable, always a bonus, and the matching pink cap is easy to twist off and on. So while running my bath, I let a very generous dollop splodge down into the running water and the lovely thick bubbles that I know and love of Radox began to form. There weren't as many bubbles as the sleep easy version I tried yesterday, but a good amount none-the-less. The scent is described as a pampering blend of calendula and rose. Now I had to double check what calendula is, although I could have guessed from the fragrance, but it is a variety of marigold flower. The scent of this bubble bath is a floral one, but not overpowering like some floral perfumes can be. It is a gentle smell, but it does have a deep richness to it which lingured in my bathroom all morning (this is something I personally like), however, the smell did not linger on me for all that long. It did help moisturise my skin though. I have very dry skin on my knees so ...

Radox Shower Gel Berry Burst 22/01/2013

Berry burst- clean but not the most natural smell

Radox Shower Gel Berry Burst Let me begin by explaining that I love Radox products due to them usually being great quality, rich and creamy, good for my skin and fantastic smells. This shower cream was a gift but can be bought for anywhere between 99p (when on offer) to £3.45, depending where you buy it. Well the packaging is great, a sturdy plastic bottle with the clip close lid tolet the cream be squeezed out easily and then effectively sealed. It is bright pink, with pictures of a variety of berries on the front so you cannot mistake what flavour/scent this will have. It of course bares the Radox name and the back includes all the ingredients, safety warnings and the following description: Inspired by nature. This delicious blend of natural ingredients, like creamy milk and sumptuous berries, are just what you need to feel fresh. With fabulously fruity fragrances your Berry Burst shower cream will leave you feeling confident and smelling gorgeous. So while I am stuck at home unwell, I was looking forward to a lovely treat in the bath. Yes, I know it is shower cream, but I'm a 'long soak in the bath' kind of girl. It stands easily on the side of the bath so I have no issues there, all good so far. The liquid, as expected with a cream, is quite thick. But my surprise was when I squeezed out a palm sized dollop and it was an ivory, pearlescent colour! I expected pink, but never mind. When rubbed over my skin it foamed up well and coated me very well, and was luxurious in feeling and consistency. It ...

Radox Sleep Easy Bath Therapy 22/01/2013

Radox really does help me relax, and not just before bed!

Radox Sleep Easy Bath Therapy As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I am a big fan of Radox because they are usually great quality, don't irritate my sensitive skin and smell great. Currently off work due to a knee injury, I am finding much more time to relax and enjoy long splashes in the bath (well, if my bath were bigger I could splash). My husband found this and another scent on offer for £1 so picked me up the standard 500ml bottle. On average, a bottle does me at least 20 baths, despite my sloshings being rather generous at the best of times (I like bubbles and my bathroom to be filled with the delicious smells). The bottle is clear plastic, enabling you to see the vibrant blue liquid inside, it has an easy to undo and do up black plastic cap and as yet, I have had no spilages. So this morning I ran the bath and let the gooey liquid fall into the stream of hot water and the relaxing smell of jasmine hot me straight away. Personally I like this, but everyone is different, and if you only like a hint of smell, this may not be a product for you. The water was ever so slightly blue, but that may be due to the large amount of gel I poured in. The bubbles quickly formed and by the time I got in, there were so many they covered the bath and had a nice 'heap' near the taps. I sat in the water, which didn't feel all that different to my skin while in the bath. But the smell was incredible and while lying there, I had to remind myself not to fall asleep. This combination and the fact my bathroom is ...

Lush Melting Snowman Bath Melt 04/12/2012

melting snowman will help to melt your stresses and sooth skin

Lush Melting Snowman Bath Melt Along with a selection of other products from Lush, I purchased the melting snowman bath melt as a Christmassy treat as I love relaxing baths. I couldn't wait to try this but kept it till almost last as I loved looking at it, the melted snowman is rather cute. It is priced at £1.95 which is a great price for a Lush bath melt, but I broke it into 2 (head and body), which makes it even better value, although I appreciate this is still more than a glug of bubble bath would cost. I ran a hot bath and dropped in his head (poor thing, it was a little odd seeing a head float around the bath) and it began melting and dissolving into the water. A nice smell filled my little bathroom, although it isn't my favourite scent from Lush. It smelled slightly nutty and almost like mulled wine, but softer. It didn't make too much difference to the water colour, but did produce a wealth of bubbles. 2 of the main ingredients that I think make this a great product are almond oil and patchouli oil. I found the water felt good on my skin and these oils had the result of making my skin much more hydrated, moisturised and smooth when I got out of the bath. I have very dry skin and so this did wonders for me. I also have sensitive skin but this was gentle and I didn't suffer any reaction from it. When emptying the bath, there was no colour or staining left, just some bubbles that didn't want to go. Overall I would say it is a great purchase. If you want help with your skin, like Christmas ...

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar 28/11/2012

Fantastic bubbles and smell in this bar

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar I love Lush products and so every 3-4 months order myself a little selection to have as special bathtime treats (my husband will tell you I already live in the bath so don't need encouragement). So when looking 2 weeks ago I saw the wonderful Christmas selection and had to try some of them. This bubble bar isn't a Christmas product but I had to include it in my selection based on it's colour and description. This pink and white swirled bar looks amazing, but I have kept it in the packaging it came in to stop it getting damp, but it would look great sat in my bathroom. It costs £4.25 which is one of the more expensive products from Lush, but I do think it gives great value for money as I have split this into 3 parts so will get 3 baths out of it. I will explain later how I don't think that affects the quality of the bath, despite only using a third. Well the smell is gorgeous before even breaking the bar. It smell of berries and winter all in one and I do love fruity things so enjoyed this variation on the usual floral or citrus smells. There is also a blue version which I have yet to try. I managed after a few minutes to break the bar into 3 parts and tucked 2 safely away. I ran my bath and crumbled the bar into the running water, just as instructed to do. I went away to fetch some candles and when I returned I saw bubbles had started forming already, so that was a good sign. By the time I had finished running it and was ready to get in, that bath water was very pink ...

Lush Santa's Sack Bubble Bar 28/11/2012

Great smell and feel from this Christmas bath treat

Lush Santa's Sack Bubble Bar I love Lush products and so every 3-4 months order myself a little selection to have as special bathtime treats (my husband will tell you I already live in the bath so don't need encouragement). So when looking 2 weeks ago I saw the wonderful Christmas selection and had to try some of them. Santa's sack is essentially a bubble bar, designed to create wonderful bubbles in the bath while smelling good. It cost £4.10 for the bar, fairly reasonable for a Lush product. I began running a hot bath and decided to see if I could get more than one bath from this little red sack. I easily broke it into 2 pieces and put one away. So I began crumbling the half I had into the running water and immediately began to smell a great combination. The smell that filled my bathroom was a mix of light citrus and something heavier which I couldn't quite put my finger on. The website says coca cola but that's not quite how it smelled to me, but the smell was fantastic none-the-less, it wasn't overly sweet and floral so great for men as well as women. Bubbles began forming and once I got the the present part of the sack (yellow) I dropped this in, knowing it was a longer lasting section and left it to slowly dissolve int he water. I got into the bath and once I moved some bubbles, there were LOADS, I saw how bright orange the water was. To me, this is amazing, I like something different and so I enjoyed this feature, although I was slightly worried that my white bath would be stained. It has ...

Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Sun Fresh 19/11/2012

Good brand but shame about the clinical smell

Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Sun Fresh Price This usually sells in my local supermarket for between £4-£5 for a 1.5 litre bottle. I bought it on offer, buy one get one half price so the price was much better, but is perfectly reasonable at full price. Packaging The bottle is made from plastic that is fully recyclable, so thumbs up for that. It is transparent but has labels on the front and back and a bright yellow lid to match the name and colour of the liquid inside. It tells you it is enough for 42 washes and the back gives all the expected information on ingredients, usage conditions and instructions, and a small bit of info on the brand. It stands up easily and the lid is well designed for measuring out the liquid as it has a marked line inside the lid. Product and it's use It is simple to use, it explains you add a capful to the washing in the designated part of the washing machine and off it goes. I personally like the consistency more than that of other brands which is the main reason I buy this product. It is of course runny, but is slightly thicker than some, meaning I don't use as much sa the recommended amount and so a bottle lasts me longer than it says but still gives great results. Verdict. I love Comfort for being able to last more than 42 washes, therefore saving me some all important pennies. Usually the smells are strong enough that the washing keeps the wonderful washed smell for days after being hung up (also giving my bedroom a nice smell) but this one isn't a great smell. I can't quite ...
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