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Happy Gilmore (DVD) 26/11/2000

The worlds finest film

Happy Gilmore (DVD) Adam Sandler plays Happy Gimlore, in Happy gilmore. Happy is a hockey player who is the crappest skater and has got no puck control, but his got the most accurate and powerful puck shot ever. One day when his Grandmas house is being repossed by the government Happy has to make some money quik to save the house which was hand built by his granddad. One of the removal men Challenges happy to see who can hit the golf ball the furthest, hapyy easily wins by about four hundred yrads. Happy's new found skill is noticed and he reluctanty becomes a professinal golfer. This is a great film and u don't have to like golf to like it. Rent it if u like comedy.

Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back) (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition/Live Recording) [PA] - blink-182 19/11/2000

Their probally better live than in a studio

Mark, Tom and Travis Show (The Enema Strikes Back) (Parental Advisory/Limited Edition/Live Recording) [PA] - blink-182 This album is easily blink's best ever. All the songs sound twice as good live, the music is faster, more complex and better played. The lyrics have been slightly altered and they sound loads better, the way Mark and Tom repeat certain lines and sing in different styles. Blink have added some new songs in such as a new country song, blew job and the unreleased family reunion and track 38 which is like the country song played after wasting time when blink are with less than jake. if u like blink then go out and buy this cd coz it is mean, if u like punk/ska/rock then buy it as well.

American Pie (DVD) 11/11/2000

Laugh My ass off

American Pie (DVD) American pie is a film that made me LMAO(laugh my ass off). American Pie is aal about some high school seniors who want to lose their virginity by prom night. They all make a pact to help each other on their sexual quest. The films funniest moment is when a bloke accidently films himself about to have sex and puts it on a live broadcast over the internet. The film is made even better by the prescence of blink182 and a song of theirs (mutt) in the soundtrack. If your looking for a film to watch with your mates hire this out and stay in with your mates.

Road Trip - Unseen And Explicit (DVD) 11/11/2000

The best

Road Trip - Unseen And Explicit (DVD) Road trip is one fine film. It starts off with Tom Green taking some freshmens around a college. They accuse him of never leaving that town so he starts to tell them the coolest story ever based in the town. The story is about some bloke who has been going out with a girl ever since he was five. When they go to different colleges this bloke stays faiful until one night were he and this girl called betn have sex and film it. The day after the bloke asks his friend to send a video tape to his girlfreind but the tape getz mixed up with the sex tape. Now the lads have to get to austin texas before the tape does. Although the film is like American pie in many ways this is twice as good. There are some many great scenes and Tom Green puts on a great performance. Watch this film as soon as posible.

John Woo - Face/off 09/11/2000

Face/off-Laugh my ass off

John Woo - Face/off Face/off is a truely great, original film. Along with a mean story line and great performances from Nicholas Cage/John Travolta as they play Caster Troy/Shawn Archer. The story may sound confusing if i try to tell it in a couple of words, so i'm not gonna bother with that. Just imagine great gun fights brilliant angles and probally some of the funniest yet serious acting cage and travolta have done in one film. The humor side comes from whoever is playing caster troy, at the begging it is cage who humoresly pretends to be a vicar while he plants a bomb and screws a choir girl. Then it's Travolta who smacks all the womans asses, makes funny comments on sex and beats up his daughters boy friend. All in all face/off is a great film which keeps you on the edge off your seat all the way.

hawks skateboarding 2 - spider man video 04/11/2000

The great mystery of Spider man

hawks skateboarding 2 - spider man video I'm sure many of you own Tony Hawks Pro Skateboarding Two, some of you would of created your own skaters, others of you would of one hundered percented every level with that created skater. Those of you who have completed all of the above will know that is the way to unlock the spider man character. Those of you who have got three golds with spiderman will now that there is a damn good video of twopeople in spiderman suits skating around the vans skatepark. We all know that the first skater is the very skinny tony hawk. But the fairly larger second skater (in a hat and shorts) is someone totally different. I think it may be steve caballero, my friend thinks it may be chad muska (ha unlikely it's not even muskas' build). If you know who this is then e-mail or or (ha his gay and thinks the skater is muska) ...

Scream 1 03/11/2000

scream i do not think so

Scream 1 Scream is a good film but it should be classed as a black comedy or an action film. There is a great story and a mild twist at the end, but i kinda thought it was ***** all along but i never thought there was ***** kill***. I don't wanna give to much away because a freind riuined this for me the first time i watched it coz he told told me there was ***** kill***. The acting is fairly convincing and the film has one of the best openings ever. Many people will say this is the best horror film ever but im not to sure. Watch this it is a good film but if you want a scare something more phsychological is probally better than this slasher.

The Last Broadcast (DVD) 03/11/2000

Better thean the blair witch

The Last Broadcast (DVD) There was so much suspense and fuss about the crap we know as The blair witch project. This is probally the film you wanted to see when going into the cinema. The last broadcast is not a documentary being filmed but a documentary about three people who were killed when trying to save their tv show by doing a live broadcast on the jersey devil. The film leads many thoughts into who the killer, and can lead you to believe many truths. Then the end comes and this is the biggest twist ever i pat the geezer on the back (whoever write it) the killer was the last expected and yet someone we're with through the whole film yet no matter who yuo are or what you say you never saw that coming. The only thing which ruins the end is that it left it's documentary style to better quality cameras which are all in diferent places. The Last Broadcast follows Steven Avcast and some other bloke is fairly humerous. The duo run a dying tv show called fact or fiction. To save their show they open up a chat on the net to get ideas from the veiwers. One veiwer places forwardb the idea of filming a live broadcast in the pine barrens on the jersey devil. no one knows who the veiwer was. The duo ask for help from the audience they chose a soundman (forgotten his name) and Jim Suerd claiming to be a physic. Once in the woods everyone argues with Jim. They set up camp and as night comes on Steven walks off to film some stuff. Steven goes missing so the soundman and humerous man go looking for leaving ...

Tom + Mark - 20/10/2000

on this site you'll never blink hahahahaha

Tom + Mark - You notice that we have written lots of reviews at neophreaks all based around the famous BLINK 182 (one eighty two, not one eight two). Well this site is actually a really good site. It has loads of stuff about the band including upcoming tours and singles, lyrics and pictures and stuff. has a links to and which are sites owned by the band. There is also something about a band called Dismemberment who i think are quite good. So when you got some spare time and can afford to pay the internet bill visit (advised not to visit if not a blink fan). ...

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (PlayStation) 20/10/2000


Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX (PlayStation) Only playing on a demo of mat hoffmans this review may be a bit sketchy. Mat Hoffmans is no were near a great game. It's enjoyable. Yet the ease of pulling of tricks like a '900 backfilp' and a 'toothpick grind tono hander to icepick grind to no footer to double peg grind to nothing plus bigrail (on a rather smaal pointless rail)' just brings the whole levle of gameplay down. Yeah it's great if you want a muck about with your mates but for a bmx sim it's pathetic. Buy it for ease gameplay only.

Dude Ranch - blink-182 20/10/2000

The best album ever!!!!!

Dude Ranch - blink-182 Dude ranch is blinks, maybe even the, best album ever. There is one fault none of the songs beat Adams Song. Allthough this album was realesed in '95 it still is the great and greenday, less than jake and other alternate/ska bands should all aim for albums of equal quality as this. The song links are great and there are some dead funny things in there. Songs on the album include Dammit, Untitled, Josie, A new hope and Degenerate all of which are great. All the other songs kick too, so next time you have fifteen quid spend it on Dude Ranch.

Dude Ranch - blink-182 18/10/2000

Acroos the street naked that night

Dude Ranch - blink-182 Degenerate is one of blinks best songs. It’s all about a bloke who walks around naked and always gets arrested. The guitar is amazing in it, bass is pretty good and the drums are one sick fast beat in the back. The lyrics are really good, funny and are sung at an amazingly fast speed by Tom (I think). Degenerate can be downloaded from if you want it on mp3 or you could buy dude ranch the album which has degenerate on as it’s thirteenth song. This is one damn fine song so listen to it as soon as pos its kewl. ...

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Playstation) 12/10/2000

The holy grail of gaming.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (Playstation) This game is amazing. Everyone said that the first game was sick but Thraser was much better. But this, this will probally never be beaten by another skating game untill they create a Tony Hawks pro skater 3. The first game lacked tricks, this has got five times as many tricks. The first game lacked level difficulty, this has got level difficulty. The first game lacked the hawk loop, thi has got the HAWK LOOP. Apart from all of the above there is a park editor, very nice, a create a skater thing, sick, and even a Mat Hoffmans BMX demo. I am a skater and i think you have to be one to marvel at its true magnificance, yet i think this will appeal to all sorts of people. This allso has an amazing soundtack including rage against the machine.

The Waterboy (DVD) 12/10/2000

Mama says

The Waterboy (DVD) This is one film that is actually quite funny considering that is an american comedy with a tacky name. The waterboy is a story about, extrordinairily, a waterboy. Adam Sandler plays the not so clever Bobby Buschei, who is a waterboy. One day he gets really annoyed with all the people who bully him, a football player calls him dumb so he tackles him really well, so heard that he nearly knocks the player out. THe coach sees this and decides to let Bobby play for his team. This an extremerly funny film and you should rent it as soon as possible.

Event Horizon (DVD) 12/10/2000

Run that past me again

Event Horizon (DVD) Event Horizon is one good film and deserves at least one watch. It is probally more horror than sci fi. Event Horizon is a spaceship designed to go farther than any ship has gone before. To do this it has an engine, created by Sam Niel(Jurrasic Park), that creates a black hole in which the ship can enter to move to farther distances in shorter times. When this ship uses this engine for the first time it dissapears. Four years later it reappears, and the best search and rescue team around, commanded by Laurence Fishburne(the matrix), are sent in to explore what happened. When they board the ship the discover that no one is on board and that everthing is in a real rough state. To find out where the ship has been and whats happened to the crew you'll have to watch the film. But believe me it is good so rent it now.
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