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Lego Duplo 10558 Number Train 01/12/2015

~Choo Choo All Aboard The Duplo Train~

Lego Duplo 10558 Number Train Lego Duplo Number Train My youngest son has a birthday coming up and as it is just before Christmas I tend to have a clear out of toys he doesn't use to make room for all the mountain of toys we are going to be inundated with in the next few weeks. This Lego Duplo Train however was one of the toys that is not going to be thrown out, sold or given away. He has had this nearly a year now as I remember buying it for him on his birthday last year but I can't say that it is one of his favourite toys..... Price and Availability I paid around £10 for the set from Argos but as it is a fairly popular toy I think most places stock it and I have seen it in places such as Tesco or Sainsbury in their toy section. The price can range a bit so it is definitely worth having a look around to make sure that you are getting it for the best possible price. It is currently selling in Argos for a little less than £10 but in Boots they have it up for £13 so that shows how variable the price can be. Look and Design Well as you can expect from Lego this Duplo set is bright and colourful whilst being strong and durable for little people. The set is cleverly done as it not only incorporates the fun aspect of building and playing but because of the numbers on the train it is throwing in a good deal of learning as well. The Duplo bricks are large and easy to hold for smaller hands with the ease of building being ideal for those not quite able to master the finer original Lego. The set is aimed at ...

HP H3C52AA 30/11/2015

~The Key to Life... with this HP Keyboard~

HP H3C52AA HP H3C52AA Keyboard I really rate all of the HP products that I have owned over the years and I must say that the brand has become a firm favourite of mine due to the fact that the prices, although not the cheapest, do represent in my opinion the best value for money due to the fact that the products last well and are reasonably priced in the first instances. So that said I have now most of my computer related items are by HP and this keyboard is no different. Price and Availability I have to say that I have had this particular keyboard a good while now and (apart from the crumbs in between in the keys) it is still looking and working as good as the day I purchased it. I paid around £25 if my memory serves me and this is the sort of price you can still expect to pay today if you can find it. There are a few online retailers that have it although the HP store doesn’t currently have it available. The price is about right for this pretty basic model of keyboard and I can’t say that I would want to be paying much more especially for a wired keyboard that really doesn’t have any other special functions. Look and Design The keyboard itself does look pretty cool, although compared to a lot of the newer slim line fancy models of keyboard this one doesn’t really have the wow factor. However the completely black design looks good and the little green led lights are bright and not over the top. The keyboard is a full sized one which I find much better as I like to have the number ...

HP - mouse 27/11/2015

~The Best Mouse for Your House!~

HP - mouse HP Mouse I have a fairly large selection of HP branded products this is mainly because they seem to be the best at lasting the longest and giving the best results. I find that the prices of all HP products are pretty competitive and for both of these reasons I tend to always stick to this brand when buying computer related item for as much as I possibly can. This HP mouse is nothing overly fancy, it’s not wireless and other than general mouse tasks it really does nothing other than what I need it to do. Price and Availability I paid around £10 if not a little less for this mouse a good few years ago and it is still going strong and has never caused me any troubles or malfunctioned on me in all that time. I can see looking online that you can still pick this exact mouse up from a few different online retailers and the price can vary from around the £6 to a little more expensive at £15 depending on where you are purchasing it from. I think if you can pick this product up for the lower £6 price range then you have got yourself a bit of a bargain and a product that is going to last for a long while. Look and Design So this HP mouse is a USB optical two button scroll wheel model. It is made up of black and silver colours with the roller ball being made of a rubbery type of material. This over time has gone from the silvery grey colour to a more grubby type of grey colour but considering all the use it has had this really isn’t very surprising. There are three slightly ...

Bissell 53W1E Carpet Cleaner PLUS 24/11/2015

~Bissell Carpet Cleaner - For Household Freshness~

Bissell 53W1E Carpet Cleaner PLUS Bissell 53W1E Carpet Cleaner “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun……find the fun and…SNAP…THE JOBS A GAME!” Having borrowed my mother’s Bissell carpet cleaner a few times and thoroughly enjoying the use, ease and results I got from it, I decided that seeing as I had noticed a special offer on in Argos that I would take the opportunity to buy one for myself! Price and Availability Bissell is a well-known brand when it comes to carpet cleaners and alongside Vax they are one of the market leaders. Their carpet cleaners are available in many different shops to local independent stockist to online stores such as Amazon. I was lucky enough to see this on offer in Argos recently with the recommended retail price being set at £279.99 but there was and still is a less than half price offer meaning that I only paid a mere £114.99. To be fair I probably wouldn’t have bought this had it not been on offer as I feel the full retail price is a little too steep for my budget but that the reduced price makes the carpet cleaner a much more desirable item. Compared to other type of carpet cleaners, this Bissell model seems to be a great choice when comparing the price as it is set at a very competitive level. Look and Design This Bissell is a little bit chunky when comparing it to my Dyson vacuum cleaner which gets tucked away neatly under my stairs. This Bissell being an upright with an attachment does mean that more storage space is needed to house this ...

Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries 1300mAh 10/11/2015

~Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Oh and Recharge!~

Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries 1300mAh Energizer Rechargeable AA Batteries 1300mAh We seem to go through batteries in our house like they are going out of fashion and more often than not I will buy a big pack from Poundland and that should do us for a month or so. However a little while ago when shopping in Boots I saw that they had the rechargeable battery charger and 4 batteries for £10 which I thought to be a fairly good deal at the time. However 4 batteries just is not enough and I have found myself buying these 4 pack of the AA rechargeables every now and again to make sure we have a good enough stock of them in the house. Price and Availability I paid exactly £5 in Boots for this 4 pack of batteries and I have a 10% discount card which means I get a little bit more money off. This price is not too much and I think for the amount of use that I have from them the price is far better than buying the disposable batteries from Poundland that last a fraction of the time these do in almost every item they are put in. You can get these batteries online for a little bit less is you wanted to shop around but I bought from Boots on the high street for ease at the time of purchase. General Use These batteries are not the highest power batteries you can get hence the price is more affordable than the better quality ones. These do however suit my needs and have done us well for the time frame that we have had them for. The batteries do seem to disappear however and I must say that I am sure some of the ...

L'Oreal Youth Code Day Cream 10/11/2015

~L'Oreal Youth Code - The Key to Youth?~

L'Oreal Youth Code Day Cream L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Day Cream Although I seem to go through more day cream than I do night cream I tend to always by my creams in twos (call me Noah) maybe because I am under the impression that using the same brand of day cream as I do night cream will give me a better chance at getting the result that these companies claim. Now with this L’Oreal Youth Code Cream the claim is that…. “Through the study of the differences in gene expression* between young and old skin, L'Oréal Advanced Research, in collaboration with independent scientists, deciphers the "code" of youthful skin. The patented Pro-Gen™ Technology is designed to help tired skin to recover and re-establish its natural "youth code" **. Your skin behaves more youthfully: it looks smoother, more luminous and rested. *Transcriptomic clinical tests. **In vitro tests. Results = Visibly younger looking skin. •1 Hour: Skin feels smoother, rehydrated and looks more radiant. •1 Week: Features appear more rested, skin tone looks more luminous. •1 Month: Wrinkles appear visibly reduced. Skin looks rejuvenated. Texture Melts into the Skin. Wow so the claims are that L’Oreal have BROKEN THE CODE TO YOUTH! (sort of) and that by using this cream I’m going to look somewhat like I did back in the early 90’s! So thankfully when I purchased there was some sort of special offer on the price and I paid a little less than the usual £15.99p price. This is a fairly standard price for mid-range creams and although it ...

L'Oreal Youth Code Anti Wrinkle Night Care 09/11/2015

~The Code To Youth with L'Oreal~

L'Oreal Youth Code Anti Wrinkle Night Care L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Night Cream I go through a lot of creams and lotions, mainly because I tend to use too much at each application and also because although expensive I do like to buy new creams on a regular basis. I purchase this L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Night Cream from Boots on the high street and at the time I believe there was some sort of special price offer on so I only paid around the £11 region for it. The usual selling price of the 50ml pot is £16.49p which compared to other similar products from different companies is not too expensive and in the affordable for me price bracket. The cream itself is housed within a glass like lidded pot which when purchased comes inside a cardboard box. The box is where most of the product information is on such as ingredients and directions for use and so on. This box gets thrown away as soon as I open the cream as having to keep getting it out of the box before each use would just be a little bit of a pain. Product Description The Product description for this product reads as follows……….“L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream helps tackle wrinkles, and tired looking and dull complexion. Features breakthroughs derived from 10 years of gene science research” The cream is a nice bright white colour and has a very light fragrance which is noticed upon unscrewing the lid. The cream is very rich and……creamy. A small amount on the finger tips should be rubbed in a circular ...

Hasbro In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set 23/12/2014

~Shall We Go By Ninky Nonk?~

Hasbro In the Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set Hasbro In The Night Garden Ninky Nonk Train Set My little boy is In The Night Garden crazy, rather like my eldest was so for his second birthday at the beginning of this month he received a lot of related merchandise and this Ninky Nonk Train Set was one of the larger items. Price and Availability The Ninky Nonk Train Set is available from a lot of places and can be purchased as one whole set or as the individual carriages that can create the whole train. I purchased the set as a complete one from Argos and that set me back £45.99p. Having just had a little look online you can buy it from a range of different shops and catalogues but most of then are charging this sort of price. I don’t think that the price is overly bad for what you are getting and I am sure that we have already had our monies worth back through play. Look and Design The train set is made up from different sections that can be linked together and played with or kept singular and played with. The train is lead by the first section which has a small bit of string on the front allowing for the train to be pulled along. This first section also has flashing lights and interactive buttons. There are three buttons with characters on and these play the music and sounds from each of those characters. There is Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle and then Makka Pakka. These buttons give a good deal of different noises with each and Kai loves to dance along to each one of them in turn. There is also a star button ...

Little Tikes My First Slide 19/12/2014

~On Small Step for Toddler, One Giant Slide for Toddler Kind!~

Little Tikes My First Slide Little Tikes My First Slide This summer I really kitted out my garden with all things for the kids and we were out there constantly. Now that the colder and wetter weather is upon us outside time is limited but we are still managing to get out occasionally and the slide is still very much being used. Price and Availability I bought this slide from Argos for around the £20 region. I think there must have been some sort of special offer going on at the time because it is now currently £24.99p at Argos but can be found at a whole load of other online stores for much the same price. Look and Design The slide is a standard Little Tikes item which means that it is made from a very thick and tough durable plastic that offers a high quality product. This slide is foldable to that it can be stored easily and it is just a case of pushing in the sides so that the steps fold under the slide area. This is not so easily done but is manageable. The slide has nice bright colours of blue and green making up the steps and the slide. The steps are nice and wide and have a good gradient so that climbing is made relatively simple and safe for the child using it. The colours have faded slightly since I purchased it but I have found keeping it clean is nice and easy because of the fact it is pretty much just a smooth lump of plastic. I can’t say that it looks especially pretty in my garden as it is quite big and bright but my little boy loves it so I over look the not so ...

Russell Hobbs 20520 18/12/2014

~Russell Hobbs 20520 - Feeling the Heat!~

Russell Hobbs 20520 Russell Hobbs 20520 Toaster The toaster in my house gets used on a daily basis and I tend never to buy overly expensive toasters which is probably why I seem to need to buy a new one every couple of years. This is my current toaster which has been in the kitchen now for a good few months….. Price and Availability I purchased this toaster from a local independent electrical retailer in my home town. The price is probably a little more than I could have bought it online for but the convenience of purchasing it from just round the corner meant I wasn’t travelling or waiting to get it. I Paid £21.99p for it which is about the right sort of price having just looked online. The cheapest is about £15 and the most expensive being around the £25 price region so I don’t think shopping locally cost me much more at all. There are a whole ton of retailers online that appear to do it including Robert Dyas and Littlewoods and the fact that I was able to purchase it from a local store means that it is probably quite a common toaster and you won’t have any trouble at all finding it. Look and Design The toaster is nothing fancy or anything high-tech. It is a gloss black colour which is what I wanted to match in with the other small electrical items in my kitchen. I do like the fact that the toaster can be positioned either length ways or width ways on the kitchen counter because of the positioning of the buttons on the “end” of the appliance at the smaller width side. I ...

Impulse Hint of Musk Body Spray 20/11/2014

~HINT of Musk by Impulse~

Impulse Hint of Musk Body Spray Impulsive Hint of Musk Body Spray I always like to keep a small spray can of smelly stuff in my bag and my most recent purchase was this Impulse Hint of Musk….. Price and Availability The RRP of these cans are around the £1.99pence price tag and this is fairly steep considering the majority of the time you can pick them up when they are on some sort of special offer for half or even less than half that price. This is exactly what I did when purchasing this particular can. I paid 99p from my local Lloyds pharmacy shop and with my discount card which gives me 10% off I actually got it for even less than that. These Impulse cans of body fragrance can be purchased in a ton of different high street shops such as chemists and supermarkets and roughly you should expect to see a price tag of anywhere from the RRP of £1.99p too the half price sale offer of 99p. Look and Design The Impulse cans all have the similar type of look and design. The top of the spray can has changed over recent years so that there is not a detachable plastic lid but you are now just able to swivel the top section of the bottle round to crease a cover for the spray hole. This does work well and is a great improvement from the cans of old. This particular “Hint of Musk” variety has a more golden colour scheme than the others. The can is nice to look at and the 75ml that is housed in the packaging makes the can a good handbag type of size. There is plenty of extra information on the back of ...

Mamas & Papas pulse pushchair 15/05/2014

*Strolling Around With Mama and Papa*

Mamas & Papas pulse pushchair Mamas and Papas Pulse Stroller The Mamas and Papas Pulse Stroller is widely available from a variety of online and high street shops. I purchased mine around 10 months ago from Argos to replace the larger travel system which I felt was too cumbersome to be using on a fast day to day basis. The stroller itself was on a special offer at the time and I paid around the £40 mark for it which was a half price deal as the majority of places I have had a little look for it the price is in the £80 region. As far as name branded strollers or buggies go, this price is about right and although you can obviously find ones for a lot more and a few cheaper brands or shops own labels can be found at a cheaper price I think this £80 RRP sits in the good deal bracket. The stroller comes with a rain cover, shopping basket and hood which is all neatly packed into the box on purchase. The wheels are detached and these will need simply clicking into place and setting up the stroller to use took around 5 minutes and at which time it was ready to use. The looks and design of the stroller is pretty standard really. I have the black version although I do believe it can be bought in different colours if you shop about. Black I find will wear better as most child food dirt won’t show up to noticeably on the black material as apposed to other colours. The Mamas and Papas name is written on the stroller but other than this there is no real design to talk of. The seat where the child will ...

Tesco Value Plastic Cups 22/04/2014

~A Cup By Any Other Name!~

Tesco Value Plastic Cups Tesco value plastic cups. A children's party just wouldn't be a party without a buffet supplying all sorts of orange- beige coloured food and a fine selection of flimsy plastic table wear so of course I couldn't let jack down and on his last birthday which was his firth one so I invited the thirty children from his class to celebrate with him. This wasn't as cheap as i had anticipated it would be so we had to cut a few corners with its such as serviettes and the plates and cups which is why I opted for the cheapest possible disposable cups and invested in these tesco value ones For 55 pence you get a fairly decent amount of 25 cups in the set. Of course this was well short of what I needed so I ended up getting three of the packets so that we had enough for each guest and spares left over as plastic cups as these sort of events always get nice up and people want fresh one. Even when buying three packs of the cups I feel that the price is really good and not one that is beaten anywhere else either. Of course you do get what you pay for in the way that the plastic cups themselves are rather thin and a little flimsy. There were plenty knocked over and a fair few cracked after the initial use of a cup and I don't think there were many left at the end if the party to wash and reuse again if that was what we had intended to do with them. You do have to be careful as well because once the plastic cup does split, the edges of the split can be rathe sharp an not the best ...

Cath Kidston Block Pad 01/04/2014

~Take a Note!~

Cath Kidston Block Pad Cath Kidston Block Pad I really like the Cath Kidston pattern designs and have a good few bits of various patterns ranging from mugs to purses and most of my family an friends know that I am quite a fan. So luckily I received for Christmas this lovely block note pad from a friend and I was thrilled. The note pad that I have is of a very slightly different design to the one that is pictured here as mine is of a yellow colour and this matches my kitchen more than the blue on would so I am glad she picked out for me this colour. The flower and colour pattern is on all four sides of the block and is very slightly noticeable when one sheet is removed from the pad. I like the design an pattern and feel it looks far better than a plain one would do. The pad itself retails for around the £6 mark depending on where you purchase it from and I must say that I think this price is very reasonable considering its size, design and the amount of time it should last me to use up. I reckon it's a smashing gift idea. Not only is the pad itself super useful and very pretty but the people who designed it came up with a brilliant idea of putting a hole through the pad in the top corner where either a pen or pencil can be placed. This is ingenious as there is never a pen when you need one. We just have to remember to put it back if we remove it now!! I can't praise this pad enough. I think it is a cheap price for both the quality and quantity you get with it. It looks very ...

Tesco Value Platters 04/03/2014

~A Plate By Any Other Name!~

Tesco Value Platters Tesco value platters When having a party one of the key items you need for a buffet is some sort of serving platter and when it came to doing my little boy jacks last birthday party I decided to go down the disposable convenient route of using these tesco value platters. The last thing I needed was more expense with buying proper serving plates or the aftermath of having to wash and dry reusable ones either. For the resonance price of £2.50 pence you get five of these disposable aluminium platters of which we bought two packets of. They are of a fairly decent size with which to hold an assortment of sandwiches although for entertaining thirty children and there parents I found they could have been larger or indeed I could of purchased more packets!! The platters are really only suitable for lightweight goods such as sandwiches, crisps or chocolate fingers as they are not altogether that strong and we did find when loading them up with cooked cocktail sausages the middle of the trays bowed under the weight and we needed to have a hand under the bottom to support it. The trays are designed to be thrown away but the ones with the sandwiches on we're not damaged or really dirty so I guess we could have washed them up and kept them for any future parties we may decide to have which would make the price en more agreeable. Unfortunately though the platters all got thrown away it at £2.50 for 5 or 50 pence each its a price that can't be argued with. I would give ...
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