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Hello, I'm Nick - 20 years of age from Swansea.... Thanks so much for all of your rates, very much appreciated :) X

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Oreck Upright XL 17/08/2013

The lightweight cleaning machine that outperforms many!

Oreck Upright XL An Oreck has always been on my ‘to buy list’ ever since discovering the QVC TV shopping channel. I used to watch QVC demonstrating the machines pick-up ability and how they used to boast about the machines ultra-lightweight design and I just had to buy one. Our machine was a QVC special being one of the old stock models, (They must have found some lurking in the warehouse somewhere) and I picked the upright up for the rather reasonable price of £140 including an Oreck canister vacuum cleaner for cleaning the stairs and other hard to reach areas. Our machine is the Oreck 40th Anniversary edition upright with the filter knit bag and its blue and gold in colour, it’s actually slightly prettier than the standard grey versions… Not that you could actually describe an Oreck as pretty as they are not the best looking of household creatures! *** Opening the box and setting the vacuum cleaner up *** The Oreck came in a rather large and wide box containing both the upright and the canister vacuum. The upright was pre-assembled however it was not a plug and play job as we had to attach the handle and the power lead before use, this was a painless task and we were ready to go within 5 minutes or so, it actually took longer than that as we struggled to find a Phillips screwdriver to screw the handle on. Once together we were ready to go, there was a bag already installed in the machine and a spare included in the box so we plugged her in and flicked the switch. *** Cleaning with ...

Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Mat 26/01/2013

Got2be using this for the rest of my life!

Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Mat Unfortunately my hair is totally lifeless and I look like a complete idiot unless I use some form of styling product each morning to give it a boost. I have tried many different products over the years and I came across this Got2b Beach Matt paste in Tesco a few weeks back at the rather reasonable price of £3.97 for a 100ml tin. The paste is contained in a fancy looking metal pot with a screw on blue lid, this attracted me to the paste as it simply looked cool compared to the other brands on the shelf! *** About Got2b Beach Matt paste *** Got2be Beach Matt is a surfer’s look Matt paste that’s spread through the hair to tousle and texturize the hair and it offers a medium hold. The paste is a matt effect paste that improves the look of the hair and prevents a greasy looking style. The paste has many uses; it can be used to create a straight, tame or messed up style depending on the user’s preference. The paste is best applied to damp or dry hair and it smells absolutely divine. *** Using the product *** I was shocked when I first used this paste, I dipped my finger into the pot and took out a good amount and rubbed it into the palm of my hand as instructed… All was easy until I spread it through my hair! The paste set rather quickly and I found it hard to move my hand through my hair to style due to the drag created by the product, it took a while of twisting and pulling to get the style I wanted but it worked in the end. Looking back over my first experience of using ...

Samsung SR 8845 21/12/2012

A surprisingly good robot from Samsung without too many drawbacks

Samsung SR 8845 A few weeks back I found myself selling our fantastic Neato Robot vacuum cleaner on eBay to raise funds for a holiday. It was not long before we realised that a robot vacuum in our household is pretty much a necessity and this is where the Samsung SR8845 came into our lives, we found her on eBay for a tad over £250 which seemed an average price for this make / model. The SR8845 was advertised to clean the house well and being a 'Navibot' allows it to methodically clean using its inbuilt camera that reads the ceilings to plan the cleaning routes, this all sounded good and persuaded us to purchase the cleaner. *** Setting up etc. *** The Samsung was neatly packed and inside the box we found; -The robot itself -A charging base -A remote control -A virtual wall unit -Spare HEPA filter And the usual user manuals. A quick flick through the manual explained how and where to install the cleaners charging unit and after an hour or so our robot displayed the battery full logo and she was good to go. The unit was extremely easy to set up and it looked very stylish sitting in our living room, our last robot was very retro style and it was nice to see something more modern sitting in the living room. To start the cleaning process I picked up the remote, pressed the start button and off the robot went! *** Cleaning performance *** The robot instantly impressed us as it drove around our living room picking up bits and bobs whilst leaving fluffed up carpet stripes. The unit has a ...

Dualit 46201 15/11/2012

A lovely looking toaster from Dualit, modern yet classic!

Dualit 46201 Our last toaster was unfortunate enough to experience a fall from the kitchen counter, straight onto a tile floor and she was beyond repair, this accident actually started off a full kitchen renovation and we replaced all of our appliances to match our new colour scheme. After a good browsing session in John Lewis it was clear that we were committed to the Dualit range of kitchen appliances, they looked great on display, seemed to be of an excellent quality and Dualit is a name that we’ve always associated with quality appliances from family recommendations. We picked up the Dualit 46201 toaster for a rather reasonable £69 online; I can’t quite remember where we ordered it however Amazon rings a bell in my head! The toaster was soon with us and it was easy to set up, we removed if from the box, pulled all of the protective polystyrene from the appliance and placed it on a level hard surface without any other appliances close by…. I’m telling slight lies here as our kettle is right next door to the toaster but that’s what the manual recommends! ~~~ The look and features ~~~ The Dualit 46201 is a lovely looking four slot toaster that looks very modern yet classic to fit in with almost any décor, our kitchen is a farmhouse kitchen but I’m sure that this toaster would settle into a modern kitchen just as nicely. Ours is mainly cream in colour with stainless steel panels on the sides of which give the toaster a classic / semi industrial look and it does the job nicely, I ...

Braun Series 3 340s-4 29/10/2012

The Braun series 3 shaves well!

Braun Series 3 340s-4 Well I’ve hit that magic age that forces me to shave my face daily and in all honesty, it’s a nightmare! The time that shaving takes out of my life is unbelievable and I was fed up of using disposable razors that I would continue to cut myself with time and time again. Things changed last year after a trip to Tesco and this is where the ‘Braun series 3’ shaver came into my life, I went electric! Being a man is hard work in the face department and I have a fear of facial hair, I thought that going electric would make me feel slightly better about myself and I was kind of correct … I found this little beauty in Tesco for what seemed to be a reasonable price at £59, however I’ve now discovered that they can be purchased slightly cheaper online, never mind. The box was quite nice looking and it definitely caught my attention from considering any other shaver brands, it was manly looking yet professional and eye-catching! The features listed on the box described the shaver to be showerproof, quick charging and suitable for the longer types of facial hair….. Hmmm! Inside the box; • The Shaver (Obviously) • A charger • Instructions etc. The box was easy to open and the set up instructions were very easy to read and understand, the setup only involved plugging the charger into the shaver socket for roughly an hour which seemed pretty quick, the quick charging feature was soon confirmed as the shaver was ready to use within an hour. The charger instantly impressed me as usually ...

Samsung UE40ES5500 15/10/2012

The 40" beast from Samsung's LED TV range :)

Samsung UE40ES5500 Our kitchen was treated to a makeover last month and it was time to add the finishing touches, one being the Samsung 40” UE40ES5500 LED TV. We purchased this attractive little beast at John Lewis one weekend for just a tad under £500, it was on offer with a free wall hanging bracket and it seemed to be the perfect TV for our kitchen without being hugely overpriced. We were instantly surprised by how thin the LED TV’s are these days and this fact combined with the good specs of this TV sold it to us and we left the store smiling albeit £500 poorer! ~~~ About the Samsung UE40ES5500 ~~~ This TV from Samsung is a very slim and rather sexy looking TV set with a 40” screen with the latest HD LED technology. The TV offers a stunning picture quality with its full 1080P HD screen and LED backlighting to create darker blacks and brighter displayed colours. The TV is mainly black with a slightly translucent surround around the screen making it look very modern yet classic allowing the TV to settle in with most decors, it’s very slim being just under 2” thick, 93” Wide and 60” in height. The TV came supplied with a fancy looking stand that allows the TV to sit on any flat and level surface or it can be fastened to a wall with a bracket usually purchased separately for around £40, luckily ours came free. This TV has Samsung’s new ‘Smart TV’ software installed that basically turns the TV into a computer allowing the user to browse the internet, watch TV straight from the internet or ...

Pure Digital Flip Ultra F260 05/10/2012

Flip Camera's are flipping good!

Pure Digital Flip Ultra F260 I was searching for a small and effective video recorder for quite some time after filling my iPhone’s memory to the max rendering it unusable; kindly a friend kindly offered me a Flip Video camera free of charge. The Flip F260 model typically costs the high price of £149 on Amazon, they seems quite hard to find as not many adverts for this model are on eBay however I’m sure that one of these could be picked up second hand for around £50 - £60. Toys-R-Us seem to have a good offer on at this time as I spotted them in store yesterday for the rather reasonable price of £68. ~~~ About theF260 Flip Camera ~~~ The Flip Camera has been designed to be a simple and easy to use, portable camcorder that has everything needed to take a video, transfer and display the videos on-board. The camera has 2GB’s of internal storage to take videos of up to 60 minutes in length in VGA quality, VGA is typically 0.3 megapixels so the quality is not designed to be perfect making this the perfect camera for amateur / family use. The Flip camera is powered by two AA batteries of which are not rechargeable however rechargeable batteries can be used if need be and they should last two full 60 minutes recording sessions unless they are cheap batteries of course! The camera has an on-board screen of which is small but effective measuring 1.5” and the quality is rather good, the overall dimensions of the camera are 4.17” in height, 2.16” wide and 1.25” deep so it’s easy to store. ~~~ Setting the Flip ...

Acer Aspire 5552G 30/09/2012

The Acer Aspire isn't too bad for the money!

Acer Aspire 5552G Before I bought my wonderful Dell XPS laptop I owned the Acer Aspire 5552G laptop and used it daily in my job and for leisure. I purchased this laptop from a company on eBay and I paid roughly £329 including the delivery which at the time - roughly 15 months ago was a very good deal but they were only retailing for about £400 in the shops, being such a highly spec'd laptop this was a very reasonable price and I quickly ordered mine. *** About the Acer Aspire 5552G *** The Aspire 5552G is yet another one of Acers creations, they seem to make a new laptop daily and I've owned a few. The 5552G is a powerful laptop built to be affordable and apparently easy to use. It boasts a rather large 15.6" High definition LCD screen with an all black and glossy surround to be easy on the eyes. The laptop comes with the Windows 7 home premium operating system as standard, a respectable 750GB hard drive, a AMD phenom 11 processor and a powerful AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card to support the HD display.... This is all too technical for me however I understand it slightly! All of these powerful devices are packed into the 17" laptop to provide a rather good gaming experience and smooth daily use while running various applications at the same time. *** Setting the Aspire 5552G up for the first use and first impressions*** From memory this was a fairly simple operation and it was almost as easy as opening the box and pressing the on button, actually it was that simple as that was all ...

Dell XPS 14z (L412z) 29/09/2012

Life is good with the XPS14Z!

Dell XPS 14z (L412z) I seem to go through laptops like I do pairs of socks, yet again a few months back it was time to buy another. Once again I decided to purchase one from the USA while on a work trip as even with the customs TAX paid upon entering the UK the laptop would still have cost considerably less than purchasing it from the rip-off UK! After scouring through the different options in the Microsoft store I decided to buy the Dell XPS 14Z as it was the nicest looking and the best performing out of all that were on display - plus I had $100 extra discount and a free carrying bag, bargain! I was tempted to get an Apple MacBook but I thought I'd give Microsoft a chance as Apple seems to be taking over the world slowly but surely. I ended up paying $727 for this laptop which I thought was a very fair price when comparing it to other brands with similar specifications and it came with plenty of extra accessories. *** Opening the box *** The box was beautiful and it looked very much like that of a MacBook, it was only when I opened the box that I realised the laptop itself looks very much like a MacBook with it’s cute curves and fancy inset keyboard. My father has an Apple MacBook and while the two are side by side you can definitely see similarities although, dare I say that I think the Dell is better built being about the same thickness, it feels just as sturdy however being much lighter than the MacBook so it's great for travelling. Obviously you cannot compare the two as they use ...

Holts Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair 25/09/2012

Tyreweld always gets me home safely!

Holts Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair Since the day of passing my driving test I’ve been worried about experiencing punctures, I used to have nightmares of being stuck in the middle of nowhere and not knowing how to change a tyre! Unfortunately my nightmare became reality a few months back and I was stuck in the middle of Brecon at night with a flat tyre and guess what… My spare tyre was missing so I couldn’t have even attempted to replace it myself! Luckily my Father had popped a can of Holts ‘Tyreweld’ in my boot in case of an unexpected puncture and it truly saved me that day. He picked the can up in Halfords for the rather reasonable price of £9.99 which truly is good value, you soon realise just how reasonable this cost is when your stuck in the middle of nowhere with the urge to pay any sort of money to get home safely! *** About Holt’s tyreweld *** Holts tyreweld is an emergency puncture repair formula designed to be a quick and easy way to ‘get you home’ after experiencing a puncture. The can contains a unique formula that seals and re-inflates a tubeless car, trailer or caravan tyre up to and including 16” in diameter while keeping the user safe and free from the dangers of changing a tyre on the side of a busy road / motorway. The formula is a safe and efficient way of re-inflating a tyre, it’s designed not to cause damage to the tyre after use meaning a professional repair can be made to the original so a replacement tyre is not always necessary. The formula is held in a 500ml can with a straw ...

Black & Decker AS36LN - 3.6V Cordless Auto Select Screwdriver 20/09/2012

It's a pleasure to screw with Black & Decker!

Black & Decker AS36LN - 3.6V Cordless Auto Select Screwdriver As sad as it sounds, an electric screwdriver is something that I’ve always dreamt of owning since being a small child! Many years ago I used to watch my father using his machine and they looked good fun and they always interested me (sad again!). About a year ago now I purchased lots of flat packed furniture to update my bedroom, this is when I realised that I simply could not go on it life without an electric screwdriver. I spotted the Black & Decker AS36LN electric screwdriver in a local timber and builders merchants for the very reasonable price of £36, a quick comparison on the iPhone confirmed that this was an excellent price so I grabbed the last one and fled home. *** About the AS36LN *** The unit is made by Black & Decker being assembled in China – as usual! The screwdriver is designed for general DIY use and it doesn’t seem to be aimed at the trade with a rather low but powerful enough 3.6V built in battery. The screwdriver is battery powered and the internal batteries are fully rechargeable using the cradle provided with the driver making it a very portable and handy device. Included in the box are various screwdriver bits and a small storage tin to keep the whole lot in to prevent anything getting lost or broken in storage. The driver is a rather powerful device with many different torque settings to suit the type of materials being screwed and it ensures a snug fit of every screw into the material. *** Setting the screwdriver up for the first use *** This ...

Gorenje RK60359OC 19/09/2012

Gorenje - A retro / quality fridge at a reasonable price.

Gorenje RK60359OC This month has been very eventful with many of our electrical appliances blowing up, falling over or mysteriously ceasing to work for no apparent reason… Unfortunately our fridge was one of those appliances that refused to work any longer and a replacement was necessary. We came across the ‘Gorenje RK60359OC’ Cream coloured retro style fridge/freezer on for the reasonable price of £769.99 with next day delivery. The fridge / freezer combination seemed rather expensive when compared to some of the other makes and models listed on the website however they did not look as nice as the Gorenje, we wanted something retro looking and the Goreneje seemed to be the best looking of the selection. *** About the Gorenje RK60359OC *** The Gorenje RK60359OC is a retro styled fridge/freezer combination designed to look retro but affordable when compared to similar brands of such styling. The unit is designed to look retro on the outside with its rounded cream panels and chrome handles, but it certainly is not so retro on the inside offering all of the modern features that are to be expected of any modern fridge/freezer unit. The fridge has a generous 229L net capacity and the freezer a reasonable 92L with four glass shelves inside the fridge and two small and one larger drawer in the freezer. The unit is very energy efficient with an A++ rating, we have been trying to cut down our carbon footprint and we’ve done our little bit by buying this efficient beast also ...

Samsung UE65ES8000 18/09/2012


Samsung UE65ES8000 Unfortunately our faithful 65” Themescene TV came to the end of its life a few weeks back when it fell forward and literally smashed to pieces while my Mother was doing the dusting! The crashing sound was rather horrendous and we certainly will not forget the sound for a long time, but it was an excuse to purchase a new TV and the search soon began. After a quick browse of the TV’s in Curry’s our mind was made up and we were 100% purchasing a Samsung after comparing the quality of their screens to other brands, unfortunately our local Curry’s did not stock the 65” ES8000 due to its large size and they recommended ordering it on the Curry’s website but we were put off by the long delivery time of up to four weeks. We eventually found the Samsung UE65ES8000 LED TV listed on for £3100 with many extras included, the Curry’s website was advertising the TV without the extras for £3500 at the time so we went ahead and ordered ours from RGB. (After writing this paragraph I noticed that Curry’s have an offer on at the moment offering 20% off their Samsung TV’s over £1500, I won’t tell the Father as it would seriously depress him, whoops!) *** Information on the Samsung UE65ES8000 LED Television *** This TV is one of Samsung’s latest Smart televisions at the time of writing, it has an LED powered display offering crisp HD images while being more efficient than other types of TV’s by saving energy every year – This doesn’t come without a cost though as the set costs ...

Samsung WB500 16/09/2012

A superb camera!

Samsung WB500 I first came across the Samsung WB500 digital camera while browsing the shelves in Tesco for a new Satnav, I had saved for a new Satnav for a few months and strangely enough I came away that day with a camera instead of a Satnav…. That’s exactly how weird I can be! The camera was priced at £229 at the time roughly two years ago – It’s very much cheaper now at around £99, I couldn’t resist picking it from the shelf due to its looks, the big lens did it for me as I had always wanted one of those ‘Big lens’ cameras which I believe are called SLR’s? The Samsung WB500 looked to be an in-between of a normal digital camera and an SLR so I picked her up and left the store a happy boy. *** About the Samsung WB500 *** The WB500 is a nice looking digital camera fitted with a beastly Schneider Kreuznach 24mm Ultra Wide lens with a 10x optical zoom. The camera has a fair sized LCD screen at 2.7” and many features to improve and modify pictures taken. The camera is chunky but small enough to fit into a standard sized pocket with ease, has a built in but removable rechargeable battery that provides an excellent battery life compared to some other cameras with similar specs. *** Setting the camera up for the first use *** This was a very easy process with no headaches caused of any kind. Inside the box I found the camera, a charger, a 1GB memory card and an instruction manual, that was it…. No messing around – it was simply a plug and play job. The handbook recommended a full charge ...

Russell Hobbs 17880-56 Steam Glide 13/09/2012

An iron that works delightfully but noisily!

Russell Hobbs 17880-56 Steam Glide Ironing has to be one of the most hated chores in our household and there is unfortunately no escaping it, unless we want to walk around looking like shriveled up prunes of course! This task calls for a good iron in a household with six family members needing clean clothes daily, this is where the Russell Hobbs 17880 steam generator iron came into our life. We had never owned a steam generator iron before and it was a new adventure for us, we didn’t want to spend a fortune as after all we were not sure whether this type of iron would work for us so we purchased this at a reasonably cheap cost of £89 in Comet. It was on offer at the time of buying some months back and from looking around the various websites selling this model - the average price seems to be around the £100 mark. *** Some information on the Russell Hobbs 17880 iron *** The Russell Hobbs 17880 is a high pressured steam generating iron that produces up to five times the amount of steam as most conventional steam irons. It’s rated at 2100 Watts so it’s quite powerful and uses a fair amount of electricity during use compared to some smaller irons, the iron is designed to make ironing quicker and easier than a conventional iron so the energy use may actually decrease compared to some conventional irons of a similar wattage. The steam generator has a large 1 Litre water container which means less refilling compared to most conventional irons with smaller containers. *** Setting the iron up for the first use ...
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