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The L Word - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 20/08/2008

the best lesbian series ever

The L Word - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) I bought this series just on the fluke that it might be good, you had the likes of jennifier beales who was from flashdance, and erin daniels whos been in a few csi series. Plus loads of other great actresses. Anyway, i put it on, and to say i loved it is an understatement. The series is completely gripping, its all about a group of lesbian/ bisexual women and there lifes and relationships etc. What first hit me about this series was how realistic the acting was, you would think they were all gay. They also seem to get on well both on screen and in real life, which i really like and this comes across in the series. This season is left on a great cliff hanger, and will have you dying to see more episodes. Each episode is 45 minutes long, though it seems like 20minutes, as its so gripping. Its a very funny, and the script is well written. All the actresses bar 1 or 2, are very feminine which is refreshing for a lesbian series. It really helps to portray the different types of lesbians, some being manly others very feminine. Overall this is a fantastic series, and one i'd throughly recommend

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener 20/08/2008

Best straightners in the world

GHD Mark IV Styler Hair Straightener I love my ghd straightners! Ive tried many different types of hair straightners and they've all been ok, but ive never really thought that they straighten my hair particularly well. A commone theme, is that it doesnt stay straight for very long, which is very annoying, or that it takes an age to straighten my hair, and this means my hair gets split ends! A friend recommend the ghd straightners to me a few months back, and i had seen them in the shops, but at £130 a go, i had always walked pass them. Anyway, i bit the bullett and bought a pair, firstly, i have to say they felt good in my hand, they werent too bulky, and easy to manevoure through the hair. The heat up time was fantastic, just seconds and the little red indicator light was blinking away to say they were ready. But the most amazing thing about them is how well they straighten the hair, it takes me about 3 minutes to straighten my hair in the morning, and the best bit, it stays straight for most of the day, maybe needing a touch up if im going out at night. I really love these straighteners, they are definetely worth the money. Just on a quick note, the cord that comes with these striaghteners, often tangles, and on mine it caused the connection to be lost, and they wouldnt heat up. I bought on ebay, a new cord, fitted it myself, and they work perfectly. So if this happens to you, look on ebay, theres a guy who supplies these cords, or he fixes your straightners for just £30. On my new cord, i ...

In Her Shoes (DVD) 20/08/2008

a good film, with good acting

In Her Shoes (DVD) I went to see this in the cinema when it came out, and it i have to say i wasnt too sure i liked it when i came out of the cinema. It was quite a serious type of comedy, which i wasnt expecting. I rewatched it last night though, and have to say i prefered it second time round. It was about 2 sisters who are completely different, one is played by toni collette and shes sensible and hasnt alot of confidence in herself, shes not very successful with men and was called fat as a child. The other sister is played cameron diaz and shes a daft, easy going, attractive blonde, and you see her ruin her sisters life in the beginning of the movie. She doesnt have alot of thought for others, especially her poor sister who does everything for her. After months apart, Cameron Diaz's character maggie, takes stock of her life and then goes on to sort herself out, and she becomes a much nicer indidivual. You see her become more sensible and alot more caring and her transformation is great and i really did like the new maggie. You acting is very realisitc between the 2 leading ladies, and you feel they could be sisters. The relationship between the two sisters is very sweet, especially in the end scene. Its a sweet ending and one that i did enjoy. However there some heavy parts at the start of the film, so stick with it. Good acting by both sisters, and it was fairly flowing all the way through, with plenty of laughs. ...

Now Foods Echinacea 19/08/2008

excellent product, a cold cure at last

Now Foods Echinacea Having always suffered from terrible colds, that last weeks and complete depress me, I was given a tub of echinacea by a friend. I always take vitamin c drinks, but though they have some help they never taken a cold away, just made it more bearable, so i wasnt expecting much. The echinacea themselves are a tiny little tablet, and it is suggested to take one a day. Anyway, one day im feeling abit low and i can feel my throat sore, and i think what the hell lets try it out, by the next day I was fine, and whenever i have had the feelings of a cold, if i take one of these tablets everyday until i feel normal, the cold never develops, it is quite amazing actually. If you suffer from colds, my advice would be to get some of this tablets. They are very cheap to buy and have really helped me, and though i dont take these everyday as i know some do, they work a treat when my immune system is down. One last thing, the tablets taste a little metally, but nothing too bad, they are tiny so a gulb of water and they are gone. Its well worth it , trust me! So these are big thumbs up. well worth it. ...

Kirby: Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS) 19/08/2008

like mario bros, great game

Kirby: Super Star Ultra (Nintendo DS) This was a great game, one that is highly addictive and one i'd throughly recommend. You play kirby, a little pink creature who has to get back kirbys snacks that have been stolen from mice. The start of the game is well set out, it guides you through how to play at the beginning of the game, and its really easy to pick it up, i didnt even bother using my instruction manuel. You can suck in your enemy's and take on there powers, so this means you can be lots of different kirby's and i liked this. Also at the end bosses, you have to be wise and choose the right power, as otherwise defeating each boss is very difficult. This is highly addictive, and took me about a week to complete, it reminded me of the mario style of game, and id recommend it if you like super mario bros. The bosses are easy to begin with, but do get harder, so dont think its an easy game, the last boss is very tricky. I think you can pick this up on ebay for about £10-£15, and i'd throughly recommend it.

Danone Activia Rhubarb 19/08/2008

lovelly tasting yogurts

Danone Activia Rhubarb Having always felt bloated after eating, i saw these on tv and though what the hell, lets give them a try. Firstly, i have to say they are incredibly expensive, and this is a major turn off, you get 4 and if you have one a day as recommended, then that wont last you even a week, and at £2 a go this is expensive. Sometimes though they have offers, so i really only tend to buy when an offer is on. Well what about the taste, well this is paced full of flavour and is very nice, its sweet and not sour like some bio yogurts are, but its has bits, and if your not keen on them, then you wont like these yogurts. Finally, do they work, well i do feel better when i eat them but whether they make me feel less bloated i have to say i didnt notice any difference. Overall these are nice tasting yogurts, but very expensive, and im not 100% they did me any good, so my advice would be to give them a try and see for yourself, just dont expect miracles.

Tiscali "Smart Talk" 19/08/2008

cheap cheap cheap

Tiscali "Smart Talk" I have been a customer of tiscali for many years, and in that time it has had its good points and its bad. To start off i was a tesco customer, and though i had little problem with my connection, i had terrible problems switching over plans. The prices also went up alot, so i eventually switched to Tiscali. The switch over was abit of a nightmare, but the price was excellent and the cheapest broadband provider ive used and kinda outweighted this. Since that time, the most annoying part of tiscali is that you lose connection at least once a day! Sometimes its just for a few minutes, but once i lost connection for 2 days! The worse part about it is that you will find it very difficult to speak to anyone, and the price is very expensive to call, about 30p a minute! And sometimes you are on hold for 30minutes plus. I havent heard alot of good things about tiscali, but the only thing in there favour which is why i put with them is the price, it far outweights the others. The package you get, is broadband, phone calls and line rental for £20, this is outstanding value, and the phone line is great, ive never had a problem with it. You also get all the facilities that you get with bt, like 1471, etc etc and international calls are very cheap. So my advice is dont expect a troublefree time with regards to the broadband side, but if you after a cheap provider, this is worth it. ...

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii) 19/08/2008

great wii game

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii) I was a go on my friends wii, a few weeks back, and we played lego indiana jones in 2 player mode and i have to say i loved it. It was one of the best games ive played in ages. It was very easy, as you had infinite lives, this is good in someways, as you can never die, but i think makes the game to easy. Anyhow, there were alot of puzzles and this was great in the game, my favourtite feature actually. The music was great, and the graphics were spot on. I especially liked it when you stopped moving for a few minutes and indy would use his lazoo and scoop up the lady and kiss her. I though this game was well though out, and it really did feel like you in the game. I'd throughly recommend this game, theres alot of things to keep you occupied and alot of great features and great animation. 2 player mode is great, as each person has different abilities and this makes each player vitally important. 1 player mode is also excellent, and is completely entertaining. 19/08/2008

a lovelly shopping site I have always been a customer of riverisland and ive always loved there clothing and accessorries. Then when i saw they had an online store i was thrilled, the layout is excellent, its easy to nagivate, and the clothes you can zoom into and the feel of the site is great. I love that the clothes are shown on a model, and not just laid out like dorthy perkins website does. The one thing is its really expensive, and from past experience river island clothes break very easily. But ive always gone back to them as i love the style of there clothes, always pretty unique and funky. Delivery is free over £100 and around £5 under that amount, they arent say as quick as next, although you do have the option of express delivery for i think £7, and this is very quick. Standard delivery takes around 3-5 days, and is well packaged in boxes. Ive had a few errors made, with items not in the box or items never being received, but riverisland are very good on the phone and sort it out for you. The one thing that does get on my nerves at christmas time was i bought about £200 worth of clothes as christmas gifts in september, however of those clothes only 1 or 2 actually turned up, the rest all eventually told me sold out, in one case this was months later. This was annoying, so until your item arrives dont count on receiving it. Overall a great shopping site

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) 19/08/2008

great series, one to definetely watch out for

Gilmore Girls - Series 1 (Box Set) (DVD) I saw a clip of this program a few weeks back, id never heard of it, but after a few minutes i was laughing out loud and had to buy the first season. This series is all about a mother and a daughter who live in a small town and its all about there life and things they get up to. It is very entertaining, and very funny, the daughter and mother are hiliarious and their wit is spot on. There is also a grandmother played by emily bishop, who i think was the mother is dirty dancing. She is very posh, and very funny and the relationship between her and her daughter is a class act, and develops and gets alot funnier as the series progress. I have never heard of this program, its currenlty showing on e4, but it is into season 2 or 3, so best to start from the first. I have never seen the mother or daughter in anything before, but the acting was spot on, and they were fantastic, to be fair all the acting is spot on. The chef, zuzki, is also very funny and will have you in stitches. You can buy the first 2 seasons, on ebay or play for about £10, and there are 22 episodes in the first season so loads of hours, as each episode is 45minutes long.

Clairol Herbal Essences Highlights 19/08/2008

great highlighting kit

Clairol Herbal Essences Highlights i have blonde hair, but a friend of mine told me why dont i get some blonde highlights, just to make a difference. i have never dyed my hair in the past, so we went to a hairdresser, paid £30 and i have to say i loved my hair. The blonde highlights looked great. However, 3 months later the highlights had started to fade but £30 a go for highlights every 3 months is expersive, so i went to boots to have a look round for maybe a kit so i could do it myself. Thats when i came across this herbal essences kit, it looked alot simplier than all the other kits and wasnt a bad price at £6. With the kit you get a blue applicator, and few different bottles, you mix all the bottles together and shake hard. Then with a friend, use the applicator and comb the applicator through your hair, we do it in layers. The dye is blue so you can see where you've done, but dont worry your hair wont stay blue. Anyway it takes about 10-15 minutes to do and you need to wait about 30-45 for the dye to work. Then rinse it out, and use the conditioner thats in the kit to prolong the colour. The effect is great, and you'll get better each time you use it. It lasts about 3 months, which is excellent and looks very natural. You can get lots of different shades and each box will do 2 people. This is great value for money, and really easy to do. 19/08/2008

great bargain site Ebay for me has been a godsend, i buy all my gifts from there, and i estimate that i save £1000s of pounds at christmas buying off ebay. I can buy so much more for my money, and it is a marvel. It is very good for clothes, and i can buy river island jeans for about £5-£10, which would cost me £30 in the shops, its brilliant. Ebay is also great if you have anything to sell, you will get much more than at a car boot sale. The major problem however is you are dealing with people, some people are lovelly, and you have an easy transaction, but sometimes and ive experienced this you have a nightmare transaction and it really ruins the ebay expereince. Now i'd say i get much more postitive than negative, so my advice is not to give up if this has happened to you, and put you off. Recently however, i feel ebay has made a massive doo doo. They no longer allow sellers to leave negative feedback, and this is not good, it basically gives the buyer too much power. Personally it think they should get away with negative and postitve feedback, and instead you can leave if you wish a detailed description of your experience, both ways. There can no abuse in this description, and the feedback is closely monitior by ebay first. Overall ebay is great to get a bargain, you will come across nightmare sellers and buyers, but these are not the norm, so dont think everyone will be like this, most people are lovelly and very helpful
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