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Nokia 6310i 11/06/2003

Nokia forever

Nokia 6310i I am one of those people that will remain loyal to a brand if first impressions are good and Nokia have never failed me. I have had three Nokia handsets in the past 5 years, some of you might think - that’s not that many! But I make the most of my mobiles and when they cease to work I replace them for a better model. Where was I? Ah yes, discussing the pros and cons of the Nokia 6310i. I got this model because my husband had the same one and it seemed to work pretty well, prior to this mobile I was the proud owner of one of the first WAP Nokias – the 7110 until the battery died. There are various types of mobile buyers: - innovator – this person is prepared to pay what it takes - the early adopter – has to have the latest mobile and will probably have one of those 3 by now - early majority – now that 3 have launched has joined the early adopter - late majority – until the price gets lower won’t start buying - laggards – will only buy it if it desperately improves their lives. I am a late majority type – I knew I wanted this mobile but I wasn’t going to pay for it until the price got reduced, So what is so good about this phone? - It’s got all the basic Nokia features, practical for daily use: clock, alarm clock, countdown timer, games, calculator, calendar and to-do list - Bluetooth, which enables wireless connections between electronic devices at a range of max 10 meters at no extra ... 28/04/2003

One stop shop for online betting Online betting sites have thrived recently; almost every ISP has got a betting section nowadays. With the Grand National coming I wanted to find a suitable site to place my yearly horse racing bet. I did a couple of searches on google and found The site does what it says on its domain name, it checks for best online betting odds through a range of high street bookmakers (around 20 - Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill are there to mention some). Not being an expert on betting myself I found their betting guide on the homepage most useful and after scanning through it I was ready to place my first online bet. The navigation bar is very simple and easy to use, all you need to do is find the sporting event you want to place check the odds on, click on it and it will take you to a page with all the current matches, horse races etc, you can then select what you want to bet on. Each sporting event is displayed on an oddstable with each bookmaker covering that sporting event and their odds. When you get to the odds table you must be quick to place your bet as the prices change pretty easy, especially for important events such as the Grand National. Once you’ve found the best odd, you can click on it and it will take you to the bookmakers site where you can register and place a bet. The downside is that registration can take some time and the odd you selected may have changed whilst you were registering. Overall, I found the site easy to use and straight to ...

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier 27/02/2003

A must for new mothers

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Being a first time mum can be very expensive if you fall into the trap of buying everything Mothercare or other similar shops say you need. I was lucky enough to have a couple of friends that had gone through this before I did, and could give me useful advice on what you need and what you can live without. One of the items that they recommended was the Baby Bjorn Carrier. I am so glad I bought it. There are many similar carriers on the market but this one is the popular choice, it has also won some Mother and Baby awards so it was very well endorsed. I got it from Peter Jones, but almost every big department store or baby shop/nursery furniture has them. The cost was £39.99 - yes, a bit steep but well worth it! They come in a very limited style edition, I got the all in black one but I believe there is a special leather edition one and some with tartan bits. The sling is very easy to use and the baby is carried comfortably, my baby used it when she was 4 days old and seem pretty happy to be there. As the baby grows you can adapt the sling to their length and place your baby facing inwards or outwards. Seven months on, she still fits in the baby sling and it’s the easiest way for me to carry her around when we use the tube (too many stairs for using prams) or some of London’s buses. Overall, a good value for money product.

Cortes Ingles, Barcelona 03/05/2001

The one and only Spanish Department Store

Cortes Ingles, Barcelona El Corte Ingles ( the English Cut) is the only big department store in Spain present in most big cities. Barcelona has got two, one strategically located in the busiest part of the city – Placa Catalunya (7 floors) and the other situated in the main Business and Finance street – Diagonal (5 floors). Compared to UK department stores I would say that El Corte Ingles could be at the same level as John Lewis, although some people might say that it would be closer to Selfridges. Most of these department stores have the same layout: Lower ground floor – Supermarket with a wide selection of top class meats, cheeses, wines, cava, etc Groud floor – Accessories, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Souvenirs… Then upwards, each floor is dedicated to a category only – menswear, womeswear, children, house & garden, sports, electronics etc. Only selected shops have Bridal Department, Holiday Bookings, change of currency, both in Barcelona have got these extra services. Pros - You could buy everything you need for your house, garden and lifestyle from El Corte Ingles. - The stores provide excellent quality goods and good customer service. They have a wide range of own labels and also designer goods such as levi’s, Diesel, etc Cons - The prices might be seen as a bit too expensive for an average working person in Spain but quite competitive for UK visitors as the pound is still very strong. Overall, I would recommend this type ...

Ericsson 260 23/01/2001

DECTS - are they worth it

Ericsson 260 Digital cordless telephones, some people love them, some don’t. I fall into the middle ground category; I don’t really need one but was given one as a present. Consequently, I have found them to be very useful! Choosing the right cordless phone for you is not an easy task; you are flooded with multiple models, different features and a range of prices. My advice would be list what you want from a cordless phone and then find the phone that matches your expectations inside your price range. Try and divide the desired features into two groups a) mandatory and b) nice to have. A top of the range digital cordless phone can cost you up to £160. The Ericsson 260 I have comes nicely packed with a 120-page user’s guide, handset, base station and power plug. Installation is straightforward and the battery requires only 3 hours to charging time. As I said before, the user’s guide is 120 pages long. Why I hear you say? Well, this phone has got so many features that it is worth while reading the manual first to optimize the use. List of main features: Built-in digital answering machine *************** *************** No more BT call minder! If no one answers the phone the base station will connect the caller to the answer machine after a predetermined number of rings. This answer machine can store up to 59 messages or a total of 15 minutes recording time. You can record your own announcement or just use the standard one in the machine. You ...

Barcelona in general 19/01/2001

Barcelona es guapa

Barcelona in general The first thing that a visitor should do when visiting this marvelous city is forget all the preconceptions that they have about Spain - Barcelona is another world! As you might know Barcelona is situated in Catalunya (Spain is divided in many regions and Catalunya is one of them). Each region has their own cultural background, customs, traditions and some speak other languages. Catalunya is very different from the rest of the regions in Spain and Barcelona is its capital. If you went to Barcelona and were expecting to see some bullfighting or flamenco dancing, you are in the wrong place!! Barcelona is a city well known for its cultural diversity and for being very cosmopolitan. I am not going to give you an extensive description of areas to visit, just some guidelines, I believe the best way of discovering a city is by getting a map and just follow your instincts. Olympic Route Barcelona held the Olympics in 1992 (who doesn't remember the song sang by Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballe), this was a great honor for Spain and for Catalunya and whole a new infrastructure was constructed in the city. A must see is the Olympic stadium, at the top of Monjuic mountain. In this mountain you will also find "The Fundacio Joan Miro" museum and the "Military Museum". The view from Monjuic is breathtaking. Gaudi Route Gaudi was a very famous architect at the beginning of the 20th century. His work falls in an artistic movement called Modernism. He was a ...

General: Mexico 17/01/2001

A different taste of Mexico

General: Mexico I have always been very interested in ancient culture and history, so when I had the chance to go to Mexico one of my long life dreams came true. Choosing the best alternative wasn’t an easy task but I finally decided upon an organized tour of 9 days that would cover 1500 km and cross 2 Mexican States: Peninsula del Yucatan and Chiapas. Before you travel there are a few tips to bear in mind: 1.Mexico is a large country so don’t think that you’ll be hot everywhere, temperatures can range from cool to very hot. 2.Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (if you’re going to visit the ruins and jungle it is advisable not to wear open style shoes; there are scorpions, snakes, etc that could bite you). 3.High protection suntan and mosquito repellent is strongly advisable. 4.Only drink bottled water. Don’t know if you have heard about Montezuma’s Revenge story, a tale about people who visited Mexico and ended up with upset stomach. Well, if you don’t watch what you drink and where you eat I assure you, you will increase the likelihood suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. 5.Furthermore, make sure that you order spirit drinks at the bar, the ice has been made from purified water and not tap water, another driver of bad tummies. Mexico is not just ancient sites and beautiful beaches. Vast deserts, high mountains, blue seas, spectacular waterfalls, exotic islands, rivers, jungles and colonial cities compose this ... 29/11/2000

Good online purchasing experience I use to purchase all my books. Although I am not impressed by their recent diversification and move away from their core business (books) I would still recommend as the best place for books online (I have nothing against Bol but I heard of first). However, recently I had a negative experience. I ordered a book, which had a delivery time of 2-3 days, one week later I was still waiting and after having spent 15 minutes looking for a telephone number, Customer Services admitted that the information for delivery was not accurate. This isn’t good news for any prospective buyers as Christmas, their busiest season, approaches. Aside from this one bad experience Amazon's unique selling proposition are the book reviews which I use as a guide to whether to purchase or not. There have been rumours that these reviews are policed and bad comments removed, whether there is any truth in this is another story. Finally, their fulfillment process is excellent. At each step you receive an email informing you of what your order is at: confirmation, dispatched etc. This Christmas have teamed up with a number of partners (American Express to mention one) to offer good discounts on all purchases and they are also sending gift vouchers to members via email.

Avent 29/11/2000

Naturally Avent

Avent Avent is a well-known manufacturer of baby feeding accessories and breastfeeding appliances. They believe that - every mother has the right to choose how she feeds their baby - and they surely help you in that decision. I ordered an Avent catalogue by ringing a free number 0800 289 064 and two days after my phone call I got the catalogue. The catalogue comes packed with a price list for each item and an order form to place your order by post, you can also order by phone using the free number mentioned above. As I browsed through this catalogue I was amazed by the variety of products that you can get for your baby feeding routine (and at very good prices), from breastfeeding pumps to breast milk travel packs, very complete I must say. The products are displayed in colour and they all have explanations about their benefits. A leaflet was included giving information about the new Luxury skincare range for mothers and babies. After much deliberating - too much choice - I went for the new Luxury Skincare for babies, it took 10 days to get delivered to me. This will be the perfect Christmas present for my new little baby cousin. You can also buy Avent products at Boots, John Lewis, Mothercare and some supermarkets. ...

Immac Sugar Based Warm Wax 24/11/2000

Not that painful

Immac Sugar Based Warm Wax Imac Warm Wax Sugar based is an easy way to get rid of those unwanted hairs at home if you use it properly. I have used it for a few years now and having tried and tested other makes (Boots, etc) and other methods such as shaving, creams, etc I have come to the conclusion that this is the best one by far. The product comes packed with a spatula, cotton strips, instructions and the wax container at a price around £8, a bit expensive but well worth it. A bonus is that the wax does smell quite nice, unlike some other hair removal creams. If you have never used this product before, I suggest you read and follow the instructions carefully as it could cause nasty consequences (1 degree burns if the wax is too hot!). Some tips on how to use it are: 1. Always make sure that the wax is not too hot, you can test it on the back of your hand before applying to your skin. 2. Do not use this method to wax delicate areas of your body (armpits, bikini line or face) it should only be used on large areas such as your legs. 3. You can use the cotton strips more than once if you rinse them with hot water when you finish, this will save you some money. 4. Cover the floor with newspapers, towels, magazines, etc as you always drop some wax and it is very difficult to clean on a carpet. The ads show this product as being an easy and fast way for removing your hair, however it doesn’t mention that it won’t be as easy when you try for the first time. Only after a few goes I managed ...

Baby Gap 21/11/2000

Who has not seen their TV ads

Baby Gap I have two little nieces and I always try to buy them nice clothes for their Christmas presents and birthdays, so I have had my fair research on baby/toddler clothes shops. When I look for baby clothes I want to find all sorts of garments, from dungarees to socks, dresses, hats, trousers, rucksacks, etc and also I want to be able to co-ordinate them. Baby Gap has to be one of my best findings and since then my favorite shop for baby clothes. The shop is well laid out, with lots of clothes and accessories to choose from that suit different ages. One of their distinctive points is that their clothes are very colorful and modern. I must also say that their staff is very helpful too. The clothes are very comfortable and wash very well, so if I where you I would give it a go. Although they are a bit pricey for baby/toddler clothes they usually have sale rails where you can find excellent bargains. Overall, good value for money.
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