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Reconstruction (DVD) 14/02/2010

To Tell A Beautiful Lie

Gucci II Eau de Parfum 25/01/2010

Knock Off Quality at Designer Prices!

Wendy And Lucy (DVD) 07/01/2010

Much Ado About NOTHING!

Wendy And Lucy (DVD) At work, they take the mick out of me for my love of what the uneducated call 'arty farty cinema.' It's an uphill struggle to explain to my colleagues about the raw emotion and cinematography that so many independent films encapsulate. When I stumbled across Wendy and Lucy via various reviews, I thought this could be a perfect case in point. The inclusion of Michelle Williams in the starring role as Wendy, despite the films indie roots, was sure to give it some credence. After all, how many twenty-somethings haven't watched or at least heard of Dawson's Creek? Whilst Dawson's Creek may have been a dire ode to the angst of various thirty year olds pretending to be seventeen year olds, I expected far better things from director Kelly Reichardt with Wendy and Lucy. Alas, I was left sorely disappointed. The plotline of the story is paper thin. The viewer is introduced to Wendy (played by Williams) and her dog, Lucy. Wendy is clearly a down-on-her-luck waif of a woman who is travelling across America to Alaska where she hopes to find work. Her beloved dog accompanies on her journey through smalltown America as we share an insight into her journey on limited means and watch us she forms an unlikely 'friendship' with a security guard. Along the way her car breaks down (predictable - yawn), she gets arrested (what do you expect for stealing?) and she loses her dog (of course we saw that coming). Will Wendy ever be reunited with her shaggy friend? Whilst the story could only ever ...

The Bogus Witch Project (DVD) 21/03/2009

The Pile of S**t Project

Eyes Without A Face (DVD) 04/03/2009

The Window to the Soul

Eyes Without A Face (DVD) Eyes Without a Face or Les Yeux Sans Visage to give the film its original French title is an unforgettable piece of French horror cinema. Filmed in 1959, the scenes of horror may be decidedly tame in comparison to modern cinema, yet the film has a story and vision that have endured the years. The plot of the film focuses on Doctor Génessier (Pierre Brasseur) whose daughter has been left with a horrifically disfigured face following a car accident. The combination of the adoration he has for his daughter and his quest to perfect the science of heterografting leads Génessier to try and restore his daughter's beauty by grafting the face of a helpless victim onto hers. And that, in a nutshell, is the simplistic premise behind Eyes Without a Face. At the time the film was made, director Georges Franju was advised not to upset European censors and therefore to refrain from using too much blood, scenes of animal torture or to present a stereotypical mad scientist. Since all three of these elements are essential to the film, it is a tribute to Franju's talents as a director that he managed to present these elements with such subtlety as to get past censorship laws without being detrimental to the film itself. Filmed in black and white, Eyes Without a Face has a breathtaking cinematography that even the most jaded of film viewers can't fail to appreciate. The poetic juxtaposition of black and white is used to stunning effect and the dramatic overtones of the imagery gives even the ...

Sun Is Often Out - Longpigs 01/03/2009

Now That's What I Call Britpop

Murderball (DVD) 16/01/2009

Not to be Confused With Dodgeball

Brita Fjord Water Filter 15/12/2008

Pure Glacial Waters from a Fjord in my Fridge

Brita Fjord Water Filter I honestly never thought I needed a water filter in my life, let alone that I'd grow to find it indispensible but in the case of my Brita Fjord Cool filter jug, that's exactly what's happened. I bought it on a whim as it was reduced to £10 in Woolworths and I decided to treat myself to something I considered at the time to be frivolous yet practical. There were a few Brita filter jugs on offer at the same price and I chose the Fjord Cool model simply because it looked a bit sleeker and sexier than the others available. As soon as I got home, I quickly decided to test out my new 'gadget.' On this occasion, I did read the instructions which included handy diagrams to show you how to insert the filter cartridge into the jug. This filter jug incidentally takes the Brita Maxtra cartridges. It comes supplied with one but I bought an additional box of three replacement cartridges which set me back around £10. I've already mentioned that the picture on the box was what attracted me to this filter jug but on closer inspection, it's even better than I had anticipated. The jug itself is made of sturdy clear plastic which means you can easily see how much water is left at any time. The filter part is a dark charcoal grey and the lid is a sleek metallic grey which should compliment most kitchens. The handle is solid and comfortable to hold even when the jug is full and there's a nifty little cap over the pouring spout which is forced open as you pour but otherwise stays shut to keep ...

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Wash 14/12/2008

Spa quality at supermarket prices

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Wash I purchased a bottle Clean on Me shower gel by Soap and Glory as part of a 3 for 2 offer at Boots. Even on offer, this was a luxury purchase for me since my shower gels are usually bought from Poundland or Home Bargains. But every girl deserves a treat now and then so I duly forked out the £5 expense (well, £3.33 once the offer kicked in) and I was expecting nothing short of a miracle at that price. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Soap and Glory range, it is created by Marcia Kilgore who was the founder of the über trendy and über expensive Bliss Spas. But the Soap and Glory range aims to bring a luxury range of beauty products to the masses and the company's founder believes that 'you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturise one (or the other or both!)' And whilst Soap and Glory products are far from cheap, they certainly provide a bit of luxury at far more affordable prices than their Bliss counterparts. They're also more widely available, being stocked in Boots stores up and down the country as well as in Harvey Nichols. But Harvey Nichols won't reward you with advantage card points so it's worth bearing that in mind. The packaging for the Soap and Glory range is what originally caught my eye. I am a lover of all things kitsch, retro and pink and Sap and Glory manages to combine all of these factors to create packaging that will bring an element of fun and quirkiness to your bathroom. The Clean on Me shower gel takes pride of place on the ...

Drontal 07/12/2008

Don't read the following if you're eating!

Be Kind Rewind (DVD) 01/12/2008

Be Kind, Don't Press Play

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 28/11/2008

You'll Be On Fire With Firefox!

Paranoid and Sunburnt - Skunk Anansie 26/11/2008

It Takes Blood and Guts to be This Cool

The Island DVD 25/11/2008

Sponsored by Puma, XBox, Cadillac....

Bandai Unazukin Yes/No Dot Doll 24/11/2008

The 21st Century Answer to Tossing a Coin.

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