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Unibond No More Nails 28/01/2002

No More Throbbing Fingers

Unibond No More Nails This more of an update that for the first time in my life l can say that the things that l have fixed are still together so go and buy it and have fun..... Remember that bookcase you promised to put together? What about that coffee table which will just about take the weight of one coffee cup and that’s when it’s empty. Somewhere in the house there is always something that needs to be done. A list mysteriously appears on a Bank holiday, and the thought of having to dig out the hammer, nails can be a deterrent in itself. Well somewhere in this world a real smartass has come up with a solution. So say goodbye to the excuses of sorry honey but l have forgotten where l last put the hammer, for you will be approached with the amazing Unibond No More Nails........ This wonderful invention does what it says it does and being multi purpose it will stick anything within reason. What it is......... A very powerful adhesive that is solvent free. l got it whilst it was on special price in Homebase and a sealant was included for £5.99. It is safe to use and not only does it stick it can be used to fill in minor gaps on uneven surfaces. It can also be painted over when it’s dry. A standard tube will cover 11 meters as long as you don’t go over board with applying the stuff. You must make sure that the surface that you are applying to is free of dust and grease and at least one surface has to be porous, dusty surfaces are recommended to be given at least one coat of unibond ...

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut Bar 27/01/2002

Secret Pleasures

Cadbury Dairy Milk Whole Nut Bar When nothing seems to go your way Your bed seems the place to stay. When your morning doesn’t bring you joy And you just stubbed your toe on a toy. Don’t look at the newspapers they’re full of woe Don’t look at the telly its just another show My secret has no answers, I won’t tell you a lie I won’t say you are pretty or there is something on your tie I won’t say you are late for work, and you won’t make up the time I won’t be there to comfort you when your boss starts to whine. But my secret will make you smile, as you hold me in your hand You can have me when you are sitting or have me when you stand I come in many sizes, but l stand out from the crowd I don’t dress all flashy and my colours are not so loud But I’m unique in the way l am, that you will just agree That when I’m in your possession there’s nothing else to see Time will stop for a while and the world will pass you by For as l pass through your life l promise a summer sky I promise l will never nag and only be your friend I promise l won’t be sad when we reach the end So come into my world and my secret l will share Come and share my world, yes it is you that l dare XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Found in all good stores this secret pleasure is found under the brand name of Cadbury Although commonly known as chocolate l am the most smooth chocolate on the shelf l come in many sizes so if you want just a little bit of pleasure or lots of pleasure and l am very good of ...

Jokes 25/11/2001

once upon a train

Jokes A few days after Christmas, a mother was working in the kitchen and listening to her son play with his new electric train set in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son said,” All of you sons of bitches who want off, get the hell off now because this the last stop. All of you sons of bitches who are getting on, get your asses on the train because we’re leaving.” The mother went into the living room and told her son, “We don’t use that kind of language in this house. Now go to your room for 2 hours. When you come down, you may play with your trains as long as you use proper language. Two hours later, the mother was still working in the kitchen when her son came out of his room and resumed playing with his trains. The train stopped and the mother heard,” All passengers disembarking the train, please remember to take all of your belongings. We thank you for riding with us today and hope your trip was a pleasant one.” “For those just boarding, we ask that you stow your hand luggage under the seat and we hope you enjoy your trip.” “For those of you who are pissed off about the 2 hour delay, please see the bitch in the kitchen.”

Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly 27/10/2001

Brink of Darkness

Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly There is someone out there! Someone who believes that life is like a wheel and what goes around comes around. It is not a random killing, the victim knew who the killer was, they had no reason to fear this person or did they? The killer leaves no trace other than a tortured form that used to be someone who needed to be punished. Is this a sign of someone seeking revenge or is it the start of something more evil……….. Far away on a secluded island, a retired detective is enjoying his new life with his family. The twisted demons that use to invade his dreams at night are buried deep in the boxes he keeps locked away. That is until one of his former colleagues comes to his home and asks for his help. Soon Terry McCaleb is drawn into the world of the tormented mind that has become the angel of death. What starts out as some paperwork, a video, and a promise to his wife, soon becomes more. The peaceful life of McCaleb is shattered as he joins in the hunt for the killer that might strike again. Only has he got it wrong this time as he points the finger at someone or has this person stepped over to embrace the dark world of death and destruction. The Author Once again Michael Connelly has used his past as a police reporter to bring his audience nothing less than a magnificent insight to how a criminals mind works, and how someone who dedicates his life to solving crimes can look at the crime scene so that he can enter the criminals mind and bring ...

Outdoor Paddling Pools in General 17/08/2001

Summer Time Fun

Outdoor Paddling Pools in General Every summer without fail there is someone who is getting all the sun. Some of us have a glimpse of what summer should be and when we do what else is there but to go digging through your shed or garage and find that paddling pool. Hands up those who packed it away properly so you could just get it out and blow it up!!! Well in our house, first you have to guess where you last saw it, and then battle your way through all the stuff that has accumulated on top of it. Once you have accomplished the mission of retrieving it, there is a sigh of relief when you see that the pump to blow it up with is near by. We then find a place in our garden that is relatively flat and remove all objects that seem to have mysteriously appeared since this morning. Once it has been laid out, pump is attached and the pool starts to take shape. Pretty easy stuff considering it will probably only be there for a day or two. Like most people we have gone through the stages of buying paddling pools. We have had the ones that the sides lift up as it fills with water and had many a good time. But we found that they took a long time to fill and the water never quite seemed to get to a temperature above cold. So now we have the inflatable Playground Paddling Pool. Recommended for children 3 years and 0ver. Size: 229cm by 229cm A great asset which has probably been used more than any of the other paddling pools we have had put together. Made with heavy gauge PVC and has a couple of patches ...

Member Advice on Travelling With Children 11/08/2001

I'm going to Joyride

Member Advice on Travelling With Children Gone are the simply days when you used grab a few things, and your partner would whisk you away for a romantic weekend. Now your car resembles a moving house as a weekend to see the grandparent’s means packing the entire contents to keep an army happy. After a quick head count and a summons that everyone should use the toilet you are ready to go. This is when the fun usually starts, children are not meant to sit still in a confined space of a car and they soon become restless. The trip never seems to end and although there is nothing worse than a bored child, the horror that crosses your mind when one child suddenly announces that they feel like they are going to be sick. As vivid images of this morning’s breakfast making an entrance at a hundred miles an hour, crosses your mind, all windows are suddenly opened wide in hope that the blast of cold air flushes away your childs nausea, sadly this only seems to work for what seems a few seconds and is replaced with protests that they more likely to be blown out the window into on coming traffic. (well it would solve the sickness problem..only joking) There are many solutions to try and keep travel sickness at bay: Don’t let your child read or do things the require looking down for long periods of time as that provokes motion sickness, try and keep food and drink intake as low as possible as a full stomach can also provoke nausea. Keeping children occupied whilst travelling is one solution. ...

General Information on Buying a Mobile 26/07/2001


General Information on Buying a Mobile Well it’s that time of year again, it’s the summer holidays, the kids have at least six weeks away from school and quite a few of us will be taking some time out from work. Some of us are going to say goodbye to the English weather and go and savour the delights of foreign lands, some of us not so lucky will find things to do at home. So when it comes to choosing your mobile phone this is just one more thing to take into consideration! One thing that will be the same, is most of us will still be attached to our wonderful mobile phones. Although not a new concept, as the holiday’s have approached the mobile companies have brought out adverts showing people having fun abroad and using their mobiles to wind up their mates who sit in a pub by themselves. All very funny stuff but that is when you should beware of hidden costs! I personally would throw my mobile in the back of a cupboard at home and forget it was there, but for many reasons people take their mobiles with them even if it is just for emergencies. For many unsuspecting people who use their mobiles to keep in contact with family and friends this is where it could give you a nasty surprise when you get that phone bill. I think most of us would say that to phone from abroad would cost you more than if you were to phone at home. But the biggest surprise is that if someone phoned your mobile whilst you were abroad you will get charged for someone else phoning you!!! How does this ... 18/07/2001

Do you want to win a million Not much of an update just to say that good old jeeves £1million question has finished and that it looks like he gets to keep it :o( maybe he can buy himself a new suit :o) Here is the challenge! If you think you can ask a question that hasn’t been asked before, the £1million is yours to keep! If you don’t, then don’t worry because you can ask up to fifty questions a day and you will be entered into a daily draw of fantastic prizes which is open until the 12th of July! This is what “Ask Jeeves” is promising at the moment. As a search engine that rampages through the internet for every question that is asked l am sure some really weird and wonderful stuff has been answered. Since l have been using the internet l have used Ask Jeeves on many occasion and without fail from the depths of all those sites an answer has been brought to my screen. The home page is not cluttered with banners and there is a panel where you ask your question or you can browse through the most asked questions which may help you find what you are looking for. If you don’t seem to be getting the results that you want Ask Jeeves does have a help site which will guide you how best to ask questions and what key words to use, so you can get the full benefit of any answers you may want. It also has l suggest panel like: the most popular questions, money, travel, computers, entertainment, shopping, jeeves mail There are two ways you can use Ask Jeeves. If you ...

Brio 15/07/2001

No Train Delays Here

Brio l am thinking of putting a beware sign out side my front door! Not because you are in danger of been eaten by our two wonderful dogs (they will only lick you to death) and the cat next door has taken to only ambushing the postman now. But since those cold winter days when Christmas was upon us, my once so called lounge has become a rail network that British Rail would be envious of. For there snaking across the carpet are miles and miles of wooden track that mysteriously seem to be expanding every time l turn my back. My suspicions lay with my better half who seems to have taken great pride in his work of art. This track is equally admired by our son, who now seems to have a multitude of trains going in all different directions. l must admit in the early days of him receiving this wonderful Brio l couldn’t resist going to places where they supplied this wonderful stuff and getting all the extra stations, bridges, cranes, but with the cost of Brio l soon came to my senses. The making of Brio started way back in 1884 when a man named Ivar Bengtson in Sweden started a business up with his 3 sons making high quality toys which they made out of Beechwood and Birch. Knowing that these are being sold to children the company ensures that the wood they use is free of insecticides and toxic chemicals. Which after what we see our children put in their mouths might not seem so important but as a company they still uphold that today. The most common Brio set that is ...

George Of The Jungle (DVD) 03/07/2001

Watch out for that TREE

George Of The Jungle (DVD) Recipe for a good Laugh! First check to see if you have all the right ingredients......... 1.... That your chair is at the right angle so matter how you slouch, you can still see the telly. 2.... The remote is by your side at all times so that you can press pause long enough to wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes, (so telly does not become a blur.) 3.... Surround yourself with various munchies and drink so there are no unnecessary disruptions, to the munchies cupboard. 4.... Ensure that all nature calls have been completed before pressing the start button. 5.... And before you do all of the above make sure the darn video is already in the machine!!! After you have accomplished all of above, sit back and get ready to laugh until your side’s ache. George of the Jungle is a film to suit all ages. From the start there are fantastic special effects which make you glad you are the one who is sitting on the chair and not doing the stunts (if you see your fella wince have sympathy!) George (Brendon Fraser) is the King of the Jungle, this tree swinging dude is a bit on the accident prone side and it is all in a days work for him just to stay up right. Exploring Africa in typical American style Ursula (Leslie Mann) is looking for the famous Gorilla’s. Lyle her doting fiancee comes looking for her with his trusty guides, but soon Ursula’s world is turned upside down when things go wrong and she is thrown into George’s world. As time passes ...

Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) 10/06/2001

The Call of the Wild

Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) Imagine slouching back in your deckchair under the cool shade of the Mukwa tree. Sipping a long cold drink .......the noise and smells of everyday life is all but a distant memory. As the day slowly turns to dusk your attention turns to the watering hole that shimmers in the fading light, for emerging from the surrounding bush; a family of elephants are making their way down to the water. Following cautiously behind are Impala, Zebra, Kudu, Sable, Eland, Buffalo, and warthog all keeping alert for any predators that may be waiting to ambush them as they take a drink before settling down for the night. No words can describe the pure magic of sharing these few precious moments where the animals unite in their bid for survival in the harsh lands of Africa. Although Zimbabwe’s people are in turmoil, nothing disturbs the warm summer evenings far in the bush where animals roam in the huge park known as Hwange. In 1928 this sanctuary was made to give animals the right to roam free within its 14.600 boundary. It is home to more than 100 different animals and over 400 species of birds. It has become a sanctuary for the largest herd of elephants in the world and is home to the wild dog which is on the brink of extinction . Hwange is not alone in its war against poachers so it is not unusual to see guides armed with guns, they are there to ensure that the safety of visitors is maintained at all times. Specially trained trackers are also used to help find where the ...

Member Advice on Organic Food Shopping 02/06/2001

Children Are Our Future

Member Advice on Organic Food Shopping Right for pure arguments sake l am going to put two things together that all of us do. One: we go to the pubs or clubs to socialise, drink and be merry :o) Two: we all have to eat in order to carry on with the drinking :o) Where is this leading? Well l have been reading other peoples opinions on organic foods and every time without fail the word “expensive” rears it’s ugly head. The reason l have put pubs/clubs and food together is because there seems to be a great divide in what we think should come first. Why can the government and brewery’s notch up wine, beer, lager, spirits, and soft drinks so a tenner no longer buys you a round of drinks? But after we all have a good grumble about it, hey we go back for more and there we are dipping are hands into our pockets for our hard-earned cash for a few hours of enjoyment and a hangover in the morning! Then comes that trip to do the weekly food shopping! Not so bad......supermarkets have so many products and special offers these days, there is a bargain down every aisle. So why are so many of us giving the organic section a wide berth or a quick browse through and saying good grief (or words to that effect) l am not paying those prices when l can get the stores own brand cheaper. l am not going to give a lecture on what organic is as l think everyone knows what the definition organic stands for. Why is it so expensive? It is expensive because we wonderful humans have neglected, poisoned ...

Grafton Centre, Shopping Center 29/05/2001

Shop til You Drop

Grafton Centre, Shopping Center Right it’s morning you’ve had those twenty coffees to bring you into the real world and you now face the prospect of having to go shopping for a loved ones birthday present! So after planning exactly how much you are going to spend, and what you are going to buy, (you find your budget doesn’t fit the present but never mind) You make the final check before you set the money, got the one small child asking a thousand questions! Right the plan of action is............ Cambridge is quite expensive to park. So for convenience sake and to keep one young child happy you make your way to the Bus Park and ride. At £1.20 return ticket and not having to pay for parking this is a lot cheaper and easier. The buses arrive every ten minutes so waiting isn’t so bad if you just missed a bus. From these park and rides most of the buses will at some stage take you to the Grafton Centre. The Grafton Centre has two levels. On the ground floor you have access to cash machines, toilets, and a large open cafeteria. On the shopping side you have most of high street names like WH Smiths, Next, Boots, Virgin, Mother Care, Early Learning Centre, Spec Savers, and many more. There are also loads of card shops, shoe shops and there are also stalls which you can buy unusual gifts like rare stones, carvings, and chains that are hard to find in normal shops. The ground floor also has many exits that take you into the high street if you want to expand ...

Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon 13/05/2001

No Where To Hide

Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon Like a seed it grows, slowly at first but the desire to control consumes all other instincts and death is the only way to stop anyone who dares get in the way. Another compelling novel which will entice you into the dark twisted world of the rich and powerful Roffe family. If anyone can write a book that pulls the reader into the characters lives, Sidney Sheldon has accomplished his goal. As with all his books this one is no exception as he puts a twist in every chapter giving you a false sense of security that you have already discovered who is causing all the destruction. Then with the skill of his hand he snatches away all your theories as he reveals each character, and how they are tangled up in the web of deceit. Bloodline An empire is born a long time ago. A solemn promise that no outsides will ever be allowed to hold shares. The family will be well looked after but, only the president of the company has the power to change the promise made so long ago. But Someone wants that! Elizabeth Roffe is young, beautiful and one of the richest women in the world. When her father Sam Roffe the president of the company is killed in a freak accident, she is left to take control of the global empire. Will she have the strength to continue with his wishes or will the family turn against her. One of them thinks she should die! Rhys Williams was Sam’s closest confident, ambitious and striding for the ultimate goal he will never have a ... 03/05/2001

It's a Funny old Life Laugh and the world laughs with you.......cry and you will get a wet face!!! When was the last time you had a good chuckle over a joke you shared with a friend? Everyone feels fed up once in a while. Nothing seems to go right. From the minute you get out of bed........your alarm didn’t go burn the toast...miss the train...and now you’re getting earache from your boss. Oh boy why didn’t you just phone in sick and hope tomorrow will be better? As the world buzz’s day and night because of the wonderful invention of the internet Why not use it to give your sense of humour a kick start...........Although there are loads of sites that love nothing more than share a joke or two, l found a site that makes me smile every time l log on. has a guaranteed giggle for everyone. The home page has an easy to read layout. You can have a joke e mailed to you everyday by submitting your e-mail address. There is no long registration process only a few details and most of it optional. If you want particular jokes you can use their search facility, and although the centre of the page has different categories of jokes from computers to life, l found that on the left side of their screen is a more informative menu. Lighter Side: Todays joke............... .this is a bit dicey as the joke can be a bit risky but you won’t know that until it comes up. Top 10 new Jokes..... as before risky but hey take the chance it first ...
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