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Rocky 5 (DVD) 17/01/2008

Rocky's Back!

Rocky 5 (DVD) Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) is back in Rocky V (5), You may think Rocky's boxing career was over after he retired, But now he has met a young amateur boxer he has become his manager, What happens in this one is Rocky loses a lot of money because of something Paulie (Rocky's Friend) did some how he lost millions of Rocky's money, So Rocky goes back to where he started and gets Mick's old boxing gym back up and running, shortly in to the film rocky meets a young amateur boxer that wants some help to become big, at first Rocky refuses but after he See's what this lad can do he decided to Manage him, he trains him and trains him and makes him good the boxer young amateur he is training (Tommy Gunn) keeps winning with KO's and he wants to go for the title, But Rocky keeps holding him back but one day he meets a Manager that bribes him and pays him and gives him a shot at the title and he throws everything he had with Rocky away, It ends with a great street fight between Rocky and Tommy. Definitely worth watching great film 5 / 5 lots of action and fighting in this one I highly recommend you to watch this film.

Rocky 4 (DVD) 17/01/2008

Rocky In Russia

Rocky 4 (DVD) Sylvester Stallone is back with Rocky IV (4) this is the fourth of the 6 outstanding Rocky films, The film is about a Russian boxer that claims to be the most perfectly trained athlete in the world, This super strong boxer want's a fight with Rocky Balboa because he said he is undefeatable, and no man would be able to defeat him. But since Rocky is retired and promised adrian he would not fight again, he refuses to fight him but Apollo Creed want's a fight with him and challenges the Russian to a boxing fight the Russian accepts this and is ready to fight Apollo does not want much time to prepare he said he is fine how he is, When the fight starts Apollo is dancing about hitting the Russian a lot of times, This Russian got angry and in the second round came out with some really big punches with Apollo not knowing what was going on, The Russian instead of knocking Apollo out he hit him so hard he killed him. Rocky is really mad with the Russian all he wants to do is kill him, so he prepare's for the biggest fight of his life he trains really hard this fight and goes to Russia to train and gets ready for his biggest fight yet. ( I wont tell anymore I do not want to spoil the film for you) Great film deffinately needs to be watched this one might be the best Rocky out of the six well in my opinion it is, Overall a 5 / 5 for a great action packed film.

Rocky 3 (DVD) 14/01/2008

Rocky VS Mr T

Rocky 3 (DVD) ( Might spoil the film a bit ) Rocky Balboa The Third! The best yet! If you thought Rocky I and Rocky II were good then your going to love this one, Its got some old faces like Apollo Creed and also a new face Clubber Lang (Mr T), This guy is a mean machine. This Rocky has 3 different fights. ~~~1st Fight~~~ The first fight is a exhibition fight between Rocky and the worlds number one wrestler, Who is about 2m tall this guy is really big, and hes a sick head he went crazy, the fight starts of with Rocky throwing some little punches to the body just playing around abit then this wrestler just picks him up and starts doing lots of moves on him, He then throws him out the ring, Then the guy starts beating the audience, Rocky being the hero that he is takes his gloves off and shows the wrestler who to mess with. ~~~2nd Fight~~~ Rocky V Clubber Lang this fight went completely different to what I expected the fight starts with Clubber Lang throwing some big punches and Rocky giving it him back but Clubber Lang was winning, Second round Clubber Lang went mental and just left Rocky stunned without a chance, I thought Rocky was going to get back like he normally does and win the fight, But this is not what happened at all, Rocky Got KO-ed! (Knocked Out) I really was not expecting this but this made the film a lot more exciting than it would of been if he had won, Also before the fight started there was some exchanged words with Rocky and Lang in the mix of this Lang pushed ...

Rocky 2 (DVD) 14/01/2008

Rocky V Apollo (Rematch)

Rocky 2 (DVD) Rocky II, The second out of the six, If you have not seen the first Rocky this film might be hard to understand but it will still be a good film and worth watching, The main story of Rocky II is that Apollo Creed the guy Rocky had to fight in Rocky one wanted a rematch because he said Rocky was just lucky and this time he is going to show him who is champion, So Rocky agrees and its training time for Rocky again, He also gets married to the love of his life Adrian ( The girl he met in the first Rocky) and he goes around spending the money he made from the last fight, but then he had no money left and no job and he was not aloud to fight because the doctor told him he would go blind if he did, and Adrian would not let him, But in the end she lets him after she had a near death experience giving birth to there son. ~~~The Fight~~~ This time Apollo is really angry and he wants Rocky dead! he told him that he wont last long this time, but Rocky was also ready for it he had been training to box with his right hand because he normally fights left handed ( Southpaw Jinx) this was to confuse Apollo, The same happens again really with Apollo beating rocky but this time Rocky has an amazing last round they were both tired out by this point and they both went down for the count at the same time, But Rocky got up Apollo did not that was it Rocky had won! This is the start of Rocky's Pro Boxing career. Overall this film gets 4 / 5 and is definitely worth watching, Although it was ...

Rocky Balboa (DVD) 14/01/2008

The Original Rocky

Rocky Balboa (DVD) What A Film! Rocky, The first of six, Rocky is a film about a boxer called Rocky Balboa, He is an Italian that lives in Philadelphia, He is a amateur boxer that goes to his local boxing ring for some fights to make a bit of money, What happens is one day the heavyweight champion of the world is looking for an exhibition fight against a amateur boxer because he wants to make some money, He chooses to fight The Italian Stallion (Rocky Balboa) Rocky exepts and starts training for the fight of his life because he knows he has not got much chance but hes still going to try his best, along the way he meets a girl called Adrian. ~~~The Fight~~~ The fight is basicly Apollo Creed ( Champion of the world ) using Rocky as a punch bag for a few rounds but Rocky gets back in to it with a few big punches, I dont want to spoil the fight so I wont go in to much detail, The end of the fight he loses by one judges decision but this fight will change his life forever. If you are thinkin about watching Rocky II but not the first Rocky that would be a bad idea since the first Rocky will really help you understand the second. Overall this is a great film to say it was made in 1976 I really recommend you to rent or buy this film since it is old it is really cheap.

Nintendo Wii 14/01/2008

Wow Wii!

Nintendo Wii The Nintendo Wii is the newest Nintendo games console, This is no ordinary console the Nintendo Wii is a whole new type of console instead of old games console where you sit on the sofa with a controller with the Wii your stood up moving about. ~~~The Wii~~~ The Wii itself is a lot lot different to most consoles it is small and simple, Its also different because with most consoles you aim and play with the analogue stick but with the Wii you don't, With the Wii you have a WiiMote this is like a controller but you point it at the screen to aim and you also have a Nunchuck this is what you move around with, I think the Wii is a great new games console and the technology will probably be everywhere before long. An example of a game and how the Wii works would be Wii sports, This game comes free with the Wii when you buy it, Wii sports is a basic sports game and you use the Wiimote to play them like say your doing boxing with a normal console you would us the buttons on the controller to box yeah? with the Wii you box with the WiiMote and Nunchuck like your actually boxing. Overall the Wii is an easy 5 / 5 simply because it is amazing and the technology will be in most games consoles before you know it.

NINTENDO Wii Remote - Remote - wireless 14/01/2008

One Hand Gaming?

NINTENDO Wii Remote - Remote - wireless When you Wii there's no going back, with this remote control (WiiMote) it is not like normal gaming that is a thing of the past what is the point is sitting there on your ass playing a game and pressing a few buttons, The Wii has brought out a whole new type of gaming with the WiiMote, Unlike a normal remote control with the WiiMote you don't sit there with a wire coming out and aiming and moving around with buttons on the remote you simple point the WiiMote at the screen and shoot, aim, play sports what ever game you get you do different things with it. Most controls are fat things that you hold with two hands but the WiiMote is a small remote that you only need one hand to use and you work it by moving your arm around, the closest anything has ever got to a WiiMote is the eye toy camera but there is still a huge difference between the two, Before long i think most game consoles will make this type of remote but they will still keep the old ones as well. Overall the WiiMote has to get a 5 / 5 because it has changed gaming and how you game, It will also keep some people in shape like older people that cant get out and run around. I really think the WiiMote is a great gadget and should be used in every console, it is a bit trickier to use than most controllers but you get the hang of it.

Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller 14/01/2008

Wii's Second Controller

Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller Nintendo Wii Nunchuck, The Nunchuck is another controller for the Wii you attach it to the bottom of the WiiMote by wire, Im not really sure why they dont connect them wireless but the wire does not get in the way to much it is still playable, Nintendo have been clever about the Nunchuck they sell it seperate than the Wiimote which means more money for Nintendo, But it is deffinatly worth buying it. ~~~What does it do?~~~ The Nunchuck is used in games it is like the analogue stick on PS3 and Xbox360 controlls, It is a small white thing with a analogue on and two buttons C and Z. You will need a Nunchuck to play most games, Since it is how you move around. Overall the Nunchuck is a really clever idea by Nintendo since they make more money but it is also very useful for us since, Its more spaced out so you control the Nunchuck with one hand and the WiiMote with the other.

Wii Sports (Wii) 13/01/2008

OMG This Games Free!

Wii Sports (Wii) Wii Sports is a game for the Nintendo Wii it is a quality game and the best thing is it comes free with every Wii and it is really good for a free game it is one of the best games I have ever been on, on the Wii. Wii Sports is a Sports game (Obviously) it has 5 different sports Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing on the sports the better you get the harder the computer will be to defeat when you reach 1000 you will get pro level at the sport, it also has Training and Fitness I will tell you a bit about all of them starting with Tennis. ~~~Tennis~~~ In Tennis you have two players on each team you control both of them yourself and play against the computer, the computer moves your Mii around for you so you just have to swing when you swing both of your players swing so if its at the front it will hit the ball with your front Mii. The game is about timing mostly on training it teaches you how to time your swing and aim the ball. Overall I would say tennis is a good game but you should be able to move you Mii around yourself it would make it a bit better. I would give it a 4 / 5. ~~~Baseball~~~ In Baseball you play with your Mii's that you have created and then some random ones that the computer choose for you and you have to play against a team of computers. At first it is pretty easy but in my opinion it is pretty boring but it is alright, First you have to be the batter this is easy you just have to swing when the ball comes towards you but you have to get the ... 13/01/2008

Games Games and more Games is a free online games website, and probably the best free online games website out there, there are hundreds of games to choose from, there are Christmas games, action games, sports games and shoot em up games so I'm sure you will find a game to play on there. If your stuck and you cant decide what type of game to go on you can always go on the top ten games and choose one of them. At the moment the top ten are as follows. 1) Club Penguin 2) Trials 2 3) Wacky balls 4) Free Wheels 5) Presidential Paintball 6) Campaign Game 7) Snow Drift 8) Thin Ice 9) Toboggan Run 10) Puzzle Pirates Out of the 10 my favourite game is wacky balls because it is fun and challenging and something to do when your bored, I think club penguin is rubbish even though it has been a the top spot for a long long time, all you to on it is make a penguin and walk around they even try and make you buy money for it. Overall this website is really fun and is the best thing to go on when you are bored because they are so many games and they are all good, the graphics on the games are not amazing but they are still good to say they are free games and the games are still good I wont complain about a few bad graphics, this website gets a easy 5 / 5 simply because it is fun and keeps me entertained when bored. 13/01/2008

Search Away Google is a search engine website, and it has got to be the best and most well known search engine website of all time. A search engine is where you search something you want to know or search a website or something on there, As soon as you type in a word and hit enter it instantly comes up with thousands of links to click and you will easily find what you are looking for. There are other search engine sites such as Yahoo, AskJeeves and Dogpile but Google wins hands down because it comes up with more links and is a lot easier to use and has a lot more features since Google also has a Image Search, Maps Search, News Search, Shopping Search, Mail Search, Blog Search, Books Search, Calender Search, Documents Search, Groups Search, Photo Search, Reader Search, Scholar Search, Video Search, The list goes on. So on Google you can pretty much find anything you want to know or watch or what ever your interested in doing. This website easily gets a 5 / 5 for layout, ease of use and its great for finding stuff out, There is nothing i do not like about this website.

Call of Duty 3 (Wii) 13/01/2008

Wii War

Call of Duty 3 (Wii) Call Of Duty 3 is a game for the Nintendo Wii the game is a Second World War game and is all about shooting people and winning the war. The controls are pretty basic but really hard to use at first but you do get used to it after a while. You use the Nunchuck to walk around with and the WiiMote to aim and shoot with. The graphics are reasonable they are not as good as the PS3 and Xbox360 but the game is much more fun on the Wii because its more fun shooting and aiming instead of just pushing some buttons while sitting there. ~~~Controls~~~ WiiMote, A = Look through sights, B = Shoot, - = Setting charges and bombs and so on, Up = Change Weapon, Left = Grenade, Right = Smoke Grenade, Down = Hit with gun. Nunchuck, C = Jump, Z = Crouch (Hold to lie down), and then the toggle is to move around. You also will have to do stuff like drive cars, tanks, and row boats and set off bombs and stuff but this all explains it on the game, and when your getting started there is a training mission which explains how to shoot and take guns and stuff. ~~~Graphics~~~ Like I said before the graphics for Call Of Duty 3 on the Wii are not as good as the PS3 or Xbox360 but they are still not bad, You can still play the game with these graphics its just not as high detail, But it is really annoying because all the country's camouflage looks the same so sometimes you shoot your own team and fail a mission for team damage, But still the graphics are a reasonable ...

Green Street (DVD) 10/01/2008

Stand You Ground And Fight!

Green Street (DVD) Green Street is a film about football violence and the West Ham Firm called the GSE (Green Street Elite) its about a guy called Matt from America, He moved to London after being kicked out of one of the best university's in America Harvard, For drug dealing but he was innocent. Not long after he got to London he met his sister and went back to her house for a bit, and met her husband and baby. Her husband has a brother called Pete this is the man that got Matt involved in the football violence. Because Matt's sister's husband made Pete take Matt to a football game because he was taking his wife out that night. Pete agreed to take Matt but on the way he tried to make Matt give him half the money and told Matt to go sight seeing or something Matt refused and tried a cheap shot on Pete, So Pete put him on his ass. After Pete saw how bad Matt fights he thought he would take Matt anyway because he would learn something this is where it all begins, Pete took him to the pub where the GSE drink before games, Pete also owns the GSE, so they went to the pub got smashed then went to the game. After the game finished Matt said he wasn't going to go back to the pub with them he was going to get back to his sister's because he had a headache so Pete let him, But on the way he got jumped by the firm of the team West Ham just played, He was just about to be given a Chelsea grin when Pete and a few of the GSE turned up they got the Spurs firm to run away. Then they went back to the van to ...

Rocky Balboa (DVD) 10/01/2008

It ain't over, Til it's over

Rocky Balboa (DVD) Rocky Balboa's (Sylvester Stallone) Final fight, Thirty years after his Rocky's first ever fight in the film ROCKY he has come out of retirement to fight his last ever fight. After Rocky retired he went to work in his philly diner, and was always telling the locals storys about his glory days. Then Rocky's quiet world started to become not so quiet when the sports channel make a virtual fight, Rocky VS The current champion of the world Mason Dixon and rocky beats him in it. But Dixon decided to challenge Rocky to the real thing because he was annoyed about losing, Since Rocky is not one to back down he agrees to the fight. Most of the film is Rocky training for the fight and there are also some other things going on with his son and he meets a girl that he used to know. I dont want to tell you the whole story and how it ends because that would spoil the movie but i will tell you it is a very good movie and i highly recommend you to rent or buy it. Overall this movie gets a 5 / 5 because i think its a great movie and i love the all of the Rocky's if you are a Rocky fan you will love this new addition to he collection.

Logik LOG 26 LW 782 09/01/2008


Logik LOG 26 LW 782 I Got this television as a christmas present last christmas ever since i got it i have been very happy with it, the picture is excellent. The Television is 26''(66cm), The sound is good, this television has Nicam Stereo Sound. It also has 2 Scart Sockets, Headphone Socket and 2x HDMI, If you are buying your child this television there is a parental control function so your children wont see anything they should'nt be. This Television displays clear, bright images in 16:9 format on its big 26'' LCD screen, Also it has a digital Freeview tuner, so you can watch lots of TV programmes in High Definition. The Cheapest i have seen this television for is £333 Inc. VAT so if you thinking about buying one i suggest you get in there quick before there all gone. ~~~Looks~~~ This television has a shiny black frame, with the word LOGIK in white under the screen it also comes with a stand and wall brackets. The speakers are at the bottom of the television all the way across, so they are nice and loud. Also when you turn the television a blue light comes on just below the LOGIK in white writing. Overall this television has to get a 5 / 5 for looks and picture quality, For a brand i dont hear much about this television is a great TV. ...
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