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My Ciao'ing 11/11/2004

The Thing About My Ciao'ing

My Ciao'ing My school friend Credance100 did one of these things recently and it looked cool to do so here I am. I don't need to say much about Ciao, in agreement with popular concensus, it is great. 1. Full name: *************** ** Vincent, I won't tell you my surname because it is incredibly embarassing and the jokes are even worse. 2. Ciao Username: *************** ********* oblivious0r which is meant to be oblivious but someone had to steal the nick oblivious so I was smart enough to add an 0r. Name originates from an English lesson where I was skimming through the dictionary for an online nickname. 3. Date when you joined the Ciao community: *************** *************** *************** ******* 16th August 2004, though i didn't write a review till 31st August because I didn't know how, hehe. 4. Why did you join Ciao? *************** *************** I joined ciao because I was incredibly bored in the long Summer holidays thanks to exams and now I'm hooked on ciao. 5. Are you a member of any other review sites? *************** *************** *************** ******** No, ciao was the first proper review site I ever came across and I never looked into any other review site because I was already addicted to ciao. I can't get away from ciao! 6. Reviews written to date: *************** *************** * 40 Reviews with some very poor ones from the first month I was on ciao but then I slowly progressed into doing a few better reviews. I'm sure there's alot ...

All About Me 11/11/2004

C'est Moi

All About Me I read one of these that Jordon did and I fancied doing this myself. 1. What time is it? 20.51 though my computer clock is always fast for some reason, says 20.45 on the clock behind me though. 2. Name ? Vincent, that's all your getting, I hate my last name, so much that I'm embarassed to even tell you and the amount of jokes I get about it is enough to annoy me. 3. What is your Ciao name and why? oblivious0r, I wanted oblivious which is my online nickname but someone had to be smart and take it on me, so I had to improvise and I just put 0r in. If anyone cares I got my online name when I was in English and I was thinking of a name for computer gaming online with my friends. So after going through the pocket dictionary (which was far bigger than any pocket) I got through to the o section and saw "oblivious" and thought that was a nice name. 4. How old am I? 17, my birthday is on 25th October, 1987 5. Hair Colour? Black and I ain't changing it because nothing else will suit me, so no suggestions of pink hair dye please. 6. Tattoos? Nope they don't seem very appealing to me 7. My family? I'm an only child :( hence I'm incredibly spoilt and cherished, I live with my mother, father and the grand parents from my mother's side. 8. My current car? Non yet, I ain't got a drivers license yet, still learning (in a Vauxhall Corsa) but I'm planning to get an Audi A3 or a Toyota Yaris. 9. Car’s my family own? My dad owns a new BMW ...

Member Advice on Internet Safety 08/11/2004

Have Fun, Stay Safe

Member Advice on Internet Safety Driving in a Ferrari Formula One car at 200 miles per hour outside Anfield on matchday may be fun but it is also dangerous. Playing tiddlywinks could be fun to an extent but its not all fun and games till someone's eye is taken out. Like most things in life everything has a safety aspect to it and its no different on the Internet. Browser Security --------------- --------- There are many Internet browsers out there but the most commonly used one is Internet Explorer. Like most programs they have errors or loopholes and Internet Explorer is no stranger to this. These loopholes usually offer windows of opportunity for viruses or trojans to infect the system. A year ago I mistakenly clicked a link my virus infected friend sent me and the link exploited a loophole in internet explorer and deleted every file on my computer. In order to steer clear of incidents like this you must always update your internet browser. If you use internet explorer you can usually find the updates at where you can find the newest features, critical security patches and updates for your Windows. Many people seeing the amount of loopholes in Internet Explorer have gone over to the rising star of Internet Browsers called Mozilla Firefox found at . This internet browser is safer than internet explorer but also has had its flaws, like a month ago there was a security update released for it. Viruses and Trojans --------------- ...

Everything that starts with W ... 04/11/2004

Why Walker Bush?

Everything that starts with W ... Tuesday 2nd November America decided their fate for the next four years, would it be the intellectually inept George Walker Bush or the indeterminate John Forbes Kerry. After profuse voting from the American people which lead to a sight unfamiliar to American politics, people queued up to vote in the election. With a voter turn-out of over 115 million people which equates to 60% of the population the fate of the two candidates was decided by the swing state of Ohio that declared George W Bush a second term president, something his father couldn't achieve. First of all, many people including myself were confused by the electoral college voting system that is used in America. In England we use a system called first past the post whereby the party with the most parliamentary seats wins by majority or no majority. In the USA there are 50 states and each state won by the candidate contributes a number of votes decided by the population, e.g. California is one of the most populated and biggest states so therefore they get 55 votes while Wyoming has a population of only a few hundred thousand therefore only has 3 votes. There are 539 electoral college votes up for grabs and the candidate that gets the magical 270 number of votes wins the presidency. For example you would only need to win 10-20 big states with votes of 20+ to get 270 votes needed. The majority of people outside of the USA would probably have preferred to have seen John Kerry as the winner but it wasn't down ...

Everything that starts with D ... 03/11/2004

Daring to challenge

Everything that starts with D ... A. If you'd been born a girl instead of a boy or vice-versa, do you know what name(s) your parents would have given you? I don't know and I don't ask since they had a problem choosing my name after I was born, they probably would have given me a bad name aswell. Why can't I be called Sebastian damn it. B. Do you share a birthday with anyone famous? My birthday is on the 25th October and the only real famous person is Nancy Cartwright who is famous for doing the voiceover for Bart Simpson so eat my shorts. C. Marmite, do you love it or hate it? I'm a weirdo, I loved it the first time I had it when I was 6 years old, now I absolutely hate it though on occasions I can be partial to those marmite flavoured crisps walkers brought out. D. What book are you currently reading, or have you finished recently? Since my school thinks I'll pass my a levels by giving me a lack of additional work I have just read a Heinemann AS level economics book which was mostly interesting but had it's dull moments. Next book on the agenda is RatPack Confidential. E. Have you ever had your name in the newspaper (other than hatch, match and despatch or exam results listings)? I've had an article in the local Echo newspaper in Liverpool, I wrote it in year 6 but it was only published when I was in year 8 and my friend's told me I was in the paper but never got the newspaper so my claim to fame in the newspaper wasn't archived. F. What is your local MP called and which ...

Peachtree Road - Elton John 02/11/2004

Can't Keep This Review From You

Peachtree Road - Elton John Elton John now commonly known as Sir Elton John is one of the best musical artists to ever come out of Britain and notorious in recent years for his lavish spending habits like spending millions a year for flowers. Elton John was born in 1947named Reginald Kenneth Dwight and by the age of 11 won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music with his talent for the piano. After six years studying there he left school in order to persue a career in the music industry. After years of failed auditions and frustrations he received lyrics from Bernie Taupin and they wrote songs together, usually by mail. In 1968 Dwight changed his name to Elton John and were hired as songwriters. For 2 years they wrote songs but Elton didn't feel the songs were represented well enough and sort after doing it himself, as Elton was a reasonable singer he became the soloist. In 1970 Elton John released the hit single "Your Song" and climbed progressively up the US charts and in 1971 followed up with the album "Tumbleweed Connection". Between the golden years of 72-76 Elton John released 16 consecutive top 20 hits and co-wrote the comeback single of the legendary John Lennon. In 1984 Elton undergone throat surgery as a result of his alcohol and cocaine addictions but still continued to abuse them after. By 1991 he was declared sober and addiction free and created the Elton John Aids Foundation. In 1994 Elton John wrote songs for the soundtrack of the movie "The Lion King" which won him the "Best ...

Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX 17 in 01/11/2004

Da SyncMaster 753 DFleX YO!

Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX 17 in With the ever increasing demand for TFT (thin film transistor) LCD monitors the price and demand for CRT(cathode ray tube) has dramatically increased. Therefore it wouldn't have been unusual for me to capitalise on an opportunity like this by purchasing a nice, cheap CRT monitor. On the market there are 2 types of computer monitors you can purchase, these are CRT and TFT. CRT stands for Cathod Ray Tube, the glass portion of any traditional monitor. Operates by shooting electrons through a screen which enables images to be projected on the back of a phosphorescent coating on the screen. CRT monitors are the computer monitor equivalent to tube televisions of yester year. The other type of monitor on the market are TFT monitors which are a type of LCD flat-panel display screen where each pixel is controlled by transistors. This technology provides the best resolution of all the flat-panel techniques. Also sometimes called active-matrix LCDs. TFT monitors can be compared to LCD televisions that are now beginning to increase in popularity. CRT monitors usually have a large behind because it uses tube technology whereas TFT monitors are considerably smaller because it uses LCD technology. Around Christmas last year I decided to purchase a brand new monitor because I wanted a bigger screen for when I was watching movies or playing games. For a few days I was looking around the selection for TFT monitors but as they were just beginning to get popular the price was exceedingly ...

Everything that starts with Q ... 31/10/2004

Quizzically Quiet

Everything that starts with Q ... I have no idea why I put that title so don't make an inquest of it. I'm doing this quiz/challenge thing as I read kelr101's and i thought it would be quite fun to do though i may retract that statement after finishing. 1. DESCRIBE THE BEST FEELING YOU'VE EVER HAD. Passing my gcses, getting into a new sixth form then screwing myself a week later having to leave to go back to my old sixth form to do the subjects i need. Just the first bit, the other bits i'm just rambling on about. 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? My mum was too uninspired to think of a name and asked the next door neighbour and she unknowingly came up with the name "Vincent" now my life has been dogged by constant chants at school of "vinny jones". It has made me into the rational person I am today. 3. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? No I have never but I have wished on the death of Gareth Gates, Busted and Mcfly if that counts as an answer. 4. WHICH FINGER IS YOUR FAVOURITE? My middle finger for apparent reasons when in an area dominated by kiddies with potential asbo's. I also like cadbury's chocolate fingers. 5. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? I don't seem to remember so I'll just say at birth 6. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? I love my cursive handwriting because during exams I can write fast and efficiently while being legible at the same time. Did about 12 pages for my english language paper 1 which probably got me the A* because the examiner was too lazy to read it all. Though recently ...

Kellog's Fruit and Fibre 29/10/2004

fruit, fibre and waaaaay too sweet

Kellog's Fruit and Fibre After a few weeks of missing breakfast due to waking up late I decided recently that I need a form of breakfast. Cruising around the delightful aisles of the local ASDA, I jetted round the store searching for a breakfast supplement that would heed my hunger for at least an hour as i usually have free periods in mornings. Once I reached the sugar coated land of the cereal section I spotted the usual plastic textured cereal bars on the shelves, nutri grain etc. What caught my eye were the fruit and fibre bars which I was quite keen on because I would usually sit down for a nice bowl of Fruit 'n fibre in the morning before school. Without much deliberation I decided on purchasing a 6 pack box of fruit 'n fibre bars. The packaging for Fruit 'n Fibre is moderately sized for the 6 bars with an eye catching appearance. The packing features the typical logo then a fruit and fibre bar with a bursting graphical effect with raisins, flakes and banas flying from it as if it was special backed by a light purple.The box can be opened by a flap which extends out from the top to the middle of the box allowing you to get your fruit 'n fibre bar out easily in the morning if you just put it on a shelf. An alternative to opening the box would be just to tear it up viciously in the mornings if you're not a morning person with a lack of patience and heated up aggression. In order to fully support this review to it's potential I will be eating on 2 fruit 'n fibre bars, I always knew ...

Member Advice on DVD Players 29/10/2004

Hi DVD, Bye VHS, RIP Betamax

Member Advice on DVD Players Since around 1998 a new digital format has occured into our every day lives which has changed the way we watch our films, tv shows and games. It is the DVD which has pushed aside the VCR to the attic. In the 1980s Sony and Philips launched the ever familiar compact disc format which was one of the first digital formats available. As time went on the cd expanded from a music media format to vcd, games, and cd roms. CD's can hold upto 700mb approximately which is around 155 mp3s. As time went on technology advanced and as more people bought computers people required a format for large removeable storage as opposed to a 3.5mb floppy disc. Then around the mid 90s more and more cd rewriter drives were released. In 1995 the DVD was created by Sony and 9 other companies, hitachi, jvc, matsushita,philips, pioneer, thomson, time warner and Toshiba in a unified standard joint operation. The purpose of the DVD was to become a movie playback format. A few years later the first DVD's and DVD players started appearing on the market and movie production companies included special features on the DVD's as a unique selling point to encourage more people to switch to DVD. Now in 2004 DVDs are easily more popular than Vhs tapes now because they deliver superior digital picture quality and sound by featuring AC3 audio multi channel sound for sound channels of 2 or 5.1. The success of the DVD has spawned dvd recorders and dvd rewriters which are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. ...

Stevie Wonder 29/10/2004

I Just Reviewed To Say I Love You

Stevie Wonder Another feature of my ecclectic musical tastes that feature the likes of Frank Sinatra, George Michael, Elton John, The Temptations, Bee Gees, Beatles, Michael Jackson,and Elvis. One of the greatest artists of all time in terms of composition, song writing, innovation, influence and vocal style. He is the main pioneer of r&b alongside people like Ray Charles, his inspiration who was also blind. Stevie Wonder was born in 1950 and was blind since birth, his real name being Steveland Morris. In 1954 his family moved to Detroit which would be the area that motown spawned from. As he was blind from birth he was a musical prodigy, as they say as 1 sense goes another one develops and in this case was true. By the age of 9 Stevie excelled at piano, drums and harmonica, and it was inevitable that he was especially talented. In 1961 Stevie auditioned for Berry Gordy the head of the now incredibly famous and legendary Motown label which hailed from Detroit. Berry Gordy named him "little Stevie Wonder" and he was responsible for the first chart topping LP for motown. In 1964 he dropped the "little" from his stage name and topped the charts with the early motown styling of "uptight (everything's alright)". Motown always had the final decision on what Stevie Wonder would release. In 1971 his motown contract had expired and enrolled in music theory classes and used royalties to build a recording studio. He then renegotiated a deal with the Motown record label and the royalty rates ...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) 26/10/2004

Work Out, Shoot Out and Make Out

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) This review is really 2 reviews, one to cater for the lazy people in the form of “San Andreas review in a nutshell” then a more detailed review later on for people who want to read into a more in-depth view of the game. [SAN ANDREAS REVIEW IN A NUTSHELL (FOR THE LAZY)] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the follow up to the heavily successful GTA3 and Vice City games in the series on the PS2. The game is crammed with masses of new features and mission variations. In this game you won’t play the somewhat loveable character of Tommy Vercetti like in Vice City but a streetwise Carl Johnson returning from Liberty City, the city GTA3 was based in. The story begins fairly slowly but builds up into a dramatic tale of events with longevity to keep you up for hours on end. The game features many new aspects like the nutrition system whereby you need to eat to shape the way you look and how you act physically. E.g. if you’re too fat with little muscle you will suffer in running away from police or fighting adversaries. In the game you will encounter some great characters like the flamboyant OG Loc or the corrupt police officer Tenpenny voiced by Samuel L Jackson, the soundtrack of this game is what you’d expect it to be filled with a host of big names and recognisable tunes like “Welcome To The Jungle” and “Express Yourself”. The game is easily the best in the series building upon and surpassing the success of the previous instalments in this series. San Andreas exceeds everybody’s ...

Frank Sinatra 23/10/2004

come fly with ol' blue eyes

Frank Sinatra This review is of the legend Frank Sinatra and a CD I purely enjoy of his. I'm 17 years old in 3 days and I find it extraordinary the amount of bad music the youth of today are exposed to. From the bland and beat driven rap of 50 Cent to the manufactured Irish boys of Westlife. It seems alot of people prefer new to old no matter how good the old is. Alot of people of my age will usually prefer to listen to rap, r&b and techno. Once upon a time I was like this up until last year when I discovered the heights of my musical diversity. For a long period of time I absolutely loved rap, r&b etc and dreaded hearing the songs of yesteryear like Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder etc. But it wasn't because I didn't like them it was because I was too ignorant to listen to the musical teachings of these legends. It was around late 2003 when I first began to listen more and more to the different styles of music available to me through the wonders of the internet. After alot of downloading I came across Frank Sinatra whom I thought was dull because of the age of the music and because it didn't reflect the tastes of the modern era. The song I first downloaded was "Come Fly With Me" because it was always on the Tv and I really enjoyed it, I thought of myself as becoming strange. Minutes after listening I felt like a crack addict, the brass band of the song controlling my mind and forcing me to download more songs. Most of the people who know me will realise I am a push over and I will ...

Super Size Me (DVD) 21/10/2004

would you like to super size it? no thanks

Super Size Me (DVD) McDonalds is one of the biggest corporations in the world and one of the most recognisable brands anywhere in the world. Everywhere you look you could see a McDonalds restaurant or if there isn't at the blink of an eye appears another McDonalds establishment. Where I live in Liverpool there are over 40 McDonalds alone and every time I walk into a mcdonalds for a meal I see obese children with their happy meals accompanied by their parents who don't give a care in the world whether their children are fed nutritiously. I don't think there are many children in Britain nowadays who haven't been to a mcdonalds restaurant or any fast food joint for that matter. As we've seen on various documentaries like the tonight programme the obesity problem in our nation is getting out of hand. Not even the weight watchers points program can save us now, so who can we blame? Once Morgan Spurlock noticed one Thanksgiving on tv that 2 obese children were suing McDonalds for making them obese he had to investigate. Morgan Spurlock tries the theorically easy challenge of eating McDonalds for a month for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. He is also required to eat one of everything on the menu at least once in the month and has to supersize his meal if asked. Everybody knows excessive fast food is bad for you but how much damage can it do in a month? Morgan is the director and producer of the movie and lives in New York one of the biggest and famous cities in the world and inevitably ...

Plantronics .Audio 90 Headset 21/10/2004

plantronics .FLAWEDio 90

Plantronics .Audio 90 Headset The art of online computer gaming has progressed over the years and matured into a strategic affair for the masses. From the early years where gamers were just frag happy and content with playing for the sheer enjoyment of killing others in the virtual world. Now it has transformed into a mental sport filled with strategic battles and essential element of teamplay. Teamplay to be achieved by understanding strategy, knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses and most of all being able to communicate. Online gaming is fiercely competitive and people strive to be the best. Seeing as the best have earned over $1,000,000 playing computer games I don't see why not. Most games on the internet require an aspect of communication and awareness from teammates and what better way to showcase that by using headphones with top quality microphones. In this review I will be reviewing the ever popular Plantronics .audio 90 headphones. These headphones are probably the most popular headset for computer gamers. The brand plantronics is one of the leading brands on the market who supply communication headsets. They sponsor various gaming causes and infact tailor their headphone development in suiting gamers. Apart from gamers as one of their main markets they also target business or offices who use headsets alot to communicate via phone. For example plantronics are a huge supplier to the market of call centres. They have probably made a majority of their revenue by supplying the call ...
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