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HP L1908w 19 in 25/06/2009


HP L1908w 19 in Hp to me is on of the largest and the best manufactures of printers in the world. Now I have to come and explain what I have used and seen new because I will say that this is my first time of using an hp monitor. What I will rate high in this monitor is the brightness and sharpness because it is very fantastic and well done. The LCD wide screen monitor comes with a black ring in front of the product and then with silver stand. The large screen hp L1908w wide screen LCD offers essential performance features in an elegant diagonal wide aspect. This is a clear LCD computer monitor that actually gives you what you desire in computer picture quality. It comes with a clear instruction manual that actually gives guide on how to use the computer monitor. Yes I came in contact with this at Amazon UK and decided to give it a try and now, I am convinced with the product and will highly recommend this to potential buyers in terms of its durability and features. Well to be honest, I never knew that hp has gone to the extent of making good LCD monitors that are suitable for your computer. My most like about it is that it has 5 minutes response time and which is of a good quality. It has EPA energy compliant. The large screen HP L1908w 19 inch wide screen LCD monitor offers an essential performance feature in elegant 19- inch diagonal wide aspect display designed for users who prefer wide screen viewing, wherever they work. THE WEIGHT. The television has a moderate ...

Intel Pentium 4 530J / 3 GHz processor 21/02/2009


Intel Pentium 4 530J / 3 GHz processor The Intel processor has made me to see many reasons to update my PC with It. The Intel processor since I installed it has been serving me very well. My most likes on it is that it is very fast in processing and that has paved way for my pc to perform many things like in the case of playing games with my pc and the rest of them. The processor is quite easy to install so when it comes to that, there is no problem in doing that but to achieve a reliable goal on installation, you must have to read the instruction manual very well for the manufacturers brief description on the product. The installation of this processor has given my pc a very good processing speed and abilities. I got this because this was the best processor I could afford to buy at that moment. Well I look forward on buying another advanced make of the Intel processor but before I do that, I would make use of this one for some time. The Intel Pentium 4.30ghz socket 775 CPU has hyper technology in it and this makes it a very advanced processor. The little problem with the processor is that it is capable of making too much noise while functioning. It comes in an orange packed colour with blues stripe at the edge of it. It also has heat stick fan for cooling the temperature down. In terms of durability, it is very durable and strong. It also comes with 1mb installed size of L2 cahe. Lets take a look at the product features. It comes with a clock speed of 3hz and with bus speed of 800mhz. ...

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Xbox 360) 05/01/2009


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (Xbox 360) I cant just say why I dint get the type of excitement that I expected when I first saw the game on X 360 console but meanwhile I have to put it this way that I got exited at all. I thought the game would have gotten a different game play when the release was announced. Got fed up with the old game play of konami the creators of the game. Just like the play station 2 or rather the old generation brothers and sisters. Well let us start from the graphics. The graphics in such console comes first with four out of five star and that means brilliant. The good graphics has made very nice players recognition in the sense that you can recognize players easily without much guess. Players' movement has come in a more realistic but slow form. May be I guess that I still need to adjust the speed meter in the set up menu but if there is no other option of increasing the speed level then too bad for some player like me. Now lets take a look at the game play. This is where my major criticisms lie. To start, the game never took much new shape from the previous versions that we used to play in the ps2 version. Almost the same shape and not much new features. It has almost the same graphics with the play station 2 and other consoles of that generation. Well to make things clear, I think winning eleven is a better version although they are in the same class of konami make because wining eleven is the Japanese version while pro evolution is the English version. But to make the ...

Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB 18/12/2008


Apple iPod touch MA623ZO/A 8 GB Apple has done a very nice job for manufacturing such a music device with fantastic sound output and with high quality ear peace that is capable of doing the job too. The apple device comes in a black and silver colour where by the front is black and the back is silver with apple logo. This is a fantastic music device that is capable of containing approximately 1500 to 1750 songs isn't that amazing. THE DEVICE. The apple comes in a phone like structure but has a taller and slimmer nature. The device is designed in such a way that it does not have buttons rather it is now based on touch sensor, which is now the way it is being manipulated. You can make screen saver with any picture of your choice. While the device gets on, the screen saver is the first picture you will get encounter after the apple logo, which is the companies official logo. The apple I pod has an automatic lock that shows an arrow slide that when shifted to the right with your finger unlocks the device and takes you to numerous screen menus. It is capable of storing pictures that are very clear. With the provision of USB cord, you can install music from your PC to the device as well as the device to your PC but for it to be feasible; you are to install some software that will enable you to do that. Through the safari features, you can browse on the Internet if you are actually somewhere you can access the Internet through the wireless broadband which is getting more known in ...

Sony KDL-32V4000 24/10/2008


Sony KDL-32V4000 The Sony LCD television has numerous good features but let's start from the picture quality. This is the main thing that gives the television its unique name and other things. The LCD is capable of producing realistic pictures. The second aspect is the sound or the audio quality, which is marvelous too. The sound system has been made efficient due to the presence of loudspeakers and that has made the sound output very loud and extremely clear while in use. The picture quality is quite fantastic due to the HD ready presence and the picture projections are quite fantastic. THE LOOKS The LCD television is very slim and that gives it fragile looks. It comes in a black shiny polished colour and that gives it the beautiful attractive looks and on the other hand, does not pose much problems in carrying around because it is not that heavy instead it is lighter than the normal televisions that use to be very heavy. Well one thing baffles me about the LCD television is that the first time I saw it, I thought that it will have much range of features but since I have come to use it, I have made some observations that the LCD does not have much features as you think because features like the DVB-C and DVB-S are not available. I will equally suggest that you handle the television with care because of the fragile looks. Installation. The sonyLCD KDL-32V4000 is quite easy to install and use. There is a remote control that is also made available and is quite ...

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2) 29/09/2008


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (PS2) Well we all know much about pro evolution series in the Sony play station console and know what we mean by that but sorry I don't think the language pro evolution is meant for non soccer players and fifa players, I am just making this specifically for hard core pro evolution fans that will be able to understand the language of football in this review. Let the review start. Fellow pro evolution fans or rather players, I am putting up this review in a way you are going to understand. I know some readers will see it in the sense that I am segregating between pro evolution and non-pro evolution fans. But if you are not a pro evolution fan and willing to join, you are free to read and enjoy the review but later in the review, you read up the recommendations because it is specifically for new comers and people that are willing to join the chorus. Well we all know the history of pro evolution and how it all started, right from the pro evolution 3 installation to this current evo 6 installation. Well we all expect new features in every pro evolution releases. But the question lies, what really is new in pro evo 6? Well I think some of the pro evolution 6 features are quite different. The thing that I have noticed is the slow mode in the game. In most cases, when you are in the goal post to score, the scene changes especially when the goal keeper makes a save, instead of the ball to bounce out with speed rather it bounces out in a bit slow mode and there by slowing both ...

Panasonic SDR-S7EB-K 28/08/2008


Panasonic SDR-S7EB-K This is quite a fabulous digital camera made by Panasonic one of the leaders in electronic products. The camera suites all your desired events you need to record include occasions like marriages, life music band and other recode able events. I bought this for these listed reasons above. The Panasonic camera device has wide range of features and that makes it very marvelous to use. It has very competent zoom lens camera or rather adjustable lens to your desired views. The Panasonic SDR-S7REB-K comes in black shiny looks and that is quite attractive and makes it more beautiful. Camcorder usage has really evolved to compare to the previous days I used to see those old camcorders that had limited and poor image quality. Panasonic has done an excellent work by provided sophisticated SD card. To really get the beauty of what the device is capable of, I think that sampling the image recorded should be posted on the Internet. It has sophisticated high-speed video and also with advanced and superb mobility memory card. The Panasonic stuff is also convenient in carrying about because of the lightweight nature. Panasonic has made it very convenient and made provisions for computer connections like availability of USB ports. The Panasonic device has wide range of features but I don't think of mentioning all of them because of the vast features. With the electronic image s stabilizer, the camcorder is capable of making reliable and steady recordings. But one thing that I ...

Samsung LE37A558 25/06/2008


Samsung LE37A558 The travel that I went made me to see this in the sense that I have been with the television for about 2 weeks. Now the television comes in a black polished colour and at the same time slim. The LCD television has some many techies. Well I am contemplating strongly on buying the LCD television but what holds me back is the price. The LCD comes with many features but among all, the most accepted feature is the electronic program guide and this feature helps you the programmer to be accurate and also gives guideline on how to go about the program. I have to comment again about the price, the price is of good value for money. But although it has high value for money, the features are a bit limited. Unlike all the LCDs that I have come across, this LCD Samsung some how lacks some vital features. But as things may be, I have to make up some savings and buy this for my PS3 console that I am about to get. The LCD television also comes with the company's instruction manual that gives you the guidelines on how to fix it. It is quite easy to fix and use. Another marvelous feature about the LCD television is that it is capable of producing marvelous sound system because of the presence of the loudspeakers that produce good sound output. The picture quality is fantastic and capable of producing real colour picture. The time that I enjoyed this the most was when I watched DVD movies on it and It was some thing else. The monitor system is the LCD type and ...

Mortal Kombat: Deception (PS2) 18/06/2008


Mortal Kombat: Deception (PS2) Well, this is the version that gave MK its soul back. Because previously, MK lost all their form and name in the previous version and I cant tell on the cause. Deception now comes in a fascinating and fantastic new look with sufficient deadly characters. The number one factor to notify in the game is the introduction. The introduction comes in a battle between tsang tsung and qunachi 2 sorcerers fighting against the god of thunder RAIDEN. As things may be, raiden got unconscious and the two deadly sorcerers started a betrayal mission by fighting each other. Suddenly, the boss onaga was on the way inside the temple where the battle is going on and fireball battle began. The two sorcerers including the god of thunder teamed up against the deadly monster ONAGA to take him down. But unfortunately for the three, their efforts failed and raiden's thunder ball brought the temple into ruins. The game has come in a more deadly form and on the other hand, the characters has more AI than before. I think of getting frustrated in the game when fighting in the highest percentage, which I think, is 80%. The game has a lot of mode which include the versus mode, playing with another player, the arcade mode, playing with the computer and other exciting mode. There is also another in-depth mode that requires the use of a memory card. In this mode, you have access to the makings of the game, the way the characters are developed, their story and on the other hand you can equally ...

Pioneer A109 29/05/2008

THE MASTER Amplifier

Pioneer A109 Despite that the amplifier looks old, may be you don judge the product by the looks rather you try and get the quality service. It" s services has lead me to satisfactory and the most exiting of all is that is very durable and strong. It has served quite long in my household. Well forming the habit of playing rock music with it is not a bad idea and that is what I actually do with it. Before I got this, I got confused and I had very strong debates on whether to buy a home theater or to buy an amplifier. Well if to say, both perform the same function capable of producing loud sound but there are some slight differences between this and a home theater in the sense that an amplifier does not have a remote control and on the other hand does not have small satellite speakers attached to it just like home theater. Second, the home theater has more advanced control system than this. Mostly, I connect this with my portable CD player and it has given me perfect listening since I started using it. THE AMPLIFIER The amplifier comes in a black square box with five turning knobs for sound control and on the other hand, there Is the power button located at the front and all these contributes to the make ups of the amplifier. On other hand, there are numerous mouths pots located behind for connections on any device you intend to connect it to. The amplifier is quite heavy to carry about. On the other hand, it also has 4 standing silver metal. While 2 is located on in the ...

Resident Evil 4 (PS2) 24/05/2008


Resident Evil 4 (PS2) The game has gotten a lot of remake including the game plays, the zombies' intelligence and the rest of the whole thing. Capocm has made a lot of remakes in the game. I like that. The resident evil 4 has come in a different form to compare to previous installations. Even the resident evil outbreak and code veronica never got the waves this one got. The game has existed since the play station2 reign but got its fit and waves during the resident evil 3 and since then, there have not been any other resident evil of that name and quality until in 2005 when the resident evil four was released. THE STORY OF THE GAME. The game is all about Leon the cop and I think that some of the resident evil fans should know him, the character that nearly got his life lost in the resident evil 2. Well resident evil probably is not my type of game but I decided to make it mine when I saw the advertisement on game magazine and decided to get a copy for my self. The game is all about Leon the cop in a rescue mission of the president's daughter and the game got off from there. Well the game starts like a movie scene where Lyon and his crew had a car crash in a village. One thing that I like most in the game is the way the game took off and I have never seen such unique game pattern where by a game starts from the introduction and then kicks up from there as a movie. , Okay lets take a full view at the review of the game. GAME PLAY. The review not only narrates the nature of the game ...

HP Compaq Business Desktop Dc5800 (KV496ET#ABU) 14/05/2008


HP Compaq Business Desktop Dc5800 (KV496ET#ABU) The hp Compaq stunned my mind when I heard its ability to deliver proven technology. I have some influence on deciding on which type of computer hardware or software to purchase in office. The PC device comes with dual core technology type and the dual core simply means that the PC is capable of having more than one processor and it has advantages over those PCs that have only one processor because it is quite faster and can process numerous in formations at a given time. I am considering very much on buying this since I have gotten the guarantee through the one I use for my office work. HP has proven their competence on making computer hard wares including printers that I regard one of the best in the market currently. Well getting this in my household would cost me quite some money because this is an office use. Since I am now in need of such PC, I think of making savings for it. Its company manual description is detailed very well and quite easy to understand and use. From what I have read from the manual, the company I will say has a lot of support for their customers and that is very nice of them. Another good feature about the stuff is that it is upgradeable although I have not done so since it came into use in office. It has 64 bits computing system and this gives the PC processing speed an edge over other PCs that I have used. In terms of its random assess memory (RAM), it has 2gb/ 8gb maximum memory storage capacity and that is quite large for ...
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