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since 30/05/2009


Asda Create Your Own Pizza 16/11/2009

Oldchem becomes a Pizzaioli - so can you!!

Santa Claus - The Movie (DVD) 15/11/2009

I TOLD you there was a Santa!!

Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss 15/11/2009

a tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fu

Y Branwen, Harlech 14/11/2009

"CROESO Cynnes Cymreig - A Warm Welsh Welcome"

The Pirate - Sir Walter Scott 13/11/2009

Vikings, pirates, adventures and mystery all in one book.

Re:creation Cranium Cariboo 13/11/2009

Cranium Training Preschool Variety

Pass The Pigs The Making' Bacon Game 13/11/2009

Oh No!! They're making bacon!!

Carnival Games (Wii) 12/11/2009

All that's missng is the candy floss!!

Longmorn 15 Year Old Single Malt 12/11/2009

Mine's a Longhorn, what's yours?

The Pearl - John Steinbeck 12/11/2009

"This pearl has become my soul."

Martini Asti Spumante 12/11/2009

Put a bit of sparkle in your life !!

Beloved - Toni Morrison 10/11/2009

Slavery Made Real

Thomas And The Magic Railroad (DVD) 10/11/2009

So bad I think BR have got the franchise for the Isle of Sodor

Kraft Philadelphia Light with Basil 10/11/2009

Basil can Phill his boots, it's only light.

Mog's Christmas - Judith Kerr 10/11/2009

A cat with attitude, Christmas attitude that is.

Mog's Christmas - Judith Kerr MOG’S CHRISTMAS JUDITH KERR This year will be my 37th year of having a child in the house for Christmas. Each and every one of those Christmas’s has seen me buying Christmas books for the children in my life, my own children and now my grandchildren. The books have always been bought as an early Christmas present that the elves bring on Christmas Eve to see if the child has gone to bed, we then open the book and read it before the little one (hopefully) goes to sleep. One series of books that my children have grown up with are the ‘Mog’ series by Judith Kerr. My eldest daughter was born in 1972 and the first Mog book, ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat ‘ was released in 1970. There were seventeen books in the Mog series, and what is unusual about children’s books, the last book, written in 2002, ‘Goodbye Mog’sees Mog dying. ‘Mog’s Christmas’ was released in 1976, my fourth daughter was treated to this book for her second Christmas, this year her three year old niece will be having it left on her pillow by the Christmas elves. Mog, born 1970, died October 2002. Mog was one of the best-known cats of her generation and lived with a family called the Thomas’s. It’s nearly Christmas and the Thomas family are busy. Mog is not a happy cat, strange things are happening at her house, and she doesn't like it one bit. Everyone is running about the house, hanging up mistletoe and decorations, blowing up balloons, baking loads of food and wait what’s this - "It was a ...
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