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Samsung S5230 Star 22/07/2011

Worth the price

Samsung S5230 Star I've had this phone for a few months now, and I'm quite happy with it. When I bought it I wanted a cheap touchscreen phone with WiFi, and that's exactly what I got. Although it doesn't look particularly interesting, the design is simple and elegant and it fits comfortably into the hand, and into jean pockets, as it is pretty thin and not too heavy. Like with other touch screen phones, the screen gets scratched pretty easily if one doesn't use the screen protection stickers, so the phone can start looking scratched up pretty quickly. One huge advantage is the brightness settings are very good and it is possible to make the phone extremely bright, which is always an advantage. One disadvantage is that the screen is very small so if you go on the internet, it is quite difficult to see and manipulate.

Gucci Envy Me Eau de Toilette for Her 22/07/2011

The perfect perfume

Gucci Envy Me Eau de Toilette for Her I'm on my 3rd bottle of this perfume at the moment. What I really like about it is that it has a very refreshing and feminine light smell, very different from the heavy fruity or flowery scents that are overused and in my opinion, nauseating. Although the smell doesn't last long, there is enough perfume in the 30ml bottle to last a least a few months with multiple users (I had it in my locker and there were a few people who used it sometimes, which shows that its scent appeals to many different people, which can be rare). Also, the bottle is very well designed and doesn't leak, even if carried in a cramped purse without the lid on, although I don't recommend anyone to try this.

Acer Aspire One Happy 22/07/2011

A great quality laptop

Acer Aspire One Happy This is a great laptop. I needed a small, lightweight laptop to take to school, and the aspire one happy is absolutely perfect. It is one of the smallest and lightest laptops available so far, and it looks great too. After 8 months of carrying the laptop in a bag, sometimes without a case, and after not treating it too carefully, it is still in almost perfect condition, with the paint only slightly chipped on the edges. I would recommend this laptop for anyone who needs to bring it with them everywhere. Also, the battery last long, an average of 6 hours depending on what it is being used for. Two aspects that I don't like are that the keyboard has keys that are apart from each other and let in dust and other dirt and are hard to clean again. Also the android technology is very confusing to use and control, and I think that the laptop would be better without it.
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