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Disney All Star Hotel, Orlando 23/07/2001

All Star or All Rubbish

Disney All Star Hotel, Orlando Disney’s All Stars Resort I am a Disney freak. Yes I now have that off my chest. Sorry I was just coming out there. Anyway I have wrote reviews of all of Walt Disney Worlds parks I will now give one of the hotels I stayed in a try. On my third visit to Orlando we stayed here. On the other occasions we stayed in the Quality Inn Plaza and an apartment in some hotel which I have forgot.  When my dad told me that we where going to stay here I was over joyed not only was I going to Disneyworld I was going to stay there as well! We travelled by British Airways and we where very impressed. Compared to the other airoplanes we travelled to Florida with this was luxuary. The other ones where Airoflot and the Airtours plane. BTW the first time we went we got it really cheap so that’s why didn’t stay in a decent hotel or go by a good plane. I have to say this DO NOT GO BY AIRTOURS. BA is slighty dearer but it is worth the difference because of the extra leg room. Another good thing about BA is you get a ‘free’ bar. My brother enjoyed this and ended up DOA. Drunk on Arrival. This was fun walking through Orlando Airport with my drunk brother. For those who have not been to Orlando’s airport it is massive and involves getting into a monorail to get to the other part of it. Anyway we set off got our rental car and headed to Disneyland. The hotel itself is situated inbetween the Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios but the closest park, if you count it as a park, is Blizzard ...

Disney's Animal Kingdom 20/06/2001

Not Bad Could do Better

Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney’s Animal Kingdom The Animal Kingdom is Disney’s latest park. When I went last year I was really looking forward to this park but surprisingly the park disappointed me. Compared to the other Disney Parks this is by far the weakest one. That doesn’t mean it is rubbish it just isn’t as good as the other parks. Like all of the other parks there is a big landmark to meet at if you get lost. In this park it is the tree of life. This tree is over 41-meter’s high and has more than 325 animals carved into it. It is an awesome sight and you u have to wonder what would happen if some carved one of the creatures wrong? Anyways like every attraction in Disney Mickey Mouse in there somewhere but where is he? Inside the tree of life is a 3D show its tough to be a bug. This is a 3D show which features bugs and stars the wee characters from a Bugs Life. It is a laugh so go and see it. The major ride in the park is the Kilmanjaro Safaris. This is ride in a Jeep threw a game reserve. This is a ride and has really cheesy acting in it and some bad accents. We had a South African and my girlfriend and I was dying to laugh but restrained ourselves! Threw your journey you can see a number of different animals including giraffes lions and elephants. If you can put up with the accents it is very entertaining and informative. That ride operates the “Fast Pass” system. This system is good if everything is working correctly. I used this system in EPCOT and the fast pass queue was ...

Pitch Black (DVD) 14/06/2001

Home Movie Yes Cinema No

Pitch Black (DVD) Pitch Black I went and see Pitch Black in the cinema and I was really disappointed with it. I was really looking forward to it but I was let down. However my girlfriend really enjoyed it so when it came out on DVD I bought it for her. Pitch Black is set in the future and basically it is they crash land on a planet which has killer creatures what attack people at night. They are the only ones left on the planet and the movie is showing there struggle trying to get off the planet. Into the mix is that part of the group is a mass murderer and this adds to the intensity. When describing movies or games I don’t like going into much detail because I just hate spoilers. One thing about this movie is that there is the normal they’re going to die people. But on the other hand there are a number of twists and turns you don’t see coming. I believe this is safe to say as this was in a trailer. As is said above the creatures come out when it is dark the reason the movie is called pitch black is that there is a eclipse happening just after then land and it could go on for years. At the beginning I said that I did not like this movie in the cinema. I don’t why but this movie is a lot a better second time around at home. I would describe it as a good movie for a night a home. Just sit back and enjoy. The DVD has some extra features, which add to the movie. These are a trailer and special effects features. I recommend buying this but I just want to wonder why did this not ...

BBC2 - Star Trek: Voyager 13/06/2001

Coming to the End

BBC2 - Star Trek: Voyager Star Trek Voyager Star Trek Voyager is on its last season and it has been one hell of a ride. For all you not trekkers out there who think Star Trek is rubbish and people who watch it are a bit looped come on wise up! The shows are good fun and have a message to them. Star Trek Voyager follows Captain Kathryn Jayneway and there crew in their adventures in the Delta Quadrate. This is at the other side of the know galaxy and would take them 75 years to get back home. But how did they get there? Captain Jayneway was on a mission to capture a group of renegades, the Maquee, who were fighting for their planet. Among there crew was Jayneways security chief. Mysteriously the chief had not reported in and she went after them. They followed there trail and where swept away to the Delta Quadrant. It was found out that a mystical man transported them as he was searching for a successor. A lot of the crew dies so they are now understaffed and worse still the doctor’s dead. I don’t really want to spoil the whole episode but it ends up he dies and they have no way of getting back. It ends up that the Maquee and the Star Trek crew join up and that’s when the adventure begins. I have to admit the first season doesn’t really heat up to near the end but the first episodes are where you learn about the characters and the conflicts between the Star Fleet and Maquee crew. The Kasion are their main enemy for the first season or two then meet them in the first episode and the best way to ...

Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) 13/06/2001

Best RPG Ever

Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation) Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII is a great game. If you own a Playstation 1 or 2 or a PC if this game is not in your collection you cant call yourself a gamer! Just to start I heard the hype about the game, that this was the best game ever, but this did not make me go out and buy it. The reason was that I was not really into Role-playing games at that stage, I was into strategy games. However I was stuck down with a gladiola fever and would be of work for a long time so I decided to get this game as I was told there was a lot of playing time in it and I was given a £30 GAME voucher! If you are not to familiar with role-playing games these games involve, usually, building up characters. This means characters at the beginning are really weak but as you fight more things they become stronger. A strategy I suggest is that of swapping the characters around often so that you don’t have 3 really strong characters and 3 really weak ones. You should try and have them all around the same level. SPOILER there is no real point in building Aeries that much as she dies later in the game. However build her up a bit but don’t go overboard, SPOILER END I loaded the game up and I was impressed with the opening cut scene. Which dropped you straight into the action. The game using cartoon / manga style game characters which I really like in the game. You can control up to 3 team members at a time and usually there is 1 lead character among them. One thing, which may get on your ...

Disney MGM Studios, Florida 12/06/2001

Mgm Studios

Disney MGM Studios, Florida MGM Studios MGM Studios where the Disney movies are made but is the park any good. In one word yes but with a could do a little better. Just like all the other parks in Disney there is something here as a focal point. In the Animal Kingdom it is the Tree of Life, EPCOT the Giant Golf Ball, Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom and here is the Giant Mickey Mouse ears. Unlike the other Disney’s Parks there are no zones here as such but some places are themed a bit like a New York Section and others like that. I suggest that you go straight to the two biggest rides in the park the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Areosmith Rock ‘n’ Roll a Coaster. These rides are right beside each other so after you do one you can ride the other one. These two rides are, in my opinion, the most intense rides in the whole of the Disneyland Florida. However they will not be for long as Disney are making a theme park with nothing but white knuckle rides. The thing I like with MGM Studios is that the majority of the rides have little or no waiting time. The only rides which do have a waiting times are Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Rollacoaster, The Great Movie Ride and Star Tours. One thing I have to say some rides are worth the hype and others are not. For example Aerosmith and the Tower of Terror are definitely good however Star Tours and The Great Movie Ride are good but a little disappointing. Anywise what are these rides like? The Tower of Terror is a ...

Epcot Disneyworld 03/05/2001

Every Person Comes Out Tired

Epcot Disneyworld EPCOT I love EPCOT. Before you even close to EPCOT you can see the famous Giant Golf Ball which is Spaceship Earth. The park itself is massive but the only slight letdown of the park is that there is a lack of white-knuckle type rides. So if you are looking for that type of park you may disappointed here. Apart from that slight concern over EPCOT the park is outstanding. There are basically two parks Future World and the World Showcase. Personally I prefer Future World to the World Showcase and my parents prefer the World Showcase. In my opinion when going round EPCOT it is better to do the World Showcase early in the morning or late afternoon. This is because of the weather in Florida. In Future World there is a lot of indoor activities and the area is very shaded but the World Showcase is a lot of walking in the open. Another reason to do the World Showcase later on is there is good firework display over the lake, the world showcase surrounds a lake, and this provides a good spot to watch it. Future World There are nine main zones in future world. There is a lot to do in this land and there is lots to do in each section. But where should you start? Well I suggest the Test Track, as this is the latest attraction in the park. This ride is the one of the two rides in the park with a height restriction, which is 101.6cm this restriction is also for the Body Wars. The Test track has the unique feature of allowing a single rider the opportunity of riding the ride ...

Disney The Magic Kingdom Park 01/05/2001

The Magic Kingdom

Disney The Magic Kingdom Park The Magic Kingdom Park When people think of the Walt Disney Resort Florida this park comes first into people’s heads, as it is the oldest and most established park there and such some of the rides are a little dated but don’t get me wrong this park is good. Everytime I go there I am still overwhelmed because of the Cinderella’s Castle imposing down on you. I just get Goosebumps just looking down there because I know I’m in for a treat. I recommend you come to the park straight off from the time it opens as there are no queues for a couple of hours and you will probably be awake early as well because of the time difference of around 5 hours. You enter the park at Mainstreet USA. This is a good place to catch the daily parades. Here has a lot of shops to look at and buy things at. First off if you have never been here before I recommend going for a spin the train, which circles the park. This train goes through the history of the park and gives out hints and tips of the park. Yeah I know some of the things on the rain ride are a little corny but the train still gives out useful information. If or when you complete your circuit continue round to Frontierland. Frontierland The land of cowboys and Indians. This is the home of the two of the three mountains Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Thunder Mountain is a “runaway train”, in other words is a roller coaster. For this and other rides a height restriction is on it, ...

Disney World (Florida) 27/04/2001

Hype or tripe

Disney World (Florida) Walt Disney World Florida This now has become an annual holiday for me because every year there is something new to try. Last year we went was a little different because my partner had just fell pregnant and could not go on any rides and I didn’t want to go on all rides myself so this year we are going to make up for that! I did however have the chance to ride the new Aerosmiths Rocking Rollacoaster and it was a blast. I had to go on it to get the perfect picture, as no one would believe me if I went on myself as I have a slight fear of going upside down. Just imagine going 0 – 60 in under 3seconds and straight into a loop! Wow! Your face is pushed back on your face you go that fast! Walt Disney World has 4 four main parks and a number of smaller attractions. The four main parks are the Magic Kingdom Park, MGM Studios, EPCOT and the new Animal Kingdom Park. First of if your are only going to Florida for 1 week you will only have time to do the Disney Parks. Each of the parks, maybe with the exception of the Animal Kingdom, requires the absolute minimum of 1 day each dependant on the queues. We usually go on the off season as the queues are a lot smaller and the temperature a little cooler. The Magic Kingdom The first park opened but still adding and changing attractions. I usually find that this is the busiest Disney Park so you have been warned. It is a good idea to do the ‘good’ rides first. By this I mean the more popular rides like ... 23/04/2001

A Messiah for Closet Star Trek Fans Blackstar the place where I go when I want videos or DVDs. I am a closet Star trek Fan. Going up and paying for a Star Trek video is I feel the shoopkeeper is going to laugh at me because of the sterotypes Star Trek watchers have. With the growth of online shopping I thought yes this it I dont have to feel silly now! I first tryed but did not like them because of the posting and packing so I went back to buying down the local shop. I was reading my local newspaper and discovered that we have a local .com success Blackstar and I gave them a whirl. (Im from Northern Ireland btw.) First thing I saw no P & P. YES! Then i saw you get a reward card thing called blackstars and the nore you get the better things you can get. These range from a movie poster to a dvd player. I ordered my Star Trek video not feeling embarrassed got 1 blackstar and then waited for it to be delivered. They even have the animated series and my collection of ST is growing fast. Bang the next day it arrived and now I only buy videos and DVDs from Blackstar. If you are wondering they do have all the sales like the stores in the towns. Another thing as someone else mentioned they still have videos even the hard ones you cant find anywhere and even if they dont have it they can search for it but this costs extra. ... 23/04/2001

Worth a go In my opinion yes but dont go in thinking you are going to win prizes at the moment. I think that we need to support this site and help it grow because the potential is huge. I am playing at the moment for fun with the faint hope of winning something. I enjoy playing these sorts of games and played them for a time, the American versions, until I found out that if I won a prize I wouldnt get it. So when I found this site I am now going into full swing hoping I will win something. At the moment most of the games you dont win flips. Flips are the currency you use to enter the prize draws so the more flips you win the more likely you are to become a winner. The site is easy to navigate. The big plus for the site is that some of games are downloaded to your computer so the games are of a better standard than the java based games. I am enjoying it just for the interaction of the other users. So come join the fun!!! ...

Not Sport but Great Entertainment 23/04/2001

The WWF Good or Bad

Not Sport but Great Entertainment The WWF good harmless fun or just rubbish. Me I just love it. I think its the best soap opera on TV. You may say WWF how is that a soap? look at this way. It has storylines, just like a soap, it has characters, just like a soap, it has plot twists, just like a soap. I just look forward each week to RAW and Smackdown to see what happens next. Yes its corny, yes its silly but its also good entertainment. People complain about the volence on it. If parents are worried about the volence dont let them watch or watch with them and censor it yourself and explain that they are trained or how to hit and how to make the falls. Like the punches they are not closed they are open so when they putch each other it doesnt hurt! All and all just take at face value and you will enjoy it! ...

Have a Nice Day - Mick Foley 23/04/2001

The Book

Have a Nice Day - Mick Foley First thing I have to say about it is wow the only book I have ever read no stop. Another wow the only book i have read twice. I was a big Mick Foley fan to start with. Whether he was Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind or plain old Mick Foley he was one of my favourites but nothing compares to HHH the man who 'retired' him from wrestling. The book as you would think takes you through is life and times as wreslter its ups and the downs. He goes into some detail on the back stage and wrestlings 'dark secrets.' So if you believe that wrestling is real avoid this book!! There are some photos in the book and one or two which might make you sick. He uses a lot of humour through the book and is very pleasant to read. I don really want to spoil the book for you but go out and buy it. And Have a nice day! ...

EverQuest (PC) 22/04/2001


EverQuest (PC) The game has done good. I believe that as soon as you start playing it you become hooked on and the more you play. You make lots of friends playing the game. There is plenty of life left in the game 2 years plus with all the things they are going to add new lands and all. So if and when you buy it be prepared to give up a lot of your life as there is a lot of differnent roles you can take up. You could be an evil dark elf rogue, a loveable halfing druid. With all the different races and classes the roles you can have are wide and varing. Some character s are better suited to solo work like druids and necros while others are better at grouping like clerics and enchanters. There are also people on as people play this all over the world so you will never be alone unlike asherions call. so go out and buy this!!!!!!!!!! ...
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