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Twycross Zoo, Atherstone 05/10/2009

Twycross Zoo... fun for all!

Twycross Zoo, Atherstone I was recently given two free children’s passes for Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire – well it all helps to fill those weekends! Pre-trip I’d never been to Twycross before, and thought I’d check their website before we went to get a feel for the place… The site is pretty well written, with many links for the kids to get their interest up front (including live webcams of the petting zoo… although I couldn’t see much happening…) There is also a live webcam of the new baby elephant (born August 2009), although this is only on 10-5?! Not too sure why… must be new privacy laws or something? The day itself Twycross was very easy to find, and for once Satnav was on the button, and only the cries of ‘our we nearly there yet’… made the hours journey from Staffordshire feel like a lifetime. Parking is ample (and free) which makes a change for days out nowadays! The first impression was a bit bleak, as there is a great deal of additional building work being carried out, I understand they are building a new visitors centre which looks very impressive, and should be completed next year. The noise from the Howler Monkeys was terrific when we got out of the car, and really brought the place to life. With £ 11.00 an adult (with the usual paperwork for tax relief…) completed, we decided to try and find the penguins for their 12:00 feed. I’ve got to be honest, we weren’t given a map, and thought we’d be able to find our way around… this proved much harder than we thought, ...

Haven Holidays 23/06/2009

Haven Rockley Park, Poole

Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 16v 27/05/2009

Grand Scenic ? Pretty good Scenic!

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii) 22/05/2009

Wii Star Wars - More addictive than the dark side...

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Wii) Overview I was ‘made’ to play on the Wii last night with my son, who had got stuck with “what to do next”… he went to bed at 8, and I finished playing around midnight!!! I’m not a big game player, but this is a really fun game to play, and despite my protestations about being too busy, cooking tea etc., I loved playing it. The Game You can either play this on your own, or as we did last night play two players working together, which is great with ‘smallish’ children. You initially start off in the “Cantina” with a number of doors to go through, which eventually (after completion of the intro/training level) allows you to access each of the six Star wars episodes. Each episode then has 6 levels to be completed firstly in story mode, after which you can play in free mode, or replay to beat your score. All of the episodes are from the movies, and the fantastically animated star wars Lego characters are beautifully created, and easily identifiable from the films. The ability to then be some of the more diverse (and evil) characters like Darth Maul in freeplay gives the game a real longevity. The main aim of the game is to collect lego studs (money), which can be used to buy and develop new powers, characters and vehicles etc, although my son seemed more intent on a ‘dash-for-the-finish’ line…which caused a few heated ‘hang on a second’ conversations. At the end of each level you can replay, or go back to the cantina and spend your hard earned money and ...

TomTom ONE V4 22/05/2009

One to rely on - generally...

TomTom ONE V4 Overview With a change of job last year, I suddenly found myself travelling to new areas, without a printer to print off AA roadmaps, and I was ‘forced’ to abandon my maps and trust in technology… I must admit I am on my 2nd Tom-Tom One as the first one ‘died’ when I was updating the maps on the tom-tom website, that being said, this one has been utterly reliable, and I wouldn’t be without it. The Product Technical’s With a very clear and easy to read 3 and a half inch touch screen, and pre-installed maps for the UK and ROI, this really doesn’t take any setting up… jump in the car, plug in the in-car charger, stick it to your windscreen (only issues here are on very cold days when it slides across your screen til the car warms up) and type in the full postcode, or address. Within a few seconds, the route is calculated offering an ETA, journey length (useful for those expenses!) and with the option to avoid toll roads as applicable. Along the way, you can find really useful points of interest (more of which can be downloaded from their website)… I downloaded supermarket sites, National trust and camp sites for family excursions, although the pre-installed POI are excellent. You can also add your own personal favourites, which is helpful for regular trips. The screen shows current speed, distance to go, estimated time of arrival and the road speed limit to keep you in check! (An audible beep can be set for if you are exceeding the limit!). There is a again ...

Panasonic DVD-LS83 22/05/2009

Pricey... but what value a quiet car journey?!

It's Not Me, It's You - Lily Allen 22/05/2009

At least its original!

Snooper S3 22/05/2009


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