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Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 02/07/2006

Stream media from your pc to your tv

Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 So like the title says, you can stream your audio, video and pictures from your computers hard drive to your tv via the showcenter 200 So maybe we should start with some specifications, features, opinions etc. For a start lets begin with supported file types and so on, first off we have audio... the file types that are supported for audio are all the major formats like MP3, MPEG-1 layer 2 (MPA), PCM WAV and WMA. You can also stream video which also supports the majority of video formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-2 VOB, MPEG-4 AVI, Xvid and WMV9, and HD video is also supported which is a nice bonus. Of course you can also stream and view your pictures (including support for HD imagery from high mega-pixel cameras etc) On the showcenter 200 and again most the image formats are supported such as JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Then we have inputs, outputs and connections, which there is plenty of which are as follows:- *SCART 21-pin connector (Europe-only, also known as Peritel connector or Euroconnector) with composite, Y/C, RGB, stereo audio * Component video output (YPbPr, 3 x RCA) * Composite video output (1 x RCA) * Y/C ("S-Video") video output (1 x Hosiden) * Stereo audio outputs ("Line-Out" - 2 x RCA) * Additional stereo audio output (for separate connection to audio system - 2 x RCA) * Digital audio outputs, both optical (1 x Toslink) and electrical (S/PDIF 1 x RCA) Then we have the other outputs and inputs which dont really relate to the above:- * ...

Saitek P880 Dual Analog GamePad - game pad - wired 02/07/2006

saitek p880, perfect for gamers with big hands

Saitek P880 Dual Analog GamePad - game pad - wired Well like the title says, this gamepad is perfect for people with big hands, because of the way its layout is presented it fits into a pair of big hands perfectly Now how about some specifications and opinions! How about the layout, well it has 6 buttons on the front and 2 shoulder buttons which are all very responsive enough, then you have 2 analog sticks, which like i stated in disadvantages are smooth with not much grip which aint good at all if you like driving games or any other games that require alot of movement with your thumbs on the analog sticks, but unless your a person that dont get sweaty thumbs then there shouldnt be any problems with grip The quality of the build of this gamepad is ok, but it does feel a little bit too plasticy and not that strong though, but thats just the feeling, i myself havent had any failures with this gamepad as of yet Then how about whats in the box, well once you open it up you will find your saitek p880 gamepad and along with it a cd-rom which you will need to install if you want to programme the buttons which can be programmed for your own customized desires via the on-board shift button The saitek p880 is compatible with Windows 98/ ME/NT/XP Overall this is a decent gamepad if your looking for something not too cheap and not too expensive (can be found for around £15-20) and expecting an average performance ...

Thomson WHP460U 26/06/2006

Listen to what you want wherever you want

Thomson WHP460U Well like the title says you can listen to what you want wherever you want, well almost, by that i mean these headphones can reach up to 80 meters which is about 262 feet, so whether it be in your living room, in your bedroom, or even in the garden you can enjoy what you want to listen to almost anywhere in the home Now ill get onto some details, specifications and my opinion... As i stated earlier these can reach up to 80 meters, so you can go quite a distance till the signal cuts off and also have 863MHz worth of UHF transmission so they can pass through walls easily, these headphones also have PLL technology which means they have a high stability transmission rate which prevents signal loss. Then we have the headphones, which are black and silver and very modern and sleek looking, on the left phone theres a few buttons aswell, first off theres the switch that controls whether you want the headphones on or off, below that is two rotary dials, one of them is for fine tuning the frequency and the other is a rotary dial for controling the volume levels. and these headphones also switch themself off after being idle for a couple of minutes to save the battery. Then we have the wireless transmitter which has 3 cables coming out the back, one is the cable that plugs into your wall socket (AC/DC), the second is the cable that connects to a headphone jack (e.g. a pair of PC speakers or the headphone jack on your TV), then we have the third which is the little cable that ...

Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 - game pad - wireless 26/06/2006

Play games without the hassle of cords

Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2 - game pad - wireless Well like the title says, play your games without the annoying hassle of cords with the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad! This is my first cordless gamepad which has been great, i can go and sit on my bed at the other end of the room and control the game from all the way other there so its not only hassle free its roam free. Now how about some specifications and opinions! First of all the gamepad takes two AA batteries and the battery life lasts for 100 hours and has a proprietary power management system which means a longer battery life. Then how about range, the gamepad has a 2.4 GHz cordless performance with a 30 foot range and a high speed data transfer for precise control with no lag so you can pretty much play it anywhere in the room where your playing your game with no trouble. Moving onto vibration, most gamepads these days have vibration and so does this, it has dual vibration feedback motors, get ready to feel all the hits, crashes, explosions, and many more effects. How about the layout, well as you would have guessed, if you put any controller next to this it would have to be the playstation 2 controller right? so it has a familiar button layout, 10 programmable action buttons, plus mode and vibration selectors and an 8 way Dpad. The overall quality of the build of this gamepad is excellent aswell, as if you would expect anything else from logitech though right? they are number one for a reason. How about the package contents? well in the box ...

Nokia 1600 24/05/2006

The Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600 I dont upgrade my phone much, due to new phones and technology for phones appearing every few weeks, or so it seems anyway, i just recently bought this phone for £40 from TheLink with £30 credit on the, which works out to be one of my best bargains of 2006! It was also a very nice move from the old Nokia 3310 i used to have, so from a navy brick to a nice slim trendy looking Nokia 1600 which would suit anybody Ill start to move onto the more techie side of things now though... The Nokia 1600 weighs in at just 80g, the dimensions are 104x45x17mm in length, width and depth and has an LCD colour screen which you can calibrate the brightness for and even choose themes for! Its easy to use and has a simple menu which is easy to navigate through which has contacts (view all your contacts) > call register (view missed calls, received calls etc) > settings (all settings related to the phone, ringtone, time, display settings etc) > alarm clock (which has the option of a normal alarm clock style ring or a speaking alarm clock!)> reminders (set reminders etc) >games (which includes greats such as snake, soccer and rapid roll) > extras (calculator, currency converter, stopwatch etc) > messages (inbox, compose etc) The fone doesnt have any fancy gizmos like a camera and such but for a cheap phone like this it doesnt matter to me because all i need is a basic phone The life of the battery lets you have about 4 - 5hours for talk time and about 285 - 450 hours ...

Creative SBS 260 09/01/2006

Great speakers for a great price

Creative SBS 260 Hmm now where should i start here. Well first of all these are great speakers for the budget minded people out there like myself half the time, and these speakers averaging around £10 are great for the price, now i said these speakers could do with a bit more bass in disadvantages but for the price of these speakers you still get a little bit of bass which mixes in well with the rest of the speakers like volume and treble or what not, and like i said, at £10 you cant really complain As for the features you get what you pay for too, on the front is a little bass port which doesnt need much explaining, and on the left hand side is a little dial which allows you to push, this allows for you to turn the power on or off, and next up is the dial on the right hand side, this dial allows you to turn the volume up and down manually and as you turn the dial higher it begins to become a bit stiffer so its not so easy to make a possible mistake of turning the dial to the max. In the middle there is also a little headphone jack, which of course allows you to listen what you want to listen to via your headphones instead of through the speakers. Finally for the features sheet, we have magnetic shielding which i give a 5 out of 10 due to when my phone rings it still interferes with the speakers, but aside from that its not too bad, then finally we have the power supplys, first off we have the speaker jack for the back of your computer (usually a green port), then most importantly ...

Saitek P220 Digital Pad - game pad - wired 05/09/2005

Saitek p220, the god of budget joypads

Saitek P220 Digital Pad - game pad - wired Firstly I must say i am very pleased with this joypad, having bought it 3 months ago i havent had any troubles or any glitches with the p220 at all and it was well worth the £5 i paid for it from Comet (on special). This joypad has 6 main joypad buttons labelled as 1-2-3-4-5-6 and one shoulder button on either side labbeled 7-8, which is a bit of a let down in some games as a fair few games utilise two shoulder buttons quite well, but it isnt that big of a let down. The joypad also has a digital throttle which has 4 levels of sensitivity which i havent been able to put to use yet. Lastly one of the main features of the joypad which is the dpad (left right up down button(s)). as for the dpad it isnt split into 4 peices (eg. a playstation controller) it is actually a one peice dpad (eg. like an xboxs' controller dpad (below that analog stick)). The sensitivity in some games seems a bit on ice as sensitivity goes but overall its a well built dpad and you cant get any joypad 101% perfect unless you build them yourself anyway. As for installing all you simply do is plug the USB connection into one of your avaliable usb ports avaliable and go to control panel then go to game controllers and test to see if it works, and as for compatibility it should work on all systems windows 98 to XP etc like specified above (plug & play). as for the design its a dark navy blue color which i think looks pretty nice, and in the centre of the joypad we have the model of the joypad ...

Fitness First, Ilford 22/08/2005

Fitness First (ROMFORD essex)

Fitness First, Ilford I shall start off by saying there is no category for fitness first romford so writing a review in the ilford category seems reasonable as ilford is only a efw miles from romford. Now to the review... I was looking around for a few gyms, it was going to come down to fitness first or golds gym and fitness first won. First off the staff at fitness first romford are superb and very freindly and smart and the gym is also very smart and it has an upstairs level that has some of the same equitment from downstairs to upstairs. also upstairs is another room that has other misc equitment and boxing equitment such as a couple of punch bag and a speedball. moving downstairs we have an absolutely huge gym, we of course have changing rooms for the male and the female split apart which is free to use all you need is your membership card. secondly theres a little room a little way from the reception that has about five treadmills and a few other leg, chest and shoulder machines moving out into the main area we have loads of equitment all ranging from a little body building area at the end built for the body builders and is also one of my favourite parts. outside of the body building area theres roughly 15 bikes, 15 treadmills all in lined up in a way and theres also plenty of other machines, theres even machines i never reckonized or heard of before which really impressed me. If I had to take a guess how much equitment was in that area altogther id say it was ...

Tiscali- Broadband 22/08/2005

tiscali hell

Tiscali- Broadband Three months ago i was on the search for an ISP and i came accross tiscali, so i gave them a call describing to them what package i wanted and asking for a bit more information and first off they managed to give me the wrong package! They then said i wouldnt be able to change that until 30 days after which ticked me off alot. so then i went to an internet cafe to chat to buddies and read reviews on/about tiscali and they was appauling (coming from advanced internet users (being who i speak to the most)) they said i made a mistake which i also now think that was the biggest mistake relating to computers i ever made. so a day later before my connection was activated and before the 12 month contract began i cancelled the service and they then told me my phone line would be clear in two weeks ready for another ISP's broadband services. Two weeks later comes, i sign up with another ISP and then they tell me the lines are not clear so i cant have broadband, so i wait another 7 days and try again. yet again the new ISP i try and sign up with tells me the lines are still taken (by tiscali). so i phone up tiscali and ask if my lines are clear and they say they are so then i foned BT and talked to them and they said my lines arent clear. I was back and forth on the phone from tiscali to BT about 5-6 times in about a space of an hour which the phone bill didnt like! The last phone call with tiscali i had, it seems i actually got through to a professional trained ...

Philips 28PW6517/18C 31/12/2004

Philips 28pw6518

Philips 28PW6517/18C Where should i start, well i purchased this television about a week ago and so far i am very pleased with my purchase. The television is a philips so thats one good thing, as philips are known for excellent picture technologies and actuall picture displays, this television for a start uses the technology "Crystal Clear III" which is a technology that is a combination of three diffrent features, Dynamic Contrast, 2D Comb Filter and SCAVEM... Dynamic Contrast ensures that your TV picture always has the optimum contrast by analysing the picture 25 times a second and instantly optimising the contrast in those parts of the picture where it is necessary. 2D Comb Filter removes cross colour distortion, e.g. When a TV presenter wears a striped or checked jacket, resulting in a sharper and purer colour display. SCAVEM stands for Scan Velocity Electronic Modulation and gives a dramatic improvement in picture quality. The sound is excellent also, producing virtual dolby surround, eliminating the need for seperate surround sound but of course buying seperates is always the better option but it is all down to desired efect. The inputs are also very well laid out, having two scarts, scart one is RGB and CVBS in/out (Composite Video), the second scart is s-video in and CVBS in/out (Composite Video) And also on the back of the television their is two stereo RCA outputs for connecting the television to an external audio source like an amplifier. Also has three RCA Inputs on the ... 27/12/2004 for all media is a very well trusted site with high security to protect all your confidential details. Stocking a huge range of products, you can buy almost everything you want except for groceries, they sell Dvds, cd's, games, music, books, electronics, gadgets and ringtones. All these products come at quite cheap prices, not the cheapest on the internet but not far off, but i guess their customer service pays off for that, as they have excellent customer services. I ordered a dvd from them a few months ago, i didnt receive it after two weeks, so it was obviously lost or stolen in the post and i then contacted customer services, then couple of days later received an email back stating they would send me a replacement dvd free of charge and no hidden costs which was sent out a couple of days after i wrote to customer services, so their customer services is excellent and freindly. Their range of stock is very good also, most products they stock are almost always in stock and have some rare products which other sites do not have. Their delivery is excellent usually you receive your product two to four days after your purchase of the product you ordered. overall all in all in my mind is one of the top five websites for all media like dvd's cd's etc. ...

Sony DVPNS585PS 17/12/2004

Sony dvp-ns585p

Sony DVPNS585PS Was looking for an dvd player and came accross this sony ns585p which i am quite pleased with even though ive had a couple of errors with it but its just to do with menu's like on the menu of thx audio and video tests the menu freezes but you can escape from the menu's by simply pressing the menu button located on the remote. This dvd player does have its advantages and quite alot of them, you can switch through various audio and picture modes suiting the enviroment your in, for starters with the audio you can select wide,standard and midnight sounding audio formats, the midnight mode being very useful as it calms the bass for big explosions so it isnt wall shattering like it would be without midnight mode on and the various picture formats avaliable let you adjust the sharpness and brightness of the picture overall the picture and sound quality are excellent quality. The player itself is very sturddy and stylish also, being just over 3cm is height, being one of the slimmest dvd players on the market. The remote is quite easy and simply to use and follow also for a start theres an audio button, this will let you select which soundtrack of the current film you are watching as long as the dvd has the extra encodings on the disc like an dts soundtrack and audio commentary which most have. Then theres the picture mode button which lets you switch through four diffrent picture modes mainly changing contrast and sharpness. Then there is an surround sound function ...

Philips DTR1500 08/11/2004

Philips dtr 1500

Philips DTR1500 Philips trys again with another freeview receiver and this time succeeds with its best freeview receiver avaliable Giving you all free to air freeview channels avaliable the channel change takes about one second, another good feature is you can switch between TV and radio so all the digital tv channels and digital radio channels are not all bundled in together, you can also switch between analouge tv and digital tv without switching the box off just by the press of one button. Apart from that, the Philips also has a very nice look to it and to add to greatness of the looks you can make it look better by having it vertically or horizontally positioned Power usage is quite good to, if put into standby for instance uses less than 1W of power, which is very cost effective if you like to monitor your electric bills. Also has good inputs/outputs on the rear, has an digital coaxial output so you can connect it to a source that provides surround sound, so you can watch your favourite tv programme in surround sound, also has two phono out so you can have stereo sound if you dont have a digital sound source, and finally has two scarts which one of course goes from the box into your tv, and the other you can connect most things like your dvd/vcr player ps2/xbox and other equitment alike. At a very low price this Philips is an excellent option for the budget minded, but doesnt perform like a budget freeview receiver performs very well.

Pot Noodle 23/10/2004

pot noodles yum

Pot Noodle An extremely tasty quick snack that only takes under a minute to make. takes very easy simple instructions as long as you have a kettle then there will be no problems, as all it requires is boiling hot ketlle water poured over the noodles to the level. So very simply in making it. also produces a nice rich sweet taste and also has a good varied amount of flavours, ranging from chicken and mushroomthe standard kind of flavouring to bombay bad boy, the hottest pot noodle avaliable, if your a lover of very hot food you should try the bombay bad boy flavour producing a very rich strong tasty taste it sure is a tounge roaster if your looking for a 'quick snack' though, you should try this if your in a rush and very hungry because most of the flavours also fill you up for a little while. ...

Pioneer VSX-D 814 23/10/2004

The pioneer vsx-d814

Pioneer VSX-D 814 A reasonably powerful amplifier/receiver that does a very job from producing dazzling video and audio. You can connect this amplifier/receiver to your TV from the monitor out composite socket or from the s-video monitor out if you have an s-video compatible TV, check and makesure your TV is s-video compatible and once you have connected composite or s-video to your TV you can then connect game consoles / dvd player to the amp/receiver so you can get picture and sound going from the amplifier/receiver to your TV. The amount of inputs you have on the rear also are extremely reasonable featuring eight analouge phono inputs/outputs, three optical inputs/output, two coaxial inputs, two component input/output, three s-video inputs/outputs and five composite inputs/outputs. This should makesure that you will find it very hard to run out of inputs and outputs. Also apart from the inputs and outputs talk this also features some of the latest audio decoding features like Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Dolby Digital EX and a fair amount of sound modes aswell like advanced music advanced movie and game modes provide you with perfect selections. The Audio Quality on this system is also dazzling there is not one part of a song movie or game that you would miss from the ultimate crystal clear sound the system produces. With the amount of speaker terminals this syetm has it allows you to connect up to seven speakers so you can have a practical 7.1 setup using one centre rear ...
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