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London Underground 30/07/2004

10 Reasons Why I Hate The Tube...

London Underground Not fair and balanced but a 100% critical review that is my opinion of the LU - basically 10 reasons why I hate it so much. (If you work for LU or is an American you will be easily offended). 1) Rush-Hour: If you want to know how 3rd World cattle is transported through the desert on a hot summer's day, try the tube between 7am and 9am. Yes, it is an experience - but not necessarily a good one. It is the time of day where everyone files on the tube and you are either inevitabley elbowed by someone, who has not discovered the magics of soap and a shower, for the whole journey or the doors crash into you as you try and board. "Let people off before you board" - this should be on a loop through the PA and plastered everywhere to get this message across. Also, if you don't suffer from claustophobia - you will. 2) Nutters: No matter how hard you try, a nutter always ends up sitting by you. This is probably because everyone is nutty as the next one for taking the tube in the first place. Ranting on about religion and women, it does make for an entertaining journey except when he (or sometimes she) turns into a mugger and is after your mobile phone - holding a very sharp knife. One way to avoid a nutter is to BE the nutter or simply wear a pair of suinglasses and listen to your walkman. 3) Tourists: They should wear a sign - "I'm an American, Get me Out of Here". "Stand on the Right of the Escalator" does not mean to Stand on the Left and especially not to stop at the top ...
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