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Connectv Cricket 18/09/2006

Your own Ashes Assault!

Connectv Cricket The Australians are already at boot camp in training to regain the Ashes so we all need to hone our cricketing skills and get behind our team. With Andrew Flintoff missing most of the summer due to ankle injury he needs to be fully fit to face Australia in Brisbane on 23rd November… but just in case we'd better get on the case and practice. Enter, Connectv Cricket from Radica and brush up your googlies. With Connectv you can experience all the action of a live match right in your own lounge, batting and bowling with the best of players. So whether you are a confirmed couch potato or a budding Flintoff coming back after injury, this game will tempt anyone off the sofa during tea break. Connectv Cricket is easy to set up, simply plugs into the TV and it's ready to go, so if you have the urge to bowl a googly, then the instant fix can be right there at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. Invite friends round for some two player action - playing a one day Test Match, 5 day test match or even a World Tournament! What's more, with Connectv Cricket - rain never stops play! Connectv Cricket is availalble from Argos and all good toy stores - at about £39.99 ...

Cube World 17/09/2006

Stick People Sticking Together

Cube World Welcome to Cube World. It's a gadget, it's a game, it's a toy and it's a virtual world all rolled into one to make up the most innovative, amusing must-have product of the year! In this world of "Big Brother" and "I'm a Celebrity" it's obvious the public are obsessed with looking into other peoples lives. With Cube World, voyeurism reaches another level as watching people interact is literally in the palm of your hand! Cube World is a unique series of interactive boxes with LCD displays each containing a pixellated stick character who lives and plays inside his cubed 'world'. Series 1 introduces Slim, Scoop, Dodger and Whip. Each stick person has a different item that they put to many creative uses; Dodger likes playing with a ball, Whip has a rope, Slim has a stick, and Scoop has a pet dog. You can interact with your cube's inhabitants by using the buttons to play cool mini-games with them and the built-in motion sensor will provide much amusement as you annoy your character by tipping him over and over! Be warned though, too much tipping has been known to make these poor souls a bit queasy!! But the world of Cube World and the fun involved really begins when you start connecting cubes together and watching the interaction this creates. Just like an overheated housing block the characters just can't help nosing about in the lives of their neighbours. Sit back and watch how they leave their cubes and enter those of their neighbours to play, pester or protect. ...

Everything that starts with M ... 12/09/2006

Be a part of history and invent a toy!!

Everything that starts with M ... I work for a PR Company, it's fun, hard work and I love it. We often get given rather strange requests from our clients, and this is one of them. Has anyone seen 20Q? the hand held game from Radica. It's based on the old game "animal, vegetable or mineral" do you remember it? Anyway this is the interactive version and this clever little orb will have you trying to throw it across the room as it is annoyingly clever! So there is a review in the 20Q section by me.... However this is something different - Radica are trying to make MUSIC 20Q, trouble is 20Q's use Artifical Intelligence to work, and AI like everyones intelligence needs to be we need YOU to help teach 20Q Music. It is online at present and all you have to do it log in to and play the game, read the instructions on screen and it'll talk you through everything. In order for the toy to make it to the shelves in Spring 2007 we need 200,000 plays on the site (so if you can all do 5 please it'll help!!!) I went onto the Radio 2 Blog today and added it there, in the hope Chris Evans may see it and talk about it on his show...I still have my finges crossed on that one! So enough of my rambling, I am taking up your valuable time when you could be testing 20Q at - why not see if you can beat it? All the UK music stars, groups and artists you put in will all help make a great game, then when you see it in the shop you can say "I helped to make that ...

20Q Radica 25/08/2006

Music 20Q needs your help!

20Q Radica Well OK this isn's strictly a review of the product, as the product does not yet exist...But the website is a game in itself so......Calling all music buffs - we need your brain power! 20Q from Radica has been astounding everyone with it's brainpower and cheek since 2004. This clever gadget reads minds and surprises users by guessing their thoughts… Now this cheeky orb needs your help! 20Q Music, the much anticipated cousin of the original 20Q and a welcome addition to the family is getting ready to take centre stage. But…it needs your help to make this happen. 20Q may think it knows it all, but when it comes to music it has a lot to learn. Before it's willing to pit its wits against you it needs to soak up as much music knowledge as it can and this wonderful gadget already knows that the public are the best source of trivia around! By logging onto you will be able to be part of the 20Q phenomenon - by answering questions about your favourite UK rock & pop artists, instruments and venues. This will teach it all it needs to know. Not until it has filled its memory banks with facts and trivia about the music scene, will it be ready to baffle you. So if you think you are a music buff - help us create a classic! ...

20Q Interactive Toy 25/08/2006

Animal, Vegetable or the coolest game ever?

20Q Interactive Toy Once you've challenged 20Q from Radica you'll be hooked! The small game with a big attitude can literally make your jaw drop with amazement. This ingenious, electronic little orb is based on the traditional game of Twenty Questions, asking initially is it an animal, vegetable or mineral….remember the game now? Radica takes the game to a whole new level, by incorporating Artificial Intelligence. You try and out wit technology rather than your friends - and trust us it's hard to beat! Think of an object - any object….. and 20Q will ask 20 questions that can be answered "yes" "no" "sometimes" or "don't know". Once answered it will guess what you are thinking! Be amazed as the little gizmo gets it right. Play it a home and you will be looking for the microphone to figure out just how it does it. Challenging 20Q can be done whatever the hour as a back light has now been incorporated for night and day play! For an impromptu get-together 20Q Challenge is the ultimate in family fun, with a large spinning display screen, it's the best way to get everyone involved. The game has an "undo" and a "rarely" button and super smart 20Q Challenge will guess earlier than 20 questions if it knows what you are thinking! Believe us sooner or later you will playing in silence; it can be the only solution, as you begin to believe it's listening to your conversation! Both 20Q's are available from Firebox, with the hand held being £9.99 and the table top challenge at £19.99…..the ...

You are what You eat - Gillian McKeith 12/07/2004

Look down the loo to view your poo...

You are what You eat - Gillian McKeith Is anyone else watching the new Channel 4 series? ‘You are what you eat’ I have to say I’m hooked!! I watched the first one simply because I had cracks on my tongue and new enough to know they are a vitamin deficiency but could not find out which one for love nor money! So my first half an hours viewing had told me I needed more Vitamin B6 in my diet and I couldn’t stop watching, although don’t eat your tea at the same time as the programme show people having colonic irrigation and she talks about poo…a lot!!! However, this opinion is about the book of the series. I purchased it, well saddo that I am BEFORE I watched the firs episode!! I bought the book as I had seen Dr Gillian McKeith he author on various talk shows and thought ‘I like her, she talks sense’ and she does. This book is a must for anyone; Who wants to loose weight? Who wants to be healthier? Who thinks they may have a deficiency Who feels tired, sluggish, has mood swings, cravings… So that’ll be all of us now thinking errr…that’s me!! Her book is a nice brightly coloured squareish paperback that you don’t mind having on the coffee table. It says it’s the plan to change your life and proclaims “Slimmer, healthier, happier….that’s my promise to you” The book is divided into 9 chapters, beginning with You are What You Eat, stating the obvious as well as little known facts, such as a diet high in additives can cause aggression, hyperactivity and poor concentration. In this chapter she ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 20/05/2004

What price your health?

10 Things That Really Annoy Me I thought I would update this review as my 'annoyances' have changed a little, estate agents no longer rank up high as we've been in out house over a year now so I have blocked them from my memory!! The new number one - and Ciao bigbods take note cos you are sooooo guilty!!! 1. Pop-Ups!!! Go visit a web site and get loads of pop-up adverts - how annoying are they?? Now I know you can get a pop-up inhibitor but I can't use this as it would leave me unable to upload pictures onto my website and eBay. Only this morning, I log into Ciao and a pop-up arrives telling me how I can register with Ciao to make money 'hello' ??? I'm LOGGING IN so I've already registered huh?! Then the Dell one appears, swiftly followed by another 3! Then look how many windows full of stuff you don't want are open - wasting your time. 2. Number two begins with a question. How important is your health? Just think about this for a minute before you read on.... As many of you will have seen my other ops on various complimentary cures etc you will know that I do enjoy seeking out a new 'cure' or something to help ease whatever pains you, now I'm not rich (by any stretch of the imagination sadly!) but I do take my health seriously, I've only got one body and when this one goes wrong I don't have a warranty to get a new one at Comet. When I have told people about my Bowen treatment, Reiki or various other things, they ask the price and say 'oh it sounds good but I can't afford that' To me if you ...

Bowen Technique 14/05/2004

Hey - she's left the room - come back!!

Bowen Technique Right, I’ve just been for my walk and am drinking my way through my 2nd 1.5 litre bottle of water… What is she on about you’re thinking? I have become a Bowen Technique devotee!! And those are the things they tell you to do between sessions, a little walk each day and as much water as you can drink! As some of you know I have my fair share of health problems, notably Ulcerative Colitis and Ankylosing Spondylitis to name just two. My hips had been aching and steadily getting worse for a number of years now, one particular time I had done a 2 days show for work which involved much standing and walking and I was in agony for a week afterwards. You start to think ‘this is no way to live’ and begin looking around… I went to the Beamac Health Centre in Bovingdon, where Rose does lots of different things, I began with a few Reiki sessions which are very relaxing and good for stressed-out ill people to be honest, it calms you down so you can see your path a bit more clearly. When Rose learned of my various conditions she recommended Bowen Technique. I had never heard of it! I intend to write of my own experience but for the history of Bowen Technique and details of practitioners in your area please see which is run by the ECBS (European College of Bowen Studies). So far I have had 4 sessions and the improvement is amazing! I have just come inside from painting the fence and doing some gardening so it's doing somehting!! When I knew I was ... 02/04/2004

PIPE DREAMS AND ACORNS... The Great Escape Well, I hope it is the small beginning of the great escape, from my job that is!! Firstly let me tell you that if you need an opinion stating, excellently all the why’s and wherefores of eBay then please refer to ‘eBay Gum’ by Alflavor, an excellent opinion which will point you in the right direction. What this opinion is, is my story of eBay, how I started, what is happening now, and where I would like it to lead. If any of my ideas give you your own then great! If not I hope it is a good read anyway! My sister began first on eBay and told me all about it. To be honest, I thought oh right she’s found something else on the Internet, but I’ve not got time for all of that! So I did nothing. A few months later she was still talking about it – and I was still doing nothing… So I ventured on the site to take a look. I began by looking around, pretty much like I do on every site when I start, just like I did here – suss it all out first is my motto. You can buy everything on eBay from shoes to hats, cars to holidays, gargoyles to bibles….. I defy anyone to look around the site and not say at least once ‘Mmm…that looks interesting!’ Starting Out ~~~~~~~~~~ I decided to register and went under the pseudonym CordeliaChase (being a Buffy fan and the name Pagan had already been taken) Registering was easy, but you do need to supply either a credit card or bank details in order to pay your auctions fees.(more of this later). You also need to ...

Beat Candida Cookbook - Erica White 26/02/2004

What do you mean 'no sweets ever again'!?

Beat Candida Cookbook - Erica White Before I can write the opinion about the book I feel I should give some background information about what lead me to the book in the first place, I hope it may help someone too, as they read my symptoms and think ‘hey that’s me!’ and then get themselves on the right track! How I came to be looking for this book…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Over the last year or so I had been to my GP with various things, such as being tired all the time (which he helpfully put down to my age – I’m 37!), itchy shins – which OK isn’t life threatening but to be woken up because you have scratched your shins so much in the night they bleed ain’t normal! So off I went to my GP, who did very little once again. I had various sore throats, colds, constantly runny nose – none of which I brought to the GP’s attention as I felt they weren’t serious enough – well at this point I was thinking I am never going to see that awful man again quite frankly! I was becoming bloated after certain foods but could not pin point which ones, had bad wind, and many (loud!) stomach gurgles. My hair was lack lustre and so was my skin, I was tetchy and would snap at the slightest thing. Anyway, all this culminated in some sort of infection which seemed like thrush but went nowhere when I did you usual over-the-counter pessaries, creams etc. So I reluctantly phoned the GP, luckily I was able to get in and see a lady doctor and not my usual awful dismissive man. I won’t go into great detail here, but ...

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream 31/10/2003

No Rudolph days for me!!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream This cream is an absolute marvel! I admit I bought my small tube after watching 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here!' OK OK I'm a saddo!! Anyway, Sian Loyd, the weather girl, was on this programme and kept telling all the ladies with her abotu 8 Hour Cream. I'm searching for a word here to describe how she looked, no make-up, out in the jungle and well, she looked 'vital' - I thought...I'll have me some of that!!!! So at around £18 for a small tube, it makes you wonder what you're paying for. I went to my trusty personal shopper eBay and purchased a tube from a trusted seller for about £7.00, not wanting to splash out if I didn't like it you see. It arrived in minimal packaging which I liked, a nice white clinical looking tube with silver rimmed top - quite stylish. The cream is not like an ordinary moisturiser at all, more like the consistency of Vaseline to be honest. It's pinky/salmony in colour and smells weird, tastes odd too (you can use it on your lips I didn't have it on toast or anything...) It can be used on skin irritations, like patches of dry skin, spots, sunburn even, minor blemishes etc and it works! Luckily I didn't get sunburned this year so haven't tried it for that - but it is excellent for spots & exceptional for dry patches. Also it can be applied to lips where is makes a very soothing balm which moisturises & heals - and also looks like really expensive gloss (which is no downside!). It can be used to tame eyebrows, and shorter ...

Vodafone 04/07/2003

Tammy saves the day!

Vodafone Why me??? If you have read my NTL op you will notice similarities here….I just want a quiet life with items that work it’s not much to ask for is it? Apparently it is! I have been with Vodafone for just over a year now and was impressed with their service and coverage. I had/have a Samsung N600 phone which Vodafone have sent off once for me to have the microphone mended…it then broke within 2 weeks… To be fair Vodafone Harlow store staff were very good and said that they had to have it mended 3 times before I would be offered a replacement, so much for over £100 in insurance then really. He did say on the Q.T. that if I sat on it and broke it he would have to replace it. However I was not far away from my year being up at this point so thought I will hang on and upgrade. Vodafone are very keenly promoting ‘Live!’ at the moment, and so all the upgrade are £80 odd Live! Phones, so I can basically go ‘Oh wow’ take a photo – send it to someone’s email, never do it again and just use my phone like any other….seems a waste to me! I also had my latest bill through and decided I may give PAYT a go as I think it will be cheaper for me. I have 400 minutes carried over to use so I rang customer service to say I wanted to convert my phone to a PAYT then I would upgrade as my phone was broken. She said I would loose my minutes if I did that, and suggested I bought a new PAYT phone popped in my old sim card, used my minutes and then swapped to PAYT. I didn’t think you ...

Netto (Shop) 06/06/2003

I am rather scathing

Netto (Shop) For the last year I had been renting a property in Hoddesdon - whilst purchasing a house which I have now moved into. Now call me a snob if you wish, and apologies for any nice decent folk who live in Hoddesdon - I am sure you are there somewhere!!! My view of Hoddesdon is somewhat coloured by my neighbours, with their Staffordshire bull terrier and numerous rowdy, dirty children! Anyway I was in the town centre one day and decided to visit a Netto for the first time. I had visited an Aldi before now so was expecting 'whoknowswhat' baked beans and 'foreign brand' bread etc with no Heinz in sight. However, Netto is something more of a horrific experience even than Aldi! Everything is stacked from floor to ceiling in boxes and baskets. There seems little method in their (rahter narrow) aisle layout. With Washing items next to bread - I wondered whether the fragrance would transfer? And toothpaste - heaven knows where!! So I squashed my way through the store, picking up a few bits & pieces, namely matches, bread for toasting, eggs - as I thought they can't go far wrong with an egg?! I avoided items such as juice, biscuits, cakes as they all looked very dubious. My visit was one of distaste - which makes me sound very snobbish!!! But the place was quite 'riffy' as if it needed a good clean - made me wonder at the value for money of their cleaning products if they couldn't get the store clean! The people who shopped there were - well the same as the ...

Panasonic GD55 29/05/2003

A little rinkydinky thing

Panasonic GD55 I love my new phone! And if you’ve read the opinion on Vodafone you will know some of the trials and tribulations I have been through to get it!! So here is it – the Panasonic GD55 – the smallest phone in the world!! Measuring 77mm x 43mm x 17mm it really is rinkydinky, weighing in at a ‘massive’ 65g you would be forgiven for thinking it will be too hard to use. However, if you hold it up against one of the newer Nokia or Samsung phones you will see that the keypad is the same size as a normal phone. The screen display is a little shorter but does appear to be a little wider than a normal screen to make up for it. My phone is on Pay as you Talk by Vodafone, it is the only option and network I have seen it on so far, although a man on eBay is offering to ‘unlock’ the phone (meaning you can use it with any Sim card at all) for around a fiver….I know all the best people! I am just getting used to PAYT and it seems OK as I don’t use my phone all that much. What I have done is used one of my pre-set numbers as a ‘get your balance’ call so I never have to remember the number to dial to see how much credit I have left. The Panasonic GD55 does all the usual things a phone can do, normal calling, text messages – using T9 predictive texts, which can be a little odd to get used to at first. It comes in 3 colours – silver, red and pink, mine is silver, I don’t believe you can purchase different coloured fascias for it but I may be wrong. It has a funky blue screen which I ...

Everything that starts with U ... 14/05/2003

Broken the law but not gone naked

Everything that starts with U ... Time Started: 19:20 Date: 14/5/03 A LITTLE ABOUT ME: First name: Helen Age: 37 what are you listening to right now? A jolly weird programme on ITV where someone has watched a person burgle their house on live TV…weird… Last thing you said? Hi!! To new neighbour as he came home while I was mowing the lawn Who is sitting next to you right now? No one Who would you like to spend the rest of your days with? Richard without question Where do you want to go on your honeymoon: Oooh…now there’s a question – Thailand, Tahiti, Maldives, Seychelles – pick one!! Daughters name if you have one or want one: Cordelia – as I think Cordelia Cross sounds beautiful Son’s name if you have or want one: - Well not Chris for a start!! Chris Cross – Nah!!! Maybe James or Alexander Who makes you happy: Richard, Pagan, going to see everyone in Wales How many people are on your buddie list (msn, aol, Yahoo): Don’t have one What do you like to do: Run my eBay shop – plug plug – Pagan’s Cave on eBay What did you do yesterday: Went to work, as Advertising Manager of ToyNews Last person you talked to on the phone: Vodafone trying to order a GD55 What are you afraid of: Wasps, and most ‘buzzy’ things, people I love dying (hey that’s 2 ends of a spectrum isn’t it!!) Eye colour: dark brown Hair Colour: red today but who knows tomorrow… Do you like yourself: Most of the time – would like to loose a stone in weight and be fitter but apart from that OK really If you could ...
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