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8 15/04/2010

AVOID SAXOPRINT AT ALL COSTS !!!!! Ordered business cards from them and they made a right mess of them. Colours off, edges not cut properly, incorrectly packed. Filled out a complaint form and they totally ignored that at first. Had to chase them multiple times to get any sort of response out of them. Then they blamed me and made up some excuse when it was blatently obvious that the problem was theirs. Looked like it had been done by the YTS boy. In the end, didnt care whether I was happy or not. Apparently, you've got to pay them extra to make them check their work. Whats that all about? Total con. Looking at ways to legally retrieve my money. Would avoid these idiots at all costs. never again.

Orlando 22/10/2004

Holidays to central Florida and Orlando

Orlando Paul’s guide to Holidays in Central Florida Getting to Florida Flights Manchester or Gatwick is your best bet for flights to Florida. I always book flights myself directly using any of the following websites:- Don’t be afraid of booking a non-direct flight (for instance, changing planes at Atlanta) – it’s really not that much hassle and can save you loads of money. Also, don’t be afraid of booking a non-charter flight with a US airline. In my experience, the leg room, service etc. is light years better than the likes of Airtours etc anyway. Where to Fly to? McCoy Orlando International is Central Florida’s main airport. Easy to get to, big, well organised and closest airport to Disneyworld. Sanford is a smaller airport about an hours drive away that most British charter flights seem to use these days (it must be cheaper). It’s a bit small and a bit of a tip, and further to drive when you get off the plane. If you do fly into Sanford, avoid the toll road which will cost you $s and follow signs for the I-4 instead. Tampa is another large international airport about an hour and a half away. Similar to Orlando but is usually quieter. Worth considering because it’s not a great hassle to drive to Orlando. Getting to the Airport in the UK Flightlink bus Cramped, usually full, takes AGES to get to the airport. Train ...

Hyundai Coupe SIII 2.0 05/07/2004

Cracking Sports Car for a bargain price

Hyundai Coupe SIII 2.0 Theres no doubt that this car looks cool -dead cool !!!! MAybe not as well know as yourr Toyota and Honda but Hyundai have made their only decent car here !!! And the best bit is it looks like it costs twice the price ! You get a cracking 2.0 litre engine which produces well over 130bhp and this beast can certainly move. Included with the SE spec, you get leather seats, air con, cruse control (great I love it). Car is an absolute pleasure to drive (I did over 90000 miles in mine in 2 years) with the added bonus of cruise control which is a nice toy to have. Very reliable with very few problems (just a few niggly ones). Petrol consumption was also OK really (around 33 on average). Servicing not too cheap with one problem being that the dealers I met were all useless. When I did have a few niggly problems they were mostly useless. However, if you're after a cracking looking car with sports car performance for a decent price then but the Hyundai Coupe. I'd still have mine if it was'nt for an addition to the family (not really that cool for baby seats with the two doors)

ASUS A7N8X-VM - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket A - nForce2 IGP 05/07/2004

Great ASUS motherboard with onboard graphics

ASUS A7N8X-VM - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket A - nForce2 IGP Great cheap nForce2 motherboard that comes complete with onboard LAN, onboard sound, and more importantly onboard Geforce 4 graphics. Also comes with TV Out. You can if you like add your own graphics card via the AGP 8x slot. Supports Athlon processors up to 3.0Mhz and can support DDR400 memory (but only if you add a separate graphics card into the AGP slot, otherwise you'll need to use DDR333). The great thing about this card is that everything is onboard without the need to purchase extras. The onboard Geforce 4 graphics although not state of the art will be sufficient for most users unless you're a really avid 3D gamer. Although, of couse, you can always add a separate card at a later date. Sound is produced onboard by a 6-channel processor which produces great 5.1 surround sound, so no real need to buy a separate sound card. Supports up to 3.0Ghz Athlon processors so plenty of room for upgrade there also. Super motherboard providing decent features at a good price with ability to upgrade at a later date. Recommended.

ExcelStor Jupiter ESJ360 60 GB 05/07/2004

Bargain price decent hard drive

ExcelStor Jupiter ESJ360 60 GB Not a lot you can say about hard drives really. All you want is for it to sit there store your data and perform well enough The Excelstor although not as well known as some manufacturers goes for a bargain price. Along with this you get a 3 year warranty which is great for a hard drive. Easy to install. Picked up by Win XP straight away and worked with no problems at all. Seems to work very well indeed. No disk problems so far and performance so far has been very good. I've put this disk in a number of systems and have found no problems yet. Of course, with a 3 year warranty you can be fairly confident in the reliability of this hard disk.

Toshiba SD R5112 05/07/2004

Decent cheap DVD-R recorder

Toshiba SD R5112 First thing to note is that whilst this drive will read both DVD-R and DVD+R it will only record to DVD-R or DVD-RW. However, I don;t find this a problem. If you want to have multi-format capability then you will pay a lot more. If all you want is a decent cheap DVD writer then this will suit. Easy to install. Just stick in the spare drive slot and plug in IDE and power cables. Windows XP finds and configures no problem. My version came with Nero which is easy to use. Read CDs and DVDs great. Super performance. Can write to DVD-Rs at 4x. However, can be a bit picky on media. I found it likes the decent media like Ritek but is not so keen on Bulkpaq or cheaper disks. One great thing though is that it NEVER seems to make coasters. If it doesnt like the media it just burns at 1x speed rather than try to burn faster and failing. This is great news for those of us who hate wasting blanks !!! All in all great DVD writer ideal for those who want a reliable writer and who are'nt too bothered about multi-format. ...

Mercedes C 250 TD 02/07/2004

Merc C250TD

Mercedes C 250 TD You get what you pay for and undoubtedly Mercs are not cheap. But what you get is a great car. Comfort is 2nd to none and you will not drive or sit in a more comfortable car. Reliability is awesome and you can just see the build quality of the car. Its a Diesel but perfomance does not suffer. The 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine producing over 150bhp sees to that. On the motorway its a monster and will tear up the miles. On the negative side, its not great mpg for a diesel (about 32mpg). However, bear in mind the power you've got and the size of the car and you understand why. Servicings not too cheap but mercedes dealers cant be faulted. Depreciation is much less than other cars so buying a second hand one is a great idea.

HP Deskjet 3550 02/07/2004

HP 3550

HP Deskjet 3550 Great printer for the money which is most unusual of HP printer. It Produces really good quality on plain paper. Can print 6x4 photo size and they look like real photos on decent photo paper. Also, print speed is pretty decent as well. Even on highest colour settings its not that bad. Small so doesnt take up much desk space and looks quite nice as well. Ink seems to last for a while which is good since replacement carts arent that cheap. Although carts are very easy to replace. Only problem is the automatic software ink monitor. Mines been on 0% for the last three months now so its obviously not that reliable. Maybe its HP trying to get you to buy replacements in advance ! All in all a decent printer for price. recommend. ...
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