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Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) 03/09/2007

Buzz goes big !!!!

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) I got the original buzz music quiz at Christmas enjoyed it thoroughout the festive period. When I saw there was a new quiz out I jumped at the charnce to have the same kind of fun again and I was not let me down. It's much of the same as the first but with new questions, a few new round types and a few problems/annoyances frond the first one removed. It's a great game to pass some time playing with friends or family and good clean fun. There are no real down side to the game other than there seams to be some questions come up more than others and also due to its limited picture library it can get a bit tired seeing the same pic over and over. ...

Buzz! Junior Jungle Party (PS2) 03/09/2007

Buzz does it again

Buzz! Junior Jungle Party (PS2) I am a big fan of the Buzz series and loved the previous two games and so decided to buy this one. I have been a great investment as it has served as great entertainment for me and my mates over the last year at Uni !! It is good due to the fact it differs from the other two as it is not a quiz but more of a brain training type of game based around quick reactions and memory. There are 40 games within the one big game and so it takes a long time before you end up plying the same game again though in truth there are only 10 games that have been dressed up differently to make up the numbers. Overall very good entertainment for all ages.
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