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The Wish Cat - Ragnhild Scamell 20/02/2011

I wish I had a cat.

The Haunting of James Hastings - Christopher Ransom 05/02/2011

The confusing Haunting of James Hastings

Frankie and Bennys, Chesterfield 27/01/2011

Frankie and Benny's - Not quite the experience we were expecting.

The Magic Tooth Fairy Game 03/01/2011

As if by magic, you lose a tooth and a coin appears.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Box Set 20/11/2010

Tag, you're it

Ecofan Original Model 800 02/11/2010

I'm a fan of Ecofan

Ecofan Original Model 800 Living fairly rural has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is having no mains gas to heat our home, so when we first bought our home some 18 years ago we contacted British Gas, who quoted us around £20,000 for a gas main to be installed; needless to say we have never bothered. Our main source of heating has over this time been LPG gas bottles which can work out very expensive due to larger companies not wishing to deal with small individual house owners as we are not big enough customers with very low usage over the summer and obviously a higher usage over the winter meaning we end up using a building supplier company and paying rather a high premium, added to the increased cost of gas and surcharges here there and everywhere we found it incredibly difficult to budget, where prices would change in a matter of hours and it came to a head when we spend over £1000 in four months on heating. Over the years we have looked at either having a large tank installed but when we could afford to buy the large tank, health and safety and planning laws changed and it meant that I would have a large tank stuck slam bang in the middle of my back lawn! We could go underground but this is quite expensive and would mean we would either lose our drive to car usage or lose a large area of front garden. So last year we decided to go for a log burner to heat the house through the winter, it would be cheaper if we can borrow fallen trees in our local wood and my parent's ...

Gullivers Kingdom, Matlock Bath, Matlock 14/10/2010

Travel with Gulliver through his Kingdom

Member Advice on Hypothyroidism 18/09/2010

My body is under active

Wrights Ciabatta Bread Mix 01/09/2010

Wrights have got the right mix

Wrights Ciabatta Bread Mix I was recently talking to my neighbour about the joys of owning a bread maker and the conversation then turned to the types of bread we both make, she then went onto tell me that they were particularly fond of the Ciabatta bread that they make. I immediately asked for the recipe as my recipe takes two days and after two days we no longer fancy it. She told me it was a secret recipe but she would dig it out me. The following day a bag of flour landed in my garden! (People feed the strangest things to birds in Derbyshire!) This bag of flour was a Wright's Baking Ciabatta Bread mix, so this was my neighbour's secret recipe, hmmm cheat. The flour comes in a small paper type beige bag containing 500 grams (fits nicely into your hand) and can be made by just adding water and olive oil the photo Ciao have is an older version, the current photo of the bag is included in this review). The last time I tried a Wright's was about 10 years ago and that was the cheese and onion version and to be honest I wasn't too keen on but I decided that this was worth trying. The ingredients to this flour are wheat flour, dried yeast, salt, fat (Unhydrogenated palm and rapeseed oils), Dextrose, Dried Rye Sour Dough powder, chickpea flour, Emuliser E472e, Glucose Syrup, flour treatment agent, Asorbic acid (vitamin C) and vegetable protein. This is one of the reasons why I'm not keen on packet mixes they have far too many ingredients in them but at least I can make it on the day I want to eat it! The ...

The Burlington Restaurant at Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel, Yorkshire 14/08/2010

Paulpry eats posh at the Burlington

The Burlington Restaurant at Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel, Yorkshire A few weeks ago we went away to celebrate my Hubby's 40th Birthday, struggling to get him a present and knew we both wanted to eat in a Michelin starred restaurant I decided to book into the Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel and Spa Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, for 3 nights (I have reviewed our hotel stay seperately). The hotel has two restaurants, The Brasserie, that can be found within the bar and The Burlington which is housed within the main hotel and included in our stay was one nights dinner in the Burlington, with a second nights dinner in the Brasserie, the last nights dinner was at our expense in whichever restaurant we wanted. The Burlington has held a Michelin star for a number of years however the star was removed when the previous Head Chef Michael Wignall left for pastures new in 2007, the current head chef Steve Smith joined in 2008 and had previously held a star for 10 years in other restaurants, with the current star being awarded in January 2009, the restaurant also holds 4 AA rosettes. The Burlington can be entered via the main entrance to the Devonshire arms and can be found along a corridor on the left of the reception. On arrival you are greeted by the front of house staff, this can include Eric Arens, the Restaurant Manager. We arrived at 6.30 for 7.00 and were shown into the Cocktail Lounge for pre dinner cocktails and drinks where you are given the Menus, one for the food you are about to eat and the other is the extensive wine list containing ...

The Devonshire Arms Country House Hotel & Spa, Bolton Abbey 01/08/2010

A bedtime hug from the Devonshire Arms

Breville VST012 17/07/2010

Bravo Breville - My kitchen is now a Cafè

Friguia Animal Park, Sousse 05/07/2010

Friguia Animal Park - A walk on the wild side

Hotel Riu Palace Hammamet Marhaba, Hammamet 15/06/2010

Riu - A Palace in Hammamet

Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends (Nintendo DS) 15/05/2010

Hello Kitty - Let's Party

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