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Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly 18/06/2003

Grease Monkey

Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly I love this stuff, ever since a friend told me about it a couple of years ago. I love the design of the pot a small blue and white tub, to me, it look’s very sixties/seventies style. It says on the tin that it soothes dry skin and lips and it does, and the wonderful thing is a little goes a long way. I use my index finger to dab some lightly on my lips and there’s always excess, so I just rub my finger over my eyelids and it gives a lovely sheen effect. Although if you’re wearing mascara and/or eyeliner, sometimes the greasiness of the Vaseline will cause this to smear, but then this shows you another one of it’s uses, as make up remover. It’s good coz it moisturises the skin, rather than seeming harsh and abrasive like some cleansers. What I love about this is all the different uses, I've used it on my eyelashes and it makes them gorgeous and shiny, I use it just on my cheekbones as a highlighter. I also found two really good uses for it, if you get hayfever just but it around and just inside your nostrils this will stop most of the pollen getting up your nose, it's a good tip for pregnant women as medication might not be available. Also if your gardening and don’t want to get mud down your nails, just claw out some Vaseline and pack it down into you nails then when you finish just scoop it out and lovely clean nails. But back to using it on your lips as, after all, it is called lip therapy, I like to use my finger to just ...

Maybelline Great Lash 22/01/2003

The original and still one of the best.

Maybelline Great Lash Quick history lesson Maybelline brand mascara was brought to the masses by a T.L. Williams who watched his sister apply her secret beauty trick to her lashes in 1913 and thought that not only would other girls be interested in her concoction but be willing to pay for it. Depending upon which version of mascara history you believe, the sister's formula was either a mixture of petroleum jelly and coal dust or just petroleum jelly. To begin with sales of Willams' product were slow. The name appeared to be the problem, so in 1915 he altered it, making it "Maybelline" in honour of his sister, Mabel, and a base ingredient of the new product, Vaseline brand petroleum jelly. So there you go originally that’s all there was to it coal dust and Vaseline. So sod it don’t read this review and then buy the product go and buy some Vaseline for 99p and rob a chimney sweep* and there you go. For those of you still reading, Maybelline mascara is instantly recognisable by the pink and green packaging, that seemed to be everywhere near supermodels in the late eighties and early nineties, and during celebrity interviews I’d here it all the time as an answer to ‘What couldn’t you live without?’ type of question. If you have read any of my early reviews then you’ll know that I think of myself as not being a very girly girl – unfortunately I keep failing as all I seem to review is make up and perfume! But they are my two girly concessions. So ...

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) 09/09/2002

for a non girly girl I'm not doing too well

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) As some of you will know from my other reviews I claim to be a non girly girl, however this is the third review I've done for a girly product!! I like make-up, don't get me wrong, I just don't wear it every single second of every single day, as such it lasts me a long time and I feel very different when I wear it. I've heard of this for years and always wanted some but when I asked my parents for it for christmas and birthdays, they tended to look back at me dressed in my ripped jeans, doc martens, no makeup and well worn wonderstuff t-shirts tip their heads to one side and say maybe next year. So when I matured ainto a 20 something in business suits, heels and off to london for meetings their heads were then tipped in a ‘well you can afford it now way’. bless 'em. But it was not until last December that I actually though I could justify spending £26 on one item, but I was on my way to Austria and was in the duty free section so thought why not, my nana had given me some money and I'm sure she wanted me to spend it on this. Well after many arguments with my friends who was saying she got it when it first came out last year, a complete lie, it has actually been around for 10 years, I bought it and I have to say it is the best thing ever. I couldn’t use it in Austria as due to all the different protective gunk we were slapping on our faces it would have just slipped off!! So when I got back the first thing I did was run to my bathroom and try ...

Walkers Footballs 28/06/2002

walkers score a goal again a tragic title

Walkers Footballs After missing the sandwich van again, and being quite glad I did as they have the most bizarre fillings, like soft cheese and turkey with pickle, I went down to the snack machine and really didn’t fancy the heavy McCoy crisps that they did and I also hate cheese and Onion flavour crisps. As I was about to give up and resign myself to living on water for 4 hours until I got home I saw a small packet of crisps in the corner, on further inspection I saw they were Walkers and bacon flavour and I thought to myself, you can’t go wrong with bacon flavour Walkers. I pushed my 35p into the machine and pressed those important buttons A3, my new favourite single letter and single number combination. I held my breath hoping that the machine wouldn’t tease me by just turning the pushing coil enough to loosen the crisps with them dropping, but they dropped, I took a sigh of relief and pushed open the flap and retrieved my treasure. On first impressions of the packaging I was a bit startled, a plain black and white football bag which was a good ides but then there was just loads of things on it, the walkers logo, footballs in big letters across the front a bouncing football, bacon flavour corn balls, then a scarf with every pack helps kid’s football across the top and the promise of Merlin FA Premier League 3 mini sticker free in side lucky packs along the bottom. This was way too much information to read as I was walking pack upstairs to my office, which could explain why I have a huge ...

Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum Spray 26/06/2002

heaven scent I'm sorry terrible title

Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum Spray I got this for christmas along with my Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara , which I’ve also reviewed it was a very girlie christmas!! I’d first come across this in a magazine, you know where you lift the flap the page out rub it on your wrist and normally get a paper cut from the page and then proceed to rub perfume into it and it kills? It was a really musky sent, if this makes sense it smells warm, like I think mens aftershave always smell really warm. I'd say it was more of a night perfume, not a summers day in floaty dresses, just picture the advert with the girl in a black suit with heels but not too made up and girlie hair that is exactly the type of image I think the smell conjures up. It sounds strange but I feel quite confident when I wear it!!! So it immediately went onto my christmas list! Because of this I’m not too sure of the price but I believe it’s around £30 for 50ml, which for a decent designer perfume is the average price. The bottle is really nice, a deep red frosted glass kinda like an upside down tall half pint glass, it looks very good on my bathroom shelf! The smell is quite hard to distinguish a woody, ever so slightly floral a bit fruity, musky. I have friends that don’t like it and these do tend to be the more girlie floral type of girls, but us wicked tomboy type girls with a darker side absolutley love it!! A lot of my guy friends like it, they say it’s not the sort of scent like many perfumes that one sniff and it goes straight to your taste ...

Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara 26/06/2002

a make up must have

Bourjois Coup de Theatre Mascara I’ve read a couple of the other opinions and they were quite negative, so I thought I’d stick my positive experience of this mascara in. Let me begin by saying I am one of the least girlie girls ever, I live in my converse allstars, even to work with suits, I don’t wear skirts, unless there’s a very good reason and then I wear them dragging on the floor, I don’t own a hairbrush, a quick run through with my fingers in the morning and my hair’s fine. And I can program my video. But my one aspect of girlieness is make up, I only wear it when I go out at the weekends, mainly Friday nights and not when I go out during the week. I am planning on going to college to train to be a makeup artist in september, but don’t like the idea I have to wear one of those white dress things with american tan tights! Having said that it does only take me 5 minutes to get ready to go out. (why am I single??) I also own a ton of makeup, but as I don’t wear it all that often it last me for ages, and I have stuff that’s about 6 years old mainly eyeshadow. The make up I normally wear is just foundation and either bright red lips or just gloss, normally vaseline. But I wear a ton of gunk on my eyes, the thing about my eyes is that they’re huge, and bright, bright blue, with really thick dark lashes, everyone I meet comments on them. I like to make them even more outstanding than they are, I’ve tried fake lashes and I can’t do that to save my life, not girlie enough!, so when I saw an advert for ...

JVC UX-A 70 MDR 25/06/2002

everyhome should have one

JVC UX-A 70 MDR I got this stereo last year for my birthday, and it is one of the nicest things I own, I’ve never seen anyone else with one, and I’ve only ever seen them in a couple of Powerhouse stores. It cost’s £299 but I consider it to be well worth it. What attracted me to it was the look of it I didn’t know all the things it did till I got it! The stereo comes with one main unit and two speakers and a remote control, I’m not too sure of the measurements but I would say that approximately the speakers measure 5.5” width, 7” high, and 5” depth, the main unit measures about 7” high and 6”wide the depth is about 12”. It was very easy to set up, and I was using it within 15 minutes of taking it out of the box. The speakers have removable screens as shown on the picture above, I prefer them on as I’m very scared of damaging it! The volume range goes from 1-40 and I find that 15 is plenty, unless I’m getting ready to go out then I’m normally a 35-40 kinda girl, it’s loud, yet my neighbours don’t complain, however I do here them singing what I’ve been listening to for the next couple of days! There is also that fade feature where it will fade from the volume to silent then when you press the button it will fade in again up to the volume you had it at. The top inch of the main unit has the controls on it. But there are not too many so it’s not overcrowded, the rest of the unit is a toughened plastic front, making it look like frosted glass, in the centre it has a display and round the ...

Twenty Four 21/06/2002

I get Kiefer for 24 weeks

Twenty Four Twenty Four is heaven sent for me being a huge fan of the Sutherland men for the last 20 years and especially Kiefer. It's good to be able to see him for 24 weeks. The annoying thing is that although it was publicised well by the BBC I feel there wasnt enough publicity by Fox, none of the acotrs have been over here on promotional tours, doing the chat show circuits, unlike in the states where Kiefer seems to be on Leno and Rosie every other day! Anyway I'm here to give my opinion of the show, I feel that this show is so innovative that it appeals to many people, the direction is very movie like, the story, is action packed, the who done it aspect, of all the plot twists, the style of the show itself is excellent. Basically it sees one day though the eyes of different peoople all involved in the main plot which is the assasination of a politician, so we see the events unfolding for him, for the CTU team that are assigned to protect him, and find out where the threat is from, The Head of the CTU team Jack Bauer's daughter, who is kidnapped to give the assasains bargaining power, Jack's wife, who sets out to look their daughter and also ends up getting kidnapped, then various memebers of the CTU team, one of who Jack had an affair with and has only just got back with his wife after. This is also good, as aswell as exploring the situations there are many relationships and personal aspects in the show, the relationship between Jack and his wife, jack and his daughter, the ...

Sanex Shower Gel 21/06/2002

does exactly what it says on the tin

Sanex Shower Gel This stuff is amazing, I got my first lot free when I completed a half marathon, and spent the train journey back just sniffing it! the smell is so hard to describe, coz it's not a perfumey smell, just a kinda natural smell. Having said that my friend Harvey has got the new JPG for men and it smells very similar. I use the Sanex with a body puff in the shower but also as a bubble bath, the lather is nice, rich and creamy, and I love the feeling when I get out of the warm bath and the softness of my skin and the smell and the warmth, it makes it perfect for a late night bath before bed! It leaves my skin silky smooth and soft, and I know I keep going on but the smell is so nice, it's not overpowering at all. The bottles I get are nice and big, so excellent value for money also ...

Sony Ericsson CMD-J7 21/06/2002

slave to nokia reformed

Sony Ericsson CMD-J7 After realising I spent £40 a month on text messages on a pay as you go phone, I found O2 provided a tariff with 500 free text messages a month, which was excellent, I couldn’t afford to buy a new phone, but O" had several that were free with certain tariffs, even though I've always had Nokias I decided to try a Sony phone, and I'm so glad I did!! there are more features, it's a lot lighter than my Nokia, granted my Nokia was a 2 year old 6150 so not one of the new light weight models. I got the phone and immediately started playing with it, as you do, and found it to be very easy to use. The menu is controlled by a jog dial at the side and you make selections by clicking it. The graphics on the display are good and the menu itself is very easy to find your way around. There's several games, which are not as good as on Nokias but seem to be more designed for letting you get used to the jog dial system, but there are plenty available on the wap system from 02 The range of features are excellent, the WAP facility took about 2 minutes, if that, to set up, I'm able to read my emails, the text messaging is fantastic, with predictive text, which on nokias I always found really hard to use, but on this it's easy as your choice of words are displayed on the bottom of the screen. The sound of the ring tones are excellent, it also has vibration alert, which, while not as powerful as the nokias is very discreet yet noticeable. ie, if it's on the table in the pub it doesn’t go ...
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