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Hit Tennis 3 (iPhone) 15/04/2014

Grand Slam Swipe Smash

Angry Birds Star Wars (iPhone) 12/04/2014


Samsung GALAXY S III Mini 09/04/2014

Good product, but too Mini for me

Bosch AKE 40-19 S 16/02/2014

Like a knife through butter.....

Hotpoint WMYF862P 11/02/2014


Hotpoint WMYF862P The new Hotpoint is the latest in a long line of fantastic, and ever improving, models from this brand. The WMYF862P (catchy name) is the latest and best to date. The machine has all of the features and specialities you would expect to find on a modern machine, various temperature settings, different options for different materials, quick and eco washes or longer programmes for more heavily stained items (in total 14 different programmes which are all clearly marked on the very user-friendly front panel). There is an interesting and clever new feature as well where there is a cycle that recognises and combats 'common' stains which shows some good customer service - these include grass, grease, mud and chocolate. The capacity is large so you can either save up a full weeks worth of washing (my trick) or a family/group of housemates could comfortably keep on top of their dirty laundry. Another massive advantage is that this has been rated A++ in terms of energy efficiency. As washing machines are one of the biggest power users in the household (especially with a lot of hot washes) this can actually save you quite a lot of money. The display on the front of the machine is very user friendly, showing a countdown on the cycles so you can fit your day around them. There is also a timer so you don't need to leave it switched on all day if you're out at work. The machine was a lot quieter than I expected, although still obviously not silent. The model also actually looks good in ...

Samsung SMART Camera WB800F 04/02/2014

Snap Happy Brand Loyalty!

Samsung SMART Camera WB800F When I first bought myself a digital camera I decided on a Samsung because of the excellent feedback and word of mouth I had had from other people. As it was recently time to upgrade this became my third in a row and I am still over the moon with the brand. The SMART camera really is state of the art. Everything my previous camera had has been improved and boosted - the zoom is now up to 21x, the resolution is up to 16MP, the video is improved and you even have a choice of colours. My primary reason for the new camera was an extended holiday I wanted to document and this model is brilliant for simple holidays snaps (glade and blur are reduced automatically) up to more advanced technology such as different colour filters, autoface recognition, night vision, 'beauty mode' etc. The camera ticks the two classic boxes of being easy to use straight from the box, but complex enough that even after weeks you're still finding new tricks and modes. You can even do some 'in camera' editing, which saves you time on the computer. The main selling point of this model is the new connectivity. It allows you to automatically send pictures to computers and your phone through wifi - which means you don't have to wait till you're home to bore people with your holiday snaps! I found this quite ironic as the improvements in camera phones mean proper cameras were being marginalised due to their lack on instance connectivity, now they have fought back! I can also see this having implications for ...

Bosch MSM 7700 27/01/2014

'A good mixer'

Panasonic SD-2500WXC 17/01/2014

Fresh bread smell in the morning.......

Panasonic SD-2500WXC My parents have been using bread makers for quite a few years now and after always enjoying weekend breakfasts at their house I decided to buy one of my own, initially for 'special occasions' rather than daily consumption, although I have found this is already changing. This model came very well recommended and at a discount price online. It can create 3 different sizes of loaf depending on your needs and also has 10 different dough modes to create types of bread for any occasion. All the functions are very easy to use and I have no problem working the controls. The instruction manual is excellent and talks you through the different options, sizes and types of loaf you can make. I have experimented with Rye bread and have noticed that the ingredients for these more 'interesting' types of bread are becoming easier to find in modern supermarkets. The timer option is great for overnight baking, or if you're away at work for an extended period of time. The gluten free option doesn't work with the timer, but this is because of the science of the bread making, rather than the model itself. After an initial outlay to buy the flour I have found that the loaves made work out almost as cheap (if not cheaper) than supermarket bought bread (although I seem to eat it faster) and with a 'rapid bake' option you can use this, even if you've forgotten to set the timer. For anyone that has had several models before, I read during my research that this model uses a significant % less flour ...

Sabichi 89557 08/01/2014

Steamy in the kitchen

Jack Stonehouse Espresso and Coffee Maker 26/11/2013

Continental Coffee from the Comfort of your Citchen

Jack Stonehouse Espresso and Coffee Maker I was tasked with finding a new coffee maker for our office kitchen and whilst going through the various options and models, with their accompanying settings, tricks and operations I decided I would like one of my own, albeit a simpler and more down to earth model. The machine I chose was the Jack Stonehouse Espesso and Coffee Maker. This was available at a modest price (£50 plus p&p) from online and came with good recommendations. I am a medium/big coffee drinker, starting most morning with a least a cup or two and generally relaxing and taking my time over a few more at the weekend, so for me this was something to look forward to. When the machine arrived I was surprised by how compact and light it was. Less than the size of a computer monitor and not weighting much (empty around 3kg according to the box). It comes with a 1 litre water tank that does add to the weight, although also means you don't have to boil up several times if you have guests. The small size means that it sits nicely in the kitchen without looking too imposing, or can be put away easily if needs be. It also has a very professional look with it's metal fronting and on first sight I thought it looked more expensive than I had paid. The machine can be switched between lattees, espressos and cappuccinos and was surprisingly easy to use. The drinks have all been very tasty, and the filters are fine enough that the drinks are creamy and frothy right to the bottom - rather than the 'sediment' I used to get ...

Apple iPod shuffle MB227ZO/A 1 GB 17/11/2013

i-pod praise

Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi 13/11/2013


War of the Roses Stormbird - Conn Iggulden 12/11/2013

The gathering storm

Grail Knight - Angus Donald 04/10/2013

Merry Men Masterpiece

Grail Knight - Angus Donald The 'Outlaw Chronicles' have been a great series written by Angus Donald. They tell an alternative, and very un-romantic version, of the Robin Hood story - primarily through the eyes of young outlaw/warrior/musician Alan Dale. This is the 5th book in the series that has taken the heroes from Sherwood, through France to the Holy lands and back. Now they have a quest to find the Holy Grail, in order to save the critically ill wife of Alan, and to satisfy Robins lust for money and power. On the way they have to face up several old enemies who have been involved in their adventures. The series has a great tendancy to refer back to the earlier books in detail, rather than alluding to them as some other series tend to do. In this story the mistakes of the past are very real and have a strong bearing on the present. It's very realistic that characters can't make a clean break from previous transgressions and I felt that some sub-plots had been building towards closure in this novel. The characterisation of the outlaws is very good and unexpected. They are a realistically blood-thirsty group and the battle scenes are quite viseral. Robin especially displays the levels of cunning, violence and charisma that an outlaw leader would probably have needed. The author is also happy to flesh out well known characters with some interesting aspects you wouldn't find in the traditional texts which adds an extra layer and takes the characters beyond the stereotypes we already know - Robin and ...
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