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Lunnpoly 08/09/2000

Strange name, super staff!

Lunnpoly Despite Lunn Poly's strange name, they really do have super staff. I was looking for a short break at very short notice and the lady at the branch bent over backwards phoning people and checking their computer to find me something suitable. She was able to find me a very nice long weekend in Bruges over Easter which I really enjoyed. I was a bit apprehensive about picking the tickets up at the airport but I had no need to worry as they were exactly where she said they would be. I later took a last minute trip to Venice with them and she was also able to get me an excellent deal at a very nice hotel quite near the centre. I was really pleased with the effort that was made on my behalf and would definitely use them again to book my holidays. ... 08/09/2000

Great stuff This is a great site for anyone who has anything to say! I love the fact that you can comment on almost anything. I have been able to see what other people have said about products and services that I have been considering and am really pleased that this service is available. I think that whole concept of opinion writing is excellent and would like to see more opinions on or that there is more incentive to fill some of the categories that no one has written for. Some of the things that are not written about are ones that I would like to hear about. I enjoy writing opinions and am glad that I can share some of my experiences with other people. ...

Equinox UK 08/09/2000

Always something worthwhile

Equinox UK I have been coming to this site regularly since I found it and I have to say it is one of the best sites that I have been to. It is easy to find what you want as everything is set out in categories and flagged if it is new. I have now received several dozen freebies as a direct result of this site and I'm very pleased with the clear and concise instructions that are given so that I can get my freebies. It is a real timesaver when you want to look for UK freebies as a lot of other sites are US only and I know that I will be guarenteed UK freebies from here. Excellent stuff. ...

Immac Sugar Based Warm Wax 26/08/2000

Goose skinning!!

Immac Sugar Based Warm Wax Oww. Oww. Oww. I can still feel the pain and see the purple skin in my mind's eye now. I cannot possibly recommend this product as it is not as slick and lovely as the adverts make out. I have had one too many times giving it a second chance whilst gritting my teeth in the bathroom before seizing the end and giving it a tug. My cat is often with me fascinating up until the point I scream. Not all of the sugar based lotion comes off when I depilate so I end up have a sticky mess all over my legs and the bathroom. Urgh.. ...

Canterbury (England) 26/08/2000

Castle Arts - not just a gallery.

Canterbury (England) Only a short walk from Canterbury Castle, there is a fabulous new gallery called Castle Arts. It is quite unique as it is in an old building with lots of nooks and crannies and has an outside courtyard where some of the artwork is also displayed. There is also a basement coffee shop where at a reasonable price you can get a cup of tea and slice of cake and listen the strains of classical guitar music played by a young musician from the floor above (apparently they employ music students who are on their holidays). There are some very unusual pieces of art such as a Medusa's head on display and all of these are available for purchase - I'm wondering if I'll ever get £250 together to buy the piece I like but I guess I will just have to keep having tea and cakes with it! ...

Canterbury (England) 26/08/2000

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury (England) If you can't get to Bodiam, Canterbury Castle is well worth a look. It is not very far away from the centre of town and is one of the quieter visitor attractions. Best of all, you can enjoy it for FREE which is always a bonus in my book. It is interesting if you have the time to walk round the town to see the role the castle would have played in the city's defences as parts of the old city wall are still standing. It is a very peaceful spot and a lovely place to have a picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. In the summer, there have been plays performed amongst the castle ruins which have lent a really fascinating quality to the performance. ...

Ex Libris - Anne Fadiman 26/08/2000

Ex Libris

Ex Libris - Anne Fadiman This is a book for those who love books. I was enchanted from the moment I sat down to read it and found myself nodding and gasping as Ms Fadiman accurately described the tender feelings which I, also, have about books in general. It is a series of essays covering almost every conceivable aspect of reading. My favourite chapter is the one about her obsession with proofreading. I was delighted that I am not the only one to fervently suppress a desire to correct restaurant menus!! My advice to anyone who loves books is - don't leave it in the store - take it home and make it part of your life, your library. ...

Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette 15/08/2000


Dior Diorissimo Eau de Toilette Diorrisimo is a very rosy scent. It reminds me of all the roses we had in the garden when I was little and I enjoy using it for that and other reasons. It is a very sophisticated fragrance which I would wear to an important business meeting as it doesn't overpower but it doesn't say trample on me either. It assumes feminity but doesn't leave feminism behind. A firm favourite which I will always wear when I need to feel like a confident woman. The bottle is simple, no fuss and very pretty on my nightstand. ...

Estee Lauder Pleasures 15/08/2000

A little goes a long way

Estee Lauder Pleasures When I first smelt Pleasures, I was sold right there. It has a very heady scent. Something that is very memorable and lingers on. I don't see the freshly mown grass of the adverts but a beautiful sunset beach. It's scent is very strong even as you open the bottle. When you spray it on, it seems to last for hours and hours. Once it has mingled with your skin scents, it keeps changing ever so subtly. It is definitely a perfume you could wear all day. It has a simple bottle reminding us, I suppose, that not all pleasure come in fancy boxes. ...

Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen 14/08/2000


Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen Northanger Abbey is the novel which set me on my love affair with Jane Austen. So much so that I devoured all of her novels and wanted more. It is a novel which I could read again and again as it is a such a tame story by today's standards and Jane Austen was having quite a dig at social structures and literature to boot. It is only when I dug deeper into the context of the story, I realised how much fun Jane Austen must have been having poking fun at the author's of the gothic novel! I would definitely recommend it as it has a compelling story and close attention will be rewarded as she write with great incisefulness. ...

Ffilmiau S4C Films - The Miracle Maker 14/08/2000

Fantastic - a miracle

Ffilmiau S4C Films - The Miracle Maker I know that the subject of Jesus and his life are really unpopular subjects these days as we noticed when we went that the cinema was virtually empty but they have missed a real gem. The film was excellent. There are no other words for it. The quality of the animation was magnificent. It certainly wipes the floor with other animations of this time. It has a heady combination of cartoon-like images with clay images which are very high quality. The clay figures of all the characters were so lifelike I had to give them a second look. If you didn't see it at the cinema, pity because you missed a gem. Try and see it on video but I promise it won't be quite the same. ...

Chicken Run (DVD) 14/08/2000

I laughed so hard, I cried.

Chicken Run (DVD) I have never seen such a funny film. I came out of the cinema into the pouring rain, laughing and laughing. Got into my friend's car for a lift home, still laughing. Got home, fed cats, still laughing. A brilliant film. I could not believe the detail and the great script that the film had. I had really enjoyed Wallace and Gromit and was expecting something in that vein but this, this was sheer class. The whole film was absolutely excellent. Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha really made it as their characters Rocky and Ginger. I'm definitely buying this on video as it is one of the best films I've seen in ages. ...

B 14/08/2000


B I don't know what B is trying to achieve. To be quite honest I only ever buy it if they are giving something decent away on the cover as I really could imagine why I would want to buy it otherwise. It doesn't have the class or finesse of magazines like Cosmo or Elle and I have read some of it and doesn't really jump out at me as great journalism. I can see that it should appeal to the twenties age group but I'm 27 and it doesn't charm me at all. I find it a bit dull and pointless. ...

Prima 14/08/2000

All round

Prima Prima is a very good all round magazine. It combines advice with medicine, crafts, cooking, agony, editorial. I enjoy picking it up to find out what free pattern they are offering this month. It is very good value just for the pattern alone as I have look at clothing patterns in haberdashery shops and these retail at 4-5 pounds whereas a copy of Prima is under 2 pounds. I like reading the different well-written articles on issues that concern me as a nineties woman. I also enjoy the recipes and their Carribean Christmas Cake was a real winner with everyone who tried the one I mad last year. I am always there to pick up a copy at my newsagent when it comes out. ...

Alitalia - AZA 14/08/2000

Hold onto your seats and pray!

Alitalia - AZA I lived in Italy for a year and had never travelled with Alitalia all year purely because they were far more expensive than all the other airlines I had looked at. It was only when I went on a package holiday to Venice and our tour operator announced a last minute change to our return flight that I got my first experience of Alitalia. I was tremendously amused by the inflight magazines "UnBRAKE my heart" tune only to find that the pilot also had an interesting concept of braking which was not music to my ears. Upon descent to landing, the plane touched down and thinking we would brake I relaxed and then the plane bounced down the runway a lot until the pilot slammed on the brakes. If anyone had told me, I would have assumed the crash position a long time before! I'm not sure if I would ever want to go on an Alitalia flight again. ...
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