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since 30/08/2000


Sri Lankan Airlines 09/10/2006

Sri Lankan Airlines: A Taste of Paradise

Panasonic SV-SD80 SV-SD80 15/12/2003

Say Hello to Mr Concrete!

Bring It On (DVD) 12/12/2003

I'm Pretty, I'm Cool, I Dominate this School

Canon CanoScan N1240U 12/12/2003

Sexy Canon. Scan Me Baby!

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser 28/11/2003

Maybe its me?

Philips Azur Excel Plus Iron 10/04/2003

Full Steam Ahead

Philips Azur Excel Plus Iron The Philips Azur Excel Plus 525 was heavily advertised across out TV screens at one time as the iron that could push steam vertically like no other iron had done before. The famous advert of a lady holding the iron to a hanging curtain and shooting vertical jets of steam at it, made me all the more eager to purchase this rather ‘vogue’ featured iron. The iron itself has a six steam setting and 3 buttons: one to squirt out water, one to give out more steam and one to give out stronger shots of vertical steam. It has an ergonomically designed handle which aids in the effortless ironing. The heat setting dial is labelled, unlike other irons, with the type of material it should be set at for example linen, cotton, wool, silk. The iron provides large volumes of steam and gives out more steam when the iron is horizontal and stops giving out steam when it is vertical unless the vertical steam shot button is pressed. It also has an extremely handy ‘Self Clean’ button which does exactly that. It will clean all the lime scale build up in the steam holes on the hot plate of the iron. When this button is pressed and the iron is on, all the lime scale that has built up will come out with the large gushes of steam and water, so it is advisable to self clean the iron over a dish cloth which can be washed. There is also an orange indicator light to show when the iron is on and heating up the plate. The actual water tank in the iron has an ‘anticalc’ system which stops the build ...

Samsung SGH T100 21/03/2003

Trendy, Crystal Clear Colour Screen

Toshiba Satellite 1800-752S 04/06/2002

The LOADED overheater

Real Jukebox 2 30/04/2001

Real as anything

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) 30/04/2001

Between my legs, oh, hello mum

Motorola V50 13/04/2001

Small, Stylish and Sexy

Millennium Dome, London 20/12/2000

As bad as they say it is

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