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Sri Lankan Airlines 09/10/2006

Sri Lankan Airlines: A Taste of Paradise

Sri Lankan Airlines Travelled economy from LHR-CMB-SIN (London Heathrow to Colombo to Singapore). Aircraft: A340-400 Sri Lankan is now handled by KLM at Heathrow and although their attitude was quite indifferent at check-in, it was a totally the opposite when onboard. After being greeted with Ayubowan (traditional Sri Lankan greeting) at the door and taking my seat, I was given hot towels before the flight took off (I've not seen this done in 'economy' on another airline). They also given menu booklets to all the passengers in economy. It makes you actually feel like the money you've spent is being used for your service and enjoyment. The crew were amazing: friendly and warm. I had a pasta type meal for dinner which surprised me wholely as the quality and taste was amazing. It was as if I was eating a freshly cooked meal in a restaurant! They also had sandwiches in the galleys of the aircraft which passengers could help themselves to if they felt peckish. The seats were very comfy and there were seatback TV's in all the seats in economy. The IFE was brilliant. A great selection of movies in different languages, plus new film releases, games and in-flight phones. There are three sections of economy. The first is directly behind the business class cabin (rows 10 to 14) and offers a more quieter and private atmosphere, to the rest of the economy cabin. I also believe there is more legroom in this cabin. The only issues I had were that the announcements done by the crew and ...

Ultimate Collection - Jackson 5 (The) 05/08/2005

Digitally Remastered Magic

Ultimate Collection - Jackson 5 (The) This album holds all the greatest songs by the Jackson 5's which is made by The Ultimate Collections group that have differnt albums made for the Commodores, The Four Tops and other great hit groups. All the songs on this album are a hit with brilliant clarity that is like hearing them play live in your living room. The album booklet has a biography about the Jackson 5 written by David Ritz. (Author of Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye - and many other biographies) The only thing which I think is lacking is the lyrics for the songs which are not here. The album booklet also has some lovely black and white pictures of the whole group. This musically talented family were such a joy to listen to all those years ago, and still to this day. They are amazing and this album does justice to all their great songs. There are 21 songs and the last song, number 21 is 'It's Your Thing' (the J5 in '95 extended remix). This was bought from Virgin Megastore in Picadilly Circus (04th August 2005) for £9.99

Panasonic SV-SD80 SV-SD80 15/12/2003

Say Hello to Mr Concrete!

Panasonic SV-SD80 SV-SD80 Originally designed with the business consumer in mind, the Panasonic e-wear SV-SD50 digital audio player is a self contained media player. With its flash blue and grey exterior, three small buttons on the front and a scrolling wheel stick which juts out of the side to change the tracks, it proves to be a very neat little device on looks. Although it has a small LCD screen, Panasonic has done a good job getting everything you need onto that tiny space. If you wear glasses, best to put them on when using this device and also some night vision goggles. There is no backlight for my screen so playing with the e-wear in the dark or badly lit places is a big disappointment. The whole package comes with software (Panasonic Media Manager), USB reader/writer device and a 64mb SD (Secure Digital) media card to get you going. The software is a customized version of the popular RealOne player which you can download from the internet. It is easy to install and use with PCs running Windows Operating Systems (OS). The software is designed to convert your CD music into digital music files (MP3, WMA, AAC and Real Audio format) and organize your music and transfer them to the card using the USB reader/writer device. The 64mb SD media card will hold about two hours of digital music. If you like bass with your music, this is the device for you. It really blasts out the bass with its S-XBS (Super Extra Bass System). I must say that this is one of the good sides of this little package. It ...

Bring It On (DVD) 12/12/2003

I'm Pretty, I'm Cool, I Dominate this School

Bring It On (DVD) AN EXCELLENT FILM!! - Really enjoyable film with a load of hip action and girls in short dresses and butch men who are straight, gay or somewhere in between. It’s really hilarious at times with good background music. Although a little comic very good film for all teenagers like me who are out there and want something a little different. The film is about an American high school called Rancho Carne and their cheerleading team who win more competitions than the actual school football team they cheer for. While the new school year brings way for a new team captain to be elected, Torrance Shipman (actress Kirsten Dunst), finds out that the previous years that the school has been wining cheerleading trophies are all a big farce as the previous captain of the Toros had been plagiarising the 'cheers' and routines from another high school team (Clovers from East Compton). While there is a near fight between Torrance and the East Compton cheerleading captain Isis (actress Gabrielle Union), many other things are taking over young Torrance's head. She is starting to fall in love with someone else whilst trying to hold her current relationship together, find a new routine to replace the stolen routine from the Clovers, study, deal with her mother and brother and at the same time, WIN THE NATIONAL CHEERLEADING COMPETITION! ONE COMICAL POINT - Spirit Fingers!!! Funny part of the movie. I'll let you discover it for yourself. Wow, sounds packed, it is quiet and a great film. The ...

Canon CanoScan N1240U 12/12/2003

Sexy Canon. Scan Me Baby!

Canon CanoScan N1240U The CanoScan is a great image scanner. It is light weight and because of its slim design and can be stored almost anywhere. It boasts an advanced 'z-lid' which allows the scanner to scan books by using some very funky yet simple technology to open the top lid higher. There is also a little cradle for the scanner to sit in which allows you to place the scanner upright, allowing it to be more desirable for those small office spaces or where space saving items are a requirement. The scanner lid is then holds the paper when it’s in the upright position with the help of some Velcro tabs. At the front of the scanner, like most others, it has quick buttons so the image can be scanned and put into a program straight away. The three buttons which are available are 'scan', 'copy' and 'e-mail' The Scan button sends scanned data to a program. The Copy button sends scanned data straight to the printer. The E-Mail button sends scanned data to a new e-mail message. The whole scanner package does come with 2 CD's full of software to use and help you scan and edit your images or text documents, however, I usually use my own scanning software as I am used to that. It is connected by a USB cable to the computer or laptop so it can just be plugged in even when the computer has already been started up and does NOT require an additional power cable! It is fast at scanning and only makes a little noise. It scans at 1200 x 2400dpi which is very good. The picture quality is ...

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser 28/11/2003

Maybe its me?

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser I have used many different products to get rid of spots through my teenage years and have used Clean and Clear for a little while during this time. It is marketed as an "Oil Free Dual Action Moisturiser" and claims to balance oily and dry areas and is 'medicated' to prevent blemishes. I, however, don't think it is any better than any other moisturiser out there! It may be because of my skin type (male Asian, light brown skin) that this product doesn't work and 'doesn’t do what it says on the cover'. I didn't notice any difference whilst or after using this product. The first time I did use it, I did notice a tingling and heated feeling throughout my face but the second time, I didn't notice anything. I still had spots after using the product and my skin became very dry during the day and so I didn't really feel the moisturiser was there. It is also not intended for sensitive skin people as on the back it says ‘discontinue use if skin irritation develops’. My sister used to use this product too but had to stop due to her skin getting very irritated as she had sensitive skin. Lovely pink and purple packaging is great for the girls but not so great for a guy’s bedroom, but I guess not everyone is so bothered by the colour of products in their room. This product is made by Johnson and Johnson which is a good company for moisturisers, however, I think the Clean and Clear range isn’t too good and I believe this particular product is a waste of money to ...

Philips Azur Excel Plus Iron 10/04/2003

Full Steam Ahead

Philips Azur Excel Plus Iron The Philips Azur Excel Plus 525 was heavily advertised across out TV screens at one time as the iron that could push steam vertically like no other iron had done before. The famous advert of a lady holding the iron to a hanging curtain and shooting vertical jets of steam at it, made me all the more eager to purchase this rather ‘vogue’ featured iron. The iron itself has a six steam setting and 3 buttons: one to squirt out water, one to give out more steam and one to give out stronger shots of vertical steam. It has an ergonomically designed handle which aids in the effortless ironing. The heat setting dial is labelled, unlike other irons, with the type of material it should be set at for example linen, cotton, wool, silk. The iron provides large volumes of steam and gives out more steam when the iron is horizontal and stops giving out steam when it is vertical unless the vertical steam shot button is pressed. It also has an extremely handy ‘Self Clean’ button which does exactly that. It will clean all the lime scale build up in the steam holes on the hot plate of the iron. When this button is pressed and the iron is on, all the lime scale that has built up will come out with the large gushes of steam and water, so it is advisable to self clean the iron over a dish cloth which can be washed. There is also an orange indicator light to show when the iron is on and heating up the plate. The actual water tank in the iron has an ‘anticalc’ system which stops the build ...

Samsung SGH T100 21/03/2003

Trendy, Crystal Clear Colour Screen

Samsung SGH T100 This opinion is more factual and highlights more of the downfalls that this phone has compared to the other opinions about this phone. Through this opinion I have largely compared the Nokia phone to the T100. Thank You. This Dual Band (useable in all Dual Band operating countries except North America) GSM phone comes fully loaded with Travel Adapter, TWO Batteries (one long-life and one standard), wearable Ear Microphone, Hand String, Downloading Cable, PC Link for GSM CD and Owners Manual. Most other phone makers (e.g.- Nokia) require you to buy accessories additionally but Samsung have included them within the new boxed T100. Phone Design --------------- The Samsung T100 is available in titanium silver (limited edition exclusive to certain phone stores in the UK) and brushed silver. There is no internal antenna and so you do get a fairly podgy antenna that sticks out the top, but it does suit the overall ergonomics of the phone. This is a flip phone which is more sturdier in structure than many Motorola flip phones. It opens smoothly and does not slam open and slam shut like many other types of flip phones. There is a service light which flashes when there is service and can be changed to one of many vibrant colours. It also flashes in tune to the ringtone which is selected at the time. Looks exceptionally awesome at night! The phone looked to me like half a bagel when I first saw it and I was not impressed, but I feel that the shape of the phone is very well ...

Toshiba Satellite 1800-752S 04/06/2002

The LOADED overheater

Toshiba Satellite 1800-752S It is a great laptop with a great build BUT one major flaw. It has all the HOT hardware at affordable pricing such as CD-RW/DVD player, 14.1" screen, P3 Processor and Windows XP and this hardware can sometimes literally become too hot. The fan inside the laptop that cools down the processor inside is hardly adequate for this laptop as my laptop regularly switches off if I try to run too many applications on my laptop at once. It is even recently started switching off when I view 'Flash' media on internet sites which is rather disappointing. You see, the fan cools down the processor so it doesn't overheat and can continue working but when the inside of the laptop reaches a certain temperature, to stop the laptop's processor from 'burning-out', the laptop will automatically switch itself off with no warning. This could mean you loose all your work OR anything you were just doing on the laptop will have come to an end. To counteract this 'feature' of the laptop I have had to get a desk fan aimed at the back and lower part of the laptop. This does prove rather annoying when here in London the weather is freezing cold and people think your mad putting the fan on when the temperature outside is 5 degrees celsius! Another problem is the sound quality from its speakers isn't as good as some older generation Toshiba laptops which is a damn shame. Someone should remind Toshiba that the product is supposed to get better as the models come out, not worse. It also has these ...

BT Paperjet 100 03/07/2001

Cheapy Inky Fax

BT Paperjet 100 Unattractive old style casing but is fully loaded with a lot of features for its asking price. Ranging from £104.99 at the lowest I have found and the highest being £199.00, it is probably worth the price at around about £100, the only problem is that it isn't very economical. Because it is an inkjet printer, it uses consumable ink cartridges which end up in you spending more on ink cartridges than the actual fax machine before it reaches its 'product life end'. Some of its features include a copying facility, which is better than normal thermal fax machines as it uses an inkjet cartridge. It also has a low ink level warning. It will also tansfer upto 14.400bhp and has a handy handset attached to it with the 'usual' quick memory one touch dialing and some useful (rather useless) memory features one nice feature is the answering machine and one more thing is that it uses normal A4 paper. It looks like a rather old model and doesn't look too fashionable sitting on your desk (and its quite large), thought I haven't had any problems with it. These days style, even down to the fax machine, is important. It is reliable and hasn't broken down on me yet, but I wouldn't suggest an ink cartridge fax machine to anyone. I think its going to cost me more than it is worth.

Real Jukebox 2 30/04/2001

Real as anything

Real Jukebox 2 The Real Juke Box is superb, simply place a CD in your CD-ROM drive and it copys the CD onto your hard drive (great if you have a laptop and can't carry CD's around all day). It saves the music in a variety of different formats including its own realplayer format along with .mp3 and .wav format. Then, when you go online, it will search for the name and details of the tracks you have installed on to it from a CD without you having to type them in yourself. It has a section where you can even add lyrics and information about the song and has many great feautres including creating your own playlists and listening to differnt radio stations around the world. You can also sort your tracks by genre and also change the layout of the program to look better and even add some cool graphcis to look at whilst listening to music (my favourite is a sheep which bobs its head up and down and moves to the beat of the music). You can even create searches which will find every single song on your computer and put it in on large list. You can also download differnt add-on features and devices which are compatible for writing onto CD's or storring on zip drives to giving better bass sound quality in large rooms to headphones. Its a great program to have to control and run all music on your computer with the added bonus that its free as a download from the website. I would suggest this to anyone who has music stored all over their computers' hard drive. ...

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) 30/04/2001

Between my legs, oh, hello mum

Bridget Jones's Diary (DVD) This is truly a great film packed with the charm of Notting Hill and the wit of a Carry-On film. It tells the desperate love life, or the final build-up to the highs of Bridget Jones life through her diary. With a great mix of nit-wear made by the actor or actresses stage mother (e.g. the lovely reindeer on one of Bridget's men) to the flamboyant dress of Bridget's mother, when on a home-shopping channel TV show, shows some of the things to watch out for. (Not to mention Bridget’s support undies!! Wow, aren’t they big!) It’s full of fun, charm and excitement and a great film to watch. Although, when I went to the cinema to see it, the majority of the audience were fairly old people. I think it would appeal to the more late teens or early 20's audience. With a few good highs such as the punch up outside Bridget's flat which spills into the restaurant, hooks the viewer in just a little bit more. The film is set out to make you feel like you are some kind of spy who is reading Bridget Jones’s Diary and imaging pictures of each diary entry in your head. The ending is particularly funny and works out as she ends up getting the right man for herself… just one question you might keep in your head, when she’s chasing the guy in her underwear (through the snow), doesn’t she feel a little cold? Altogether a great film and one to may be go and see with your partner or college/uni friends. Not a film for people who are looking for high action ...

Motorola V50 13/04/2001

Small, Stylish and Sexy

Motorola V50 The phone thats small, stylish and sexy, but is it all that its supposed to be? I can't really say its very bad but it is in a league of its own. Although I prefer Nokia phones because I have tried nearly every other type of phone. The motorola v50 is pretty good although accessing some menus is tedious and you may miss your old mobile phone because this one isn't so user friendly. The phone has occasionaly slowed down on me and one month after reciving it, the screen did just muck up and go blank on me. This was replaced but only because it was a recent fault so anyone buying this phone, it IS worth getting insurance because I think it is supposed to have a lot of problems. One feature that I like very much is the fact that it vibrates and you can record voice notes and telephone conversations. It also has a useful number of alarms that can be set on it. New games for me to test like 'Bricks', 'Baccarat' and 'Tower of Hannoi' but I think the only intersting one is bricks where you hit a ball off a moveable block to hit other blocks which dissapear and gain you points. Baccarat is some kind of card game and Tower of Hannoi is some kind of logic game which isn't that good. Text messaging feature isn't that good. You can only save upto 10 text messages, like a standard Nokia 3210 phone. One cool feature is that you can call your voicemail with the simple press of one button specially made for this function. The phone also has WAP facilities but the thing you have ...

Millennium Dome, London 20/12/2000

As bad as they say it is

Millennium Dome, London Thinking about going to the dome? Unless you get in for free, don't bother. It was absolute rubbish, the so called 'zones' are nothing much and the main show (3 times a day) is nothing spetacular. It doesn't even make sense! The all 'talked about' body zone is absolutly rubbish, you walk around a very small (not as big as it is pictured on TV)object and see about 4 or 5 main organs (it is so empty and I didn't even have to queue up. I just walked straight in. There were no queues. There is also a skating rink where you have to go and pick up a session ticket and get allocated a time of 15 minutes only to skate. You don't skate on real ice as it is some sort of nylon/plastic substance covered by a thin layer of foam (?). The only attraction which I found interesting was where you go on a journey into earth on 'British Spaceways'. The Millennium Jewls Zone is closed because of the break in that occured in Novemeber. Although the TV cameras make the Dome to be something big, I managed to walk around it fairly quickly. It is desperatly trying to get some money before it closes and there really isn't anything great about it. As soon as I steped into the dome, I just commented on the barness of it. If you want to be able to tell your next generation what kind of place the dome is, then by all means go and see it, but if you really aren't bothered and need to make some special time to go and see it, don't bother! It's not worth it! I got in for free, so for 'free' I can't ...

ITV - Blind Date 16/12/2000

Out of Date

ITV - Blind Date Blind date (currently showing on ITV) is a prehistoric out of date program. Who really wants to see people who can't get a date in real life on TV? The show has died and is slowly in its rotting process. The only good part of the program is where you get to see the people go around a country which you haven't seen on any normal holiday program before, but as usual there is a hitch.... you have to listen to two couples (most of the time) whinning. Then if thats not bad enough, they come back from where ever they came from and start whinning some more. Cilla is getting a bit old now and really doesn't know how to keep and audience interested anymore. One thing which has changed and is probably the only thing keeping the show on its hinges of staying alive is Graham's Commenting and the ever colour changing set + the one off marriages that occur nearly every series. It really shouldn't be on during the time that it is on when everyone is at home. It is really dull and boring.
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